Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on June 11, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 11, 1898
Page 2
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MELVIN, STEELE A. JOHNSON. E D I T O R S A N D P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE: 11, 1898. THE SILVER FLAG IS FLYING- It is claimed by some Democrats of the class that sets tho party utterances at n a u g h t , that the b i l \ e i question is dead. They might have more t r u t h f u l l y said they would be ple;ised if it wcre'dead; but it is not On the contrary, it w:is never more thoroughly alive, and not within the past four or five years has moie encouragement been given - i t than within the past two weeks, when a liberal n u m b e r of Republican Sena tois voted w i t h the Democrats to coin the s,eiariiioiago in t h e govern incut vaults. They t l i u s recognize tho place of silver in t l i p c o i n mouey of the country, and tho equity of the existing ratio of sixteen to one. It has not been dcmonstiated that the granting of the same privilege of coinage to silver that is accorded to gold would not do for the conn try in a commercial way, all that the most enthusiastic advocate of the w h i t e metal claimed it would do The occasion was never greater than at the present to test the matter. With w h e a t dropping 1 back toward the farmers' price a year ago--it is now below a dollar per bushel--the need of more money for cirenlaliou is conclusively shown. Unless it is soon shown that the government operations can be better done than they have been under a pronounced gold standard policy; that by it commercial enterprises will be more prosperous, by reason of better home patronage and increased foreign markets, and that by it the people will be nearer the position they occupied t w e n t y years : ^ i , silver will beanissueof paramount importance at the coming congressional elections. That much it can not do now. The conditions are more unfavorable than they wouil li.-ive been if war hud not somewhat curtailed OIH foreign trade. Silver w i l l be an issue u n t i l it has had its opportunity to demonstrate what millions of increase in the coin money of I he couii- tiy will do toward tho" prosperity of the people. Whatever emergen6ies of war may demand the settled policy of the Democratic party ;it large is to stick to the principles enunciated by the last national convention until they triumph, as they must, and dethrone the plutocracy of m i l - lionaires who too much dictate the legislation of this' democratic government. The banner has not been furled; and the candidate for Congress from this district, whoever the .Democrats may choose to bear it, will bear it to victory in November. HOBSON'S HEROISM. The American people appreciate courage of the kind displayed by the impetuous Dewey, and the captains of the vessels which went into the Manila fight with even chances of victory; but the daring of more than one body of men who have volunteered, in the face of almost certain death, to cut cables and do other work of like stragetic importance, awakens an enthusiasm that approaches reverence. It is not strange, then, that the country_is aflame with admiration for Hobson's heroism. Whether it accomplish or not the purpose intended, the facts remain that eight men undertook of their own free will, the hazardous task of blocking the channel to the Santiago de Cnba harbor by sinking in it a large ship, with the chances of being blown to atoms by the batteries that hedged them in on either side, without a gnu to respond with, or by the submarine mines in the channel, or the alternative of falling into the hands of a vengeful and unscrupulous foe, who was regarded as indifferent to -the amenities of civilized warfare. To the credit of the Spanish commander bff it said, however, that he recognized the' bravery of the mea and forbore -firing upon them, while helpless in the water, but instead picked them up nnder a flag of truce, and their exchange is being negotiated. Hobson is the hero of the hour. There is room for appreciation aud substantial recognition of the great things the heroes embryo of army or navy may accomplish in the struggle that will sharp from now on, and bids fair to be of short duration. CANDIDATES IN THE FIRST DISTRICT. At the gathering o£ Democratic editors in Baltimore last Tuesday the political outlook was discussed, and tho opinion was general that there are bright prospects for Democratic congressional candidates this year. They were confident that the Democrats would win in the First. There were many available men mentioned. At least tlvo counties, those present stated, would present candidates. Kent countians may ask for H. W. Vickers, Win. M. Slay, or Ex-Judgo J. A. Wickes; Queen Anne's, Dr. R. 31. Price or P. B. Hopper; Talbot, Ex-Comptroller J. Frank Turner; Dorchester, Senator W. F. Applegarth; Worcester, Lloyd Wilkinson; Wicomicc, Ex-Governor Jackson, and it may be that Senator John Walter Smith will become a candidate. He Las hosts of friends, and it is said many of the others mentioned would not oppose him. We have not heard ·whether Caroline will again seek the nomination this year. For many, many years we have sought it in vain, although our claims on the party of the Shore have been acknowledged as just by all the coun-i ties'. Some time ago wo published" N f c W S P A P L R f l R C H I V E ® ,, :i hihtoi-y of C-irolinc'b only Cougrcss- iHiiii. lie was, as the history tells IKS, a good ami f a i t h f u l i c'probCiit:i- tivc nnd an honor to bis State anc county. But be lived so long ngo that ouly the grandfathers of our most venerable citizens o£ today k n e w h i m . Let us have another. EDITORIAL NOTES. Tho national convention of the Christian Endeavor Society will be held iu Nashville, Tcnn., J u l y 6th to ILth. The Maryland delegation wil leave July 4th at noon. Among tho interesting places w i t h i n easy reach of Nashville, and which thousands ot the endeavorers will likely visil before they return, are Asheville Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain Clitckamauga Park, The Hoi-milage. JMissiormi-y Ridgo, Belle Stock Farm, and the National Cemetery. Under the new oath the person to bo sworn holds up his right hunt and the following i's propounded to him: "In the presence of Almighty God I Oo solemnly promise or declare to tell the t r u t h , the whole t r u t l aud nothing but the truth." It is u n l a w f u l to add "So help me God,' which ended the old oath, or any imprecatory words whatever. #}.·'? fi\rft,t A good sum has been subscribed to defray the expenses of a Fourth of July celebration which is to bo hold in Deutou, and we hope the promoters will be assisted iu othoi ways, and t h a t the national anniversary may bo a notable one in Deuton. Let us manifest onr patriotism fittingly, aud all will be benefited thereby. In six weekb Spain has lobt two fighting fleets aud more than a score of valuable boats--and our navy is in better fighting trim than ever. Now if our army can keep this pace the w a r ought to be over before the s u m m e r ends. The pay of members of the Legislature over in Delaware is three h u n d r e d dollars per term of two years. Very few men are economical enough to get rich on that sort of a salary. Oohin's Acme Hull. "VVhcn you come to Baltimore on an Excursion, Any Excursionist Inlying goods at tins store to tlic amount of *1O or over, willhavctheir fare for 75 miles round Inp, or less, returned to tlicm Iu t'Hsh, oil presentation of Iheir ticket and Ihis coupon at lllc Cashier's Office OKHSI'S ACME HA 1,1,. We secured a lot ot Sample Hats $3 and $4 Detbys--latest shapes, all the new colors and Black--naturally the pick, being samples--very great bargain at $2. Onr Bcs.1 Derby-,, $J. Alpines, newest styles, JI to $2. 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When you're in Baltimore make Oehm'e Acme Hall your headquarters. Ladies' "Waiting, Retiring and Writing Rooms; Men's Smoking and Waiting Booms Free, no matter whether you're a customer or not; meet your friends at Oehm's. Parcels checked free, and every accpmmoda- iion and comfort is cordially ex:ended to you. Cehm's Acme Hall Baltimore Charles Sts,, BALTIMORE, MD, All Cur Linen I'nfes Our Dour. County Commissioners Notice, Notice If hereby given to nil persons Hiving claims of any kind or uhnrautur igainst tho Board of School Ci'iiunisgion- crs lor Caroline County, the Trustees of ,he Poor of Cnroline County, and tlio Jounty Coinmissioncrs of Caroline Conn;y, w-hich urc proporly payable out of the ublic funds subject to the control of any of said boards, except such as mny bo panding in any of the Courts of this State, ,o lilc Isaid accounts und claims with tlic Mopcr Hoards so that tho sanio may be examined nnd pusscd upon by the snid respective boards before the Second Monday in July next, and any person failing to file their accounts or claims ns aforesaid shall not thereafter be permitted to do so and slmll forfeit nil rights to collect tho s a m e _ b y legal processor otherwise, in less good and sufficient excuse for said iiiluro is given t/ nnd approved by the kmrd with which the snid accounts or ainih urc offered to bo Hied By order of County Commissioners. U '. THOMAS R. GREEN. CUrk. R. B.BON D. ·if? -o Si LAWNS, $ JACONET, $ f i o | | NOVELTIES FOR HOUSEKEEPERS. FAUSTINE, HOMESPUN, P ERG A LINE, YACHTING CAPS, GOLF CAPS, LINEN AND STRAW HATS, 1 DOZ. PAPERS OF TACKS 3 GTS, FRUIT JARS. BICYCLES. PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN. CASH PAID FOR EGGS. THE B, C, BIBB STOVE CO, 107 SL IO9 Light Street, BALTIMORE, MD. HEATING STOVES, Ciok Stoves, Gas, Oil and GiisoliucStovo' Hollow-wine, f. F I R E - P L A C E H E A T E R S . FURNACES, R A N G E S . Manufacturers of the celulnatcd EMEHALD, STONEWALL. AND VIRGINIA COOK STOVES. Of t h e popular Sheet-Iron A i r Tight Stoves TRILBY AND W I L D F I R E . FOB SALE BY Stewart Bros., DENTON, MD., HEWEli I1EWE Wl£ 130 SI1TCE llnvc the best Carriages, Spindlo Buggies Drtytons, and a lull line ot ^Machinery and Farm Implements. Lowest Price* nil Everything! Good Sccotid-Hnnd Carriage* nnd Uugijics from ijlO.OO up. 