The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 1, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, July 1, 1859
Page 3
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8 A.M. I'RALLHQADS A TRAUSPOB'N i ITIi*&l*«ippi ft. H. DA VI 8, (14 Jfile* fmm frttfort.) ON BLANK BOOK RULERS 4 ind ana further no- will le*ve Milwaukee from BOOliBINDEKS m atrgsLfpr Pewank ee, Hartland, r Ink and atvvtrahudlBlarnqaaiitittM r „ „ .,„ ., fUp»«B »eeHhnii«loT «B klafli of BaUbsp •rnlaheaat ehortaotioeandtin the SB** literal • •e. ntunwiXB CT NSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York OKv, KIT CABSONM 0*B AJfDjTKAM Always on hand, a lam aanrtmeat of tt AS ri X V 17 B E* •ad loweat prieea. GtttSWOIjJL} * OO., 'IURA1L AUUBfl IH UOdCB*, «XRpJEHBP8 AMD OHlUMUnrS BOOTS, 8HOE8 AMD SAITOH* MASON STB BET, tke Walker H«n*«. H. WEI N BRENNER, •uavrAoraaaa ABB bum H ttOOX*, SHOES Alf » OAIXEA8. NO. 24 SPRING STREET, Uppoaile American Honae Store. Shoe WATEB . EE STREET, Bool & NO. 48 EAST JOHN KEEPS always on band.good, custom made Boots and •hoes. ' * All kinds of Ladles* and GenUemen'i Boots aad Shoes cadeto order In the latest style and warranted toglve st'lsfaction. aprftB JOHN RICE, WHOLESALE DRtJOCllST, NO. 68 EAST WATER STREET, Has Just received a toll supply o Calebrated Union worki Cylinder Ola«m, smanafaetaradat Cleveland, New Tork. Transported entirely by Teasel, It comes in perfect order, and enables me to sell al low rates. I hare permanent arrangements to sell this brand of GUss hereafter. mySB ' JOHN KICK. Harper Brothers, (AtqbM&Vd in 1848.) HOOSI .SIGN, SHIT, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTAL PtUulera, tilaiztera * Paiper^HsuiBrera, IMITATORS 01 WOOD AND MARpn, NO. 39 O N E I D A STREET, A ffW 1>OORS XAST Of TBS MABftt BO USt. tf8 JONES & WHITKHKAIJ General Land and Insurance Agenti NOTARIES PIBI.IC, AC., OrnOK, corner ef Reed and Oregon streets, Meyrose's Block, Fifth Ward. Will attend to the buying and selling of Real Estate, Insuring Goods and Buildings In responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making jot of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, Ac. All Collections made on accounts placed In our hand will be promptly paid over. A. o. JO.SB jyW. SOEUT warnasAB. SCHNtECKEL A BllUNOTTO, COMMISSION MKKCHANTS, Real Eitatr and Money Broktri, NOTARIES PUBUO, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Ornoa—No.4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- O»6e. marST O. OOKSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAS removed to .Office, No. 6. Slaw Bank Building, ADVENTURES KIT GARSQN, Tke Nestor •rthe Rocky MooaUlii§, From (acu narrated bjr kloneir. Jut received by : maylO _ ' _ OTBIOKLAHD * Otf. 31 Rehback'g Lead Pencils, FOR BALI BT i TKRKY & OL.KAVEK, BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, lot gait WaUr ttreet, AftisoawJcee. W E have just received a full supply of these Celebrated Pencils from the manufactory of J. J. Rebbach, In Regensburg, Bavaria. They are carefully assorted, and each grade Is distinguished ly a popular brand. Particular attention is called to ihe "Opposition Pencil," (round black gilt;) and to the "People's Pencil," (round red gilt:) also to the "Engineer's Pen- cB," (hexagon gilt.) All of * hleh will be found superior to any other pencil In the market. % Alwa>s on hand a complete assortment of black and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades. A discount allowed to ' - orders. HOWARDJffStt ,--'-.V-r^tW5.tew-l!i * iNOORWltiTED Cash Capital and Surplus. Of flartford', bb'nneotlcut, Oaah OaplUfanaSarplua,.... ......... LAMAR CO., FIRE INSURANCE Of New Tork, Oi in Capital and Surplus,. ............. tH*,06f 83 RESOLUTE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York Oily, Cast, OapUal and Snrplnj, ............ .|M&£8» 68 CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Hartfoid, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Burplua, .............. .tSOS^Sl 48 I to the Trade proportioned to extent of apr2» ALLIBONE'B DICTIONARY OF AUTHORS. I sollcll business for the above named Companies, entirely upon their own merit* and responsibility, and refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies li- •aed without delay. W. HENKT HOLLAND, Agent. Josn HoLLiMn, Asst. Northwest cor. Main and D. P. Miamii.1, Surveyor. Wtaeonsln «ta« Milwaukee. septS proceed to the above place*. OoaaectTonaare made at Wales-town with siages for Lake IQUsJ/eflenon, Vatarloo,BanehetvUle, Bon Pral- fta, OottsJe Orove sad Madlaon. Also at Columbus for Lodl.Mertmac.Atatgo, Tall River, Leed-s Corners, Hamdtnj LowvOle, Dekora, York, Arlington, Bristol and (or all potots to the Welt and North Wot. Paeaengers arriving at the Junction rront the above places make connections b. the lOlwMkee i Mtamts- dppl B, R., for Janesvllle, Madison and Prairie du Ohlen and at MUwaukee, with roadi to the South, Wot and North. aprt B. B. MBRRILL. Superlntendenl. AJKUAM UKMKN T. -VIA— CENTRAL Leave Betolt for Racine—Passenger, 1 M A. H. Leave Davis for Raelne^-Frelkht A Ace., 9-M A. M. Passengers by taking the f A- •. train on the Lake Shore Railroad al MUwaukee, connect at Racine with train to Davis; arriving at Stage leaves Davis for fretport on arrival of train. 