Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 18, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 4
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OECATUR HERALD SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 16, 1930. DECATUR HERALD ETY A o o e o Woman's Council Will Hear Music by Mothersingers Announce Three Speakers for Nov. 3 Luncheon in Church W OMAN'S Council n i 4 n i h * i n tt l!l hiive ti Umohcoit nieftlntt In t h e JPIwt Prcsbytcrlwn church on Nu' It, nnd will hour n program of mii-tli' by tho Own tu i' Mftthni'tilnfCflrit of t h « Docniiir Council ot RftrcntB mul Teacher*. Th* luncliwm will W aprveil prfunplly flt niiis o'clock. | Pluns for the luncheon wero emu-! plclefl hy IS of tho bfwid menitMiix who mot t'lltlity In Y, W. ('. A Mty C. W, Kvivns (inil M»rl( 11 MrKvny. r«prfuuillnK ttie Occnuir lw IUIHO- rlntlnn. will spcult ttbout the rpfit- (·mluin which will cnint' In n virfi- th! dnv following thr limrhpon M i McEvov wilt explain the brtlut, nnil A l l y K«in* will tffll f u r t h e r "M!SS INDIAN" Mr-- J H Pfllt'i* will fflvo her on "llftdkfd Fins"" * h n t "n the Anicrlrnn I^Klfin aiixlltnry enil' 1 t h i n nif'Tiih, tirvl which ncvcrnl ctubit In nwr'iy I own* hflv* huird Shi- wilt show lifr collcftton of about Ifl rust, MM Oporsti W. Hnnn. pt'Mldont, will iT'trifl this nomlnntlnfr nmt fttulu- IfiR committee*. Thu election will tm In lit'cfinlini'. tltipp'i Twehv CViii Ho l l n p ' i v TwHvn club n u t In humi' i)l M l * (!rnr« WrlKht. North MPIC"! "ttf'l TlviMt'i'i* fn 1 jinHtH ' )nn li ''Hi. mxl l l i i ' t h t tin- m i n i f l e c t i o n of fifflccrit, Mm Mmy fiimili'li'h I-* Hif new inftjiUti'ill, Mi " t Y n i h m i i K h vli'c-iirenltlpir. vi'lyn Stiwfu't. nrrii)l(ii',v-ti»M- * ( I H . rVfirl t t o l k n w n unil M i " Y i i t i t A the »l[k rnnmilMw. Vn «in« wrti» ftH'on by Mm. Rn i (·(ml" Mr* n t ' i Ivn ml d(il|th. Mm Stewart. Mr«, Jopll'i M r « "owl/., w l l h MD- Sltiivtut I- jKTour ml*t, finniM u'die played in Hi" n i l -moon. ( H i / f t wini; to Mi ''i " ' ! K ' I'ii. mi! ,'lt ' *i. i liii' Will li'i 1 ,'- ti w j «t I" h'uli vldw pnilt Oct. 21 ni-xt nn'1-llntf In thi- I o n i c ·' HI" VVhiiui-v. MB N o i t h Ilin 1 iet Volkn i VVHltn air v" it ml It M i * . v luitn 1 Tl'i'Inm M H V .)ii|i''i. iriuil 1 'if V e i n Joncu, luul Kutn M r , Mitliel Hlo(lili"-(l iinti Uiici i'f her frtcnilit on tier 11M l u l l / Oi t l.i. Pink WT*I u?ed In the dining roftni w h o t " cuke (ii)'l l i e (.ri'dm were HTV^I! ThHiu i M i' u'cclvtil |!( uitj, ii nd d plctuic VTH* Idkcn o( the party. fir nod Mm Chnrl*^ Murray are d r l v I n K down from Chlcaco to pass th» weekend with Mr irntt Mr*. W. r. Murray. (MM) Went Dfifiitur »tn*et. Wore P. r A's Meet Friday for Programs Putont-Teiu'liei nssoci«tlonn of the grade schools that met Friday afternoon uml evening have reported their met'UngH below. All of the cluhs heiiut icvlews of the district con fe rent i. 1 In Mt. Zlon, and either planned pay nffalis, ov weie told what money was clcaied on recent S AT VVA8II1NOTON William Hnnia, HUpeilntendcnt of Mchools, spoke on "Eaily Trails of 'hlldhood" In the WaBhtnglon meet- n uttended liy 12S women Friday ul'li'i noon This club liaa a paid of 1TO, and has decided tlwit iwii of Its major projects) thl- winter will be to help furnluh n hoatth room for the nurses, itnil re- fuinlsh the llbraiy The Washington r T, A. recently cleared $C2-38 on mlnlutute