The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 1, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, July 1, 1859
Page 2
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ITIICIaM TOT DCWKI A.».1)UKIBUEK, THIODOMOORSKT. BIOBA&D P. BlttHMB, O.W. FITCH, , 185». A F Weareaccrued, by a city ootemporary, of defending the position of Gen. Cass. The charge Is without foundation, tn fact, as we have attempted nothing beyond a statement of his position, which has been most egregioosly Ktarepresented by tbe opposition. When his ** position to assailed, U will be high time for ns to defend it. They ascribe to him a position which he has not taken, and then proceed to demolish the work of their own hands. They charge him with entertaining the very doctrine that he repudiates. At this time, onr own government is engaged in a controversy with the Prussian government, upon the very doctrine which the know nothing papers charge Gen. Cass with entertaining. If he held to the doctrine which they impute to him, tltere would bs no ground for any controversy between onr own and tbe Prussian government The latter claims no more than the know nothings charge Gen. Cass with conce«Ung,and yet onr government nsists that claim. This proves that the " Native Americans" will lie, as well -as burn churches and murder adopted eilisaiis. Gen. Cass spoke of those who had incurred legal penalties by "desertion," and tbe know nothings endeavor to apply the term to all persons who were liable to military dnty. He states distinctly that our own government is DOW controverting the claim of Prussia, which b based upon tbe doctrine that emigration and naturalisation do not exempt tbe latter class from snob liability. It would be a work o'f supererogation for ne to volunteer a defence of a po-i'i. n M l.icn no one disputes, so we have simply r- [nj h,,._,<! ourselves to a statement of bis position, in order to rescue It, if possible, from nnmerited odium, and to relieve our adopted citizens of unpleasant apprehensions whinh are wholly unfounded. We are not surprised that those wbo participated in tbe slaughter of adopted citizen* at Louisville, or, more lately, proscribed them in Massachusetts, should misrepresent Gen. Cass. It is tbelr vocation. They are ever ready to resort to violence and falsehood, in order to secure their unhallowed purposes. Under the Administration of Mr Filhnorv, wlifn Edward Everett was Secretary of*)tate, a naturalized citizen, visiting his old home la France, luiring been seizwd and brld for military eervioe, claimed atui received tfa« protection of the American Government, and, upon proper representations being made, wu reluutd br the French authorities. Under the Democratic Administration of Mr. Buchanan, Gen. Oase being Secretary of State, th« claim which Mr. Everett acknowledged and enforced, ia coolly abandoned, and adopted citterns are notified LUat if tbej visit the land of their birth, they bpoome sabjeot to the jurisdiction of the government they bare renounced and forfeit the protection of the flag to which tbeT harp sworn allegiance !"— Sentinel. That U a cool, premeditated and unmitga ted falsehood, and U worthy of the source from which it emenates. The '.ministration of Mr. Buchanan hae demanded, and insists upon the discharge of a natnrallied citizen who nas been seized by the Prussian Government, en the very ground upon which Mr. Everett obtained the release of the person referred to in the above This having been officially annonnoed, leaves the Sentuul without the shadow even of an excuse for publishing raoh an abominable lie. The Judge (Douglas) states that "i; il,« democratic party shall determine in the Presidential election of 1860 to adhere to the principles embodied in the compromise measures of 1850, and ratified by the people in the Presidential election of 1852, and reaffirmed in the Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854, and