Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 19, 1936 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1936
Page 8
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Torpedoes Self Propelled and Controlled; Cost $10,000 Torpedoes are not fired from battleships nod stibmnrlnes like other projectiles. Owing to their great weight, they nre propelled and controlled by their own mechanism, which comprises n compressed-air engine, depth-control device, gyroscopic steering genr and other expensive machinery that, Incidentally, rnna their cost up to about $10,000 apiece.—ColUer's. BOYS! GIRLS! Read the Grape Nuts ad In another column of this paper and learn how to Join the Dizzy Dean Winners and win valuable free prizes.—Adv. Timidity Complex Contemplation of the human race Inspires the belief that the timidity complex Is more serious than the Inferiority complex. GAS-MAKING STOVE COOKS MEAL FOR 2c Amazing New Invention of W. C. Colcman Bring* AH the Modern Conveniences of City Cat to Home* Bt- yond the Cai Mains Economically-minded housewives will share the enthusiasm of W. 0. Coleman, Inventive genius, for hla new gas-making stove which .cooks a meal for 2o or less. The new Cole- taan Range will do the family cooking at a cost below that of coal, wood or kerosenestoves, and do It quicker ._.__-_., and better. W.C.COLEI This remarkable new Colemaa Safety Range lights Instantly Just Mke gas. Makes its own gas from ordinary lead-free gasoline. Its patented, fuel-saving Band-A-Blu Burners are easily regulated to exactly the heat deslre.d for frying, boiling, baking or broiling. Mr. Coleman uses Everdur Metal lor the fuel tank, a big safety feature. Everdur metal will not rust or corrode. In addition to providing every cooking advantage of the finest city gas range, Mr. Coleman's new Range adds beauty In the kitchen by distinctive styling and pleasing color effects In gleaming porcelain enamel finish. Readers of this paper wishing full Information about these wonderful Coleman Ranges will receive illustrated literature and a valuable Stove Check Chart by addressing a postcard to W. C. Coleman, Dept.WU-235,Wlchlta,Kansas—Adv. Sleep After Toil Sleep after toll, port after stormy Mas, ease after war, death after life, doth greatly please.—Spenser. CHAPPED SKIN '/// To quickly relieve //chapping and roughness,!) / apply aoothing, cooling Mentholatum. Irvln S. Cobb MENTHOLATUM Gives COMFORT Daily Have you tried Ihe MIW MEMTHOUTUM LIQUID for head colds? Like MnHhoUlum ointment II bring* »oolhlnj comfort Our Illiterate* 80 many people who are Ignorant 'don't mind It. GAS, GAS ALL THE TIME, CANT EAT OR SLEEP "The jaa on my ifomach HTM to bad I oould not emt or fl*op. Er*n my heart hurl. A tiitnd «utf- S ,,ted Adlerika. The fftit os* I took brought or» relief. Now I eat at I frith, e/eep fine and nerer felt oetter."-Mri./ai. Fllhr. Adlerika acte an BOTH upper and lower bowels while ordinary laxatives act on the lower bowel only. Adlerika gives your system a thorough cleansing, bringing out old, poisonous matter that you would not believe was in your system and that has been causing gas pains, sour stomach, nervousness and headaches for months, Or, H, It. Shoub, Naw York, reports.* *'tn addition to inte*tin&l cleansing, Adlerik* tteatly reduce* fcaofor/a «uid colon bacilli." Give your stomach and bowels a REAL cleansing with Adlerika and see how good you feel. Just one spoonful relieves GAS «nd chronic constipation. Sold by all druggist* and drug departments. Corned Beef and Plagiarism H OLLYWOOD, CALIF.— The luncheon of our Writers' Club, Inc., (Red Inc.) is a weekly function, with corned beef and cabbage and plagiarism charges. This week we had with us the leading fiction writer of the Pacific slope — Mr. Dalngerfleld, the local weather forecaster. Another guest was William A. Brady, the grand old man of the American stage, with great tales of the ancient days, when, to qualify as a trouper, one lind to be a pedestrlnn. Before they asked you whether you could act, they found out what kind of a walker you were. But how many of those sure-footed California beginners counted cross- tl es as they trudged Into enduring fame? Belasco and Tom Wise nnd Frank Bacon and Holbrook Bllnn and Dave Warfleld and many another. We also welcomed some new members. We're very exclusive. There nre groups here that'll take In people who even failed to make the