The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 14, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1914
Page 7
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Evening, July 14, 1914. T H E D E U A T U K R E V I E W Page Sevei * Tower Hill Men to be Tried Thursday for Bootlegging. Shelbyville July 14--Th» July term of the Shelby county county court opened Monday, with Judga E K P Grider on the bench, but after the calling of the docket on which there Is a total of forty-six cases, adjournment iva-! taken to the 16th Inst. when a. jury will be empaneled and five or sK criminal cases tried These will Include the oases against the tour Touer Hill men arrested recently on charges of selling liquor In antl saloon te-rltori "ind released on ball a das or two after having been committed to the county Jail In this city The rpen Joe Ferando Sam Bourmut, Tony Fhoc'cs and ·ttilllam Borola were turned over to the authoilties by their bondsmen Monday, and -siere re"om muted to Jail to await their trial Thursday The other case set for Thursaas 1' one in which J Frank Friend chaiged with assault with a. deadlv weapon in throwing a brick at Clay McKlttrlck in Clarksburg a. few weeks ago is de fendant Friend was operator for the C E I at Clarksburg at the time of the alleged assault, but Is now engaged at K.irks\lHe Mi's Josephine Eddv Is hostess to number of her girl friends at a house party at the Eddy cottage at Lithia Springs trie week TT\O 'ttOMEN' ARRESTED Eva Allen and Mrs Lou Tinaword were arrested at Fancher Alondaj on a warrant Issued at the Instance of Ed Beck charging them with disturbing the peace It 13 said that the arrest of the women was a sequel to the recent arrest ana firing of Beck on a complaint filed bj them charging him w i t h drunkenness JuGge Grider has Issued a special venire for twelve men to serve as Jurors In the trial of the few cases that will be. given attention at I*is term of the county court. PHILIP M COLLINS BURIED The funeral of Philip McCol!in= an old resident of Shelbj-ul e was held at his late home on Soutn Mnth street at 2 o clock Sunday afternoon conducted bj tne Rev A E Brown'ng of the Bapt st churrh Burial was in Glenwood cemetery MOORE-CLTLER Charles F Moore and Miss Lola E Cutle-- w e l l known v o u n f f people of tnis c i t j were quletlv married at the home o' the of'relating clersman the Rev \\ G McCollev at the close o' the en i r ch service Sandav evening Mr and "Irs Bert Cutler were attending w i t n t ses The series o f union vesper services in which the Presbyterian and First Methodist congregations have Joined at the Rex. airdome for the last four weeks closed £unda evening and neither church w i 1 hold further evening service until after the Shelbyvllle REALTY TRANSFERS Real estate transfers just recorded include the following Ellick Housh and wife to David Beck, nw u sw U section 14, Flat Branch $o SOO Ellick Housh ard wife to George L. "Wooters, ne^-i sw^i section 14, Flat Branch, Jo SOO WORKING ON BREWSTER HILL. Several public spirited men are engaged In bettering the condition of Brewster Hill The work is being dons under the direction of Charles Nixon and already the improvement is very marked A. large portion of the concrete foundation that was removed from the 2500 block on N'orth First street because of its not being up to standard has oeen placed on the hill and is being worked into shape for the betterment of that portion of the highway When completed the hill will no longer be a terror to teamsters and automobile drivers Lack of Chauffeurs' Licenses May Cost Fines. Shelbyvllle, Julv 14--Several Findlay automobile drivers were on the anxious bench Saturday, anticipating arrest for failure to provide themselves with chauffeurs' licenses and instead of making: themie'veg scarce as Is com. mon with those expecting a visit from ' the officers of the Jaw, they came oo " Shelby-ville to Inquire of the sheriff whether or not he had warrants for them The cause of their anxiety grew out of the arrest and fining of Grover Weathera, a- Flndlay man for running nis automobile for hire ·without first attending to the formality of procuring: a. chauffeurs license, and his sub sequent threat to see that everyone else iu Findlay who had been likewise re- nlss should also feel the heavy hand of the law It IE said that a number of other persons who Jet their automobiles for hire, but have not procured licenses as prescribed by the automobile law are anticipating arrest Several Findlay men however, took out licenses when thes first purchased their cars and have kept them, renewed each jear since The original license costs $o and the renewal is, a. saving of several dollars over a. single fine anl costs HAD TO BURY BODY AT MIDNIGHT Cljde Reman Committed Suldcle Because of