The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 18, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1973
Page 4
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Administration blocking billions in voted funds; act would limit this * new obstacle. —In hit *talf» memory, Ool, Mean Mid, TMt was about tour y«an ag*, Mid he was reporting to local gwmwnwta oa the peogreaa — or lac* of it — to completing Bratteport's storm Protection iinpf ov tmwirts. Earlier, action on a federal project WM ItatitcdalrMrtsoMy by the rate Congress okayed the money. Now, money voted by FACTS Oongrews WM being impounded by the (Nixon Administration. TV fund* were there to continue the levee, system, But they couldn't be spen!, because the President had ordered them held In rcaerve. It wasn't long until other service* of government (ell the effects of this practice, the degree of Impoundment varied. Funds withheld from some federal agencies were minimal Some functions were virtually out of business Is this within the powers of the executive branch? When Congress appropriate* money, is the spending permissive or mandatory? Is the present practk* a nutter of insuring fiscal soundness"? Or I* it a matter of the President's asserting his own priorities over those of Congress? These are key points In the argument. In four years since, the question has grown to a crisis in government. House hearings are In progress on Senate-pasted ISJtJ, whkh would allow an Impoundment only If Congrew concurred. Impoundment isn't entirely new, President Thomas Jefferson refused to spend tto.wo for gunboats In IWO because the MMssippi dispute for which they were Intended had been settled. The first large-scale freete was President Lyndon Johnson's II* cutback of Ii J billion to curb inflation from the Vietnam war buildup. The freete has become a practice maintained throughout President Richard Nlitn's adjntai- sfrallon. As Iho original Senate hearings began, there was a difference in estimate* of funds withheld The Administration puts the amount at ».7 bUlkm. At is*ue b another M billion In water polhttton control funds whkh the President refuse* to allocate. Budget oTOeiab wy this money was only attlborbed, not appropriated. Some sprellk Mem* show how Impoundment ha*, or may, effect projects in llraittr ia Count).. The tUaw are drawn from iwwy allocated for spending or withheld from the budget for Fiscal 19ft i which rods June an, |*n>, For studks on civil works by the Corp* of Rflgine«r», lit million ha* betn attocatml. W U miUton withheld. For construction, »l »3 mUUon has b**n allocated. «N million withheld Among withheld fund* is for pre- c**&tru<l>0c) planning of a propound widening »nd deepening of the Oh) Union ship trhawwl Mont cit&M In the county have wed federal matching fund* la build Uwk water aod sewer facilitta rrwn money appropriated by Ceogm* fee lh«* grant*, »li» million ha» been alkv*i«i, ha4 been withheld. The cwwty to Iwatng for Mirel aid to building * *"•« atrnnrt Of appropriation* for grant* by th* r*AA. tt» million KM been attocaMd. *M milliMi I* impounded Major highway improvements art behind schedule. These include the Br*irM|w*< and Alvtn freeway*, FHMUirtng reUm heavily on federal aid. Pram CoHgr***" approi* iattom far co**trMctwn. H S Wwen has b*to allocated, W.A b«Bw« withheld, for right»«f way, W» roUlw* has been allocated, KSJ million withheld At least for Hrwwi* County, storm protection t* m> lunger among the work.