The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 15
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 15

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 15
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KIDAY, JUL 1 !' 13, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON 1 1 : •v T^'T^!^TT^TSTSTTI^!!!TST'f'T^^ NEWS.- SYNOPSIS. CIlAl'TKR" I.—Altno 1-jivorgnft owns Cypfoniort, a small plantation in the Louisiana bay OUR . Sim leaves tho nmti- ftB-onmnt to John Philbrlck, tin oltlirn- tuiner ami faithful, but not a good [!bu*«in ?BS man, as Ah I-OB , tho Mtinchu, who l.i trying to help Aline, oxplalna tt> tin- mystorlous John Solomon. Allnti'a Itinulu David Machtfcr nn<i%la son, .Mix, _tnli»r protonao of looking nftcr , her tn- tfrpsts, plot to got control of Iho plantation. HLBc<3fbi?d~Joii©s CHAPTER II.—One of tholr snhomcs Is to dnm the bayou and thus dry up nor rlco tlelna.. Tlion thoy try to net rlil of Plillbrk-lc. Allno Buapocta tho Mucartys uiul consulta Junk Fortier, a young lmv- •v. wlio takos hor caso. CHAPTER III.—Hi) finds ii bis fight on tin Ji.a:uls, for tlio Mttoarlys are ull , iwioful. They try to brllio him off. CHAPTTCK IV.—Then thr-y liavo lilm onttm up, but he Is rescued by John {Solomon. CHAPTER V.—Tho Maonrlys drop open loatllitlos and Invite Furtfor and Allno to ;o on Ihclr yacht, tho Wutcniurite. to Inspect tho plantation. Solomon ban KO- cUrcd the Job of steward on the yacht. Just boforo tlioy Hall Allno Rots a tcle- f ;ram by Phllbrk'k iaylnff thai ho la Kong uway for awhile and lias left tho >ilantatlon in charKo of Captain Wrex- liam. OI-JAPTER VI.—Solomon folia an at- .ompt to steal Fortler'a paper:*. An out,8«' named Oroa Mloliol la killed on the acht and Thompson, tho mate, In hold or murder, chiefly through the evidence of iiolomon, who later confesses to Fortier that he lcUlod the man. and irlvoa Kortior tho l,avorirno papers*, whloh Thoni|>."o(i had stolen from tho lawyer. CHAI'TKR VII.~Captaln Wrexham taliet; chargo of tho plantation. Rather ahady of charactor, ho If* prompted to ylny etralght by tho effoct upon him of a pliotosrnph of Aline. . CHAJ'TKR VHt.—Wrexham examines tho tontenta of the aafo and flnda a paca- aso which intorerj*j [M him and which ho poekete. M*u:arty and the sheriff arilve ooklliff for Philbrlck whom Macirty elmnroH with murder of a ncriro. Finding I'hilbrlck ffone, Macarty attemptH to bribe Wroxham to betray the Interests Of Alh-o Lavorsne. Wroxham temporizes. CHAI'TKR IX—Wrexham, whoso ship |la anchored near the plantation, goes out nlffht on a mysterious errand of his own. Upon lit; return he find. 1 * Ah L,o« Walt Inj,' for him. CHAPTER X.—Once in tho long afro. In thf! China ewis, Wrexham and Ah Lee had mot nnd * lushed. The Manchu tells Wre:,hum that lie l.'i deeply Interested lu tirii: A .U110 and nor Inheritance. Wicxbam tidiH of blowing up the dam thai prevent'd IrrlKatlon of tho plantation, lu coiiHidpration of Wrexham's attempt to pn^i 'ive Allne's property, Ah Leo npai ^*3 Wrexham's life, whto.h ha had lennlned to lahe In reviiiite for \vrqnr;s committed afcalioit lilm loin; aca. (MIAPT 1-; R XI. - -\Vrr-xli :im puzzles over Ah Leo's iny/Uorlon.-i references to the mlnl"*aml tlin. "Sea -moon." JILs Kill)) inyMeriouniy ilLsiippoiirH and he received note InilU-iUiui; Hint He disappearance in rotalitptloii for.-htow inn up the dam. |Forticr and Salomon com.! to the planla- Fortl 'T explaitiH to Wr-xham that Solomon wants lo "lav lo'A" for awhilo arid HLHO to reach Ah 1 ,00. Wrexham itl- roctu a black boy to tako Solomon to Ah ClIAPTKR XI!.—Philbrlck returns In a •drunken condition anil tella Wre&ium Iwhcro to find Ills schooner. Wrexham [determines to recover the ViS '-l and leave • for euMorn watern, taklni; Philbrlck with •him !o remove him from the temptation • of alcoholic drink, lie leave* a note tor iPoriler. toIlliiR him his plans, leaving him n chariTo of tho plantation, and departs. ClIAPTKR Xlll.