The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa on July 10, 1903 · Page 7
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The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa · Page 7

Kellogg, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
Page 7
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HISTORY INN of Great Men Have Lodged at thr Speciir ;piutibriary r;,;-county,; ;tte, /John" rii, /.which- fpr /ne/ariy; .s/fpf/gen-. ag^s from/ 1/meetfand; iyeiyiight, , f monjiing^ "/Th a rooms .cbfitain Bother : . /relies ^andiar tides-; of ^furniture . pi : tjie Meybiutionary ·.'·period .which Khay p been' preserved .through a Jongfsuccesaiott of- ' ; /U The /date*: that ;fe . ;He;; speaks; oFRis .yisit ^a;s;: joilows · In. ; the;notes in his diary': '·:. : "f."':~s~ : :: ; \: ; .-·-·'" ^·'Thiirsd^ J0ct/;i5ii789:-^ter din-/ ier, : ; ; through '·; frequent; light; showers,; Havlland's Inn. B.;ahd;Wit; '·, cousin, J- purchasers /purpose of: heir grand- resident-' of : iiliam Ray- r.bld'struc- lness build- aenibers of pwn/;lar'ge d /Harrison ghti-it /for lot -decided le /old .hps- ·· .swing ;g;it. i the-' stage '.building, a here "relics, ds; covering irice its es- t'.the-'monV .Britain..ih preserved. .ding ' Rye ouyenirs;of ssession of ons, :Waind other, old .."be -one. of founders' of ie and keep srations. It of the .local ! have, "their the village all- flagpole i few years iv.e been a 1731, ··when own. It is ilding, 1 con- lies. On tii'o 'we proceeded", to -a taYern; of' a -Mri." Haviland/ at. Rye, .·who keeps ;.a : j«ef: neat/and/decent inn; - Friday,; the 16th,, about 7 -p. m;',,we/left/the widow Hayfc land's, : and after passing Horse Neck, about/six; miles distant from Rye,the road -which; is bUly; and:/ 1 immensely stoney .and trying" to; wheels" and: carriages,: we- breakfasted at- Stamford, which; Is;/ six miles/further, at. ono Webb's, a tolerably good house,,;b"ut : 'ript equal in "appearance and reality. ;to-Mrs:. Haviland's'."//·//'/ . :'"": -.'--- : ··/-."·The widow's inn: appears : ;:to/have; appealed /to Uh'e fancy of the general^ for on ,his-, way back," 1 Nov. VX, of the samc^fall^JieV.reinairied Xthere.-again .all night,;"on account of-lame horses," he'Tvrbte in his diary.V; ",'\...'·': · "·/"' i-Genr"Lafayette stopped ''at · the,: inn" when he .was making a tour'from Boston to' ; New/ York in 1824. The Rye people gave the French' hero a great reception/by -firing a salute and ringing bells. Afterward a-band of music 'came to the hotel and:played.Rational airs; ' John Adams remained overnight at the Inn. in .177,4, while on his way "from Boston to New'York; ". / - ." '.The old-tavern has had many keepers, and local history records/that they were. all good people and conducted the place. in' a. respectable way. Dr. Haviland was Killed in the Revolution, and hia wife, Mrs. Tariiar Hayiiand,- succeeded him.. She was 1 the landlady ·of whom'Washington wrote. Tho inn was afterward known as ."The .Square House." ; In 1801 it passed' into-the .hands of Henry L. Penfield,.and was .for;- forty years, known/as/,,Penfield'a hotel. Mr.' Penfield. 'wasrithe landlord 'at the time of .the .visit- of-Lafayette. Tho place ceased. to be avpublic inn about-1835,.-when Mr.,Peuneld, having accumulated a gbod^sized/fortune/soid C!d Chew Mansion. . (A Revolutionary Relic.) ;rng-room, a ahioncd fire,s, a dining viler rooms, ton and La- econd floor, id the high the Father ·hile on his u fcr their British, an1 ' which ho it to D. H. Mead and retired . from the hotel business. The action of the Parsons-family, in purchasing the place Is highly appreciated by many persons in Rye who are Interested in local historical subjects. For several years' tho residents, fearing ^the demolition of th« inn, have been at the point of asking the Song of tho Daughters of the R«T- olution, or some other · .patriotic ·» clety, to acquire It, Otir:"iSoy6rnment Makes;/:! 'Position y |n/|rul; Positive, t / ' t :srTUATibN^s:^vERy / DELIGATE Official Reply : to ) Inspired Note From Russian''Goyer.iime"ht Onlhe Matter: /' ^Jae'piy:yCare'fiij!y.