The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 18
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 18

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 18
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'AGE SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, FRIDAY, JULY 13, 1923 S.S.S. stofts Rheumatism "\/\ Y Rheumatism in all ROTIO, I JLYJ. feel a wonderful glory again in the free motion I used to have when my days were younger. I enn lhank 8. 8. 8. for it all I Do not close your eyes and think that Health, free motion and strength are gone from you forever! It is not no. S. S. S. h waiting to help you. When you increase the number of your red-blood-cells, the entire system undergoes a tremendous change. Everything depends on blood-strength. Blood which is minus sufficient red-cells leads to a lontf list of troubles. Rheumatism is one of them." S. S. S. is the grc;\t blood-cleanser, blood- builder, system strengthener, and nerve invifcjorator. v B. S. S. la nold at alt ooo<5 rime Rt™T * H In two s*«*e*. Tho larger site la more economical. ^eWorld's Best '/flood Mrtllclno A WOMAN-RULED ISLE OF CONTENT Ruler of Badu Only White on Tiny Inland But Her Reign it a Wise One. A sure, sqfe -n trrf tli^ pain at ; ::i„:-! ,-ioi. ; .... ai ,J 1.... -. <b. »l >.. BlSchoVJs lUi, ft ih Put one on-thepoin is gone! Uvaliw of The &MI Wellington, IX C, July 18.—"Tho tiny islnnd of Kudu, which has return t- ly oomo Into pronilnonce because It bus been reported that tho kmo white woman who for nine years bus boon tnaelior, .ureuchcr, fiovcriMtr, police tmiglritratc, and prohibition officer has made her domain a model of useful- norfs, oloanlinoss and temperance, Has jtnit beyond the tip of Cap.} York Peninsula, which Htick -3 out liko a aoro thumb farthor north than any other portion of tho Australian continent," aaya a bulletin of the National <.Seo- graphic Society from its Washington, D. (.?., lioadtiuarters. "Undu, more commonly known as Mulgravu Island, has for sonio time be on noted for the proapority of its nativo inhabitants. Thoy have adopted tbo iCng'liah folk dances, and when thoy have finished their pearl fi»hlng for tlio day Lhey gambol on tho sreon as Kngiiahmen did in. Shakeapoaro's day. And K B women in their hours of r-nfto make a laco which ia fine in texture and boKtitirul in pattern. Near Wild New Guinea"Tho Island itself -bejungs to that group known a;j tho Torres ytraitu Is- ;undn, dirorLly north of Queensland, volcanic fragments whoso reefs audi shoals stud the 9u miles of nca Htretch- int-' from ('ape York to NVw Guinea. I Hoth the Strait and tho islands took their name from the daring old Portuguese seaman, Torres, who first thivadod his way through the daugor* oils labyrinth in 1G06. "In recent years valuable- pearls h:iv« been fouud along the western and northern coasts of Australia, as well as mother-of-pearl shells, and the Torres -Strait has como in for its Hhare of tho fame. , Tho shells are ft.nnd in H'alftr from four to six fathoms deep, and usually are brought to ilie surface by Malay and Paupan divers, though modern .dredging ir-eth- )\U have been put into operation at .vila In planes. '.Many of tho ishuids are in era patehos of sand and coral, the tops of tli- 1 Australian Cordillera which have hern weathered down, while others are up to aO Kquiiro mile in area. Only tho larger ones are Inhabited, the tun a Her being used for Rarden spots or pearling or fishing stations, i 'o n nois sears have estimated that j:oine of the pearls found in tho vieln- IIy of Iliese islands are anions the eieaivat of tho gems wu have and eou- Heiiuenlly are very valuable. "Yankee Ned" a Real Live "Jim" O 'Shea" "As tlie result of wl:,o (legislation of the industry by the Australian government, the natives have become highly indtmt rioiis, and are among the_ most thriving of Pacific, inland rnees. Both tlie men and women have t-x ('client •physiques,, and regular well formed 1'tmtures, York, Uurnley. Murray, Ma- buag, and