Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 18, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 3
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\To Be o ( x numbers by i si* number, bj .-·-lift rtsht n«n,b«« Ul b«nd. The two," intarapeisea with There win h * n " for the concert if"l orchostrft In now l i v t c i n plrcdK ^ id the following " DECATUR HERALD 5AIUKUAY hVLNfl^G, OCIDBEK 18, IVJU. ..tUATUR i H E R A L D 000]AL SCHOOL BOARD REPORT BRINGS HEATED CONTROVERSY Htmbcrs Take Issue With Over Article in Weekly Paper CERTIFICATES ISSUED Pii|pif.'"l (II-" t" Mercury Drops To Four Below Freezing Point ,, l In homd f l r m l l v i. l ,(.,1 n t« hom 'tliwatlon tilon HI ine Lmlerhlll. i a t t h y ami Dolmm Franklin Con. cmnry Schwoorer Ir ( hurlotto ker son of Evoretti- and Ijouis Mnnn re. 'ji t of this week to Ilojtewell, N M cr ha« extensive They also vlsltotl in Dow MPXleo hoi dei Into old Men- SCHOOL INITY CLUB )YS PROGRAM J he tidjia pell f ill d to cnpucliy |i\ i \ t n m j ; for the W ut ttiu CommunHy i n iiilcnN of Ihwt land a fiw otheis In i K M t consisted at H Llpp reaii- IIILI. dialog, "The W Tctichei, by M i n o t h iwnjo muHio m playlet, ' Mm In Slim," by MM |h Mrh Waltei Sum* Cunnolloy vocal . (.lover Mnthowi and itnd tho playlet met hy Mrs fiim L J\V.P, Albirt bi others f t i , 1 . in ( h iii'go of the ,\1i md Mm. Honrv Mi nml M i s LouH t l lilted tho ptOKttitn Ihi if nti worn ncr\od bv mien Hihidth and i I mif;1i rv i H nitu i s h i p mUndtid inui'' or the l i W V t i n l t \ In in ii of M i s f u t i i tn I in --'.lay nf m i n t (onleitii wwro in In lui? u n *iuto i on i*. w n iv Mn Hulen d tin r.ihf r w m u wnlt h in liv Mr* William t j of- P( f i t ihtui nts wi M ionuil i 11 i,« lot (rlixi A i ill lif tin fi Jittire of ko f,i tu td on tho «ftn- 11' 10 Hie home of Mm |h|[iiiu« UI u tn i( of du'jit oin» IK tn * f »iunto (o , .. ot nn H f M n i n t of llu in Xl M i l ttll 1 I Hi' ll OUt of (It t ' l i i l d i n t W i l l e p p tiftei It .,,,-)[Mjtliit nn opin Im iu h In n'iliuti), A i l i n t l i m of tin l»iiul (llnrlfil to the ( i i t l d i h v ' . "! I' 1 " 1 *' "" m ' mil111 | m i * wl\l». '»' i i K i t i (lf ttlll »pt a new low t n n r k Foi tcnipeiiitiu iy* whlrh dedwnd el tipon Dcriitttr Thtiisdav ttl^ht ant) finned h j n hilslc wind (he t2 N t t u i d n \\\ hnil the H U D s noon i llmbctl b m k to bcl^hth to ( l i r i f t l t *[ Jimr h i c n (.UltiK iut tile In "B it I did n"i ^ out t h i i n f t i m n Hot «' 1! "I'l' «'* I" I' 1 ' 11 I"!" 1 ' ' RH Ml Oklt d \ w h i n iiitviiied ti jit f u i n * d H i ' d "'»' I ' t n l ho liii'l tri\- thi i t i i l i m r n i i h n t Kuod tootbnll weathei fot U i i l \ e i a l t j ut Illttinli hotiii'cotnlrif, Tht noun n i h i k of 12 wan M tie Kit'i* H l t D t i of tihlnj'ii imult of M d i ' K i i i n and \\tta tiilnti to Indknti. t h a t new low ti'tiinemluici M o u l d bi i i t In [ C ( u t u i S u i i i i d n \ nl^lit Sub | rii'i/ln^, li'inpi r w l i t t i i i ontlnned fai u i f l i i l u \ h i t ' u k Stiturdiiv mmnln|. | inn] e i n K i N f n .iDii^'ht I h c w i l i n n i i ' n l h of hPiivi w i i u c i ( l n l l i l i t K ni w e n t lo DETROIT DIVISION HEAD TO QUIT, RUMOR REVEALS R. £. Newcomer Tells Decatur Friend of Contemplated Action TO RETURN TO FARM There IM a vacctncy In the position of nupotnUmlvnt (if the Delioit division of the Wubaih unlcsH E Ncwcomel onh icoelilly nppoinlcd to that position liningTM ht» mind, but nothing oftlritil on CCNGREGATfONALISTS HAVE RALLY FRIDAY hat l)pun tho »ltu it Ion The IHIrolt dlvlilon situation hits been dl.itusHul mulci uover for tiev- iral tloys Fildiiy the utoij wtix in thtt opi'n n L-ri \s h f i i nnd t h e t u wa« no romcnlment of the iinnui of the limn who upti'fid the Infotmiitlon In M n n l p l i i r the ilttv bpfuif Supt New- comei tciidi'ieil Ills ip=.lKnatlon this m w n \vn niUhed of ihi Hfllon con- hm]iliil(! tn M l.uiila twit dnvii met on But I 11 n«t n'tiilil ,mt!iti! nlU r u r Ordor Prpilili nt \\i Hi |'|J *n I" il Og|t4h " iirui i i i u l ^at h i m ki« pi «·"" |fiiol biAMl tnt,tln; Mi j»! Mii|hiii| i II Thi" n Mr iJVfombcis of Three Churches Plan Diive for Missionary Fund Mt 1,11(1 f n Mr t t n( ttfdf r ll r«n ' i R"\ \li down in I n t h ' « W ellcpp retinf," i* von n r f R f \ M i I o w n i d u\ ti v tin mix i ( h l i anotial »o«n to h? f , , t of o"l«ln- ftiml- w i t h w h k h to ( t i i i j , of Dccntur who lator tho huior of the news K i n n n l o t f l d i s of ihc Knew ( h a t Npwumit i hud tint did Dot Itnow lh(^ ie«Hon and w u e aeckltiK lU"t hand inioinm tlon Nuwcomci wuccccdnl A I 1 Helmburg ni supeilntundi nt at Detroit piloi to UiHt he hud bcon HH.iiatant lo ilia £ e m i u l nianieei In rhaipp of (leiionml otip of hh dutii") beiiiu lo the first oioctlntt with on mrtcrl , tho , u Pr | or l l t i l l i " ( l f l First t i o n n l (hurch for ft fallow t i l l v 1 r l d t i i f afl^rtuwri «m di\olrd lo n liv \ I n | l i e \ ft Viali womnti ^ i l i l n m i n u u l t i n t In ci n ttildv til lUllltltlll V i l t l l H u l i e t l I 1 \ l t l l Hi l u i i i l ( t c l o i L r,'nii I niti HIM tin [ i inn t «tii n^kl cif (pi ci d t i n . ! lint In ill !ip|imul of th i f j m l iin Kiiiiuuli iti it it UIH.H nut Incluilo t n n f U h t i i of mktiiiwleil), tit inild I r i l t u ·. i li^iii d to flttionl mihrii [tvnl Mm u, IK n the i i h K U t n n n l fiui'l f i i l l i d ticuni-jf of u n i O i - i nm il b\ Hi \ Jotui Li f K k i } us ·ili'tunl Kiifn i l n l i oilinl of tlie notth- w i s l i i u d l n t i U t , find homn mission my wurk wu-i d|ii tuuiid li\ K i v I(,' I Inli v of t lilciifjo dllet,lor of tlie itatc ( o n f t i t tice I Ihclt j men I Ihe lenth nf A i l h u r IWlil hud hecn a t r i l n m n i t i r In t e r i l t o i v of I h e WfiVmsh 'Ihe Deiitur friend nf Newcomer to hine quotPil tht ie S the stoch fin in In iou( In i n did not present am h t i L t v e incUlii^ iluintlons ua now Liinfttirit ilhhloo supeilnlen- d o n l ^ i and hi \Minld gin hli time to hli f a t in Lake City Man Dies at Age of 68 Years TOWNSHIP WILL PUSH WORK ON ENTRANCE TO S.MA1N STREET Legal machinery will be Bet in motion nt once to make It ptmslblo for Cgorge Stcy, Decatur township highway commissioner, to pave the fill ho I we en Ruth etieet ana Route £ to tornnleto the South Main gateway | inject This small heel on tho Impiove- tnnnt, built up in tho coiner of the lake baflln by eaith from the armory and other excavation a ia just out- sitle of the rity and ran not be built by the cltj Tho state hljfhway tie- pit r linen t can connect tho end of the city sltcct improvement with tiie Slate paved load, but it can build it slab only 20 /cot wide provement In 40 feet wide The and im- Mr Stov ha\e to atop in if a wlti? info enttuncc to South Mnln is lo be hud Bron Merlin, to\inahip attorney and Coipoiution Counsel W J Caray will take atcpu Nliortly to legally deillcutu the aliip for highway iniipoafs Conimisilonr: Stoy consldus Hie SMITH, VAN PRAAG NAMED LEAGUE HEADS Commissioner Chosen Vice- Prcsiclent of State Municipal Group Mcmbeis uf the Decittui cJly toun ell weie elect (.d to offices in t h e Illinois Municipal loutfue In closing sen- si on a of the oiKunlKUllon'a convention In M|))ntffitJd Fiiday uflcinoon pleee of pavement essential to the gateway Improvement and IB wilting to spend tho money, which will amount to about (2,300 Until the fill between Ruth and Route 2 la paved, truffle will have to t u i n shaiply Into nticet and then into Main Ruth Hire li from the slate highway The new pavement which CommlMlonci Stoy In expected to )ut In, will make u wfitp fnny turn on a fientlo with tbn stale highway, the tl nnn IT of the l u i n al the top of Ftanklin street hill But the Itnpiovnmcnt on South Main tttieel la considered almost ii«i- ICSB until n Hub way ID built beneath the Illinois Central railroad to remove thf death mrnuco at the grnde PI osslng U n t i l (hi 1 iiubwiiv IK put In two pie tea J( (Inc ]KW unit) lit will lead nowhet«, It It) fell foi the pub- Ik vlewH with Nome alurni Ihe pr in- pert ot over the h u m p that the inllroBil wilt make In the mm even though thn approach In and Httui^htentHi out tomnulasinnei Alex Van Praajt was clpctfil a vks |r(Bldent HmJ Mayor O W Smith WHI reniimed r h n h n n a n / Die IcpiildPli* ( o m m f t U c lohn Coleman of Ml Clirmel wort* iirngimn nnd tn round y r | [lt , jtu|ii i t n l e n d r n t iLii-iflloun A dlnnei nl 61 p ( ir4tnul inpii vision of his VIIH tollo«id \n 11 piogrnm A D M c f l n i t v o( Uibiinn uns rp elf (pft spcretarv of the IPIRIIP nnt] Tiof H T Ein\ ll of Ihc U n i / r r t l l of TiKnojs nas nfinipd Irensurcr The pirtktenej 11 a holdover p s.itlnn The oott\«ntloii delfEattti voti*d to \\ i Hi pp Th' i f 1 1 1 1 hi' l i n t i « (t\f loi i l (mount t-1 mon s rei (Ived and Ihc [AIAJ ti ii iini purt out for ** jiooi jp iti o e^ f h i 11 lie ih*^ y* 11 r w h l r h i wii dine "ii id n The m n"i I Mil Hie del u ' t l ( o l l i d l d t i of tnxci ntni 1 Iti i i / t i i I l i f i t da u find the t u 'Kicul s w i n (mid ilHiliiK Ihc flMnil jcnr in t j r I i nilctf Mi u i ] i fni i ;1 hy u Hi t loui pioji- o II Ion Id'I n j i r l i u ' ('rid N VVctlop)' ^iilili tit if I lie iKiiid l»kl Rtt\ Wr ( J i v In nti u t t i nij! (w x l-liiln tlie i i l i i i l l o n I oi xoiut tltm' nc ((mid "ii" »nl\ two piiH^lhln il i i i n n l h f i J i x'lhhii, tin i-ltiiiitlon M t ^ ] v,! i iM r l o s C u|? Hi' i t l ] M l t vef fi