The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 24, 1945 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THg lOLA REGISTER, WEDNESDAY!EVENING, JANUARY 24,1945. lOLA, KANSAS (Frances HcUbe) TO GIVE ONE'S LIFE Ti) give one's life through eighty years is harder Than to give it In one momant Bloriously: , To make each instant -aWown-wil­ low basket Heaped -with fresh flowers and ferns: to ever be A cup of never-failing cool spring water To those who walk a dusty road alone; To succor-with life-giving bread, regardless, Those who expect a stone. To fUvo one's life, on weary days and hopeless; 'J'o give one's life, hour after hour, and be Ready to aive again, again, is harder TjKiji to give it in a moment, gloiiously. —Mary Carolyn Davies. Hld-Hall » In a j;ervice impressive in its sim- plicUy, Miss Virginia Feld, daughter • of Mrs. Glen Feld, and Sgt. Kolnnd R. Hall, .son of Mr. and Mrs. Ciiarlc;'! Hall, were united in mar- riii^o at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hall, .'^outh of Tola, at 8 p. m. Sat- iird .Tv • evening, January 20. The rins ceremony was read by the Rev. C. L. Heatherlngton. Miss Jo Ann C:i!i;ilen and Mr. Raymond Goszdak wire the attendants. After the ceremony a wedding .'uiriper wns .served by Mrs. Hall to tile bridal imrty and Ruests. Present wi'rc: Brt. and. Mr.s. Roland Hnll, Mrs. Glen Peld, 'Weldon Hall, Raymond Ooszdnk, Miss Carol Lewis, MlM Jo Ann Cnhalen, Lewis Ayllng atid Mr. iind Mr.s. Charles Hall. S K I . ilnU, who returned recently fiom IH mtmMi.s of .service In Ofeen- liuid. i.s now stationed at Camp Cro\vU(r. Mo. • • •> .XrnicI-.Tohnson Humljoldt. Jan. 23—Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Armcl have annoimced the nKirri .iRc of their daughter, Natalie, >(> Harlan Dean Johnson on Sattn*- day. January 20. The marriage rook place at the St. Joseph's Catholic ehiirch. with the Rev. Father T'leophile Hard officiating. •> • • . T'<"»"-oii Dinner ^ - "^Trs. .Tones As n courtesy to Mrs. Ross P. I CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK | • THURSDAY Thbd division- of the Presbyterian church meets with Mrs. Warren J. Ley, 406 S. Cottonwood, ,at 2:30 p. m. The executive committee of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist church will meet in the church parlors at 2:30 p. m. •The Second division of the Presbyterian church- meets with Mrs. Ernest Yocum. 312 West Madison, at 2:30 p. m. The Fourth division of the Presbyterian church meets with Mrs. G. A. Dunwoody. 419 South Sycamore, at 2:30 p. m. Mrs. Charles Wagner and Mrs. Mary E. Crawford are assisting hoste.sRes. The Woman's Auxiliary of St. Timothy's church meets with Mrs. Leigh Bowlus, 408 East Jackson, at 2:30 p. m. Dorcas class of the Baptist church meets with Mrs. Ebb Lewman, 402 South Jeffenson, at 2:30 p. m. First Division of the Presbyterian church meets with Mis. Grant Lawrence, 305 South Second, at 2:30 p. m. The general division of the Christian church meets with Mrs. J. A. Griffith, 216 N. Cottonwood at 2 p. m. The American Legion AuxiliaJ'y meets with the members at 7 p. m. for a. covered dish sup- super. Bring covered dish, sandwiches, and own table service. . FRIDAY