The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 16
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i ~ ". i Filli- i J f .yi,.,,.^a ?:^iJi ._'^.g.- PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, FRIDAY, JULY 13, ILL-FATED BAIJJOONIST'S LAST FLIGHT H. H. S. ANNUAL GETS THIRD IN CONTEST Sameness of Book Graded it Re* low Two Others—Appearance Superior. ert.'was found floating In Lake Erie, Port. Stanley, Ont. AH noon a9 w\>r<l of tho discovery roaohod Cleveland II. A. Hruno, vlco prusklont or tho Aeromarino Airways Corporation, cancelled the commercial fliKhts of Ills* Detroit-Cleveland paH- aenger planet* ami offered them to the government for use In searching for tho missing basket of the disabled bag -and tho missing men. Lieutenant Roth's body finally was _ ^ „..,,,. . , discovered, lashed to tho basket, Intf- Tranf.fcrrifig the body of l-Iout. Louis T. Roth, Ill-fated navy balloonist, from ^ feted by the chopping waves of Lake the seaplane Nina to shore at Cleveland after the body had been brouflht, jjj r | 0 an( ] taken to Fort Stanley back from Port Stanley, Ont. Lieut. J. H. Strong, U. S. N., standing with j Tnen at tne request 0 f tho govern- hantl to cap, and Lieut. Harry La Fevrc, U. S. N., In tho white uniform,! m0Ilt Bruno sont the luxurious air stated, acted as the naval nunrd of honor on the flight to Cleveland with ! n r ,or to Port Stanley as tho hearse the bo;ly. Seigt. Harry P. Anderson, U. S. M. C, Geoted behind Le Fevre, ! acted as the escort of the body on the trip to Cedar Rapids, la., the dead flyer's home. Inset, Lieut. Louis T. Roth. At right, H. A. Bruno, vice president Acrornnrine Airways Corporation, holding equipment of balloonists and flny taken from floating bag, mm 'I'. Hitt.h, j N'ull manned One of tho balloons on- \ Tho Hutchinson senior high school, Allasaroo, the 1923 annual placed third in tin; State High School Annual contest held in ilanTiattan recently, with Kansas City placing first uul Parsons second. The Judges declared that the Hutchinson publication, put out by th« graduating class of tho senior high school this .spring, was superior in bulk and general appearance to any ot tho others, but that it was graded down on too much sameness in writing and less extensive originality. This makes the ninth contest that the senior high school Allagaroo hao bean entored nnd it has placed In all of them. Tho Kansas City annual known as the "Oulvetlan" was said to be tho finest annual, the judges had over seen. Parsons carried out tho allegorical Idea throughout and called the book "Kingdom of Knowledge". There wore thirteen entries in Class A, the class In which the Hutchinson annual was entered. According to W. V. O'Connell, faculty advisor for the publication, who is j spending the summer In Madison. Wis., attending the University of Wis- "constn, the Allagaroo for l!)23 will be entered in the Wis'conslu national Annual contest this fall. Kansas City won in this contest last fall. .lean Wright was odltor-in : cliiei of the annual this year, and Olga (Jtit- tloi'b was business manager. Other members of the staff were Edith | Shedd and Maude Parry, literary edt- ' tors; Thclma Shuler, . circulation j manager; Herman Tlnnto, 'collection : manager; Evelyn Way. Dorothy Kin- I mort, Kalph Irwin, Dorothy Icon. I Manuel Maes, Evelyn -MeCrocklin, Hazel A;idorsou, Curtis Alexander, ' Hale Way. Clifford Way, Wilbur Starr, Olonn Irwin, John Wray Young, Carl Bloom, Winona Miller and Donald Crawford. Sltmx CUy 000 000 800 —0,.6 V Batteries—.Brown anil Diamond; illaamussen nnd Query. First Game. At Omaha— It. H. II. ties