Lil 1 Ii r t h' !MI hi t H KO u ll h e n j' 1 f i rtlflcnti n l^^ueil / i ihii Ii MJI t nm tnli in Mt\ ' i tlie f h l l d i e n t n clnie i h 1 if h "i In In \nn nf l h ' fn( t thd rnnv ^f i rt, i i * ji, h"i *, rtiii*il hftM iKD'Hhh iitlun In me, I eui l U l t l , ( · S J i f f l ' i e H 5Cefued l i t ! H r t , i \ | j t t l d i i t u u n d i i p ' o tlilJi tu lentil to tin , t l i f l i iti i V, hit U ai o*u ii] tt\t ilneHtt to Hi m fin tin luiiuiiiil of tHi'lr Milinv Hi ', t ni, U t i n I Ill/nil Null, mil t u ilt i i n l l u i h i d A l l 1 nj; on tin hi Hi f Hi it H K S u i IK il. j i l l n j ulih )h. M, t , ,il I, m i l t i n limit ml (be t i i hi ft tin inonev In i h Hi it Hie l» »rl « i u l t meet It i \ \ r did 10 ·tilled Silt IKit) lit ir. f, l i r i , MI i I I T ) n to ji t n l n l 1 I nl l i i l l of the Him 1 t tti" fn P \ « l u i I i I h i N.iol ' I I , t i i I npi i l u l i d M r \ \ e l l i ft' t f l i hli of t h n bum* i\, t i i d lo tiike up the 11 t t l l l no i,t lui line,- fin tht r tlwn th« I I I I K ! fii' |i In !n honul ltd I i Id n nl) lit The lif w i ^ 11 ptild Iti If r ejsl hi I he "f f |PI M nt on Ihe n m m m t In i'ir lunik l^i Ieiu hei*t IliU I'nldini i,, l i l i hf'llff t h d l If tlie e i t n n l t\ t h e tem hi TM dur \ f n t It ihoulit he umlci ih K r n u l Push* h\ Oi (nines P T , ,, , _ , , , 1 1 r , o f i Joseph * Dld(n.n of l,nko n i \ »KI. (II- died In hi)- home nt 2 30 o c l m k Fil M f M i u s h 1«v mornlni. inn t im hni =er\e(l In th( Ametlcim lot anpnr Kiv KKVIOM l h v\ t ihtnll It il to I IM 1 ^ tljiy, fis res nil of in TliuiHitUV *" tiottu of h«r tnother Mi nml MM M H t n l i l o iivonuv I i il who /or 41 i p n i lr w i t h r,/ l-'wljin ml arhool I ifj, i r Iti i-tttHbliHh o u l i l e n t t i l 10(«.i fdi In u r t i H l d n j hU ( t m u t i y Mi MiNniih'titdii ,«iilJ Ati tti t iitlnil w h l i h he tt lined M u lm*i h( n i itatilithid women H i l t , liecn t l b i i a i i d the *iurciii hud In i n H b u l l w l i f d «nl i It no! t h f l d i e n me )ieln|{ litiijUit to line th(.lr mlndn ii nd UK Ir tttmili Tnd r I h e Kemil n t l m l o l ^ t i H t l o n ih* 3 jirhonln l^n^ c hePji flccuTari/ed The nili'l'infiilr" fire not aliened to l « n i h rellclon in 'he ich"fi|i nntt lellKlouji I n f l u e n c e only t h r o u g h (he " t i c t i f t h of t t i f l f own personfilltlei The mliiic.nai *tchorl)i howeier. (ire K l ^ i n ^ m c r n m e n t d l itiperilslon, n n d a i c fiillj Ju,trpdltcl In the Tutklsh ciliu nllontil sjstetu t h c l i graduatcM h i l n K ikllo^ed (o cnte Tin kith unt- v f i - i l t l c i w i t h o u t txumlnatlon STATE REGISTRARS HEAR ADDRESS BY PRESIDENT WHITE l i t J H W h i t i p i t s l d e i i t of Mil- hli In i i n i v n i l l \ wns I lie pdoclpcl j r a r i f t e r nn lllnesa nf H Mr Dlck'on ntiM fl.8 \ e n i s old He hnd hecn n h a r d w i r e nml liii- lilement meichaut foi the lust 4P II'IO, to M I I F n i m t S t n t k h o u i i Mi Dlcltsotl len\ei lui w n l o A "nil Ihe followltiK clillilK ti Allocn Im C l i i ' i l i i tiud tml|,e Dic1f,nn »' fiiike t l i v M l t 1 n l Sin I Hi of t on Creek and M i a f u j Dwyei ot Ol ncy V K i ^nimli hlldten ulno 1111 vlve HI do Ihe f u l l o w l n t r b i o l h m a rhnrlcM and Thonw* Pkkjioti of T.nhe C H K m n h Di( «f of TJt- VtiRlfllii Find Will In in- *|,nntipr Thll^(uln^ f it mil llfiner meeting the Iltfrtola Hi imi h A iiierlcun A«TM Inllon of ( * |[cRlnt|i R n ^ l i t r t i t s ke on the *\ork i f In the onliitiee oh et whditci '' **« juitil diiilns (tint \ i n r ot not d «f tile i t, '*' Willep|i tnl.|el tlie rrntter nn "I a fulu MnfMI Dr Whit* hf d K l s l o n of p(f bl( m^ In the t ' t i l i i r i i U j - fit PIU-ihuif,h Dl Vt !ilti« «ni t h i frf,iini7nd and d i r i M f or of the dliii"ion u l t l l p ft member of the I f n l u r n l t v tf Plltshnrjrh faculty Trolley Wire Breaks on W. Main Street Car Line t'wo Insulin In the t t o t l e v -wire of Ihe , n t l i n e on W«*t m n l n Htreet eailv t r l i l n y m o t n l n u crippled neiv Ice for loine tlmt pldie A R Dli ksnn Olllc tl(li'oti r i f l t n o n of Omnk Wiiih Fiinei til ^ei vtrcq w ill he conduct ed In the i f r t h ^ H I ^ I c h u i c h of J j i k r C l t \ ffl ! 10 o e l o r k f u n r t n v n f t e r - nnon R u r l n l will he In the K«1lcr N o l l h riuolliwv nllll hnt t\\n lof; M tionl hfiilse-i Dnliilh h u t n rinmcnt huiidinp n n J rtoit o f f t t * c Methodists to Have Revival Service Tonight Rev R B t umptiel) wl0 la con J u t t h i f T evMigiTllstU H n v l i c s In Methodlitt ( h i n c h ivlll pie^ch ilnv nlwlit on ' P l u m b l.eul ^ i | t i f u i Su'nhiv tnfJMiliiK l!