Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 1, 1941 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
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Saturday, November 1, 1941
Page 4
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Sterling Daily Gazette fhfv have channel the dollar *« c«n viv/> rn em" That's whst we were trvine to prov* We h.v.-e ft rppirtfn'atu* rrpubilc, In which the people leave highly technical questions to the j'idirmfnt of copgre."men whrv wt !li* t m'»!vp* up M qualified to watch o-.i! for fh" puhiic *-«*if»in». Even the representative rrnnhlir i« not pre.t»nt. at Turn o:it very' well Time aftT time con- 1 thp President on th" theoiv that F Grar.don. General MRMBECTI the swift tempo o! even's today do<*s D \V Gfftndon. Associate ' r.ot permit, committee hearings, dp- in two house-*. hai^ntinB, con- and the like The Press- ."Trie paup s;:h»rrlp*.lon n-rier-ci»s«ifiM Information regarding The Sterling Oazett* Book W«tk Starts ri«>nt has been given power to art in some manners which a '.ways had been watched T^alouslv bv congress. instead of being represented, in snme matters, by our Itval repre- 'entative and our two United States So far as knn»n, there is no senators, we are repiesented by « spot on tht European calendar known as Book Week. If there were, doubtless in must countries the observance, of It would renter around the burning of volumes that didn't suit the whims of Hitler and hi* miserable little clique of war lords, regardless of the genius of the authors of the books. For 22 years Book Week has had a place on the American calendar. The 1941 observance will start Sunday, there will be no book burnlnp. Indirectly, thla fact should emphasize the freedom of the citizen of this country to read whatever fie considers worth his time. That Is a right to be appreciated and safeguarded. It Is a fundamental right of a free people. The Sterling public library has a program for Book; Week which will be devoted lately to the children's section of the Institution. The local library Is especially well stocked with books for children. Parents of youngsters not familiar with what the institution has to offer might visit It next week and get acquainted; not only with the children's section, but the other departments ac well. man York. from Duchess countv. \Vho savs this Is ft democra- Saturclav, November 1, 1941 U. S. ARMY INSIGNIA ; ar the police jxi«.t. \ be rs anplf. j'.i<:' s Take the matter O f war. !or to- days chief example. Wed like to see the results of a national referendum on this question: 'Shall the United States enter the war now?" If the various po'.is b«inK tak^n bv nationally ierc>L-ni7/ i d organizations mean anything, the people would answer such ft question by a vote of 4 to 1 against war, And yet" as fast as the.President's methods 'are belnn implemented by congressional acts and delations of authority, we are brine takrn to war RRalnst the wishes of fiO per cent of our people—all this Is whnt Mr. Roosevelt says is a democracy. Blocks Prompt Vote On Removing Curbs From Ship Sailings WASHINGTON - fAP»-A proposal by Senator O'Danlel 'D-Texn.s) that the ae'nate vote at once on removing the neutrality act's shipping restrictions was blocked Friday bv Senator Maloney <D-Conn> who said he would not agree to the unanimous consent procedure O'Danlcl's plan required. O'Danlel had announced he would '.«eek immediate action, which could A large collection of books will be blocked by a single objection, im- be on display. These include largely best sellers, of which there are far too'few here, not because of lack of desire on the part of the board, but because the tax income is not sufficiently large to purchase many of the books the library board would like to buy. There are certain sections which must be kept up to date, one of which is that devoted to reference. Sterling is essentially an Industrial city. As such, it has hundreds of young men who are striving to better themselves. Thanks to former library boards, the reference section ranks far •head of that of the average city of this sice. The present board ha* kept this section up to the mlnut* with the result that the books of reference are in constant uae as text books for these anibltious young people. The public library is one of Sterling's greatest assets. A young person f6und in company with a book can be generally •Aid