The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 15, 1966 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 14
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14 Tuesday, Marcn 15. (966 "Th« pcydwitrtc vocabulary «n4 definitions, whkh one* s««m«<i such * Kbwaiiftf in**ru«»«rt for modem m»n. fc»v» now woy*n * Kglit «iW strangling noos* around *fc» n*ck of *h« brain." — Seymour Krim (1*59) LAW, LIBERTY AND PSYCHIATRY by Thomas S. S»sz. M.D. 7 i » A most shocking report by & pramiBent psychiatrist ai*d psychoanalyst on the threat to American constitutional freedoms posed by widespread mental-health practices. "Most of die tegal and social applications of psychiatry, undertaken in the name of psychiatric liberalism, are actually instances of despotism. One is. the posture of the psychiatrist offering his wares. call it analysis help, therapy, or what not, to self-responsible. adult buyers. The other is the posture of the psychiatrist coercing others, with POLICE POWER if necessary, to submit themselves to his control.'* (There is a good article on this in the February, 1964, issue ef Harpers magazine.) This may appear startling. We are accustomed to thinking of psychiatrist as physicians who help people. Of course they do that too. But let us not forget that organized groups have always tried to dominate and exploit others." Psychiatrist say and we quote Chisholms (page S) : "If the race is to be freed from its crippling burden of good and evil it must be psychiatrist who take the original responsibility. This is a. challenge which must be met." Here is another example, this one from Overstreet's book The Great Enterprise (1952), ef social engineering disguised as mental health promotion: A man, for example, may b* angrily against racial eqnal- Jty, public housing, the TVA, financial and technical aid to backward countries, organized labor, and the preaching of social rather than salvational religion . . . Such people may appear '.normal™ in the sense that they are able to hold a job and otherwise maintain their status as members of society; but they are, we now recognize, well along the road to mental illness (page 115). This is appalling! Have we freed ourselves from the tyrants of inquisitions and which trials only to run headlong into the control of psychiatric tyrants? It is the poor fellow who suffers most from the encroachment of civil rights. Those with money can hire lawyers to protect themselves. It was said before: "God must have loved the poor fellow — he made so many of them. So speak up you poor fellows and down these tyrants before they down youl The First Amendment to the Constitution gives EVERT citizen the RIGHT to THIXK as he chooses. You may be FOR every one of the above mentioned programs and you may consider every one who is against the program an enemy but, remember, when you allow 3'our enemies rights to be violated you are automatically opening a door to having your own rights violated. TODAY, it's the other fellow vou. TOMORROW it could be Social engineering disguised as mental health is a violation of constitutional freedom, it provides a method for th<» violation of every civil liberty as guaranteed in our BILL OF RIGHTS. Dr. Walter C. Alverez, world famous physician and researcher at the Mayo Clinic says; "Psychoanalysis is nothing but gibberish," Witchcraft and voodooism is nothing but gibberish too. To allow such gross violation of constitutional rights is an insult to our constitution and to the boys who fought, many giving- their li\-es, to protect it. Do we hold their blood so cheap as to allow that constitution violated by gibberish peddling? Amend our laws to prevent psychiatric tyrants railroading? from When you read the book you will see how the most flagrant and unjustly hospitalized cases of railroading in history were done according to proper legal procedure. American psychiatrist have tried very hard to create a favorable pubHc image of themselves. Organised groups have always tried to dominate and exploit others, and American psychiatric tyrants have been trying to gain control for quite some time. Psychiatrist say no one is railroaded into Mental Institution, yet the opposite is true. Like witchcraft, psychiatrist can call anything they want to "Mental Illness." They can say you are Mentally IH because you are breathing if they want to. Today there is more 'ailroading than ever before, all done nice and legal by the law. Industrial insurance companies use mental illness as a way out of paying accident victims their insurance money. They claim the victim is mentally ill and, with the help of psychiatrist, the poor victim is