( t/\\? «n Illuitrntcd jn mon lo of the ^untlav school woth oncrgclkullv to obtain for U U f t a sham of gaiollnc tux pro- i ecils Under the pieaent utisollne tux tuvf ( u t t n l l e d get one (.t'rit nml I h u btule two oenla of eveiy J t e n t [Ht collected The Illfnoift Munlclpn' IPSguc betieven that t l t i G ^ h a v e a tail tipon the "ilite for w h n t ihci hive c itilrihiited In Kiisollm lat mtme\ Waukfftan wen chosen the i*\li fonvenlton i-ltv PRISON CONFERENCE STUDIES PROBATION Judge James S. Baldwin Returns From Meeting In Louisville Juiltu lumes S Baldwin who wan u dU t'lli! (o n lonfeience m I-onli 1 CROWD FILLS HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM TO SEEJUJEL SHOW Hotels Crowded With Homecomers on Way to Game Decaltir hotelii and i enlautant* (ett the influx Friday evening ot the ouHanjK of MldweHtirncrn hrndcd for Ihe nnnuul homecomlnK Sftnn; of the Univ«rnlty of Illinoln Fhf Northw«Htern and U ot I are meeting In the Illinois Medium Hot Hit bfRnn lo fill up enily In the even Ins with pio«tn on the wny in the jfarnr who slaved oi'crntRhl in Uecntur because o( rrowdcd rondl- In Chnmpuiirn-tJibami hoti'U A laip;« Dccattir delegation IH expected to leuva for the same Ralui- dny Pour Decatur policemen will (fo to help with traffic Automobile l i a f f l c on Tloittr euut was notkeuhly b t u \ l e t , station nttendants aiild, but wan not no Kief I as during the Kamca at the iinlvernlty Jurlnir the Red 1(1 NEW YORK MAN GIVES LECTURE ON CHRISTIAN SCIENCE A ciowd of VW persons heard the dddiLAH on Christian Science by of (lie Detatiti I n d L f J K l a n k BeJI C S B metnljci of the a^iembly (cave theli flritli boiiid of lectuienhlp of the Mothel Town Briefs HT, FAVk'S AID Mcmb!tM of the Udkn' did of H' P;»ul « Methodlwt church met Frldny afternoon In the home 'if Mm, B B LBrlmor* 12M Eutl Ir»IH* »v»» tin*, Thrr* w«r« 30 present, Fnvor- able ropoiln w e j e iti\en t (he chairmen nf th- three I rc]* Inifl whHi tin- hiJ h*j been dhldrd Coileitfon of 1520 wan made Mmi* for * riitn- niai(e »»1« h " luptl "' th ' K month were dim IPOLICE NOTES Geitrge llesn Klvlntt hlH ttddreHs 1'ana ·nd MM occupation Ait DECATUR MAN HELD ON CAR THEFT CHARGE State Inyestifater* TrMMf Activities of AJIefed WITH THE SICK Vliginla Brady daughter of Mr and Mm Wtrren Brady, 1JW Sow- mi t avenue In ill In the Decfttur ind MACOR County JxmpttAl. HARRIACETJCENSES Clorence Montgomery, 30, Decatur Jennett» Caldwrll, M, Decolur CHURCH NOTES TAKEN IN CHAMPAIGN A f«. Blown nt D»catur WM held by Deeilur police KiM*y on i l*r- rcny chaijfo, while from tht »ePtMnv of i police u ml iJepiiiie* Nought other of nn nll if«d K»n« of car anil han'litu, P f. Harmon, i hiet Inventlt(*tor for Ihn dlnl.e, who I* In chaise of ill* effoH to tr»cf the »etl\titeit of flift King tn mslte any Brown w»n ehij'K'd with HI on of n stolen itiitonioblln In t , v m n n i ixMued j d t e Krld'iy after- n r r e s f d with Jane P u t m a n m] n o ( m hyp j ,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,, , ItoJ ,, ,,,,, d on nn alleged oi-"iiJ-rt.v ,.uuMi Wj| b())j w||| ^ fJM(J B( (J ^ Awtitwl In C liatnp*l(n an keeper u n d Bonn w » i l Otn.1 r Davis aim in Involved in fined and Union Label show of wlnlei season Piiday the fall and veiling to · tiowd that ovci flowed (lie High whool a u d i t o i i u m Thi«ii was Hinnd- tnif room only foi liilULomus W ID New of I h f t Acton-riahcr To- hacco Co dismased (he of Ihe tlnlon label L' w elKhl pteci 1 oicheitia gn\f n u t e program Ctiarn and Cnil Barnes, WJBIj n i f i ^ l s prcBPtiti-it vocnl niim- b*ri ullh Mlii OAinet at th" piino l i t t l e f i i t f j MffS'iitiuM i l t m i n i l l K e uidio stai, offciftl a Hinginft and cliurcli 'The Flint Chinch of ChrlKt, Hck-ntUt In Hottton MUSH Ft Idny Th* of In t h e Y M C A annex Ice in ic wit» [ilvun under the of the Detatur First Chur h Chri«t Scientist Mlii M a r g u e i M e 1-itaekntone Reader of the Deratiir church In- .0 mln-itrnducod the npcnkei '") he application of Christian I* hi in),If hi Kit Id 'Become contctoiiji for n idnffle nm inent Hint J,ife find intclliKcnce me ptiiely f p l i i i i i f l l neither In nor nf nnttei ii nd tiir- imdj w i l l i h e n n i t e r tUBJC Inmate --.