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Hotm-ning, leiivu '{iiltiiiur;'nl ,'i.lo p. m , nrriviiig aUJiiconslown at 6,'t5, and Chcstcrlown at 7.i!D, Stcnnior It. 8, Vord will leave Ccntir- ville daily, cAccni Suiuhiy, nt 7.00 n. in., slopping id laiidiiigri oil Corsica river, lio- glo'u, .IncliHoii Cicuk, nnd K u n t Ibhmd, tnd ni'i-ivitig in D n l t i n i o i o nl 11.00 a. m. KfttiiniiiiK, leave linlliinorii at '!.!!0 p. in., nrriviiig nt Cuntrovillo Ht 7.80 p. m. iStonmi* Gratitude will luiive l.ock H u l l Inily, cxeent Sunday. nt H.OO a. in., iiriiv- ng In Italtimoin nl 10.16. ]tetiirniiig, C-HVO Iiiilt|niori3 at '1.00 ]. in., n r r i v i i i g at Jtotsk Hall nt'i.15. OKO. WAIIKIKI.D, Prosidont, J. K. TAYI.OII, Guneral Agent J. II. C. LEGG, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, CEXTREVILLE, MD ASSIG-NfELE'S SALE --OF-THE VALUABLE FARM OF THE LATE WILLIAM f\. DAY, IN THE SECOND ELECTION DISTRICT OP CAROLINE COUNTY, MARYLAND. Uy virtue of ii power of snle containci in a mortgage from William M. Dny nnc Uebecea A. Day, his wife, to Jiunos T "Wood, bearing ilntc the 28tli day of May 1878, nnd recorded in Liber J. ~W. T., No 40, folios 1(52,, 183, etc., n land record bok for Caroline county, Maryland, and by mcnse assignments assigned to John II. C Lcgg on 'the 3id dny of Murcli, 1893 which assignments are duly recorded nt the foot of tho said mortgage, in Liber J AV. T, No. 40, folio 185,'ono of tho land record books foi Caroline county, itnry land, the said John II. C. Legs;, Hi assignee of the mortgage aforesaid, will sell at public auction to tlic highest bidder, in from of the court house door, in Duiiton, Caroline county, Maryland, on TUESDAY, JUNE 28tb, 1898 between thu hours of 2 and I o'clock p. m , All those tinets, pin-Is of ti acts, or pnicclh of land, situate, lying niul boing in tho Second Election District of Caroline county, Maryland, culled "Mason's Eazzard/' "Abner's Park," "Dobson's Westmoreland," or by whatsoever nnnio or iiiinii-» tint mny bo known 01- uxlluil, u School House Lot for Sale, O K K I f J B OK T I 1 K tSltllOOr, If O A K I) 1 S M A Y .11, 1808. ( The .School lioiird invites sealed propos- iln u n t i l June 28lh (nmrkud on out.sitlc uf iivclopo'"l ) roposiiljo]' pureliiiso of school ot) iimkiiig ollbr fo'rsulo and piirclnisc of ·iiennt scliool lot n'.-r Thonms Todd's rcsidenco. Tho lot coiituiiii :i ImU'iicre of nnd, more or Icte, 1'ioin winch WHS ro- novud the honso for colored school. The right of rejecting miy mid nil bids i re- crved. Conveyance pnpcis nt, the o\- Gnso of purchnsor. Terms cnsli. JJy order, M. B. STEPHENS, Secretury. Good Assortment of Millinery, HATS, TBIMMEDan'd UHTRIMMED. CALL'AND SEE THEM. |Miss IDA J. MO!I/VAINE. 300 ACRES OF LAND, more or Irns, and it, »]M bailor k n o w n as tho fnrni of Hie Into A V i l l i n m M. Dny, ol Cai-olino eoiinty, Maryhuid, and u.' ini pruveil by u gno(l com Coi table B R I C K D W E L L I N G H O U S E good J J n r n , Can-ingo House ami Corn House, IDK! other Ontbiiildings, anil Inih a young lYiieh Urchin d on it, in good condition, of 1,000 truce, and is u n l y about 2 niiloh I'lom I5i idgctown, 4 miles from tho town ol Gnldsburo, about 5 miles from Gruensborough, nnd about 7 miles from llidgcly, so that it is convouint to rnil- ronds, ttorcs and chm-elics, «nd thoru is n school w i t h i n hnll'n milo ol the fiirin, and the Innd is of good soil, fencing is in fnir condition, nnd thero is a growing wheat crop on snid fnrm. ^ ; Terrrs of Sale. One-half of the puiclnibc money in cash on the day of sale, and the bain nee in twelve months from the day of sale; or all cash, nt the optiou'of the purchaser or purchasers ; the cicdit pnj incuts, is nny, to bo secured by notes or bonds of tho pairoliaser or purchasers, bearing interest from tho day of snle, payable in bunk, and secured lo the satisfaction of the undersigned u.i- signftc. Title papers at the expense of tho purchnsor. J O H N n. C. LEGG, T. FHANK SKIVAUD, Ass KINK?., Auctioneer. N. 15.--Arrnngitniontsc^nbc made with the undersigned by which the sum of 81,000.00 of the pnichnso money cnn remain on mortgage, if the purchaser so desires. J. H. C. LEGG, Altorney-at-lnw, Ccnti-cvillc, Aid. Second Hand Mowers, ·in good condition for snle. Apply to JONATHAN EVITTS. PUBLIC LOCAL LAW O i M C R A T l V E I N C A K O L I N K CO U N TV, PASSED AT TIljS J A N U A K Y SESSION, 1898. C I I A I T J C K 475. AN ACT lo incorporate tin; Dcnton nnd 1'ederalb I'lirg Unilro.ul Company, and lo nntlion/c IHC Couniy Coiiiiiiissioncrs ofC.irohiic Comilv lo siilscril)L' lo the cnpilal slock ot saiil Corpora tion Srcnox I. lie it unacted by Uie General As Sfinbly of Mfliylaild, ICmorj S 'Inrpin Tliomas W Jones, llenr\ 14. I,L\US, John ]I Vnngescl, M. Bales sicplicns, Cliarlcs W llobbs Henry T. Nnltlc, William 11 Nuillu, I! Coolet SU-VLIIS, i;d\vard W. I,nlen Henry Ii Meb'Seiiuer niul James 1!, Wnglil, niul tlieir siitcessors in of lice, .'ire hereby crc.ilulfl hotly corporate under Uu ii.tinc of the Demon .tnd l**i.dur.ijsl)iii^ Kaitroi( Company, wil h po any tune afler Uiepnssnj'i ot tins Act to orgnnl/v b calling n iiiectinc o UIL subscribers lo llic capitat slock of snid Com »nii),as '·oon; as slock lo tlic ]ar \iihii ol Leu thousand dollars or more shall be sub scribed, \vhich meeting shall elect n Hoard o Directors ol snid Compaii), nine in number, to manage the officers of sum Compnn\ lor the en SUHIK year or until Ihcir svicccsson. shall he up pointed SM.r!oN J. And be it enacted, Thnt Hie tola Lfl]itnl slock of said Company fliithon/ed lo \i issued sh.ill be mo liniulrcd tlioiibnnd dollars di\idcd into shares of tlie \aliie of tiventj U\- doll n s *..