to be in good company. May Book Week at the Sterling library this year be the biggest and best in the history of the institution. Voice Of The Press WHERE 18 THAT DEMOCRACY? (Moline Dispatch) Wh«n It comei to talking about democracy. President Roosevelt is unsurpassed even by Winston Churchill, although he U seconded closely by Secretary Hull. Senator Pepper of Florida, and Knox and Btimson. This ncwapaper has dunf consistently to the theory that the United Slates is not a democracy in th« etrict of the word. We . have volumlnou* reference! to show that those who organlasd the present American form of government did not intetwi to establish a drmoc- — racjrvbut-rathtr- a-representatfve- republic — the form which we now haw. and under which w« have prospered amaiingly. While the sdmlnia*nuion wss talking aboui democracy, unqualified. we kept pointing out that this Is • republic, but it didn't «eem to do much .good and for several months now we have not mentioned the i*iu»— if it It an Issue. ' But now it stems we have been mediately after Senator Brook* <R- III) had concluded a speech .In opposition to the pending legislation. Maloney declined to announce his own position on the bill, which would permit arming merchant ships and allow them to travel anywhere, but said that several senators who wished to make speeches were not present today and should be given an opportunity to speak. O'Daniel made hi* announcement after Chairman Connally iD-Tex) of the foreign relations committee had informed the senate solemnly of the fclnklng of the United SUt*s deatroyer Reuben James. Interrupting .senate debate on the pending legislation, O'Daniel said he thought the "psychological moment" had arrived Tor the senate to give its decision on proposed changes in the act. "I am wondering if the men aboard that ship took the time to debate for days and days the question whether or not this nation was neutral." O'Daniel .said. "It seems to me the psychological moment has arrived for the senate to seriously consider announcing its det-Lsion." Senator Brooks iR-Ill) asserted in the s«nat« that the proposed revision would send the nation "full speed ahead, shooting its way into active , participation In the second world war." • Administration leaders earlier had set Wednesday as the deadline for senate action on revision of the act. Still confident they have ample votes to pass the important measure, the leaders said they had arranged a speaking program which they believed would insure a vote by the middle of next week. HORUQNTAL 1 Depicted insignia of the U, S. Army Corps. 7 Bodies. H Implant d<?ep. 16 Pass up. 17 Residents, of Aran (Bib.). 18 Immerse. 20 Stupid p*min 21 Biting remarks. 22 Send money in payment. 24 Most important. 25 Frozen water. 26 Argues. 28 Suffix. 29 New Hampshire (hbbr.). 30 Set up 31 Exclamation. ?3 Mountain (abbr.1. 34 Surrealist pn inter. 35 FmiMi. 37 Fatty matter. " Revise for publication. <iO Location. Answer {a Prerkraa Pnxxie 41 Color. 43 Suffix. 45 I,sir. 4fiOut cf. 47 Division of geologic time icomb. form>. 48 Beveraee 50 Adorned with stars. ?' Suffix- 56 Island. Sft FaKow land. 59 South African plant. 60 Failur* 6lMu£«olim's • dogma. !5 Capita! of Peru. 18 Debutant?. (abbr.). 39 Ho!#. 22 Pertaining ?o a U. S. Army group 23 Tellurium (symbol). 2* Weakens. 27 Swerved. 30 Violent. 32 Guide to content?. It t> ft? ft num- I said." j Mauri!* nO'ld'-rl r».M«.r!iv. ' Bu' j we riirin t know that then. Weil. j Mi? 1 ; Millie couldn't se» Gordon i right away. In fact it wss R't«r ' trip inquest hrforr she had ft rhance, «nd t.h<-v decided to meet i • rin-,vn on the (ii^r wh^re no one VERTICAL 1 Interpretation 24 Of the (Fr ) : wouid ,'.<*? tlT-m." Shf Khudrtered at the rfmf mhiar.r'v ; "I don t knna •.».;-.*? hap(vnffl ' exactly, of rout-" 1 , but I fiew eh 1 " Rrrufd him of kl'.hr.g Cord. Phf ; «airl she had i)»\ *>r nran*. him tn f!o anything like that — merely have Cord rher.< nut of the inn and go aw- ay Onrrion saifl h* »a«n't Riiilty. and she reminded hlrp that he had lirri to her before ' — hark when they werr young and in love. He said the hadn't for- M a '• wealthy. 2 Decorate. 4 Electrified particles. 5 Kind of lettuce. 6 Preposition 36 Ae'~Tip;;short 33 Cloth pattern. 42 Clan symbol. 44 Otherwise 47 Son of Seth tBibj. 49 Sprite. 