lladu are among the most important «f Lhe islands, each being noted for sotno particular feature. "Ma'buag has a famous native festival each year; York treasures tho idoriey of the Spanish galleons which Jinndrt. Js of years ago were wrecked on Us coral strewn whores, and tlie fabulous stories of 'Yankee Nod', an American sailor who escaped from a b;itt.leahip, made a fortune in pearls and married eighty native women and left the tiacoa of his blood in the veins of hundreds of the present inhabitants; Uaxnloy is noted for Its fish traps; and Murray for Itn breed- lriK of the coral inject, wiiicb prove n luro to scientists from all over the world." tho hearty encores glvon to almost overy number. Thin oouce-rt was given fre© to tho poople of HalBtoad and surrounding country by tho HutcMnaon Chamber of Commorco In hopes that a fttill more frlondly relation might bo ere* atod between tho two communities and from the way tho concert han boon praised it is quite certain that, object will or has been attained. Prof- Farney, director of the band Is no stranger In Hulatoad as ho has In the past directed our band when wo wero HO fortunate as to havo such an organization. The neighborly visit Is fully appreciated by our people and if it would not bo naking 4.on much all will hopo to havo It repeated another a on son. ACTION AGAINST TWO LOCAL MEN DROPPED Powell and Aelmore Returned Notes to Salina Man—Criminal Case Pending. Settlement of Frank Warta 's $10,000 suit against H. N. Powell and M. A. Aclmoro;- Hntchlniion, lias boen ontorcil In the Salina district oourt. Tho caao is dropped by return of two $5,000 notes to Mr. Wurta which ho lUainiB he paid for atovh In the Sallno County Lunrl)er (Company. This eon cern, his petition said, waa orsanized through tho Powell Lumber Company with yards at llrookvllle and O-lendale, aiul its value represented to be $70 000, whereas in fact, it. was worth only $40,000. Ho alleged fraud was practiced by the two defendants, who are a Hutchinson lmn-ber dealer und his attorney associate, In obtaining permit from the state blue sky board to soil stock." Mr. Warta lives in .Ellsworth, county. Criminal aetion brought against Powoll and Aelmore on charges by Carl GreRB are utill pending. Italph Knittlo, county attorney, said today settlement in tho Warta case did not Indicate a possible HQttioment of the Gregg criminal chargo. SOUTHERN MAYOR GOVERNS HIS CH'Y FROM U. ft. PRISON HALSTEAD APPRECIATED VISIT BY THE BANDMEN Fifteen Hundred Turned Out for Free Concert Given There This Week. ;esr_ helps to bring out the real beauty oj the skin Cosmetics only hide skin trouble, but Kesinoi Ointment aided by Kcsl- not Soap in must Lasers clears away biotcht-.s r"U);lmes3 and similar de- fei is lie the skin suit andMnoolh, vim tlit; n.tluial color of health Give the Kesiii'-.l i>iui]>tci* * trUl I 'm 14U by All driiggiiU. BUSINESS MAN SINGS PRAISES "I KUfteved for years with stomach tremble ami (ontimui'ly. lV>rlors tli;.u,:.-ht 1 hai! Muuiurh ub-ers or ean- c ;i'. Alter lam alUirk t.bey ndvlsed going to lteehe .-;t er. Minn , fur an operation. A friend uc'r /is ^fl trying jVTayra V.'onder.ul Kc-uu-ily, \vhi<-b 1 <lid, and 1 cannot shin it.-* pnilse to ,i liirtily. as I can now eat anything and evi-i'j thing." It Is a simple, harmless preparation 1b :l t rt >.mi\T Tho Ilalstoad Independont of this week haB the following complimentary comment on the visit of the Hutchinson Municipal band to Halstead: Fuliy fifteen hundred persons attended the band concert given by tho Hutchinson Municipal lfnnd In Tllver- slile Farli Tuesday night and that they wero more than pleased by the excol-. lence of the concert was attested by lilayor 11. V. Bray, Jr. Beaufort, S. C, has c.onfidenco in its mayor, H. V. ilray, Jr.,- though ho la serving A year's s-inten-ce in the federal penitentiary at Atlanta, Ga, where he was sont for striking an internal rovenuo agent who intimated he was a liar. Ho directs city affairs from liis coll. Pay