Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 6, 1897 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1897
Page 3
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IMBMtote.tlMllM^r. i j» . -k;-—-.. — ™— —*-*•».-• "—Al. jrf?ti es? Hw? e«/^rst^snr>4uw» «m?iiS*«j> B.&J *M M Ofttt. AMrfcmttMBttt. Township *•—H,f, 8*»«|j0r. KI"^* *^* ^~ Bossbroo*. O, Winter*, JotaJ 'ektii, John Scales. • B, Onrtta, J' le. • - r-*Wsfd Lincoln. tSer*-S,0. Winter*. —H. I* Sheldon, i~F. H. Diwis, •W, A, Hall. ,«*a ' •B. O. Wlnt«ri, OOUsetor—B. B. M«HeU, Corner. ({ Seooftd Wart. John Dlckson, B. H. ; Third Ward, 1. B, Gooflell, B. A, Ma- Sock Falls FfofessMl Men, Attorney*. / . H, L. BHBUDOKT, WHHTJ5 & 8HXLLDON, Counsellors at Ltw, Money Loaned on Baal Estate. Mr* and Mrs. Howard Arey spent Sunday in Stones, - * Mlsi Edith Young returned home to Lyndon Monday morning. - Will Long has received an elegant filing desk for his office. ; ;, - Mr. an/1 Mrs. H, L. Sheldon drove to MUledgevllle Monday morning. .,j -M*. and Mrs. Ned Pierce spent Sun- day,in.Como with Mr. Plerce's parents. Mrs. Cora Snyder Is spending a few with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. aan. She lives in Harmon. . .,J. E, Mosier has rented the Mbrrill asture-, and hay lands for this year. ijte' opened 'the pasture Monday for feed for the season. George Deyoe will raise chick f it . ^. *fen» tma summer. .She has purchased ^ i incubator wbldr will hatch out the Chicks in tf} roost approved style. .__ ; W, H. Bryant, the Express Messen- fjjer on ,the Denrock passenger, moved R *£ Rock Falls Friday in the house, on street, owned by B. P. Werntz. , : MIss A, Boynton, of Pontlac, spent ijflay or two with her brother, B. F. a, on her way home from Blinding a Presbyterian Convention in ' 'ok Island. ;. . - . sf^x .f 111 there need to be any City Mar- phsl this year?" said Elmer Cragic this If&ttraing, "as there will be no more i*3ftcket' on the street from today." A lifted enough pun. Mrs.' Ed .Payson, of Maywqod, is ftoving to Rock Falls to live. She will ' one of her father's houses on avenue. Her parents are Mr. Mrs, Rr F.Shirley. No assessment for May In the Mystic Workers. Rev. Fred Stone is home from college at Etannton, Mrs. Phil Rhodes fast gone to Morrison to visit until Sunday. G. M. Walters and family have re- turnedfrom Milledgevllle. Frank Walters, of Dixon, was & Rock Falls visitor Tuesday, J. E. Moseir has gone to hia farm In Prophetstown, He wilfbe back Friday by express. ' Harry Lee talks very strongly of go Ing to Walnut to live and going into business in that pretty little village, • Mrs. L. L, , Curkendall, of Moline, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. W. Johnson, returned to her home Tuesday evening. Fred Bruns and,wlfe drove to Deer Grove Tuesday to see his grandmother, who is very sick. She was ninety years old last Sunday. Mrs. E. A. Macomber and Mrs, F. D. Rosebrook, of the Rock Falls W. R. C., left last Tuesday for the State meeting of the W. R, C. at Galesburg. They go as delegates.,from this Corps. Mrs. Henry Bogart came home from her visit to Prpphetstown Saturday. She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Sadie Needham.'and Mr. Bogart's 8ister, ; MiB8 Ida Bogart. . The ladies drove across the country, ^ A lady writes:—"In one of last week's STANDARD you spoke about a woman driving seventy-two nails and never pounded her flngers once, Mrs. Alice Sherman 88yB^he~ca~n"poumr500 and not .pound one of her flngers, for she has dpne It, and If anybody has any carpenter work to be done, that doubts it, just call around and ask her to drive the nails." .-...;...,..• Money in the city is a little more plenty than it has been. Wednesday afternoon all of the back wages of the employes of the Keystone Manufacturing Company were paid off. This was the wages due the men before the time of the assignment, The amount was over 810,000. This action makes the workmen, in much better mood, Noth- ROOM 2 CELEBRATES WITH AN APPROPRIATE PROGRAM, Con*l*tlnff of Rprltntlons, Song*, Winding of Btuy FoI*-..A May Party In Two Arfji With the Crowning of the May Qnftn by Willie Case Davis, of Sterling, was out see his parisbloner.Mlas Mabel Manat Stones, Monday, He found her ttlng slong as well as could be ex- ing makes one feel jollier; than' money in one's pocket. The family of Lewis Ulm has been a very greatly afflicted one during the past winter and spring. They live in Montmorency. One of the children has been very bad all winter, another was apparently well until a pain was. felt In one of the