51 Skili. Many Peacetime Jobs Rendered Insecure by Demands of Defense NEW YORK — 'Spernii —NOT. If .... ^ ver. b-.i-Mnev men and workers must ; gotten n word of that meeting! loo ' c ahead For business men. a Workers, Business Urged to Prepare For Difficult Times Babson Urges Revision of Federal Tax law To let Corporations Store Up Reserves Bv Rosrr Baboon BABSON PARK MASS. — This ' hoftr<1 morning I noticed th* squirrels storing up ruts for the winter. We are «o ;>.rr:i«'omed to th^se simple instincts of the animals that wp fail ; ' hana*d. to re*!;?" their great significance. | hon;dinc Ho?, :.« .t that these squirrels, which | ! ha-» r-'-.rr be<>n to school, know tij*fj ; wir.'T 15 coming and More ujx'ad-| •' supplies in such a ststema'ic j •" manner' Yet. many humans w and our pubiir srhool «\stem and net-s- pape-'s. fail ID take those ordinaty :or.s Is it possible was bitter. He said «he threat-1 P*me.«. Frvr workers, a tlanre at tell the police because , *'hat is comin» tomorrow, next year ae murder, he'd killM i * nfl trif . v '* r *'t*r. ran save them ened to minder her love once killed a man. 'Gordon said he lost his head, and I can understand that. Hr and now he had 8 Pertaining to. 52 Road fabbr.). thought she was Just hystprical. n " "" ~ ' but he didn't want her running .to the police because he had gam- ; bird with Cord and was In for ; quite a lot of money for a little town Innkeeper. He supposed that 9 Roman (abbr.*. 10 A dance (abbr). 11 Rest house. 12 Self love 13 Verse form (pi.). 53 Reference (abbr.). 54 ARC. . r i5 Yale. 57 Each (abbr.) 59 Alternating current (abbr.). would be enough cause for the police to hold him. Her voice was tired, but she kept on'" talking a"nd looking out across the lake. "Well, he hit her. She fell and started to scream. He said It was basic important InMincts? Talklni With Ro««rvell riTpnraMnn* fl!! <"' inve "ir money, refuse to add: 1 inn* an'! Improvement*, reie^iv d:«oharge emplnvev I'nfiav thf Mt'iRMon Is entirely ans*d.. Instead of employers , man;, wn'teful- New factory build- mat hmerv air brin? tremendous rate. I| Prrtidcnt Roosevelt iernmlder the question today r.e would reverse his position and astf* that, employers should he pennh?efl tor not setting up (., r-ti'f; .t£«ei\e« f'ne nfd of iio'ii i> a^ the fifcc is recommend-1 filld f>.~ irerl at me manv payle.M paydays Her*s the situation in a nutshell: Tod ft v we are'building armament* Irome with about 15 per cent of our pto- ductlve resource* According to that, for the duration of the , wi» should all set up larger A »ew years aso when I was onre jesenes than e\er. at the While House on business. Roosevelt askecl me He -, to his privnle ofTirp the tieasury department helie\ed that rorporations wrr« not declaring available estimates, that means j enough of their earnings In divi about 15 per cent of our raw materials manpower and factories are be- !ne used for ships, tanks, plane*, gun* and ammunitions. This i* only the beginning. Ac| cording to new defense plan.s. arma- dends and .thels enabled certain stockholders In the higher brackets temporarily to escape taxation. The corporation would, of course pay the tftxes on its earnings whether .or not declared In dividends. To the production wlli require 50 to 60 extent, however, that the earnings then he used the stone, have gone a little He must per cent of our industrial capacity within the next two years. What will the increase in armament production mean to your company or to your Job? Now Is the that question. If were not declared as dividends, a stockholder would have a smalle personal income tax to pay. I answered the President by sav herotup : •"""• " •'-••• j""- '•"" •" >••"- ilng that at certain times in the busi while he was tellinK~me" his uooH tlme '° f " c< ', that " UMUon - If H>™\nm cycle, as during a depression, l even were tortured T *«?