*ch, -v\luch capital stock may be pay alle m Lnul m.itcriid for the construction aiu iiseofsnul railua^, anil services or labor neces sary or suitable for Uie use of said Coinpan according to the terms of the contract betweci each subscriber, and said Coinpan, and shall b payable in such instnliiieiils as m.iy be subscrib edor coillracled for: and ns aforesaid \vhen Hi sum often thousand dollars at the par vain thereof ol llic capital stock of said Companj shall bt subscribed, for, it shall be lawful I oignni/e Ilu. same, and to have, ind enjoy all th rights, franclnses, pnviltyes, and immnniiit. belonging,' to sai«l Coinpiny as n budj corporal duly incorporated niukr tlie r.n«sot the btnt ot Marjlaiid Srcno. j And be it enacted, Tliat said bodj corporatt; shall le eapnble in law ol purchasing liolcinifr, belling, eonveviug, mortgaginp an pledging all Us property, real personal and niixti lor tile purpose lor wlneli it is incorporated, nm sliall have perpetual succession, and by Us cor por.ite name may be sued, and may have niul u a common sc.U.ind llic same, to jltcr and renex at Us pleasure, and shall have and enjoy and inn exercise .ill powers incident and necessary lo tli purpose of a railway corporation as created ! tins Act, or under tlic general laws of this Stat applicable lo such corporations hi L riox. 4 And be it enacted, Tliat said cor poration is hereby aiiilion/ed and empowered t suney, loi-alc, (.onstnicl, and operale by slean cleanct , compressed air or ol her motive pow cr ar.nhv.iy of double or single truck in tli all Hi iu.i.i.isary sidings, coniineiiLinsat Defilon Caro line County, M.irjland, on llic Queen Anne* It.nlroad, 01 at a point uithtn five mile!, east o Demon on snid raihi.iy, and e\lend:iig thtnc across s.ii.l (..iroline Coitniy in .1 suiuiierlj ili lion to l.'eiler.ilshurjf, or lo a point u i t l i n i Li nines o! I'eilLr.iiMjnrg, lo a junction \ til C imnndgc and Sealoul Katl^.iy. Si LI ION 5. An.l be it en icteil, That said Com be, nud n, Hereby anthori/ed tor Uie pnr poses oi :ie(|innng rignts of w a j and land lor th purposes ol the eoiistruetion ol ils railway, ;i me lOLjiiion ol Us slalioiis and depots, lo fecen llies.ime b deed ol gift or bargain or sale, or I eondunn I nujs or rights ol » aj uhclherol cor ponitioii or individuals lunler :iiul in necordanc \ \ t t l i l l i e method ol condemnation prescribed i llic Public General Laws relating to Hie- coi ileiiin moil 01 land tor the purposes of railwa eorpor.iliuus, and said torporatious shall \t:i\ Ihe power, snbjeel Iu the ol tile Count Commissioners and of tlic authorities tn any low in siid Comities, ,is the ease ma\ be, to use an occupy lor llie purposes of me constructiou an jnainletinnce ol tlte-ir said railway, ,inj pnbl. road in snid County or nny street, alley or lane i any town m said eountic.s. bl.e'ilov 6. And be it enacted. That Cue Count Commissioners ot Caroline County arc here!) milliorirul niul empowered to subscribe- lor Hi cnp.l.d stoek of the railiv.iy company, 10 th amount nnd ol the \aluc ol t u e n t j - i i v tlions iiul dollars, which snhbcnplion shall b pajauie in bonds of llic said County ot the sain par v.ilnc, lo be issued anddclivereil, as the wor ol construction o I said railway may progress, a liereinalter more particularly set out and pre scribed. And be it enacted, That the epics lion of subscription lo Ihe capital slock ot th said railway company, and the issue of the coil! ty bonds nl payment thereof, shall be snbmilte 10 the \olers "of Caroline County at llic IICN general election lo be held in said county, Ic the members of the House ot Delegates, and ; Slid (.lection there shall be printed upon the b:i lots after the list of candidates, tlic words ' fo r.ulroad subscription" and "against railroad sill scnption," so set forth as lo give each \oter clear opportunity lo express b a cro?s mark "X inasntncieiil margin at the right of such sub nutted question, his ausue-r thereto: nnd the sai vote so cast for railroad subscription or agains railroad subscription, shall be accurately comitc by llic judges of election, and duly returned b Inein as part and portions of Ihe returns of sai election to the Clerk ot the Circuit Court of sai Couniy, «ho shall wilhin twenty dn\s after th receipt of said returns, announce the result o said vole by proclamation inserted in the news papers published in said County of Caroline. An if U nppears that of Ihe inimbcr of ballots cast fo and against said railroad subscription, "a major ity shall he for railroad subscription, thence a the provisions of tins act shall immediately lak and go into effect, and Ihe County Conimissioi crs shall make said subscription and paymci therefor in llic bonds of the County authorize to be issued in accordance with the provisions o this act. SECTION S. And be U enacted, Thai for th purpose of meeting said subset iption, ill case 111 same shall be \oled for by the \otcrs of sai Caroline County aforesaid, the said County Com inissioners are empowered and directed to issn bonds in the name and on behalt of said Counti in denominations o r f i \ e hundred dollars each bearing interest at tlie rate oflonr per ceiitni per a n n u m , and payable fifty years after tat with coupons for interest attached, payable sem ininially, uhich said coupons shall be receivabl in payment of any county taxes by County Coin nnssioners of said County. And said bonds sha be exempt from conntv and ta\atioi ·ind the lailli of Caroline Comity is pledged fo the redemption llie-rcf both principal and niter est. And the said bonds shall be delivered i pa incut of the subscription of said County, fo the stock of sai I railroad company as abov antlion/ed, but only at tile rale of'tuenty-fiv hundred doll.trs per" mile, lor e-aeh inileol