incorporated into the Cincinnati platform of 1856, as expounded by Mr. Buchanan in his letter accepting the nomination and approved by the people In his election," he will permit hin name to be presented to the convention. /( u ctr- touily not to be expected that the democratic convention would recede from the principle* ie- »cribtd in thef ongoing quotation from the letter of Mr. Douglat. — Wathinfton GomtitiUion. This is precisely the view that Judge Donglas himself takes of the matter. Be concurs with the Constitution in the opinion that the convention wfll not recede from those principles, and then ia, therefore, no ground for any controversy between them. Judge Doug. Us declares that he does 'not expect that th« convention will recede, and the Constitution says it does not expect it will, and we arex>on- fldent that the expectations of both will be fully nkUsed. But the Constitution, notwithstanding all this, proceeds to criticise Judge Douglas' letter, and insinuates that the Judge KfiiHtstrn treason to the democratic organization. We think not. It b indeed a most preposterous oonolnsion for the Constitution to arrive at, after predicting the realisation of Us expectations. ff "We are not aware that any foreign government has * 'municipal law' against emigration."— Senftn/J. Perhaps the editor of the Sentinel auy Bot be swan that Baths King, whose naate he has ttdurfted, did object to the emigration of the ' EmmaHi and their compatriot* to this country, •ad Ch%t in consequence of it, Robert Emmett was exeentod on the soaflbld, and Thomas Addis iBameU imprisoned for -four years, if he has 'forgotten U, we wfll endeavor to refresh Ids memory. Adopted cHJzens will ao well fate of Bohert Emmett the * small stream and " ^dimensions. . The the. track by a cut either too small, oj- rttn fallen treestrojight ~ K •*-!— —-—• wa * *""*w$$?Jy tn; cause flf the calamity. ' The culvert was buil of solid masonry, and was ten/«r wide, tbak measurement being regarded asamply snmdeni for the body «f water conrstag through the wrine. Whether the engineer who planned that culvert made all propsr allowance for the heavy rains common to all the country situar ted «t the,head of lakes, is not for us to say ; it would neem, however that a ten foot culvert would afford stnficlent capacity for what is technically known as a "dry'rnn/'andib* quite large enough to carry off any freshet of ordinary power that might pour down Its bed; We do not -know whether tbe debris tl at would naturally float down was provided against or not, and must leave the company; to set itself right with the public on that poini without delay, as it Is the only Instance in which any possible blame can attach to thd company, or by which they can be held morally responsible for tbe calamity. Assuming that through some cause or other, the watef was not carried off as fast as it accumulated, the embankment of the track would operate as a dam, which, from the mark's upon the trees and shrubbery, it evidently did, until an immense body of water, say twenty IWt deep, accumulates a long distance back, and pressed with its great force upon the body of sand of which the track was composed, and percolating and undermining it to a fearful ex. tent. The moment tbe engine struck the spot, the whole body of sand gave way, and the train was instantly buried amid a wild tor. reut of drift sand and water in indistinguishable rnin. It was bnt a single plunge, and the whole mass rushed to find its level; tearing 1 aw«y trees, and ploughing wider the ravine with fearfnl velocity. In fifteen minutes the rnin was complete, and such of the passengers as were not hurt ooold walk over the 1-xl of the ravine almost dry-shod. It is asserted that the train was running at slow speed when aba met with the accident, but fr m tb« position of the locomotive, which is buried ou the east side of the gulf, it is onr opinion that she was running at tbe