Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 24, 1948 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1948
Page 4
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14 CH, 3 ' LEGAL NOT ICES «• No. 7049. ""' «*«> Gordo County •&&•&*&» 'fr ~r£° 0 i-ss? 3% ^^ «nd those nnd • of Butzlaff, De- County. All ate are re- ate payment; BUTZLAFF Attorney OF -rdo County. Qualified the under- a ° lnted and the same w m went ticated? to thl ,mrt. U 5 em> Jdllly •nce. and file in «K ders JF led £or allow of the District 'co^r? °" ICe ° f thc C1 "' k F. BULL Dated HOTICE par s-w .fcv«s"« &.SA-,',-,; or not less eHher paid f , , | , l stated vahVn r caslv or not ess than by la w Property as provided sriffliwwi VE'i£i termination shall be Iowa, ,, the Personals WANTED—Riders to L. A. Leavine Dec 27 or 38. Drivin B late mod" c« l!£ quire Day's Shell Service. Ph. 1545. WILL PAY eight (8r. ) per cent interest to a private party who will grant a small loan for 2 years. Good secur ty Write Box G-22, Globe-Gazette. CCUrUJ to0Plloe , n!x . A »z- about Jan. i. take 2 or 3 passengers. Share expenses. Chrysler car. Ph 1075 or S2. Lost, Found 6 LOST—Red zipper billfold containing money and papers. Ph. 2502-J. *" WANTED—N/ght cashier. Soda Grill. F °th EI "~ SIee P i »K tion «i,»n";""" «•"<"•> of this corpora- L °ST—One billfold near N. Del. Would a Boarri fe J ma " aged and <-ontrolled by 0 appreciate return. Reward. See Ann feJP /£,„ °/ Direct °rs consisting of not Bolln - Damon's office, 3rd fir. M dctifm! ^ 0 , and u not more than five ™n, i m ? d by lhe stockholders at the »SSc.ffie* CJ V 10ldCrs meetln e. who shall HMO office for one year or until their **^™™ £^*^Z u '^j* nual meeting oi~3£ * ^ e -"^lar" an* s of the next an.. ul<1 s stockholders of this cor- follovving persons shall be Harry 'G. Lewis. Mason City, fowa L>- L. Lee, Mason City, Iowa mSSuS^SS? Ihy^lTarZ, ± nual meeting shall meet aud elect from heir number a president, a vice pres™ —Lady's gold Gotham wrist watch Liberal reward. Phone 5114-J. ^ . ""• nl « ht: He a« shaped locket between Cecil theater and county jail Reward. Call Manly 3491 * * wonf*!- nd a t«*s«Mr. Any wo o£ the foregoing offices may be held <y the same person. The Board o£ D£ ow^i '? av ° lhe right and lhe owei to appojnt an assistant secretary nd treasurer who need not be a dircctor ual mC °, rPOrati0n - Ulltil the next an » m ^ting of stockholders the offi- Harri r° c ° r P9 ra < ion shall be. to wit: r G ' Le wis, President and Treas- Pl " esident Secre- APPOINWIENT OF that K3 H NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR h l reb y given, that the under- T duly a PP oi »'^ and rf * E . xeculor °f the estate of Kaltope A. Verises, also known as Kaliope £o U ^, eSe! k,P eCCaSed ' late o£ Ccrro G o r do County. All persons indebted to said nav a m» n V e " q " ested to ™*e immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned £or al- Ctert? "S ^" d r,"! e , ln thc offlce of th <= Clerk ol the District Court HARRY C. CHRISTOPOULOS ----- J. McENANEY. Attorney Dated December 13, 1948 S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court By EVELYN SLOCK, Deputy NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR STATE OP IOWA, Cerro Gordo County ss. No. 7051. Notice Is hereby given, that the under- itgned has been duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the estate of W. J. Hood, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the oifice of the Clerk of the District Court LEON HOOD T, , ., S TANL *;Y L. HAYNES, Attorney D«ted December 13, 1948. S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk District Court. By: EVELYN SLOCK, Deputy. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTRIX STATE OP IOWA, Cerro Gordo County ss. No. 7037. Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executrix of the estate of George Lange, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estaLe are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office o£ the Clerk of the District Court GRACE CHAMBERLIN. MORGAN J. McENANEY, Attorney .Dated December 13, 1948. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court. By: EVELYN SLOCK, Deputy. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTRIX STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 7042. Notice is hereby given, that the under- •Jgned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executrix of the estate of Charles Hummel, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. AH persons indebted to •aid estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to thc undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court COHA M. HUMMEL. JAY W. LORENZ, Attorney. Dated December 13, 1048. S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk District Court. »y: EVELYN SLOCK, Deputy. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION HISKO. INC. Notice is hereby given of the incorporation of the HISKO. INC. with its principal place of business in Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. The general nature of the business to be transacted by the corporation shall be to engage in the general farm supply and merchandise business, including dealing »t wholesale and at retail in grain, fuel, seed, nursery stock, farm implements, general farm supplies and equipment, and the corporation shall have the further right to engage In business at several locations and shall have the further right to the use of trade names for any of its establishments, and further to engage in any other line of business of like and related nature and to do all things necessary and proper to the conducting of the business above cnu- Each director shall be a stockholder i !,{* ,?," y dlrect0 '' shall cease to be a tockholder m this corporation he or xe shall automatically cease to be a 'rector. The Board of Directors may H all vacancies occurring in its mem- ers between annual meetings • by the ppomtmem of a qxialified peilon to hold term the remamdei ' °f the r.r«, a} in . ual . meeting of the stockholders shall be held at the principal place of business of the corporation on the first Monday in September of each year for the election of directors and to trans- ** h n; i'i °K Cr buslness of the corporation shall be necessary and proper - pr i v « t j: P ro P er 'y °f the 'stocks of this corporation shall not be poraUo'n' * eci io ihc debts of the cor- Dated this 20 day of December, 1948 HISKO, INC. Harry G. Lewis, President. L. L. Lee, Secretary. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTO.R Ccrro Gordo NEED) MONEY? me help you. Loans S26 to S3CO. See Mrs. Simon. 25 years of reputable dealing. Fast, friendly service at Security Loan Co. Third floor First National Bank 6ld B . ~CASrTLOANS~ $20, $50, $100, up to $300 To Consolidate Overdue Bills To Pay Seasonal Expenses For Doctor or Dentist Bills For Repairs on House or Car For Any Good Purpose AFTER JAN. 1, 1949 BARON'S STORE will have an opening for Detail Girl xvho will relieve cashier. Applications by mail only. Interviews after Jan. 1. .