--.C6risidered- By. ' ; /. Washngton;;; iily;3.-;-Tho / ~yf f .tho : 7adminisjrati.on regarding / the ·proposed'" transmission /of/the.; petition of" trie;-' Jewish :-bitizt;ns of .the : "United:: [State's ; to tHe;Rjisslfa gbvemm'ent Vasl made -.very /clear '^antijpositiyei by -..a- statement -authorized. ^byithe 1 itate de/ partmeiit./ This ^statement inspi f- e'dtbyiiiewsiaper/publicatioas .--reflect : ihjg^the fatutudo A oJEAthe Russian : gov-V tidii/of.suchj dium/pfvtheltrnitedtStates embassy, jit; St. ;Petersburgiwhich has been "brbugli.t". to/the attentibn r pt.tighc ; ofacers pisthe goyeriiment;-f It/ was f ; given -v^ry /care" 'M' /cpnsideratipn : /Dbtn- Jhere aiid ; v n.t pystef ; Bay/: ibefgf e '.the ; decision' -waa reached , ./to rmafiej.aay : declaratibn,? re- garding;/ttie:;; : niafter.- /The statement, is-as-j'foilpws: i.'r-. 1 '·'-.;/·- ,-.'. .''-"//".,"·/;;'; i-x'-/ ·" . "At;,' the/ : state; departmeiit"- it: "/waa : ;officials-that :in the ^:;/.": //;;'/ /Des,Moine8,; July 7, 1903. .v VF;-S: i)unshee;hiEis. : appealed:the cig-/ arette case 'from: the state "suprenie/ cburt .to, /the .supreme court ; of the United/ States. The/prisinar : package, Jaw is in, controversy. "vThe. case which ::was carried 'up. £roih one.pfith'e south-/ , crri 'states rihvblvingthisvpoint- was' de- cide'd agaihst; the ^cigarette people p'y- .fe'derar supreme court/, but since then there ,has* been a change in; the : person-/' pel of the .court;-and. as .the . decision before; "was'/jiy;^ divided"' bench the/ (dea/- i s ; . /that.; there /may; be /a - better. .show "in'"the:.I6wa\'cai5e.- /.The'-c'ase is; known 'as. ".Cook'- vs.'- Marshall/. county. .it 'was -for; the recovery .of /mulct taxes (aid to the state for the: sale; of cigar-, in Iowa ; and' the '.court/ of,. Iowa' : heldlthat :th"b, state ihad^the /right 'to, Collect- it ; : ';//; : .-i:v;/.;;.^ ::;":/,,--:. · Y,///; ;: The ! boar d . of cpntrpl /Has .prepared fi/recapitulatiohjpf -the - reports as/ to; the..; ·inaa'nV- in - county /hpspitals \ and" private-: ihstltutibns; in. the first: half · . : pf '1903. : It shows /at ; the/ time of/the Ihspectipn by /the / inspector. . ; of .'. the , jioard there., were -468' males -arid;' 436' females, a. total of 904-in · the' eonnty, jisylums. :? ;'/The total in : piyate ; ;in'stitu-.- tipns was 174' "males : and 'i'SOO'-feinales,' = a total/of 474^ /The grand "total .of in-' sane o iii ; county- . and private ;-. Ihstitu 1 ,ti6ns/is/ giveii./as Ii378.' /, The; reports .to the ; b/pard . show/ there ,are3j34.0, 'inv "sane lit; the -state 7;hospitals.' 'From: :this,, -itv/app.ears, : there' are /iibput/ ' " sence :pf ,Se(3reta.rjr Kay that the- .delay; ih:;;forwarding the- petition / of ;"th«. American/citizens ; 6f the/ Jewish "faith :as-to. 'the : ill/ irtatinent- of /their c6 ; ·religipnlsts , in- Russia was biely/ due to the delay in furnishing the address' to the state ; department,. by the'-.petiv tioners. /·The' state. dcparment 'would. of · coiirse, ;pay;/np/' heed to- any .state- merit" purporting'/to emanate f rpin the Riissiaii r gpvernment -unless such statement was/made officially in some form or : - other.- -to ". JJur. ; government. - JThe" state department /has .been /specially careful to act only, in accordance with; all requirements., of/ official propriety/ but within the limits, thus- laid flown it : will . most /ciertainly / not hesitate' i:c; giye^expression to-the deep sympathy 'felt not only by /the 0 administration, but by all; the American, people/for, the unfortunate Jews, who have been, victims in .the recent appalling" . massa ; cres and outrageSi In this;^6hriectiori 'it -was ipointpd put/by, anothor/official. who disclaimed/ any-jnirnpse" : to speak- in -hls/pffleiai^Spatyfiyr 'ho VevSiT'.that it seemed -.'somewhat 'strange/ to ·- say ·the -least, that. thei.Russian government should choose this particular methoU of- making a. statement/to . the American people at the very/tiirie, when, , by methods which are '-certainly the re-, verse of friendly to. the United States, it is -.sought ".to. 