Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 6, 1897 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1897
Page 6
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for he th*> Mr-*. SMS' r r Wl, IT,*,., MAY S. THIS AMD - THAT. Wffl«B*»*i, fitotc «*<! KntefaelL in n Bat what do the Stasitofs, paps, The V, 8. Senators <to?J Oti,t&lkftt!<Jdefc*tefOTthngoc(lo{ the They Kre ststettoeri, good ana true. Mrs. Botet 8»y» evety jsirl should Save ffine to attend church on Stujflay Henry Esmond is called the greatest ©f Thfcckeray'a novels. Not polite to lift a Urge piece of cd bread to your mouth. Robert: Do hot marry till you can support* wife. Do hot coax the poor young creature from her father. Spitting on sidewalks and in public places is an abominable American fcablt. Blrdleas hatfl are popular, and we are glad of It. r Save the songsters." look just as pretty. .Since Carlyle's house, Chelsea, opened to public, 6,000 persons. Judging by blood in her veins, Queen ."Victoria is only one-sixty-fourth liBh. If your eyea burn, bathe in hot water with a drop of witch hazel.; A railroad np. the Jnngfran, Switzerland, to cost two millions, haa begun. The mountain is 13,000ft. high. - Lawyers rule the roost at Washing, ton, 57 in Senate, 234 in House. We import tea, eggs, sugar, camphor, - cork, rubber, citron, and have the ell mate and noil to raise them all. Mrs. Grant is 74, but can stand two Lancaster epicures at select banquets axe smacking lips over planked shad fxeah from Susquehanna. "Dead easy" is expresslye, but not elegant. Down with slang,'. Bead Ma- 1 cauley and Tennyson. American Youth, the weekly organ of the Waifs' Mission, Chicago, shows excellent taste In its literary selections. McElnley'e saddle horse, Denmark, I* a beauty, and we should Jlke to try the nag. Think of it! The great magazines receive for examination from 12,000 to 14,000 MSS every year. Mrs, Grant is short, wears dark gown and widow's cap, and ia very fond of her elegant .Washington home." Oliver: A very good rule among •grangers: Look wise and say nothing. -JToujsilipM8JotfliflUentphiIoBopHef7 - Cosmopolitan is discussing this ques tion: la our present college education the beat we can offer to the youth of ^he twentieth^centnry ?^ _ ._ __._ ^^ftfesrbiazrbf Mexicoradmireir Grantr above all other soldiers of history. . Never before such a pressure for of fice. Washington is a huge boarding boose. So many patriots for good pay and easy jobs. If the President nas a fifth ra.te ^consulship in Europe, we know a man—The erocoa blooms lift up their beads Some white and purest gold, Their tender leaflets spring up . Above the dark brown mold. . A good proapect in some places of plums and cherries. ' A'good deal of swearing In Amsterdam and Eotterdam. , Penna. girl of nine pieced a*qull lost winter; Set your little maid at it. Jane 22 will be one of the big days of Queen Victoria's jubilee. r ; , What do you think of a train from Chicago to Nashville, 444 miles, in nine boors? ',,''' Luther believed in this motto: Hit timer Macht 1st Nichta gethan. Lacinda: Unless your digestion IB food, you will keep skinny, no help for GraniteJnjien. Grant's tomb .came from Maine. • : - . '... What Is a crawfish omelet ? Chicago Becord has one. At New ; York University last week 47 women were graduated in law. Carpets on floor, and dusting once ft'week, , Great powers keep op the Turk ne- eftosa he Is over head sad ears in debt to them. W§lt«r Besant thlaka English apeak- Jflf people of the world should have