rate of thirty to thirty-five miles an hour. This speed, however, would show DO culpability on the part of any of the officers in charge, as she would be running about right at that speed, as soon as she bad reached this point and got ov*>r the curve. As previous informants have stated, the whole train, with the exception of the sleep- big oar, was shivered to splinters, and tbe loss of life is as terrible, if not more terrible, than any similar disaster that ever happened in America. Tbe crash of tbe wreck was heard at Mishawaka, and immediately ihe fire alarm was rung, and the city summoned from their to aid in the recovery of the dead and wounded. Tbe bruised and terrified Osgood, unmindful of hie own wound.*, leaped from tbe carnage, aud with tbe assintance of pome laborers, bad built fires o;itbe edge of thepulf by the time tbe inhabitants had arrived from Aiishawuke. midnight adding a deeper horror to tbe terrfio .scene Br means of ropes and li *inp | "~ 1i ->ii? of the wrwii were separated, •i I the work o f . x.-araling tb.- dead, the dv- in_ ..iiJ Mi.-wounded immediately commenced. S line o' the bodies were sorely mangled, others mangled and drowned together. The sbock of death bad apparently been so sudden witb some of tb"m, that th-y never cnuld have felt a mortal pang, and probably liad sunk into the sleep thai knows no waking, frnui the doi* of the weary trav.-! . in wtuch manv of them bad IM>TI seen a few minutes previous It is gratifying to learn that ev.Ty >Hnrt wa.« made by th* meu lo save tbe women, many of whom own their lives to tbe noble self-sacrifice of tbe sterner sex Numerous and touchmp are the incidents which occnrrvd durint; the worst passage* of thttt trvint; iiotir We ar~ told of one poor fellow wlio nnw li-:" in a pr.~ oarioUR condition at Mi-li«w»ka thai, crawling witb bis wounds out of tlie cm-, tli,- screams of a young woman for help arrest-d hi.- progress H« lo-ned round and wift great difficulty help- i ed her out of tbe water, and wi;b tlie aid o f i others plapod her in safety on the hank. On ^ learning her name he found that ?>••• was L - ! own niece, whom be had not iwn l.>r rweut years What a meeting ' The report! of the dead are various, as tbt must, from the violent nature of the acciden ever !»-. After "Xamitfing carefully all Ibe ai counts, after examining tbe grounds and fore of the ton-en! into which the l>odie« wcr plunged we are impelled to tbe sorrowful con elusion that sorae are lo<t who will nevct h found. Three todies were taken from n mi race, two or three miles below wb-re tbe aoc dent occurred on Tuesday, and one body i reported to hare been recovered near Nil,river. The statement ol the lad v who wa. oangbt in A tree, that she heard several noa past her, calling for help, confirm^ this con viction, and the melancholy uncertamtv of tl officers of the road,and also of the inhabitant of South Bend and Mishawaka, on a point important, renders it impossible to Miere oth erwise We saw twenty-tbree bodies togethe in the freight bouse at Mishawaka. The bod of the train boy in another room , a numbe of bodies were at South Bend, a number the Kilbourn House, Uishawaka. Super in tendent Campbell informed ns personally ,tha quite a number bad been identified and taken away. A Mr. BE Smith, banker and broke of New Tork, died yesterday morning ai 4 a m., and several others are missing Th wounded are suflVrmg severely from their in juries, and some of them cannot lire. Wha these positive facts and positive uncertainties will foot np in tbe aggregate number of de the is too fearfnl to contemplate. Tbe following are the names of the dead sc far as could be ascertained : Hartweil, U. S express messenger j Babington, baggage mas ter ; a laborer on tbe road name not given , * female, supposed to be Mrs. Campbell, of El gin, 111. ; Jack , an Irish laborer on tb< road ; a girl 13 years of age, name supposed t< be Tidswell; a