The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 1, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, July 1, 1859
Page 4
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BUSINESS OARD8 ^^^^ ItBtrloan boats, aa4-an tt«: otter steamns pan Attojrn NO.-8 njr> that wbfle * bj pnwhmw, jet he belted the «t a ftiture bononbla Prerident. ponobig the oonne of woommeoded.* .- BoTTTH BWJCB, Jone 80. The body of anothw unknown mao iheraldaralnrtttubankiln MiiotirlUjpUllJnpro. freia. TheiHrmeM^ank of textniton aeerni to re. Ttport that ttiaotM had been placed in thahandi of a ' r feet Wow Ae jrarfwe, this petal aovlnvji b€^i,bont 38 age— some of hia front teeth gone, Bandy hair and whiakera, light blue eyes— wore black pants, light brown summer sack ooat, no vest. It is presumed that other* are buried in the quicksand, or were carried down the "stream. June 18 Latest by telegraph from London to Lirer- pool.—Ko«Bnth has left London for Paris with French paaaporte. j On Kondaj next he will Irrive at Genoa, where a becoming reception awaits him. He will have an audience with Napoleon; but no grounds exist for the report in circulation a» to hb plans. An amnesty has been granted to the political prisoners at Naples, on tbe strong renaon- Strance of Mr. Elliot, the British ^Minister. The Times in its oi^y article of last evening, quotes advices from Frankfort, which state that the German Confederation are understood to have resolved that 80,000 men, viz : 40,000 Prussians and 40,000 Austrians shall be stationed on the Rhine. There were strong rumors that Prussia wonld issue gome decisive announcement in tns course of a few days. According to prevalent cocjeotnre, peace is to be proposed to the Emperor Napoleon, on certain conditions, and if these are refused, Germany is to ent«r into the war. Under these circumstances there is great anilely and Blag- n>tioc in all commercial cities. The Times also says that- Russia is making vast warlike preparations at all naval depots. The Neva division is reported to number 98 nnt-olasa ships, and the BalHo fleet 85 sail of tbe line, of which 14 screw are atOronstadt: The Times accounts for tbe recent shipment of gold from 8t Petersburgh to London, as a payment for machinery made in America and elsewhere. Large Russian orders are Ivine still unexecuted in England. The Daily News thinks th»t tl, C»\aa* is not yet complete, and>oompla:n t 01 : ,, - manner in which Mr. Miller Gibson has Lean moved from post to post, to make room for tbe old elais of placemen. It was reported that the Generate under Pelissier are forthwith to repair to their respective stations, and it was considered not improbable thst the army now called the army of the West, would soon be denominated tbe army of the Rhine. The French army of observation on the Rhine numbers 71,000 An Imperial decree proclains that the pnh- lio will receive for the interest on the national loan now due, either bank notes at 128 florins for every norin ; or 2d government bonds redeemable with compound interest in five years Commercial letters from Vienna describe tbe financial oondjtion of Austria as ope of complete bankrupt v. A letter fn.rn Si Petersburg saye if Prussia allows herself to <» goaded into menacing steps, Russia will .-..niMntrate troops on tbe Gallacian frontiar, and sead detachments of her fleet to the Prussian Baltic ports It is said that the 12th of June was the day appointed for the rising in European Tnrkev The political ferment in Seroid was increasing. Demonstrations in honor of the French victories had taken plaoo in Greece- ,ST»h, froaiIto pnaUeat and note-holders are In no dan(«r. -"" ,;>="- _Amonatorip«cl»«nhand f3H,<HD. gP««l»»saai „ M0.009 •xehangetnatnrlnf..... ••••.„..,'. S6MW Olrcalatlon ontatandmg „...-.. «6t,OI» We are prepared to redeem our eottrielrcalatloii." Tn VAOOBS or Ont»iitn.«r», Cttiiwfom 4 Oo— Oar city was filled yeMerdaywlth (UrtUog ramon that thli fmt mercantileflna bad faded, aod th-u tto fall- ore wonld Interfere with aadpoialbly break of the Important line of propeller! between lake Michigan and therlTerBH«wranc*,l'angarated by Jtet»n. r Chamberlain k Crawford, anaiyitemlied nnder the auplcei of the Northern TaneportaUoo Company. We are enabled to aay, opal enquiry, that tbe bui- neu honae In Olcreland, conducted byHteara. Cham- certain A Breed la coneeg.nenoe of repeated loaaea by f aOorei and otherwlae, hai be«n compelled to nupend and go Into liquidation; so alto the home of Crawford 4 Co., at Ogdenitrarfh, N. T.