-Ah lA -e, dylna, Ira• lilores Koionion to protect Aline. CI1APTEK XIV.—The Macarlys. it de- I volopH, know alieut the "Hernial" and tile "Sea-moon." They are desperate because they do not know where they are •hidden. I ClIAPTKR XV—Fortior finds Macarty and Petit Jean rummaging; about In tho library lute at nlylit. Ho puis up a fight tut is 'overpowered. Felix finds the gems hidden in an old desk. Fortier discovers him in tho oet of stealing the atones, at- I .etnptn to recover them, in a fight with Macarty and his henchman, Jean Hennepin, Is worsted, tied up, and conveyed to the Mncarty yneht. 'hill XVI. t .'HAPThfl oiu gum emu wnon 'e klBsed the 'ouao- koeper." - .-"Sololnon pxt(*ndcd a Bcrap of paper. Astonished und perploxed by this at- lit»t!o - of humility mingled with cool defiance, Petit Jean took It and glanced tit the lines of writing. His oyos widened with astounded surprise. Aline Lavergno, at a sign from Solomon, remained motlonlosd whore she was. Dropping the paper, Petit Jean took a stop backward against the table, rje was now staring at Solomon; ono hand crept behind his back, tumbled with tho two llttlo taxes of wood, slipped them into His pockol. Still he stared, an Incredulous, uneasy wonder in his eyes. "You—what sort, of Joke Is this?"] ho croaked. Hoarse fury crept into j his voice. "You fool, have you gonoi crazy? bavergno never left this stuff for—for you—" "Yes, 'o did, jtifit, like that 'era pa- por says," returned Solomon. Ho puffed at his plpo a moment; he was absorbod in this, quite Ignoring tho monaco of that half-crouching, dovll-oyod figure against the table. Then ha resumed, placidly, as though conducting a perfectly matter-of-fact conversation. "You seo, sir, mo and Mr. Lavergno was worry good friends, lust like that! I give Mm those 'ore things to keep for rue, 'cause why, ho'd novor ha' took thorn as a present. I^ater on, I wrote Mm aayin' thoy was Ms—out I'm afraid that 'oro letter never got to Mm." A hoarse, inerodulous burst of laugh- tor broke from Petit Jean. "Youl" lie cried. "You—fool that Vou are I What mad dream is this?" "Why, sir, it's all gospel!" exclaimed Solomon, looking slightly injured. "So when 1 como to seo mo old friend, and 'eard as 'ow them 'ere Maeartys were a-plannlng some injury to Miss Aline, why, T ups an' makes me own plans, just like thai! Them 'ere two Arabs in Ah Loo's gang, they was wery good friends o' mine. So was Ah Leo." Solomon came to an end, and weni on puffing calmly at his pipo. Polit Jean, who was transfixed by tho calm placidity of these discrtisuri-.;, at length began to believe thorn. Ills astounded brain was forced io believe thorn. Yet, as ho stared at Solomon, lie could only believe that the* pudgy little man was a blundering fool. "Bo it's ail-true, is" it?" ho exclaimed and broke into a demoniac cackle of mirth. "You expect me to give you those two boxes, do you?" Hlla laughtor shrilled horribly, lis thrust ono hand into a pocket, anil produced his automatic pistol. "Walt a minute!" exclaimed Solomon, clapping one hand to his pocket. "It you'll bo so good as to look tit those 'ero •accounts with you, air, in the matter o' those stones, I expect as 'ow you'll find them all shipshape—" Ho drew out a little red notebook, as though quite unconscious of the pistol that was trained on him. He thumbed over the pages of the notebook, nodded with a satisfied air, and Etopped forward. Ho ignored the pistol that jerked at him, and extended the notebook. Petit Joan was hnlrt in leash by curiosity, like any wild beast, lie could not figure out what the little old man, so absolutely helpless in appearance, was driving at. . There was no "menace in the air of Solomon. When Petit Jean took (he notebook, Solomon nteppeil bapk ajjaln and went on smoking. Ilia face was quite expressionless. Allno I.avergne looked from one to the other, spellbound by the scone. Holding tho notebook In one hand, Petit Jean looked at what was written in it. As he read, his face changed horribly; his