female, supposed to be Mrs Tidswell ; Mrs. Snmner, of Chicago, and bei two children, Alice and Neville , a email boy named Tidswell; Theodore Tulip, engineer o the train j a man whose name is no known about 40 years t»f age, sandy complexion anc whiskers; a little boy, about one year old Wreteh IDp tlut Bteaoter City of -W* Hot Exploded ind -~ ' • - pMtntoorprisonerg, and their mordered coon- whew appealed Prentice, to renonnoe .."Curte God and die," Vifeio-Job, and each is the advice of llMteow nothing* to adopted ritlsens. wtU be interesting to may of, ' supposed to be one of the Tidswell family ; a female aj>oot 25 jears of age, black hair, name unknown ; Marj Ann Cnrran, of Dunkirk, N T.; Cornelius Walworth, of Rome, Lenaww county, Mich, j a laborer, name unknown Thomas Irwin, of Philadelphia , a man abon 26 years of age, name unknown, red hair ; man about 80 /ears of age, black hair ; Pat rlok MoNeely, of Fond dn Lac, Wis.; Pete Muldarr; BeBjamin f. Streeter, of Sparta WU. ; Henrj Fleokinger, of Iowa City, Towa Benjamin f. MoCnlloagh,Lawrencebarg, Ind. D. Tulip, fireman : Thomas Mahan, train boj a man, name unknown, light hair and whig ken ; a rioketty cripple, of Laporte, Ind. Tiiswell boy j Mr. Smith road master , Mrs S. P. Qillett, Stone MiHs, Jefferson county N \ ; Wallace Gillett, BCD of Mrs Oillett ; Ben jamin E Smith, of Wall street, N. T. IBJTTB.KD. Stephen H Arnold, Decatnr ooanty, la., se- •ereljr; W H Weller, Milwaukee, slightly; B O'Brien, Chicago, slightly; Miss D. A. Porter 8 torgia,, Mich,, three ribs broken; Miry Coats, Youngstown, Ohio, slightly; W N Connell; H — Began, Bookford, 111., slightly; daagbtero abore missing; 8 C Rose, Coldwater, Mich., •Ugbgy; Josse Dyling, Louisville, Pa., slightly ;.W J Hawk, Charleston, Va , slightly ; C Yark and wife, Otsego county, N y, slightly ; f .TSv^lh H??™ C ° M £5 »*• ""f, 6 ^ • ^&&*l&"*2W«bi iSohaub, Chicago, gasnn Miob; £^7 ''-'-TV' •^-«.MH-.»»«M3 | AU1T«^ AQ- lowaj J K Gardner, Jonesvllle, ^P Myers, t Qninne, V a^s- - v^Wgi •^n«'Torth,,ni; A Chicago; Dan P Rhodes, Oleveland: - 3 —'- % W Jnny and ^ffiC-*L^aVafc iiSJJ*.!-- .'.V.ihji^ia' _£C'-li>-.rif, MUiif rfi B»c&n, v :E' «on«nd-J-K-fiardlner, Ohjeajo; L Keller, ,.-.,__,^ J «_. '--^" ->mej.t,t.4B.wl °?&%| ,.--^.w-• ,1-j. • - '•'r'-^ia;''-'" 'f i" '" _ ••- r ~"-' '—'• * J '~~~-» •""•'••U* T PArd«^JBlopm!ngt6n Hi; 1-J HEioe, JjlNKnappand- ~ ' Riswel known to the public that aoou af. , gfb'Sjlies^d lake^cAptaln axid boat Bs Ward, placed:* the steamers Sea Bird and Arctic on tte Buffalo and Cleveland line of lake travel ir* ooinpetltion with the lake Shore Bailrold— and .that the railroad immediately thereafter bronght oat the •team. «rs Western Metropolis and City of Bofialo, to ran in opposition 'iiFTf&ffjtf'uim. Knowing the feeling of rivalry existing between the two lines, and thinking, donbtless, as many a villain does, that, the base onpidity of his own black heart might be shared by others, a wretch, named Cooley. who is somewhat known along th* docks as an expert diver, (and who, it appears. Is ship keeper under U. 8. Marshal Johnson,) approached Capu Ward, two weeks since, with one of the most fiendish propositions ever made by one man to another. H« proposed to relieve Gapt Ward of the competition of the other boats by blowing them np with a sort of torpedo (the nature of which he explained,) while they were tied up at the dock in this city, which explosion would sink the boats and render theft useless Captain Ward's first impulse upon perceiving the drift of the villain's proposal, was to denounce and expose him, but upon reflection, he concluded to repress his indignation, appoint a meeting where the conversation could be overheard by a third party, and draw out of him the details of his detestable plot. Another Interview was accord 'ugly appointed. Punctual to the hour the parties met when the plan, in all its horrilile detail.", was unfolded to the