Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 1, 1959 · Page 10
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 10

Pampa, Texas
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Sunday, March 1, 1959
Page 10
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to PAMPA BA1LY NEWS SUNDAY* MARCH I, 1959 51st Yeaf It has been a great relief to learn that Mickey Mantle will get enough money this season to feed and clothe his ; ! family. I, like many other baseball fans, have been sitting up | nights worrying that Mickey might have to muddle through; on a mere $72,000 or so. j But now, it appears that justice has been done — that Mantle will get a living wage of about $80,000. To the groat surprise of practically nobody, Mantle and the Yankees~came to terms this weekend, in a meeting filled j with sweetness and light. In fact, both Mantle and the Yan-j kees general manager George Weiss would have put the oily-1 tounged Mr. Mikoyan to shame when it came to passing out bouquets. . ' "I'm happy to say Mickey is in the fold," said Weiss.: "Just say I'm happy," Wintered Mantle, "and I hope I have. a big year." ,, : So Mantle got his §3,000 raise, the Yankees got a mil-; lion dollars worth of free publicity, we sports writers got 1 some good copy to fill our pages with, and everybody's I happy. i Other Holdouts Are Logical at first glance, since if Jensen is CELTICS SET RECORDS WITH 173-139 VICTORY BOSTON (UPI) — It wag all jvery simple, according to Boston Celtics coflch Red Auerbach. And lha way ho explained his team's Women's Golf Meeting Set The first meeting of the Women's Golf Association this year will be a coffee, to be held March 19 at 10 a.m. at the Country Chub, for old and new members. Anyone who is interested is invited to the coffee. The Panhandle officers meeting will be held at Huber Country Club, Borger, Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. The association's project for the past year was the buying of 10 benches, which will be placed on the golf course. This and other was attending the contest and "he matters were discussed at the'was satisfied" with the perform fantastic performance, it sounded simple—but it wasn't. "We've had many 40-point quar ters before. We, Just happened to have four of 'em in one game," Auerbach chuckled. Actually, the Celtics seofed 46-13-38-55 to beat the Minneapolis Lakers by the astronomical score of 173-139 at the Garden Friday. Seven new league records were set. The Boston coach was somewhat nettled at remarks made by National Basketball Association President Maurice Podoloff in New York, who said he would ask officials of both teams today whether defensive assignments were faithfully carried out or whether the teams were "goofing off." "Minneapolis did not quit," Auerbach said emphatically. "And I'm not interested In what Podo- loff comments.' 1 Auerbach noted (hat Jocko Collins, supervisor of NBA referees, Everything was so satisfactory that Mickey didn't even have to sign a paper saying he has been a bad boy and he won't do it again. And after all the nasty things that Casey Stengel said about the poor, misunderstood boy! While the Mantle travesty is a horrible example of one type of holdout, there have been many holdouts with more justification. Jackie Jensen, for example, end the league's most valuable player he should be the highest payed player in his league, or at least on his team. But that reasoning is based on the fiction that players are paid for what they do. Actually, they're paid for the fans they draw. Mantle and Williams,' the league's big drawing cards, naturally draw more money than anyone else. , Sometimes a holdout is staged ed his holdout, with a lot 1 ess ;for reasons other than mo ney. Hoy ballyhoo, the same day that Ma"-j Sieverg {Qr example) ask ed last tie signed. He got $40,000, about! for an amount o£ money what he wanted in the first place. | whk , h) while he pl . ob ably deserv- Jensen's logic in holding out for: e< ^ jt_ wag m0 re than the cellar- more money is hard to dispute. id we ui n g Washington Senators He was named the most valuable CO uld afford to pay. player in the American League, \yhy did he