3:8U A a. train Irom Davis connects at Racine with afternoon trains on the Lake Shore Railroad Worth and South. Car Freight forwarded with dispatch. decS ROBERT HARRIS, Superintendent. FURNITURE SALE NOTES, PLBR2HEIM & CO Pitttbnrgo, Fort Wayne ft Chicago BHH&a*d American Uteraivr, an tiring dmddt . _ -,. J-G»atsjrw. Containing TUft? TIUHUaad Bioyraphiti and lAUrary Solteet; tciCA Forty Indeaet qf&tljtck. Priae V>. I NDB8PKKRABLY necessary to all who Read, all wbo JL Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lawyers Scientific and Literary Men, Merchants and Farmers. Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMFAVIOH. FURNISHED BY STRICKLAND & CO., BOOK A STATIONERY JOBHERS, Water ttreet, WlSCOJfSJJf. United State* ,u. A F. lus. Co. tJc-OAPITAL 1100^0000- BDRPLDB »,«M 00 Office, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of East Water and Michigan strata, MILWAVKU WlSCOX&ltt. 136 MIL WA CKSE, East [Prom Theopblus Parsens, L. L. D., Prolessor of Law In Harvard DalveraUy.j Omaaioox. Jan. B, 18W. l>ais Bia :—I have had Hit Brst volume of your Dictionary for some days, and have sat sflcd myself that your p an Is excellen^ and that you have carried It oat with very great Industry and with good judgment.— The fulloesi and accuracy of its Information concerning modern authors and ihelr works, are Indeed remarkable. To any one who desire the knowledge your book purports to give—and what educated man does notf— It must be of great Interest and value. Respectfully, Ac , TrUEOPHILDd PARKER. 8. Austin Allihonr, Esq. 1. A. Helfenstetn, E. Sanderson, Moses Kneeland, 8. 8. Daggwtt, Samuel Hale, G. D. Dousman, H. L. Palmer, Edwin Townaend, Solomon Adler. J. A. HKLFKNttTKU), President. 8. D. DODBMAH, nosPraHdant. W. T. PALMER, General AgenL A. a Warn, Secretary, ml 8.8. UAOOSTT, Treasurer. H. L. Paijuta, Attorney. marlO M1L.WAUKKK CITV II%SURAI\CE CO., O/FIOI: In fflltcbell Bsalldlsisr, nirblyrBn. al. Wisooasia. corner ol Bast Water and Mlchtgai marSO-dSm «treet, Milwaukee. nu. U. UOEAS BIMOU LIT,. OOKAN & LKVY, Attorney and Counsellor* t Law, Offlet— Empire JSloet, SSI Eaa tF.iier «(., .WISCONSIN C\ PIT A LISTS W ILL and at my offier a Register, open to ibeir Inspection of Bondi and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Person* wishing to obtain l.oatiB or having Bonds, Mortgages or other secnrltle* for sale, may find it to their Interest u. nle with me their application! or statements C. BOHLET, yU Opposite Walker House. O-OO1J CHANCJfc:. HOI'KE AND I.OT FOR SAI,E CHEAP. t 'HEnndersigned will sen hu House and Lot, now occupied at a Tav n by lam, situated on Main St., Racine, Wisconsin, uear the Steamboat Landng and the K. A M. K. R. Depot The house Is located on the beat baslnest place, and the House as well as the sltna- tton of file Lot, would answer for any branch of business, especially for Wholesale gtort, which branch li already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to applj at the undersigned. JOHN BARTU. Racine, January ii, ISM. Jantt-dftm Lumber Vessel* for Sale. Schooner Paehlon, 284 tons. Schooner D. Newhall, UO tuns. Scow Schooner Rugby, 1(8 tuns. The above Teasels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory Security. Good title. TAYLOR A JCWETT, Buffalo, Hew Tork. Bnonlreof B. B. Jolaa, Mil aukee, Wisconsin. febSS WOOD AND HAY VAKI». G. H. L.AMBKKTON H AS Just opened, tor the benefit of all who may become hb Customers, a Market for WOOD and HAT, at the N. E. Corner of West Water and Clfbonrn Streets, (Office with Meesrs. Mabbett A Breed.) His Stock of Wood U large, Dry and Hard, (Cul and Bpllt or uncut.) His Stock of Hay Is of the BEST QUALITY, and BAUD IN GOOD ORDER. Bach will be delivered to any part of the Olty on tbe SHORTEST SIOTIOI and the LOWEST TERMS. H. B. — Wood Pedlara, and those who ah'p large quantities of Bar will always find It to their advantage to buy of us. We will aell so that dealers may make a handsome profit by selling on the street. maylS O. H. LAMBERTON. QENTLEMEK'8 FURtnSH'Cr. NEXT DOOB TO A, B. VAN [From S. Irena-us Prime, D. D., Editor H. f. Observer.] New Yoaa, Feb. S, ISM. GCXTLSHSS :—Tne nrat volume of your great Dictionary of Authors, I have penued with astonishment a-jd delight. It Is just what I have long desired to have, and hav* Bought for tn vain. Thousands of clergymen, students, and all literary and Intelligent men, most wish to have just this work; and they will have It, when they learn that It Is In the world. It deserves the most cordial reception, and 1 trust that the author and the pabUahers will have the largest reward for ihelr enterprise and labor. Yours truly, „ , S. IREMJiOS PRIM*. Cbllds 1 Peterson. Int-v wuj>, Jan. 84, igfis Mr DKAB 811 :—With better knowledge of your book from repeated feasts upon u, 1 am aaham.