* impeded by impoundmral. Three year* ago Rep J«ta Young made the p**s, concurred in by Sc» J«t» Tower, that autbmied storm tfcte preteelioft w«*M w«r« «xf an #«wrg««ry nature,. • ' ' that within 10 day* e*y r*a«tt wttitti tlw in^ouMm«nl. ttw PIMPMW miuirfd W rtte*** «ht Congrem tto *«* *» , tf th» BMW- a|fn*»*t*M* by C«M^NM wwuW *M*W* UN »<w»i»y ceiling soUWwM by 0«sgi*ss. AM h* w «*** »«r»*t* (with ««uiii Tft* u th* fuw$* (0* this On April t «h* S*B*M> by THE ISSUE, fe fund freeze President's right? SSSSSSftSSSSSSSSSiSS^^ TIIE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Comment and Opinion Freeport, Texas . JIM IS, 1973 Page ( ss^^ ANDERSON MERRY-GO-ROUND S/erro Modre treasure offer rea/ or a hoax ? Bf JACK ANDERSON' WASHINGTON-A dest-rt stash of old Mexican gold ingots worth tens of miltkaa has been reported to skeptical authorities who fear it may be a hoax. The king's ransom in ancient buUica and Aztec-era artifacts was described to lawyer F. Lee Bailey by a mysterious middleman three months ago. He told Balky the gold bad been carted north perhaps hundreds of years ago and hidden in a cave on wfaat is now the .White Sands proving grounds in New Mexko. Now the gold has been rabsoaverttt. claimed the middleman. He was authorized by a consortium, he satd, to try througfe Bailey to gain legal possession to the treasure. The middleman, a business executive, said the consortium would deliver the gold to the government. The consortium promised to pay taxes on the tons of golf, which might come to SO per cent of its value, and sell the rest (or their own profit. BAILEY THWARTED If this "treasure of the Sierra Madre" turned out to be stolen and the rightful owners esUbttshed a valid claim, then the consortium would apt* to give up the entire trove. Skeptical. Bailey flew secretly in his- Lear Jet to El Paso, supposedly near where the cache is located. But once be met with his new clients, they thwarted his efforts to visit the treasure cave They feared Bailey's entry to the White Sands government reservation might be an illegal act whkh, because he was their lawyer, would jeopardite their case. Bailey took his story to Tod Hulluv. a .White House aide, who wanted some proof of the tale. Obligingly. Bailey's clients sent hun a gleaming gold-colored bar about three and half inches long, and promised him hundreds more to prove to toe government their offer was no boax. Witi> (Ms in hand. Bailey was referred to the Treasury Department. Treasury experts assayed the bar at 60 per cent pure, much less than is possible with modern refining. But some ancient ingots bad this low gold content. The bar, at least, was no hoax. TAUtS HOC DOWN But the talks have bogged down. Treasury officials reasoned that if there «wre gold on White Sands, then it already betoqed to the government. Under (••tatai international agreement*, the gold cndd not be used in world trade or sold by the Treasury for bard cash. As one official told us, "there was all this secrecy and tedium about the deal B«*ide*. ii an unbelievable story," On May 17, toe Treasury Department returned the ingot and told Baitey in a brusque private Setter that "The Treasury hit} no interest in prooKding; further with this matter." Bailey has had no more success with the Army, which cxmtroli entry to Wtute Sands Army InstatialHxsi Desutv Gcurgy Braijifr told us that mifMk rrwatrh ia gang oo -*hich "cannot be tnirrrupied evtrytime swn«botl> conw» to us with a gold gleam in his, «ry* " NueMtom similar stories are brought to the Army and so ter no on* ha» prodtKifd jtoM, be uid Baile}-. meanmhiMf. «r$i»e» that tr* government has nothing to las* by mj&tag a deal. And, h* pousts out, th* only way to find mtt whether the gold treasure H 3 hoax a for MHiHMne to ihrtwxh th* rwl tape. WASHINGTON WHIRL CLORirVWC WEINBERGER Th* Department of Health, Education and Welfare a hiriDg w-« hands to gtortly Secretary Caspar Weinberger en-en »* he slices deeply into the utrvwcs (or th* poor and sick. in recent months. HEW haa hired Scott Peters, a former public affairs man from the Committee to Reekct the President, plus other publicity consultants at tm, 113) and ltd) a da> The hirings cante even ass Weinberger ftrwl or tram/errtd several pubtk affairs officers who were not certified INDIAN TIMBEH: We recently described how the Agriculture Department u irym* to chop