'make. China join, in breaking the/plighted faith 'of all tho powers as^to the open door in Mari ; 'churia,/ 1 'and . has . endeavored-.! to bar. our /people froin access 'to · the Mari. churian., trade." - . r / . " . / ' · " . -;' / Tho r.bovc:S.tatetvicnt was. shown tc Count Cassini, the Tiussian ambassa-. dor, but he' declined- ,to- make any com- ment'on-it.- 'Any reply/to this''State: ment must; be' made, under, clii-ectibns .from ..St. . Petersburg; 1 '. It is -· realized: both at the stale, .departmcnl./ aifd at .tho -Russian embassy. 1 '' that the situation is- extremely- ..delicat. . · Washington, July VS.^Actiris Secre-' tnry of State Loomis has been notified that the appeal on behalf of the Russian Jews, will -be V delivered at tlic state department, within "a; week;/ Upon receipt of the petition by tho -United .Slates ; government .it' will be dispatched, to Mr. : Ridrlle, United States cliarse at .St. -Petersburg. ' . . ,.. ' ."· TELEGRAPH AROUND WORLD Completing' The Pacific " Cable . Is a Notable Event. , Oyster Bay,-. N. Y.',' July '5.--The earth was'girdled'by the electric.wire for the first "lime in history at", 10:15 p : ' m . .'last night.' At/-that. moment which "is 4:15 b'c!oc;tr ; ' : '.at ..Honolulu, tho '.'connection was $nade- i n : Ihe : surf in the-, harbor a t , Ihe -.Hawaiian capi-. tal .between the 'lino.*"that .extended west/from tho .United States and Ihe stretch of cable that came'cast from Midway Island; Mi;. 'Mackay,' .pros!'lent of-the Commerela.1 Pacific Cable company, arrived at 10:55. Sec.-olavy Leob handed the president's message to Governor. Tailt to the .operator. The mossase was as folJows: ' -"Oyster' Bay, N.' Y.,' July -1, 1303, To. Governor Taft, Manila: - 1 open ·.he. Pacific cable with greetings to rou and the people of the Philippine.!. Theodore'Roosevelt.". ' .. · .:. When the president's message' to Sovernor Taft had been disposed of Secrclary Loob sent ,1 message to Mr. ·vlackey around tho world by the eastern route. Exactly halt an hour elapsed be- Iwccn the sending of Presidnnt Rooso- yelt's message to Governor Taft and . :ho ' receipt' of .the reply. Just, fourteen miliules were required to send :he round-the-world dispatch to Mr. Mackay_, . _^ It is a strange fact thn.t sea-fowls' ?ggs arc almost conicnl In form, so that, they will only roli , i n - a circle. A.S riiany of them are la'd.on the baro Pdgcs of. high rocks, tiis provision ·t nature prevents them from rolling ; , ; The : regiUar .quarterly /count -.of ; ey . in tJie; state ;.treasury;r has : just-been Djader :.The"repprt; showed/as ' -follows : . Eiidowiiienfc . f undi.;$G66;455;89 ;-.-'. gerier-' al/ r rey enue,, // $1,570,478.88 ; , university : special /ta^,; · $3,93 8.53 ; ; state". / : college special tax/ · ^ $30,701104 ;.'. 'state normal 'school special tax; /.$lti,645.78 ; total, ' :$2,288,220.12; : / .' .TheT actual /cash: -pnv hand ; 'wa3;?79,187;S7./ ·';//.///: - ; -V,/.; : William E. Curtis, the; noted c6rres- s pondent of the'- Chicago , Record-Herld, who. attended the : republican: state 'cohvention, . ^rired his paper: as 'follows : ; : "Gpyernor .Cuminins ^represents i thej' : sentiments of the republicans/of this; state, arid is actually conservative. The ypimger~element, ; the coming geri- eratiprij~are even morp advanced in their : ideas tliari he, and /while Sena/Allison's .persuasive influence' has been sufllcient to . hold. ' them . down /'for a good, while, they wlil : nbt be held down .much longer.' Mr." Allison agrees with: them"; -he agrees with Governor Cum- iniins that;the/present tariffi law should be! revised and the schedules of duties readjusted /to , the. . changed-; conditions, of commerce and; industry that have · occurred since they were adopted "seven years ago, : ; but/after his "thirty years' experience 'in .tariil legisiatibn he ' knows/mmi' bjtter^ailjth^y^that: /f here" iS np^se'T^h^atlemptiniTTne ^impossible, for a majority of-the'senata .republicans .will permit no' tinkering Jwith tho. tariff, although it is probable /thit a. majority of- the house ··believe that an early revision is adyisj'able and necessary..' ' /· . ·' , ' - . - ' ' . ; "Mr/ Allison's argument' is : /that_ tha' ag'itatiou - of -the subject would disturb tho prosperous" -condition of the country; that it would ·create an apprehension in the minds, of. the' manu- .factuf ins interests, and ' that · the uncertainty .as . to what 'might . bp done -in changing duties, would cause /a suspension, of affairs -that w;ould be next .to disastrous. . He sees . no .