The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on October 2, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1939
Page 3
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THIRD YOUTH BEING HELD Charles Harshman, 20, Fairplay, Charged In Straw Stack Burning. _ The total of. youths being held in the "thrill" straw stack burning on a farm near Beaver Creek several months ago • - as brought to three yesterday morning with the arrest of Charles Harshman 20 of Fairplay, Route 1, by Deputy B. C. Bender. Bender said Harshman admitted lie accompanied Can Preston Miller, 19, of Beaver Creek, to the farm of John E. Harbaugh where the straw stack was set on fire PO that James Waugh, 21, a driver for the Funkstown Volunteer Fire Department could have the thrill of driving the apparatus to the scene of the conflagration. Miller and Waugh wer arrested Friday night by Deputy Bender and County Investigator Wayne F Sellman. Both admitted, the officers said, to the "plot." The three .win" be given preliminary hearings Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock before . Magistrate Martin V. Bostetter. Deputy Bender said there may be several additional arrests in other straw stack fires in the Funkstown- Beaver Creek district. There have been nine such blazes since April. Jaschatteifetz, Paul Harvey and Gene Reynolds discuss fine-music in an exciting scene from "They Shall Have Music- a Samuel GoVdwyn production, which features the California Junior Symphony and'" begins 4 a three'days run at. the Maryland'Theatre today. : ' Decomposed lava is the origin of extremely fertile soil , in Japan Java and Italy. Back Pain and Strain Kidney Wrong foods and drl ftnd colds often put a s •.lid non-systemic and drlnks - " worr y- overwork & strain on the Kidneys non -<*ganic Kidney bc the true caus » r e , n « ^P N1 *hts. Burn- i« « 8 es> ^ c ? Pains ' Nervousness. Dizzi- Piiffw iSSiM 11 ATn Ucs, Rheumatic Pains, and Puffy Eyelids. In many such cases the dl- S* h£ lon *S f t h £ Doctor ' s Prescription I*rJ! »?? lps , tbe , ^dncys clean out Excess Acids. This plus the palliative work of Cystex jnay easily make you feel like a new person c?J™lf a fe , w da y s - Try Cyctex under the «H « a * e eot money back unless completely satisfied. .Cystex costs only 3c a dose nt druggists and the guarantee protects you. 95 Piece China DINNER SET •10 8«rric« for It Special HARRY S. MYERS 53 North Potomac Street ons Are Now Being Shown at the BON TON THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., MONDAY, OCTOBER 2 1939. THE GAY THIRTIES STAMD [MOBILIZATION PLANSMAPPED Industrial Blueprint Simplified And Brought Up To Date. Washington, "Oct. 2.—The ' industrial mobilization plan — the nation's blueprint for war — has been simplified and brought up to date. A copy of the 1.939 edition, which is under scrutiny of the newly- created War Resources. Board, showed here that it differed from recent previous plans in these respects: It is briefer, more direct and less detailed in charting methods of putting the country's resources behind the army and navy in the event of war. It stresses general procedure and principles, rather than detailed plan of action. It places increased emphasis upon using existing peacetime governmental agencies for war work. However, the- object of the plan remains the same, namely, to provide the armed forces with an adequate and constant supply of munitions and to supply civilians with ample subsistence, without unduly dislocating the social and economic system. In the event of war. the President would summon the recently created War Resources Administration to serve as a "super-agency" in converting industry to a war-time basis. This board, which was set up less than two months ago is headed by Edward R. Stet- THREE Irene Dunne and Charles Boye the stars , of "Love Affair," hav glorious ne.w. romantic roles in th new Universal production, "Whe Tomorrow Comes." showing; -thi week at Heni-y's Theatre. The n e~\ >icture is