Book of the Month club. But to join up with us, you must have written something significant — Insurance or promissory notes or booster slogans. We're angling now for a distinguished new figure In the field of literature. He does sky-writing, by the way. » • * New Deal's 3rd Birthday. being the third annlver- sary of the New Deal, I was just thinking that, whether or not It lived through the early part of nest November, Its folks could never reproach themselves that they'd failed to give their darling baby- kins the best nursing money could huy. Just then who should rush In but Michael Strogloff, the courier of the czar, shouting that the U. S. marines had landed with a contradiction of the excking announcement made only yesterday by the same fellow who took the message to Garcia that time—7 Hold on, I'm getting all twlstl- fied. What I'm trying to say Is that one day the word for a palpitating planet was that Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., was positively going to marry Lady Ashley, whereas but 24 hours before, he positively was not going to marry Lady Ashley. Then finally he did It. * * * Main Street Ambition O NE hears San Francisco would lure more Inhabitants In an effort to overtake Los Angeles. But why? And why do Americans get drunk on population statistics? It's their headiest tipple. Every time Uncle Sam looses his census figures, some towns go Into mourning because they haven't grown any faster and other towns have public dancing In the streets because a swarm of new people have moved In to make traffic congested and living Inconvenient and pleasant neighborhoods crowded. Offhand, I think of but one city whose ruling citizens mainly are content with things as they are— the lovely and fascinating city of Charleston. Elsewhere we appear to 'Share with the red ants the mad passion to take on additional red ants until the anthill overflows and all the old resident ants are lost in the shuffle. • » • Feminine Bank Rolls W HY can't people mind their own business? A merchandising expert, who probably was just BRISBANE THIS WEEK Pretending Costs Money A Japanese Widow The Five Babies Are Well Democratic Edward VIII Even Imitation war Is costly. England's battleships, submarines and airplanes In the Mediterranean, intended to In- tlmldnte Italy and keep down discontent In Egypt, represent no real war. England occasion a 11 y discharges light "depth bombs" in the Mediterranean, "bringing Italian submarines popping like corks to the surface." Yet the government tells the house of commons this imitation war costs British taxpayers five hundred thousand pounds a month. Arthur Itrlftlmiie The twenty-fonr-year-old widow of a Japanese officer who committed suicide after the recent rebellion sends a letter of apology to "Your august majesty," the Japanese emperor, saying: "I believe the spirit of my husband, whose body lies in a coffin before me, also sorrows for those who fell." A most serious people, the Japanese. Doctor Dafoe, modest man from Canada, who understands quintuplets, dropped In to say the five little girls are doing well, fighting frequently, sign of a normal condition. They like sleeping outdoors with the weather 30 below zero, but In daytime only. It would delight you to see their red cheeks. Three hundred and seventy-five thousand visitors, nearly all from the United States, came to look through a fence at the quintuplets last year; 500,000 are expected this year. The baby girls are a wonderful advertisement for Canada. Many that go to see them will buy farms and stay. A democratic young person is Edward the Eighth, new king of England and emperor of India. Broadcasting to 200,000,000 that live under the British flag and occupy one-quarter of the earth's surface, he does not refer to them as "my subjects" or "my people," as hla predecessors did, but calls them "fellow men." And Edward VIII does not refer to himself as "we," which Is customary with other rulers. His father spoke of "my empire" and "my dear people" "we." and called himself sitting around the house during the cold spell with nothing to do except feed the stove, made an exhaustive inquiry to find out what American women carry in their handbags. He now reports that, In addition to gobs of other things including lipstick, cigarettes, hairpins and recipes, the average worn? an's pocketbook contains $0.74 In cash. It was perhaps all right for the