Captain, every word of which was distinctly heard by an officer wbo was s«cruted in the room. He had already, he said, taken soundings at the boat s dock, and perfected his plans. For the purpose of avoiding suspicion he would some day, when tbeCity of Buffalo should be in port, take the torpedo in to a ashing I wit and sail out into tbe lake, apparently for the purpone of fishing, then' puddle big war liaok into the river and while passing tbe boat drop his torpedo at tbe right point, fasten tbe fuse (which wa* 50 fwt loni?) to a spile under the dock, in which conditiou it would safely remain until the tirne appointed for tbe explosion, which was arranged for last (Sunday) evening. When tbe evening arrived be would row under the dock, find tbe fuse, apply fire to it. and than get out of tbe way, he havl .g teu minutes to make good his retreat, the length of the fuse requiring; that amount ol time to barn it up lie calculated thai tbe explosion would knock a hole, twuntr *e*H sqtiarr in the bottom of tbe boat, and thus sink b«-r immediately and injuring her he>ond repairs. He informed the Captain tbatthe plan would work to rwrfertion. He had tried it Ivfori — once at O^wego, when he blew up ilm liaik Grampus He said be had a coufederat« who might !«• relied on, in the person of a negro naineri Kav, wbo is well known to the polire as a low thief. Coc-Uy a,«ked $500 for blow- ng up the lx>at, hot tinallr be affe»-d to take MOO Tlir Captain, lo convince Cooler that wa> in earnest in ennui raging him to go ahead, advanced ?2-"> to be used in making the necessary aming-Tni-nts. The machine with nhich Cooley was to Ulnw up the boat, and whi"h he pioonred to !*• mar 1 * at a tin shop on Gar leu s'.re«t, i? made of tin, .he bottom in the ijrm of a segment of a irrle, and having a lul* about four f-~l long attached to it. It was d«fipned to ii?e two keg* of |«i«,|-r, which is double th- .piao'ity necessary to de- moli.«li th" Ixiat The tube was to lie fill-d with several jMiun'i- of BD- powder, aud the whole to In 1 ex plo-lril l\v m« m* i-l a fuw, which ha. I l»e«-n sonki-tl in Uir to • uA-r it wal*-r-prOi>t — Tlie whole contnvane- wa« perfect, airtl nonlrl undoubtedly hare ac. nrni'lishxl it« purpose. Hi» 1 be l^en permitt. I to . arry out hi-- .le^igi.n it n.ust I. aye r»--uli I n. thf loss of ^^r.rn: liv. OL S I'urliy, Mar?) a I I'raw, f^nrinc that «f - rir uf con- qunnces n. tht attend a further de* .v. Ci.iii''l ( i 1—i l«> art 't CO<>IHV and hi* ro'i- . vl^ral". Kav. and tilfi.-«ra were gent to Kav'^ I'utii,' wh.-rH th« tn -an. tarr.-d fu«-. r tiv. '(•re found Ci,..l,.y w&x :trr— .t-d uu lonrd tbe schooner Sw-et HI^IIIH. an. I taken to prison He is a man almut MJ vears old. Tbe negro, Rav, fully confessed to Murahal Cmw all that h<- knew about the matter — from which it seems that he bad not yei bven fullv led intn the secret, >»ut was rt-.idy to assi?)! Tooley in the tranoactlon, nnd expected a (•«•< »/ tbe reward. Cooler remains silent its to Uj>- wbol« matter. He wept when placed in prikon, hut seems disinclined to conversation There i." no law for tbe pnnishmetit of m-n engaeeo in such a conspiracy, where their pur- poso Is not a<cotnplished. It is to be r»gretted Cooley is in the county jail, and will soon be tried for counterfeiting, as it is said he can lie convicted on that charge. We learn that independent policeman Gallagher was first employed to watch the proceed Ings of tbe conspirators, and make arrangements for detecting them in their villainy, bnt that subsequently the city marshal was called upon by some of tbe parties' Interested, to take charge of the matter, when Gallagher with drew. — I 'letfland Plain Dealer. he COB-' candidate before the Charleston. , to ad»r tth^ righVof .that convention to. make a platfonn'or '" shreds and patoh'ei " urtd place the PreBldential nominee- upon it. 11* alain- tains, _ on the subject of Blarery In the- .territories, that the power belongs only to the people of the territories " legally to control It as other property. " Governor Wise and the southern extremists, contend that territorial anthrities are bound to protecf slavery, and • that when they do not, CongYeoe Is bound to interfere.