__._ Experience helpful but we are,' Fon -pu willing to train. Applicant must s - st - clear lakeI! PH. have a knack for f Rooms for Rent 32 FOR HENT-Slceping room lor 2 men or working couple. Healed, on 1st floor • also garage. 83G 8th S. E. Ph. 4826-5: •for 2. 115 f ,° V 3 ' ou »eor girls with Y. w c A 570 l> ri vUe E es. Call FOR RENT—Furn. rooms for voung inTn" _. Cooking privileges. G2i Jst s. £., aftiV Apts. tot Rent 33 213 E. and the! Blouses for Sole 35 Bungalow East Side $6500. Full;, modern, insulated 2 mil lots. Must sell at once. Possession subject to right of tenant. For terms see— „, IVAN A. BARNES, Realtor 315-17 Brick & Tile Bldg., Ph. 1300 Acreage 37 T ° SETTLE estate 2 acres. Improv'eU •md I « 9 ™ ! ", haUSC - 2 mod. bungalows mid 2 small houses. Call 5223-J after 7 o'clock. Write BARON'S 6 S. Federal Mason City, Iowa Salesmen 25 DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE We are looking for a man age 25-45 interested in professional sales work to represent one of America's oldest and largest b-iai ,^ s organizations in Mason Cit-- and adjacent territory. Guaranteed giving age, education, general background. Globe-Gazette FOR RENT—Furn. 1 r, n . with kltchen- ettes and toilet. All conveniences fur" Suitable for middle aged or elderly ady Close to bus. district. Verv cood i-pfs required. Write A-22. Globe-cfzeUe. marital status. Services Offered 27 ELECTROLUX vacuum sales and service. E. S. A!ey, o20 15th K. W. Ph. 1315-W. made on or turnl- <, . r or urn- without endorsers. Take 6 1' 15 or depend1 ^ on the Household Finance Corporation 11714 N. Federal Ave. Phons 541 Over Green Mill Cafe Notice is hereby given, that the under- Bn ??. j as " cen duly appointed and A,, ' e a .u s E * eculor °* «he estate of Annie Rethamel, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against thc same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. W. L. BARKER LOANS—$50 to $400 Co. .10 1st St. N. E. Fidelity Discount CESSPOOLS, septic tanks, toilets, cisterns C £n Cd i5? ( U Cpaired - Write J»" Ea"? , Box 134, Clear Lake, Iowa. WINTER IS HERE Eliminate those drafts and heat losses, with WARDS BONDED GUARANTEED Mineral Rock Woof Blown in by experts. For free estimates on complete and guaranteed application, call SCO. Don't delaj 7 . . . . Montgomery Ward Mason City, Iowa ^^. FOR RENT-Small. /urn., winterized cottage. N. shore. Close in. Ph. 751-W Clear Lake. 711 Walnut. Houses for Sole 35 FOR SALE— Income property Close Price $11,300. P Ce bun E a- 6 room 3'9 So ert • J n< > ul « o J - a ho - Federal, Mason City. FOR SALE— New, used house trailers Broadway Trailer Sales, /ulbert : {22.' R - a!t< ; H C>nsu - - Br °wn. realtor. Selling homea t« our business F ° R SALE-Partly modern 3 rm. house S. W. section. Priced to sell with al new £ UrnltHrei inch]din s to ve and e!ec- Only decorating required to put this . 4 ROOM HOUSE 1 tip top shape. Close to Decker's plant ' Christmas Is Just Around the Corner Flrs * Cl f s Bod ^ and Fender Work n , H L. HAYNES. Attorney Dated December 20, 1948 S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court By EVELYN SLOCK. Deputy NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTORS ' Notice Is hereby given, that the under- «'-ned have been duly appointed and alified as Executors of the estate of Catherine Mane James, Deceased late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted o said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those havinjt claims against the same will present hem, duly authenticated, to the under- igned for allowance, and file in the of- ice of the Clerk of the District Court H. L. JAMES, Jr WILLIAM L. JAMES _. . . • L. A. MOE, Attorney Dated December 21. 