a jpw,eral holiday, and »uggesf« Shake- Jfwre'9 birthday, April 23. Caleb Gushing would never wear a '—- -'-"-, because it made him feel un- Bow many young ladies of your ac- f staiatftn&a can make a good button? f A rare eecooipliahmeat Barer (embroidering slippers. in which body of Gea. t c*po««f * the * SometMog of aiktwre'a outaide to Boatoa Globe, etraw- tltsu Btndents tog^fhsr at, UR!??rsifj. If a ro»n calls you a Mar and a thief do not tterow him over fence, bat mftke hi SB prove it. At 19 Jonathan Edwards resolved "to lire with all my might while I do life." Grand-Bapids Baptist church has erected A bicycle stable, and will employ ft boy to watch the wheels: while the owners are Bleeping under pastor's soothing Sermon. When jon wish te change the weather, Or renew your winter cmiRb, Pack your blankets In the elo»et, . <" Then take your flannels off. Alabama blackberries in Chicago at at 82,25 per case of 24 qts. John Wesley on his death bed: Beat of all, God is with us. Every scorcher who runs ' against anyone, should be arrested, [if. you can catch : hlm»^: ";•.""'"'*'''! ~ Baltimore M, E. conference refused to ordain a minister who believed in faith healing. In July Utah wlll.celebrate 50th anniversary of.its settlement. •, Queen • Victoria has GOO pianos in various places, and might spare a few to those who haven't any. Said to be plenty J of apples in warehouses. Baldwin, Ben Davis and Russets are favorites for keeping. Washington and Napoleon left no children to perpetuate the name. ' Bleep is a blessing. Many can't secure it. Do not be ashamed of napping at any time. N. Y. Sun: McKlnley is the best occasional speaker we have [had in W. House except Harris on, rider, is living in Missouri. He used to turn a back somenault^whlle riding backward on a runninglhorse. Suppose the ladies dress this summer as they did when Victoria was crowned, sixty years ago, full skirt with ruffles? John Bright kept a diary, and his eldest son will publish part of it. Governor's mansion at Springfield in a wretched condition, roof leaks and wood work needs painting. Pass the hat. • . / • • ' Jonathan Edwards considered greatest thinker America has'produced. I suppose his classmates called, .him Jon-ty. A little girl traveled from Kansas to ^Rochester with a kitten dressed like a doll in her lap. . Soldiers in Italy are allowed cigars — -- as.part\otthelr.rationa. Every child should learn to sing or play. Music,-music. .Too little in our American homes. More music, less night to draw th<* curiotip, hpenn^p f h" good nsamlw* in regular standing wi.'l come anyhow in the moruing, ( Of all the presidents, Buchanan the oaly bachelor, »nd all except Clevelfend were marr led before reaching ;W, House. 250 years since Westminster Shorter Catechism a'do|jt«d. >( * < ftroDg treat- tee. Has made many a good elder. Did youeter learn? John McNeil), the Scotch Spnrgeon, who was with Moody in Chicago during World's Fair, is again in this country after a tout in Australia and India. Two historic log cabins at Tennesee exposition at Nashville: the one In which Lincoln was born, and the/ one in which Jeff Davis saw the light. Women should take . care of eye brows and eye lashes as they add much' to • beauty. Further hints at this office, ----- -,-—'-*--- '.Vftftst^oYt',".".'"".,"^!",".. 1,1 r! " ' i",»ir> i.t4 ,.., ., <e» t.rr» efetxnc-H***, * !•».„ „„, 3405350 jntowon^Bnttafrv***".