go)C. Books to bo selected by the tench- f r s . whirh will bo peimanent girts for the leading table In their looms, weie won this meeting by Miss Dal) T-Ienpe, Mian JCnthor Venter, and Mrs, Mamie Tloss. Mrs. J, A. Trueblood reported the Mt. Klon conference, antt Thursdiiy of noxt week was sol aside as bundle day, Mrs. Carl Anderson «t 850S will be chairman. The mo the i a will make cnncly and sell It In the evening that the Fathers' club presented a play In Johns Hill school. The dtite set Is Nov. 25. PI K:I|IJUI (iiuiuiiH tt f^iiu i rim^t Ki ktity #vunhlj{ nt tin* I ' c i n c of Mitt Tht'lmii Hnndy, T.'if KfiMt ,( (ill tn* HVCIHII: 'I' lint* wu^ i lillidiirjii tni'i'tln^ u f l c r I hi" WlciiT TOit'it, Ifi K i l l " lillfiullti;. ·-+ Onc-hnlf h m r efich wvek In n t nstldf by t'hlnis*' publti 1 nrhndlii f-ir "htimnnti odth'ftilon " M n t h m l K tit nn I mnls fioin cmclty (110 ( ( ' · I'll i,:'d Mlfllillc l j hotd STtl.U'Kl.l,. Ok. The tilwve |iti(ii -I -iWH Minn Jt'iioin Hopper. ;.. yt'iii-i old Chciokeis lii'i' (jirl nf Wlllwclt. Ok., who wiit, n ini«l "M[;is tniltim Amer- kn" ; iho piettlcsit full-bloodod niuUU s n nl the great pow-wow nnd hnmeronilng nt thn Ihi^klll Iniitltutp. Lawrence, Kansas. Stnino l.Wfl I n d l w n s from tlio nilddlrwestt WPH p i e a r n t for Id-r ieli( tlnn anil coi nation Macon Church To Have , Homecoming Sunday Mntnil MelhudliL chilli h will h u \ e lt« iinriiuil humci onilnu celebration Jjuudfiy In un all d»y setvlce. I Hunday Bfhoot will begin P 30 B · m Kecnpnlllon will be Riven all t'ormrr Sunday ichool HU per Intend* I ents Morning worship u t 10:30, Mrs Mnrgarot Bean of Decatur will slut; Robert Oehm of Macon will silnft Rev Hal rls C, Beck will da- liver I tic i"rmon Basket dlnnei at noon. In tho iLtleirirmn b^i'inltiR rt 1 30 Ihe ^-K quaitet will Ming. Mis Anna Sllller of Deciitur ·«!!! if.ta Rev, A, Hitv CiMimiDnn of the Fi, ! M.-tn- iHllst rhurch In Deonlilt will deliver tho iiddrenc IJNCOLN WKINKlt KOAST Sovunly-llve purtnta attended a wulncr raii^l on Lincoln school yiuuntlfi Fildnjr evening before the Joint meeting nf mothers nnd fathers In the uiidlioiluni. Btn Kortum fathers' i:!ub [iieMdint, picnldod In tho meeting M t H . Wiilter Hxlss led community slnRinK, accompanied by Miss Mitigarct Lancnstur, Mis, L, E, Coonradt, ofty councl P. T, A. president, Intetested the parents with hei talk on the national congiess In Denver. Atly. A. Ivens spoke on "Whether or Noi Women Should Do Jury Service,* MlB.H tint ah Cllckncr explained the Child Guidance clinic nnd the Junlot Red Uioss Lincoln school will have Ita m igiixlno campaign Oct. 22 Anyone who h n n magazines may sum: thorn to Ihe school that day, or not) fy the school Miss Blrdlo llnncflttg ei 's ro»ni had thi niiaL iiicsvnU HERALD PATTERN PnJ«im»!t huvp beuonu moia mid more popular »ach »ea«on hceaunw of tl»Hr comfort iind timctlcnbitlly 1'atlein 1MI "'1" l'"i'vc a ( l o l l K l i l f t i l carnvnl made uf rtiyun. cotton broadcloth, percale, flannel, sjitccti ·to Oayly eolowl in-hit* nro tin voeu* (or puJnmM wl»*H*r H)!hl m dark grunt"'* «r* rhtmen. You mn »A IHHB or short (deevex, Jv be obtained In nines M. M, ;w ''·i' v . J . n j _ _ . HI a ii ±^ 11J n^. m n i CASEY INFORMAL CLUB HAS MEETING f'ASI'IY Tin- 1 1'guliii niCL'tlng of the Cwy Informal club wast held Tluifulny wllh Mrs. Lota Vllzpfttri.x a tul Mrs. Jole Main as hostessed In the home of the former on East Mam sitreel T1it