— Cltftland Ltadtr. Prodotw. LAS T KKPOKT. Prom Denver City. LSAVKKWOETH, June 30. The overland express arrived from Denver Oijy this afternoon, with a large mall, but no later advices, owing to the detention on the route. An arrival with later intelligence is expected hourly. Noc clear ai ntei-eatlng from Pittaborgfe. PlTTSBtTEOH, June 80. change in river since noon. Weather .nd cool . Prom Ktrtr Mexico. WASHIHOTOU, June 80. Despatches from the interior of New Mexico to Commissioner Greenwood, state that the Navajoes are again committing all manner of •"depredations, regardless of the authority ..f their chiefs, who are disposed to remain &t peace with the whites. He thinks another Indian war imminent. The postage stamps and stamped envelopes sold by the Post Office Department, during the two years and half, ending with December last, amount to fourteen million dollars: about a million dollars worth has not beed used lu pre-payment of postage. Blondln Icnotn tola "Biz." NrvoARA FAU,S, June 30. Mons. Blondin performed his hazardous teat *o-day. of walking across the riwer on a tight rope, in presence of from 6,000 to 10 000 spectators Be first crossed from the American side, stopping midway to refresh himself with a drink of water, which he drew up in a bottle with a rope, from the steamer Maid of the Mist, which accompanied him to be of service tn case of aoolo>nt HP crossed over in 171-2 minute*, and returned in 12. The market thli morning opened with a very depre e- ed feeling all around, with ecarcely any ^Upontloa to operate; bat advice* of an encouraging nature from Hew York caused the market to rally In the afternoon and better pried ruled. Flour wai very doll at tbe opening, and bnt one •mall aale of country spring extra oeoarred at 0,60, but at the dote pried wen more buoyant. Wheat reached Iti lowed point thli morning In the Bile of 415 biu No. 1 at 80c, bnt under the itlmula'lng effect of bettef newi fromi tbe eait aalei were made at 85 at the close, thli lait probably It a Ult e higher than the true atate of the market will warrant. Prelghu were somewhat enlivened thli afltcnoon.— The schooner Republic was chartered- to take wheat to Buffalo at the current rates. The White f quail !• alao engaged for a load of Oati to the same port at S H centa. The Propeller Brergreen City, clearel fb» Celling wood with 14100 barrela of floor, and the Propeller Plymouth takn 1,000 bbli to.Buffalo, a\lo 1,000 buaheli of wheat. The Chicago papen quote freight! lower. The trade In wool li limited—-very little being brought to thli market, ai prices In the country hare been rather better than In the city. We note a small sale to-day of choice full blood at 40c—the range hai been from 87 to 40. Oati were quite. Holden and buyeri far apart Corn Is better, bnt sales are very light. One choice tot went off thli afternoon at the extreme figure of 8Oc. It wai taken to the country. The market teeps prettj well supplied with Butter, which remain* pretty Bt»adj at our quotation*. Kggi are In better demand, partly on account of the coming 4th, and quantities by the bbl sell readily at ISr 'llwtiithee W boloa&let;Market. THOUDIT a>nnro, June 80. H1G 'K-TNSS-Jtc lower Receipt! 7« bbla. gales U bbli at 28 X. WOOL—receipt! and transaction! light, gala 60 IDS X Mood at 81, 40 do H to X at Sin, 100 do H at27, 800 do X at 84; 800 do X at 85; 100 do full blood at 40. FREIGHTS— steady, dour to Buffalo 18; wheat to Buffalo*; nati t« Buffalo SH: flon- i.> New York by rail 60, by steam on lake 62 S. WLOUR—firm and lomewhat buoyant. Best city brand! winter 7,00; spring extras 6.75®6,0», country brands &fW&k,n Receipts 414 bus; shipment! 8.S9S bill and 80 sacki. Said 154 bbli country spring enra r. o. b. at 6£0. RTB FLOOR—n*»dy, with light business at &.00. WHE1T—unsteady and rising. No. 1 te better B> celpu by Railroad 4.288 bni; bj lake 848 bos; ship, menu 1,000 bns Bales 478 bus No. 1 at 80; TS do white winter 1,28; 4(1 do do 1,85, 800 do extra spring 148; 800 do do 1,10; SOU do do 1.1S; 800 do white winter 1,U- 800 do No. 1 iprlng »0; 800 do uninspected 7S; «7B do common winter V,16; 78 do extra do 130; 8iVi Jo extra No 1 spring ai \,00-, 185 ar choice w\nt«i l,ftx: V2t do Mo. 1 spring SB; 600 do Ho. 1 at OS. Total sales 8,700 bus. ETtV steady at UOO for choice. Receipts «6 bns. OATg- u., salt* i_ offered; 40 asked. Receipts 1,001 bus. CORN—higher at 70&75. teeatpu 817 bus; sbip. menu Si bns. Sales 180 but very cholse 74®80. POTATOES—very dull at a decline; common offering freely at T6, choice lots 80; receipts br Railroad 8S8 bus; by lake 816 bns. BDTTER-ln fair supply and marke: swady at U® 14 for nrkln; 12Q14 for fresh roll. FO«S— In good request at 12&14 by the bbl Bales 7 bblsatU. HIDES—unchangtd. Receipt! 8,923 Ibi. Railroad natter*. Rconrra rr Li Oaoen t* aUiLaoin.— 1^61 bus wheat; 240 do oats; 885 do potatoes; 188 bbli flour; 44 saeki wool; 60 Ibs ginseng, 6,800 n lumber 4,63! UM bides; B^Tl do sundries. Rwsarre mr Mn.WAcm t ttoenesm BiO*oin.