-hope for 'any action by congress .concerning /the tariff iiritii the ·next.-'presidenlin.;. election. -. But' oe" admits thn.t ; the pub lie-, sentiment, in the west; and -par licularly in -Iowa," can be/restrained nc Jonger, than -that -''In the meantime he advocates conservative action · to pre vent -agitation and the "use .of phraseology i n , the. platform which cannot bo misconstrued or misinterpreted.'' According" to a statement' of. a member of 'the -Iowa" railroad- .commission -ers, that'liody will shortly iuvestisa'c 'the .causes of the wreck which oc- ciirred on tho fllinois Cent.ral betv/esn Waterloo and Raymond,- a few_. weeks ago, -in which several, lives were lost. Tho commissioners believe, the ''wreck was largely, .duo-, to .the;- curve 1 ; anO grade on tho 'Illinois 1 Central at. that- point/ which' they ttiinlc .is greater than the stale law. allows. The' report "of. tho investigation .will.-. be ·-:·£ considerable interest .to all .tho .railroads in Iowa. Some time ago, -the railway commissioner.* notified thi va:-ious railroads that they would have to . reduce', certain . grades .and curves withhi a limi ( ecl time. Some of tho railroads did so, but others did not. ainonj; which is the Tllinois Central. / . Tho United States government lias ordered tho 1 saioon and resort which arc located on tho property recently purchased by tho United States for tho new government building -in "Dos Moines to bo vacated within thirty days. 'Notice has been sent to -the proprietors, and CuRtodian Miller was given orders to sc.e that the. two concerns Iclit the ground. , ' According to the reports from county auditors filed with State Auditor Carroll tho average increase in assessed actual value of farm lands in all but eight of tho counties of tho state ovor tho assessment of two years ago Is $2,1.3'1,GOO, whlchis not quite aa great an increase as indicated by the first reports to come in. The grown increase was $194,249,700. Tho reports on comparative figures on sales and assessments show a great variation, but these have been tabulated and will bo before tho executive council next week in a shape so that th« state officials may understand them. ". lowa,F*nm« S4 Par Acr« C«»n, ' fctfuo* U crop tni p»!d. MtTLHAli,. Stotii City, I» Genius has ragged cuffs, but Talent wears fine linen. '. - " : . ,. ; ; ' »o»'T sroit VOCB er.oTHies. -.-," ' tTse Russ Blcacliinir Blue f ana keep them wUtesmiuow. All grocers. lOc a package. . /'.' A inaii'sjaypirclupois .has nothing, to- flp". with his: greatness : or sihallness. Ma^hei Pile; Killer Cures Piles. : . I t may be,, easier; to -coax a womail ; than., to drive her, but .it'sCmore--ex- pensive, ,.;:,., ' : --.^.....'.' : -. ; /../;·"· :,,,' ..-·/.' ·:-.,-. ; ;E. Z. FOOT -COMFORT Cures .Sweating and- Aching feet. Price 25c,, F. R. McCarthy, ; Jefferson, 1 ; Iowa. / f ;- ·:-. : STC)RIEffi/i ^ / ..Not long agiji a /certain/ door; cbm- : pariy .receiTed an order for /a car ; Ipad/bf do6rs-;from,:an embfyo Texan / town. . /The order. /was ; filled and the .dpprs'; r^eady - fpr; shipment,/ -/when a : .telegrain was received "'canceling-- the. -pfde'r, , and . announcing that, a ' letter ; of explanation -.wbuld : follow. -The /lettei arrived,: Eind" was fp'uhd'/tb pe.iprlel- and much; to '..the "point.; -·'·It.-vread: : "Cancel- order for. -car ; load/'of doors 'The town has .suddenly/ gone prohibl- " tibn, and-: eo.iuariy doors "could not : be ' /-The other /.day /..the , tohd'ori Pali Mall/ .Gazette", referred/to · W: S.