gentleman to satisfy his morbid curiosity. Where he erred was In making his discovery public. Just consider how busy the boys In congress will be thinking up new taxes, when they hear about that much money still being In circulation. President Roosevelt submits to congress a plan to increase heavily income taxes of corporations suspected of holding many billions of profits not distributed. The taxes might run to over 33 percent. You never can tell what Wall Street will think. President Roose velt's taxation program sends stocks up. Perhaps Wall Street has no "undistributed reserves." Great Industries will not be forbidden reasonable cash surpluses, presumably. Such a rule would make expansion and 'Increased employment Impossible. A Joint resolution in the house and senate suggests a congressional medal of honor for the late Gen. William Mitchell, head of the American air forces In the big war. Few congressmen would vote against n tribute to a man who fought BO well for his country, and the medal would please his widow and children. Uncle Sam paying rent to Panama for the canal, offering the usual $250,000 rent Installment, was told: "No, we do not take 59-cent dollars." Washington admits that while it may try Interesting experiments with Its own money, and tell Us own citizens "Gold Is too good for you," it has no right to make the outside world suffer. Panama will get an amount of money equal to 250,000 of our dollars before we slid ore the gold basis and Into the "inflation bond" era. | SUNDAY International II SCHOOL •:• LESSON- : - By REV. P. B. FITKWATER, D. D., Member of Faculty. Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. © Western Newspaper Union. Lesson for March 22 JE8U8 TEACHING TRUE VALUES LESSON TEXT—Luka 12:13-84. GOLDEN TEXT—Seek ye first the kingdom of God. and his righteousness; and all these things shall b« added unto you.—Matthew 6:33. PRIMARY TOPIC — God's Good Gifts. JUNIOR TOPIC—When Is A Man Klch? INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC—What Is Most Worth Living For? The common tendency of men Is to be engrossed with the gifts of God Instead of knowing him as the heavenly Father nnd enjoying his blessed fellowship. Man's supreme need Is to know nnd enjoy God himself. I. A Warning Against Covetousness (vv. 13-21). 1. The occasion (vv. 13-15). One of the company requested Jesus'to be umpire In a disputed estate. Two brothers were in trouble over an inheritance. Christ refused to enter the sphere of the civil law and warned against the spirit of avarice. His mission was pre-eminently spiritual. 2. The warning enforced (vv, 1622). This was done by the parable of the rich man. He showed most clearly that to be, concerned with earthly riches while neglecting God is the highest folly. Concerning this man, note: a. His Increased goods (v. 1C). His riches were rightly obtained, for the ground brought forth plentifully. A man may be rich because the Lord's blessing Is upon him. b. His perplexity (v. 17). Hip lands were producing more than his barns would hold. He did not want It to go to waste. No frugal man wants to see the fruits of his toll perish. If he had possessed right views of life and a sense of stewardship before God, he would have seen that his barns had enough for his personal needs, and would have distributed the surplus to the needy. c. His fatal choice (vv. 18, 10). He chose to enlarge his barns, and give up his life to ease and luxury. It ought to be a delightful task for men whom God has made rich to devote their time and energy to the distribution of their possessions to benevolent objects. d. The awful Indictment (vv. 20, 21). God calls him n fool and this Is no arbitrary judgment. Riches furnish neither contentment In life nor guarantee of the continuance of life. It is not only foolishness but madness to forget God while engaged In heaping up riches. Soon the man must die nnd his riches may get Into the hands of unworthy men or even curse the lives of the children who inherit them. II. The Certain Cure for Anxiety (vv. 22-34). OflMIERESTTO 1 HOUSEWIFE Lamb fat makes an excellent shortening for gingerbread and cookies. * * * When making slip Govern for furniture, ample room should be allowed for seams, easy slipping on and off, and for shrinkage In washing. * * • A tablespoonful of ammonia added to the water In which glass Jars are washed, will make the glass very clear. Rinse well before using. * * * To remove iron rust from white washable materials, spread stained place over n vessel of actively boll- Ing water and squeeze lemon juice on stain. After a/few minutes, rlnso the fabric and repeat the process. A curtain * * roller or a rod run through both hems of a glass curtain will stretch curtains so they will not have to be Ironed. Hang up until dry, then remove rods and press hems of curtains. O Associated Newspapers.