« hi I non '* wnl '* 1 com !» nlM * re havln R m ^M be well to have .such a ta had afwavs caredlor her desol e l ° ShUt down M * y ' lf Mmt WOTkpr8 iBW ' H » P"" 1 "«»'"'>• wo '^ thn naa always carea lor her. despite ,„ t he« lines are losing their jobs, j put more money into circulation am help employment for the time be Ing. I stated, however, that to hav such a law apply at all .periods o the business cycle would be ver dangerous. He thanked me and tha war the Rf«ij|t* nf I«\T no do ibf; .is 10 Ivitv World II will end It will end with* ririrftt of Hltlerism. I have the fact that she had totally ignored him all these years and had I grown Into a domineering, autocratic old woman, "But he killed her and realized It too late. He shoved her in the boat and pushed It out in the lake. And that was how I found it—drifting—" (To Be Concluded) what is likely to happen to your company and to your Job when defense is booming along at three of four time* its present speed? Defence Work Beat Insurance Airmen for R. A. F. Get Fundamentals In South Carolina SERIAL STORY MURDER IN PARADISE By Don Whltehrad CAMDEN, 8. C. — (Special) — The sandy soil of South Carolina IS a long flight from the airdromes! of England, but It's training ground for part of Britain's R. A. F. On a sun-baked-flying field near STORY: Su*pkclon finally close she had come to sharing the! thls slec l )y llulp cllv - 108 British to pretty Jeanle Morrl* fate of Herbert Cord. Miss Millie i >'°» tlls »' - e learning the fundamen- when a third murder U added to and Liza Holmes. ' UIs of n - vinK before going on By Marguerite Gahagan COPYRIGHT. 1M1 NEA SERVICE. WO THE points the killing* that have quiet who covered, with her mother, Maudle, cautious in placing covered wnn ner moiner .HBHOW. • mftny th j ngs mlght nav b dlf . the body or Blerberl Cord, whom ' i ert . n t hvi , . h . hart _ nn . D .. ftrH ! . „ to , advanced courses and then back ovfr jhome to take their place in the tolerant. Royn] al forw - blame. They .seem strangely out of place police believe was killed by gang ater Slush Verettl Maudle finds | conscience' Vn'd "who "were °'ferent. but she had gone accord.-j wlth tnelr clipped British accents •ling to her own code and her own ln this tand of frlfd ch'cken, hot we to the b«dy of Mlu MlUie Jeanle'i' dcclde wnether or nol ghe ^ apliuter aunt and Mctnd «f the ac ted wisely victim, and Mary and Jeanle 4U- It had B 'u r one back, naturally FTi-l ta «« 0f xVn?. M ° ln ?!''^ Wh0 fnou **> to »h« night we found had been Mis* Millie * maid. Many, Herbert Cord's P " e * emon th * right'all A democracy is • form of government conduct*d on the^Jown meeting plan, in which every question of government la Ml to a majority vote of Uw ciUwns. It is aultaole to very small areas such .«! perhaps Andorra, Leichtenstein or,the ancient Greek states. The people of Moline. for exam• pie. are fully competent to vote on such an enterprise a* a new pavement or a new city hall. They couW vote intelligently on a matter o/ ntw tax**, but in regard to wore specialised matters, such as cumacy regulation and the conduct of the federal reserve board, they could toe excused for wanting to be represented by experts. As • test, we onc« wandered all day •round Moline. talking to molders. ***clm. electricians and other ir- TttsaiwrTrying to get them to express opinions on tne devaluation 01 the dollar. Their aggregate opinion was that they didn't know much about -that stuff." and didn't care to make the necessary study. clc- said a steel worker, s what w« ekct congressmen Ut tlwn take care of such If we g»t hurt becaus* Chief Executive Accepts Resignation of Daniels As Envoy to Mexico WASHINGTON — <AP> — President Roosevelt has accepted the resignation of Josephus Daniels, ambassador to Mexico. The chief executive, ift announcing this to a press conference Friday, said that of all the people who had been at foreign post* had done more to encourage and live up to the good neighbor policy than any. The President said there had been a great improvement in Amer- IcanrMexIcan relations, which he declared were now on a basis of understanding and friendship, since 1833. The chief executive had nothing to say about a successor, but said he had suggested that Daniels return to Mexico City to say farewell to asaociat«c and officials. The ambassador, who was navy secretary in the World war and had the president as his assistant, said he submitted his resignation because of the poor health of his wife. Group Honors Green MIAMI, FLA. — <AP> — Gov. Dwlght H. Gre*n has been elected an honorary life member of the International Association for Identification for his work in establishing a mobile laboratory, a piece of scientific crime detection equipment on wheels. Louis M. Rubens of Jolie t, ill, was made foreign representative of the association at the election Thursday in which Inspector Thomas A. Dwyer of Detroit killed Cord, whe had courted her for two summers only to bring Margie Dixon to Chris Gordon's Inn this year