— 81 bbli flour; 1,648 bus wheat; 817 do corn; e do potatoes; n Ibi hides; MS do butter; 3,866 do rap 18,088 Y.,0apt.i. W. IsUkW,arrlvei there on Saturdayfrom Toledo. Ohio, which Inland pitt sht Ulton the SJth o sUyVWexdudlnj adetsmtion of five days In the Wal- Iaa4^,an«l t tai t«|d*|bs)pu«ai« to twentw-fqar dayi. »e aiTtreAatQaebeoon^^Mh last: .Her cargo con- lists «rfii«<i,fiiii(fiie*tt«£3i^^ arrival at Boston from Toledo. '• : J .-' : Talon 110110 Anon.—In 1847 theO. J. Ker(haw made the first trip from the Lakes to SaropO- {Xea*. Ltad «w. • So i»chthing, the Keishaw did not go out until 1SST. XhaDeao Klchmond was thenrat vessel from the lakes tourosf the ocean. In 1B« she cleared from this port with a cargo of wheat for Liverpool. Hie next y ear r-18ST—the Sershaw took a cargo of stoves from Detroit to IdverpooL The Ltodtr only makei a mistake of ten yean, and gets toe wrong vessel first— not of mnch consequence—but sre may as well be right about It. OOLU.DO» AID Ta«an. 8o»t.—The Buffalo papers report a collision on Monday night, between the brig Acadla, Oapt. Cotton, and tht barque Forester, Capt PetlngUI, of Mexico, N. T. Tlie latter vessel was dam aged to the extent Jthat ah* Immediately sank. On of the crew was lost; the remainder, with difficulty, escaped with their lives. The accident occurred about ten miles from Silver Creek. The forester was bound for Oswego with a cargo of salt. The Republic Is assured on the best authority that the accident Is attributable to whiskey, as toe lake was very still st tbe time. BY TELEGRAPH. -&qrnisellors at Haw NEELAJfb BLOCK, WLWUtKKt. Sioiooj. t. oadeei 1. [CROSS * PABBISH, »TTORN^Y8 & OO0NSELLORS AT LAW. Mb. IP, AllHtnr llnlldlnir, MILWAUKn. apl WIBOONBtN. PECK HA Iff «V BLOODeoOD, ATTOBJ^TS 4 COUN8BLLOB8 AT LAW, AroaiUJS^l^ne, m'fnt Wat* A, Jf««aut«. O. W. PIOXKIH, formerlT I PKjKBAiaAfXH.TrUbany.J. Ftulcffl BLOOMOOD. Hewtoik. i J F. BUMDOOOO u D. B. Court OommlMionti- and Oom- ot terenl itatce. DoTl»-d«m „ ........... JOBHOi MKR <£ STARK, Attorney^ & Cooiuellon at 0T Office, Ho. S, Ultchdl'l New Bank BuUdlng.cor- oer of Michigan and East Water itreeU, Ullnokee. janSO Law. •ale- Vow Vork Market. Mr* You, June 29. fLODB— Opened itead* ; at an adraaoe of 10ai6 ; 9,«X> bbll at 6,80a6,96'for ruperdne-itate; 6,95® for extra itate; i^Oig.6.00 (or iupertn c\flOfor common to good extra vevtern; for do round hoop Ohio— timing firm. BTE FLOCB— 4,00(34,7B. WRKAT — Oootlones doll «DI) h. ivj >ale< 4,000 buih at l,4S<ai^O for red Ohio; UMil.TS for white Mich.; IjU for red touthern; 1,70 fur »b te ditto; 1,60 for DP* amber Seorgla. BTE— Brji t r BARLKV— dull. CORN— advanced '®* per buthel , sales Jl,8ou bu«h 89 for red mixed wotera and line ; §4 lor new ditto deUrered,and Including t,6uu for • hi e •ouilitrn (or n- port at »C®»1. WHISKER— unsettled; i.'e) DM bbli at K^QtW . DCFFALO MARKET. BprriLO, Jane to. FLOOR— In better requeit and market Heady «alei 1,000 bbU at 6,25(^,87 M for .late from Chi (prlng wheat; %87><&6^£ for (food to «hoice extra W\i; «,75<a 7.2} do Mich., Ind and Ohio, 7,12HQ7,oO for doubl, extru WHEAT — ID fair mining demand; tnarket Heady •alet 6000 boi itandard Ohlcagn iprlng at »7 H o.OOO but ordinary Mil. club at 90; l^Ou boi do at l,2<i. BirrriLn, June 80. Teueli paaatd th« Port Colbourn Lock from 4 p. m. on the 19th till 4 o'clock p, m. on the 80tb, June, lii» Bound WMI— On the ttih.— Sohoonen Kenhaw, R Campbell, Carter, Atbeulan On the 80th— Bark l»ui . erdgn of the Lakel , l.rl(f Makegai , Khooneri I»belU Toronto, PrankJln.M H Colllu, Merchant, Miller; icon' Linden; atmr T»o Broth ^n; bark George Thumon Northern Light; brig Bai jn, ictnonen Ontario; pro peller r>ay Btal«; icbooo rt 8 O Andrevi, Arabian, Bylph, Neptune. Bound Bait, on tbe lOi) -Rcl,coner« 1 owltnd, 1m On the 30tb— None. aoout t_ raix P/IRK & VAN Attorney* and Countellon at Law. srxrxjfa POIH.T,. ... WISCVJHUX, Will practice to the rartoiu Oourti of the Seventh Judicial Circuit of Wlaconiln, and will faithfully attend to Lll boiuieBli tntnuted to us, remittance* proinptl; made. Land Warrant) located In ielecte.1 l,« tboae at a distance. Dtrrmn A Bonsraa, Bankers, Bteven« PO>M. 1. R. Bsuannn, &q., Milwaukee. Lrrmx t BAua, HUwankee. ausiuw A Boon, « MATTOOM 4 Buatn, Ohieago. Bon. J .'. OSTOH, Ottawa,111. jg& JNO. A. HAVAOK, J K., Attornev and Counsellor at Law K08. » * 10, PHOENIX BUI LOIN I, MILWAUKKsV... WISCONSIN Is Commissioner for N. T., Cean., Oliin, Indlaua, III and low a. Dntttd SlaUl and Circuit t burf ( \,mmlttiantr. jei PATENT MEDICINES. DB. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS DR. J AND BALSAMI*: CORDIAL, The great standard medicines of the. preterit age, havt acquired their (jreaf popularity o/ily through yean of trial Unfoundrd tton i» rendered hi/ thrm in ill j«./ //• people haoe pronounced thtm trwrMv Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of tbe Kenou* Sjsirm, Diseases or tbe Kldne>H, and all dixeasr* arum,? frnm ,i di*-ir,lrrr / liver or weakness vj iff -'.-ro./.