^ · _ * I the charge, but |oll» did not i Utiown whether K tmronA nun they ure holdlnx IN Uovln It I* under- ittood that nt t^ant foul f»t lhf(t« WINS SPELLING BEE r " Mn * tlarw| lo » wwn * nd hf(t PHY OUI T Stumbling Block for Prairie Center Girl; 49 Enured The nelonek t r i o presented linn Jo nnd pbnc) selections niffamitn Bros tiarmontca and (.ultat aitlKti, Ihelr specialty Fit/ i Fit* appeared In a blat'U-frtcc act Boh by Blai'k prcij.nted a piano .sjierinltv I I f t y prizes id by Dcentur weio a^nided us thi' close u( the p Anoth i month Tht ib ll! lie v,at flee Uen nixt EXCAVATION WORK ON ARMORY NEARLY DONE no complnlntx ' wrllcs Mrs Eddy on pnjre 14 of Silent antl Health one to acquire that o How ita-n Ky diligent thlnklm; You maater of your ihouehl If ou no Choose Ynn a f f i i i s of body mind Hiiuoundlngs are the coincident expression uf your tliuutf'it IE "yuit will bcijln na a gyutemntlc dally mental puetljc, to contemplate Blown and Dml« were nrrertert Wedneitday In fhnmpulKn chnrtted ·* iih c«ir\ln(t nnt »iieh witti fined $W) und 'ind released l^lei li witn M\\ In hoth tJrown unrt D«vi» ed n^aln nnd bvoit^hl to the *fnner urtd Ihe lowr o f ' t h e itnntjel Motn)rook ep»l)lnlt bee (omlucted Frldn\ e\enln(t in tho M i t r t i t o w n xrttfml | Sih Jirad* pupil "(| ( ' ! * r ' nume of the nucculenl Italian dlDh ' correctly Jrmn Oood ninner-up of Ptalrle Centei sthool, hart inliu|ielli d It r.(.w]n and limit ttjivlloil down 1? olhel pupllti of t u u n t y »,bt-oli* tntetn When the two Deeatitr men wer" In ('himpnljrrt tgeh hurt t IS c n l l h ^ r revolver. The h«IW* In I DM M e t e notrlind tq they would when fired into » bodv Th* In the other teun it w»it IB Id \*,r* repreoentvd Ihe result of winning th* bie In wl'l rvpreitnt M*con Bounty in t h i Annual state content in £prln)ffleM In Herem!)*! l.ewti, wun awarded n oitp hj Mr^ t o r n B R\ni»n r o u n t i w'Td;, 1 wm mikei s!!:?! 11 ::^ 1 .^.!? 00 !:..^^^ ^^^^^ mnnn'.i ·ytttfittou'**)!)' end jt*rn»t- , _ , p i [ emh deny ihe enfientlnl ieslt(\ of all 12,000 Cubic reel Or l^arth i h n ( IR imllke the n n t i t i v of infinite Spirit If yon will do thlF not ni a m n t t i r of voln lenetltioti hut w i t h the ehxentlu) nature of (lad an beat on c«n eonci i\e of Him and I n l l e h »nd Ir in onleili fashion to' ( i f f h m I n j o u r thought thn t e u l l t / j or Gods ·' were treated with itoti«on The rncn ilulmed thy entiled the r.nns an ptotccUon NKaltint » m a n who hud tlnniinei) to kill them SCOUT WITH EAGLE AWARD TREATED TO ALL HE COULD EAT Removed; to Pour Footings Soon The ileam shoxel used In ,n.cisai \ exuivations foi the tirm- otv bnildfne Jackfon ami Rldorailo utroetH todui will finish the job of tdjlc jartls of furth on niotoi ( i m k a \ l l l e Ivy of the Amei lean iisdocla- (jr,,und for the airmiry was btokon (Ion for prison l e f o t m found t h e ' Tuesday hep! *fl *!lnce ttiRI tJ»» upon qiipslloni ot pioha- |) 1( H tio\el wui Idle ntmut four dnyii bei nine of b t e a k i In maetilneiy nnd ptolmhlj w a n d , l n \ f d t h t e e d»\s w h e n lalnt hnd co doftenwf (he sot) l h a t It could not h» handled Kx lion of peetnl fnlcr("!t Defentl uit^ nrrnlsncil licfoie liidKP Ilnlflwtn nre ((l\en ftiil n p t i o i l u t i i t \ lo ffiln prnhatlon If their record* Jn«itlf\ nnd h» hn« rierli«l Pnti^fnc- tlon io the knowledce I h n t levpinl i r n h a t l o n e t f l time Jiittlficd the 'on tiilcnce plncert in t h e i r promises to become Itw nbldlnc SaluuliiV JudRe K n l d w l n recdien n latter from Fred Ijiing a hoy who was ftilniiltul to ·prnbatlon a f t e i g u l l l y lo Imceny of a cui The boy !i now allendlng a «ni1 will the »t | fl 10 oclock Al 10 41 he will preach «n The Person tl Effect of n Per umnl Penle(0it ' In Ihe cxenlnK Rec Mt fiimpWl ·win fl'CRk on "What M n Po wticn rinil Spenks ' siitndny school sen Icct will be ton dm ted Mindn\ afternoon nf J 30 oclock In the* Tnrr n(hoo) bulldtnfi 270 Morth Broailwnv These wen- iocs will be (.ondiicted jeftnlsrly nnd will be nuclei the auspices of the mcmbi rs of th« Free Melhodtut church M A Tonntant ti superintendent of the sundiiv school The following teschcti w i l l hove e h n t K O of t h t Infill urtian ti Ihe Hrhnol M i l Tdnii Snllsbiuv Oin Piiine Mrs K A Jachflnn anil M I H Bobciln Sill CHK'KFN SUl'PKIl TONIGHT A rhlt-ken luppri will be Eli«n ^piiiifflm nlfilit In the f, f\ n hull tty I.ela Tt Tetilwll c i i i l e No Mil les of thC" f! A R haol In N!w Ynrk The let Ui follows Deal Mr Baldwin '! am well nuw jml T am Bumg t' school legiilaily We IKIM \ u t a t l o n for tiiliitiibin Djy thli MondtiV Thti Hihool I dm K0lnn to I sure do nr» Incltneil to (he belief that for n lite sen ion Job the worft %ni nmckly done Thiirftdnv a clnm shell was lowered Into the big e x f n v n t i o n to dip sub- holea foi c o n i i e t p footings the lint Ihm) days the aim- ory site has shown moie worltera «ud /cwei ipcclutora thnn anv time since the dlttBltW l»et,an In addi- of lh» nlito Hwnrtled e Mlp lo bm-R srhool, which will A \ enr Ax purl of nlf^ation of the actual ptrgcnci and power of God opeialfng in imd through you to lrln|f into exptettnlon the eugenUulti of SJii natuir you will find that hreud you will not be glvm a xtun* 1 "kou will find If )our tloitt not differ f i u m thut of count Ii ni thuiitmndi! of jour