— The trne democratic ground, and the only one according with the constitution, is that the people of the territories shttnld and must be permitted lo dispose of the qnestlon of slavery in their own way. Congress is not bound to protect it, neither baa It the power to prohibit It. Senator Green, of Missonr , in an address delivered by him on the Sth of Jane, hag broached the subject of a '.' slave code for the territories." He says that "southern men have not demanded a slave code of Congress, 1 ' bnt he affirms that circumstances may arise under which they shall find it necessary to do so, and elaborately maintains the right of Congress to frame snob a code, and to enact special regulations for enforcing the power of the master over his slave, In the territories. The democratic party will maintain no snob doctrine as this. If slavery is not safe in the ter ritories under their local legislation, tho slave owners must k««p their property where it ia Sife. If tbe democracy hopes for, or expects, harmony at the next Presidential election, tbe Charleston convention must pat its foot on all such doctrines as are enunciated by the Missouri Senator. It will be the business and dnty of that convention to nominate a candl date for tht Presidency, but the democracy will not permit it to insert a new article in its nation. 1 platform. The non-intervention doctrines of the party as declared in tbe Cincinnati platform, are based npon the constitution. and by them the national democratic party of the country will stand or fall. — Pitt>fmry P, it. HI anbatriber bu White Wheat direct ••for fame. AJ . ___ swishing to par. ha»e, wtli OZden early. - WM XOUNG, Branch Warrbooae, Walker's Point. lT«d a imatt-umplav'af France, angwlll receive antltr arriving Is nntj], do well to lend In fB hereby given that 0. 0. Hnrraj has wUhdrawn from JL th» flrm of Mmrcy, Prior fo., tsavlog told all hl> flfht and Interat ID laid flrm to Wl llam U. Kim ball. 0. a MURRAY. The batlntM wfll hereafter be conducted under the •tyleof Prior, HarbJck* Co., who will iettl* all accounts of Murray, Prior t Co. A. P. PRIOR, J. P. UARBIOK, : Je6 *M. M. KID BALL. •6 KKWAUO—Sl.UT LOST. A 8MALL Black and While Slot, wearing t»—-V anew leather ilrap around h«r peck. Jf'Sv and ha> her e«n cot lo a point In thr ihape of 'oxea «ar§, and anscere u> the name t>( -Jennie," wai hut on Batnrday afternoon, June 4th. WboeTer will 'return laid Slat to 317 Main itreet, wilt rrerlTe the above reward. je7 8. PUI CQOH OlDtoa H. KoUUKTHH . CHUUS C. OOTTO.1. COON, HOLLISTEE &COITON. Attorneys and Coiii NO.". 4,4, AND 6, PBlilM.X BCILDl.Sb . (1K7 E»»l Water >trrrl.i THE GREAT EM.LISH KKliKDV, sra JAMES CLARKE'S Celebrated Peainlr l»ih». Prepared front a prescription uf .Sir ./. f"V<ii-, M. D., Pkyticinn Extraordinary Ui thr Ijtiten. >r»X!ode fbr the Tsnrritor ^'''- Jerry and wife^Hew Tork; Mrs' Etra prjvipnBto tl» accident. This ^_ HATS AND TAP? H A~T .-'. ~Y At- of >n Thl»1nv«lnable medicine l> unfailing in the tb««fl painful anil dangerous dis^asi** to wlm-h ibn '«.male constitution s mbject. ll mu<l<fnt«9 iillrti.« a a and removea* all abstraction*, ami a ty«edy \ ur* may b« raited on. TO ittAHUIEU I.AUIK.H U I* peculiarly salt**!. It will, In a ihorl time, hrinir - ir i the monthly period wtUi regularity Bach battle, price One Dollar, Wars th* li.iv-rom.-nt Stamp of Oreat Britain, Ui prevent •«unii*rfpiH STKAW G ft:* PF.K tK.vr 1 linn rail !»«• <) 0 I)S ANY OTHER ROCHE IN THK WEST M KRCHANTH .r,., | r .ir. •„ .«v.. .„ .r., „ ... • *«.• if n«i.,.|<t, *r- "CHI..-. ' h,il y i,/ ,*., or Mole ii. A HKOMI-ORY NOTE f..r »4il, pat «!>!