ears, and in a few days, he died.. Mrs. Ulm has also been "very sick for several weeks. It seems as though the family was having more than its share of trouble. There are some people in Rock Falls who object to the item in the Sterling department that the.Coe brothers have the finest driving teanvin this section, It may be true as far 'as Sterling is concerned, but the pretty coal black matched team of drivers, which Frank Brown is seen with on the streets each day; double discount anything in the union township of Sterling and Coloma. They can't be beat, r ( . A Curious Machine. In the black smith shop of Teach & Bracken is an odd looking farm tool Miss Mary McNeil, teacher of Room 2 in the public school, had her pupils very appropriately render'May Day exercises Friday afternoon, They were very pretty throughout and they showed that careful training had been given the pupils taking part by the teacher. The first thing that attracted the eye as one entered the room was the banner In a frame on the wall, saying that this room was the banner room for the previous month for punctuality, The room, was . beautifully prepared by many blooming plants and the whole front part of the room was covered an inch deep with cut green grass. The program opened by a welcome speech by Leo White, followed by a recitation by Mae Jackson. After a fine little speech by Ira Park'e/'Mother Goosed Melodies," \yae delivered by fifteen small pupils, and it was nicely done. Each child rendered a different melody, "Mary had a Little Lamb" was sung to close it. Raymond Van Drew gave a recitation that was.good. Then recess was taken. The Plow Boy Song was sung at 'the opening, after recess, and recitations were delivered by Hazel Williams and Roy Williams, followed by the sonir. "All Hands Study." The recitation by Rita McNelly was very cute. She was in a wash woman costume and was washing her dolly's .clothes in a tub while she scolded the dolly for getting her clotes so dirty. The May Pole was then wound by eight little, boys and girls. The pole was tall and the colors were white and lemon and.'as the children started the winding and sang a song to the tune ot their feet pattering, was a pretty scene. The last on the program was a May party in two acts by eight boys and girls. The first opened with the eight planning for the party, then selecting one of their number for their May Queen and a boy to deliver the speech as he placed the crown upon the \Vtty* for K»f<i Family tn Did you ev<-r think how much good is derived from-the gimien to each family. To depend entirely upon, the truck as it comes to the green gfoceru is not doing justice to a family of Children, or older ones. There is nothing like going out In one's own garden and plucking the fruit and vegetables while fresh. How I pity tbe mother whose children are crying for fruit and vegetables and who is compelled to hand them worse than a stone,—a prlece of salt pork. How do the children feel? Much worse ihan the the mother does at the craving and a natural craving it is for fruit and vegetables and be denied them, it is not merely the children clamoring for them but nature as well, It is the duty of every man, who is physically able, to have a garden, however small it may be. Then again, the home garden affords a combination of pleasure and health, which nobody can well afford to overlook or ignore. The great luxuries of a garden can not be bought with mere money. The garden need only be small. Is ii a wonder that the'boy with no garden to pluck fruit and certain vegetables have a great desire to break the picket from a neighbor's lot and steal some of the luscious ones to be found there. Nothing brings the bloom to a wife's face better than a good garden to go to with ifc full of fresh vegetables. The amount of greenstuff grown In a lot In the "M)EK A NEW CITY GOVERNMENT NEW HANDS, Mayo? I*iteh.-Tftp* tb* M*ror'« O*TI.! toy flt* JLant Ti«nc-W»ra Unjoin T«fec« the M»yor'» CJmlr-Threo K«w Aidertten Are Spfttfld—Appointment* Deferred. rear of one's house is incredible, to say The work of changing the holders of the reins of the city government was transacted last night ID the City Council chambers. There was a large audience present; conspicuous among them were many who have put In claims to the new Mayor for some of th^appointive offices. This gratification was not realized, for Mayor Lincoln deferred his appointments until the next meeting, an well as the arranging of the new committees for the year. The Council waa called to order by the Mayor, R. L. Leltch; all members were