-' ( ,jn i /,.,. ,/, organ*, art !rpe*iiif>/ .rnd f^rmtf-n •/'/ '•'/--/ J ri/ /-W GERMAN BITTKKS The Balsamic Cordial ' < j , - / / ., reputation sur fn (•(/.//' , < pastittun ex (am /t . , / --,>., >* i i H<« i . ui tht mo*( tft-ff ami /•>• ] ti , •• i -. j Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness. Bronrhiti fluenia. Croup, PneumoiiM, hu.^-, ConsumpliuD, ft'T k HvtCH U f Confirmed Consumption. A /rit dfiei it •// • CUrs the most nrrfr- Dtai I h«"B 1 fr t ,rn (*.jl. h I\ I H f ['•.-».!- MEDICAL. UK Aid. N i-.n FROM lh« Bi«t. n Mnp ^ r .,.. 5ce tt 3D M»rliet at.uare, on ne»r OnH.ia n., *th * ».,k the treatment -*nd car*- O f •pertea .*f iT-wii*- I'-.vf not the OS* if ,'i.Tfury T' rortufute *houl.t i>f f»irti, . seJect.nK ht* pliyti. tan, \* f&oL, Lhat manv typh artf matte raisernble eonJtJtutioQj by maJ'tretUment rrom i phjrtioianj In gtmrral ftriirti*'* ,• for i f^enermlly cooceilrd by the b«-nt iyphiU^rr the study mod m»n.t)ffmr»nt of th«*«t- •<ini|i engr- M the whole tin.** ot* Utosc wfj<i * ,,m t«at &n<i iui-<*v>fufi]| in ihf r tr-*in). >n m (xjrtunity onr tnp« I.- n.»kt h.u•*-'' «uiT»-i--H r-,1 1 ' ll J*? of 'f>r ft"tlr(u^U-tl tfiil More .*»atmn, huwv-r, tic p»tir?nt ID coasuUiaif n ~ ! DR. M'LANK'S C'FIJ- BR \ | |- |) ^ VERMIFUGE • OVERFILLS. I lh !>.,- runt' u|.. who aasumr? French ami >>ttnT any claims tn medical krio*i. i i infest all tariff citif.. m I adrrrtiaemtruu and [><>«( CM, ;i Personi living *t » liai*r.. • apt to hr ilup*>t} r-y if,.- i , -.,- cltizeoa. T J TfloMfiAH r- lA j r-Tr v- ) t lit father, t»r VVm»..n, . uu pr»ctirr»«l OV*T Ui< . fSllurfg .f th* t*r*\. l*hv<'''i «..<» .1 respectfully %.l * -n- U-.- ,.>r , °;; W L. h, g ,,,, .Mil,i 'Ion tjf rii . n'i -»u: TV , •» '•••., •' " l. I ^ ^ ( ,:, u- •• tii -., Dr. riiiiv n i '.': \ L rmitiM'r ., r Kit , iMv! n it >> In J. V Attorney CP~ Office In Mitel,el waokee, Wisconsin. V. PLATTO. L Counsellor at Law. Hank Building, No 4, Mil- JanU HOOKKU tfc SPANljKNBKKO Utonu)§ 4 Couusvllors al Law 149 OjfUf t Jtvl. 3 fr 4, .l'i»iity Buiititt,.j r.jrn- • Mich lyuw J* J/aii* <&r*el«. Opposite the Ncwhall Uoiur . MUvaulc-r W u. U 0. HUUXU *,. sr».u«»J«EO. jin lo-d1y n.i.J. Pram . w.uaisiai IIPI1AR1 & UHAHAM, Atto neys at Law and Solicitors in Ohancrrj, No 1 Wisconsin lUcrt, Milwaukee. jiul _ KO U S. Dba»e tl Bradley, i'Al'KKANU liACi UKA1. JAI THE GREATEST MEDICAL JWOVERy OF THE AGE. v \i f,, , I i - I A I "I ' ' 1 / i: U, BO.-iVVi .'RTH t n •• ' .VI «."* WEST MlLWAUKEi), KKS U A 1 Fit NIKKEI. .[aprj«| > WIU.IAMS B Y_A_i;jr H O K i T Y . STATI.ITH ifT Of the Condition ef the Hi,'-MII n»uronrtj"V»nponv, of Buffalo, on tha 8d of F. bruarv, 18SJ Made lo tbe Secretary of Ktate, Wi,r nsir, pursuant to (he Statutes of that State. SAKS AVI in t TIOS. 1 Tbe namr nt the Com; .nj .4 T\t Mvtwit /*r»ur anct ('ornfxmy of Bu State o/Mew Tork. I. CAI 2. Tb« amout of authorli rapita) 3. 1 he amount paid up . 4. 11 A« 1st. i. . -h on hand. id. In hi- hands ol and Hue froftQ fieeuIB 4 others Located IB BuUal. WilliaitiN! Auction and Commission Merchants. LAND AtitNTa AND MoNLT I >0. I (I \« |l W ILL give part.culmr all lurr, Dry (,-•.- !• ami IN V I GO K A TOR! FKKl' VKKn l.'i Ilk -A.N>i >K1), (!oni{d)iiii<! Kntireij t'rotn (,'l.MS, I 'S UNK ,f ifi,h-s. >•?.•,. ,- ,„ . i,,.. Vl-.i. -, nOW lrff<-T' {*•' ).yV..C chandlee, at their or County. a^BT Liberal a raocrt OQ returns mad**. N* B. — bobds, Nol^s SD<! to the sal? ,I,-..T,| i. .n 4,215 87 4 t, > onrts helj by lh. 7s 1 M. B. li. K l-onds. 12, (A '-. Toledo, Noraalk a CleTe. bonds . 4^iUti 8. N. 1 R R bonds. 8.0OO ---- I»,OOU 4. Stocks: D. B. &s 10.UOU worth ........... 10,4*7 'u C. B. 6s S,UOO worth ........... K,lo6 at S. N. Tork 8s 8,(iOO do 6s Is^OO • orth .......... '.J6.W8 '.' 40^841 21 n Matter*. WASAISBTOH, Jane 80. Receipts in the Treasury during the week ending on Monday, amounted to $4,87»,000, of which about a million and a quarter were derived from the customs . The drafts paid during same time amounted to t>,176,000, principally on account of treasury notes. There is a balance of $38 666,000 remaining in tbe Treasury . From SO to 85 passports continue to be ia- •aed daily from the State Dep't; about three- fourths of them to naturalised citizens. From Baltlawon. BAITIKOB.E, Jane 30. •It UaTiag boen announced that nubtoripttoni for irtty nsilroad stock were to be received today, • large crowd gathered at the office of the oMBpuiw it an earlj honr thii morning Daring the forenoon there was a great rush for tbe «absoriptton book, and M one o'clock •boat half a millioti dollan had been sab- •oribed. Sabseqaently the crowd inareased and an tntenM exoitement prevailed. There being a sstrnggle OB the p»n of some to get at the book a nnmindfnlor tbe interastB of thow who were •abessd^ortbem. Aeqaabble entned. dnriag •Uofa the Ckirk took th« book and handed it to one *t the guarantee., but before it WM «afe 1st tbe latteri hands, U WAS seised by a Mr. DoDghertj. , v«rden of tbe Penitentiary, who had «abBenbed for twenty thotuand dollau worth of fllook. f Theexdtement w«§ inoreased to few beat bj tb!