-d to have written you so commonplace an acknowledgment of Its first r*c Ipt. Of all the storehouse of Interesting and readable matter the "Dictionary of Authon" seen s to me the moil captivating. Tbf good taste, Industry, and skill of arrangement therein maul teat r<l conld n ol b. , »ad II wil make :or you a reputation very 1 Mhatl try t<i makr amends in print for mr apparently Inappreriative first acknowledgment of the acqnlsit 'on. » ill. many nlocerr thanki for ihr prize 1 havt in tl, r book, I remain, m> dear sir, V.,ur., fa Uifully, N P WILLIS. h. Auatm Allibone, bq. maylK NEW J« VEN1I.K OHAR3XK&D CAPITAL, - - »200.(X»0 Caul. Paid in, $IOO,OOO. U. L. Pimaa, £.Towaam>, J. B. Kaa^oao, J.S.EUaan. Caag. Onuama, QC 4 Ed I H. KUSSELL. Q C 5 2 0 A. Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes In Uie Sun Beam. fanny, the Flower Oirl. Dncle Jack the Pault Killer, for sale by TKRHT AOLKAVER, ^>ay!6 ^ 167 Kast Walersl. B O O K 8 —AT— & CL.EAVERM, VATKB STB f ST. B ARTH'8 Travel! In Central Africa, 1 vol., abridged Livingston's Travels In Southern Africa, 1 vol Speergeons Sermons, 6th series Higher Christian Life. mayli SfcUPPKRS OF PKOLMIOK supply themselves with BIOS of Lading at TBRRT AOLEATER'S, ? 1*7 East Water street. NEW TERRl 167 BA&T 01RIOTORS: 0. U. Dana, W. A. Panrtag, S. B. Ooaovaa, H. KaunaAOBv J. Hounuunr, Josara r. HILL! J. H. Ooaosa, Jan. Mcau i, U. OosumooK, Sao. Dvam. E. TOWNBKKD, President. A L. WALRATH, Secretary. H. L. Pauiaa, Attorney. BT" firs aad Marine Risks taken at current rates. HIAHINE AND FIBE IN8I7KAnt:E. ri>HI undersigned Is prepared to take Marine Risks .&. aad Mr* Risks on rrodnee In store. In the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New York, at as low ratea as by other reliable Companies. The reputation ol this well-known, long established Company entitles 1 Ito pnblte confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, _novS^ at office of H. A J. t. H1U. Quaker City Inanraitrce Co., or PHILADELPHIA. ADTHORIEKD CAPITAL »600,00u. PAID DP CAPITAL AND A8SKTT8 SH^M. Off-ct, franttln Baildiny, Ko «08 Walnut Itrttl, Pktladtlpkia. T HE subscriber bai been ap| olnted agent for| this Company for Milwaukee ar.d riclnlty. Risk* taken on as favorabl* lermi ai other responsible Companies. JAMES 9 WHITE, Agent. Office, corner of East Water snd Huron streets, up stairs, oTer Ihr Marine Bank. mayZ9 BY STATE AUTHORITY, W1SOONH1N OKNKKAI, INSURANCE AGENCY «'HABTEB OAK I IBE INS. <••>., Hartford, Oonn. CASH ASSETS AMl^W K NOHTH AnEBIOAN FIBE INS. CO., Hartford, Coon. CASH ASSETS .1864,860 M WKMTERN Gr. Western (Canada) Railway. (TWAINSleave Che Great Central Depot, foot of Lake A street Chicago, as follows : 43OO A. n.-DERTOIT ACCOMMODATION,(Son- days exeepted), arrive at Detroit 6.00 7:OO A. ffl.—bntOIHIIATI EXPRESS, (gusdayi ezcepted.) Arrive at Indianapolis 4:»o r. si.: Cincinnati &M r. a. 8iOO A. OT.—LIGHTNING IXPRE8B,(Sundays ei: eepled,) arrives at Detroit TK» r. M., Suspension Bridge or Buffalo 4:01 A. «.; Albany 3:00 r. «.; Hew Tork W>U r. a.; Bopton 11 r. v. «:OO P. M.-NILES AUCOMMODAT1ON, except Sunday. §:OO P. M.—NEW YORK AND BOSTON ETPR£S«, (exceptSaturday.) Arrive at Detroit 7:lfi A. *•; Suspension SrUge or Buffalo 4:80 r. a.; Albany 4.-00 A. au; New York 10^)0 A. H» Boston fc40 r. a. K;04I V. n.— OntOlHHATI AND LOOI8TILLR KX- PRESS. (Eacept Saturday.) Arrive at Cincinnati fkOO A. a.; Louisville 4,-flO f. a. One train on Sonday at 8^X> p. n. The&OO A. a. and 8:00 r. aw trains connect at Paris with the Buffalo* Lake Huron Railway, for Buffalo and all points e*st; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, to Klngsua, Ogdeasburg, Montreal, Quebec and all points IU Canada East, Northern Vermont, New Hampshire and-Malne. lev"Baggage ehecSnl through. Through tickets foi sale at the principal Railroad offices In lh« West, and at the general office, corner Lake t Dearborn streets, opposite the Tremont House, Ohicago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street. R. N. HJOK. Sup't, H. J. BfAimao.Qen. Pass. Ag*u aprl» Detroit & Mil. Railway. THE Steamer Cleveland will take _^__^___ her place In line of tbe Detroit A Milwaukee Railway, on Monday, the 14th March. Passengers wlsUng through tickets can be supplied on and after Monday next, at £30 East Water street, or at the office on the dod> of the Detroit A Milwaukee Railway Co.— Due notice of the lime of departure will t» given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest route I" all polnu East. 1839. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. niltvaukee &. RAIL ROAD. rpHia uew and direct Route now open to Mew York, M. Kotlon. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washminon city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and all eastern cities. Cincinnati, Columbus, Day ton, Springfield, Urbana, Zanesvtlle, Stenbenvtlle, Newark and Wheeling, and all Interior towns of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Ac. Making one Uratid Unbroken R. R. Line •rrwaai OHIOAOO AJID TBS »AST fABS Ad LO W AS AJfY OTBSR ROOTS. BsT" Those desiring to go by tills Boole will be par- Uoular and enquire for Tickets via Fort Wayne, thereof avoiding the annoyance of rechecklng their Baggage TRAINS I.SA rs off or ON TAN itrass 'si L>AILV, AH UlLLOWJ: 8:OU r. ».—Night tipress, daily, Saturda/i eicepled «:00 A. M.—Morning Hall and Express, daily, Sundays exeepted. With but one change of cars to Pittsburgh. O8EOK1SO BAOQAOB VHaOUQH To Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Tork, connecting directly with trains ou the great Pennsylvania Central Railroad, to all eastern cities. Also, with Cleveland A Columbus Railroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk Buffalo, Niagara Falls via. New York Central and New York A Brie Railroads lo New- York and Boston Persons going east will jihd this route by lar the most desirable, both from the advantage in botnt of distance, variety and beauty of the country through which the roads pass, as well ae the less frequent changes or can and the annoyance of re-checking baggage required by other routes. ' Faculties for the transportation of Freight and Live Stock by this route are unsurpassed. Rates as low ai any other route, and with equal dispatch.. Tickets for sale at allt he principal ticket offices In tat West, and at Company 1 , Office, No. 80 Dearborn itr*. opposite Tremont House, Chicago, and at the utfice the Lake Shore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A. 0 Leland JNO. J. HOUSTON, General Freight Agent. Pittsburgh, Pa. U. W. BOSS, General Western Agent, Chicago Chicago, Marih 6, 1SMI mar,j FURNITURE! OrTtKKD IN THIS CITT, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOK THK STOCK 218 and spr8-d2mo THK NEXT SIXTY DAYS. IS UFA VI, A.\D .HUNT BF 220 East Water Street, nn.w A i K i- F. \* i MISCELLANEOUS. DR. II. W. RRIUIE,A|» VETFHINAKV DRY GOODS, &C i; SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! public, he rrten l,, 'he ing ?entlem*n, who h» ploy«.,| Mr Rmlb^a.l times professionally in the course ,tf u-n y-an. Wefeel Jnstiflc.l in «aylng 'hut hi* prvti.-v >.. rtor to the general run of Veterinary rv-j.-t ,.r,^ei MILWADKtK. John C. Bro.lhrad, Wm. J«mu..n, Murriy, Pryri £ C"., \\ Judge Wllioo, Milwaukee 1859. K. K. " Kelly. " And-ewt, - Vllden, Eli-mi Jamrg Kelly. N. A. Brri»n, Jamea foley. L. f W. J. Gam., White i Newl, U A A... . M I W, i U U. Hew l Kesn-r 1 * NOW ... .., ^ .11... (, The Latest Novelties C H. 1859. ^ MSMBSHd 'f THf Hi R>< R ] S. Curtis. Wm Hllas Merchant, Wnj Otfice, Kirl>y'f Livery Hl ap-19-lAwil AKKANOKMKNT. Orrat United Stain Hail and Ksprttt HoiUe. T HK only reliable and 4LL_RocTB To res {LitiT. and NOSTB-WEMT, and the DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat UIN> ! eonoectioo!. Baggage clirciol polnu. On and after MONDAY IO:30 A. ,TI. J:t a P. »l Liu« mak.UK turr through u> principal INI. f,ooii> DKPiKTVIKM RAIL, HOAJ3. THK SHORTEST AND MOST tXPEDITIOI S ROI TF.l TO • La using:, l>a Cromie, Winona, Read'i Landing, Red Wing, PKE8OOTT, 8T, PAUL AND ST. 1NTHONY Chaneeof Time, Monday, April t. 1S59. I«»T THAIN 11 00 A M I FAVKS HI 1 1 UAK.KF.E Arrirln; at JanesriHc 'J Sil P. M , Madlsoo 336 P. M. , p»ln» Jo Chien 3.1H) P M Connecting with thr Prairie da Chlen and At- Paul Paekeu, which leave Pralne tlu Uhlen on the arrival of the 9:00 p. U Train. 8D TRAI> f. 06 P. I F.AVFH miLWAIKEE M Madison Arriving at JaoteiTllle s:&ft P 10-00 P M T~ Far> bn all }*>intii oo tlte MU«imsj|>u, &iv a! any other Route. WILLIAM JIRVI.-", ft|-lfi Oeo'l SuperlnuliJ c ai 1:4:60 r M. a April, wh atleDUoD at UK warehouse* plication ai ir Mllwaukrr. AV, APHI1. .'5lh, 1 Sat), Depot, corner of Xlon-U a.i.J hAj-n*y .ts , .U fuJtuWl n.-Eiriuutf PA«e.iiiu.:»-. t rn»,[ i jf .vi Ch.- C&fn kt 'i 1(J r M. .— iLintaOl^ PA.-»«3iU.M — fc/TIV 1&K Al CNi- CaVfU «t r H , »D*J HJSJt U^ Clo*C eotiD«cLlona with Kvenlnif Trajns K»jt eVO«J South West, ,VD(J wiub Ihsa Hacine aoU MiutB*ip|ji Raulro*!, 1 , at B&cu»- yaocUoo, for B«lo\i fcoJ ^ih^r >tai,uin on tb»t Line. in lc.vrei tvl KJtt/ A • , svrrlrci &.IMJ f. ». •rarded with Jes^Lch, anj ai ,.,w r»t e <*. VeVlD. le*»e CldCsVpt. r r UlJWB,uk»M> <aQ<I •t tt ^ IX) i M , evnd i li f m , arrivm* p M. aud U 11 A M M J > T. MouUT, Ma-»ifr fr loa^.n*:, ..Q >»<• <fa .tlil. Railroad. jd€rn,fij*MJ, Ii«,> a»; NVT-LI »I.LHI, ,l<rU aKeuLa fioUcctjon MjJ J^iiTirrj ^f Kre.ghL fur thu m tnfurm n.rrch*xnta »n.J -ivhcn ih&t »n VlacODmn itrpT-t,) ..jj«ni?.i ,t, inr In •' Mm can t-r tff\, S>D<] r-c*>:v*- prv^npt if authorUrd 1 .:..UcC^o^^ v i, m f^i »r L, ^ortftllou uu Ifi.s linr-cia r>r ,'i.Vtl o; ap t orfi.e .f Mr A PRKW, Anetii f \N »n.l «n^r M Hay nnt. ^art.