—WNU Service. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now with. Creomulsion. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot aflord to take a chance with anything less than Creomul- cion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the Inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm Is loosened and expelled. Even if other remedies have failed, dont be discouraged, your druggist Is authorized to guarantee Creomulslon and to refund your money If you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.). NO SON LIKE FATHER Dr. Ebeh J. Carey, dean of the Mafquette university medical school, Milwaukee, asserted that "No son IB a carbon copy of his father," thereby disagreeing with the old saying! 'Like father like son." iri _ DANOIROUII - Avoid risk of infection; enjoy instant relief from pain and quickly, safely remove your conMH— use Dr. Scholl's Zinc-pad*. They soothe and heal; stop shoe pressure; prevent sore toes and blisters. At all drug, shoe and department stores—only 2S£ and 35)! a box. DrScholls Zino-pads PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM RanK>TMD*ndniff-8 topi Hair nOUn* I Imparta Color and Beauty to Grajr and Faded Hair «w ima II 00 «t DraralBU. lHI«eo*Chiro.Wk«..Pateho<roe.N.Y. FLORjgSTON SHAMPOO — Ideal for use in connection with Parkei'sHalrBalaam.Hakea the hair soft and flnftV. 60 cento by mail or at drag- gists. Htscox Chemical Works, Patchoguo,N.Y. Miserable with backache ? W/HEN kidneys function badly and YY you suffer a nagging backache, with dizziness, burning, scanty or too frequent urination and gutting up at night; when you feel tired, nervous, all upset... use Doan'i Plllf. Doan's are especially for poorly working kidneys. Millions of boxes are used every year. They are recommended the country over. Ask your neighbor! DOAN SPILLS HAIR COMING 0 You need t to stop it-,:, -, !S ^^^_ c<il&M Dandruff. I MANGE MEDICINE E DQCS yo«r E per Gallon Mrs. Bailey Sensitive Skiij flash Broke Out But Cuticura Soothed Bead this letter—how rash and blisters due to ester! causes were relieved in time by Cuticura. "I noticed an itching sensation I my face and arms. It afterwaii formed blisters that left the very tender and sensitive. Fin, rash broke out which, when r, caused a smarting and intense! Ing. It was agony. "A sample of Cuticura Ointment relieved me so much! I bought some. After using on« of Cuticura Soap and one-halt til Cuticura Ointment, the rash dli peared." (Signed) Mrs. Grace Ba 390 East 201st St., Bronx, NewM City. Cutlcnra also soothes the Irrlts of pimples, ringworm, burning j Itching of eczema with wondi speed and effectiveness. Buy I Ointment 25c. Soap 25c. Sa FREE. Write to "Cuticura," 19, Maiden, Mass.—Adv. TS THE FARM I Politicians Making Claims N CONGRESS these mad March days are being much used for plain and fancy claiming. The Republicans claim the Democratic party Is to blame for the recent bad times and deserves no credit for the better times now prevalent, the Republican theory being that the good fairies must have brought 'em. The Democrats claim that such bad times as we've had since they moved In were really Inherited from the final stretch of the previous administration, which, as they seem to recall, was one of the best times Sometimes government ownership gets things done. Germany's postal ministry opens the first long-distance television-telephone In the world, between Berlin and Leipzig — the charge for three minutes only $1,40. When you call up a "strong, bluish light" illuminates your lace, which Is seen by the person at the other end of the line. That would have been Improbable when telephones were installed in the big Paris exposition, not so long ago. Four years ago the Lindbergh child was kidnaped. Bruno Hauptmann, convicted of the kidnaping and murder, caught spending the marked gold certificates that Lindbergh paid In a vain effort to get back his child, Is still alive. for bad times anybody ever IRVIN 9. COBB. »)— WHU Hrrlcf. It is said that he will hj^e another reprieve. Our system of justice Is not hasty. Q Kin* Feature* Syndicate, lac. Having shown the folly of the rich man who gained gold and lost God, he now urged the disciples to trust God and dismiss all anxious care. 1. The argument (vv. 22, 23). This Is summed up In one bKlef sentence: "The life Is more than meat, and the body Is more than raiment." 