<• l.. ttarbara Mflil, et*lil innniM after f at^ |i \*. it^l by Jreiderlch Kroepe' and MuU C'lt Pro*-**!, Jaled Milwaukee, Ocu-b r !•<, 1 -i • I »arn r\ rr^body not to bay said nole as II will not If palil In any one except to mr [jeK] BARBARA HIM) TO«ss Pill* gtuyutd turf tit tntim i.y /-tfi.i,v« -t FIRST TURKS XijMllI* -i /• ~,.,.,* v , ,u art *t»ra to briny .»«> J/i~.*lr t-i^e '...' ,t , nv tt*n* Ut*y ars M4/B. the Back and Limbs, VaUirue on slight etf rtion, I taiion of the Heart, Hyst*rit*s Mil Wh.?-« -» -u will effect a cure wl.nn all other ini-nrn I,* v w '*,- • I although a powerful remedy, J.. uul onlain r'.ri, mel, antimony, *u auy tiling hurtful ti> tin; rni.1. which should be carefully preserve*!. Sole A*(enl for the L" ruled Sljit-s td.l U-in « :* J"B MOSK*. (tat- I .' u»,.i « , 4 ^ K. . '..•,.,r N V b — ll.iii an<l « postatc* names -rv-i «r..i • u I H I M K I I •< K i: 1 I I' I I I I I I I H \ | : t i \ i i i \ , . i i \ i - i i \ i N thurikr pills, by rrtnrn mai For 111. 'v I ' A I 1,1 K ». » N I H* RK!V NOTICK. AVINU t .un-tm»«-.l . I M , hirj t (.., . \l.r , .lu.-« , tm-tif.i; 'i L'I ",«. ( l..lh>nc and Grnu For nul>ln. Gouild, wlUt intcrr-*! 'n ttif tuidliKrtia al thf itorc No. J9S Fan! * 1-1 I r . t, * - ,v I int^.i I irrj .UK o H AY tr» HATHAWAY li A. N K 1 Lauil .in<l < 1LJ N < < 1 Olln the at) . , M*v W Er,,v, ,..„!,.. L - wllh inter Bt in • It. Wr re. nlllirN I I, IIC Krl.erallV Ilia* k , , >U, n. I oa-Sl-diw K VMHI.KY MAHLKY i i Mil u . mnl'j mil in t A tlC. A Kt, [' Al 1, HOTELS, &C I. < I ' it \ i > H •IOU K IS H r *> I IT t RliN. U.-. SPECIAL NOT"CE5 UH. !»l" Kl> VgRMm.OK AND LlVfK PI1.LH. i*^ A mniriHar comMnaUi.n, t.ul very effectual, as tlie following will sliow : Naw Y.'aa, November 20, ISM. Kr.cwinf, from experience, tlie raluaule Dualities of /V . J/'/'ine'A I'trmi/mff ,tnd LtTti 1'ilU, prepared by > leBiing Bros, ruisburgh, I have for iiuiclime back considered it tuy July, and made it iuy buuoess, t.i uiake those articles known wherever 1 ueut irnt.nx rny IrictHs A short time aco I be.-aiue acquainted wilt the ra.«e of a JOUUK jjlrl, *4,o itemed to t-e troubled • 1th wjnns and liver complaint at the "»mr time, a.u.1 b»en -uffer nf for t me l»i. mot.thj. Tf.ruu^ti my I Oentlenibii a, MiNsts &'hildreu'Boots. ! WilOF.s. XI.1 I'J'K US A HI HtlK US. I I K IN I i U > VI H I > Hit No. ^io 'If «II..V Al'Kf K. It a ter alreei ALBANY RESTAURANT ..I Ymt,\tM^< , and i ne t-)oK aorordmg I., ilirefllon*. Tlit rrfiull w.«, »de |.a»»eJ a large quant!ty of wuroij, au.l I' mLe tl,at I.DC 1>O1 luorr t.f^ the Pillt wil, rt» her lo perfect healtl.. Her name an.i residence can t-e learned by caJlUjg OD K.I.. Theall. Druffut, , .rnrr .( Ru'ilernnl»e • Ueett. ^B/~ I'ur l,a»-r< • II I.e ruri-fu 1 I.. «_•» ( .r UK. SPLANK'S CKLtHRATKH \ tRMI KL'i, K.,,.farlur i-d i j Fl.KMINli MRiV ! P t'.,l. jr^.. P» Aii-ther \ermlfu e» tn r »ni |.»r ^ofi a'- «i.r'rilea> |ir M'l.anr'. Renolne Vr rmifn^-. al«r I, is re! br ate.i t.! i -r Fits,. -an now W had \\ all re«j.^ Ir'ilf -t.ire- ,V<^I> jfnutn* intJutttt tt t r itijntllurr ,,/ s l> I K I I I f \ . erj '1010' >n. e-j-e. i K FIN H V '. 1 I . 1 .1 A I {I ' I I I N I K \ I AM. \ K I I7i A',.i II „ ..-. ,. • : III- »••! l> »(.! f II K I A I I .1 l:Y, . f I! i I. 1 - « ; •ar i.»: ~ •• j,-c4 i;, H Y .\ JAN> -Vh l.t t.i M Uaok, tr y .le« i •.I. at i • Wr r 10 a bvttt-r manner aau Ue .1. ue lah.l»l.m, ill n the Wr«. t'l irfuRD'." [> K-t't RRr l\ ITl Kj»t ««ler ilr i. • n.ierij ,, 1 KltV. m.rH fWlll.- Jl I ««».!. T'.- >l.- Hyatt H . . Ui r il i < 111i I \ > I R \ <• I a < -tiiplain! T U •"''• J«./'- < .|.»ra«e Tl.r " FEED millS mj,.,H-i, ..i, j,, 1 u > lia, u|.. i, u. .'all^»t e (tent t.r III > \ , •J4I! KAS 1 \ VIII.W Al Kl K. ,1 I in .1 ii.|.i- ••• -I . Kami I' THE HUNGRY,» L«"K. HKKK. ^ h W h \ K i < I \ > I •>(«. II A 1 r \\ I) L I N 1 N A 1 \ S1KKK1 « I.-' O.V-IN rit* «• us \ > i i ! ' <> I I \ v1, II.. I.U [eel I II ll V Ill ) AH I ' IN i r I ai s I U I.I M R- H l K M I' i . ' ) "k M K N 1 11 il h Hull nil ).