*^' 14 8 Preferred Accident hmirance Company ef New York, • 356 a»d 357 Bftwdw«y, New York. €)HIOACK> .MABHBTH. Famished by Chicago Board of Trade; branch office rear First National Bank, Sterling Illinois. % Harrl»on Telephone, ie, Long Distance Bell Telephone, 88. • AtmOIJM. OPKN, QlOfJT. tOW, 01.08 E. explorer^^ is "-35,~-six-feet; stout, has fair hair and mustache, blue eyee. His wife is full of grit, also. Scotch bagpipes are much played in English drawing, rooms. Belongs to the hills. Francis Hodgson Burnett has never been able to get a photograph satisfactory, to herself or her friends. So hard to look pleaiant. A general' falling. Here too. V Ilow'a Tbli! We oiler One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY &Cd., Props., Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, have known F, J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe ,. him. perfectly hqn orable in all buBlnesB-tranBactiono-and ilnarfclally able to carry out any obligations'made by their firm. .. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, ,Toledo>O. WALDING, KINNAN & MARVIN,Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. .. • Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the, system. Price 75c per bottle, Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free. CALIFORNIA HISTORY. Only Accident Prevented It from B»- comlng; XCnsslan Territory. Nothing perhaps but tho accident of the establishment of the Hudson Bay Company and the Northwest Fur Company saved northern California from becoming a Russian province, says, the sick an^ never missed a Sunday at church. To teachers: Send your name to Chief Clerk, college of agriculture.Ith- aca, N. Y. for .leaflets on nature ..teaching. ^ . John Wesley used to ride 4,400 miles on horseback, every year, over wretched roads. Cooks who follow cook books are bound to make mistakes. *' Des Moines Register thinks churches should not be too quick to denounce wheels as Sunday recreation. Gunsaulus, the preacher and orator, is hesitating between ' remaining in Chicago and accepting a call to Broadway Tabernacle, New York. Are you going to Tennessee exposition at Nashville? ,,. •..-.• How we pass. All the pall bearers it Gen. Grant's funeral, except Gen. 3uckner, are dead. The paths of glory ead but to the grave. Lives of rhynisters all remind us, ; '• We may waste a lot of time; And departing leave behind us, . Beams of unaccepted rhyme. May came in ivitb a stiff upper Up-.--Sir John Lubbock, high authority, tays ants sometimes live 15 years. Tennessee baa a greater variety of marble than any other State. Dr. Frank Bristol, preacher and ora- or, was bom in'1851 in Orleans Co., N.Y. .-.:/.- .. ' : :.;... .., Tennessee exposition now open, but hey will have to run it without us for while. '..'..' Dr. Henson, edits Baptist T.eacbfr, ind pastor of First Baptist chureh,- Chicago, for last 14 years. Denver Post «dvises g|rlB* never to kiss a drinking man. Times Herald: wait till he is done, , , London has a handsome new theatre. Dr. Bristol and Dr. Henson are great eaders on all subjects, go ia Dr. HillJs. Queen Victoria is opposed to Sunday amusements and Sunday dinner *rije8, Hear, hear, John Bright eaid of Gladstone: He 3lie¥*;B what be eayu; be is an honest; so an. W aawtoy 'of our high school pupils a Mstory caa n&me our chief justicfes .tofuUw. " . Bri*6ai g»?a uf e^tempors speak- i to! __ Ing-cloeed-a-life of-ad venture -by-plank.. ing the Russian' flag in Alaska in 1741. Four years later Sltka was founded. A quarter of a century elapsed: before the Spaniards undertook their first northern advance from San Dlejjo and