Love Affair Cordon July 14--The bodj of C l j d a Reman \\as expected to arrive here Friday night but. was delated In shipment and did not arrive u n t i l Saturda n i g h t at 10 12 and was then found to be In such, a condition that Immediate burial \\as neressan although Undertaker Lamb Tvorked for se\eral hours trying to tret the bo H lr shape so that burial could be delayed until Sunday Mr Reman the father was the only one able to attend the burial as the other members of the family the mothe" especla ly were prostrated W 1th grief An oKIe 1 * brother W a l t e r Reman of South Dakota accompanied the bod here CHde ehot himself on Tuesday e\enlnff and the bach was not fojnd until Y cdnesdav morning Disappointment in lo\e 1* said to ha\ e been the cau e e of the act CONDITION OP BOTH ^EPIOt = Members of the family w h o w e n t to St Louis ^unrtai, to see T h o r r t o n Sellers and Miss Gertrud» Dowel! report the r conditions as serious Thornton ha\1ns suE ered a hemorrhage from a broken art*rv o« ^a - urda night \\ hlch almost t e r m i n a t e d fa- talK Dr Masen w h o has b e a n eerlouaK 111 the pas t few das is reported eoni \ h t bet er Mrs M A Torrence Is s u f f e r i n g from, a bad attack of aclatlc ri-eumatism The little son of Mr and Mrs Llos d Mid dlesworth ts sick, at the home o* Its grandmother Mrs LamBon In thlB city Mre Llle Montgomery Daniels of luXa returned home Mondaj morning after a two weeks v i s i t w i t h Cowden relatives Mr Daniels cams up and remained o\er Sunday 'VMUtam Balrd and family of Danville, returned home Monday after a t w o da\ s \ i s l t w i t h Mrs J C Ealrd They motored down. Miss Defisa Reynolds returned to H er home In She*byAllle Saturday n'gM LA PLACE. William Dodson and daughters Misses Maude and Ma of Cerro Gordo, were callers here Tuesday evening A C Foley and family of Lake City %lalted Mrs Poley 1 * mother and att-nded church serUces ere Saturday evening B P Kagev and w i f e and Forest Toney and family were Cerro Gordo visitors Saturday e\enlng J A Brson of Hammond was the guest of his antghter, Mrs J A Tonej and ram Ily Saturday Ilirold DIckion who has been attending a preparatory school in Michigan is home oa a two weeks vacation William Mnrchall and wife went to Moweaqua ^n.1 irdflx to o t f n d _ t h e f n^ral of the CASTOR IA for Infanta and Children, The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of SPAPLRl .U/-X- '"' f/ , ' --it answers every beverage requirement--vim, vigor, refreshment, wholesomeness. It will satisfy you. Demuid the genuine by fall earn*-- Hicktttmcs encourage ·abftitetioo. THE COCA-COIA COMPANY ATLANTA. GA. fomer · brother-in-Uw They returned home 6unUy ev«n!n s Th« Woman · Foreign MUslonarv society of the Methodlit church win raeet at the home of Mrs. A C Davis "Wednesday ifter^- noon Mrs Lsnum and llttl* feranddaughter of Bethans visited over Sundy w i t h the formers daughter Mrs Perry Wertz and fam- ) y Mr» Alva Redman and chi dren of B«- metn returned to their home Sunday e\en- ing after several days visit her* with re - atHet and friends snail B F Kagey and wife Forest Toner a family spert Sunday In the country wl Clifford "\ an Horn and fami! 11 remain nere anoiner ^eek Re^ J C En Ing anfi f a m i l y spent Sun- 5 ·Rlth friends at Lake C!u Mr E^ing led his appointment there Sunday morning KENNEY. Born to M" and Mr* R B Pullen Saturday July 11 a daughter Mri K R Per e InK?r anfl Mr? T3 t, FOB- ter were buMnes callers In Clinton Saturday ( afternoon ' Born to Mr and Mrs Kenneth Schoby, Satruday July II a daughter Mr and Mrs Clifford Euttle end daughter of Philadelphia Pa. are ^Isltln^ S G Cox and K F Suit!" Mr and Mr« T C Green and aon of Peo- rla are \lsftlngr Air and Mrs I G Cos Mrs Edna Anderson and daughter are vfs ting Mrs \ M Kemp Russell Darden of Decatur visited fali sister Mrs H J XVeller the put week M 15 Craig spent Sunda\ w th his parents, Dr and Mrs U M Craig- Scott Nearing of Clinton visited over Sunday ulth his * ffe Mrs JuHa Trnwbrldge visited several dayi the past -we^k with her son John H Troiv- brldge south of Kenne Independence Camp Meeting. Independence camp of Royal Neighbors held their regular meeting 1 Monday evening Over fifty were preeont and an enjoyable time tvas had by all One candidate ^as Initiated following the business meeting- Those who ·wished indulged In dancing Re^resh- ments of Ice cream and. cake ·were serv- ! ed Several visitors w e r e present fit; the meeting PICTURES 3c Any size print including 4x 5, printed on the highest grade paper. Leave your printing with us. Haines Essick 217 N. Water. Both Phones 1256. Dr. B. L. Maenithal Physician Dr. R F. Armstrong Dentist Have opened their office at 245-249 N. Water St. Above Kaufman's Clothing Store. swart 227»235N.WATERSii