down IIS billiao board feet of our national (orrnu without (aktng proper lire prttautwra Now, we can report from Interior. Department documents that millions erf board feet will a bo be slashed from forests under ib control. Not surprisingly. Interior would like to increase cutting oo Indian lands by 10S million board feet a year. One tetrrnal document points out the Indians' timber should not be cut without "intensifying fire protection capabilities." While the various tribes own toe timber lands, negotiations are generally handled by the Bureau of Indian Affairs whkh usually favors the timber barons over the Indians. NAVY SHUFFLE: The Navy tried to transfer two highly-trained petty otfkers out of the country in the middle of their federal suit against the Navy. The petty officers, Nicholas Urionoff and Paul Boudreau. sued the Navy, claiming they were bilked of promised re-eaUstmcni bonuses total between WJOO and ».*». The Navy contested the case but. meanwhile, ordered Larionofl to Iceland and Boudreau to Puerto Kko where their suit would be difficll to prvsa, After our query lo the Navy, both transfers were postponed mm WORLD wfcrt tfet factor t«M ase ^aaWfy we YES The Constitution give* the Prtstdeet the respomibUitjr to e»*«u{* f«*fet*l Although no federal funds may be uol**i appn^prtatrd by Cocgrcw. their actual rspenditure fcs »n rtecwtite funclkm No more ifwo Cangmw ap9«-upri»lrt nuy b« spent, but it & MX mandatory that Uw Pmidncu spend all futxit apfroprtitrd, <Vi chief executive, ibc ttr*Ulmn« must manage the nation'* ttaaec*>i to** Ih.i! to (cdrral ttt dm* not «Ubt!iI) nuwwwcr, Ute* J'rKnisks'.i! muni be io time on wtM-thrr r*r«Jin ftwdti can o»Uag«iey, dbcreiion. Ccngrciu f the (or must oa# (or *'i*ji(Huiiufi, ii ha,* b««a i*««*» J . (ft* p('j.t!i«;» feat Tfcr A«« *l*f Vriwuty Att of (left that !h«r exvotitiiv t*aneh !o In >%£>. anutbcr law (he- Pratidnit to tsubbth rn»cr«Ta oi ap9COfi«idtnl food* to pm^-Uk loc or i! »>jjui»l (tot to Siiv «{* Sbr to «in n tuth 4.1 '.Juc ipr<);il4!ii fjac ctt.mruto« NO The CoratiiutKxi greeted all powers lo Cemgran a ad provfckti ifwt eo moor) tut withdrawn Irons tit* federal Trv&Mcry except under 4pc*»3$>euilein» bj law The power <rf the pun« i* swraag tint matt feMic piTmrrs of CoGKmts. *«J Impttirxinnrttl vtotatc* th* ckxtrtn* of t*para!wn of powvr*. Wtuktcn«r Uw Prestdcai"* goalt, i m pound mca! tt tfeK e.tJKtittvv t>f4Mh toc&fry IHJ* tt* « btn p*t««J i£*r«i txtfft the fotjl jjraajnj bj Cwn^riwiw, Nt <4»Bi>t Ju «i> tf by U« .iit«t« turn ',o u.4* Itf fuJ xxat sxmfturUy to r tfx tfcw Nttais a«fej»i4U»E/'*!it«s lmp«xjrit}m«ta Us effvet gives ttw Pre»kknt an item veto, s&rateg him to delete certain foods witheui yttoteg -»a btll An itr«n «c(o to by the Constitution By a. the l'rr*«Jecl i» abi* to modtlj or im&fy iii«* owM«<f try ii& legkUliw brunch — without CoogrtM the ciuinc* to ovrrruic to By impounding (undt*. Ih* pUces Congress in the oauiMn nt h»*to« to Your view? If you have an opinion o« |J>* Pnrsi4ent*a rigjit la Inpoond appropriated f»MK slate ii brWfly and mall 10 "Imftmmtmtvl. The Bniwport Facts, fen I*SJ. Freeoort, Ttt. T7MI." Junl to *et in U» of tarn inctudn walrr «j*»Wj, FACTS EDITORIAL Ii M, of cntirw. to di«.wnt (rum prvnrilicii by tlut it M important fur Ifw Ctr«ki»nJi to \.t, by iRtpoumftcg lutwl« rhemax* to dttfutt coc^r be *touW (to 10 iVc*»l«n», Judge acts on intent, effect HAL BOYLE'S PEOPLE Good reason for clean streets in Hong Kong NEW YORK < API - Things a utamnis! mignt never know U be didn't open his nuil: Tber* is a good reason why Hong Kong streets are deaner than at any other time in history You an now be fined up to Kjxa l» littering them i One problem in reaching world understanding Is the multitude at tongues in whkh the world babbles. According to the] National Geographit f Society, roan now speaks' language* and "<>VI.K dialects, ranging from Abakan lo Zyrien. Up to aw auempu