Monterey. ifthe^En^liBFlur'liuiiters" had not intervened between the two, Spaniards and • Russians -would < have gravitated toward each, other, and in that case the chances are that the Gold-; en Gate and the Sacramento would have been the' dividing line 'between 1 them. Until, the close of the eighteenth century hunting and fishing on the Alaskan shores were' conducted by individual enterprise. The fur seal and eea otter were hunted by Siberians, Who sailed the stormy seas of the north in craft sewn, together with" thongs and calked with mosa. They belonged to the priniitlye order pt Bavagea, among ,whora robbery, outrage and murder- were the ordinary events of the day. and at whose hands the meek Aleut bent his neck to the knife as the lij- offenslve Peniylan had crouched before the countrymen of Plzarro a century before. In the last year of the eighteenth century order was established in Russian America. A company^ la -which the members of the imperial family and the Muscovite nobility were shareholders, waa founded on the plan of the British Bast India Company and the Hudson Bay Company, Exclusive .rights of hunting and fishing were conferred upon it Its Jurisdiction within Its territory was as broad .as that of the czar himself r~Tne~AIeuta f "and their neighborfl held their Hver and' property at its mercy. They were not .only Slaves but no slave code threw over them a semblance of protectloB; Over this corporation was e«nt Gen. Bar- anoft, whom Aster's agent, Hunt, described as a hyperborean veteran, overflowing vita hospitality, who, if hia guests did not drink raw rum and boiling punch as strong as sulphur, would Insult them whon he got drunk, which would- T)e shortly after he sat down to the table. He served the company faithfully for thirty years, and then was thrown over to starve at the age of 72. . ' / • : ;••-... ' . - ' WHSAT. May .... July.... Sept.... Corn. May..... July.... Sept ..,. Odtfl, May .... July ...^ Sept.... Mess prk May .... July... i Kept.... Lard. May.... July.-... Sept.... 25%-M 8.45 8.60 4.02 4.12 24% 17^-18 8.60 8.02 4.05 4.12 68% 05J4 8.45 8.57 4.00 4.10 TOM 23% 24^, 26% 8.52 8.60b 8.C2b 4.00 4.05 4.15; 1Z O'CLOCK— OA8H MAHKST. ' Wheat. No. 3 Bed, 87089. . . " . "--a Spring; ?0@71. -.-—^.-^-^ " 8 " v 68070. s . " 2 Hard W>, 70072. " 68@71. Against Aiit, Accidents: -While a Passenger In or o« „ «. Conveyance Propelled by 8t*am, JElectHcity ot Cable, •;f5,oooisesthby.i8ccid€nt,:.''r.':: " 5,000 Loes of Both Eyes, ' 5,000 Lofis of Both Efetids, 5,000 Loss of Both Feet, 5,000 Loss of Hand and Foot, • 2,500 Loss of Either Hand or Foot, 2,500 Permanent Total Disability, • 050 LOBS of One Eye, ' 25 Weekly Indemnity, . , (Not exceeding 52 weeks.) ^ IPItEMItJM—Three Months (One'<Quarter) ; Exclusive of $3 Policy Fee, Payable but once. TWO OB MORE QUAKTEB8 MAY BE PAID US ADVAKOB; Death by Accident, 10,000 Lous of Both Eyes, 10,000 Loss of Both Hands, 10,000 Loss of Both Fe*t, 10,000 Loss of Hand and Foot, 2,500 Loss of Either Hand or Fool^ 2,500 Permanent Total Disability, 1,000 Loss of One Eye, 50 Weeuly Indemnity, (Hot exceeding 52 weeks). ----Insures Ff eleFred tHskFonlyT-^Tho're"" w^^c&n" Mmlre a Policy in this Company get the Best on Earth. Policy Fee waived for 60 days. Call on or drop a card to E. M. EBERSOLE, Ag't. 3'3 Oalt House Block, Sterling, III. SUMMER::; OPENING .*' 8 " 1 Northern Spring, 73, Corn. No. 2 White, «« g— — 2 " 8 YeUow, 2 Oats. No. 2 - 17}£. -''...," 2 White, 21@22. 