2. The Illustrations (vv. 24-28). a. God's care for the fowls (vv. 24-20). The ravens do not sow nor reap, they have neither storehouses nor barns, yet they live, for God feeds them. If God does not forget the fowl, certainly he will do more for his children who have been created In his likeness and Image and redeemed by the precious blood of his Son. b. God's care for the flowers of the field (vv. 27, 28). If God Is so careful of those flowers which appear but for a da&, how much more will he clothe his children? 8. The exhortations (vv. 20-34). a. The getting of food and clothes should not be man's chief concern. b. Seek the kingdom of God (v. 81). Those who make God's kingdom first sjiall have all of their needs supplied (Phil. 4:10). c. Be not Afraid (v. 82). God's good pleasure Is upon bis own and all good things he will give them. d. Practice self-denial In order to give gifts to those In need (vv. S3, 34). III. Be Ready for the Coming of the Lord (vv. 35-40). Having warned the disciples against the acquisition of worldly goods, while forgetting God, and shown them the needlessness of anxiety for food and clothes, he shows them the blessedness of being in a state of readiness when the Lord shall come. Conviction as to the certainty of the Lord's coming Is * sure cure for worldllness and anxious care. This attitude of heart he made clear by two parables; that of the return of the Lord, and that of the thief. The Lord will be so pleased with those who are waiting for him that he will take delight in sitting at the banquet with them, end h« will «reo swft them FIRESTONE GROUND GRIP TIRES SPEED UP FARM WORK-MAKE IT EASIER— MORE PROFITABLE HARVEY S. FIRESTONE pioneered and Firestone engineers developed a pneumatic tire which is the greatest contribution in recent years to more efficient and economical farming. Farmers using Ground Grip Tires on their tractors are saving more than 25% in time and fuel. On all farm implements the Ground Grip Tire has proved of practical time-saving and money-saving value. Wagons, combines, mowers, sprayers, grain drills require up to 50% less draft to pull them. Hauling is speeded up. Plowing is done with more uniform depth. Vines and roots are not injured or cut, allowing closer planting and greater yield. Ground Grip Tires do not pack the soil and give greater protection to equipment. It requires only a minimum investment to put all your equipment on Ground Grip Tires. With Firestone's new demountable rim and cut-down method of applying the rim to the original implement wheels, one set of tires will fit several implements. Tires can be changed quickly from one implement to another— you need only two or three sets for practically all your implements. Firestone patented Gum-Dipped cords, with two extra layers of Gum-Dipped cords under the tr*ad holding the patented super-traction tread to the co*d body, made this great tire possible. See the nearby Firestone Tire Dealer, Impl emen t Dealer or Firestone Auto Supply and Service Store today -^-awd in piling your order for new equipment, b« (Hijre to specify Firestone Ground Grip Tires onyour new tractor or farm implement. Urttn to tte V»fc« 9f Wrwtont featuring Guarantee—This heavy,!] Super-Traction tread IM guaranteed not to loosenftoull the tire body under any conditions, and all other p«* of the tire are fully guarant**]] to give satisfaction. FOR CARS j.40/4.50/4.75-21. *7.Vf 4.75/5.00-19 8.SO 4.50/4.75/6.00-20. ».35 5.25/5.50. f7 10.55 S.25/5.60-18 XO.tS 11.95 FOR TRUCKS 6.00-20_._ l*. 6.50-20— ai.95 7.50-20..$J*> 7,50-24.. 8.25-20- 4»8.25-24.. 54. 9.00-20.. _OH»i SMI Pilc»d PrepofHoiial«ly !gj FOR TRACTORS S.OO-I5_« 9.3* 5.M-I6.. 9.9$ 6M-I6.. 11.IS 7.50-18, »f.7« 9.00-36 11.35.24 12.75-28 ot«r TOR CARS • TRUCKS • TRACTORS -O»»«> 5h»i Meed Proportionally t»^ FIRESTONE TIRE ANP RUBBER WNU-321 Form Division-Akwi», Of «•«• fMd Mt a copy of yovr MW farm Jin Cttahg MAkML FARM IMPLEMENTS

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