of Plasterer. Translated into food, at tho prices the 'farmer gets, it takes sixty-tbreo and one -half dozen, or 782 eggs to pay a plasterer for one day of eight hours work in Now York City. It takes seventeen and ono4iulf bushels corn, or a year's receipts from half an aero, to pay n bricklayer ouo day It takes twenty-three chickens weighing three pounds each to pay a painter for Ono day 's work in New York It requires forty-two pounds of butter, or tho output from fourteen cows, fod and milked for twenty-four hours, to pay a -plumber fourteen dollars day. To pay a carpenter for one day- work, It takes u bog weighing 175 p -oundB, representing eight mouths feeding and care. Hats cleaned and blocked. Lewis U-4t LION'S SHARE OF HUGE RUM PROFITS GOES TO SYNDICATE al mm*us from i' L .- j,;n a\U\ \ - t h" j iifhi in umi jo iMi .-'i \ i-!'. all : -' < .m;:;'h. > i v y nitd to; [•'•'.• :i\ ; < i i: i " 11: -, iijflii-i. :t !,!«' pemih His. One .vii! couvim^ iiivie-y n fundrd. At till dru«t.Hsta. i-aturrh- raet and I i'.'Ul^tjS Mini in- l.ti' up- G^t in Line for the "JAZZ-a WEEK" TAHTING MONDAY I>atrol(, July 13.—Certain powerful Interests control the available supply of'beer and liquor on the Cauidan 8ld6 j and tho big anonoy is made tb<iro, according to the rum runners who operate the tiny boats which chug across tho i-tlvcr hero with their corgoes of illicit beverages. According to those operators, this "syndicate" or "system" as it 1 B termed, soli at prices which -permit tho runners and American -bootleggora a comparatively wmall margin of profit. Tims, say these runners, tho -huge profits in tho rum running business across the Detroit river tire a thing of tho past. Jjargo profits, they maintain, silll are boing taken in tho liquor smuggling trlfflc, but tbo -business 1ia» progressed and beon sy-stomatilzed until only those who control the traffic and crack tho whip over tho rum running fleets reap the golden harvests. The fre« and easy ways of tho days uhorily after prohibition bucatne effective, -cay the runnorB, ftro gone. Sya- t'-m has como In, until now It is Impossible for a free lance runner to obtain M; : tiilifH mi the Canadian aide nil- he buys ibi-in from what amounts, virtually ;o a clos -1 syndicate, according to these operatives. How It is Don«, The* runnem cite instUiicos, • Thoy [tay that Canadian boer, wlion 'bought from tho Canadian operators, often costs closo to a a case, although Its actual -brewery price Is much lovrer. Tho runner gets 50 cents a case for transporting it across tho niver and It Is laid down In River Kongo, Wyandotte or Hcorse or *>omo other place for $6.W). If It is delivored to the ro- tailer he can truck it lo his place of business and sell It for 50 cents a bot- tlo and laako a, comfortable profit. Hut, tho runners say It often goes through the hands of tho Amorilcan middleman and reaches the retailor at a cost of about S3 cents a bottle. Ho has to kocvp up his overhead expense and run his risk and still Bell it at 60 cents a bottlo. The same situation obtains In wliU- koy erau^gUns, those runners .Ray. Thoy declare It 1 B virtually Impossible to got wlvlskey to smuggle on their own account. iVTien they run It across for the controlling Interests they r»- celvo $2.76 a case. (Despite these protests, howevor, It appears proable that some of them, by hartl work, make a comtortablo living. One youth claimed he averages 40 oases of beer to a trip and makes from Uiree to four trips a day with..