do it? Well, he had yet even after getting the raise he 'nothing to lose. The Senators could wanted, he is getting much less! e ither°trade him somewhere else than anothw plffyer on his own|( an( j anywhere else would have team, and less than several other|b een a n improvement) or pay INSIDE INFORMATION Ina Reading, vice-president of the Pampa Women's Bowling Association, is given some first-hand tips on her bowling form and initial address by Jack Adey- lotte, touring professional bowler and AMF promotional representative. Adey- lotte was in Pampa at the Harvester Bowl all day Saturday giving lessons and other free advice. (Daily News Photo) meeting of association officers, held recently in the home, of the president, Mrs. Betty Garren. Officers presnet at this executive meeting were Betty Garren, president; Ellen Campaign, vice president; Melba Wade, secretary- treasurer; Barbara Dobbin, tournament chairman; Blanche Thorley, handicap chairman; Lil Hall, Panhandle delegate; Evelyn Pritchard, telephone chairman; and Mercella Chisum, publicity chairman. Training BUT OTHER SQUADS DON'T ance. of both teams. Minneapolis coach Johnny Kundla said after that game that he could not account for the fantastic scoring. "They (Celtics) exploded. It was just one of those things. We just couldn't stop them." Tommy Heinsohn, Boston's high scorer Friday with 43 points, was modest about his .contribution. He said that Bob Cousy "was the most responsible. On many occasions we just tried to set him up and everything went just right, everything jelled. It was the finest game I've ever played in." Cousy contributed 28 assists, tory, the Celts cracked four" N§A records: most points in one gam§ by one team, most points in 6nl half, most points in one quartet and the most field goals. Bob Pettit scored 35 points aS the St. LouiS HaWkS whipped Wi6 Syracuse Nationals, 128-113, in this only other game played. Jt was St.'Louis' 25lh victory in 28 home games this season. Briefs Training Camp Briefs Yankees, Braves Lack First ate Rookies This Season CLEARWATER, Fla. (UPI I players in his lea**. jwhat he asked. They wound up! The Philadelphia Phillies official- » nn*r!*ijf t?n* If i-ira a _ -nlr>a f tMf ("iM ' »* By LEO H. PETERSEX UPI Sports Editor Manager Al Lopez insists TAMPA. Fla. (UPI) - Rivals of White Sox won . t gct off to season, and catcher John Romano who hit .291 for the same team. his replace Red Schoendienst. Roach must undergo a knee operation and will not be available to the Pee Wee Results The Kiwanis-Optimist pe« wee league race changed this week, from a one-team show to a three- team dogfight, as league-leading Woodrow Wilson was knocked off twice. Latest to turn the trick was Stephen F. Austin, which edged Wilson Saturday, 1.9-17. Williams netted 12 for Austin and Howard hooped 10 for the losers. The race is now in a three-way tie. for firat, as Wilson. Austin, and Sam Houston each stand 5-2. Horace Mann is fourth with 4-3; Baker is last at 0-7. Griffith of Sam Houston turned in the top individual performanca Saturday, turning in 17 points in the first half to lead his team over Lamar, 31-25. He didn't play In the second half. In other sixth grade, action Saturday, Mann downed Baker, 19-16. Warren Head scored five points for Mann and Oirley and Bennett scored four each for Baker. snapping the mark held by Richie j Austin whipped Wilson, Mann Guerin. He played all but three lopped Baker, and Houston beat minutes of the game, scoring a total of 31 points. Actually, he set a three-way record: The most assists over all, the most assists in Lamar in fifth grade games. Next week's schedule is uncertain because of the Harvesters' appearance in the state tournament. one period (12 in the fourth quar-|The slate was to have ended next ter) and the most in a half (19'week, but one day's games have in the second half.) already been postponed, and the'Braves by opening day. Thisj Jensen is gettii* $85,000 less paying. But it was a nice try on than Ted Williams, $40,000 less Sievera' part, anyway. Sievers is than Mantle. This seems strange! holding out again, by the way. Every Sport Gets in The Act At this time of year in the