1948 S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court By EVELYN SLOCK, Deputy Car Painting Free Estimates MASON CITY NASH CO. 1311 North Federal Phone 93! Mitchell Rural Youth Will Attend Meeting Osage—Several officers oi' the Mitchell county rural youth organization -will attend, a district officers' training school at Oelwein Friday, Jan. 7. The meeting is lor the purpose of planning the programs and activities of the rural youth groups for the coming year. Bob Gunsallus, newly elected county president, heads the group from Mitchell county. FOR CASH LOANS See U-N-I-T-E-D FINANCIAL SERVICE 15J N. Federal Phone 57 Over Ford Hopkins Drug Store We Have 2 Trucks To Serve You on BATTERY SERVICE CALLS TIRE SERVICE CALLS TRACTOR TIRE SERVICE CALLS Call us at 572 for Prompt, Efficient Service J &L Tire and Supply Co. JACK MURRAY 23 First St. S. E. LLOYD FARRER Phone 572 COMPRESSOR for hire by hour, day or Wek - 394 ' G - E - p 'a«s & Sons S. Jefferson. LOANS. Federal Discount. FederaL Telephone 516. IflVi Nortfc SEE the United Homa Bank and Trust Co. for real estate mortgage loans. r^'A, LOAN S for house repairs at the United Home Bank & Trust Co. Hedge hyssop, an herb with a bitter, nauseous taste, once formed the basis for a celebrated gout medicine. Death Notices J STOTT, J. F., 83, died at his home 16 Connecticut N. E., Wednesday. Funeral services will be held at 2»p. m. Friday at the Major Memorial chapel, with Doctor Lloyd A. Lfustafson, pastor of the First Methodist church, officiating. Interment will be at Elmwood cemetery The Major funeral home in charge. merated Including leasing, purchasing, jelling, owning and managing of real property, and to borrow money, to deal In and with notes, real estate mort- cages, chattel mortgages, and all other evidences of indebtedness and securities of every nature, including its own stocks and stocks of other corporations. The authorized capital stock of this corporation shall be One Hundred (100) GREEN, Miss Carrie J., 75, died at the I. O. O. F. hospital Thursday morning Funeral services will be held at Traer and interment will be there. The Major funeral home in charge. ' jSeeds, Feeds FOR SALE 17 2000 Bales Timothy and Red Clover Hay FOSTER BARKEMA Alexander, Iowa THE ONLY AUTHORIZED Maytag Sales and Service in Mason City and Cerro Gordo County Factory trained mechanics. Genuine May- taR parts. A guarantee that means something. HOME APPLIANCE CO. Phone 162 201-03 S. Fed. Ave. Mason City, Iowa Help Wtd., Male 20 ANDERSON. Mrs. Karen Dortea. 80 of 403 12th S. E.. died suddenly at 10-45 a. m. Wednesday from a heart attach. Funeral arrangements are incomplete pending the arrival of children from California. The Meyer funeral home in charge. Card of Thanks WE WISH to thank the doctors and nurses at the Mercy hospital and our friends and relatives for their many kindnesses during the illness and death of our son, husband and brother, Delano Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Springer. Mrs. Eleanor Springer, Duane Springer. Springer. Wanted—Young Ambitious Man. TO LEARN