oyes diluted, his lips curlod back from his teeth, an atro- i'pVi clous contortion seized on the muscles of his face. With an oath, he dashed the notebook to tho floor and glared at Solomon. "So it was you—" he mouthed, aud stopped, panting. "Yes, sir, It was me as cut that 'ero tiller ropo this morning," said Solomon calmly. Ho paused, 'listening. In tho silence, all three persona were suddenly aware of a trumping of feet on two' 'Artitifc; 1h •whorfoaiandij jwonu iahort fongttiftVit Hhb. «• "»'fffM »M. At tula moment thero was a alight shock, us nnothor craft bufnped gunwales with tho yacht. It passed unobserved by thoso In tho saloon. "All right!" Fortlar sprang to his foet, laughing excitedly, . "lie's nafe!" Petit Jean stilt struggled, but his frantic of.foi'ts availed him nothing- Olio of the Arabs etnopod over, took from Joan's pocket tho two little boxes of wood, and handed thorn to Solomon. The latter nodded. "Eopo Mm'good nwl 'e's a-goln' toV answer in court for them 'ere murders. Mr. Fortier, I 'opes n» 'ow you got them Iwo metpup above?" Fortier tyidded. "They're tied up." "They 'ad a 'and in tho murders. The other throo will bo along after a i bit, too. If wo—'alio! Dang It, it she ain't went an' fainted!" Fortier tried to catch her, too lata. Ho raised hor head, supporting her in his arms, nnd was about to speak SPECTAGIf "INDIA" AT FAIR HERE FIRST TIME Night Show Thi& Year Claimed to be Greatest Pyrotechnic Display Ever Given. People of Kansas will be tho* first in tho country to witness what experts claim to bo the largest and most magnificent fireworks spectacle ever conceived or staged In tho United States. Tho spectacle "India" will have its opening showing at the Kansas State Fair tho management stated today and from horo will lie sent from coast to coast on a tour of the United States that will last approximately two years. It will cost over $100,000 to build and stage the liiic outdoor show. Work on it has nearly been completed'in tlio famous studios and immense factories of tho Tliearlo-Uuffield Division of the World Amusement Service of Chicago. It wll be sent here direct in firo proof cars. A troupe of trained elephants and a among the unique shipments Included In the spectacle. There will be mere than 20,000 square foet of scenic settings and a car load of special fireworks and high explosives. Tho spectacle omhracea all of the fatuous ceremonials and pageants of ancient India, including tho world-ro- nownod Durbar of Delihi, the Pageant of State, Indian Suttee and scores of other features- Mammoth battle scenes of tho Indian Mutiny will be reproduced on tho 560 foot stage, whicJ,i will plcturo the vast havoc and destruction of that event. Tho management cxpoct that tho attendance at the "Indian" spectaclo will, break all records for attendance in this soctiou of tho country, they stated today. "India" is the feature of the fireworks program at the State Fair this year. In the Doorway Stood Thompson. MUST WORK NIGHTS TO MEET POP DEMAND The words died on his lips. Solomon, catching his fixed gaze, turned and looked at tho door. In the doorway stood Thompson, pistol In hand, eyos fastened on Solomon. "You _dirty little cockney!" exclaimed-the second mate. "You will swoar my llto away, will you? Woll, ' a ro working at full capacity and pop you won't do It again, blast you! I'll i i„ being bottled at the rate of 6,000 fix you so that—" | bottles a day. Three trucks aro kept 'Tho pistol In his hand vomited.; very busy delivering the pop both in flame. With a cry, tho two Arabs ; Hutchinson and to the surrounding riuug themselves on the man, knives : towns. Hesides that, many orders are flashed; tlio figures went reeling away i K hipped on by railroad, froip sight toward the companionway. The Coca Cola Bottling Works Is forced to work about four nights a week during tills exceedingly hot weather in order to supply the demand for Coca Cola aud other kinds of soda water, according to 0. M. Scruggs, proprietor of tho local plant on South Main. Tho bottling machines at the plant Thompson's voice sounded in a choked cry, then was silenced abruptly. "Dang it!" said Solomon. "If I 'ain't clean forgot that 'ere man! This is what comes o' liein' careless, as tlio old gent said wheft 'o married 'is third and—" His voice failed. His knees crumpled suddenly, and ho pitched forward ORCHESTRA ENABLED TO TRAVEL BY TIP OF FRIENDLY AMERICAN Berlin.