have been made to create an iaternattoaal laoguag*. The beat known, Esperanto developed by Dr. Ludwig L, Zwneftfcof in tg«, U BOW spoken by some 1W.OW peopk Not alt Americana arc in bock from trying to keep up will) the Jonese*. Soaut tH million put away tome of their earnings regularly under tfae Payroll Savings Plan for US. Savings Bonds How much of the earth was ao ice cube during Die Ice Age? The sheets of craping ice covered about a tenth of the earth's surface, or about 19.1 million aouare mJk*. But ta a sense the earth is still ia an ke age. tee now cover* about si* miWoo (Mjuare milee ol taad. Quotable aotaMt: "U a man's curve of a*fciaaryiaaKMadi«attf,aarikaef»oB ascending )ost after thai ptrwd, it may well move upward for hi* whole life, but it there is a turn downwArd at 0. h* »iU never r«w*r" N'K&oiJM Murray Butler Nature m4r»: The tvory in an ekphant's tusk mvifht from M lo too pounds An animal that spend* most of its life steeping in the gotdcn-maAilcd sijuimi It hibernates for a full seven months -- and even during (he rest of (he year II I* a l*l« morninn riser It was Tacitus *tw otoervcd, "It is human nature to bate the man wtom you have hurt." THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS CknMt < . Mb* .tumlnni (MfrilCto* Piwrt IbU w c, ««-< lifcumiKi «• > l» 111)1, MM WMM I b |** h «.«*, MJ LW 1C* a matter of intent sr»1 rffrt? Tr«-keyq«w!ittout* Uor»* partwubr m>r*xi!7iifTMm4 wr^f to thwart irw tntrrrf of r<*t£rra.i in carrying mil ^ (wrtKuLir (nkral s«nrk«'* If $o. a t* an Jlxjpr ij< rtcvuijve authority II is in vtoUtion of the (trtmary intent of thr Sirp«r>ilt«n of powers ff the practtcr to not already ilk«*l iind there t« 4 suit to determine this before tbr Swjwrm«r Court it thoulil l» prDr«l>!ir«l by Law Onr of the Prrsklent's rcspon utilities t* to recotnmencl nrcg.ranut of federal service, and thr money to tarr) them out. llui tJWj^rn* has Irw *p|p ouihoniy to cornmtt federal hinrts Through the site ol spending for specific programs. Corujfrsw U io effect eaiablishing rmtkaruil prtenlies And it is the right erf Congress alone lo do this In spending thcw funds, the Ad iiiinbtralion cwitcnris that it hat the right to withhold funds for certain reasons borne of the reasons cited arc valid The President ha* the authority to reduce waste by effective management Ii program* are effectively carried out with lew money Uuui is Bppropruttad, he is Justified in holding in reserve fund* that might to »r«5 tkd tr* s lo U*» rtirrel tw a pr«)*r«n »vtnetU««t and funtkd b> Comtrcaa'* ArtttAl pf»€t»«* sJKnr* tkatty that «h» » the l»rt%id«nCt iwrrrt tn m«ct» (4 the impoundment Most cities in lira it* M (^wafy ra*»? us*d federal fundh to help (inane* water and^s«w«r *ys<em» CM th* manrji t'twgrw* appnopiiatni for Uws* granU during fbc*| im, the President has altocaled flee million. tat withheld Ma) rnillkxi -Similarly, other impoundtnenU lave delayed, or will alftirt. such projects *s f rww *>» ««J other t/ alfte arlpfiw. harbor improvement, air pert construction, hospital expansion Whether tht»« prmram* arc good or bad to irrelevant in considering the right ol impoundment Congress alone hat the auMwuy to commit public funds Control ovtr the worth of these commitment* should be wlely by our chok* o< A particular mr«l might ccaw to exist, U threatened hottilitie« evaporate, money spcci/lcaJly appropriated for the expected conflict might krgiUmalcJy bt impounded. Congress It required to set a upending ctUing. Congrc*» can — and Munetlnie* does — appropriAtt; man money toao IhU •mount, Toe For in* President to thwart congretukonftl policy because «tl ptiilo*ophic«l or political dilference» is an abuse ol hi* «ulhw«y, , lor IM» purpose, and ts Um«lor« a violaUon ol corutHutiona) jnjcot W3, now More the House tot concurrence, would provide appropriate Mfeguarda against the ol tba rigbt of

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