AUTO SELLING Salary and commission paid while learning. If you can qualify apply to M. C. MOTORS See Mr. Wilson 10 Fourth N. E. OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service ZENORS Only §3,750. C. R. BROWN, Realtor Phone 1314 or 2374 HOUSES FOR SALE 7 rm mod. house. S. W.. close in S6500.00 .i bedi-m. modern house, N. E S7000 00 J rm. mod. bungalow. Highlands S750000 o rm. mod. b g'low, close in. N. E. $7500 00 o rm. mod. b'g'low, close in, N.W. $8500 00 o rm. modern bungalow, close in Gas h eat , ' S900000 W. L. PATTON, 109 E. State FOR SALE—5 i-m. brick home in Grandview. Reasonably priced. 223 S. Tenn. F ?IL S , ALE - yearIin * 4ooJ- W buck. Ph. FOR SALE— Good P. B. Duroc boar. * i? 1 , Jns P er sen. 2 mi. s. and 3 west of Rockwell. m SALE — Spotted Poland-China open gilts and 1 boar. 5 mi. S., 5 mi. E. Va '"'• S. of City. Gains Vandenbburg. ' 5_ Bjirds, Pets _ 43 FOR SALE-P. B. Police pup's. Loval Cox. '.<. mi. S. Bayside, Clear Lake. SALE— Canaries. Beautiful colors. Bm s ' Carolina FOR Foods 45 We Will Be Open Wed. and Thurs. Evening Until 9. Closed from Christmas through New Year's Day for remodeling. Earl's Fruit Market Reel Estate 12 « .ACRE WELL IMP. FARM- Mitchell County. 110 acres under plow Electricity. $130. Possession. 240 ACRES S. E. MASON CITY— cent tillable 80 ACRES 2i MI. TO MANLY— Improved, all tillable. $210. Possession. ROMEY REALTY CO., Phone 584 LOCATED 4% MILES FROM NASHUA Six room house, basement barn, two poultry houses, each 14x32 ft., other oi,t- J 'dings. Most of the farm is fenced with woven wire. R. E. A. about 30 V. V. PRUDHON Nashua, Iowa Phone 5451 Machinery 41 Machinery OH--DEAR Should I read this? Recoi-ds prove that farm machinery never sells good in winter and not much is sold. However we manage to sell just as Black and white City, phone. Jester Hill, Forest FOR SALE—Cocker puppies. Ph. 3084-J. FOR SALE—Canaries. Full song. Special Misc. for Sole 44 typewriter; small radio; ' 069 'V AH rfidio; ' re- n S0od cond »!°n. Call GIFTS FOR MOTHER Hawkeye Hampers Cosco Stools Wear Ever Aluminum Revere Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers Tiffin Glassware Haeger Pottery CURRIES much in. winter as in summer, FOR SALE—11 rm. house in town of Kora Springs. 3539 N. Carolina. FOR SALE ALL MODERN HOME OR INCOME PROPERTY if one wishes to do a little remodeling. Gas heat, good location. Price $4000. Immediate possession. ALL MODERN BUNGALOW STYLE HOME Two bedrooms, sun room for a third if desired. Gas heat, good garage. Located 3 blocks from business district. Basement has been used as apt. Feb. 1 possession. Price $7200. JIM ANDERSON South Fourth Clear Lake FOR SALE New5Rm. House in Midland Heights Modern, 2 rooms can be finished upstairs. INQUIRE GLEN SWARTZ 1723 South Massachusetts even though we sell at 3 it's value. Machinery is seasonable, but my employees tell me their stomachs are not seasonable. As a result we keep our semi trucks rolling year round. If I fold- my boys to ?o home for winter they are iable not to come back next spring, so it all boils down to the fact that if you order your machinery now we can save you up to 35 per ceut. You don't pay in advance just tell us your needs and delivery can be made most anytime. This week's special-New Idea Picker picked 28 acres $895. W-C tractor used one month, is one of the last ones made of course equipped with WD engine $1400 Brand New D-C Case Standard 12 x 38 tires $2295. SwiderskiCo. Phone 