The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 3, 1971 · Page 15
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 15

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1971
Page 15
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s* " f»*llill»llll«l«l llll( ,llll«l 0 .,,.,,....«....., ,,, ,, , .,,,,,,, THE BIU/08PORT FAC1S, Kreeport, Tetai, Friday, December 3, itfjff i tf Entertainment Shankar regrets sltar's link with US drug culture IIO.M)I,U1,U<AI')~ Indian comment* In an Interview muiicUn ftevl Nhankar while in Honolulu lor concert ret-reu hit plaintive *)tar date* He played three time* miwic became linked with the More capacity crowd* in a tinut ctitiur* in America H*'» 2,K«i «-at auditorium, J trying 10 change iu Image, "I have a very difficult ro<r "I wouM tell Ih# KM* lha( I to ptay," Slankar rtJtanH wanted la make them hljth I am * performer «•/ a very through my muilc," taji traditional, very orthodox Shaluir "I Ml cheated »He« style trf muiUc Hut also in me n pet tvttf at ihem wer* i» a pvrxw) <rf tht* day " already Mooed The SI >«r old performer "K*w> Ifiday, »h*« » film ar«d cc«n{>o*er tracw the link ha* an wgy or a drug **«*?, u hu mukic with ll»e dr«j{ thrrvktahna) 1 * a *ilar droning «rrne u» st^mra/xrrs in U»e away in the t»t*it/t**fid" !»(* il«» at re*rk mu«« | Stehkar. »tw fwfuiariJtd <e»J»rats at MosK-rt-y, Call/, IhetVTte.iUrxaimd. tnadehi» am) WowHiotk. J» y Ofiyjj RAMBLERS BHA/0«l\ "Wheie good I/tends mecl" THE SUNDOWNERS MTV MIM V»-«.W "X RED MANN COUNTRY CONTINENTALS H»t t. *J»r 4 IVu-lM (>>»<• The Schooner's DINER SJHE.PLACE FOR LATE NIGHT DINING! WE'RE OP£N ALL HlGHI EVERY FRIDAY 4 SMURDAY i MM>T« "Of? RESERVAIIONS GAIL 265-899 1 a 26S6H4 FRIDAY 8:30 TO 12 LARRY WEATHERS AND THE RAIDERS SATURDAY 9 TO 1 SOUTHWEST SOUND FACTORY ( ottoii'% Drum an4 aacr ih 0 ( UII I. |l,\\r;V-(l»Brr. Mitt I,- DANCE WORLD FRIDAY • to 12 THE RUSTLERS (STAG WOMEN FREE) SATURDAY 9 to 1 HE CLASSIC WESTl SUNDAY 4 to I BENEFIT DANCE HOLLIS LEWIS NiW YIARS iVf TICKETS IN ADVANCI, »3« P[R COUPLE STERN aUI 199 N. MARKfT, IRAIORIA, slxxild be," Iw *ald "nn; U»u for the concerto U jxire Indian clansical mu»ic I have not trii-d to do (n>m«hin|{ We»iernii*d, or to were prevalent at such Hall«*rmn» "TlMit'* all over now, and I'm very Rtad," uid Shankar He taid l>e'» nicking to con ventional concert dalm »ucJi a* a recent one at New York'* Caroeiye Hall Knplaining further how he "Thlft£» are much IxrUer "J*** not *°rk for a »ynthcsu, own S»TIOU» pe<ipte are taklnR .Shafiluir recalled hw *core /or a terwws adiluile (imart! my 'h* movie "Oiariey " muwc " "1 m*d nuNtly Wtatcrn Miankar »ald Oiat hr Mrivf» »r»lrumenU." h« »aid, "but it lo preserve (Jw? tratlitw^o oj fcouftded Indian. Urauw it Indtondaujral mutic. Iwt hln came through me." o» n c«fii(xjai(ifjo» |-u»ve draw n on the muuc wpmall) (ttr imtrvmefit.i - erf the Wett tlii "Cotx-ertti tor Siur and (>rrJx*tr*," recorded recetilly lor, tt an cumjjf tj thit rrl«c(ici«w Sttankar, hunto'W, <JrrtJt-« (Jut he t» irji/^ iu r»»prge We^irm arid Imlian inu&ir "J fo))u»cd trflain HOUSTON SVMr'IIO.VV ORCKKSTKA. Die nation's sixth csi will apfx;ar in corict'rt at K:I5 p m. Tuesday in f^ri KiKh Scl«ool Auditorium at Krtcpart. lUnsitfcnt (Vxidurlur A Hydir ISollirr will conduct. Now in its 58th M'.i!