rail way between tlie point ol" beginning ml' 1-cueralsburg, when nnd ,is the same may b completed ready for, ·winch fact sha be established by the return ol llic County snr veyor ot said to tnc County Commission ers, and which return said county surveyor shal be lioiiml to imV-c in accordance with the tru lactsof the case , SI:CTION 9 AtKl be U enacted, That upon Ih payment of the lirsl instilment of snid siibscnp tion on behalf ol said Caroline County Ihe sai county shall ue entitled to have a reprcsentatioi in the Hoard of Untclorsof the said railway com pan.v ol two members out of Ihe \\hole inn members of said Hoard to he appointed by th. order of said Hoard ol Couniy Commissioners ccrlilied lo the nicunig o f l n c slockholdcrs o sauI railway company, held tor the election o Dnectors n;\.l nlle-r the paxnicnl of said sub scriplion, and Ihe olhcr stockholders of sai( company sh ill lc entitled lo clcel the runaining member*: of the said Hoard of Directors SI.CIION H). And b e l t cn.icted, That smJ mil «a company shall have power lo connect wilt any other line of railway, \\ it MI.ill touch o nitcrseel, and to approach or cross said . the: lines or hue of railway at, or under grudi or above grade, as 1113} be must convenient, ani said Company may lense its properly to any otlic 1 railway Companv inlcTscctinj,' there u ith, or na lease any oilier lines o! railway lonilc-clinj therewith, and 1112} unite or consolidate wilh th snul oilici railway compaine's, aud cxehaiiEe It slock.for the slock of such ul her nn tway company so as to merge or consolidate iiself in or w i t h sau ol her company and the- County Commissioners o thcCoiinlies holding stock of the snid railway com pauy are authorized to sell, deliver, transier or exchange saul slock in accordance w i t h the lerni-s ol said lense, tninsier, merge'r 01 consulidalie.ii as Ihe same mii be ordered orallccled, by the Hoard ol Inrcetors of said«av company, SHCIION 11 Ami be 11 einicied, Thai the runl- lal muck il Hi..- saul u i l l n n y company subscribe* loi Uy said Coniilv m lueordimce w i t h the terms tit ilns Act, !,hall lie and remain in the hands ol b i i c l L i i u n l ^ or its assigns, preterence stock ol sml Company to* he described and k n u \ \ u us such, ami saul shares ol slock so as uloresiiK subscribed tor by said County through its Cunnl^ Commissioners, shall be entitled lo a diude-m t of the not earnings ot said Railroad Conipnn} 101 lo Ihe- decl.iralion or pii3'iuenl ol dixulcnds upon all other shares of tlie eapilid slock ut Mini Railroad Company up to and not eve-ceding lour per centum per a n n u m on the par iidne-ol snid |iefercnce stuck, iilncli duidend it shall be Ihe d u l y o l ihe lloaid ol Directors lo nseerlaiu nnd decl.ire- il earned in each year, and when and in ease a dividend amounting to lour per cciilnm shall also he carm (I aiul declared on the shares 11 llic capilal sloek olhcr Iliau said preference .Imrcs, Hum lite suid prclcccucc shares held by aut Caroline Comity shall he* entitled to an equal or pro rata share of all diudcnds that may earn, cd on capital stock ot said Company over ami ·ibove tour per centum. And the property of said Railroad Company and its capital slock and other indebtedness arc hereby evempted from county and municipal taxes for the period often years from the dny of its completion Si.c i ION. 11'. And belt enacted, Tlint tins .Vet shall take cftcct from the dale of its passngc- Approvcd April i, UWS I,JVOYL I.OWN1MCS, Governor JOHN W1KT RANDALL,, rresidenl of the Senate. Speaker of the House ol De'lcgatcs. omcc of the Chief Clerk of the House of Delegates. I hereby certify that tile aforegoing is a true opy of an Act ot the General Assembly of Mary. and, passed at the January Scsc.oii, 189S. ·/.. IIOUSI-;HOI,DI-;R, Chief Clerk of the House of Delegates. DELAWARE AND CHESAPEAKE JlOKTH. ilml. Pas. P. M. 1 40 1 60 2 0 7 217 2 2 4 233 2 4 3 2 64 304 311 318 324 3 2 7 3 37 3 4 6 A. M. 45 55 08 18 24 31 42 52 03 10 17 23 26 30 45 A. M. P. H. Oxford, Trnppe, Ens ton, Chapel, Cordova, Queen Anne, Ridgely, Greensboro Goldsboro, Henderson, Mnrydel, Slaughters, Hartley, itenton, Clayton SOUTH. Mail. Pas. A. M. lies 11 42 11 24 11 12 11 04 1064 1044 1034 1024 1016 1008 1000 9 6 7 948 938 A. U. P. M. 7 4 7 7 3 7 720 708 7 0 2 G 6 6 4 6 636 G 20 619 612 606 604 556 547 P. U. PUBLIC SALE s -- OK ' 1 1 I K -REAL ESTATE --OF-JOHN COLLINS, DECEASED. - o Uy viiluc of tho authority in mo %r-stc[ I will soil nt public nuction, to the iiigh cst bidder, in front of the Davis JJlock ii tlic tcAUi of Fcdcialsbni!*-, .iMiinlniul, on Saturday, 20th of June, 189 biginiiiujj; nt 2 o'clocl,, p. in., lliu following roiil estate, to wit: N0..1. All Unit lot situntc* on the e;i=l side o .Mnin striict, in the town of Fcduriilsluirg improved by it Single-Story Dwelling, and is ihe properly conveyed to suit! Join Collins by .lames 15. Wright b\ dee* tinted A pnl Otli, 1888, nnd recorded ii Liber U II. (i.. No. 52, folios 517, c., on of the hind records for Carolina county. NO. '2. All that lot sittnitcd on llic west sidn o Main street in siiid to\Mi o( »(loriilsli conveyed to suid John Collins by lefti Harris mid wife, by deed dated Oetobc 10th, 1887, mid rceoidcil in l-ibcr L. II G., No. 51, folio 005, c., and is improve by 11 one nnd n-hulf stury now tcnniited by I' Jones. NO. «. All Hint lot sitnuto on the west side o said Mnin street, ill Fcdeiulbburg. nca tho M. B. Church. The improvement urc a TWO-STORY DWELLING, now occupied liy .lame? T. Prnniptoi NO 4. All tlmt lot situate in siiid town of !Fec er.ilsbmg, 110:11 tho M. E. Cluirrh Pnrson pgc, conveyed to the said John Collins an v,ifc by Jnincs II. Towers and wife b deed dntcd June JStli, 1874, nnd recorde in Liber l'\ J 11.. No. 0, folio430, c . on of tho land records for Dorcliestoi- county niul containsone-third of »u ueie of land more or 1 os?. This property is improve by ;i two-story DWELLING, and n small building suitable for an offie or shop, and is tenanted by Mr. Perlitc. NO. o. All that lotsitunte in said town of Fee crftlsbuig conveyed to snid John Collin by John H. "Willinms nnd wife by dec (l»ted Fuljrnury 3rd. 188.