6, Mosinee, Wis. Wisconsin's Largest Tractor Dealer. Branches Wausau & Albert Lea, Minn. Ph. 11F3 FOR SALE—1942 SC Case tractor and cult, with lights and starter. ning order. Ervin Buscman. Ph. 3GS2C, Rowan, Iowa. FOR SALE—American Flyer electric train. Complete. Ph. 3708. FOR SALE—Man's wrist watch- portable phonograph. Ph. 3391-W. also G1FTS FOR THE KIDDIES SLEDS from VELOCIPEDES from WAGONS from ROLLER $-795 51 WILL SELL or trade. Prefer trade with some .cash. Ninety uuit apartment building. Gross $56,047.44. Price at « times gross S33S.2G4.64. Will deal $200000 difference or your worth. Broker's commission figured on plus basis. Write Har. old M. White, 626 Grand Ave., St. Paul 5, Minn. Apparel 53 FOR SALE—New genuine silver fox col. lars and douule scarf. Would make rx- cellent Xmas gifts. Ph. 774, Clear Lake FOR SALE—Gordon and Ferguson coonskin coat, good cond., $25. Geors. Van Every. Ph. 3165. GIFT SPECIAL WOMEN'S AND MISSES' WINTER GLOVES and MITTENS Assorted Styles in Wool, Rayon and Leather —' Save 50%. 19cto79c RAIZES FOR SALE—2 prs. shoe ice skates, sizei 3 and 13. Phone 2579-W. $]79 SKATES I CURRIES FOR SALE—Black dirt. Hauling now. FOR SALE—Yoeman automatic Sump pump. Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. FOR SALE—2 bldgs., 10x12 and 10x14 - Garage, lOxlG, nearly new. Gasoline motored Maytag washer. Homestead electric washing machine and 2 tubs with legs. Call 495-J13. FOR SALE—Aero-Mail pedal toy. Phone 5138-J. FOR SALE—Modern 3 room house on paved street. S. E. section. Coal fur- iace, auto, water heater. Reasonably priced. Beck Bros., 409 S. Fed. Ph. 134. i3,800. SMALL, 2 bedroom bungalow S. E. section. Nearly all modern. Terms available. J. B. Youngblood & Son 'OR SALE—2 bedroom house. Newly constructed in Highlands, near school. 437 N. Rhode Island. Funeral Director MEYER Funeral Home. A beautiful serv. ice need not be costly. Ambulance service. Phone 1505. PATTERSON-JAMES Funeral Home. Known for Service. Ambulance oxygen equipped. 322 N. Washington. Ph, 1140. MAJOR Funeral "Major Service Auto or Air Ambulance. Home. Phone 611 MeeU Your Need.' SIcAULEY & SON Funeral Horn*. A distinguished, dignified funeral service Ambulance. S South Adams. Calj 651 Consumer Salesman Selling nationally advertised line making $6000 gross and approximately $5000 net during first 11 mos. of J 48 in Franklin & Hancock County territory, is leaving first of year to -?nter business on his own. THIS TERRITORY AVAILABLE to ambitious young man who is sales minded and willing to work Must have car. We will train and provide starting supervisor assistance in field. Must give character reference. WRITE H-22, GLOBE-GAZETTE HEiMENDINGER TRANSFER LINE Office at 823 Fourth St. S. W for experienced and economica local and long distance moving CALL 1070 Authorized Packard Service H & H Motors 12 Seventh St. S. E. SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding—all makes. Parts and supplies. Mason City Appliance Store, 21 1 S. Federal. Phone 1103. Help Wtd., Female 21 DEALERS WANTED A few choice county dealerships available in North Iowa for RUSCO all metal, self storing combination screen and storm window sash. Business can be operated from your own home with very small overhead and high net profit. WRITE, WIRE OR PHONE 841 FOR APPOINTMENT AND COMPLETE INFORMATION. WHITE RUSCO CO. 1715 Sooth Federal — Mason City, lowm WANTED STENOGRAPHER Single. 