Pajit Matrons will meet with Ml«s Viola Dalgarno, 202 Nortli Elm, at 7:30 p. m. Loyal Leaders of the Christian church will meet at 2:1.5 p. m. with Mrs. Dave Long, 209 S. Sycamore. The regular meetinff of the American Legion Auxiliary has been pastponed one week. Initiation of new members v/ill be held Friday, February 2, at 7:30 p. m. Here's How You'll Ride in B-29 A^ter the War Those B-29's that have blasted the Japs will be tae last word in com Here is an artist's conception of scet,4ons of the Boeing 377, which ignation. At left is a cross-section sbowing the two-deck feature seats convertible into bert'ns, and lowA- a dining room and cocktc are converted into uppers and lowers;. Plane will have 36 ber • for flying over storms. I air travel after the war. be the plane's postwar des- lef'used for day passenger il loufjge. Right shows how seats hs, "aSff" bkbih ifill be piessiu-ized LaHarpe It^nbs CaiTle Runer: Unselflshne.s.s. Mrs. Pearl :^ggert; Endurance, Mrs. Marie nturphey; Courage, Mrs. Frances Slack. «5> • Mrs. Pat Smith Has • Birthday Party ! Friends of Mi-s. Pat Smith met at her home yesterday afternoon to TT'p= who leaves Thursday to make ^^^P celebrate her birthday, •• >-,itr,n Phoenix, Arizona. Mrs, The afternoon was spent playing ml-.., cone^lne, Jr.. Mrs. Wilbur cards. Wiilte. Dr. Rebecca Von Wald, Mrs.' L R. Jones, and Mrs. Stone Wall i ^ dauaYittr T.iriv AJI-C irn-itvi rr,n "'"i-" "le u^m^ in-n Present were Mrs. Georgia Brixey NILWOOD Several from this neighborhood have been attending the revival services which are being held at the SCENT VALLEY ."•Goida Black entertained the a. club at her home Thursday ib ^n.^ Eleven members and two MrL Harry Manson and Mrs. tion were present. The next Will, be with Mrs. P. L. jeh in Tola in two weeks, and Mrs. Vernon Palmer I tailed at the W. S. Palmer and J. P. I tKr ^ite ;ho |nes in Humboldt Sunday ai'%noon.; . ' Mrs. Millard Cress spent last week b) Kansas City where she went through the Kansas university hospital clinic. Mrs. Marlon Ollphanfj staged at tjie Cress home while Mrs. Crf:>.s was in the city. Rev. and Mrs. Martin called one cveAlng at the' R. C. Wright home to .see Mrs. Carrie Weatherble. Tfie regular' communitjf meeting will be held -^t the school house Friday eveitingiof this week. Guests ore masked to ^rlng doughnuts for refreshments. The community extends congratu- laticfivs and' best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Harclerode who were married in Tola Sunday. Mrs. Har- cler <Jds was the former Miss Phyllis 6 'Brien-and lived in this community while attending school. Hi-, and <Mr3. Millard| and Crm 'Av were dinner guests at the J. P; Wilhlte home Sunday. Mf. and Mrs. R. C. Wright Visited at t^e J. P. Wllhite home Sunday evenjng.. Miss Gayla Jo Cress spent the week-end at the Wm. Ronsick home in Humboldt. The Lucky 4-H club will meet at the Legion Hut on the first Thurs- at the Moi-an theater Saturday ; day, ^venln? of, the month Instead r.ioht to see -Snow WhMe and the'of: the first. Monday. All members From swotd-dancin;;; and de.s';i t-t xijci n:;;: lui il;c movies to build- iii.c er.yincs for B-29 Supeiloi tie. sis. js wartime- transition r,i..