as his fiance*: and then her aunt, who had violently objected to Jeanie's Interest In Cord. Local editor Tod Palmer, who love* Jranie, furnishes her with an alibi the first time, but ohe ha* none for the subsequent murders. Police ar- re«t Jeanie and Maudle, confirming suspicions ef Mary and reporter Dennis FJynn that she was withholding information, decides to act. • • » GORDON'S SECRET CHAPTER XXIV I got there in time to hear the shot, but it was so'me time before I managed to gather enough of the details to complete the picture. Maudie had left in such a hurry that I couldn't possibly chase after her. I had been. so busy getting Jeanie away I hadn't had time to change from my pajamas. When Maudle made her dash I liati to cVange into a dress, slap some powder on my nose and then fight with McCool, who didn't relish the Idea of being shut up alone. Yes, it must have been 15 minutes before I was able to start outr thsn^T dldnt taow ^where to go. Ail I knew was that she had determination in the act of her shoulders, and so I felt I must find Denny. He'd know what to do, and the way to find him was to get on the phone and start calling, o Probably the State Police Post, I thought, running down the road that had once stood for rustic beauty but which during the past two weeks had become a highway to melodrama of a kind I'd never anticipated. I arrived at and confused, sudden report of a gun as I pushed the screen door open. - * • » Back in the cottage an hour later, with Denny and me trying to keep Maudie calm by applying cold cloths to her brow and giving her" nips from Denny's bottle, we finally managed to put the pieces together. Denny listened with one ey* on the clock, conscious of deadlines, and I listen- **• , m w biscuits and southern drawls. But they're picking up American habits and tastes faaC. and they haven't had much time to get homesick because of the hospitality hereabouts. Defence offlcUls say II la inevitable i w *" l . h ' cnd of lhe conference. H that many more shutdowns will oc-j" rttln ' y i!; * charming man with cur in civilian lines. Companies ra trcm « nd ° UR Persuasive powers, far unaffected will not be immune. Famou* "Section 102" Workers who still have their jobs) Shortly after Chls interview. are not safe. j learned that Representative Dough What can you do about It? i ton's house tax committee was con The sensible thing, many observers ^iderlng this same problem. In the believe. Ls for every company which old law there had been a is In the slightest way competitive with defense to get Into the defense lineup as soon as possible. Get defense work even If It means drastic changes in your plant and smaller profits Don't wait until forced closing stares you In the face. Many companies now In difficulty because of priorities might have anticipated this trouble and iasured continued operation by getting some kind of defense contract. You can't get a defense contract and prepare to handle it in a day. It takes time. Prepare for Defence Job What can a worker do? He can at least Inquire around and prohibiting "unneeded" undistri buted profits but the law was dif flcult to enforce. Secretary Doughton's committee, therefore, at the earnest request of the treasury dc pariment, prepared the famous "Section 102" as a part of the tax law revision of 1938. This section certainly had teeth In it and has grca powers for evil. In short, Section 102 provides tha if an internal revenue agent, who examines your books, thinks you have put aside too much as a reserve, he can inflict a severe penalty on all your reserves,—not simply on the portion which he thinks Is ex- find out what kind of defense Jobs • c "f lvc - There have been informa are open and what skill* are re- ,!,"** tnat a cor P° r «tl°n may set quired. He can lay the ground- aside 30 per cent; but even these \4\*>ii.\i. 4»c v.«v4i in j t*ic ^luuiiu" ,. . • ~ work now that may save him months rtul:n ? s linve caused much trouble of idleness if and when hla .plant U' ,* * rcs " u of , 8 «ctlon 102, corpora- r i t irt ti c • rt s4 A»V\ rvl <<M i «•._ V.«...