- Gil-- beft as/';the -late W. :S.' Gilbert" / : ; Thi9 called /forth.; a note -of //protest from : . . the "/f ampus : : comic-6pef i librettist; ";in which/he, said: : "Therie .is a line/ in;' your /"issue ; of: /yesterday ;· that :inust .have . sent.'a ..thriH : ":6f' ·'= .joy" /through many a -worthy hpme:,^-I : . refer: to a line in an Larticle headed ' : .-A ; ' Naval .Battle,' in, which I/am referred .to as" ·'the ; late- : W. S. Gilhert.' / I am always sprry.-to ispoil . 'sport,, but " : cbmmori, candor -compels me 1 . to admit., (reluct- - andy) that I am still alive. Yours ^faithfully, ; W, ..S. /Gilbert," : / .i v / / - / ; /Recently,; an American traveling ii Russia/who had neglected to "prbvide himself with a passport,; /when/ he . ar rived at- the horders of the. Czar's- dor main's,:; was- held 1 up by an official with' a demand '-for; his -passport/ For an instant. the. American was : stumped, but, s6i the. story "goes,/ he/ quickly : rose' to the emergency. - Diving into his inside, pocket he pulled but : his life-insurance policy : and handed it to the/:. Russian. The later- gravely looked /the /paper" over,/ carefully sortt^inizing Jthe imposing-looking /seal and- the array , of 'signatures. Thea;, .with a satisfied air, he handed back-: the paper, and the American passed ~ on.;-' . ., : . ' " · . ./-/ '. :'- : ' ' . . . · / / / The story, is told of a kindly, Massai' chusetts man who chanced in a restaurant in one of / the , f r m o f towns, towel tied about his waist a .dented tin tray, and a couple of guns The Easterner looked him over in a : gentle way, and asked him if he ha^ any .breakfast food! "I. guess . yes/ responded the cowboy waiter; "we got ham and eggs, fried ·· sausage, chucli steak, "spare. ribs, mutton chops," corn- cd-beef hash,, hog "and .hominy, light ; bread, heavy bread, toast bread, apple butter, peach butter, .cow .butter, coffee, tea, buttermilk, and beer. Breakfast food? Well, that's our winner- Name .your, grub." · · , . . . . ' Frederick the Third of Prussia,- wh... delighted in~~ his reputation /as the' .most. laconic, man in Europe", one me!.. a Hungarian , magnate,.- taking tha waters of Carlsbad, who. had als« ac quired fame, for abruptness of speech. This -tempted the .Prussian ' monarch to, meet him and try him in the arts of brevity. .The magnate was pointed * ·out ,tp Frederick- as he stood 'in tha. hall of , his -'hotel. The king went up to him, and.thR following conversation was the result: ..'Frederick -- Bathing'i Hungarian--Drinking. ^Frederick--' Officer? Hungarian -- -Magnate. Fre* erick -- So! ' Huasarian (taking the in.-- itiat.ivc) :1 -Detective? Frederick.-Kirg! Hungarian -- Congratulate! For Aged People. . "Bellflower, Mo., July Gth. -- Mr. G. V, .Bohrer of this place has written an open letter to, the old men and women of the country, advising them to ure Dodd's Kidney Pills as a remedy. for those forms of -Kidney Trouble so common aniong' tho aged. Mr. P.ohr-'. cr says: . ; "I suffered myself for years with my Kidneys and urinary organs. - 1- was obliged to' get uo as many aa seven or eight times . during tho night. · ' · ' "I tried many .things with no success, till I saw ono of Dodd's Alma* nacs, and read of what Dcdu'a Kid* ney. Pills were doing for old people,. '"I bought. two boxes from our. druggist and' began to use them at In a very short time I was well. This- is over a year ago, and ray tronbla ·has not returned, so that I know my cure was a good, genuine, pcrmauenf one. "I believe Dodd's Kfdncy Pills ara a splendid medicine for old people or anyone, suffering with Kidney and urinary troubles, for although I am 8 « years of age, they have aiada me well." · . How many people live on the reputation of tho reputation they might ' have made. -- Oliver Wendell Holmos. ' NEWSPAPER! Some of" the society girls of dclphia are submitting to tho -tatQo» · ing crazo, by having their bodies or namented (?) with various indelibl* devices, sui:h ufl eitgles, snakes, bird* etc. ' ·

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