—An American dining in a Berlin cafe tho other nlglit tipped tlio leader of tlio three-man orchestra 20,000 marks for playing one of his across tho hound figure of Petit Jean.! favorite airs. The amount, was then (To bo concludod Saturday.) HE GETS 20 CENTS ABOVE THE MARKET; Charles Josephson of Sylvia can bo rated as a lucky farmer. He contracted his wheat last May with tho Sylvia Grain com-pany at a dollar a bushel. It turned out to bo 62 pound wheat, and he will not the sale price. His wheat is making 23 bushels to tlio acre. Those 'who had not contracted for their wheat are getting SO cents. t'XVl.--Foil* plans to force airy him. With the aid of oUt Joan and his henchmen Fortier Is bound and set adrift lu a canoe. David Macarty Is murdered by Petit Jean's men who lay tho crime to Vortlcr. Petit Jean, made mad by tho sight of, the irenw. kill* Fellr. nJid Wright, the math, and sets Ball determined only to escape with the fortune in gems for which he had murdered two men and was witling, to kill the others who were sailing with hint, to Insure their sllenco. , . OIMPTER XVII— Pntlt Jean takes command of the yaoht. lie tells Solomon that ho plans to skip out. 1 ho atcering gear goea wrong and the yucht runs ashore. Pit It Joan tells Aline he la going to carry hor off with him. Solomon kllle Petit J wall 's chief ally, using tho same knife with which he had killed the thief, Oros Michel, on tl Maonrty yacht, and for whose murder Thompson la In jail awalllnj trial. CHAPTER XVIII. As John Solomon doacend-ed the companion ladder, a sound camo tu-his ears- It was a low, Involuntary cry— tho only ona that Aline Lavergnn* uttered. " She stood against one wall of tho the dock abovo. Isaloon cabin, Shrinking from Petit "'"Them 'ero aro rae men, I expect, . Jean, nnd yet having no feat- Hi her nnd Mr. Fortier with 'em," iweut on • eyes. In the body, she shrank back; Solomon. "It was mo as put this 'ere In tlio spirit, »ho mot lilm fairly and yacht ashore—I had 'em waitin' unafraid, Tho outlaw, who hud seized for a signal from mo, you sou. And It hor wrist, stood looring into her faaco was me as killed that 'ere brother o' sis though seeking to overwhelm that yours, Oros Michel. A wery bad man spirit of hers with his evil power. .. , 'e was, too and-—" "Como!" ho was saying. "Como, From Petit Jean hurst a horrible I look at tho poarls which shall bo cry. Ho Jerked up tho Pistol and fired yours, the poarls which shall glimmer point-blank. Aline Lavergue uttered a on your TioBom when you aro mine—" scream. "Hoggin' your paroV>n, sir," Bald the Solomon calmly knocked the dottle I apologetic -voice of Solomon, "but I'd from his pipo. Illko to 'ave a word with you about "There ain't no bullets in them'oro I them'ere pearls me own self.". cartridges, sir," he said. "If I was Loosing tho girl's wrist, Polit.Joan you I—" I turned. Ho glared at the steward, not Petit Jean burst into tho Inhuman, ] comprehending what hail been said. diabolic cry of a tortured wild boast. "Get out of there," he ordered. Ho dropped tho pistoj, whipped out "Yes, sir," said Solomon, "but I that long knife of his, and flung hlm- I wants to 'ave a word with you first, self forward. I just like that. 1 At this instant, tho figure of For- Solomon wan stuffing- tobacco tier, followed by the two Arabs, ap- lnto his clay pipe in his iplacld man- pcared in the doorway. Solomon was ner. He appeared quite uuconcerned Jerked aside. and tho gazo of those blank blue oyos The mad rush of Potit Jean was fairly staggored Petit Joan for an