*<j r (Ji<r ofcjKttra, firm in ih<; .Southwest to perform in .N'i'rt \iitk, Vi««Jiifig!r>fi. tJoMon. San FranciACo. I/M A»;fiHn .»/J M'/ntreiil. i* [x-rforfriinj; (or ihe fourth lime in under the sponsorship of the BP Fine Art* Council. Preconcert tickets are available in Freeport, Out e. Ukc Jackson and Anglctort buiiness houses, or by ii-lffAoning Symphony Iknc frtfice at 2<o-fiIBI daytime, 2R>- :y-7i evenings. Tickets purchased by phone will be dvlivt-red to residence* if desired. Ticket cosl to $2.50 for adulii. $1 for Mudents. IN HOLY LANDS Johnny Cash making movie about Jesus Top 10 jliuunidc >«rvrj- Affair." h!j & Kami)) !>!(«•«• "Thrmr Kions SKad." ltt. A Wan! Y«i." "lUvr \U4 Srrn OaUIr* "T»o tlnxV-d II) J»KA 0> (iAI.II.KK. Krae) 'AJ'i Jotoiny C*4i) i* making a M-rninult Irature CtJm a! Otruiian hsJy siifs in Itr-arl ami fXfUpjrd Jofxttn "l'>c (*:•>« M^rn » movte iU,.«j'. J<-5Us liu! 1 trolly tikcui/ w)'% Ihr »in#cr ' .So ! 'd mate OTM- mvwlf ' (IT h t»;o afitj inr tUAri lo {awijCT .1 v( Oirtt! "Uw man at a r-c-jl ftiati •. rt> tiumar. and »s •> djvmil) ^«T> dmfw "We liycfM hm> a.% a ix/y, fkUjing »tlh Itwlt. »<• I!K« fum lauicteni; ihrwsng «ocl» i! iiv •»»!« A 0) Urxls (.« ht» ! a*ay A }um ftrt 4 »f*-ri; dtri oj) tit hi» <?•)<• Ar»d MI by a rwn- is »ob KlUtrom. Conn Ti*t oitwr actors wire ri-truMrd from among Amcrif .ifis Hnii»h and 'n 4« ywjlhs on ful- bv the places, v iM"(i A Sra <•) if£,«; J t -r\»-* ic 4< »<-r!trd I'alc-itintan liibhc .> i j ( sr.t«.jJw-f <• ti-ut w, !ar In: s,-i>v, "We've QUICK QUIZ Spanish play Sunday in Cullen Auditorium tir fr> UittXH ln(<-fp "Hcwd ltn-r thr Ihc t« Murjr uni ui .Si»»ftj»A Jj-j a Amrficifs n group cjilifx! KJ an Itr I'mtrrvt) of IrxMti Ki TV>c ill cj.»4 null f«^lc«rn n t p m m Otiilm AudiS«Tum. Mknunu « tort Ircturv en lh«-4tct tn J MX! !u t*- tttrr I'ivo !.- ( jlik'tnii and tltwU".*! and ici IJT lr«- n' IKiiilKAl tmpitcalion Vic-»er» atr »»i.c\! lo tr-gArd it in Ux- llghi <i< fearhint; d«T;i« lr\«-h << ma!ut-.i> And snu^ht in'.<i miracle*." Caih go! a storm on the. Sea ol GsMee the day he nt-cdcd it. and a cairn v?a (ht next diyt Jcsu»' Aicf-niion was filmed with Kl/s!rom walking toward a clouded siy A* he H-alktd, a f»le ojx-ncd in t)»e clouda. '"Hx- telescopic lens \umcd him tiul >A focus, and h* »a* grw II was !x-juli/ul " Cash wrral» and singi in Itx- n»o*. ;e. and rfjds panjiagcs from Matthew in his rich, growling '.<jjci- He is noi m the vmsWe cast The "Jesus revolution,' ("ash &a>s 'is the tx-M thing lh.'il's hafjj.--rK-d to America this century There *as a £rwil IH-«-JJ in l)x- United SuU-_v for a vpintual reMval, txicauM' Ih* whotf country »i!