cheated out of his insurance benefits, all nice and legal and by law. READ the book, then write your Congressman and demand that these witch hunters be PUBLICLY exposed on a NATIONAL scale. You con read this book and magazine article at your public library or you can purchase a copy at... The Ashesfiel Press & Bookshop 304 W. Houston St., Phone 426-3037 Highlands, Texas Book Printing Thesis Binding—Bookbinding—Pamphlet Printing— MRS. GORDON FARNED. left, presents a framed copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to Mrs. V/innie Brown, principal of Steriisg High Schooi. Mrs. Fanned also presented a copy of "Dick Dowling at Sabine Pass", a Texas incident in the war between the states, by Frank X. Tolbert, A past president of the Dabney - Goodwin Chapter. United Daughters of the Confederacy. Mrs. Farned is also past state chairman of textbooks and foreign libraries and has presented copies of this same book to all junior highs, Robert E. Lee and Lee College as part of the annual textbook project conducted for the pest ten years. (Baytown Sun Photo) Woman's World Flowers With Strong Fragrances Can Be Used To Rid Garden Of Pests (EDITOK'S NOTE: This is second in a scries of stories tor wherever insects might gather, are harmless insecticides. 'Keeping Insects Out With | These include tansy, rue, penny- Plstots," a. program presented j royal and lavender. The leaves by Mrs. Jimmle Sanders at I of most herbs would have some Garden Club | value. Just as effective as mothballs and far more pleas- on « Morrell Park meeting.) There are flowers, too, which i ant - smelling are the dried by merely growing in one's gar-1 leaves of rosemary, costmary den, help keep pests away. Examples are cosmos, coriop- sis, a perennial very easy to grow; petunias, grown near and southwood. All are hardy perennials. Garlic is a most important repellent. It does a wonder- beans; asters~aW%hrysanthel! ful *> b because it takes up less mums. Related to the latter areif 00111 . vet ^ most powerful. It the pyrethrums, hardy pere- nials from whose dried flowers the insecticide of the same name is made. B sptoSuEuu Suinsui-Suons '• probably the most Beneficial of flowers. Their presence discourages nematodes microscopic eelworm which attacks pota- t o e s, tomatoes, strawberries, roses and various bulbs. Marigolds may even clean an area of wireworms- Mexican beetles do not like them either. uses in cookery. The antiseptic quality of garlic prevents at tacks by aphids and plant lice. ! Press garlic cloves into the soil • close to the trunks of fruit trees. Plant bulbs at the base of any susceptible crop. Does garlic fla%'or of these crops? nts growing e ground. (It might taint root crops.) It is good to break or crush a blade once in a while to make the pungnant to all pests but most strong - smelling herbs are very helpful. How wide an area does a pest - repellent plant protect? Roughly within a three foot radius. It depends on the size of the plant and strength of its odor. By all means, put some to work in your garden. Helpful Hints Stuffed celery makes a delicious hors d'oeuvre for a company supper. You may use cream cheese, flaked canned crabmeat and a little mayonnaise for the c«tery stuffing. Sprinkle the stuffed celery with paprika for a rosy garnish. Slice radishes thin and marinate along with cucumber slices in French dressing. Serve as a relish with hamburgers for something different. plants more repellent. The odor Tomatoes protect asparagus i jg not noticeable in the ground, from beetles and keep the cab- Garlic without a doubt is the bage butterfly from the cabbage Jbest pest repellent of all plants, family. And what protects the i Lu cj£ ji yi many of these helpful tomato? The near presence of! plants "would be growing aay-| asparagus clears the area ofj way in a backyard garden. Do nematodes which feed on toma-! not " expect miracles, but a va- to roots. But you will probably j rietv of ^e^ plants where they have to hand - pick an occa-i fit in w ^jj go a i ong tt -ay in keep- sional green hornworm. j^g pe sts to a minimum with- What plants keep pests fromj out „,.{„„ harmful toxic sprays, the house? Any strong smelling i Not ^ ^ ese plants are re- herb growing close to the foun-j dation would be helpful but tan-' sy has the special reputation of repelling flies. Inside the house, a planted pot of basil drives out flies and mosquitoes. (Basil needs sun.) The (for ammonium carbonate (in- dried leaves of certain herbs, | quire about the powdered varie- sprinkled about in attic, cellars ty at the drug store. Food Tips Try-ing European recipes? 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