fellow-men i hut the letting Into opeiotlnn "( c n l l f l e t h i n k i n g hefiln tn he mnnife«t In mont prnrticoi w»» In j o u r experience In healing of *lek r.ess, overeornlnj; of »in minuter) ol lick fiuppiciKlnn of dlm'wd 'imiinn- lion of fear There In rich reword in Word wan received hj relml\e* In ((iking \oiir u t t n d mentftllv on the Ileeatur, Snturd»,v tit the denth ol «lde of the good God and His good O W Ti tanner, fornici HisenTMr man i piofrt»m Hlvartu, D*catur allorne\ made M lulk IMte«hmenti were «ci'\«l Tht program of tn'erln In merit WHK gixtn in the HariUtown Mmonk hull FOMER RESIDENT OF DECATUR DIES Body of D. W. Trimmer Will Bo Returned Here For Burial Juntoi W i n n r j 1 won th* nil time local rerorfl for k» eredm find (toft )rtnk th« cup (flw)(fl y rlail y e V( , n j tt)r M*mh*M 'If ._, I Troop. J( to which Junior hMonff^ ! (fl irfifi} Mm ii) »ll the ice crwtm »n4 drink* he rould (mallow In »c. cot dunce w i t h thn ruNtom ot the troop whenever one of itc member* Scout Kaniat City Man to Open Firit Naxarnw Revival Itet A a L;»lii of Kitniw*' City Mo wj|| open tevivnt irrvlc*ii in Tfiiit rJKMiene nhijrch fiundwv. H*\ M i l»ndon hnf irnvl^fl thioughoiit S!«leit In the InlerMt tit school* ind fhriMiin ion There Is In leallty noihlnj? tion to Die men ungaift'il on I hi- ex- conlruct ilicro were pioo nut b'rhiu k on d fool- ball t i n m I lielonft to a fl O club I h n flrnt hrcnk WHI In f r o n t of M l l l i l i l n u n l i e r f i l t j followed a h o r l h b\ u n o t h e r nenr the f t n w o i t h ave- t \ M i h i , il i illlnt, fi r n niu lnlrne tlon Sen Ice W H « it-sum i | i t i n i r t m i r f ' i r « l ( d nhout B I O o d n r k Whtlc the b)1J ,| n n t ^ in o cluck i c p , i l i d w e r e ni«di buwi plcKcil "I 1 ,i n in 7 r lock pni!icnBcr nt (ho west end of HIP l i n e nnd hrnnght t h e m In where i f i c ^ t i n t s ( O i t t d pick them itp nt iihool nnd Ihe sifl p i f s l d e n l of It iilnnil 1hrc/ nitl'"( elciled me The dchool in n; hut II only and rout In nc ,f d licrtllli Tin i ob llr i »itMtl h, If lit the pnttltrtK of ) »ln is Mithi[ tmplrn n n jtdiiitlonii! t u n h f i .ii,! !il o 111, M I it to sind V t t m , ''" 'I, 11 n i i i n d n n r r n f f l e t i to *1| P i l t i, ^ ,,, ,,,, ^, l t i(jnnl A« n rf M t u i . U i u i o f f l t l u N con- i l , , , , \ n HIM Kohcrl V ,,),,,, " Im. i i ( . ,, i ..... lortKHKC* of t nm nnj. In ' h* id 1 r l d n \ .Mil One i u c for h tllr *", K'nnmi a Jd p^i tent ' "u f.ttirv in tlllnrit J-lm-. fi r n u i o m o b l t i ! \Inrv Wendill tthn wns itit Presbyterian Men's Club Hears Engraver I ion t" Dcwi \ . of the He^ lew I ' r l n t l i i k - * f s t n H o n c i Co )w\o tn illiisititiled mile on Ihe prowm of phttnnt,iuvlti)! l i l d « v e ^ e n l u p be- foic the Men » i tub of Hie f h s t Prei- t n l ( i n i i t ) c h u t i h Mi Pewev Illir t i n t e d hi' mldrrw w i t h m o i i t i K pic l i l i e s ( l i e I a Ik lini pi ned popitiM In ind n i o u n ' l lcc i l u r Abe Martin Says-- Child Whn Suffered Burns Shows Improvement '"" tint li, i,,ul not bc-tn mil! UU ' M H ' U d l l l l l e S icfiHi-il on the ' iridl11 UIU| lt , wo ttl con- td o\ 1 Hid A F HMIU.K !,,, * """l'ip of Mnroii w i l l In * nlil child b u t n c d Krlrtay m o t n l n R while p l n j l n s with mntchos wnti ulltfhtly Improved in Deontur nnd Macon Countj hospltnl H d t u i - tlm tifli rnoon So ffti com pi lent font of Infection antl polwonlnf; have been n'. niUc'-l phyjilcintm say 4(1 I'IGKON4 Kortj w h i t e kin)! ptjtcons wi te Mo- Im ^Mdnj nlrht f t o m the hotrn 1 nf Linnet tittle datighlci « Mr on' Mrw Art SmUcy, itt collectln Rombaj tlots an' up to noon shetl clipped 1JiJ Td hiite to be a brfi '·'t'fl 1, HOM on n cimrfis ct Mrs John W Kendull 2'iO N o i l h l nctle wife nn feel nil the l i m p V*inl n f , n i n i t Jrtinte Monti T « p n t \ - i c V F i t t t t «ttec) his a flock (if 300 M r « Kendnl! mv huaban' ptef^rred « blonde, MM Jo 0 Kite tnkci II minillfs to fro there M rW Wrtt ' I (^jt mv repnri '»** Monday nnd 1 prjiHGit i ^ e t j t h l l l K Of rout w I h e V t,nid(i bv P passing D doubtful F failure 'The sehool Ift onlv foi boyiwhich makes It very nice I nm flcmifng a p l f t u t o of myself wheie I nm nt a h a l h i n c lesch In New Yoi k ' F R E D " MISS DICKEY WILL SING TONIGHT IN CHICAGO AUDITION C'HK'ACJO HI Oct 1ft- Two gntiv bioadcwtT for Illinois musk- !ovcrs : nr« Bchcduled hy Siotion WGN of Chicago totiiffht and lomoirow The voices of Illinois TwirliclpantH In the Nitlonol Kndlo audlllon intludlnK Mis* Annnmary Dickey ot Deeotuv ·will bo lrondcasl to a state i»lde audience The yotiriR women will be heard tonipbi from 8 00 to B 00 p iti and the youns men Sunday from 7 00 to 8 DO p m , The younif man and woman scor !np highest honors in this contest will icpresint the Btate In Ihe dls- tijcl midltlon -fthlch IH nl»o to be held in Chlcnuo not month, w l n n f i n o( w h l i h will srmre In JO sc ho Ui ships nnd W5000 In cnwh awards which the A l * n t e i Kent foundntlon offers Spanish War Veteran* Give Navy Day Program Decnttn veteians of the Spanish American wnr and the mmiliary of I h e l r organization had a special Navy Day ptostiam Friday evening in the G A R hall in celebration o( Theodore Roosevelt^ birthday The Illusti Ions former Prculrtont wa» one of the \etoianB Anton Novalt, naval recruiting of- floci In Decatur was the pilncipat ipeakei of Fflday evening's celebration He itlacuiflort the inception of Nnvy Day and the part t h e U S Nnvy Inkes in obsctvlnjr It Spectal music wna on the prnjtrnm of Ihe veterans' celebration, foUowjitfr Mr No\ n k ° i (nlk ably between 10 and JO mi.n busy v,itliln Ihu basetiifnl linilts Ihev uert form U u i K k i a anil nifii with sliu^tU L U l t m E fuiilliit, lrti«.h(.» lo the pi ope r jKiiitk DAY NURSERYCROUP ELECTS OFFICERS IN MEETING ON FRIDAY MIH T T Miller was 'Ijited president of the Demtiir llnv Ntusery assoc lution In the annunl meellnft Friday afleinoon In Hie Y W C A Fifteen members attended Other others are, .FIi si vice-president--MM Lueion Mue)li Second vice president Mrs Robert i Hum Treasiliei- Mrs Carl Beclter Sooietury--Ml^s M m l a n Wntt matter w i t h God ur Hid treutlon Thu lionbk is w i t h oui si'nse of died nem Coltimbln I n d , J r l the rlu\ He wnn H l ( J « a i » old ut thi 111* We nerd to mind Ih^t iv a a In which enubled him to say with *b- Uke tin Ohi let { llli death Mi 7111111111-1 wui* bum In I'«nniil \anlu, OD M u i i b 2Q, 1MO H* cut»e tu Decattii with hit purunt* when a solute convlulon, 'Be ye therefore child He mtifiled MHimrle Ouotl in on April « 18J5 h« died on een as yom Father vthlth M u n h 1C 1626 The w e i r th* )ui Iti In h(-u\di Is [n i ft 11 * We need , jm u f ]j chlldien not nieu'ly to bellev* this theoretic , Ten t h l W i e n air IMnfc. The u t i »llv to hurl It aw » x|itiltua) wewtion, j^ 0 y rrimmidi. Ft Wayne, Ind ; Clnt- ihc miiumi'ntu of impeifee- vn(rtf Kony Frank gn,l Oltu T)im- B* will he ncconi putt I'd lv\ wm- h*C(t of hi* fimiiv The London t»m- Hv Is kn«wn ni* the Jf»rrtOM* South' The revl^t IK ^pon*ioi ed )\ th» !ncw) Sunday nchool nnd the K V P, S The l^onOon fai»IV will Rs*l*t Iti the HadJo (isnper itervictt over B tut I on W.IBL Huniluy pvenlnK *' K o'clock ttttti vfifli nlfil)t diiilnr tb« week fiom tl 30 to 0 4ft oWocli Hfv Mi l^nJon will conduct a Worker* confer*ftt:t nntt 1-ildBV B( 2 30 In th* church. tlon n» did thu M » n t r r "Ihe medicine of the O i e a t Phy- n fr ,(,, nnd siclhn wo« denial of enor nd ftimntlon tif t r u t h Thoji.-. h f n r t t opened tn hln le»ehllt|t w e r e 1 ,[,uTMn Me n t ntnllv purified Heir Mm X»- ·nJ Mrs MIIU* OttK nil the outward and stlitmliitpd ffeen were mam* *'· of Col«mbi» Ind.j Mm R\ft KPehh Kim* Rotr H » t 4^ ttrindchiMren Bnuh CoUeje P. T. A. H«*r» Principil Tdk rolleir* No 9 P T A met ·venltid to hear * tnlk on K i i d a y feit M I B Hunt Mrs Miller and Mid M E Iiobenwloln were elected to succeed themneiveH in tho boaid of managers The nnnual repoit showed thiit 11- Ol'i ehlldicn *ere in a t t e ' d n n t e at Ihc nilrseiy during Ihe \etir just closed Tills to an Increase of S20 ovei the post and represents the KreatCHt mimber of children ever cured for during one year The nur«eiv wo* open W7 ilsvi with nn average attendance of il Individual contributions ot food and elothlnjt have been less during the past year due to economic ion- dltiona and the dialn upon the nurs- eiy hat consequently hern RieMer Ihnn at other tlmti the icpoct slid Through co-opcraOon With the Vt»- Itlnp Nurses asHOfiatlon 1031 examinations h a \ e been made dining the vcnr, nurses aid hai been fent Into 13 homei and three tonsil opemtlons have been pcrfoimed 35 Head Horses, Mules Sold in Clinton Sale L,l\eptoeU broilKht fair pilce^ In an ituction !iate londtioted In C Cranpa livestock barn !n Clinton Friday Mont of tho HvcilocU bolonecd lo Mr Cians Thlit)'-fl\c head of horses and rmilos were soli! at prices lonping from (50 foi single horsei nnd inulca to S12D for high' efoss horsct -nd K2*i fot eKtrn (?oo teams Tho top i j e brought In iroix milch cows wai (Itfi Se\ents-fl\e hentl of shonti soW foi 511 to tl each were the By this pnrelj tplii(nal pro- cent the ilt-lt wmo henlcd, the lunif walked the dumb spak* lite hllnd saw the dead weie raised Ant) the imthod was slwajn the same -the b f l n l i e mle nf Imperfection denied perfection if filmed He i*nt h n o u l anit licnlfil t h e m Here wti" SHI h f li