in- checked by the fist of Fortier. From stunt. the lips of the outlaw shrillod unother "What are you talking about?" howl, so instinct with utter ferocity I snarled the outlaw. "Didn't you hear that It chilled the Mood. Ho plunged me say to get out?" a * tllu group of men, his knife darting Solomon scvatched a match aud held In and out with the Bwittnoss of light I it to his plpo Bu * 11 116 vaB Bwlft, the hand of "You and roe," lie said wheezily, Fortier was swifter. Gripping that | "aro goiu' to 'ave a bit o' talk. This lean wrist, Fortier held It lu fingers 'ere paper was in'that box o* stones, ot iron. His fist -crashed again into sir. It you 'll be so good as to read it, that snarling, demoniac visage. Both I 'j'ou'U see what I'm a-gettln' at. And amen lost their balance on. the, inclined 1 it 1 wui you, I'd take it calm, u the. deck and foil. Oy«r them thrust tUe equivalent to only -thirty cents, but it looked so stunningly largo to tho musician <tjjat ho scarcely hoard tho American add: "I'll send a waiter around, aud you boys toll him w;hat you want to drink." "If you don't mind, sir," the leader finally replied, "we'd rather have tho money for that, too." Another 20,000 marks put the leader in es-estaclos, for ho explained It would help tho orchestra greatly in reaching a summer resort where it was going to work because tho cafe proprietor would not yrant an increase in wages. The Food Supply, Washington—Increase in domestic French Seize Marks. I demand for wheal, meat and other Dusseldorf—French seized »lxty,bil-! farm products hardly can be expected lion marks consigned from Berlin to ] at present, but no decrease is oxpect- privato individuals in the Cologne od, economists announce after session area. i at department of agriculture. BATHERS WEAR PT ENTY IN VIENNA yienus bathing beauty looks as though she was dressed for evening; ... aflatr-- -* They're wearing more and more ou -the bathing beaches of Vienna oneo ttie center of Buropeto giddy whirl. But thoy'ro swimming less ami less. Some of tho beauties parade the beaohes with more clothing than they wear Mf^^Jrfm^^^^fVfJjV » ,, i , W»>4te$»Un*,«*tita heacijas swlmraiug la be- orize the Last Dro To use Red Crown is the essence of economy—not from the standpoint of purchase price alone but from the results earned. When Red Crown is mixed with air in your carburetor it causes perfect combustion—this means the irreducible minimum of carbon deposit, consequently less fouling of spark plugs—it means less expense for grinding valves—it means a smoother running motor—it means little, if any, pre-ignition. When you use Red Crown either of money or energy. Every drop is converted into power—clean, sustained usable power. It is obvious that 800° of heat in your cylinder heads under working conditions is all and sufficient to burn the heaviest ends of Red Crown. That is why you get such extraordinary mileage when you have Red Crown in your tank. Buy Red Crown At the following Standard Oil Service Stations: Main and Carpenter Sts, Sixth and Main Sts. Sherman and Poplar SU. N. E. Corner First and Adam* Slit Fifth and Monroe Sts. S. E. Corner Fourth and Poplar Sts. And the following Filling Stations and Garages: Ryan A N»«h, Oppoilte BUonte Hotel Scalay SorvIc« Station, IB Second We .l Browar 4V Buck, South Hulchln.on, Kan. Co il Tr » n,fer * Storage Company J. H. Showolter, Hardware, Durlow, Kan, W. M- Wood, Arlington, Kan. Joe Tramblay, Arlington, Kan. Unglos at Mitchell, Arlington, Kan. Thre.har 4 Acord, Arlington, Kan. Langdon Hardware Co., Langdon, Kan. Geo. S.gul.t, Partridge, Kan. Rayrnor Service Station, Sylvia, Kana Ivan Hill, Plevna, Kan. John Denni., Plevna, Kan. Wm. Greenwood, Hunt.vllle, Kan, C. E. Miller, Peace Creek, Kan. Wm. Gel.breci.t, Buhler, Kan. H. J. Rickanbrode, Medora, Kan. Jamet Hair, Nicker.ou, Kan. Janie. Hurd, Nickor.on, Kan, Standard Oil Company Hutchinson. Kansas T . V '(Indiana) mm mwMo FIND m

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