DECATUR.IU.S* EXTRAORDINARY BARGAIN NEWS 25c, 5Oc and 75c Towels, 15c velmg salesmen n this great lot 15c We have again been fortunate in securing the entire sample lines of towels carried by the traveling salesmen of the great Ely Walker Wholesale Dry Goods Co , St. Louis, Mo. Upwards of 500 towels in this great lot just as good and just as serviceable to you as if bought m the regular way, only slightly soiled. Pure all linen large size satin damask towels, elegant large size all linen hemstitched huck towels, fine satin damask fringed towels, fancy all linen towels with drawnwork and hemstitching, elegant large size double warp Turkish towels ,etc. Towels never priced in a regular \vay less than 25c, 35c, 50c and up to 75c. The best are always picked out first. Come early--choice at the unheard of price · lOc Towels For 5c Upwards of 200 good large size huck linen tow els --hemmed ends with fancy borders--towels priced everywhere regulaily at lOc When we get a bargain we give a bargain. Choice at the lowest price ever named, each 5c 18c Towels For 9c Upwards of 500 elegant extra large huck towels with fancy borders, also full bleached Turkish towels with hemmed ends--They are just as good as if you paid 15c and 18c for them-Choice Wednesday each 9e 50c To $1.25 Damasks, 3ic and 5c inaSKS--ID, i:u, t-t aiiu ^i mcues 31c «* 5c Upwards of 1,000 Swatches of snow whate mercerized and all linen table dainasks--18, 20, 24 and 27 inches square--Elegant for napkins, tray cloths, splashers, commode covers, " """ table cloth protectors, etc. The entire line of sample swatches carried by the traveling salesmen of Ely and Walker Dry Goods Co You know the kinds. You bought some here before--Table Damasks worth 50c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.25 a yard--choice of these swatches worth six to eight times these prices 250 Beautiful Sample Bedspreads We also secured from Ely and Walker their entire sample lines of Bed Spreads. Beautiful snow white Bed Spreads-- fringed, scal'oped and cut corner--Crochet and Marseilles spreads worth almost double the prices we are going to sell them tor. some are so slightly soiled that your attention would have to be directed before you could discern the soiling, it you neea tsea Spreads here is your chance to buy same at the lowest prices ever known in Decatur. Regular $1 Bed Spreads, soiling scarcely discernible, now each Regular $1.39 to $1.50 extra large Bed Spreads ..... Regular $1.75, $2 and $2.25 Bed ......... $1-50 Regular $2.50, $2.75 and I»1 OK $3 white Bed Spreads .«?·*··«*«* Regular $3.50, $3.75 and $4 white and colored Bed fl»O DQ Spreads for 6.VO Regular $5 and $6 very finest Marseilles Bed Spreads Summer Wash Goods Half Price Beautiful English Batistes, in floral designs, dots, stripes, checks, etc. Eegu- lar lOc values, at Stewart's, the lowest price ever named, a yard Dainty Pineapple Tissues, Primrose Ba- tistes and Loretta Batistes, silk striped Organdies, etc Actually 18c to 22c val- ~ "*'" 10c ues. Stewart's price, a yard . Exquisite New Crepes, silk striped novelties, imported Tissue Ginghams, voiles, etc. Regular price 25c. At 1 f t p Stewart's, this sale, a yard .. AtlC 27-inch Silkized Foulards, a beautiful silky looking wash fabric worth regularly 25c a yard. Stewart's price, the lowest, this sale, 1 O JLp choice, a yard A» 2 ^ Exquisite Crepe Eponge in all the popular new shades and in white. A wonderful value at 25c the yard At Stewart's this sale, choice, a yard Beautiful New Plisse Crepes, a very popular wash fabric, in all the prettiest patterns. Regular price 22c a yard. Stewart's price, this sale a yard Values Up To $10, Wednesday $1.00 . * .. TV _. _ Al_---- ~~,r,fi4- 4-nV\1aer -full /vf Y^OIlt.if 111 ·· To make quick clearance--(anything to get them out of our way) of all broken lines women's ta'lor made suits, linen suits, wash suits, all wool Spring coats, pongee coats, poplin coats, women's black ~ all wool voile skirts, white pique skirts, linen skirts, women's crepe dresses, pongee dresses, madras dresses--upwards of 150 garments to select from $3, $5, $8 and up to $10 values. As we said before all we want is quick clearance and we close our eyes to the losses-Wednesday at Stewart's where you have never been disappointed--real genuine bargains--choice Here are three great tables full of beautiful spring summer millinery almost given away for quick clearance. Every fashionable color--new greens, new blues, new purples, tango, mahogany, etc., also a few black and a few white hats included. The season's most "~ charming, exclusively fashionable millinery--all exquisitely trimmed --millinery that sold to $12--none worth less than $5--the greatest bargains ever announced in Decatur, choice .fcWSPAPtRl

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