Mollies- 001 000 003—7 7 1 Omaha 3M 000 000—5 9 4 Batteries—Williams, Jones and Whaling; Specce, Prendcrgast and Wilder. Second Game. It. H. K. .Dos Moines 000.100 0—1 7 2 Omaha r.OOO 001 1—2 4 2 Batteries--Jones and Wheat; Lee and Hale, American League. At Cleveland— , IV H. E. Philadelphia . .000 000 000— 0 5 2 Cleveland 401 010 OBx—11 14 1 Batteries -Philadelphia, Harris, Kal- Iott and Perkins; Cleveland, Morton nnd O'Nell. At St. Louis— It. II. F>. Washington ....000 003 200—5 7 I St. I.ouia . .111 020 03x—8 14 2 Batteries — Washington, Zaclmry nnd Kiwi; St. Jxmts, Davis and Sevor- old. At Chicago— '- It. II. K. Now York 007 003 Of'O—10 13 3 Chicago 000 000 501— (! 11 1 Batteries—r>Iew York, Shawkoy and Bengough; Chicago, Blankoushlp, by ons, Mack and Graham. v . At Detroit— ~ It. H. K. Boston 000 402 000—(i !> 1 Ui'trolt '. 001 .000 103—5 IS 0 | Batteries-Boston, Ferguson and Dei vormor; Detroit, Holloway, Cole, Olson, Francis, Wells and llassler. Get In Line for the "JAZZ-aWEEK" STARTING MONDAY L IBERTY" THEATRE JL Tonight and Tomorrow HARRY CAREY In Wyndarn Martyn's Crashing Story of the Western Plains."DESERT DRIVEN" A Rip Snorter of n Western—Harry Carey's Latest Release. ^ Also— "The Spirit of 23" HALL ROOM BOYS COMEDV. v. Tin of *<•< IKi tort-d by the navy in tho Indianapolis His , litiM mailt* his 1*15=! flight.. MM,, nl' a huii'lM'tl Oii-iUing bal- j nice. -I airplane I'liclitH. Uio virtor; SrnlliiiK <*ind wavliif? farewells to of l.aiMt'.: with tho fjkMiu'iitH ! t.ho crmvd the two intrepid of::,ft fit uth haitlhiK with thoj ri<:crH cliKappeared into Lho air on tho which lit' had oCU'it con-j aftcrnoon of July Fourth. j From tho time, the bust farewell was u-f iliiilit WHS his funeral. I Hlioutotl nothiiur was lieanl of thu [wo i n:j;t Roth witli l.U-ut. T. II. | aeronauts until ihelr balloon, wreck- In -which to lying back tho body the naval airman. Lieut. J. H. Strong awl Lieut. Harry Le Fevre made the night as official ve>i»rescnULLtves of iHu navy ami aeted na guard of honor to the body on the return flight hero. Lieutenant Strong, a classnmte of Rofh'a at Annapolis, directed tho arrangements. Tho body was sont by train to Bonton Cedar Rapids, la., Roth's former home. No trace of Lieutenant Null has been found. SUITS National At Boston— St. Loula 000 070 200- VISITING R0TARIANS SPENT EVENING HERE Entertainment at the Hutchinson Country Club Brought Large Crowd. UotarianR from a number of Kansas towns we;'' 1 the KuesU t>f the lluU-litn- aon Rutai'V elnh yesterday afh'ntonn And last uUht, earlier at the. hall tfajm> trmi In rldtiiK i>ver thf tiLv, with ^oine of tlu* vlMtiu'ri goin^ tu the golf links ttt the 1 IiiM.'-ldnson Oniml.ry club, tln'ii later for tin- evening at the club. Pratt and Lamed had the largest number of visitors, many of the Hot aria us b ringing their wivoft, and Do4lg>» t'ity and (.irmit Rend nent UotaiiaiiH arirl their wives, also. Thero were 1 Jut a nans from tt'irhita and Ar* kiinmi:: fMiy and everyone seemed to enjuy the evening. A Picnic Dinner. Thr- jiii'iilc dinner in the whado of the trees \\i \n a feature ttiat wius ap- pi 't 'iiuted and i!ie tfUiles and chairs iir:;u;geil for the ronvenirnee of the gue'-'is shewed a. full attoudaiice, Wr Hut eh in son Hotarians and their famih "S were tliere in largn nunLbers to lu'li' enti'rlain tin* gm:si s. There were com cuts at driving fur men and later putting contests on the of the best shows ho has ever offered eighteenth green for mixed pairs , here. Jam &JeiIy Making now an exact science 1 minutes boiling % pounds of fruit wiih impounds fsu^ar 4ouncesofCERTo] miikos 5 pounds of Jam and &\lih* Flavor] retained which Introduced several of the visi tors. In the ball room later MIHS Gaveda Neh'on In an Egyptian dance, accompanied by Mir:; Sybil Seamon on the piano, was warmly re-cei\ed and applauded. Some Short Talks. Pro;dileut (leorgo Otiuo of tho Rotary club and of the Country club was in charge of tho short program which consisted alwo of short talks by Roas Uurns of Hutchinson and Robert Tininioi!.