>«ot, stud • meetfaig WM called to InFe*- t»f»te the proceedings on tbe report, h. com- "altteeTTiSaBpointeil and tbe book recovered; Mr. Dangberty diBolsaraiiig toy other intention «Mn the desire to prevent distinction. Many «*thi i rabKripflaiu are »«iy Urge, bdf a "°") nil delphia par do sundries; 18 do wool; 8 bbl. eggs. RSCTSOTTS BT MlLWADTIS i OaiOlOO Jnns Mth and Mth.-»H bu. wheat; 140 bM. BonrTstt bos oat*. R*CBOT» »v MawitrEn A Hoaicon RAILIOAJ).— S7th, !8th and »th;-87»_bns wheat; 482 do oats; 4fii do potatoes; 21 do beans; 61 bbls flonr, »,6SOIbs sundries; S,04B do rags; 1^10 do hides; 6 sacks wool. flaui WSSTUS Ran-wsT^The earnings of the Great Westerd^^llway "for the week ending the 24th inst., were as follows : •. Passengers....•..'.. .T.."... Freight and lr>e stock'... Kails and sundries .f* ?„'. 5 Debts due to tbe Co secured by mortgage on on • encnroDered real estate, worth double the amount of mortgage "per schedule" bearing 7 per cent. Interest 1U tSi 1» 6. Debt! otherwise secured bj stocks, mortgages and Insurance scrip of this and other companies, and Interest on same 8*^913 T4 7. IJebu for premium!, consisting of Mill recetrable, 83,8$4 T3 8 All other securities and claims due tbe Co , salra- (re«, vessels, *c 80,84487 ». Personal property owned bj the Co , eteam Tur, Pnmps, *c 20,630 71 Total Asset] LANDS AND WATER POWERS, 490,000 \< tci-:* of rheic«> Farniiug and Pine Laudn, Ot.l* S ELECTID U'lM O>S1.V t fa fron, ll,r it lp FO i -if. l>D cn I: ..K2.189 64 k Total a»L4JS88 Oorrapondteg week of last year 8S,1T» 9* Trmsle (keel Avrtcmltural. iius or Oorm.—There hare been recent sales of Ingot copper In New Tork ai low as SI to 21 y cents cash, for 860,000 Ib. Lake Superior. BALT OOHPASTT.-It Is expected that the Grand Rapids Bait Company will commence operations tn a few days. TBS Oman Oaor.—The Cincinnati &anttt sayi tbe &rap« Orop, we learn from the vine growers, li exceedingly promising. One gentleman, who has ten acres In •rapes, th'nks he wt3 make this Call, "II nothing hap- pena," about «,000 gallons of wine. Another gentleman, who has a vineyard of e gbt acres, anticipates s crop of a 1,000 gallons to the acre I Last year be had orders for 6,010 gallons of wine and made only 800 gallons. 4*4,585 69 111 i.HBiLrrias. 6. The amount or liabilities due ti banks and other creditors None, excepting what u contained in No. 10. t Losses i.', .>t«d and due. None. 7. do u j and not due. Nons. 6. Losses unadjusted. Supposed to be at tbe extent about... . 0. Loasei in »u* ens^. 8&me as No. 6. 10- All other claims against the compsLy, ind.vldual balances, no. Ui:ned dlvl- den4s, an 1 ! re-< iptlon of Bertp uncalled i >r li SA ..J'. , BT 1HK Fox and Wisconiui Improvem^at Co Al U>w Frtcrt, OD Liber*, Term* of Crr<l<i. *w, i u. l»rjrt or •mall quatittt-0 u> *uit pnr. t.% nt -r« 1HK fAltMINCJ J-A.M*S. Oomprulng tb« differ eui vincrm uf <<ii o Pr»ihf »od H»rJ Wood I.»n<J*, Hrr V rii w*\ 8 t . rings Add oerer-fauiuitf Brook«, aijj »rxr .n lh ty of ;o<xl marateta. THE PINF I.A1VDN Art ' of th« i)nly I w<.i • Mlf U I V* V S D I -, '"K, ,1 b, ( I 11 I J i. U N k IC i. , Pin* ROfTloD Of l.rat.» r and th« viclnitr <>l lo^fii.g ktr^nrnii W AM Kit POWKKH. Tt.e attention of Kasu>rn CsfiitaluU i. n u viQ,,t^l l., tlie Water Powers r.wned br this Compass Ti,r.» Mill Privileges are situated dlrtrK-lj alnnr n,lr ihr Canal rblch unites the Mississippi th( Great Lakes, so that (roods maj be shippe<l br suambust di- rectlvto an ' frsm the Mills. " tf These Powers will be IvsscxJ for a i^rm as may be desired. *"• Gay For further information, t-i.qu'rp .' P 8IIJTH, Apent of Trustee*, or [) * N 111. i J K.S N i General Agrat, at the office .if U.r I.» Q j Di-pirluier.t, ,l Appleton, Wn., or of ""F 1 " 1» W is<-..Qiln ,-t., U.I H'IS. N J W J li i; AT M-F. N 1 Coulideiitial Medical lilt ire 'I r. f Fs »r I I' 1 uff»... Pr cure of Pypfiili* mities uf Y^ut . BuO>l.. N V f (nr.iL»l Hehu 6^57 7S 10,857 79 MARINE RECORD. 1859. Port of Mil .-June 8O. ARBIVED. JcnZrn. etmr lYave'er Bwueny, Chicago, 18T bags wheat, 160 bosh Potatoes, 43 bap rye, 1 horae, 148 empty barrela, 108 snndrtes, It pass. ^ v Prop Evergreen Otty, Ohamoertaln, Chicago, 76 bbls hlgiiwlnes. 2^ £Ss* 2* litle ' Jon> ««»»*ato, 100 cords wood. **r4JuUJo, Tiorson,Band Bay, IB m lumber, 8S cords JarnaBn. Prop . flchrPcfale, •e, RoMman, Ofdcubargh, 80 ton, mdc. '""- Oeonto, 180' BBl, IlUgerald, Buffalo, 110 ton* mdi, 180 i Total LlablllU<-i ... IT. meccLLinoca. 