41 8- -- 16@19. ' " 8 White, 18@21. Car lote today — Wheat, 14; corn, 134; oats, 175. Estimated car loads— wheat, 12;oorn 170; oats, 210; hogs, 27,000. * NOBTHWK8TEKH BBOBIP T8. '.' Td d __ Last ~ Last . - To-aay ,. wwk Y ear. Minneapolis ,..:;. 132 , 444 Duiuth ••;•;..'. -109 »63 Chicago ..... T- •_.- • 81 238 Total -507—.-819 ' HOG AND OATTLX BBOBIPTB. :' May 5, '97, UNION STOCK Mogs 28,000. :/••-. . Cattle ll.OOOr--^ •— : ^— •Hogs left over 2,000. '/ •- , Kansas City.hogs to-day,,14,000, • KansaB City cattle to-day, 6,000. Omaha h'ogs to-day,' 7,000. , Omaha cattle to-day, 2,000, ' '' Everyone is cordially invited to attend our Grand Summer Opening, on and-Satunjay, ""™ May 7S and 8th, ;'-'•'•' 1897, '•.' -.".•; ";,.. when we will make, the finest display of new pattern hats, ever seen in the two cities, including all the latest Summer styles. A specialty Is made of trim? ,mlng and re-trimming. ' Prices lower than the lowest. HARTMAN ..... and • • 1 •' SCHRINER. Hottee Block, Sterling. Until further notice, I will sell Lion Coffee at 15e per Pound Package^ -Cash. This la the best package Coffee on, the- market, and-nowjs-a goocV Time to lay InflTaupply, ^~ " : FLOUR IS. CHEAP, , • and will advance if the wet weather continues. l "WONDER" . atlll. leads. Have'you tried it? The best gasoline in town. Leave your orders. -4-3, / '"S I if f a •%}. »H 122 EAST THIRD STREET. the m ^ ;"'^ r Hogs opened slow. Mixed, 3.7683.97; good heavy, 3.75 3.95; rough, 3.45Q3.ti£; light, 3.80 fl 4.00. - - - -••• -.--;- ' •-•••' ; , .'--' -. .'' Cattle steady. Sheep weak. . . .. Hogs closed steady, ,....,._.-; Light, 83.80@4.00; mixed, 3.7533,95; heavy, 83.45083,90; rough, 3.5003.65^. Cattle lOo higher, • . ' Sheep steady. ' GenyalPalfefiiriMacliioelllfofk Uwa Mowers Repaired and Sharpened. , Sbarpenlog and Pollsblni Plow Shovels. Eaglnp aad Boiler Work. lat door w. of Old Paper CT QAM rVer D Mill, 8terllng,-IU. t. tJAUUIlK, t _-To any perspnjptcrwted In humane matters, or who loves aalnials, we will send free, upon application^ copy of the "ALLIANCE," the organ of thU Society, la addition to iU intensely Interesting reading, Itcoutalaa a list of the valuable and uausunl pre- mlums given by the paper. Address THE NATiQNAt HUMANB ALLIANCE, 410-41; Ualted Cb*r|tl«* Bulling, New York. May Sale • • « • f\ X « • • • artment '-'» ai>«4 Shootlay. .-....: In "Fiwous BritiBh Warahips" Mr. Walter Wood telja a etory of Admiral Codrlngtgn, who coiaiaanded the British fleet in the aet.ion of Navarino, in 1827, when, the Turkish fleet was destroyed by the allied powers. "When the admiral returned from the Mediterranean he met iu town a country acquaintance of the class wboge eoula are wrapped up la their lands and turnip*, 'Hello, Cadrin^ton/ he exclaimed, In blind ignorance of all contempprai'y history, "I liavea't seeij you for Wme time. Had any gocxi shooting lately?" "Way, yea," replied the admiral. "I've bad genie ratiisr muai-kalile shoot- iag." Aa4 'Wttl* this be went hie way ' A number of ; indisputable reasons why you should < buy Wall Paper of HALLETT, THE DRUOOIST. Call on him ' } he'll t«ll you why. SEE OUR BARGAINS. Choice of our large stock of CALICOES, Spring Jackets and Capes , at Greatly Reduced Prices. SOQ pairs Ladies' Kid Shoes, 750 Fruit of the Loom'Muslin, yard fa * r 'M ' j % it' n; >?m 10 bars Santa .Claus Soap, 4-lb. box G-old Bust, - - IK'C •V " • • - "*'. 81 Ibs, G-ranulated Sugar, $1.00 Best Butter, -; - only IgC Bargains in Clothing* th© plaqe to Save j/ :*, '. ,' 7. «? .-k ift ,.1.3 ., JjiJ^-

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