Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 5, 1969 · Page 44
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 44

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1969
Page 44
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Cinemafare in the Valley oi the Sun ^n ^WRWail •OvTtftCM If M* meter it yMrt M •*• MtOENIX THEATERS Bethany Ciaefft«r«: "Ben ttnr," 2, 8. dtfte-totni: Wallace and Company Show, 10; Charley,"' 2:55, 6.45, 10:30; "Interlude," 1, 4:45, 8:40. due Capri: "Romeo and. Juliet," 1:30, 4, 6:50, 9.30. Ctmttoerrtal: "Girls of Frankfurt," and "For Men Only," continuous from 12:30. Pott "Support Your Local Sheriff," (G) 1, 4:15, 7:30, 10:40; "Yellow Submarine," (G) 2:40, 5:55, 9:05. Hayden West: "Angel in My Pocket," (G) 3:05, 7:05. 10:55; "Hellfighters," (G) 1, 4:55, 8:50. Palms: "Funny Girl," (G) 2, 8. Parts: Adult movies continuous from noon. The Oasiss "Charlie, Lonesome Cougar," 7:15,11; "High, Wild and Free,' 9:15. Peso: "Pablo y Carolina,' 7:15,10:55; "El Duendeyyo," 9:25. Phoenix: "Von Ryan's Express," 7; "Flight of the Phoenix," 9:35. Pioneer: "Bullitt.6:55,11:38, "Harper," 9:30. Rodeo: "Man Who Finally Died," 7:29, 12:58; "No Way to Treat a Lady," 9:27; "Horror Castle," 11:25. Round-Up: "Angel in My Pocket." (G) 7:10, 10:25, "Shenandoah," 9. Sands: "Wrecking Crew," (M) 7, 11; "Pink Jungle," 9:25. Silver Dollar: "Charro," 7:20, 11; More Dead Than Alive," (M) 9:20. Thunderbird: "Swiss Family Robinson," 7:30; "Happiest Millionaire," 9:45. Sombrero: 8:15. Bible," Thomas MaU: "Lion in Winter," 2, 8. Tower Plaza: "Horse With a Gray Flannel Suit," 1, 3:20, 5:40, 8, 10:20; "Winnie, the Pooh," 2:55, 5:15, 7:35, 9.55. Vista: "Three in the Attic, (R) 3:40, 7,10:20; "Wild in the Streets," 2, 5:20, 8:40. DRIVE-IN THEATERS Acres: "Witchmaker," 7:15, 10:45; "Sorcerers," 9:15. Big Sky: "Man Who Finally Died," 7:29, 12:58; "No Way to Treat a Lady," 9:27; "Horror Castle," 11:25. Cinema Park: "Three in the Attic," (R) 7:15, 10:50; "Wild in the Streets, 9:15. Indian: "Mission Batagas," 7:15, 10:52; "Femmina," 9:15. Mustang: "Sound of Horror," 7:37; "Taste of Blood," 9:27; "Teenage Stranger," 10:57. Northern: "Gone With the Wind," 8. Nu-View: "Dracula Has Risen from the Grave," (G) 7:15, 10:50; "Horror Hotel," 9:15. *— • A MAN rORALL f BOTH IN TECHNICOLOR at 9:1 5 RICHARD ~ ~ BURTON ELIZABETH TAYLOR MIDNITE TONITE ONLY! MARILV MONROE (as NORMA JEAN BAKER) m"APPLEKNOCKERS & THE COKE" Kuchar's "HOLD ME WHILE I'M" "WOMAN" CHANDLER PARKWAY Teresa Velasqun "LOS PISTIROS" Arturo d* Cordova "QUi HARBNOS CON PAPA" Color MUSTAN& DRIVE-IN FREE EATS EVERY NIGHT MUSTANG DRIVE-IN II.M PER qAR "SOUND OP HORROR" "TASTE OP BLOOD" "TEENAGE STRANGLER" DVClfVHT HAltKI towtrplaui ms PROOUCTtONV KM Winnie Am mttfmH*m t«mtmr*tte OpinOiily 1P.M. Ph. 273-77 It NOW NOW, LOEWS—WEST BOTH IN COLOR ENJOY EASTER SUNDAY DINNER 2247 East Van Buren Phone 254-6321 PLEASE CALL FOR RESERVATIONS RELISH TRAY Celery Stocks—Carrot Curls—Rosebud Radishes CHOICE OF Chilled Tomatoe Juice or Chicken Noodle Soup CHOICE OF Garden Fresh Pear or Blue Lake Green Beans CHOICE OF POTATO Snowflake or Candied Yams ENTREE ROAST YOUNG FRESH TURKEY - Stuffed with Cornbretd Dressing with Celery, Sage and Giblets Chilled Craniberry Sauce ROAST LEG OF LAMB—Delicious Young Lamb Roasted to Perfection Served with Mint Jelly IAKEO VIRGINIA HAM-Sugar Cured Ham Roasted with Cloves and Spices Served with Pineapple Sauce CHOICE OF DESSERT Hot Mince Pie with Brandy Sauce Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie — Jello Parfait Children*-1.