^ __* t . _t whll. sh* These young fellows were white- was bending over to put .McCool'si collar workers In civil life, called harness on that she saw the lucky piece shining in the unsteady beam of the flashlight I was holding. "I remembered seeing it day at the inn." she said. the inn breathless Then I heard the "He and Chris Gordon were tossing U. You know, heads or tails for a beer. I got the idea it was Gordon's. I don't know why I picked it up, but I dW. And when I phoned from Miss Millie's I asked her if she knew anything about Gordon." i Apparently that question had struck home. Miss Millie had gone pale and with a desperation no one would have suspected, told a lot of things. "She'd known Gordon for years," Maudle said slowly. "Once they had been in love. She called him Kn and said they had hoped to get married. And there was a quarrel. "From what she said I guessed he liked to gamble a bit, and he'd made a bet and lose—the money that would have made it possible* for them to go away together. It must have been a blow to her. Anyway it was the end of their plan.s. "Then, this summer, she saw Jeanie eating her heart out because of thw Cord: She heard enough to believe: he wasn't much good and the night of the murder she went to Gordon to ask him to get Cord to leave th« inn. She felt if he went away. Jeanie would get over it." • * • Miss Millie was returning from that meeting when Jeanie saw her, I thought. And I wondered just how much her pride must have suffered when she went to him afer Into service as Britain's need for manpower became greater. They had no experience with such things that| as airplanes or automobiles' until all those years. see. when she heard was -murdered, MIH frantic. She thpught "So you that Cord Millie was _ Chris Gordon had quarreled with him. She thought he killed him. probably in self-defense. Still we didn't know, and so we decided to say nothing. She hoped she would be able to talk to Chris Gordon herself." But Gordon didn't kill Cord, Maudie, dear." Denny interrupted. they cnme to this country. They are astounded at the fact that almost everyone drives an automobile. "An automobile Is much too dear for an average man to own in gland," one of the youths said. "What with the taxes and high cost of petrol (gasoline). it just isn't done. BUt here—why everyone can drive or owns »n automobile." Americans Also Enrolled Thirty Americans are taking the elementary flying course with the British at the Southern Aviation school, a privately owned organization which operates under contract with the British and United States governments. The'British youths are looking forward to going home. While they are enjoying their stay in this country, their big ambition is to get into the fight. The one touch of home the British boys appear to miss most is teatime. but there's compensation in the invitations to homes of the townspeople during weekend leaves. Bob Hope (no relation to the comedian), a lanky Londoner with a lean-sunbrowned face, grins at the mention of tea-time. "Most of the people have learned to' let us make our own tea," he smiles. "It's an art. you know. To make good tea as we like it. you must heat the tea pot, then put the tea leaves in the pot and pour boiling watej- over them. After two or three minute* it is ready to pour." Bob can't quite get used to the "vastness of your country," the friendliness of the people, fried chicken, the youthful age at which shut down. Industry-and-the public at large have clung tenaciously to the hope that the present emergency soon would be over. Businessmen and workers have gone along from day to day feeling that dislocations were only temporary. Frankly, it doesn't look that way now. Many competent observers believe that In conquering a large section of RU.VIB. Germany has broken the economic blockade. If that Is true, it means we can no longer sit am wait for Germany to fall apart Internally. Military experts say we must build big enough armaments to defeat Germany on the continent. In the face of such a program can you expect your company or your job to run along smoothly? If you are In a non-essential industry that is a question to face now. Politics Charges Lifted From State Official SPRINGFIELD. ILL. — (AP) — Charges of political activity against Dr. A. J. Levy of Oilman, district superintendent for the state health department, have been withdrawn and he has been reinstated, it was disclosed Friday when a trial board began hearing a docket of civil service appeals. Dr. Levy's reinstatement was effective two days ago. the health department said, but no announcement was given as to the reason for withdrawal of charges on which he was temporarily suspend**!." The district of which Dr. Levy is superintendent consist^ of Livingston, Kankakee. Iroquois and Ford counties. -.