twi- winter, every conceivable type ofj light zone between spring and have that Choose from hundreds of fresh NEW current season's favored fashions and fabrics. Select your style from our big illustrated style portfolio. We'll take your measurements and your POStUie description and 'y0§' our needle-smart lads will tailor for you the best looking, best fitting, best wearing suit you've ever had, for as little as $61 § High Standard Dry Cleaning § Fur Storegef Fine Tailoring BOB CLEMENTS Mil V. Wo**rt Pb. MO *-«ui spring Saturday with a two-hour batting ( drill under cloudy skies. Infielder Frank Herrera, arrived one day late, signed his contact after a brief conference with Geneal Manager John Quinn and only tw/i Phils are now out- the New York Yankees and Mil-| digaslrous st arl "that c r i p p I e dj leaves in-a'nd-outer Felix 'Mantilla! waukee Braves have a special them jn Ifl5g . as tne Braves' No. 1 second-base j on for on high notes of optimism this; who >'«"•: sport is being played. Football,! side the fold. basketball, boxing, golf, and baseball, and track are all in the local and area news. Basketball is the big thing, of The Tigers' No. 1 prospect is prospect-and their N.L. rivals; pitc-her Don Lee, a 6-3, 20f>- don't think the Braves can win; I pound son of ex-big league pitch-! with Mantilla as their regular Neither of the defending league pr ThlOI . n ton Lee. Lee compiled a jsccond-sacker. champions is believed to have a rookie who figures to break into the starting lineup. 14-7 record for Charleston last season and is considered likelv lo Keels Kyfl Pennant The Reds, who think they can I In addition to racking up the, next week's contests may be de- highest basketball score in h)s-'layed. Al Lopez Sings Same Song, With New lune strengthen a staff which, already j W j n tho N.L. pennant if" their By I.KO rr. PETERSKX Hl'I Sports Keillor Proud as they may be of their features Frank Lary, Billy Hocft, pitching' holds up say they may! TAMPA, Fla. (UPI)-Manager | Vork Thcir n . 16 record -r m systems, the Yankees a ml j Paul Foytack, Jim Bunning, Ray i, ave t i, c kcy lnan to the" entirei A1 ^P 62 of the Chlca &° White, , hem ]n the ce] , a ,. at that Chico Fernandez, delayed by an ! farm auto accident, in his native Cuba,] Braves aren't seriously touting j Navleskf and Don Mossi. It will is expected to sign upon his ar-| a ny rookie as a potential key j be no surprise if the Tigers rival Monday, but utility man j figure, although, of course, there match the Yankees' staff at least 1 course, but football, golf, track, ; Dave Philley is officially classi-jare some good prospects in their; in depth this year, 'and baseball workouts are all be-j f ' ec ^ as a holdout, and is still camps. Some of their rivals, how-j Other American League teams Mng held at one place or another at his home in Paris, Tex. ever, feel they have good reason with top rookies are the Kansas I in Pampa. _' __ _ '° expect rookies to break into City Athletics, Baltimore Orioles Dwain Lyons' high school track LAKELAND, Fla. (UPI) —Pitch- j their regular lineups and, in and Cleveland Indians. The Ath- ^wdm i^uiia ,u fe u j"-"" 1 er Frank Lary became Det r/iifsi some cases, play key roles. iletics' top prospect is outfielder team nas aireaciy run in us urBi ; . ..... o l r race in Jim'o'Toole, a 22 . vcnr-j s °^ ls sin S in E , lhe a * mc old r( H while the Yankees old left hander who posted a 20-8; fraln " We can beat the Yankecs " ; mark. record for Nashville last season. I" 0 " 1 ? this time he haa a lot of O'Toole, a native of Chicago, is | month after th« season had ; opened— Lopez's club was nine land a half games behind New had date a 19-5 had !new reasons. meet of the year, and the Lee: f)i . gt .. rasuaU> . said to be ready to take lar turn in the big league year. The Cardinals, the McDaniel bonus "I'm assuming part of the., blame for that poor start," Lopes ' a regu-l He's been trying to beat thej addedi , <In the past the White Jos this New Yorkers for the past eight Sox club g have Uen off winging years and did it only once. back' and then .slipped'a bit in the -hurt badlv when in J954 when lle was Ceding the' ond half . To conserve some of •onus taovs col- icieveland lndlans - Ever y olher iveterans, I didn't work them of the spring; The Chicago White Sox, Detroit Johnny Bella, who hit .339 tor], d , 'season' ifter thpir lVear ' with the Tndians and (I'M chnH Al If f HP T^ rrnfn /^ivmln^-i nti T-» «..