$0 3 25 3 50 V w/M 0 Sm//e and 9 Hwrfy Thank You, M *UI** IUa to «rt meting </• th* Best. VALLEY THEATERS Camelback Mall: "Oliver," (G) 2, 8. Glen: "Mickey Mouse Birthday Party," 1, 4:20, 7:40; "Doctor Dolittle," 1:45, 5:05, 8:25. Hayden East: "Gone With the Wind," 12:30, 4:30, 8:30. Kachlna Cinerama: "Shoes of the Fisherman," (G) 2, 8:30. KiVa: "Sea Gull," (G) 7, 9:30. Mesa: "Swiss Family Robinson," 2:05, 5:55, 9:45;; "Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar," 12:30, 4:20, 8:10. Plus IN COLOR FRISCO SHORTS To TJtoM Wlii» Were Sentenced f M 2069 A.D. came the m«»t BiXAUJtR torture* ever deetsedf NO ADMITTANCE UNDER 18 YRS. lARTTHCATMCUILDj SCOTTSBALf I Lite Shew Fri * Sal Open l:» »t»rt 7:15 Y1V1KN LEIGH METROCOLOR GIRLS OF FRANKFURT^ ADULTS ONLY PLUS /; FOR MEN ONLY" Co/or CINE I]APRI E. CAMELBACK at 24th Strait Phon. 956-1900 ARIZONA ABCTHEATRES = TODAY 1 ill - 4:11 - I:M • 1:11 = m ACADEMY AWARD | 4 NOMINATION* jE including = BEST PICTURE 1 ROMEO | fJULIET PALMS , N. CENTRAL AT VIRGINIA | TODAY 2 48 P.M. BARBRA STREISAND OMAR SHARIF THE WILLIAM V/YIER RAYSIARKPROOUCIION INDIAN DMVE.IN 27th AVE. at INDIAN SCHOOL 274-8510 -OPEN 6:30 D1NNIS WBAVER-VERAMILU "MISSION BATANOAS" AND | MIRBILLIDARO "HMMINA* liniiiiiiiniiiiiiiniiiuiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiujiiiini IECflMlCOlWi»PANWSON» 8 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS lESTHOTinU! BESTAOTNISS! RESERVATIONS! 284.1141 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiuiui alace West Theatre 203 West Adams • Ptxxtnbc 85003 LIVE ON STAGE! PHONE 254-6401 TODAY AT 2:30 & 8:30 P<M> EVES. THIS, to Sit. 1:30, Sun. Evt. Till P.M. Matt. Sat. • SHU. I:M P.M. TlokittMliUct Roitniw«l|'i ItrvietMIIW. SEATS ON SALB10 A.M. *lit. IVM* IHUHI. t SUM. fi.M-tMMUMIM FM.tUT.EVEI. f}.H-$I.H-MM-II.H Mm.UT.ISUH. •UMUHMMI.N If ordering by Mall, Please Enclose Stamped Return Envelop* All Children Under 14 yrs. of age will be admitted for $1J« whtn j accompanied by adult. Present This Coupon it Pallet Wast Box J I Off ice. This Offar Good At All Performances Exeapt Sat. Evas. 1:10 | TODAY! MAT. 2 P.M. • EVE 8 P.M. BUY TICKETS EARLY FOR CHOICE SEAT LOCATIONS. "1H6LIONfINWINT€R" Nominated for /Academy Awards Including: BESTPICTURE BEST ACTOR •BEST ACTRESS BEST DIRECTOR • BEST SCREEENPLAY P6T6R KATHAR1N6 H6 PBURN 1H6UONINVWNT6R SANBMERROWC"'" JOHNCASTLES.'!'.!?,' TIMOTHY »Ai.TONtBB* ANTHONY HOPKINSfttSSASS' NIGEL STOCK BW NIGEL TERRVtt 1 " ItMmnlMMltl ruivlol fi«i«r 5«linji|,l, ItttMl* JAMES GOLDMAN JOSEPH E.I.EVINE JAMES GOLDMAN MARTIN POU, iN BARRY ANTHONY HARVEY THOMAS MALL -~ ALSO SPECIAL HOLIDAY MATINMS MONDAY « TUESDAY AT 2 P.M. Rtt«rv«ri Mat Bos erfict 0»M 11 MM* TicUti Ab« At Community Ion Offlcti "Los Plstoleios," 4:27, 7:54, 11:22; "Q«e Hare- mos Con Papan," 6:15, 9:42. Portoftao: "2069 A. D. ( " (X) continuous from 12:30. Valley Art: "Man for All Seasons," 7:15; Taming of the Shrew," 