11. The greatest amount Insured In one rlik. »S,00,i, of fire risks Is the usual limit; bnt In some cases of short risks 110.000. On vessels and cargo*i »15,000 Is the usual limit, including both. 18. Gross amount of premiums received In State of Wisconsin for the current year, ending February IB. The market value of ( U stock. The Company has no stockholders, tbe scrip isstaed on tbe Mutual plan by Itt charter constitutes Its capital and the value of scrip varies according to lu priority of Issue. 14. Dividend, 7 per ceat on Its outstanding scrip. IB. Tbe charter or act of Incorporation of said Company. Sent herewith. JA'MIflC. ETAH8, Pre.ld.nt. A. A. ECBTIFBIOTI, Beerrtary. STATE or WISCONSIN, 8EURETABTO OrOOK, I MADISOU, May n , 18B9. ( Satisfactory evidence havlt.g been furnished to rae that the mutoal Insurance Company of Buffalo, belns an Insurance Incorporated kv the State of Hew Tork; baring compiled with tbe requirement of section one of An let entitled "An act t* r. ,;ulate Inroranee Companies not tocorported by the late of Wisconsin," approved March 17,1859, and k LV ng also paid Into the State Treasury the sum of th, ee per cent, on the frrosi amount of premiums received In ttie Stu&of »lacon- slnitor the year 1858, »s per leport of said Company.— *• 'Ef^' 01 * 1 *" P°rsaanc< of the act aforesaid, 1, David W. Jones, Secretary of .-lute ol the State of WIs. corain, do hereby certify that W. t. Hn-d, of Mllwan iee1,tf bebedulyauthorls«l by ssld Company may take rjcka, reoelve premiums ,od transact tht ba-lnen of an Insurance Agent for sa I Oompxny ta ttls Bute, from tbj» date, until the Brat .lay of January I860 In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand t, frj and affllred th^ mat seal of fhtBtat., at l 1 - »' the OapHol In sl.ii.on, this Sttt Say' of nay, 1809. ...... J. D. BDOQM8, jeM-dlm assistant Becretsjy bfBtate. I N Tlrtoe of said Co I I 30j NHEKIffs s %|.| . >,». STATE Of WISCONSIN, . Oountj Court, M.l»auk-e C« umj- i John Carlisle, ] Richard L. MnlfoM, | N'evllle Ptonjrhtan anj | Georre W. Franer, f Juj f m<-nt an i .-»,, U- airalnst ' | chanics Ll-o ? Cyrus H. Johnjan ao.1 I John <vray. J pursuant lo a jiM^tumt r^Dilcrr-J in art, ifl th* abov# rnlttlrtj acilon, dated the 16tb dsj of Junev 1850, 1 shall eipt<«« fnr sa'e and »flj at Public Auction, at tht Poti-Office in the Oitv if MM wanker, on BA.TORDAT. THK 6IH DAV UF Af. BUST, 1859, at th-hour of 2 r K . of that day, porsu ant lo Chapter )63 of Ihe Revised Statutes, rntltled "Of tbe lien of Mechanics and others" ihe following dt scribed premises, to wit "A certain building sltnatH on the w«.i half of lot four (4), In block one huntlr»d and thirty three (188), in ihe Fourth Ward of the Cltr of sillwaukee, and also all the right, title and In terest of the said defendants ID and to the said west half of lot four (4), In block one hnndrol and thirty-three (138), In Ihe fourth Ward, ol the City of Milwaukee, Count/ of Milwaukee and rlale of Wisconsin, on the lath day ol Jane, 1669, or have slnrs acquired Ihrrrtt. " IHted Sheriff'* Oflke, Milwaukee, Junr iS 1&S9 J. V V. Purro, I A J UNOWURTHV Pl '.?'. A "> • Hheriff. Mil Co., w'is. sntit CIRCUIT COOT!, County of Coluaibii. John Furlong and Morgan Furlong, agalnit Johd B. Vhet, Joseph Bailey, Caroline C. Tllet, Wisconsin River draulic Company, Edward flpaulding, Nelson Joy. Joslah A. noonan, Peter McNab and Anjler Jackson. State of Wisconsin, t. and Anjler Jackson. Hy- Summon*.—for Relief ^Com. not served ) tdward Spau Sehr ^k(^IIorv,<«l 400 Bchrflih tonscoaL ^fcc^bart. SDhfbfaU fish; 4ot Oa»eUe,BittUlii; Two Risers. BWnr 01er*lanjl,I>oii(ml, Grand Baren. ,8chr Torktow^, Lacy Olerelaod, tK ton* coal. Prop OUe*fo, Herriek, Bnflalo, Tl tons mdi, 1JOO bbls Mlt. •chr nndliie,33raiapaon,aianttowoe, O m teaber, 40 m lath. " • • •' •• - . . EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY. —AMD— * MACHINE WORKS TUttTON dc SERl!OHtB, Pronrieton. NO«. 906,898, 300, aOaHwif504 W B S1* VfJA. TEH STREET Y OO are hereby Summoned and required to answer .. *• complajnt in this action, which was Died on the 10th day May, eighteen hundred ann dfty-nlne, In the the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Uonnty of Colombia, at the City of Porta«e, and to serve a copy of your ansnei to the laid complaint on the subscriber at hli office, In the Oily of Milwaukee, within ninety days after the service of this summon! on yon, eiclualve of the day of such service ; and If yon fall to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the pUlnUBstn this action will apply to the wart far tbe relief demanded In tbe complaint. {L. 8.1 Witness the Hon. UitherS. DUon, Judge. Dat«f April 6, 1869. }. V. V. PLATO, mavlS wlawSw Plaintiff 's attorney. A Infln -tre. is. i lit, »n,ri > A MOtfT ^CIENTiyiC An mitrum«Dt f^r Wif t-ure < Nocturo&l Em.mlon.*, m-.rr [.r -. flftt»-n Jaya l< two m^t* r« t.y ir tr u«> \, f u ,« -.« r, wt «n OsiPtl -.--nj . r,u r * n*- mt>-t . • ,*•. YDUN.i MKN T-iKK PAKT1C1 I *R S.-1N Dr AMOS A i*oN l*ki- tttf furc . I i'.r »!• .Tf Jur-aJ,-* It .'.*.