-l« O*- T A. .1 » l~i««.. 1,,-* --..- —. mU -. /"1t<; n T.n.n r* ft *• vt: ""I I * «• *• I L *-. H ., . „-.„ „ ...JtU * U , land Pampa Junior High t r a c k;; T . erg . trainin session i teams have begun full scale work- | rd louts. Deck Woldt's baseball team 1 ; Saturday as rain washed out the Tigers, Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Denver last season. The Orioles 1957 heroics, have no less than :Sox clubs have gotten off winging years^and did it only^once. back' an ,, then .slipped'a bit in the ' J " ~~ <U ~ the ' ptne jhard in the spring, permitting White' them to get in shape on their own seasons for the Cardinals and San Francisco have a nifty number in outfielder| four rook . c ' pitch( , rs who Poukl Sox, he's finished second. !so they wouldn't run out of gas u . t . 'Giants appear to have the rook-. Willie Tasby who hit .322 f °rj make the varsity They are Frank "I have a lot of hope that we'In August and September. >and Bird Do* Trice's golfers have', Uary . ha8 a , bn( " sc ° n th , e ?°t- les who are going to bear closest Louisville and the Indians are R t o ,naha Gary RUiv- ; ™n beat 'em this year," the sun.I "That worked out all right so h«« ±uTn5nT^"r Tn'p Sm, l° m °. f . ^ ^ ^ b ". t .T rn '"fV Vatching in early Grapefruit, touting outfielder Dave Dillard, * '"'...'lo at RocWter.* Eniie! tanned Lope, said/Then he listed! far as the second half of the .sea- .319-hiUcr for Mobile. JBroglio, 9-3 at Toronto and pitch- these new reasons: json was concerned, but we were The big news in N a t I o n a 1| jnf? hcrf) o{ the Japant>sp tour ! 1 -The Yankees played "lousy | too far back to catch the Yankees. '^and Bob Gibson, 5-5 at Rochester!; ball" the last half of the season;This spring I'm going to work my been working out for some u,,,. Jack Home , wjm treatod u sa id League "games. . S P rin ,5.. f ?. 0lba A 1 . ^r^J!^ the .bruise was more painful than; TI ,T cr9 Count On Lee start Monday for Geno Chance « i Pampa Junior High Reapers and serious. The White Sox are especially League camps this week Norman Phillips' Lee Rebels. Sev-i att3 to the | eral District 3-4A schools have al-, thh wol . kout but (ready finished their spring train-1 , because of the • ing, with spring still officially: conciition of Henlev Fiek i. ! three weeks off. | '_ The season is over for tho Pam pa boxing team, but not for a cou- i-cr Bill Norman made two high on outfielder John Callison,, that Mo] Roach cannot be counted: ' 283 f ° r Indiana P° lis Iast;i 'P"» b -V the Milwaukee Braveso WEST PALM BEACH, (UPI)—The Kansas City Athletics i pie of boxers who have fought for: luned Up for thejr firsl intra . Pampa. .-,,,, 'squad game Sunday with a four Johnny Claunch and Carl Me- hour f!nl| anr| fjnc aRajn hour drill and i<* cage once again the I the most at- respective divisions of the slate Golden Gloves tournament. Me- 'Clure from Dumas, fought sev- al h(?avywelght tltle> claun( . h for F , D „„ eral times this sea.son tor Pampa, >. ^ ghtweiRhl crownr in the Na . B&B Pnarmac j and actually represented Pampa 1J/)nalfar;o!flcn oloves Tournament, M DSnidTr in the regional meet at Amanllo.; which begjng Monday in Chicago. ; B &L Food fnm"ht Ch f' . a Ah^' Ve , of)hPanf1Pta ' jMcClur<B lpft Frida V m 'S ht for Fortjsmith's Shoes foiiRht for Abilene in the »tate |Worth to jovn the Texas u , am in i Tl . pt . o . Lite lm t'? t ',, 1 .„ , . u .. l f ' 01 ''- Worth, for the trip to On- Sear's McClure will go for the nation-' cagOi ,NORTH CHEST MIXED LEAGUE \V 20 18 15 14 12 12 11 10 W 15V. 55" 15 14<i 9 9 9'i Live Better-improve Now Want to modernize your home ,.. add ^ room... make -**"• needed repairs? Call Pampa Lumber for your Free Estimate-Free Counseling Low FMA Financing Up to $3/500 for remodeling Up to $0 months to pay —Open At Pay Saturday— PAMPA LUMBER CO. A COMPLETE 8U1LP1NO SERVICE 1301 S. Hobart MO 5-5781 I, Team 8 : geneua 10; Terry 13 ''Cinderella 14 sirroco 16 penro.