-. . ' •., •„ afii/ i i'f-T^«* n</, l«' ttrsiod Id a ren, Lyit-ui •• ^ t'nirjaffiirJe't ' o *«-w ;:•• '"-HI. t.', »r, Si-t-nrry .r» u.f (ir»i •! K v-r tr- , ..i ' - • : ,• Ra[. .1*. w tft u tfxttrati v- -.VPr*IM i.*.; .-. «. intertMlliDK fraiur^a five — la (Jr&iui H*»ru AI..J c>». n Fur i>e\.rtit*a if Q v a. i • Oraij>l Ra^i '* \:, ', •>* « Meat* ,-%n h,. •!»,) nj tMiar-l »t ^ i v -»n', -^ • i 1 M 1-.. ticket* rnaJ- Fe.1 1 1 :. »• \ ' •- • \ , •-,JUP Wt-cK Hour* of sa 1 1 i ii tc A K u n n 1 11 E T ru I ii>». L«-»v- M,t wmj.r/«-, 1. <i « M ATI-IT- at iir»t,.l R«[-<.li 1. - p « L*-»»-iiri4U.lK4 t "i* ,..', « L<-a; c « irmjj.l d**"' ti j M 1 i M < — Arr'^rtt Muwaukif* ' _' :*. » M ., T^i-r- » \ n«*- »,nJ c ';if "A! - " •- *(•• v- tfn- RAIIW%» Fvc^it Kl i,r»r.J riA^-(i. * ,•-- K Jt - • r JD Ihr b^dv-'i wl.i'' ill '-• ''• ,vr ^»<ry '*"<•'[,•...'[, ' " "" "' |.l*..NIiRII£ A CO 1 t£T Pin-.-.- -ni '' .-.•-,. -t,-r,.... , t , , i; -, 4 - ' . ' 507 \ f ,r , NoTlCK. !LMl-BliMOP*CU.U U K., V .a-K- , ..•i ' a:.' . r. », w Ut b*? carr.e-l Ji. • '' j * ••-• •* "ill **«• ' .•».! •": I['pii'"\i ' ' '',•• • . 1 - [*•- • .r.^J,,'^ k r^*mrr'.?.V' '*' '" '"^ " ^" W h M I I K, A > , K \ i( % \1 \Ui(. l> A. CLOTH DEPART Mt;tV f 71;,,,,,,), . UO III | / \N ind a.".-r . \J r,, [-r c' nir%. : r..r iu Raiir«ev.l HI; B O O K We can furnish to order any hook which exists, either In the English or other languages. We reoelve uew books ae lamed from the Press. •I*" 80 STRIOKALND A OO. School Book*. ^JD'^have^ every School Book in demand, and s< )aoS» them at wholesale or retail. BTRIOKJULKD A OO. YOUR D EFAULT having been made In tbe condition of certain promlaaory note, bearing date Becember lat,A.B.I85I,«ouscutaal by W.B.Hlbbart and John ft, Harrte,and also In The condition of a certain vesse mortgage of the^tame date executed by said Hlbbard and Harris to secure the payment of said note. N otlce Is teeO/iglteu to all partlei tnteraWed that ire ehal emoee for «ale and >eV -an Tuesday, the 6th day o JOLT, A. D, ISM, at 10 o'eloek In the forenoon of (hat day, at the Spring street bridge, ID the city of Hilrav kee, the Schooner William H. fl^phena, her maaK, bowsprlta, valla, boat, anchor, cables, and all other oeoeaaarta thereunto appertaining and belonging, to satisfy the amount remaining due on aald noie and aaortfage together with the coits and expenses of sale. MOBE8A. JAMB, and JOSEPH JAJMBT^ ^Mortgagees. By W. W. Bnm, Agent. BvrntaK A Oonaox, Attorneys. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE 1859. SflflJgP 1859. TO LA HHW188IPPI IUTBB. Two llnwfcfi" fimwii BIND UP AGAZINES ! nri are prepared In our Bind ory to Bind Manaslnes TT Periodicals or anything else In the form of a Book, in neat and durable styles, at low rates. STRICKLAND A OO Stereoscopic View*. W E have reelved a fine lot of Sterescopic Vle». embracing views of Interesting localities In BIIHSIA, att-ITZEBLAND, SPAIN, li O V P T , NUBIA, OBXXOX,, IKgLAJTD, fd>l?., <tC Also a large van,,, aew American Views. New and very desirable styles of Stereoscopic Instruments. STRICKLAND A CO., Booksellers and Stationers, _«P. r j ______ 184 East Water street. NIXTH VOLUME " WISCONSIN REPORTS STRICKLAND A 00, 184 East Water street. FIHF. INN. CO., Of Pltun.ld, Mass. OAJH Aaserw .................. »2os,6w 41 CON WAV riBE INSUBANCr Co., Of Oonway, Mass. CASH ASSETS .................... IMH.461 47 HA. (TIP DEN FIBE INftHBANCE UO., Sprtngfleld, Maas. CASH ASSETS .............. OHANOi; OF O N iv i)d afUr Monday, April *Uj, i VAake«, W»i«rU>«ii A B»r»tx>o •111 arrive m Ullwaakre at 11:36 i. m iriU r. m. 8. 8, MKRRil TIMK- on the II.:- , .J i and t)ei>*n »t L t tiU-.l With HI j , :, (IL;J) bii i C h H %LL, in apr ;6 J T Mi>«>DV . - A [.r,l -, and ur.t.i oarli r II ID E3 HAUNKS BiiOTHKKs' OUR JOBBING UtPARTMENl REV, 1859. ND FAVORITE ROUTE BaTTWBU TBI UIBABD FIBE INS. VOmPANV, Of Philadelphia. OASH ASSETS ................. •IZM.rM 78 n*ar]i> Js W. (/rain. NO. t, MARTIN BLOCK, UP STAIRS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin MHaLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION Bargains in Dry DETROIT & MILWAUKir. R, R "City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland." (Thoroughly reflu&l for thU root*.) 