-' ot Wichita, both past governors of this Rotary district. Paneltifir followed and the ball room wem a lively place for two or three hours, being cool and delightful and the dancers enjoying the evening. Itotarlan visitors cxpresst^l themselves as being particularly pleased with their entertainment arid thero aro hopoa tliat thor** will be another clnincc U* got together soon. Mr. Shustcr is showing here under the tiyatts Hooking exchange of which he is- a member, and this year he is taking an active part In even bill. On his last visit here he was sick and only appeared in a couple of bills, but he saya not HO this year. Their opening bill Sunday will be "Udda and limVs,". with a change on Wednesday and these bills aro both the latest musical comedy hits of the day and full of song and mirth. ANTHRACITE DISCUSSION ADJOURNED TO JULY 23 DV1ES MILTON SHUSTER AT THE PARK SUNDAY Atlantic City. N. July 13.—Anthracite operators ami miners, -who have been here Tor a week in a preliminary discussion of the demands presented by the men in the working out of a new wage agreement to become affective September 1 adjourned early today until July 23, when tho conference will mee here again. League. R. H. E. 014 0 100 100 013—6 8 2 Batteries—St. Louis, Toney and Mo- Curdy ; Boston, Rudolph and O'Neil. At Brooklyn— R. II. B. Chicago OflO 000 020—2 10 0 Brooklyn 000 000 000—0 6 2 Batteries—Chicago, Kaufman and O'Farrell; Brooklyn, Grimes and-Taylor. At Philadelphia— R. H. .E Cincinnati 000 010 010—2 G 0 Philadelphia .. ..000 000 000—0' 2 1 Batteries—Cincinnati, Luqne and Hargrove; Philadelphia, Welnert, Winters and Honllne. At New York (1st game)— B. H. E. Pittsburgh 032 000 000— 5 11 3 Now York 200 010 000—.1 6 2 Batteries— Plttsubrgh, Meadows and Schmidt; New York, McQulllin, Ryau, Jonnnixl an<l Snyder. At New York (2nd game)— R. H. E. Pittflhurgh 020 O(,0 000—2 9 1 Now York 010 200 01 x—4 8 1 Batteries—Pittsburgh, Adams and Oooch; New York, Scott and Gowdy. American Association. At. •Minneapolis— R H b Columbus 302 200 002—1114 Si Minneapolis ...002 203 000— 7 12 0 Batteries: Columbus, Gleason* and Hartley; Minneapolis, Tipple, Mangum, Schauer and Mayer, At Milwaukee— R II E Indianapolis ... 100 000 000—_1 7 1 Milwaukee . .011 001 fllx— 4 H 0 , Hatterlos: Indianapolis, Bono and Krueger; Milwaukee, Lindsay and Shl- nault. I At St. Paul—' R II K Toledo 007 200 000— 9 14 'A St. Paul 031 100 111— S 12 0 Batteries: Toledo, Bcdiont and Anderson; St. Paul, Hal), Napier and Allen. Coming Monday and Tuesday "A Fool There Was" A William Fox Special. TODAY AND SAT. Her Greatest— NORMA TALMADGE n BAYARD VEILER'S PLAY , "Within the Law" Earl Hurd Comedy "THEIR LOVE CROWED COLD" —. * PATHE NEWS USUAL PRICES Matinee 10c-2fic Evening 10C-33C Southern Association. Atlanta 0. Mobile 0. Birmingham 8, New Orleans 8, ed In lllh). Little Hoclt.-ll, Nashville 4. Chattanooga 7, Memphis 2. Joplln 5, McAlester 3. , Springfield S, Okmulgee 2. Ft. Smith 1, Enid 4. Texas Leaouc Wichita Falls 2, Ft. Worth !. Galveston 1. Houston 0. Shrevoport 6, Dallas 2. Beaumont 0-C, Son Antonio 4-3. Call- Just call f>9 anytime you want tile best Ford service, Ford parts or accessories or Leo Puncture Proof Tires. Ragland-Klnfsley Motor Co. 13-lt Western League. At Wichita— . R. H.B. Oklahoma City. .002 210 000—5 S Bj Wichita 000 O00 000—0 3 1 Batteries—Payne and Roche; Mc- Naniara, Musser and Casey. At Tulsa— R.H.