described as "the hap )iest .noment in every woman' life." The hest caslanefs are made o only two or three types of wood and must he hand-carved in specific shape best tones.' to bring out the "•^MARYLAND STARTS TODAY THERE'LL BE MUSIC IN YOUR HEART as you thrill fo this HUMAN drama of boys ond girls! The. disguise • into which .Bobby Breen is here- helping Clarence Muse is not a prank but a highly necessary move in • "Way Down South." .The picture, which stars young-Breen, concerns a courageous lad's fight to retain.his inheritance. The locale is Louisiana in pre-Civil war days. Ifs an RKO Radio release, showing today and tomorrow at the Academy. tinius, Jr., chairman of the "United States Steel Corporation. President Roosevelt stressed last week that creation of the board was not a step toward war and added that the- board would be disbanded this month after completing a study. One man—the resources administration chairman—would be an industrial czar under the mobilization plan, with possibly greater powers than those exercised by B-ernard M. Baruch when he headed the World War Industries Board. He would be advised by a council composed of heads of divisions of the resources administration, heads of other emergency agencies and representatives of the War, State and Navy Departments. Control over industry and com- PON'T GET YOUI2 TO---WK... _ KNOW WHEPE DON'T KNOW KNOW-IT-ALMOST [FIVE GUNBOATS LEAVING CHINA Shanghai, Oct. 2 (Monday) (#).— The British navy today anonunced withdrawal of five of its ten gunboats from 'the Yangtze river patrol in "view of urgent military requirements elsewhere." Destination of the five warships was not announced, but reliable informants believed they would be taken to Britain's Far Eastern "Gibraltar" at Singapore, co be used as patrol boat.? and mine-sweepers. Well-informed foreigners said the move would strengthen Singapore and indicated British preoccupation with a possible Japanese naval drive southward against the Dutch East Indies and British possessions in that section of the Far East. In a South American city there is a, clock in the form of a searchlight, in revolving the light falls on a different landmark every hour. v j For Your Cough Yields To Soviets Large Bank Barn Wrecked By Fin Damage estimated 'by Fire Chiet C. Edgar Fill Ion of. .Mercersbu'rg at ? 4,0 00 was caused by fire that de- troycd^a-large frame bank barn on he^Aiina E. 'Dulebdhn farm,' near Vefsh Run. late "Friday" at'tcrnbon. V portion of 'the- damage '.was sa id o be covered 'by ; in aura nee. Discovered soon .a [Lor. . the barn •as struck 1>V lightning- d'u i -ing a seer e filectricaf storm," the 'fire pread to all parts of the^barn and •as--beyontl -control -by the~time lercersburg firemen arrived, with ie community pumper. . Prompt ction, however, by neighbors and remen saved -all livestock. Most f the farm machinery and equipment was salvaged, only a -wagon being lost. • • . ' '. merce, to direct 'the flow and vol time of needed war goods, would be exercised by means of priority orders on shipments, and by li censes, embargoes, price contro and foreign trade control measures. Within the administration would be created divisions to provide the war industrial machine with sufficient plant facilities, raw materials, power, fuel ami transportation. Other emergency administrations, whose functions would be performed initially by the war resources agency, would be: public relations, selective service (draft), finance, trade, labor and price control. Control of prices would be at;empted by voluntary co-operation and public opinion. War service committees of industrial representatives would provide contact between govern- ~at and business. In England there is a penalty of five years penal servitude for cutting down a tree on another person's land, under terms of a statute passed in 1S61. NOTED SINGER KILLED COPENHAGEN, Oct. 2 (>P).