20 to . u years old. For genr.ral office work. Must be competent in shorthand ard typing. First National Bank Authorized Skelgas INSTALLATION AND SERVICE PHONE 5574 Egeland Skelgas and Appliance 18 South Delawar* ASHES and rubbish hauled. Basements cleaned. Ph. 4045-J. WRINGER ROLLS and washer repair. L. A. Wright. Ph. 1849-J or 3623-J. 3EGEN hardwood floor service. Laying, sanding. Ph. 1672. Full time. Permanent Bullis. Hotel Eadmar. Apply Mrs. 23 WANTED— Pastry cook. Park I 1 Jnn Hotel. MIRRORS resilvered. Guaranteed. Macket's, «17 2nd St. N. W. Phone 782. Business Lo^gtion«30 FOH RENT—New bldg. at 719 No. Fed. Office, restaurant or shop. Ph. 2667. Rooms for Rent 32 FOR RENT—Unfurn. rooms in Nora Springs. 1533 N. Carolina. FOR RENT—1 unfurn. nn. SIp«. or light housekeeping priv, 321 N. Pcnn. FOR SALE—New Highlands home ready to occupy. First floor — bedroom, living room, dining room, full ceramic tile bath, and a dream kitchen with dinette space — metal cabinets, rubber tile floor. Second floor— 2 bedrooms and bath with lots of closets and storage space. Walls beautifully finished in walltex, completely insulated, forced-air gas heat, garage with concrete driveway, completely land- FOR SALE TRACTORS—F-30, Oliver 70, and CULTIVATORS Both A No. 1 shape. FOSTER BARKEMA Alexander, Iowa WANTED TO BUY—Late model 10-20 International tractor. Roy W. Held Rock- Well, Iowa. FOR SALE 1946 John Deere 12-A combine with motor and extra separator drive belt. 1345 Case N.C.M. baler. Both machines in good shape, cheap. D. G. SANDERS 70?i North Harrison FOR SALE Wisconsin Motor. V-E type. Like new. Only used 15 hours. One 25 Pound Graco Grease Gun, like new. Quick Cities Serv. 16th & N. Federal Phone 1336 FOR SALE—2 pairs boy's shoe skates, size 6. Call 25UO. FOR SALE—Cushman scooter, model 54 A nice Christmas gift. Donald D. Cu- cllar. Clear Lake, across from Sam Kennedy. mmediate Delivery TUBS, STOOLS, LAVATORIES, SINKS AND SEPTIC TANKS WE INSTALL Patrick Plumbing S2ii South Carolina Phone 610 scaped. This is a real top quality three bedroom home and is very reasonably priced for a home of this class. You may look it over a I- 71 5—1 6th St. N. E. Open for inspection by appointment. Associated Builders, Inc., 309 First National Bldg., Evenings— 2823-W. FOR SALE New John Deere Model A with Power Control and JRollomatic; nearly new John Deere Model G; nearly new I.H.C. Model H; 1948 D.C. Case and Cultivator; new Ford Tractor with 8 speed traMs- mission; 1943 Model M-I.H.C. Tractor; John Deere Automatic Baler; 1947 Case Spike Tooth Combine; 1947 Case Rasp Bar Combine; 4 Bottom Oliver Raydex Plow. Call Jim Donahue I FOR SALE—Very good baker's oven Suitable for baking pies, cakes or roasting meets. Inq. at 13 9th N. E SPECIAL SHOE SKATES Regular $11.95, NOW Household Goods 54 TRADE YOUR BALKY OLD STOVE on a dependable new Norge Oil Heater Liberal Allowance Easy Purchase Terms DAMON'S APPLIANCE CENTER LAST MINUTE " SHOPPING TIPS New Singer Sewing Machine Vacuum Cleaner, Room Heater, Sewing Cabinet, Dress Forms Stop in and see us for our suggestions. SINGER Sewing Machine Co. 12H N. Federal Phone 1122 MASON CITY, IOWA WALLPAPER DC ROLL & UP • SHEPHERD PAINT & WALLPAPER 27-29 First St. S. E. FOR SALE—Mangle. Ph. 25S2-J. New Sew Gem Sewing Machines A Lifetime Christmas Gift. Terms, MASON CITY APPLIANCE STORE . 211 S. Federal FOR SALE—New Norge home freezer. Slight 'shipping damage. 