title, of the program was "CltlKcn4tii|i" and con^ted of the folluwlnic tui in tiers · f'uper. "wimicn't" Rcip(in»lbl!lly of (.'Itl/enjthlp," Mm Jullii Mlllei : imper "Training Children for CttlKenshlp," Mrs". W, C, Chenowctn. addrosa, "Women nnrt JUIOIH." Mrn Herman .luntfti-n of Kaiifai. chaliman of the IBLh d l M t i l c t of federated elubH. Roll call was uncwerod liy naming (ho county nfflcera. In conclusion, n dellclniis lunch wfts served the \urft membership and several guent'i. Mi" l-'rimlc Sliisier unit M t u W C, Chenowc-lh will be the next lioMteiHen * -4- t |Effint;ham Residents Return From Long Trip KFFINOHAM-- Poslnmstcr W. W. Anitln and Mr» Auwtln of tills city, uecomiwnled 1y Chailes L. Dcnnley, nmlt r u i r l i ' i , ulw of here, recently retilnu'd fioiii an auto trip through the I'ltisl. They f l i t t attended the national American letrlon cimvenllon In Bos- Ion, Mr. Au.itln, i1ltrtcl vommiiiidei nf thli I H t i k t . tieliiK a ilelepiite to t h i n convent Inn, A f t e r llitit they made nn extended tour, vlalttnp \Vn»nlnKl»n O. C. and Philadelphia They almi vlwlled Maine, Vermont, where Mr. Anstln'ti relatlv-s lived Veartt nKO, New York, Nlnfiurn Fa UN, Montreal anil many other polnti, En- routf honic they visited theli »on James In Cleveland, 0 MIC. Chris C. Kavftnauph entertained her bridge club Wrdnesdnv evenlriR. Honors were won by MIM O A. Moore, first, anil Alt*, r., V Ma tub, Miss Oerti-Mile Blown entettalneil the lulili/fi rhib lo which she belongs on Wednesday evening In her home Three tublvH of the tea me wore p laved nnd Mrn, Jack Raines, received flrsl honors; Miss Marie Henderson, sei'ohd ami Miss Ida Hlckelman, pUcHt prlre. I.W AT KOACU A whlstllot, ErnosL Nichols ot fornln, and the Say lea brothers musicians, furnished entertainment for 250 parents, teachers, and guests wno attended the Hoacu meeting Friday night. Favors of roses were distributed let the get-acquainted hour. Parents who have had membership In the club a year or moie wore yei- low rfsps, nrw members wore white, wnd gueata were red. Teachen woir yellow Or white The mornbeiship ( I n l i m m i ex phi In od tho barton ouk tn'u poaiei': [wing used tn encli school t f n u n for a membership drive. The ti'urht'i-s' poster Is covered with leaves, showing perfect membership. As mothers nnd fathers Join the P, T. A., gtoen leaves heating the membei'i nnme, itre added to the home r' » i lice. Dolcl loaves are on thu icnchfir* 1 tree. The cluh now haa 100 paid members, and 14 new Child Welfare mag- nzlnc subscriptions wore taken Friday. M t i H H Hupp gave the Ml. repoil, and icpoit of it t h i l f t cutvcy In the school showed that 217 hoys and 136 glrh have saving bankD Atty, Call Wellepp, the opeaket, strcsiet co-ope rat I on of hocie and sehool. Other board of ifiucatlon mcmbem were present JVi thu platform. Attendance awards went to Mis.H Grace "Walton, Miss Mabel Mutheny, Miss Gludyg Pol laid, and Miss Catherine Byrne, Tn the order of divisions,, -*- PREPARE OLDER CHILD FOR NEW BABY IN FAMILY MYUTLE MffiVEH KLTHIKD B Y PREPARING the older child for the advent of tho new baby, the wise niothev forestalls his Jealousy, To effectively dispose ot any cause for Jealousy, »he promotes tho attitude that this new baby Is to be his brother, someone to love and someone to piny with and help care for. Unions some preparatory step has been taken Ihe older chili! In vory-Hkely lo nhow evidences of