}, nnd recorded i Liber L. H. G., No. 40, folios 3C, c , iund record for Curolino county, nnd coi tains 4 Acres of Land, more or less The improvements ncc one nnd ii-linlf story dwelling, nnd ten anted by Mr. Eddiugtoii. NO. 6. A timber tract on the south side of pub lie rond leading from Faulkner's Hill I Thomas W. "White's, adjoining Jnrnc Gnmbrill's land, lUid others, and contain ing nbont - 1 1 Acres, more or less. NO 7. Also n sinnll tenet of Iund on the opp site side of the county rond from No. 6 continuing about 1O Acres, more or less. No improvements on 0 nnd 7. TERMS OF SALE One-third cash on (lay of snip, lul-iiit in G and 12 months; defcried payments- l bcnr interest and to be sntist'actorily si cured. Title papers at expense of purchaser J A M E S C. COLLINS. F. P. COVKY, Auct. T. PLINY FISHER, Attorney. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE --OK-Personal Propt'y. By virtue of authority from llic Or phnns' Court of Ciiroline county, tlic un dersignod, sidmiiiistriitor of John Collins clcceiisoil. will sell nt public unction, to th highest bidder, in front of tlic Djtvis Block in the town of Fcdoralsburg, JMd., on Saturday, 25th of June, 1898 commencing nt 2 o'clock, p. ni., Uie follow ing property: One Sofa, Rocking Chairs Clock, Bureau, Marble Top Stand, lot of Carpet, Stoves Bedstead, Feather Bed, Pillows, lot of Bed Clothing and other small householc articles. TEH MS OF SALE. All smut of nnd under §10 cnsli; ovc tlmt mnonnt n credit of six: months will bi given, pnruhnsers giving notes bcftring in tcrosi. i roni dny of stile, secured to the sat isfnotiou of the undersigned nnd pnyabl' nt Doulon Xntioiml Bunk. JAMES 0. COLLINS, Adm'r of John Collins, deceased. P. P. COVKY, A net. ASSIGNEES SALE --or-A VALUABLE FARM, IN CAROLINE COUNTY. Under hiid by virtue of power iinn HU- lliority coiitniiied in u mortgage from Kliodu A. JJlades niul Owon C. Jihides, her luisbiuul, to Chiirlcs W. Slasjle, bearing date the llitli day of December, A. D, 1887, and duly of" record in Liber L. JI. G., No 52, (olio 165, one of the Iund record uooks pf Ciirolina county, which said mortgage hns been duly assigned to the undersigned, I will oiler nt public sale in Tout of the Court llousu Juor, in the town of Dcnton, on TUESDAY, 2ist DAY OF JUNE, 898, between the lioiirs of 2 and 4 o'clock i. m. of tlmt day, the following real estate: All niul singular tlmt limn or tract of and situate, lying and being in the Fourth Election District of Caroline county, on ho road loading Jrom Prcaton to Chop- nnk, wheicon snid Owen C. Blades now ·e.sUe?, adjoining tho property of Jehu 'iilndcsniid others, nnd containing 190 ACRES )f land, more or less. This furni is ecu- rally located, convenient to railrond stu- ion nnd stcnmbont landing, nnd is in a ligh state of cultivation.' Snid (arm more 3iirticnlnrly described in n deed from snid )weii C. Blades to bind Rhodit A. Blades, illy of record in Liber L. H. G , No. 61, olio 531, one of the hind record books of 'arolinc county. TERMS OF SALE. The terms uf sale nro: One-third cash n dny of sale, uuil the linlanoc in two qiial instalincnts of six and twelve months esncctivoly, the deferred payments to be ecu rod by note or notes endorsed to tlio itisfaction of tho assignee, nnd to bcariu- ercsl; or nil cash on the day of sale, at 'ic option of tho purchaser. CHARLKS W. SLAGLE, JK., Assignee. GJCO. W. WILSON, Attorney, Easton, Md. Executor's Sale O K \ A L U A H L K IRE A LEST ATE AT BIDGBLT, MD. By virtue of the authority vested in me by tho last w i l l and testament of Sylvcstc: Smith, deceased, und by virtue of nn ordci of the Or|Iiitns' Court lor Caroline County T \\\\\ sell nt public auction, in front o thij hotel of AY in. D. Lnc:i=, in the town o UidgMy, Sid., or, THURSDAY, JUNE 16ft, 1898 beginning nt 2 o'clock, p. in., tho follow ui£ rcitl estate- FI1IST--The old Ilome^tcid, situate ii tho Sc\pnth Election district, of Carol un county, on the rond lending from Uillsbon to Kidgely and the road leading fron Downes tuition to Kidgcly, nnd noi tennntod by Win. F. Jtickson, and con t a i n i n g 266 ACRES. Tliis Innd is rich and fci tile, in n big slate of cultivation, well drained, nnd i the \\ator-shcd between the Choptank anc Tticknhuo rivcrj. The location is 111 linc«trm the county, tlie northern e.vtroin ity being w i t h i n ilio corporate limits o tlic tou ti of Kldgcly, and only about half a-inilc from railroad Dillon, while thi Eotithcrn liounJnrj is lts.s thnn lialf-a-mil from Powncs Station, located on the nc\ Queciv Anne's K;\ilro:\d. Tlic Grout Chop tiinU river is about 2 miles cast, itncl th TiicKnhoc river about % miles west, nn Dontoii the county