- . ' The Oilman physician was the second health department superintendent to win reinstatement after suspension on claims that they engaged in political activity in violation of civil service rules. Dr. Sandor HorwiU. Peoria district superintendent, recently we* acquitted of such charges after <a. civil service trial. American girls are married, and of course, the great number of automobiles. "Slush Veretti did ed with a sick horror at Just how an hour a, He confessed heard it over of Montreal as president. lor. INSURANCE saw FAIN LOUS • No stock to buy • No commission. No appraiser' or additional ' laterwt • Long term loan. Ftkfft Law Offiw KTERUNG, ILLINOIS COAL COKE FUEL OIL * JHoUafor Fastest, history. Twin Unit Oven sud meaty ether {saturcs at ratm<» caatutg nasty dollsn men. PHONE 810 ROCK FALLS N. Locust St. VANETTI S EXCLUSIVE PHILOAS Phone 38i Electric Rtfriceratm. Cr««lty Ba4te. Ha*« WaUier, taiiiUc Sweeper. Spark Oil Ba*|«?. lions and employers have refrained from .setting up pro|M>r. reserves rather than risk the terrific penalty, Taxes Cause Unemployment It. therefore; was a happy sunwise when Ganson, Purcell. a member of the securities and exchange commls sion recently told the national business conference here at Babson Park that large reserves should be set up today as a cushion to avoid after- war unemployment. Where It may be well to force employers to pay out as dividents most- of their earnings during a period of depression, the reverse Is now true. Mr. Purcell stated specifically that the country's industries should now build up reserves to offset the percussions which' the end of the war will bring. Let me'quote him definitely. "Corporate ' structures which are streamlined now will be that much better able to make a transition from production for war to peacetime production without having to drop men from their payrolls. Reserves not needed for defense activity must be carefully stored up against the day when they will be needed for this vital post-war purpose. When those reserves are m excess cash they can, in the meantime, be put to defense work by Investment in government securities." Rooserelt vs. Changing Conditions At first thoufht it appears that Mr. Purcell is taking an opposite stand to that of the treasury department a few years ago. Tills is not necessarily true. The treasury department's demand for a tax on undUtjlbut«L profits was _ then poa- slbly justified because durin been absolutely sure of it from the beginning tnd 1 am surer of It now than ever. As to what will happen after the war, I am not so sure. This will depend ujxm two things other than, of course, the war's dur« fUion. 1. The cimiacter of our people. This war is largely a result of the world going materialistic, and forgetting God and the fundamentals of life If this war results in a great spiritual awakening through-! out the world, then there IR nothing to fear as to what will happen after the war. New Industries will spring up to absorb unemployment, 2 The question of reserves. If Section 102 is allowed to sUnd and, corporations and employers are rob-' bed of reserves from now on, then great disaster may be expected alter the war is over. On the other hand, if Section 102 Is repealed for the duration of the war then reserves may be set up which, as Mri Purcell suggests, can become a (treat cushion for after-the-war conditlona, Conclusion* The treasury department Is now busy revising the administrator* feature of existing tax laws. I.<et u*,. hope that one of the features to considered will be Section 103. la the meantime, each of us M. individuals can begin today to stort up reserves. We tlo not need legislation to follow the squirrels In ttw good example which they are tett us. Military motor vehicles purcha*- ed by the United States army minis pass a tortuous test on a 00 per oust grade before they are accepted tor the authorities. A LOW COAL SUPPLY MEANS LOW HOUSE TEMPERATURE Before your present coal supply runs low la the time io have as deliver your next order of eoaL PHONE 88 For Prompt Delivery Johnston LUMBER COMPANY ROCK FALLS, ILL S E C U R Save Now! Invtitmcnt Certificate* Savings Accounts "You r~MoTrey~~In vested Here Now Earns 3% 0 STttUttFEDEMl s\ LMM » b^MH

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