resentment against this Interloper in the family. He tries to hurt the ha- by He develops Into a crybaby, nnd a whlncr who demands constant at tontlon from his mother. Tho whole situation would Improve If the mother kept firmly In mind that the older child still needs the win? kind of attentive nf feet Ion which hp had before the younger bn- by arrived. Tho newcomer In the family turns the older one, oven If only two years older, Into a big boy who should be able to shift for him- Hclf, Mother's care Is centered on. Ihe bnby. The eyes of mother and tbft whole family am fixed upon this new and Interrstlnfi member. What happens to the older child Is so oh- vloua and typical, tnnt we always wonder at Ihe mothers who fall to understand It XJvliloiKHiH at JfftlHUy We have a leaflet on "Jealousy which Is helpful in both preventing this state, nnd dispelling It after its appearance Any sender may obtain It by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelop wllh each request lo me at this newspaper. With the usual buwildeiment. Mr« R, W. dusci ltM jealousy in her old- ui child, "I cannot understand my older boy. He in UUCP imi! hin brother Is eighteen months old I f 1 ask him to close the door lot me, he Qocs not answer or close tho iloor, But tho younger b"*y runs to do It he thtows himself on the floor nnd cries terribly. At first I let him cry, then I spanked him. Neither method holped. He gcuj In Ings he should not have and when I explain and take them away, h* cues, lie will not share his toys with other chlkllon nnd when his brother Is playing quietly, takes his toys from him." You are not conscious of It, buL you arc displaying partiality toward the youngei child. You are holding him up aa a model and the oldci boy in us a wire of 11 a a T am. Whun the oldoi boy in leijiicsl lo help you, ilo not let the youupvr one earry mit Ihe request. Wait pa- llontly and expectantly, reponll your reqliost If necessity, until the older one fulfills it. Next time ask tho younger boy and let each have his turn. Your present course dcvel ops smugness In the younger Our leaflets, "Quarreling'' and "The Touching and Curious Period, 1 ·Fill help you deal with these problems. Mrs. Blackwood Entertains Metropolitan Co, Wives bint, E. R, Uliwhwood Is [flvlng a bridge-tou today In her home In Lin don Place, for wives of Metropolitan Life Insurance Go. men. Thi** tables ot bridge will he at piny. Definitions are to be of yellow, blue and giei-n with tall WIFE PRESERVERS iiiani stored nwtiy $11,000,000 mom In anvlnj:n banks tho first tlx months of UTO lhan they did the sami jiei Ind lost yenr. M . , of 36-inch mat* rial. Solid flft«n ertnw M3O In coU I Ctrnncd and PMKMM). ... ^ I tvv i ALWAYS CALL 44SS H»l CLEANERS 341 N. Mnln St. 1'lnln Ournioitt. Sl.on PIATT WOMAN'S CLUB MEETS FKIDAY 1 1 \MMOND -The fall mettlng of NIC Piult County Woman s club will ho held In the Methodist church In Mansfield Friday afternoon. The following program will be given: XinE - AMfMr* tl** 1 npAlitlflll" H i t l n t n r t r i i i oi i}iA f l n j f . SHIIB- Mr* hlfitoi ,r «.]ii lujtl lull!. n i trwiu-- l i M I H I H l t l i ] ( u( \\Atee- W t i insulin H l l u i t l j r of lliiniliiund, i i m n l y pi ,,Hlil*'iu Tin, hillHUllii; M l , till It W i l l lake M U l f 1 l 1 lll|,,i'in tit ( l u l l M I K I j . ' M I D Jjllll l^iiiii. iiptiH.tit; IP|I«I f n i i n i i \ C I - M iiiui j i n j i u ^ 1 M ] M s h iiohNtm vt i I L T ; O l U l l l l l l . " l l f U IU .