1869, Pa* N AND APT KB MONDAY, Jane «th, senger Trains will run as followi • OOINO WK8T: THAT IMMEN8K STOCK Of l—AT-f 187 E£nt Water Street, MUST BE CLOSED OUT BY THfc AShlONKK. for sale at febU PIKK-S 1>EAK. A NEW MAJ 1 , showing tbe Route to the Sold Regions In Kansas, Jnu received by fehl» STRICKLAND A OO., 134 East Water street NOTICE THE INSPECTOa OF F»H, A PPOINTBD by the Common Oonnctl of tbe Oily of H. Milwaukee, In pursnance of An Act of the Legislature, approvedMarch U. WSt, hereby glva notlc?tha» h« Is now furnished with the proper weights and brands for the due performance of the duties of his office. - By theaald -Act- It 1, made the duty of all persons dealing In Hah to gin notice to the Inspector to have af" a ^,1SL l ^! C i ed * nd torantal «Wore packing. Mr. Smith will be found at the Mew Warehouse of Mean. John huloafA Bon, flonth Water at^ Walker's to ma; be Eipteted, JOSEPH CABV, Assignee. may 10 JOHN SMITH, Inspector. su*. HA* „ JAS, a.««!»». Hymn & Jenkins, OOUNSKL-LORS AT LAW, mTCHELL'S BANK BtTlXpINC, Conor KM WaUr and MicMffan sis., Jamea A Swain, OV THI LATB UBII Oq MAGI E & SWA I N WILL remain at the old stand where he will be pleased to welcome thejpatrons of the eitabnihment. OHARI.ES QUBNTIN & CO. aprI7-dtr UNITED STATES SALE The Farmers Loan A Trust Oom 1 The Milwaukee * fa^ior Railroad Company, In the 0. B. DIs- Olty of Milwaukee, trlot Court for the John Stewart, JHstrlct of Wisconsin. Johann 0. A. Allerdlng, In eVjolty. Christian Hahm and Gottfried Wootsoh. f H pursuance aad by virtue of a decree made by the J. District Ooart of tbe United States, for the District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March, Igftt, la the above entitled cause, I shall sell at PubHc Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 1859, at 8 o'clock In the afternoon, from the steps of the Custom Boose, In .the Olty of Milwaukee, all and singular, the mortified premises mentioned tn the bin of complaint in wjd cause, and described u i "AH the following, present and in future to be acquired, real and nenanai property and real estate ol the said defendant, tbe Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, t^at ls to say, all of the first division of the Railroad of said Railroad Company defendant, from tbe Olty of MUwaukee. to the Olty of Green Bay In said State of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, ""T'luTIng the right of way, and land occuplerrby said first division of said road, (subject to the right, title or claim, wbleh the said defendants Stewart, AllenUnt, Hahm and Wo itach, or either of them, may bavshad at the time of Making said decree, to land upon which said Rail- roa I Company DBS located its way, tod for which no compensation has been mad* to them,) together with the nperstructareand track tharexrn, and all rails and other materials used thereon, brtdjes, viaducts, culverts, fences, eo^prnmite, necessary depot frotmis and Moldings thereon, beloagln| to Qu aMSaUrbad Oonv -— ' all rofltaf stoc Bop. Bridge, depart 'Detroit, depart.. •Oswego* am ve 8t. Johns, arrive . Grand Rapids, arr •trrand Haven, arr. Milwaukee, arrive ---- Mall. lined. r. M. A.M. I-UO luo.1 8:lU 6KM) 2:61 1:8U i SU Noon. 12:00 Night Kxpreas. r. M. 11:00 II 80 4:80 Noon. 1JKW lilt \OKTIII,|{> TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, .lurlDif Ihe ^r^«efj: .^raa-.n, r..'. '.- . w^, kii.>Wf, iaj i« | ular L.Lr r Firvl A 1 .1 '. \ N I. I DRV I HFK.K < ) S V\ I I A K I > Ov I-L,, > ew Oltego 001NO KAST * ipr'i r. M. 8:00 1. ». 8:00 SJIn.i. Night Noon. U:00 Milwaukee, depart. •Qrand Haven, dep. Grand Rapids, arr. Si, Johns, arrive Owosso, arrive •Detroit, arrive. 8us. Bridge, arrive •Refreshments—Hotel In Depot at Grand Haven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturday! al I r. «.— for Saturday Night's Express passengers well, but 3 i. a. train will »ffV leave on Sundays. Trains leave termini dally, Sundays exeepted. THE TELEGRAPH LINE Is now open for Poauo Bo- 11:40 r. M. dep'l 6:80 »:S6 I1.-1U 4.-00 lu:3u i- H. 1:IS L2U •JO a. m. 440 OONNKCTION8. AT DETROIT—GRKAT WESTERN RAILWAY for all polnu East—MICHIGAN CENT HAL and MICHIGAN BODTHKRN RAILROADS, and CLEVELAND Line of Steamers. AT OB AND HAVEN—With " HURON " Steamer for CHIOAOO. Ac.. Ac. AT IHILWAUKKE—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA ORO8SE, OttJOAGO, WATKRTOWN and BORI- OON RAILROADS, for all Important points West and Northwest, and on Mississippi River, and with Steamer, for Ports on Lake Michigan. OOUKNStU : A .N D THK Forming a Rrml-Workl Oswego, and Chira^t Ioru, coon,-*-tin* ai (VdrDsbur*> K :> tf.^ OODKN.SBCBUd 1 \ L'RMOST LKSTKU BOUTt. BetwcfU O|{JcDftfur)fh, Burlutgxoii, *.j' ohester, Nachua, Lawrein-e, Lowell, M'o Boston, antl al Otwego with lh« N Thirty Mm Canal Boati oetween OSWeKo^Tror, (Albany 4V >e« \ork, k Oonnccting also al Dunkirk with ATi'H' YOhK A.\l> KKlh k.\ Il.t;i>A Ii, AnJ forming • Tn-Weekly RallroaJ Line l>-twwn Dunkirk, Milnauk^e & Chicago. fT Property farwar.lrj by tl,,. Line w..i b« iub,r<-i lo but One Transhipment. flf Merchandlsr markr.l "N. T. CO EX. PKES.N," will tx forwarjej N r « Y u rk bj an Sbprttt /Veij/Ai TVii^w ovfr U« .Vr*/ 1 1'"-* <t K t« Railroad, And promptir forwarJed from UunklrkJ Ai J i > L'i '1 U <). Mrsag, Agent N. T. Co., 177 Broadway, New Tork J. L. W.i.i., Agent N. T. Oo , i Oentlf. Slip, New SADDLERY" HARDWARE A }• - AKI;lA( I :l. «, l-.l.dll, rK rKI.M.MIN( \ \i ! 