> becoming so materialistic.' so con summer pro4jrt mintied Tt<e 'ft \t-ar old singer from Arkansas who pioneered iwwen.i for priMm mraati-s • and- lect-n'.lv ilarrx-d in a tt'i-stem with Kirt. Douglas. sa\s his movie aims Ui conM'V (><• n~.i-5.jj Re o4 CTirtst: "That >ou worship God. and lhal you love your neighbor." NOW 1AYINGL In everyone's life tliere's a SUMMER OF '42 If KN^EROKf ILL jifiV GRIU£S- JERRyHOUSLH - OLIVERCONAMT M^K)>.*uCxtl< h/lHii-O t HQTM RC«tBI UUUIGJN WKKKBAYS 4 S-\TVRDAY al 6:15 & H:15 St'N. ::OO-3:»0-3:»-7:<»-g:33 .v .ir;ci Television picture... CD Ip g.rouji» lor (he arr itx- t'nncru!)'* fommiltrr on Mrncjn Am<ric*n ind Chicano htudtf^ m( I he Ihr 0) TW II Latin -Amrrican ittcr to t>w public u >tj(p (K»( Ihr pia) umvc o< the pfwJ>JcTn» rn ocwnlrml (y) thr Mnican Amrnran itudrnl in (hit AMUSEMENT GUIDE VEUSCO « » 4 I 11 1 AHITi * (1 fc-.l T. W-'rt^t'«jrA &«^V4< LAKE SURF BEACON It is a trip much worth taking. Not since '20O1' has a movie so cannily inverted consciousness and altered audience perception. >K«-*V- 3$ s-m -S*\r X?* It li pa, TTw |Ja> (kic* ix»t blame jnyoor. Uil implip* c\cr><>t« i u i^ilt)- when the i»u<Jcn( dmpt cut at whool m tpitr <i( (hr fact that »ludic» arv uwful and t*w< icul to hl» jxXcr.luU And >UCC«M in We VRAZEL BALL ROOM c\ tUMT. SATl'ltDAV UKC. i MlSirBV: JIMMY BROSCH t His Happy Country Boys >B , (B «.rtl»H T»«rt*«-IJ-r^ *J U>«, «. ^-rur. ,-_,.^. , 4 , f.* *.1j+T. 4 -r O M«v -r«rw !• > v. 4 , f)!i»i rr»nrli Ijfirrn, C~,tr<* T»>» »m ; to* >aj->i . « o" « vh- p ,r ,," i i a t dnuilK Ullr.l irk> U I;'-;.J '.•» a n-.iii <to-1M C 1-wiK M&cMrt 7 M r« D TW 0«^ Ul^ Ivt, (V-p!rfi P*<^** *• t^i* nitn htttm A'»t<i1 Ulr»i *4 s !«•*• rt^MTT^t (i M*«V-'Th» 1V»« »r<4 MSM ?J fifi," <rf*j* Ii*r7>. ^*n^rt tn'jr-j. Jmkr» Hu)r. < ir(««tjr> <K,-)Li* •lib It* ptMTTt 0) ,^>l»!l «»^ h>[. M H«(»--C)n« Mar* Tuln | 0 R«b" (!»!») Oaryr !VM>»I). Tn. • th»r(. tiprrriUv ri 1 (ram ^tl. «u cut 10 K-iir hit oM (ur<n« jixl trlitrvt J.ii >k»n al kkX Irom i luin n>W<n • tNet YM U)t»-lX.-V» S(^r,l^ v4)4 «>lwixktti>n.U tut lo corn*rt * cio*r< Intg t uunt rocro P rk*4 (i«J 0*c Kut«Ut« Unto I.M Ha. O MMT T>** Miwre-RiKKlt kwi hw MJ »nd Miry {on «U aul to help hcf find iiiotlwt one iirrW - ' Zorto t UU>i » hip" Bill U4«x» . j*ur bul bcant m»n hc!(« i $vi»| •ur-^jn ptrk up |.> (xv^t o< few- lie 03 M*t1r~-ViNr.( SUn Wuh I lfc*Ti" il»Jt KitU Uvftu 03 Hn»«^-"'I>* It-attorn Sj>r«it" (IMJl Riir<v«rJ Artrr, L)-nr.» RL* o) t IP 11 M pa. ri)«HI KHi 1130 I! 11 1.KL Q) A Ik No.* I! » *.n. Q M«W— -Sir^ur, Ajili^t Ibt txvn«tvl ol &it»»»k" 11*4) R«y lbn:,». i;u> NUduuo; 2 11 S|n gU l,':J» ».tn. (0 M»>^- Aim. IIJU) Otf V.w.f IV.I) B*fj™; 1 tt Sign 0« 1!:U mi (I Mat l« ~ "IV T>*nm»uU" > &R«n . MO Sijn Oil UCHMCOIO* n otrnuue^s life there\i UMMER OF '4: :nd KK.X. 8:45 I'farl Harbour THE HELLSTROM CHRONICLE CAPTAIN'S CHAIR RESTAURANT Atop Tin inn PRIME STEAKS Also FRESH SEAFOOD UNTil 11:00 PM Kckcrvitilou na-»H6 or aa-iii .Ut'lJP BLVD. AT H\VV JS8 FREEFOKT. TEXAS SPECIAL MATINEE SUN.. DEC. 5th 1:00 & 3:10 ...... — AUtIO MOtfNQ POE MIS PISTOLAS •a IAJIM*N?010« ,«UftU >>t 6:30 4:55 !»d KKA. 7:15 & 10:15 Maria Pi« ^STMAK M.08 5TP BERAlK by S:55 ike Both Feature* ALL SEATS 12

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