\TcllCI) I L t l H l t l l L ^ K £\ HttLdlLI I h L ^ i , ^[tltiif iinU v.\\w I J L i - . 1 .MiH h ll^laii ^l 1 ! t'tirhni il tt J'l'liiiHl; 'Tft|,i,| \\l\un ij In- II|LII-*I in iNith 1't 1,1^1 jiti^/' ^|TH c. I E iciilii "I Mllll«tlilltl; "J'lli' Cluli IH HID tnlc.' MID ,F, h' Itiilnh nt IhiiHinuml M,.iulii!iiilil|i ul MJH, A l l n - i l J a y o[ At- HIMIll. r i i W i r l i i M J I r K s i m t t of MUCH. SUNK- M n U n i i i ' t i mid Mini W n i r t l l \ L l L | i i , H i i,^ I x - n n L^Ohnrfl (,( Iho U ot xnn«r-- M l k a H 11 H a r d l i u n t Healthy Chickens Full Dreated While You Wait Wu aoll them by the pound ulivp unit (nil ilrcssi them with nut ctinrgc. FRIES Kilt and nltimji, Ih, YOUNG HKNIS. Any dim, Hi, ,,.,,,. 27c Cimntrv, itor ..... BUTTKR-- j o Fre«b Churned. Ib. ..... 4oC Complrto Lino of Sanitary Cream Co. Product* We Arthur's Produce Go. 324 N, 23nrt St. fhonn 9737 Flu Epidemic Of 'tt Had One Good Result It Is Never Good Sense To Try To "Work Through" Any Illness By JAS, W. 1JABTOW, M. «. D URING the flue epidemic of 1918 I happened lo be mmlor medl- cnl officer of a hospital through whloh puaseil OVIM- 2,000 influenza eases. It is tny fervent hope that the world will never nee another such epidemic. Despite tlte fact t h a t 1 2 y e a r n huve passed we cannot definitely state, that lh«s ex- Itct coline In all COUCH hao bwri found. The orlg- Inul flu organlain ii Hlill 'blamed, but therfl appear lo be other organisms, and other factors, entering Into the cause of Influenza, However like other great catustro- phles, lessons are often taught not only regarding Ihe snme type of trouble, but of many other troubles also. One J(ni(l itMMilt As nurses nnrt doctors fought the epidemic it was found that the cusen Ihnl went on lo n broncho-pneutho- nla, ind BO involved the lungs, were the ones that wcrt 1 lenlly dangerous, and mutiy died And they died al- wtij-j bcnmsc (ho heart Rave out, not bucnUHe of the broncho-pneumonia thai w«» present. And so heurt tl linulanls were used more than at any other lime In the world's hlbtoi-y. Sometimes one drug seemed to hnlp, tind at other times It was found necesjsry to use some other drug. Often also bleeding w leaorted lo, lo take some of the work off the hciirt Then the oxygen wna tiled an a last lesort. Despite anything ind everything mnny of these stiong youngr fellows dluil. Now why am 1 bringing a l l this up ugiiln" Trli) Lo "Oultvtirk" It For just ono leason. II wns Rener- n l l y reported that it was only the big strong young" men who died becnu*c tho flu seemed to attack t h t m more sovorely This WHO not the reason. The rcuson so many of these strong young men died was because they remained on their feet for one, two, or sometimes three days before they took to bed. You ean readily see what hap* pened. Despite the fact that the flu was working In their system, sending their heart beati up to 110-120-14C and so on, MS the heart did He best to keep going strongly, those men remained on their feet, on duty, thus tux Ing the heai'l almost beyond Its limit, Py the end of two or three days tremendouH dntnAge had been rtone and when they finally icported sick and eamc to hniplta) their heart! were beyond help. And that Is the bit; l ftK on the flu feet your heart has a chan!