11. 1C I < K 'I I -, | OOO B\<S jr.- h A 1 <»EOK<»I-: I 3ti K \ S I 3I1L WAL'kIS, 1 . < 1 1- 1 M 3 M . DYKK A U * T Is U N r U F t I . r»r, in,/ It ».«o«,i^ . Tirris, corner 6lh and Ohesnul it Phils Horn A Cuwvoao, Oiwego N T. B. D. CiLDWsu., Ageot. Dunkirk, N T Cainsuu-Jl, OaAwroao 4 Co , Cleveland, O.j Jon Hoctisa, Agent N. T. Co., »8 Stale it., Boilon A-Clj»B»i», Agent V. C. Line, IDS State il , Bo«t.,n J. F CBDEOB, Agent, Eouse'i Point, N V. Gao. Piaxsa, Agent, Ojrdenshurirh, N. Y L. J. H16BY, Milwaukee, OTs , office UOrosse A JI R. R. Depot. 5: 5V „ „ „ Offlc * nemT u - A M. R. R. D.pot. H. B.— Shippers are raqneslad to lee one of the at>ore Agents before making contracts, as they are prepared to offer very low rates, and their connections with the Ogdensborgh and Oswego ronui, and especially with the New York A Erie Railroad give them nnsurpaaietl facilities for cheap and speedy transportation marl8-doa>-laatwlaw Paasengen for Great Western Railway go on the Railway Tamar SnAama, at D. A M. R. Dock, -leaving Dock at 8*0 A at, 12:00 Noon and 1:30 p. >. RIGHT TRAINS have BLEEPING OARS attached. The Company'• Time-Tables can be had at any oflfee Station*. ^ W. K. .71MH, Gen 1 SopV WBITBAH A Poaant, Ticket Agents, £80 East Water st WM. QaABAat, Freight Agent at Oomoany's Dock. H. 0. Wown, General Western Agent. D. A M. R. Offices, June, 180* Je» tasary •»tbe« • ,-• ._ . . engines, tenders, ears, tooU, materials, TOdSntry, fiztans, and all other per- sotull property appertaining to said arst drtlstoTof ~" ~" 1 rtfW* thjrato.»3id inMrests to be ac~ ^th* MnwaakeeandBoperlor Uoniappf—^-- z -'- B ^ s 5 1 *.? 1 ??*""- «a*«n>e-_ _ „ —,.-.•• «. eei Income, to be had or levied (her.: and other HOUSES TO RKNT. \rnrB have several Brick and frame Houses to rent Vf .on very reasonable terms. We have also for sale a vast quantity of real estate, ro-Hating of Booses, Lots, Improved and unimproved Farms, School Lands, ate. We have 00 acres near the Olty, with House, Barn, to., for the small rent of f 60 aad taxes. : GREGORY * CO., mayJl «4 East Wairr street. W U. SOTTH\VKLL, .IK.. <sri>4>ultT, JoiiirT dud f, OL"Li> r S, th End best (elf found tn lhr» riruliy »nn«un«-<? ID le-y »U 11 .-.-IH.nur ;. «*un:k of ()u«Kii • , t\a<l will .-iirulm-i ol >ii»j * To &J tn Any aev customtn u may 'fvi QJ a caJl, we vouJd 1*7 OQ<S of oar rlrip re«uir^ 11 York, aod ve have facilllie* fur iht (jurchtvae *ud uT.wt.uri; of floods that can not be eio«-Ilf^i W- ftil uan-n rrady u> t*Jt* »Jvaata,{v nf ICastf-ra M^ aVaJ hiave btrtiu ecsblt^i LU r«rJace th« ^r, t -e i( kiada of fooJa, *hicti w*i -hati cuuuuu lowest price* m W e*Ufro V rtetM, W« »re constantly r-oi-iv.DK t*.| t ,.rt« •.. , t r n. inJ will ketp it fu •uuiplcli; u '..< l»- tl>ii* «L t,, , tn fill ortifr^ ' r any kinj of daUdifn', <.arra,{? ? V -vH -"-l' dtock, »dd w II 1,) »., ;. % lion In r?*i>e*ct to^aaJity in.i ,.r- L. .vu utfortioeDt of Btrut SturJ, Poles. ah 4t \V AH K H l > ( .*-, f ; We alau «e .frllo«,i. Spokes, Hub», Ao., A^., noj-i ' h«nd, or will m ,••<«• to crdrr, toy t r1ag«, WaguQ or Team Uarn«?M. Gall and i«e for yoonelvi-a. .ojt,\ully « Q BOOTK. OKNUINK AKTIOI.K MANDrAOTCRED BY JOHN PHALEN, mHE only one authorised to manufacture the ab»oe JL named Boots, at 78 EAST WATER 8THEET. The, Phalen Boot la one of the most unique and e e- gant coverings for the feet that has ever been invented. Theyare made of the best of stock and moil finished workmanship, aod are warranted to cure Corns, Bun- loos, Swelled Peel, Swelled Head, Rhumatlsm Qout Ac. ' Remember that the iW< Agent for these but Invented Boots In this City, Is to be found at I* Eaat Water it., wherf, also, may be found a general assortment of BOOTH & MHOEM, UAITEBS, AC., For Gentleman and Ladles that there Is In this market* all manafaetnred under the supervision of the subscriber,^ (maySS) JOHN PHALEN. 1011] SOEBlf f^S 8ALE. (M»w BTATB OF WISCONSIN, I OlrcultOonrt, Mlftrankee County, ( Meyer Shoyer, 1 • —agslnsl - ( Jadgment of| Foreclosnrs and Barah B. Weld and [sale. OoUnlL farmer.: ) TH virtue of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered tn 1. said Ooart. In the above entitled action, dated the twenty-eight day of May, ISM, I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the P»»t-*jfflce, la the Olty of Milwaukee, on Saturday, (be lOtfc slay s«f September, 18W, at the boor of 2 r. a., of that day, the foUowlag described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof as may be necessary to rals* the amount Of said judgment, Interest and costs, together with tbe expenses or sale, to wit: "The south twenty (W] feet of lol number nine PJ, la Made: number sixty-War IM], in late Seventh 11] Ward, of the OHyot MUwaniee,ln tka OotuiQ ol Mltwaakee and State of Wlaosn- •ta,", i • Dated Ihsrlff *s OSes, Milwaukee, Jane «, 18». kn«masi£,l A. J. LAKQWORTHT. PfOsAtfy. I . gh'ff.Mll.Oo^Wls. JeTHUBJ-UnSw DR. F. A. CAD WELL, foronrly of Toronto, O. W^ now of Ohicago, 111., the emlneot and skillful operator on the . KITE ANls EAB Al No. M Randolph, corner of Dearborn street, ls i workltf miracles In the way of restoring LOST MOOT ASP HSA&INO. Opjsjard* ol TWO HUNDRED have been received by Dr,<XiWUhln the last four weeks, many of whom have been 4Uod for months and years, have hid their sight JtopwvUo ornatdeno avail farms of from 6 to 80 on easy terra. acre»,-ne»r the Architect, b prepared tirornlsh plans tor all kinds ofbolldlngi at the shortest notles. ., ,On)«»e 2 «i,t, Paul, ejret W. TsTsTAns; i. E.lD4iM,Bm, 7W to required for ao examlnaUon or opialon^- ' aervlcesthatareno* tttccMrW.a* will Pte Hie & Pleasure fiROC'KWAY'M — or— OM.NLBUSSliS ANO HACKS. TJALETTES wishing to engage Hacks or Omnibuses for i the purpose of visiting the Gardens or for Pic Nlc Partlks,canbeenppUed with Brat class vehicles on ih. shortest notice and moit reasonable terms. A line of OmtbusseS wfll commence running on the 1st of June-fbr Forest Home, leaving Tan Gott's corner at » A. u and 9 r. a). The Omnibus for Wanwatosa leaves Tan Oott'i at Vt M. and 5 r. u. i^T J ROCK WAT, majlO-dlm Pool of Mason street. S1UHT AND HKAKlNd K E M O V A L \V B A \ I. K Y Ha* r^tnoYtf ISB EAST raaJe inch to hia oi.l iiaa>l, INTKEET. ;,*:l* ifc.r,, n«./a. .lltirt (.if Hai>, 1* 1 Ai i.t e that h« I N h. nab II* OKI K A I 1 I-. A -S 1 \v, VHI.WAI-KKIC. %,!>!< I T ID 3FI. I. 00*1- i . }• i \N iirable itjl< uf »t met. Axt for example him lo iaf t.t ih« puhh>* now prrpart^l ui furnish tln*m iciuro knowo l» the DK Low Price* u t.> if •>v r *ry uity, t tor II II V<j( only (l,i)U th<j flril one, fll E I . A I N E O T V P ES, Ai d ID fa*: I every other HI/E PIIOTIM.K - fo restored Instantly by dtUtaUamd Mfle while others, woo have been sufferers from disease, hare 1 un ndraenlonsly eared by mild and fentJe treat- The jbeit proof a* to bow Dr. O.'s serrloes are appreciated; Is, that he Is dally receiving new patients tram ' of the country, and dismissing, as cured, his Dupll AlTlIiKOUKAPHM •tyld of Pictortr, at corr low prtcea lltlPEHIAl. PHOXOSJB.IPII*. Colored In either Oil or Water Color*-, an,l finish^l in the blgheat atyln uf th« Art | THE STEKI.OTV PE, A new aod popolar style of Picture, iJolore.l In Oil whleli far excels In Accuracy, BoWnew aod ttoauty ., nniah, any other Picture ever otfer««l to th« Publn.-. These Pictures have only to be teen to b« admired. All who are desirous uf «a»lng money ar« respectfully •olicited to call and examine Specimens al the OU Stand, .Vo 18« *n< Wattr It net, MUwiukt*, Witeonttn marl8-d«m W. 9. BAV1.KY, A.tlst^ Slram^to ll»e Principal Town« in I H. El X- -A. BQ-1> . ENQLAHD AUD SCOTLAND FOB &30 The powerful Iron Steamships 01TV Or BALTIMORE, CITY Of KANGAROO, Will sail trom New fork for Cork direct and thance to Liverpool, fTSVSR y ALTSBJTA TS BATUKDA f. The CITY O» MANCHESTER anj V1GO will sail frum BELFAST and OOnK to New Tork once a Months Rate of Passage from^iew York To Cork, Liverpool and the principal towns In IRELAND, ENGLAND AJTD SCOTLAND : Cabin,.... 178 Third Class.... ISO. «y Passengers forwarded to Havre, Antwerp, Bremen and Hamburg for t'S In Cabin, |3o Third Class. TO PARIS (In Mhours from Liverpool.) Cabin |8fi; Persons wishing to sand for their friends can obtain Certificates ot passage from CORK or BELVAST to S»W TOW tor't^MTom LIVMPOOL 140. "* .ppiytoR.J.Cortis AUo., m Broad- G. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. B. B.—Pasaengert \>j this Una avoid the risk and dttaj of calling at Halifax and St, Johna. maySB ATLANTIC TAHLK .FA 1. 1. U 31 I •<!-., , SA'l I l-. a a «u«U Kl >A \ Al * r ( r 1 II I a I 1 • r t r u r f f r'K 1 H H •:-, r - v i H . N r «,;»., Lamp. a a.,. f» A »n.l uunt tCllNuMH.'.tl. ~iual if Dul , U p, rluI . .„ .,,„ »dHpt»| tu (.•J luror , ea , Hnl»l,. i Private l>weillu«». S»,,r..«.i • pr,,,- „ , U| ,,r,..r.i, ,v- r ,,. •.«, B K»T. iHT -v-r h .r |, u< Room, ' L n v UN T M , ii a I h ;a it l N 1 >KK 1 < r u u r h , A K tiu« Hau.e SSKPSCOI18-TA,SrLV on Y Uahoxany. Black Walnui tn.l itt, cr W e aasurtu,,,, C ,rBn. i,, ' The uln^e uf Uie forest K»[n<4 '>ro ki my ulaeo, wfivv^ I >iavv th 0 ptau '»f B always re»Jy lo lo.-umpaay [.alr.ini" rey u. ,elect lou Hr olacrs :,,r m.i "f busmois lay ir •ii < ht. mm, •UJ STICK t,, th,^ can Iw fouo.l OoIBn Tritn- M ANUfAOTU&Cl> expreoely for thai purpose, au of 3m quaJUv paper «- TKRB7 A OO., •*i l«f last Watav St. e'Ot K BII.'-AKO TAUt,KM K O K MAI, K C H r/: A f . T HU undersigned *lll Mil Tour BUlard Tables vit Balls aod Coea. all in food order and 'tulle ae*; at a lerj low price JalO-dAwtf V BLATZ, City Brewery. BBLd MOB MssV, m BOW. for sale. LATTOR A PLAJUMTOM.

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