selit, ib wilhin mile drixe, or about 10 minutes HMiiy liy tnlin This farm is b unded on the west nni north by a county rond over a mile ii leunth, leading directly from Kidgcly b; Downes Station. This land w i l l divid' nirely into 4 fruit farms of about G6 acre each, nil with good public road flouts, anc will be so oltprod on day of snle, nfte having been offered as a whole, and wil be sold in thut ^ay which brings th greater amount, except u small striD o land in front of the f.iiiu, on west hide o aforesaid count}* road, aud adjoining Innd of J. 1C. SunWbury und the Long fnri) which will Ic sold as a separate lot While the most ot said farm is nude cultivation, three of those divisions wil each have sufficient woodland for its s-up port, while the other 1ms none, but 0 which arc located all tliu buildings of th entire farm. The crops on the enti lands being cither under cultivation o provided for, \u)l be reserved to the e and possession to this f.tnn property wil \,e given January 1st, 189'j, except thut lo tlie purpose of preparing and seeding pro per grounds to wheat; this piivilcge i hereby gunuutecd to the purchaser o purchasers for the proper time and rcgnla custom incident lo such uork. SECOND--The other lands consist o about 60 CHOICE BUILDING LOTS Mostly 50 feet front by 180 feet duep pleasantly located in the thriving town o Kidgely, each furnishing n fine buildin site fronting on nn 80 foot avenue, wit back entrance of 20 foot alley. Many c "these lots, are corner lots, tbe nvcnu being crossed at right angles nt regain intervals by streets 60 feet wide, us show on the pint of the town of Ridgely, now o record in the office of tlic Clerk of tli Circuit Court for Caroline county, cop v nf which will be exhibited on the dny o :ili'. r can be located on the record a liloekb Nos. 13, 14, 18, 19, nnd the -piirt of IJIocks 15 and 20 l^iiig between Pourt' Avenue \Vi'ft nnd the Chicken's Uridg roail, except those lots, Nos. o and 6, o Block No. I;!, which were recently soldi " The Urethr-n," wli h.ivo erected a nc; clmrcli thereon. Lots Nos. 1. '2 and 3 lllock No. 3 are also to be sold. Lot No 3 Ims a from of CO feet, will; nn alley front age of 70 feet, and upon which is creet n llni-fln»scombination barn, gruimry an ^ttiblcs, w i t h commodious slicds nttachct affording large storage facilities. Lots o unbroken sections will be sold sepnrutcl} with the privilege of Inking entire section or ns many ns desired thereof by purchase at same price. Possession to town lot will be given not Inter than November 1st and as much sooner us crops can be pro perly harvested and removtcl therefrom All parties desiring to see- the shape an locution of parcels ottered can do so_at »n; time by examining plats in my office '. will be glad to go upon tlie tracts will parties so desiring, upon sueli requcs being made to me, Plats will also by in hands of Auctioneer on day of sale. TERMS OF SALE: One-third of purchase money cash, nm the balance in 12 and 24 months, notes fo the deferred payments to be given by thi purchaser, bearing interest from dny of sale with security to be approved by the Executor. Title papers at expense of purchaser. THOMAS A. SMITH, Executor of Sylvester Smith, deceased. JOHN W. CLARK, JK., Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE By virtue of the pov cr of sale eonMinoc' in three niortgnges given by William J Clurk find wife, one dated December 4 1893, to Hownrd Bryunt, Tru^ec, nnd recorded in Liber E. C. F., No. 00, folios 24 «fcc., one of tlie Iund records for Carolin county; one dated Jiuiiuiry 21, 1395, i Jumcs L. Couraov mid recorded in Liber JC. C. F., No. 61, ibliod2CO, c., one of the land records nfoiTSiiid. nnd one dnted December 3, ISOd, mid recorded in Liber E C. F., No. G2, folios 207, e., one of the Innd records aforesaid, the nndcrsigiiec us nssigncc of tlic Jlrst nnd second mortgages iiboAo recited aud mortgagee of the third, will sell nt public imrtionHo the 'Highest bidder, in frontof tlie Court IIouio door,-iii the town of Dcnton, Md , on TUESDAY, JUNE 14th, 1898, between tlio hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. in., ill tlint I'nluiiblo tract and parcel of kind situate in the Seventh district of Caroline iounty, on the public rond leading from Liidgcly to jMnson's Itranch, and being nil of the hind conveyd to the snid "VVilliiiin J. lurk by Jrtni^s T. Clurk by deed dnted December 2, 1868, nnd recorded in Liber L. U. G , No. 40, folios 4C3, Ac., (saving uid excepting that convoyed by said Wil- inui J Clark nnd wife to Jiimcs E. Dnkcs j docd recorded in Liber E. C. F., No. 1, folios MO e., one of the hind records or Cnroline county aforesaid,} the part cuiiiiniiig being divided into two tracts, nd will be sold ns follows: TRACT NO. 1. This is one of the most valuable tnicts f hind in Caroline county, nnd luljoins be Innd of James E. Dukes, "The Plains" nd the funn belonging to the children of he snid W i H i n i n J. Clnt'k and contains bout 9O Acres of Land, uore or less. It is without buildings. TKACT NO. 2 s principally woodlnnd and ndjoius the uids of said James E. Dukes niicl others, the suid Jnttics E. Dukes' liihd lies be- \vccu tracts Nos. 1 and 2) und contains bout 23 Acres of Land, lore or less. There is a smnll house on i is lot. TERMS OF SA LE-- CASH. Title papers at the purchaser's expense. THOJM AS B. SPABKLIN, Assignee and Mortgagee. A purchaser can obtain nlonn of $1200 n of the above tracts, if desired, by pplying to T. PLINY FISIIKB, Atty. EXECUTOR'S SALE or VAI.UAKI.I-: PERSONAL PROPERTY By v i r t u e of a u t h o r i t y from the Orphan's Court of Caroline county, the undersigned, executor nf Sxlvei-'i'r Smith, deceased, will offer !tt public silo at the Into residence of tlw said dw.isod, i)» tho town of Kidi^ly, Md.. on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 1898, (·oinniuiiuiii!