<!c- iiy .Syiiati-born .'MLiert K;..=.^al;.li, i,t ison. .N, J. At left, aLiAc. he's pictured in .A.rab co.vtume. Mt< h a.'^ h • v.-ore in Rudolph V..lciitino lilms. He played Valei:>;iiO'.-- -o.n in "The Slieit;." later ;.u\i>C(i or; :ic.-,i^rs on Middlu' 1 ro.-ti;»i.- -M-.O. ceremonies, eventually i\i'.r.j I!) the business of -ci'iirj iij> MM i f.cvm.i. ior studios. At ri „i,t, lies shown in his .;,-:it rt-lt as corLinaKei lor the Wrishl ,-\'. i'.iiK..,' Cut'i-viution Seven jDwarfs." at the Kellev. Hotel last night. pleaS'e take note of the cliange of datei. The. ner^t iheetnig will be , February 1.-, KOC K;:TS SAVE LIVKS | E . J . Iton.sick attended a The yo;l.f-t jji-inciple., invented In ' district meeting of 4-H club leaders Donaldson, Mrs. Lillian Maiiiey. -Mrs. J. C. Griffitts spent Friday the i;i:-i ceiiUiiy by the Chinese, as at i Erie Tue&day of last week. ^.''Vilf ^u^^^^^ Mrs. Lum Smith, Mrs. Elsie Wul- and Saturday with her' son, Hoy l^^i'^vd today Is saving countless, V',:^ Vo's Tones r fa %^ri ir^^ ton and son Bobby. Mrs. Pearl Hix- Gnfntt.s and hi., family in For An ^nc-n lives whejieyer Jt as. Aised.;1 '.:^n;r^,t^^'^ef'' ^^^'^^^'^^'^^^ and Mrs. ! Scott. , ciui in, landln, operations. .im^ LAHARPE. Jan. 24.—Supt. Smith and Coach Peterson met with the other Mipe'rintendents and coaches in the;Marmaton Valley league at Bronsoli Monday night for the drawing for the basketball tournament to he held In Elsmore February 14r'l5:^16. The >LaHarpe giade basketball team i-ent to Mildred this afternoon to; p^ay the Mildred grade team. I wish :to thank my friends and neighb^irs: for theii- kindness and beautifiil = flowers for my mother through her long sickness and passing.—Nannie Stanley. C. C. Blakely. Chief WaiTant Officer Paul Driver and Mi^. Paul Driver and daughter Ruth spent the week-end with his parentsi Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Driver. Olficer :-;Di-iver is being transferred from Camp Lee. Va.. to Baltimore, Md. He. h^s a 15-day furlough. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ansell had as theh': dinner guests last Sunday Mr. and-iii-s. Russell Boyd and Mrs. Carolee vRieby and son Jimniie. all of Garnett. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Willits and Irene of Bronson. Mi-s. Bo.yd and Mrs. Willits are daughtei-s of Mi-, snd Mr|. -Ansell. Mrs. Boyd underwent .sui^gery Monday at St. John's ho.spita4.;Her many friends wish for her a; speedy recovery. Mrs. darl Nelson was brougiit to her homeTuesday, She has been at the homp of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Nelson the Vpast week, after leaving; St. John.> hospital. I . Mre. RUth Jean Taylor of Pittsburg .spent Sunday at the home of her parefats. Mr. and Mrs. Herschei Smith. iv4rs. Taylor's husband is in service aifd at present .she is. employed ln;t:he National bank at Pittsburg, i Word received by Iriends of Russell Denton who is a F 2-e, suys lif is located on a small island near the Hawihian Islands, .Still prefers the U. SJ A. to anything he has .seen. Ru.ssell was a student in the LaHarpe iehools. ' Mrs. Currie Philliiw is with her daughter .Mrs. Pauline Ensniinger and family :iftfi;- n three weeks visit at the home ol her son. .Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Phillips at Mildred, Also gettiag acquainted with her new grant' babe. I Dr. and "-Mrs. Bogan and children. Michael and Pattv, Baxter Spring.s. Kas.. spenl the week-end with Mr.s. Bogans parents Mr. and Mrs. AUqn Davis. Dr.. and Mrs. Bogan went on to Kansas City on business, the children remaining to vi:;it with both grandparents. Mr, and Mr.s, Davi;, and Mr, r^nd Mr:- Dinity of Gas City, They returnecl to Baxter Springs Tuesday. The board of directors for the Farmers' Union elevator had then- regular monthly meeting Tuesday rlson, manager, Frances Anderson, bookkeeper, Hatry Depohiter, elevator man, Carl Ansell, clerk, Charley Limes, cream tester. Mr. Lane^salesman for the Florayne Products of Pittsburg, Kas., was calling on the merchants Tues- f day. Croylite was discovered by the Danes in 1794. I DO YOU ! FEEL "Stop trying to raise a mustache and pay more attention to your iob!" night. The Farmers I':iion elevator has been a busy place, at times day and night, shelling and shipping corn. It is estimated they have purchased over 20,000 bushels of corn so far this year. Besides that one product they buy eggs and chickens, cream, and all farm products, sell feed and coal. The crew handling the work consists of Clarence Mor- NERVOUS iESTLESS Hill^tRUNG Os"CERTAiH DAYS" Of Tlio Month? Do functlonU periodic disturbances rrake ycu reel nervous, fidgety, cranky, irritable, a bit bine. tire*, uiid "dragged out"—at suc:i times.' Then st^rl ct or.c- — iry Lydla E. rir.kham's Vegetablt- Compound to re- lltvc such syir .;jtoaiK Pi:.;-!ia .n!"5 Compound j :i lauiijiis no:, only to reil .evL* niontniy pum but als.-* aceorr.panylnt: weak, ilred, ner ^ou;;. r, .^iless leellui/.s cJ this nature. PlnlLtiam's Compound ;i-;p3 nature' Taken rrp^Icr.'^r-tl -J s:r, at medicine helps build up rrslsu.n.-e ufiaUict such dlstrc-::.. .^l:-.o a •,':-.iutl sLo'.chlc toulo. Follow Ubel directions. Buy today. IVDIA E. PINKHAM'S . .^©nes. Present were: Mrs. Artlte Ben- 7ii :eer. Mrs. Maurice Hargisi ^e, Mrs. Bun Perham. Mrs. Walter^-da'ntrell, Mrs. R. F, Campbell, Mrs. W. R. Clendcnen. Mrs, Charles- Cooper, .Mrs, Earl Chambers, Mrs.- W. F. Seneker. Mrs. Robert Jones, Mrs. LeoBtneer. Mrs. Lloyd Smith. ^Jiss Mildred Ketter. and the honor L' Mrs. Rcss F. Jones. •> •> •> <)ffi"ers Xtv Installed .\( R OV.T I Nei^^hbors Th" Roval Neiffhbors met last r,i"ht in the Odd Fellows hall for tlieir vpTUIar mpptlng and the In- ;.l.n"nl ion of officers. Mv^, Ella Wilshlre acted as In.stnllfn'r: officer and Mrs, CaiTie R.iiniipr as Ceremonial Marshal dur- in" ihp ceremonv. Installed were: OrarTe. i^tr.s. Flora Bics-s: Vice Cncle Mrs. Jessie Dodd; Past Oracle. Mrs; .Tjira H'K'elns: Chancellor Mrs.