present excepting Alderman Atkins, who was called away to Nebraska. Bills to the amount of 8032.73 were allowed, There were a. few others, which were laid over for further investigation. , The Treasurer's report was acted upon. There will be 805.60 In the city treasury. . , v The ordinance regarding the salaries of the city officers was brought up and passed with the change that the salary of the City Clerk be placed back to 8150. It had been cut down to 8125. The Mayor, Hon. R. L. Leitch, then Queen's head. The act ended by the eight having a real lively game of tag. In the next act, all of the pupils of the room were banked together around the prepared throne, the coming of the May Queen and the placing her upon this raised seat, and in a pretty little speech, Willie Mentzer placed the crown upon her head/the .Queen,' Lolu Emmons, acknowledging it with another pretty speech. The scene was a .beautiful one. Lawrence Hubbard I made a concluding speech. The whole school then sang a May song as a finale as they stood around the throne. The teacher announced that prizes go to Myrtle Campbell and Willie Mentzer for not whispering any during the month of April. The exercisea many visitors-;/ were listened to by ; from the nature of her injury,' which Is exciting much wonder amoog the farmers as they coane in the shop. It resembles A potato digger somewhat, [and when they are told ttit machine is |,a lister they do not seem to know very much about it. In some parts of the West the ground is not plowed for corn, like the farmers do here, especially when the ground is wet and the season late, This lister is a plow which turns a kind of furrow to the right and left. There°ia a small soil stirrer back of the main shire, then back of this is aome- how attached a corn drUl which "drops'' the seed corn and covers it up. Thus tbe ground is plowed and planted at the same time, although the furrows are the width of a corn row apart and the corn Planted in tfaese hollows. One row is planted at time and wfcen the corn comes up large enough to plow the cultivators throw ia the dirt cloS aroand the plants. This would be called a very shiftless way of doing business here by the farmers, yet It meets with good success where used, This particular^ lister was sent here from the West by Montgomery Pollock, of Hume, who has some wet land which he will use it on to put in the eorn T. Dir, of Tampico, Is, spend- a couple of days with relatives in Falls and renewing old acquaint* «8. The people here would wish return as he made a good citizen, »and Mrs, W.B.Emmons were en- icing Wednesday all old of Emmons, They .include his »nd family, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. s JEmmone, I. B. Emmons, of Garden, and Miss Llbble, , price of cattle is of ,an upward '.especially stock steers, Those are IB the habit of buying up such to gut IB pastures until fall and eod them are finding the prices pip out of sight nearly. Sunday the Volunteers of in Sterling, will be in charge Book Falls W. C. T. U, and will ducted by Mrs. Ed Houston. US by these ladies are interesting sad draw forth a large The services will be of a tern- natuxe and will be held at 3 in the afternoon, h excitement was had in the school district last Saturday An election >a» had to •§ J>ireetor,between, the hours of 1 o'clock. A large Dumber of votes for a country school elec- were thirty-five votes cast, received twenty-two and received thirteen, womea of the district were out HE WAS BOUND TO SWEAR. How a Tour Year Old tad Arran K ed HU i •...•_•'...:! •.__ Swear Word« f ' The following is true. The four and a^ialf year old boy can Joe produced. A boy living in Rock Falls, only four ,and one half years old, has been giving his mother much trouble and worry of late by catching on to the slang phrases and oat'hs used by boys and men who are much older than he is; in fact, bid enough to know better. Some thing in the boy's play did not go just right a few days ago, and he blurted out »'d—it" that would have done credit to an older person. His mother was aston ished and reproved the little fellow. "Well,.teen,,L'.'