—The newspaper Politken said last nigh it had learned in a telegram from Poland that Eva Brandowski-Tur ska, soprano who had appeared with the Metropolitan Opera Com pany in New York, was killed dur ing the bombardment of Warsaw. AUTO STOLEN The automobile of Park 0. Beaver, HOO block Hamilton boule vard, was reported stolen late last night. Visit The New Wayside Furniture Mart 8 Milet Weit of Hagerstown NEAR GATEWAY INN PHONE 4088 F3 L. Keller Garver, Mgr. John D. Myers & Co. The Home of VARSITY TOWN and UNDER GRAD CLOTHES For Young Men Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ laden phl*«n, Increase secretion and aid natart-. to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsionwith th« understanding that you are to lik« the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Due to Inclement Weather KAY'S 25th BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY Will Be extended TODAY— until 5 P. M., closing time. AH Merchandise on Sale. <* 40 West Washington St. Phone 784 Relieve Pain In Few Minutes ortfsneyBack To relieve ^torturing pain • of 'Rheumatism. Neuritis, Neuralgia, or in a few i minutes, -Ret NUJUTO. tlie splendid formula, used by thousands. Dependable — no opiates, j Docs the work quickly. Must, relieve cruel ' I*iin. to your satisfaction, in few niinutcs or ^ourTnoncy-back. Don't suffer. Aslc your £i3t today for NU.RITO on tbia KUMIUUM. Estonian Premier Kaarel Eenpalu yielded to Russia as a tenyear mutual assistance pact was. signed in Moscow. It gives Russia the right to fortify two strategic Estonian islands, Oesel and Dagoe, and an Estonian . port,. Paldiski, in the North Baltic. ACADEMY SfARTS CONTINUOUS 11A.M. to 11 P.M. SHOWING IT LIVES AND BREATHES OF THE GREATEST MOMENTS IN A WOMAN'S LIFE! A •to ry of th» "MI0HT HAVE IEEN" that happens to »v«ry girl I Waring Injured In FightWith Youth Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pa., Oct.'2 (>?)—Orchestra Leader Fred Waring was cut about the head Sunday as he and several others overpowered a masked, 39-year-old youth who police said attempted to hold up Waring,, his wife ami another couple. ^ Private Joseph Hines o f the State Police declared the youth, armed with a rifle and a revolver, accosted the Warings find Mr. and Mrs. George Stark of Xew York City as Waring was about to drive into the garage of his summer cot- tape near here. — The House of Blue White Diamond! «« W. Witahlnrton 8t. announce authorized > > What Iron Fireman does! 1. Keeps house temperatures steady. Automatically controls day and night temperatures in the home/ 2. Fires your furnace for you. Relieves you of hours of drudgery. No fire building, no grate shaking. 3. Lets you sleep later mornings. i ou don't have to get up and start the fire. 4. Gives clean heat, clean basement No smoke nuisance. CONSULT US For complete details of available fire protection. R. M, Hay* & Bros., Inc. Meilink Safes PLUS with ALAN MOW8RAY RALPH MORGAN CLARENCE MUSE STEFFI DUNA- SALLY BLANE HALUOHNSON CHOIR CHAPTER No. 7 — "OREGON TRAIL" CARTOON — NEWS EVENTS IflENE CHARLES DUNNE'HOVER MIWOMOW I com' NO INCREASE IN PRICES Mat. 10c - 20c —'Nite I5c - Men's Fine Tailored Made Suits $24.50 MONTGOMERY WARD A CO. 5. Low fuel cost Iron Fireman is the enemy of waste. Gets lots of heat from little coal ue COaL What Iron Rreman has! 1. Heatmeter Syncrostat control system. Keeps house temperature even all day, lowers temperature at night; raises 'it next morning before you get up; tends furnace while you're gone. No other stoker has it! 2, "Volumeter" air control. Feeds exact amount of air to fire for scientific combustion; approximately 15 pounds of air are burned for every pound of coal— and air is free! 3 Efficiency retort Gives top economy. 4 • NO COAL HANDLING Coa! Flow model rakes coal direct from bin to fire in closed conveyor. 4 Precision construction. Made like a fine car. LOANS Hager$town Industrial Savings & Loan Co. 19 N. Jonathan St.— Phone 250 BOHMAN-WARNE (Incorporated ) 35 West Franklin Street Hagerstown, Maryland Telephones 84-85

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