-Maude Temnleman: Re- )X>Tt<>r. MfB. Eli'nbelh Wright: Receiver. tAtK Edna Myers: Inner Sentinel. -Mrs. Amy Ketterman; ooiff p;pTitinel. Mrs, Prances Averill: nTnvsWu, Mm. Mable Shanel: /\i :«iitn .it l^TnTsh«l. Mm Ruth Ashl ..v: :\Tncioinn. Mrs. Edna Mvers; F'T"- honrpr. Mrs. T.enn Tnvlor; C'ltni" Mrs. FUa Wilshlre: Fnlth. ATvs. Viola Youne: Mode.sty. Mrs. , Most, varieties of bard cbeese ato mdde'fi'oni whole milk. Grace Clayton. ! ^^d Mrs. Ralnh Roberts and Mrs. Smith was assisted by Pa- I j,rr. Leslie Bacon were business vlsi- tricia Smith and Geraldine Turner in serving refreshments late in the afternoon. The hostess recelied many lovely gifts. tors in Humboldt Frida.y, Mr, and Mrs, Clay Weast spent Sunday in Moran, the guests of Mrs, Ina Weast and her dauglitcr Dorothy. The first meeting of the newly organized community club will be iu!""i at the school house Thursday evp- ning. February 1, A prot;rain is bo- I ing arranued. All in the neii;hi).jr- liood are up.'.ed to come. Mrs. Pauline Pratt is sneiuUni;- few days with her sister in Lincoln. Neb. Her daughter. Miss LaVelia. i accompanied her. Mr. and Mrs. Pranzl Gilmore and Ncdra Jean were .Sunday guests oI .Mrs. Gilmore's parents, Mr. and ; Mrs. Harry Mynatt south of La-i Harpe. '\ Several from thi .s neighborhood | atteiKk -d the basketball eanic bi- | nveen Moran and Elr.morc. TUve<.' j i boys from Nihvood played in tiicj values. i Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Bncon and I I : Margaret spent Fridnv evening a' i the Smith home, | /-/.7 • i Tim Wade and Dale Zornes spent. \ I i .SUurdav afternoon with KeV.h i - j smith, ; •"Va gotta slacks, Mis 'ver— 1 M^ S, Bethona Baker treated the ' company ruicl" 1 ))upils in her school to a lino party ; Spring-Filled Studio Divan with deep, resilent coil spring construction in seat and back. A fine double-purpose divan that opens into a full size bed in a jiffy. Comfortable as a sofa, comfortable as a bed. Blue tapestry covering. Complete with bed department $69.50 Sleeper Furniture Store 95- I !'.':tuiiful colurs :aid color combinations. You'll want morc'MiKui one pair. Colors: Biejre, Crf-am, Tan, Green, HiVl. nine. .Multi f'olor.s. • .\'0 STAMP NEEDED idy^s Shoe Store You Can Usually Find It At Wontlerfiil news—ulii-k. •imoolhl.T tailored 'briefs' md step-ins—that need no ironinjfl i 79c and 98c With Klastic Tops ^ock of Ages Beauty N6W and FOREVEE WILLIAMS MONUMENT WORKS —Aniliorized Dealer— 35' t^eaxa in loU TRICOT STRIPED PANTIES 98c Gversi/.e $1.19 few. / PART WOOL TUCKSTITGH PANTIES 9Sc Ela.stic Tops, Small, IMod iiim and Larpc lO TO 20 WEEKS TO PAY OUT OUR WAY By J. R- WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE 1 t with MAJOR HOOPI.£ i OM.' FLANKlM' A SMlPER, HEY.? BUT HOW CAM s VOU BE SURE • - / IT AIN'T ONE I OF= VOUR OWN MEN YOU'RE AM8USHIM'? /2> f bn, WE DON'T /MAKE NO MISTAKES.' LPOK AT TH' WAV TP'fEM SHOES rS .WORN OUT- .tHEM'S eOT TH' '•''^{ IT'S. \|ERV LAvUGHABLEi.' AO^ 1 60 AROUND BL^eriMS BDILO ,<i IN6& \,MITH. S9 -rvMLLi.V \E.T£R / CANMON, AMD MOVM SOU 6W \ YOU'RE A HERO OF Th\& \ BOER VOAR.' — OONi'T "^OU / KNlOvAi TKE BOER \AJAR iS OVER AMD TtAB BOYS MAVe GONiE MON\E 2 ft! ^ijm. l--.._-l SOT, SERGE ANiT.'" E6AD.' X REPEAT TK16 UFE SEEt^i THREAT' ENiED I^M, HIS BODV6UARD — iT LOOKED LiKe ATTENAPTED MuRDeR THE--~OH,FAp/r ITOLD THE ^AA30R HEDBEA VOOMOERFUL POUCE /i \AN — HE CAN FALL AC,LEEP ANWVOHERE \ THE PRC^gg S L AMT i-i3 J".l?wlal <^^A> .i ', T. M. Mc. o s »T orr. V ' /-23 11 Ss IT A I PLEPk^AMT . RiOETO^ ALC/\TRA.Z? A,

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