9:15; Underground Cinema 12 at Midnight. w»» net ItML TONIGHT «t 8:15 BIKE " AVACARDVEft rtTERO-TOOLE GEORGE C. SCOTT MICHAEL PARKS MfttATt .In The Beginning KtltftVED JERRY VALE AND NORM CROSBY Apr. 10,11 & 12 Thur*., Fri. & Sat. Sat. Matinee Saturday Matin** 2:30 p.m.; •venings 8:30 p.m. Box office open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Except Sun.) Open until 10 p.m. en Shew NI|M* MltSf MMn S Phoenix Star Theatre 3148 E.VMBur»n, Drawer M J Phone 273-1351 YVONNE DE CARLO "Hello Dolly' 9 Apr. 15-20 Tues. thru Sun. Sat. & Sun. Matinee "A SMASHING FILM!" -Women's Wear Daily "One of the YEAR'S 10 BEST!" -N.Y.Po*t,Cu», WINS Radio, Ntwiday JAMES MASON VANESSA REDGRAVE SIMONE SIGNORET DAVID WARNER Sidney ('PAWNBROKER') Lumet's production of CHEKHOV'S Me SEATS RESERVED TECHNICOLOR® DSUSGESTED ron OCNEIUL Auoiexcu., 1 'THE SEA GULL' TONIGHT 7:00,9:30 ART THE4THI GUILD' ©4e-oesa leas. * SOUTHWEST *H; B DRIVE-INS SHOW STARTS] ^_^___ Contrary to advertising beyond our control ... young people under 18 (not 16) will not be admitted to this theatre unless accompanied by parent or adult guardian.... THIS PROGRAM ONLY Paxton Quigley's problem was PLUS: SHELLEY WINTERS "WILD IN the STREETS" Co/or SPECTACULAR LOVE STORY THAT THRILLED MILLIONS! .DAVID O.SELZNICKS / MARMRI r MITCHEU-S NORTHERN GONE WITH THE WIND DRIVE-IN ON NIOHTLY AT 8:00 P.M. VMS DEATH ONLY THE BEGINNING 9 STARRING ALVY MOORE! ALL COLOR nut "Sorcerers" MOVED different kind of man ''"'" OVER! ational eneral - CfllM National General Mures,.* ELVIS PRESLEY CHARRDI nnrarar VIMCINTMIOI "MORE DEAD OMNTWAIKIR THAN ALIVE" IUIHMII THJIIUI "HORROR HOTEL" "PAILOY CAROLINA" ;» |l f I - V "( » '~f-» p--|l if. J jt ^ ,••.-, .. ,.. ; ; ; ^ .:•, i , Sat., April S, 1M» The Artwn* 2f FOX NATIONAL GFNERAI CORPORATION WEST COAST THEATRES ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE BESTACTOR A love story that begins with an incredible experiment! CUFF ROBfRTSON CHRIS-TOWN 5707 H. 191h Av«. 264-6161 FREE PARKING NOW ' PLAYIN EXCLUSIVE SHOW/NO SEIMUR PICTURES in collaboration with ROBERTSON ASSOCIATES presents CLIFF ROBERTSONaC-tr^Ly- .CLAIRE BLOOM ULIASKAU tEONJANNEY RUTHWHIIE DAI DU / H'JSCIT / IIICIJIITI nuucll / K'llnmtlt / icnu mi unuti / wiw.iolf ilnnES / RAVI /SEIIGJ. /STIRLING /"K"/ RALPH NELSON /SHANKAR/SELIGMAN /SILLIPHANT/i,wTi««i /NELSON TECHNICfllOr TECHHISCOPE- net^'UHuuuumt — COLOR CO-HIT • World Pacific Records,| "INTERLUDE" OSCAR WERNER With BARBARA FERRIS Some men are starved for love Paxton Quigley's problem was completely the opposite! CHRiSoPHEP' VISTA 215 No. Central AV& 252-7466 I «MmKcoii«wMtVMraM«M>K|w.nIiM. V$2K«2 - COLOR CO-HIT- Wrfc/asaa RIDUCEDMHKINg KAY'SlitSt.tVANIUREM Our trouble-shooting sheriff always put his finger on it (or in it). No wonder they call him HARRY MORGAN JACKELAM WrilUn and Produced by WILLIAM BOWERS Directed by BURT KENNEDY DOWNTOWN/ EXCLUSIVE SHOWING! COLOR CO-HIT The Beatles First St. 254-4114 1P.M. UniltdArliiti HELD OVER. 4™ *«*«* | THE GREATEST ADVENTURE OF THEM ALL WALT DISNEY'S .f TECHNICOLOR PANAVISION CUNOAIE THUNOERBII •XCkVilVI SNOWINOI QNceomcTi IHOWNI0HTU ATllMMt WALT DISNEY'S "THIHWIIST MILLIONAIRE" FBiDMocMUBBAY

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