- '-, .. • ,' j. •- ] ( U. s, t»-«t Ly ITie ttirt^l rrn,n«rr,t ,.K j-*,,•, \n* - \ ' Kmrtii, Pri.U.l. Jr>ruj. nn<l N t -w V -rn i -,«« t-.-. -, i- . .», , i the ' nl.r u«*?fa! inttrtam^nt r-vi" -mte-l i-ir t'.t u- f>f getnlnnj Wftkncm, r>r »n? .)*<-.!.*- -f ih- /— '\i . r t+n», caa«.^«I by the iisarrrt '»t • -f \ . > \'• . ,. \ Cl'RK WARRANTEI* l>. AMOls A BON h»Tc .lrT"t»*d thf.r nirou a -i ( riujlTrlj IP ^*cullar t'llUM ..f msVIA.]!.-, *t il "r j relief Lhfj h.j.Tf con»eqarntly t>em fnthle'I l r tfn 1-r ihclr feili-w creatarn, u Tuny u-si^r-i »D.) .f-4ief.ii , j »ckt.owledi:eJ by convaJeaceist [.*[..-nt* »;, i (.ih«-r« thr ax|T»*M purtKO*.? only ot ,-..q«ottA( • r,v w h i- :'i«-:r • ClrrtldOsl *.*?*• Kf^p T' »r-T)t-.J .T'lh (f... |], ,. . .", , L ».J. ! Tsj.nt.lprt . jri fr-im wti»l lb»-T ' »vc f \ t ..T . , .-r- i , -D. i qairiOft into Lht? cami*-4 < I ti,..«r ,nf--ct.. .1- .•..m^i%.Mit. 1 vfrnm thrtr most utinple conj t.on u. ih*i ,f the ni,.«t ilingenmt tad inretersViV, i I*><VF> tl wi \ « -L • ,T tsilned (hf possibility of ihcir pr«T«ntM>n \-.-t I-IT."U»I. »Od likfw'i**- 'DTtir'ablj fnuml ih»t ih- 1:1 ..«i r, tr hi- fcO«. m*ii*rnaat lonm. of JiA*»a_... c . al.] *j.Ti..«t. ,Dv»ii%biy !•« ir-ired to -.tie it ti,- f..,f ( ,w tlj 7 ,- St i».:jj /• r»'.-r n<nltj<-t, or thr ili *ttT*»rt lre»».tm»rnt , thf refi'iv. lm in JipcnvuriDp, in iht? »el*>••^e, efft^rtunl evml ,-»atioo«i 'r*ur»«- , om'ttipir % Mn&tion of rensvMJie* which hvar &o riju'v 'c»i • .T, M well at thoM* who** prpiiisaturt? or in ju li.'i, pUcalion might br productive -t t>*<i c. n-m^ur the h,.vndi of prfTfttc ImilTiduali In «hon, tbv bl« «DI| of thctr re(T)t>ilca li Un- Ifa9#*nln,r »r : m*«t of huoiJiD mtsery hy Un- »i, r vmit,-. n . rr-h prereotioa uf U.o*«- grirTuuji »m,<-n m* u. A i re»U^y the ifcrft foet of l.f-j, »o.t «»i .-h. wr (l »* u,.-y , 0 ext«tu)Telj iurroun.1 iu, fall al. u.l ' .; , 4 , «n.u tn j Interference in their exierm,n.ii,on OOCNTRT INTAIIDS. Per» DS in any i-*rt of the w»ri«j may h. : jo.-ceswfully Ue»tfcJ hjr forwsvrdtnff a correct IcUil of ih^.r caje w.fl. »|-cmltUocf for M^dicine.1, *.-. Arlflre«g Dr. AMOS «% SON, corner M« in an t qu»j j»ur MOKI; ro UK Kl( HKST K>»-r worn In h IMAM M u- or Kiu|»«-r r>. ? .ir i. • .: a , '.IT «,. « . v -. \N I'll*:.-* I'K *.-»'!( "itj \r*j-T 'i.iK..irK.-r I" V ' - I N . A * \ V M - K .1 \ ,,..s •••!"• *•! ' ' «.-... ., . „ , 1«'- '• . I . 'I, .. -,,i», . ^ <I>'UV •"- .n -- -I •q> (i w »/" . »i - nf unskillful sn I A>.iei *.n h u r :|.r ,., .e.l.e«, o. «i.- n.-r, | n lauda- ^re^l r an 1 «ie In PRUVKMT.* I I'- PKM (NTS I ri r~f.~ .. ,1 I. .. ., , I f - I ,, 1 «»n sumption ; • •-n -1-- n.«> ib • '- rt -• M^.' ,T \ «>rt -- fc». «4 ^^. | ,,^ ' ., ,, t U I l\. s >l i II, 'n«. -4 .r' L»r -tr- ,14 ,f ..h; B ^ Iv .^^p. ., ^^.^ ,,,, t ^ ., S.KII-. •- ri'i.«n.t.-! , ,•», ... , ,, , _., C| _ ., _ '"" l:n.ln~». «• •• I . ,u K. . ,r,., — _ ... . t IU 'Jl«I I.. <hw . i. ! ,,( „ ,, „„ „ „,_ , t • *. i« 'I*- •- (n n«-r TIUI. ATI-I »i,« -^.. ... . . • ii--i »'t:i ^-mrtt.,,!. , r( .^ -- <fcj . 'K! »•»,». <M< ,, . , , -ujr ^ L .. , DElVINOaUorUM itw and 8ttAlfn<>AT j. j. being intended for Phila- »HO him*, tSfcip rye, 6B bash potato.*, in a»ttdrlei.ST pork. DEPJUtTITAES. Jtmttn. JVjp Brerfreen 01^, Otamberiaia, hfllj floor, 86i bales wool, 1 cask , SO sacks Btmr ea«eUe,Bimin,»woBlTeT», JO 1077] SHERIFF'S KALE. [.tews - 8TAT1 OF WJBOONBIH, I Circuit Court—Milwaukee Couotj. f Henry 8; Brown, and \ atlrtam Holton Brown, ) against ' ( Judgmeut of Foreclosure James P. Whitney, and \ aad Bile. * Verlm, bU wife, and Bmry OadWelL * J I N Tlrtoe of and pursuant to aUudgment rendered In said Court, In tie above entitled action, dated the 5S., < ?**. Q * Jan *' 186 »> J •***>* «»PMe for sale and sell at Pabllo Auction, at the Post Office In tbe City of Mli- SS^^? 1 •-•**O?PAT, THB lira DAT or BKPTKII- •"; W**»' «he honr of S ».«. of that day, the fol- lowtng dsaorlbed nutrtgaged premises, or so mnch thereof as may be necessary, to raise the amount of said Judg ment, interest and eoits, together with Ihe expenses e.f sale, the following real estate, lying and being In the «. «"« «•«• ol Wlsconiln, MI as f«U« wttr/: glarelve feet south of the northwest corner oflbt nine (0) to block, twelve (IS), to the fourth Y srd of the Olty of aUhraokee; runniDgthenceleait on a line pa allel with the florthllne of said lot to *be east line of said lot; thence sotftb on the east line of said lot * wen »nr-iw^ftet: thence west on a line """n Un « °' •» u io * *« the enc * Dorth '»«»ty- ' " d *• — __— —j 1 QUAJ rtreet,Buffalo. N V ,auI^IAwi , ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding ti ComniiNsioii MKKCJl.