* by ; Its "reserve" lo pull through. That wa« p«rhajH Ihe only . thing the flu epidemic did for UK (Copyright, 193i, by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) HABIT bFHA'flNG SHOWS PERSON TO BE UNHAPPY DAILY MENU HINT BrenkfuMt Orange juice Cooked Ole«) Bacon Whole wheat rolls Coffee Lumn hash with pouched fiK» Lottucc unhid Cinnamon bun» Ten. Dlniur Broiled liver with onion nnd mushroom sauce Unahed iwtatoen Baked squash ChocoUU pudding op Idem le taught us, not only nboul flu, but about other Illnesn, Not Ev«n Urn Ml (Jwnw That Is that It Is not braye, not even (rood sense, to remain on your You sit In feel when any allmeni. however ytnl | lfiar slight, attacks you. By (tettlng off This Column Is Addressed To Children v lo PalriTalksToThem Sometimes As Well As Parents, Teachers Itv ANfiKrn I'ATKI To the poys and fjlrln: Mnny u lime you come to school and go home again without doing H e*rUin you.' ami Hhll). you mum «.n but wo tncon .nswer very "Hut I ton'l tike lilRohr* IW 1 h* Int.lasted In Ii?" YimbKVMh', wrung Ides Intercut l«n't nomnihr you HAVt: H I* * powerTl H!I. You hetftn wmk, *iminl»nvt 1 the hnixJ pJiw* ImM in wh ' 1 want lo Mop, wnd l»r»i. you know? [ im*i-c*i i* iHirn u n d you tav , J ! i/.u ,,. .,- . . . 'i* , bit of real work, clasp, with i, you I you i you wrll'n w.nm yo'i fto oiid come, htji IIIIVB not seem to he a great many bad habit* that flesh is naturally heir to. J hope on* of the special arrangements about heaven will bf that (food, habits will b« as «»ny lo acquire there »s bad ones are hnre. A very unfortunate bad habit Htartecl me off today, the habit of hale, We were speaking of a woman who r n hit of wni I;. The intn) nt vou, ihttt lnii"r Jnelf which IH yni, !iievii' oncn fonlt ii , hunil In the job, ' niivor once WHikvnvil from tin- nluin- her lo which you confined Ii when you entered (tie notion I, ThlK IH an'tlhci wi*y of jr*yln£ whnt you have h*srd 'many i l i i u * You have inkn no Interest in yotit dally work. fin ofl»n have win heard lhal and done nothing n twill it that It moan* nothing. Yet it IK Herlous, Unless you 'io ical woil, unless you release your iiplrli In work, you are making no and you do not (trow Your Much I in 1 Theii In n bti of maehine nuuii" in you. U IN very Bccumlf nnil 1', lo eent*r on R luttk JT warm up. «low to K«th»i p you b*jtlti the nwhlnery and away you fi Witn'l l|i a When you rind y, on the J0 uolntr to ttic t|t« w rtrlnk, .thin p"nlii(t liiitT'u'iirjk' h u n t i n g for H hoolt, n i r n n n l n i j your' lonk you will know whnl in ih* m ,,. t"i You ttre jo|i;ln; itu. j fl (, T()t ' Ihot'l. »ei 10 wolk Th» (Inn ii. ii'inpi* may mil 1» urxiij Nevermind. TOCK them nnM nnd l i y Den[(5 M 7 n«i»ln tinrl Ht;ufn u n t i l i n(1 pr, W( , r ^ turned on nnd wotk l)";tim in \n\ T ktlOW ;i|) B 1)01 II tl||H blHitintiv ]( h4H hiit1eneij in me rtmnv HDH ( V *)0)'l «WHV. irlln BWDj Mrhi)U div* In nenlnx lenrjv hut I've \ fltl . ed Ihof lh» way lo l^-iiln i« lo e^m. mi liec .(nut itnrtw thi!! ih n iv IK t tirf'-i-tup lieiwei-n riMUinj; modoni nii'l ijolnc re'i) w i t k nnl i)nl(rt ilvsi i 1 it i in* ({dlnsr t't do t h p thtnj{n wild I;M iu»)i»wliji* ynu lo no Cr««ie tin intoii';! (in.) ii «tll » you well , lit.'W, »» Thi t'tt*, Ion.) we wure BJ"!'"