*; :it 10 o'rlo -K a. in , the following property: A.OK 5 years old; 1 Bhiok JEoi'c; 1 Po.-icli Culler, 1 Giiini l'\m;l Saii'l I'unip; Wood Attachment for Dropping Hnrvu.stcr, 1 Engine rninp and Whittle; I Corn Sliol- ler; 1 Cro^s-Cut Saw; 1 (·JrisK-Pwil .Sower; 1 Top-Buggy; 1 Lwo-wliccl Buggy; 1 Ciir- riiiije Pole and Yol»e- I llc.irhorii; 1 Pnir Timber Wheels; 1 Wugoii Kiick; 1 Roller; 1 Stump "Puller, 1 Steam Engine and Thresher: \\ith fixtures; 1 Pnriii Uol); 1 Anvil; 1 Xew-Gioiuul Plow :inl vnrioiis other kinds of "Plows-, Harrows, Cultivators, Forks, Shovels, Hoes, Kiikc.e; Lot ot Peach BnskcU; Phospluitennd Cotton 15;igs; Hnr- ncsj of dilt'urpnt kinds; Cant-Hooks, Seethe.-, Laildi-r-, 1 Grindstone; 1 Horse Cart; I L:i\\n Uollci' 1 Drilling Miieliinc and Hits; J.ot of C:ir]onter,'s Tools; Lot of Blade nnd Top Foddor, Timothy Hay; uhont 250 Buthcls of Corn; Lot of Lumber, 1 JXmulp-IJ.irrel Gun snd Fixtures 1 Grass Mower nnd Knives; 1 Revolving "id.c, Wi-i«hiug Beams nnrt Weights; AVheult ii nd Axle-Trees; 1 Fiiv Robe, and many othtr articles too numerous to mention. TERMS OF'SALE: On nil =iii«s of $10 and tinder, the cash ·will lie require I on day of sale; on =11.1113 over that .imouiit · credit of 12 months will bo given, purchasers giving notes, bearing interest from day of Hile, secured to thp s.itii-fiif tion of thciindcrciirncd, aud payable at Dcnton National 15an\. No propei ty t be removed u n t i l tho terms are umnplieil with. THO1IAS A. SMITH, E\ccutornfS,vl -ester Smith, late of Caroline county, ilcLOOscd. JOHN W. CLAUK, J R , Auctioneer. Notice to Creditors, This is to give notice that the subscribers, of Caroline County, have obtained from the Or plums' Court of Caroline county, iu JMniyiand, let- ' ters of administration ou the personal estate of WILLIAM H. SMITH, late of Caroline county, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are waruod to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, to the subscriber on or before the 30th day of December, 1898, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under our hands this 26th day of April 1898. SALLIE E. SMITH, WESLEY ROE, Adm'rof William H. Smith, deeM. Notice to House Painters, \ OPJ-'ICK o* Tii;ScnooL BoAan, ·( DK\TU.V, MAY 31, 1S98. / Scaled prcpusnU, marked on outside of envelope "Proposals for painting school IIIIIJSP,' »rc invited u n t i l June 2sth for t'uriiUhin^ ni:ilr uls and painting in lirst- cl.iss m a n n e r ilu- outside of the school In. lire in Fedonilsbur'g, including -steps, steeple, shutter; and outside doors, with two good co.its Lewis' pure white lend in / wooden hoop kegs j'sccond coat 'half xinc and piirc boiled linseed oil for the body of the building, and Imperial French green upon lead priming for the shutters; doors in colors and colored steps. Bidders arc requested to make a sc para to offer for an additional coat throughout, provided the third coat may be deemed necessary. The work must be completed by the middle of August, for which payment will be made in September. The right^of rejection of any nnd nil bids is reserved. Uy order, 21. B. STEPHENS, Secretary. Order Nisi. Win. F. Leonard, Mortgagee, vs. Admn M. Washington, nnd wife, In the'Circuit Court for Caroline County. Iu Equity.' Ordered, this 24th day of Muy,1808, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by Wm. F. Leonard, Mortgagee, bo rnti- fted nnd confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 30ih day of July next,--Provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed aud published in Caroline county, once in each of three successive weeks, before the 20th day of June next. The Report stutcs the amount of sales to beSloO.OO. CHAKLES W. IIOBBS, Clerk. True Copv--Test CHAKLES W. HOU15S, Clerk. Order Nisi. George W. Davis and Sanmcl N. vs. Iticlmrd J. Sniilsbury Sarali E. Saulsbury, his wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. Ordered, this ISth daj-o'f, May, 1898, that the snle of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made nnd reported by Oscar Clark nnd Harvey L. Cooper, Trustees, b ratified nnd continued, unless emise to Lhc contrary thereof be slio\in on or boforo the 22nd dny of July next, -- Provided » copy of this ordc* 'bo inserted in somo newspaper printed nnd published in Caroline county, onco in each of three successive weeks, before the 14th day of June next. ' · The report states the amount of sales to be $3i5. CHAKLES W. nOBBS, Clerk. True Copy-- Test C1IAKLES W. IIOBBS. Clerk..- a/ If all men were built alike Im'lors niiglr onccdc u point to the clothier. But as no two men arc exactly similar Clothing made to order is the only way ,o obtain n perfect fit. It is onr aim to m:iko Clothing that is ntisfnctory, in quality, Ht, and workmnu- hip. By giving strict attention to tho icasuring nnd cutting wo obtain results imt arc pleasing to our patrons IMI, TISOHI, EASTOST, \ - MARYLAND-, NEWSPAPER!

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