5 year guarantee on Norge "Rollator" unit. Save $50. Damon's Appliance Center. FOR SALE—6 ft. Frigid;i~e. Coll at 504 S. Georgia. $-795 SCOOTERS Regular $4.50 NOW $298 Ph. 2207 Albert Lea, Minn. CURRIES ATTRACTICE new 2 bedroom bungalow. Tiled bathroom, attached garage, gas Christma s You can h n buy this home Just as easily as the rent Ph" 36 rayine - J - B ' Yo "ngblood & Son. A VERY BEAUTIFUL NEW HOME Living room 13x23—2 bedrooms (1 large). Very mod. kitchen, D. nook. Gas heat, tiled bath, plenty closets. Highlands. You'll love it See it. ROMEY REALTY CO., Phone 584 EZE-FLOW FERTILIZER' 10 FT SPREADERS The spreader sold with a Money Back Guarantee Petersen Farm Store Phone 268 Clear Lake HOUSE TRAILERS WHY HESITATE? 'our chances for financing a house Irallei rtrough us are better than you think. visit us soon and :e* these beautiful raller homes— IRONWOOD, SPORTSMAN, LNEIAN AND TRAILETTE (ou will bo amazed at their comfort and onvenlence. PRICED FROM *I450 AND UP Furniture and cars accepted as down payment. VIILLER'S WEST HAVEN GROG 2235 I9th St. S. W. Phone 4361 PARK'S TRAILER COURT mpton, Iowa Phone 937-J W. B. FERRING. DyersvllJe. Iowa FOR SALE J. A.-A tractor, cult, and 2 bottom 16 jnch plow, 999 com planter with fertilizer attachment, J. D. manure spreader, 9 ft. grain and bean drill and 9 ft. double culti- packer, 9 ft. spring tooth harrow, Bradley 7 ft. power mower and 7 ft. windrower, Papoc ensilage cutter,* 40 ft. pipe; one 4 wheel rubber tired wagon, triple box; 1 low wood wheel wagon and flat rack, numerous small tools, etc. All above in A-l condition. CALL 69-J-l, MASON CITY Livestock for Sale 42 EVINRUDE Outboard Motors Practically all models in stock. PRACTICAL GIFT SUGGESTION FOR THE SPORTSMAN DECKER BROS. Sporting Goods 205 N. Federal Phone 543 FOR SALE—2-wheel trailer, $35. L. H Rud, 20W. S. Federal Ave. FOR SALE—Midget automobile. New tires and Briggs and Stratum engine. Factory built. See after 6 o'clock or on Sunday. 417 6th St. N. W FOR SALE—Shetland pony. 2 yrs. old. Lots for Sale 36 OR SALE—Cheap. Two estate lots. L. H. Rud, Attorney-at-Law, 20'A So. Fed. Well broke. Thornton. It. Eibey, 2 ml. \V. of FOR SALE—White face and Shorthorn breeder cows. Lee Harthan. Phone 40-F25, Ventura. FOR SALE—Spotted Shetland pony, 7 mos. old. Emmet Ufford, Dumont, la. FOR SALE—Spotted boar. H. M. Athcn I'.i mi. South oi' Manly. FOR SALE—Hampshire boars. Eligible to register nnd Immune, 200 to 450 Ibs. 1 also Hereford bulls. Joseph A. Skow' Wesley, Iowa. FOR SALE—Baby buggy; boy's shoe skates, black, size 7. Ph. 2053-J. A GIFT FOR THE HOME DINNERWARE CHINA, SEMI-PORCELAIN OR POTTERY More than 60 patterns from which to choose. All sensibly priced. IOWA TEA CO. 29 East State Musical Instruments 48 FOR SALE—9 tube Sllvcrtone console radio, attach, for phonograph. Excel, condition. 1204 3rd S. W. FOR SALE—G. E. refrigerator, reasonable. Excellent condition. 922 N. Madison. FOR SALE 2 COMPLETELY REBUILT Maytag Washers Square ;a?t aluminum tubs, balloon wringer, factory guarantee. HOME APPLIANCE CO. Aufhori/ed Maytag Sales and Service 201 South Federal Phone 162 roaster For Your Turkey ENAMEL ROASTERS ALUMINUM ROASTERS CURRIES FOR SALE—Beautiful 5 ft. 1 in. B rand TRADE-IN Your Old "Ice Box" on an economical New Norge Refrigerator with the exclusive NORGE "Rollator" unit. M-848 (Standard "Eight") $269.95 ND-848 (Self-D-Froster) $314.95 TF-1048 (with freezer Chcs <;> $359.95 Easy Purchase Terms DAMON'S APPLIANCE CENTER Sales Backed By Service

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