*'"* "' · """·«" "··» in you. ii IN very accmaii 1 nnu r ace mi* to be very unlmiipy and IIH- wor |,s nccotdlnft to very w t c t n IIIWK. A Advtntv* of to* nt WrUrMUIlki i m the Wftki Corbc hoar often nowadays). Yet ap parontly »he has a fairly good Inyoulj for reasonable happiness. WhiU lhn, we wondered, wiw the mutter wl(h her. This wan th« explanation the woman who knew her hflut offered, "She haten so mnny people. She ]uat seems to have A kind of hnhlt of I cerUlnly agtce that hale is (i: politon, Someone hns nuiJ thai thel Jealoitit man polnonn his meat until then euls It. And to a. lennvr ·:xtcnl| the chronic hulni', or dtxliker. If you' prefer A milder ward, does the ttaniv, T never have bten able to inarch with the people who like evuiyonu. t never could think them altOK'thei sincere. And If they really were sln-[ ctirf. I dlHlnistcil their powcss of uiK-| elimination But of course, the per- Kon who hatos everyone is n 1es« «(- lose the few fi lends nhv duN cnrc for. The first cure of Ihe habit of h a t e , Cor a tendency toward It, for many people huve that, while few get to 1 Ihe und Hinge) lit to recognlu thul you have It and to uue It as bad. A fuillici slr» in Indktited by wlcu » wine fliend Mold to me onct nhoiit t- wonmn whom I wiin reitrettlnK 1 could not like though Mhit had been very nk'« to me, "I think fhe In ikthci unhujipy, «it lonesome AnJ I know nhe had a v^trv low opinion of hi'iyclf, l j erlmjii( K ( you Hdid iMtmethlnir rili'O nnd t'nc.oiu-, aging lo her -- I UiouRhl *hi w n « Solnn to end the stentenee, you I'dMlit mnkd her happier, but file 1 didikl. nlif ended II In a very wise lh " "" H«ad C o l d s GO QUICKLY Relief in 5 Mintrlts Dw't piii from JACK FHOST, Nc* 1ic covcry dealt lii.«l likt magic, Ey« ute» nn'J yuu able '* speaking, but If this h*b1t grows, snld itomHH1n« nleo end #n- upon her much more, I think she will' log to her you'd like her heller" JACK FROSTS P-iaftin coveting jelly ot tarn m«y be UMd more than once J it u wwhed and put ·way cicfully out of the diuL Ladies Wool HOSIERY In ·semi and full fashioned styles --rich a u t u m n tones nt 0 K. prices. . HOSIERY 117 N. Water not that do? MlM . f On otf«n«« the Arattt, tht lm« i W«l«.Aat tret un wlm On defcns* tw* ft tbwe flubi * n*d rturing __._ Wklmitt mi , ttM nn* ha4 one p * Uw Meond qua ' (H*»U h4d U tUM.MKl OIW ' HMftd louchdowt ·tot rflU*l» »roi »·» in* (Mtd ott i forw \ A Lot of Difference! '. Th«rc is, undoubtedly, a great deal of difference between one ambulance service and another. One very important factor is the attendants who go cut witS th; ambulance. Our m«n are csii.t atiy liained in tiiia iwoik, itnci naturally know how to give the best in service. DAWSONfe'WIKOFF FUNERAL HOME WOOD AT COLLEGE STREET Phone. J"/2/ ^^^^^^^^^ telephoning out-of-town costs little When you fed like having a chat with a friend in a distant city, don't deprive yourself of the pleasure. The cost is small \vhcrcvcr you call, Parents, whose children attend schools in distant towns, find Long Distance cete phone conversations an inexpensive way of "keeping in touch" with them. And, it is understood, the young people away at school may "reverse" the charges when calling home. The opportunity to make out-of-town telephone calls is a part of your present telephone service. The telephone will carry your voice to friends in the next town . . . to sons and daughters in the next state . , . and, if you desire, to friends or relatives across the country or ttcroit the sea. And always at a moderate cose. Bell tines Reach Everywktr* ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY BELL SYSTEM One Policy One Syrian · Vnivcnal Strwcc NF-WSPATERl

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