.uld he, warmly. "No, no, that's naughty, too." said his mother. "Well,tben,can I say 'meat? said the youngster. What would you have done, reader? Laughed? Just What that mother did, although on the ' '' ' " nothing about the canned tomatoes sweet corn, many kinds of berries, and crisp stalks of celery. Think of eating sixty meals of luscious, utrawberries, sixty more of raspberries and black berries; think of the wholesome dishes of asparagus, young onions, radishes, the green peas, and beans, pickles and cucumbers, tomatoes, equasbes,lettuce, kale for greens throughout the summer, and many other things and all without much real expense in the way of cash. - . The exercise derived from thecaieof a small garden is just what one needs after coming homo from the office, the shop or street, especially the latter for it makes one feel better to get the coat off and get a different set of muscles at play than those usfed by lounging about the street. As-to the proper care of a garden the writer does not invite thu reader to gazo at his, but rather across the way at the one of Lev! -Gilbert, who has given the writer many practical hints on these few articles wliich shall appear from time to time. The man who wilfully and needlessly deprives bis family of the privilege of a good vegetable garden, fails in one of his foremost duties. Gardening requires unceasing attention and considerable hard labor, it is true, yet much of this hard labor could; be saved by caring for the stuff ait the. right time, and not allow the weeds to get a start or the ground to become too bard before cultivating. The ground must be kept stirred often and the labor is decreased a great deal. The use of the hand cultivator and the wheel hoe should be increased and encouraged, for by these tools; much labor "can be saved, and It Is also a pleasure to run them. ,_,.-... made a short farewell which he spoke of the harmonious manner in which' the council and himself had worked during the past two years, and of the work of the council during that administration. Ward Lincoln, on taking the office of Mayor of Rock Falls, made a short speech.saying.that he Intended to treat all parts of the city alike during his reign. Mayor Lincoln said he would defer his appointments of all officers and committees until next meeting. It was voted to change the meeting nights back to the first and third Monday nights of each month, instead of the present way of second and fourth Monday nights. The next session will be next Monday night. The resignation of 0 E. Lagerwahl asCityElectriclan was read and accepted. The resignation is to take effect Mayl, 1897. •_ , The ordinance passed., determining the salaries of the clty^offlelala for the coming fiscal year, has the following amounts for salaries: Mayor's salary 850,with82.50for each-extra session and adjourned meeting. Aldermen, 82.00 for each regular meeting 1 and adjourned and special session; City Clerk, 8150; City Attorney, 8100; City Treasurer, 8125. 'IB NEW STYLES. LOW PRICES. We open the Wash Dress (roods season with a large and attractive stock'of the newest novelties of the season. The entire assortment doea not contain a single old piece—nothing carried over from last year —mates our stock doubly attractive by its freshness, French Organdies. Fresh assortment just opened —the prettiest styles we have yet'shown. Colored Jaconets/ Cordetts, Dimities, Yoshino Laces, Chatillon Stripes, etc. SPECIAl>- 2,000 yards beautiful Dimities in all of the new and desirable colorings of the season, a splendid quality, fast colors, cheap at 10 to I2%c— ONLY 8c. .• SO West 8d St. Opposite Randolph House. WILL GO TO WALNUT. Shop open- .FROM' DUN LAP IOWA. fITTEN BY THE FAMILY DOG The Holler, tells of the loss and re- of the boat belonging; to his Mte-Uw, Henry Wahl. The bp^t > eve* © week ago. Henry i w»t«h ana f otted that it by the lot Df youog on thti island H» taw Tom he w$. his Charles Geetirig announces the. fact that the leaf roller has begun its work agala this spring with the leaves of the strft wberrlea, If they oome very plen- tepufly the local strawberry crop will be 8'f allure again. Tbia was th^ prjo- elpal oauee of the failure of the crop last year here. It was hoped that the severe winter would kill the animal, but it sterna not. The lea,f roller ia & very peculiar animal and does its dead a very peculiar manner. The worm is about ooe-hslf inch long and is not much larger around than a fcassibrip aeedis. Jt spins a sort of a threap back and forth from the edge* uf the leaf gradually yDlllug the J«»f ag'as it lies ajoag Ike canter, Alter The Young Son of Fraok Brown Hag HI» Face JLaoeruted, ; A little after noon Thursday, the young son of Frank Brown was bitten by the family dog in tbe face and a wound over an inch long was made under the little fellow's jaw. The dog is an old dog and, hajs always been a faithful canine for the stock, as well as a play-fellow for the child. But dogs ar « treacherous and »s has been found out many times, cannot