* motor 'host At this rate he would nrnko $20 a trip and from W to »M » day. Otiier_ craft are said to curry larger cargoo*. The Flexibility of Our Service never fails to appeal, for it-enables us to take care of large and small funerals, anil lo fit in with every requirement made by varying- circumstances. No matter what is expected of th| officiating- mortician, we try to focutl our service to meet the demand. We have been very successful in coping wtlli every situation in the past; we trust we will be equally so in the future. Johnson &Sons Established1866 154 E. Sherman Hutchinson Kans. Phone 6 The Tin jWhich Seafe\ the Goodness In) H ERE is delicate aroma and mellow flavor sealed nirw] tight. None of the dcliciousnees of B&ker-ized Bar* rington Hall Coffee can escape throush the carefully sealed tin which carries this coffee to your kitchen. The moment you have measured your coffee, put the cover on the can and Barrington Hall will retain its quality until you havo uted the very last spoonful. Perfect granulation and roasting by the original Bakerl proceis assures you of coffee "clear a» wine" at eyeryl • meal. Your family will like the smooth, fine flavor of' Harrington Hall. AaK your grocer for the ono, two, three or five pound can and serve this coffee tc« morrow morning for breahfaat. IKOTS.— Yo*i CM uUo get trtb rame caffc* In INSTANT I torm. A** yovr gncmr Jcr SaltibU Dttrrln^ron Hall' Ct&M. A mrrftom ><u* tnniatn* th* Jrlnkabli fart u/ * I pound Dt 8a**r-l*»d Barrtngnn Hall. •arringtoivfiaU The Baker i 5 ed Cbflee right fbr Summer |$ensible Summer Foods Heavy foods that heat up the body should have no place In Bummer meals. Serve more macaroni and spaghetti. Two ., of the few foods that nourish I* © and strengthen the body with* out overheating it. Why Dump Your Wheat? Soli 4t through the "Kansas WJioat Growers Association and get every cent It will bring with less actual co»t of freight and handling. Our first year's record mado under most discouraging circumstances, ln-dlcatea the benefits of orderly marketing. Tho 1U23 record promises to far surpass last year's record. If not now a member and you desire more information, drop a postal card or letter to Kansas Wheat Growers Association, 817 Flrit National Dank Building, Widhlta, Kansas, tor free literature. Read the following extract from the etate law, concerning cooperative associations and persona spreading false oborlea regarding thorn 1 See. M. Any p»mon or persons or any corporation who maliciously tind knowlnaly Mproads false roporta about th<i f!uano«s or management thereof, sliail be ffiiUty of a mladerfieanor and eubJ&ctTto a fln« of not ieaa than one hundred dollars UOO) and not more than one thousand (10O0) for such offensu and aboil be liable to the association aggrieved In a olvlt suit in a penal sum not to exceed five hundred dollars (6M> Cor eaoh euoh offense. 100% Pooling Means Prosperity. Join Now Kanai Wheat Growers Association 017 First National Bank Building Wichita, Kansas OFFICIAL NOTICE! Members are her «br notltlod that tho nssool&tlon will demand de- ttwry of evecy bushel .of wheat this year and will demand daiuagua on every bushoi that waa not delivered as por contract laat yuax. In answering advertisements Please mention The News; For Growing Children There is no such thing as eating too much bread, but there is a drawback in not enough of it. Especially is this true of growing children lor it helps build their bodies more than any other food. - In fact there is no member of the family that willnot feel tetter for eating bread in some form or another. • • , Baker Quality bread is made by .the most modern methods in a clean sanitary bakery. It is richer in flavor—more sustaining—makes you well—keeps you well. Ask your Grocer BAKER'S BAKERY 15 B West Phone 471 SATISFACTION is as- surcd when you use Ajax Cords. They combine high mileage and fine appearance with' reasonable cost. AJAX CORD, ROAD KING, PARAGON HOCK AD AY AUTO SUPPLY CO. Hutchinson, Kansas • F Pleasing Our Quests— Is the aim of every Hotel Bray employee. Within easy reach of business and theatrical districts. Especially convenient for women , •hoppers. J You'll enjoy the atmos- 1 phere and hospitality and • the pleasant surroundings. A bsolu tolyfirepraof. Rates moderate. 150 Rooms, mostly with Bath—$152 arid up. Sample Rooms, $229 per day and up. HOTEL BRAY lilt BalUntora Avenue, KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week

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