-k 13 18'pvOSe\voo(t n 17 I'nmrose 11 15 Sier!7l u Hifrh T(>am r,ame: Ormson's, 811 Sandelwood 10 High Team Series: Ormson's, 'p rane JQ 23(13 ; Juniper 10 High Individual Game: Don \viikw g Ormson. Ormson's, 236; Pete H igli Team Game Elem, Sear's, 176 j Hign Team series Hign Infiiviflvial Sf-rips: Don 1 H , ?h i, K |j V idtia! CJame: Oil Rur Ormson. Ormson's. 556; Pete sunf ] i 2 04 : Dorothy Jeffries, 213 Elem, Sear's, 469 ; High Individual Series: Gil Bur gund, 517; Dorothv Jeffries, 503 PAMP.-V HOISKWINF.S l.KA<a T E L ^and "almost blew the World Se-j players a lot harder, especially : ries." [the pitchers. I'm going to have ^ er shot at breaking into their in ' 2 ~". Thl11 ^.. 'f! 1 , 1 Land ' 81 we ; tl ; em a " R° " lne inni "B 8 * ™«P'« field. Kogers hit .M» for Phoenix \ h " v ".' n ""tcrfield. of times before we start playing last season and could be the top ?- A sturdy-egged Al Smith." for keeps. ' rookie in any camp this spring J 4-"The best looking rookie I ve| Has Best Ibvonl ^ He plavn second base, shortstop senn sl "' :e ? I ' cke >' , VIant ? oame I Lopez whose won-lost record Is T or t ^. •; ^up in 1951, John Callison. f jthe best of any major league „.,'.. . . . ! 5 "A new starting pitcher' In \ manager today — 742 Other rookies rated above av- „ T . ,, . , nn , , ... _ . ' . , i Barry Latman. against -190 losses for a .602 erage ara pitcher Benme Daniels; J .. n .. .... " of the Pittsburgh Pirates, 14-6 at! upi""'*'" 1 Columbus; shortstop Sparky Anderson of the Philadelphia Phils,; \ centage (Walt Alston of the Iv>s "Put those things together and Angeles Dodgers is second with have to feel optimistic-more op-1 Casey Stengel of the Yankees 11 13 13 13 14 j.j 14 16 o*r , „ , , ,. , itimistic than I was a year ago third l-point out that Landis was .268 at Mon real; infielder Piimp-; at Uljs Ume wncn T sajd -, he YaSn . hutl ' on , v 15f) Ju , ^ ne d Bie. Green of the Boston Red Sox,, keei) cnM be hea(en fensjve njus wound ba .250 at Minneapolis and outfield- ,. We . d h()Ve hcalen them tno , ! . 277 . er Ron Ba.rly of the IXM Angeles •, h , , „ , Q ^ ba s |th hampered by bad Docgor.s .297 at Des Moines. i gtan „ , ankle durj £ ^ The \ankceg top rookies arc; Jn 1958 when the wh)te Sox ' year ago and never did get going. ratcher John Blanchard. .291 at faced , he Yankees for the first "He's Denver, anrl Infielder Cletis Boy-! t j me er, .284 at Richmond. The Braves' top number is pitcher Vic Rehm, 11-8 at Wichita. on May 20—more than a vowed. ail right now," Lopez •Team FrmletU'S Rolling Pins White Deer Does Pegettvs Pot.s & Pms Spot maids Hip-h Team Game: Pots Pins, 548 \V I. 4 0 2 2 1 3 3 1 2 2 0 i \v 39 33 29 27 22 18 17 DISTKIt LFAfiliK 23 Twim \V L \V L 21 Dorothy's Bty. Slip. '2 2 14 10 29 Kyle's Shoe Store 22 13 11 3) IfJA food Liner 2 2 12 12 38 Crow's Humble 2 '2 9 15 & High Team Game: Kyle's Shoe Store, 90-} Seneca, 887 MJ x.\lK MAKES PM.fiKIMAfiK Seneca, 21-15 SANTI.\r;O. Cuba (UPIi -Outfielder Minnie Minoso of the Cleveland Indiana plans a 26-mile pilgrimage to Cuba's patron, Virgin of Ml Cobre sanctuary to fulfill a promise he ma'de several years a30 after he was "beaned" by pitcher Bob Grim of the New- York Yankees. Th? accident occurred in May, 1955. High Team Series: Pots & Pins, High Team Series: Kyle's Shoe 1461 High Individual Game: York, Foulettes, 169 High Individual Series: i York, Foulettes, 471 • Store, 2636 Olliej High Individual Game: Jo Bur- igund, Kyle's Shoe Store, 172 Ollie! High Individual Series: Jo Bur- jgund, Kyle's Shoe Store, 449 TRY A CLASSIFIED AD? Bowling is q pleasure THE GAME ALL AMERICA RATES "TOPS" Young or old, everyone loves to bowl , . . especially on alleys a$ well-kept as ours! Join the fun! MO 5-3423 W£DQIT RIGHT" IT 6ERVE6ANIP USTSANQ FITS e TISHT/ •youllforman acquaintance you 11 want continue!! "The man who's too busy to make friends is seldom too busy to need them. Without bragging, I think I'll prove to be just about as interesting and entertaining a friend as you've met in a year of yesterdays. I'll be seeing you in the ads run by I A l

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