always be trusted with children. The dog grabbed the child with his teeth in the face and one tooth tore a hole under the jaw over an inch long, Dr. Dow dressed "the wound and it Is probable that no serious result will follow, " • • • ; - m~ gto« to sack tb« life out or tbe l«mf tli0 left! Is to • •• ^ . JPtwaed the, Five of the pupiJg from Moatmorency who took the final examination Jo Sterling a few weeks ago of ungraded schools, j,88ged, The five Slurte, Ed gt«04 to Wllltam Heln Wrlteg the Editor of ThU Department. Mr.Hein was a resident of the south side for many years, near the Golder Bchool house. He enclosed 83 for payment of the weekly. He writes: "Our spring is very backward; there is but very little ground plowed for corn yet. The farmers will list in considerable corn this spring for it haa been raining at least a third of .the time this spring thus far and' the ground keeps too wet to plow. Corn Is low in price, only worth eleven and twelve cents per bushel- for new corn and thirteen cents for old. The cattle feeders made considerable money here this winter. There is muclf corn rotting in the crib because It was too soft in the {all. I have 7,000 bushels of corn cribbed, some of It is two years old. I am feeding one car load of hoga. The farmers in the lelghborhood got together and built a butter and cheese factory, each taking a 8100 share. The contractors had' the building completed three weeks ago yesterday «md last night it was burned to the grounii and it was supposed some one set it on are. The share holders had not accepted it yet, so that the loe« i fell upon the builders. Another one was put up and it was started last Thursday, It la. working first Irate so far. J was elected one of the of the five Board of Directors. Grass ia doing well; cattle can make a good Hying on it now. My best regards to all friends." Pettltt and Lee Will Open Machine •.;-." In That Village. N. F. Pettitt and Harry Lee have formed a partnership and will open a a machine repair shop In Walnut at once. There is no ahop of that kind in the city and it will be a good ing for such business. ~They have~purcb7aTed aiTehgine and the necessary machinery used In the business.' Mr. Lee will at once move there; Mr. Pettltt will not move there yet, but will wait and see how work materializes. They are both good machinists and can do any kind of work In that line, Mr^Pettitt has. been a special expert In the Keystone for many years. Success to the firm. OUR STOCK OF Millinery Goods and Novelties ff JSJOIINP T0_ INTEREST YOU. ' • ' '. It Is complete • In every detail, with the latest styles * of Hats and Trimmings. Give us a call and be convinced. Qualified in Bhode Island. There has beeh much talk concerning the return of W. B. Brown from his Eastern'trip to Rhode Island with s,car load of is claims d that j lie did not get back in time to qualify I for the office of Township Assessor, to j which office hie was elected during hia j ~ L se,nce. Those who have had this to say have not spoken to Mr. Brown.else hey would have known differently, flr. Brown showed the reporter proof to the contrary, Mr. Brown was elected April 6. ; Town Clerk F. D. Rosebrook sent a notification of the fact on I April 12 and on April 16 Mr. Brown appeared before Oliver H. Williams B j Notary Public at Westerly, Washington, eounty Rhode Island, and took the I oath of office, thereby qualifying hj_' to the position to which he was elected. Papers of notification, and qqaliflca. tion were shown the reporter. MISS WILKINSON, No. $ Ea«t Third St., Sterling, Illinois. my Bernice, tbe young son of Mr, and Mrs. Frank Brown, on the Dixon road woo was badly bitten by the old family dog a week ago, js getting along The wounds tlte ll&fa feiiow will snnn b e The County Convention of the'w. C. T, U. will be held In Prophet*town on May 18 and 19. The first Bession will be held at 10 o'clock on the forenoon of the eighteenth. Each union in the county will be repreBented. These county conventions are ver^ helpful and h^ve been held yearly since 1888 The Rock. Falls Union will send a fall delegation down. We have , Cleaned House, And are now prepared to do business in better shape th»a ever before. Will have a complete line of Fresh Vegetables '.' . * < 3 on hand at sll times. ^ • • The new potatoes' which William S. Scott bad'f or dinner laat week were the size of aa egg and made good eating-. They were some tist grew fa a barrel three feet froas the furaace i» Mr. Scott's wei* a tttea. eleaa pwiftto,

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