\NTIS. Proprietors of the LARS.;*: KLEVATOK \v4iti-:HOI ME, At the terminus of thr Milwjuket- A Mlnissippi and the Milwaukee. Watertown A Dtraboo Vai'ey rUllroad. ! Ba» Liberal advances made on property in store, or I for shipment to Eastern Markets ' octS3-dtf MII.VVAlJKhiK BAXAAK. C, DELORME& QUENTIN 168 Scut W.tttr Utrtft, NRZT DOOR TO MBSRS. BRADFORD BROtt, isrroarnfi AITD DSUI.SJB; is fancy Goo.ts, Toys, Willow Ware and Tankee Notion Alio, embroidery Goods and Zephyr Worsted, myfo W HULKS A I, K PAPER WAREHOUSE HaiisTord, BlackmarrA 4 o. (LATI HARRISON, HAHroRD & oo ) Oounecteil with HAKK1HON, HANht)Kl) & CO., • MANUFAOTDRERS, TTAtH opened at 5 Albany Block, Michigan street, op U.,positeNewhaJl House, a large .tack of Boot, Mttat, Uovtr, Volant aud Bmtlapt Paptn. Alto, Ud v «r Papen, flat tVjus, fuUo Pott, Letter and Jfott Papen, VV hlch W1I be sold very low. Constant - additions wll beimadrtp the stock to meet the wants' of the trad*. "rinters and others are InvlteU to call and ex- ir.tock and prices. iprlt ' BC)AKlJIN<i. A MB8T tloor Parlor and t tollable for rooms tor single rtntlemen, can board. By applying at 320 J, boardeipcan also be sccommodi ---. adjoining gentleman and wife, and several be bad, together with, . Jefferson st. A few day he sccommodaled. - lelt «ood »rUcle,to «ore, for isJe. taTTOR • Pt.NKlW *NKINTOIi. COOK A GOOD one Immediately, at Ml Main street. fliKS.S Till. -, u.P fKi-M tLl r titty run SCALP t-R...\i «i i FRKI.> THK !>i:*l f KB. HI M I IKKEM rilK: .-lOALC KK,i\l AI.I .•<OLli BV »Li IIHI i UY lit. llfil < 1*01.1) HV A 1.1. DRTi; ful.l) BY (1.1. OHCn AND H-i A N l> H V ANU in AM' h \ >r LIU ij< KT. LoL.l.i .-r i..n I" ST I DLL- AMI l.- A.NL) JU AM' ': I I*«TI»I[ .1.1 - -a In*. jl»| t ' IK 1 is n«.u • » n « tf '.h« ^-«t t^^itr. .n.l IM -.!>• ail a^.nn-l i. —»,-. l'HS«II Pt.-f K •hemiAUl la toe Ayer's Cathartic Pills. 'IMllC •.-IMO.--* -r'llrtmi-trT »n.l '•Iwtl.u., i4r ., %wli u* «h..wn t lu MARK IT ar iu MARKET .-<T 114 MARKkT sr 114 MAKKkn ,-T up..o thrt 4at*»m it all oi«n >« .t»trn,-tiou. ,{ u Hit.. (,, Mill A , liKu U> Tlic K«r l»r|Te, me retails fo •< 11) II L II RO MJ« , and siii J,,||», u! ,. rr I.MUl. •' I <>!-. ,„, ,„,, retAlla for tw., Jolla.-, | )<r b.,tll 441 pel --enl. uioro u, lt r. t .. ( ii.- bottle. 0 J WOOD A 00 ,P, K .,.|. V .rk t tin the- treat N > W r «r..l 114 Markeliu, St, L.MIIA Sold l>> i,' HaKsll.NUTD.V and Fancy ifc>., .(„ rVt.vr.. WAI,!. \VIMONSfV . i; .V 4 4) Paper Hangings, Window Shade* &,• Competent workmen ienl lo \li ,.»,-, .r .<,,. ( .* Country for Decoratlnn an.l Pip-. ii, k i t , „ ,,,*" branches,all work warranie.i. JOB» w. CAST „ , n CAUi A I'HA 1 I /atlorucvH and < aiiii*elioni Office in Yoanii's Blork, C.irn^r M ,.„ c.mala itrei-L, MILWADKSK, ' onfJlelhol 1,, • 1,1. • br»™l u,.i <r .iw lim.mji,., nm.Qi.u, .in^m, , r ,,., . l«r«.l.,i-5«D»lnUi tbe* nstunl *•&„„. uij Oafmr\ limilh . t>u« with itronictb to lha whol. IT««KI •• .« .nlv I.. th«T . ar»» lh« I'wrv-day JunplAtn^ >t .».,rv 't-,|v • «l«u f.»3iUUt,l., «nd .langomni tl»u« th«l tu.. i«ffl-.i IA« Urai jf haauui skill. While th»r iruOu, . p,,. »,-.,, •flWt*, th«T »r« *< the uun» tlmn. tn Hmln»thMl | tMln « : , . ~J»A ui.l t~.t phTrto th»t ,-an he «ii(,lo T «l f,» »H,i, .. B«ln< iiiKar-o^iKHl the; an ptosuut Ki i«a. . MJ :,_,,.. Dur»l> tm( «^>l«, sn fr.. fr,in u; risk of !>„„, . ,„ .' n«n '~n ma,k> whkh mrvaas b«««f w.r. in«t ..„€ .„ .onll.ta.1 by men -if snoh atsjto<l DorfO..n «od .a b, Hirtild lh. siupldon >f ^.rirTTuen «id pbyalciaui na»« U. !h<- public th. raliabllitj «f 017 r.Qi«JW ,hii« jluei . li*». s«ut oia tba sMUfmac. jf thalr ^mrteUun tb.i oj * Priparatloos ountrlbuta immttaswly U* tb. '^i| n r .' .. , ^nUcttHl. mfferlnu fefkiw tii.u. Th. Ai(eDt tMlow nam-id to plii«MaiJ u> fumlA-h fr*tu rar Aninrlcaa Almana*. oontatninx dim-Hons fV>r n*. «i,.l •»>llt)cat*« af th^r ^ur««. if thn fVill,iwtnK ^mipliutti* L'oatlvMnasa. Bllionsi Complaint*. Ith.nuiatUm. br<.p«> UMArtburn, tl.«Mlllrh. trlallig frnoi • fiiul *ti>iitA..h S ^ •««. In,li l4 o«ti(,n. Murbld Inacthm •< Lh- rt. w,i. ,,,.j •„,. » it t pl ,<.Ul«. ,11 l'l,..' . in«li.-iu«. .«pn>rulaur K. nit's SvIL They ^«n, >, r pllr it< iiiit tlio '.lo-^l si), I itliuuiatloc tb* synUim, .-m« ui,u . ..mpUiuu «hK:h Jt w.iula not IM inpp'»~l tb»j ..... .1 The best assortment of the lliimil Wale boa. Silver Ware, Jewelry an«l FANCY OOOUS *»er brought to Milwaukee. Just the thing for Hoi, Just received Terr cheap for cash. MAT80N * LOOUIS, d«j presents. '•VUt M. place to hoy Groceries Is al . N^r. > u . Irritability Dnnuucntnen 1s •< !h» I.Oar^nJ KW ueTM. HotiL ftiitl >ther lilntln*<t wmpliuntn u WnH tfnm * luw sCHtii 4 th «* b"«lj ^>r «>h«tructi»it .f Ita function*. Do out IMI put .j|f b> anprlnetplaU Inajars with sum. .tther pill thitT ai^» auir. pmflt ,n Ask Ibr Aria's Pim, «QU ta«a ut>cblia4 aim. Nu jthar tbey oan (Iv. 700 n>mparwi with Uila ID lu lutrtnalu valna -jr aur»rtv« powers. Tb» lick »»nt th. h^.i ,|,| ,„„» |. »>, tfi.m. and tbay shoulu h**« it Prepared by Dr. J. C. 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