-E. St. Joseph 000 210 000—3 S 1 Tulsa 200 1 02 lOx—0 15 1 Batteries— Hakl, Birkenstock and Liquid Fire A liquid fire to the bedbugs, ronch- t?. ants and fleas Is what the Dew chcnieal discovery really Is, although there is iid damage to be done by using It to your springs, furniture or clothing. This new chemical is known nn Pesky Devilfl Quletufl, P. D, Q. Costa 3£c but the** few cents will havts the power ot riddiwr your house of bedbugs, anta, roaches and 1 fleas If youpurcn »B« I'.U. Q. Itiiiuaed and recommended by the leading Hospitals and Railroad Companies an tho fiifent and quickest way of rldJins tha pesky bod b UK 5, etc. Special TloaplUl t\t« $2.50--mskt!s fiVo eallona, P. D. Q can also bo purchased in ftealed. bottles* double strength, liquid farm. THE A & A DRUG CO- The full scale committee of tho two; Pierce ; Mclaughlin and Crosby Hutr.hiuson*B favorite Hebrew coiiiftdlau will ftpain appear at tho KivtM'slrii 1 park starting Sunday when Milton ShuHtor and Company opun an L'n^aK'Mtif.iU at tht> above place. This is. th« ninth year thai Milton Hhuster has appearnl ut tho park ami he has always provc?n a great favorite with Ida Jewish talk and aotiona. ThJa year ho has a rompany ot lit) people together 1 Mr. Shunter who 1H hor« with .Sinister for a few days' rest bo- opening Sunday suyu ho has ono sides held two general sessions and tho subcommittee met four- times without arriving at-any conclusions at tho cardinal demadns by tho men. and MTH. faro VISITING NEWSPAPER MEN. Some of Them Were Hero for the Rotarian Visiting "Party." Thero were a few newspaper here aa visitors to the Hotartan "party" at tho ilUitclninflon ('ountry club last nlKht. Mr. and Mrs. Iveslie K. Wallace of Larnod, Mr. and L\Ira. TIess Denloufl Dodge CUy and Nate K. Jteece of Stafford wore vlditinj< each other and the Hutchinson newspaper men durins •the afternoon and evening. Saturday evening dunce Stevens ponds 10-tf At Sioux City— Denver 002 100 100- K for Horlick's The ORIGIN/ Malted Mi Safe Milk For infants, invallt/t A ChUdrm The Original Food-Drink for All Agei. QulckLunchntHome.OfllcefcFountairii. RichMilk, Malted Groin Extractln Pow- deriTablctforms. Nourlihlne-jsrocooktag. *BT Avoid Imitations and Substitutes Today — Tomorrow A Fast Moving Picture of Fast Life "DAUGHTERS OF THE RICH" Cast Includes Gaston Glass—Miriam Cooper— Ethel Shannon—Stuart Holmes. Monday—Mae Murray In "JA2ZMANIA." Matinee | Night 10c | 10c and 20c 10c | Inc. Tax Opening Sunday, July 15 He's Coming Back Again— Hutchinson's Favorite Hebrew Comedian Milton Schuster Supported by an All- Star Company of Musical Comedy Players, Including the Schuster Dancing Girls Presenting for First Time Hutchinson the Odds and Ends It's Clean and Wholesome Musical Comedy Girls and Giggles Galore 9 PROGRAM r.HANGEn DAILY Evening 10c Matinea S«— 10c TODAY RUTH ROLAND "HAUNTED VALLEY" Chapter 11 "EDGAR THE EXPLORER" Booth Tarklngtnn comedy with TOMORROW Johnny Jon*y "THE NOON WHISTLE" Comedy with I'uul Pjirrolt. PATHE NEWS JACK DAUGHERTY IN "LONESOME LUCK" A "keen" comedy western. "WHY DOOS LEAVE HOME" Century comedy with Brownie. "DUM GRAFTERS" Comedy with Ncely Edwards. MEET ME AT THE IRIS No reason now her tongue to tell That sad old story—"It did not jell." Her jam's now perfect— jelly too She uses CBRTO—so should you!

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