ti icnlt/itllfin nf the fjct o' p e i f c t t l f i n tint niiri, belief in the supposition of impetfcctlon fudcd out of consciousness The iedlnco\ery of th* fhrtut of heollnK. the sedlrtB forth of the simple rule nnd method 1\ w h l i h this henlin); niny be n t r m n - pltshed, and Ihe establishment o( a chureh lo protect hei dincovetv for th* benefit of mankind these Affirm, and wilt Increasingly nffirm the If real ness of M*rv Hnhet Eddv Throiilth her pure Ime for Ood nnd man millions ha^e heen blcwed w i t h icalth, stiencth nbumlnncr jov and peace, as they had bell«(cd Inv- uml 12 Krm leave* * brother, John Trimmer, 1- cutnr The buAv wilt arrive in Decalur on Mondiv and will be Inken to Ibr D A Sonp chA|Mt Kwntiml me not vet uniioiiBceil lr l u l u 11nit«tK nnd Pf J W f H h a t t e n d e d Ihe meeting of the II- ItnoU OHteonathlc asnoelallon Thuis- day In the A b i n h a m Lincoln hotel in Springfield Dr Flub K*V« t talk on 'LeKlHtatnrt Concern in f ihe Health of the People of Illfnntu" t)f OilcsHy schifl! A Halloween pln\ we* slvn by the third itiade One hun^ied *nd twenty M*CW pMwnt Mrc O Ollr* ond Mm D^wey Barne* reported on, the Mt iflon nieetltiK Th* P. T A, voted to liuv * print- In^ n' 1 * for o«» o fht rtraiW, nfA jltnej' (tupper Will b* filvnn Oct S4, niij a newspaper «ni) m«f«ln« ddv» will b« held Oct. ,10 1 Thl« Sclpnce tjutcklv verifies Itself in the experience of (he earnest student A red eockseomb meiwui Init 14 ,.,th*« »ciont" the lop WBS hloiiRht. teen ecu I u Hen »)fn It brlnRS heal tn (he Mernld oftii** Friflnv hv Infi to the McU to-dftv IClitU'V M^els blind w n r veteran ' The rule Not my win. but Oiln*, I Mr, Ml 1 *!* hint been pi|»,»rl«llisl»» 1" be dnn*,' Is tt coin DP the. rule ot . . . p*tff*eUon CJod s will is perfect Thought that Is open to 1h» fimda- mental rlgbtnem of being NoniethlnK of the ttplrltunl of J ran ii' teaching, nnl this Implied eoek^eomh At hi* him* 1 In IMA ICnM North MWM Thtti IB W* of t h e IfllKC''! Ile h i * t II i^ like mathemnl leg in that A few dimple application* j wliole of, the very first rules will prore the of mind nmnlfent* Itself, aftei Iti) kind, tn oulwmd condition* nnd nffalis JMUR must have meant ibix when he snld re(tinxlln(( oi)« of hi* ' Thv faith hath made the* III* uffiltnatlon of God's w i l l Piinclple and Inspire the confidence necosHinv to furtlici nitvn \ n perfect hnd «ncoun(ei«d measure of accept »nrt, «ml t h a t rule of addition ttorn not soite the mnthemnttc»l pioblem btlt doen insure It In the Christian Science textbook 'Science nnd Henllh w i t h KfV to (he ScrlpttirrH' hy Mrp Hildj, \r jiet forth the method bv which ihe nil inelmlve fact of be- Injt msy he appi ehendwl lte«l#llnc Ftlttf Influence "The ftctlvlty of ChrlBttnn telenet li not of the nature of mental nug- Kosllon or hvpnotlsm Jestm expounded the rule 'Not mv will, hut thine, be done* The effort of mem* tnl augircvllon Is lo Impose ono human will upon another. Much that U fnvohed In the uncalled I»IVH of evil and d Incase In Unman (txiiertence can lie Irnced to noine duth wrong The lmpro\td ntatt of mind whUh h» ' act l\ liv or mentnl human will and proclolmrd the will of rjod to V the only ren) w i l l p o w e r Thnt itile nnmetl faith, expieiu'ed Knelf In a LOCAL NOTICES | I)ANCK to S 90 Tonl»ht Bltie. Lit* Dune* tonight Kornyth half Good order, Half and t orreitpontllnK ot btwtj, on »UI of mind nmer fell to (to The «l*n tlftc rflntiflnehlp between Rtate of mind and itnt* of h'tlth I* ·fftrmed and renffliinnil In the Sfflpturcit "The itudy and appllestJon of Christ Inn Hrienct wtll itlmttlate one* nuturn) c*p*cltj' to reject ihe men tul inigKcsllonn of e\lt ami *i to counteract their efftctn Chrlillan will Ihu* be Keen to b« tht. result of the adjustment of ihoutthl to the nature o( Ootl tuid 141* crr'itloi) St Jameit mu*t have been ·war« of thin wh+n h* udmonlthod Ihont who were nick to Mek heillntt through the player of lh« rtRhtcou*. Mrn Eddy woi 1 itplHtiwIty minded enough *° P rl y tn tha * manner and to teach oth*r» tn do tlk*wlM, Whr devoted hrrft"lf i'l that lovihlj ml»- xion ftom the time thn' ih* Rotml roon Armory b«H Mnlit and F»»nk)li. T1r« »lf*it«w iVir-tir* oiln O Bti-Bl»y ftnd Dwtn F swnl«y wlnti to innoune* tlielr offlc* locittlon M Mt CtttMn* Building, Otto**r Hi '1W- Wilson. _ Mm C Dwpra*. »M Knot M»ln ·tr»«L told Th* Herald »*-Uh«r to )Ak« her d out M Ihc room* ihc hud bten »rt\*rtl(»lnB wir* r*nl«d, Mm D«*nrw' id ran )uit T ilmei when »h« found ft tontnt llrmld Want Ad* »!·« docldedty tftkknt ni , IHiVilntr l»n»ntii in vnc»nt In IMttcn club nit«, ' Country broucht healins lo the Hick nine- «rcd ChrlMlan Se(«nf«" Twin L*k*« ton It*

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