\ |irn I'll i i \ AI,K\ r - . i V f - ll. U.I -t. -M t>u«in.-«-, t'J « . II y rr»,,/..l f • rW \ -rk C ' V . «tj( 1.11 ,U»-Sm k * i ujt' l HI I M-} .|e at I '-.-I. A tiU. f • Dli roay bri ' ••--I I 1 |- A l>. ; tr% NO I IC'K i . » ( f..MrT . t Iif|.nrtmrrit. . M.I., T 1 f-.IU.wir*: 1* * •.-Snlulc < f l.. rrt, frcn. <"-d»r to Ti»m«r*r I ihr Cltj of Milwaukr*', Bhow W .\rd be m ti'» to cu h lot, l.y r Urk-nc » *Jk*. p»v « frootlng »tt 7 «tr*fl, in ihr g U.* amount unit, (or Macombcrs «l «. A H cllrrej ... i HHI.-.. Salad Cream K I If n t. ii HI' tu FOKK K A IN ii *a .1 str.-ri an-1 « nlk • or WAR.—An army correspondent, writing from the battle fi.-KI ol Montebello, says • " Our officers kept us back, for we were not numerous enough to charge upon the enemy. This wa« moreover, most prudent, for this murderou - fire, so fatal to the white coats, did n« but little harm. Our conical balls pene trated th. so dense masses, while (hose of thr Austrian* wl.iftled past our ears and mpeetec our persons, ll was the first time I had facet fire, nor was I the only one. Well, 1 am sat isfied with ior<-lf. True, I dodged the firs balls, but Hei. v the IV, they say, did the same at the beginniurf of every battle. It Is in faci a physical effect independent of the will.— Bnt this tribute paid, if yon could only fee how each shot electrifies yon. It is like s whip on a racer's legs. The balli whistle pasi yon, turn up the earth around yon, kill one, wound another, and you hardly notice them! Yon grow intoxicated—the smell of the pow- Oli creasing icr On rr^ssirt: 167. nf the 167 167 IM 16C, ol 7th «treet at I- K h:sl I ( i K< 11 N 1 ; I JtB BL'li.MNG. ATKR. Benefit* 1,01 -» y . U. II ISK1.0' Hr he.1 , In town i A S Al.l OlA. r O K \ S H ID Ft "5T GiV O O ID S i'. . i 1 .1 u k <• c > o I i o u » . STOCK A I. .WAYS I I I.I. C 01 XTH \ ni-.H< II I N I > J, H, oUHutSdc CU •II. al -) in 166 ar. of ill< street an.) «outli aJU> lt> 164 an K L'H GA.RI11NER. CotuftrolleT or l Our i u( t/.nr pr< CaU rr.J «•.«.•« > rauD il f»ll 1 i.- trt ' • .n th^i ' and Examine ( i ( ) ( ) 1 ) \ .N 1 ) ri, K. 1(1 t o c e «: I pi.. HL'NN . CRO!<d\ \K\V o V.IB nti-M<-M . TON DEfTs xi t II A W 1 M K L K H , ATTORNEYS AND OOt'N8KLLOR.« AT LAW, OFFJOr—Empire Blotk, «1 H East WaWr si. dnr mounts to your brain. The eye becomes bloodshot, and its look is fixed on the enemy There Is something of all the passions In thai terrible passion excited in a soldier by th sight of blood and the tumult of battle. I was happy enough to lay my hands on a youngster of Seventeen, a sub-lieutenant, who was fighting like a tiger. My corpora, was going to finish him, when I turned away bis rifle and took the good fellow by the collar to avoid other trouble. 'Surrender, Irfontardel I cried, and he handed me his sword. He is a younger son, fair, slender and haughty, saved his life and he scarcely thanked me. have not a scratch, thank God I Except my silver watch, lost In tbn tumult, and which I this morning replaced l>y the gold chronometer of an Austrian commandant, I have lost nothing. The prisoners that we made (I have counted more than eighty) are all pale, ragged and frightfully ugly. They were glad to fall into our hands. We went back and slept at Montebello I slept happily in a barn. My greatest trouble Is that my rifle, my plp« and my pantaloons are out of order " . _ '»«.—The house of Nicholas Sanertz, of Lemonwler, was consumed by fire on Sunday morning last, about onn o'clock. The tionae .is supposed to have been struck by Ightnlng, as there was a thunder shower at .he time, and there had been no ore in br ironnd the house for several hours previous. Mr. NauerU barely escaped with his life, bav- ng no time to save anything, and was left with lOthing but his shirt on ! The family were ibwnt at the time, and thereby saved their ilothlng. It is a sad loss to him, as he is a x»r moo, with a family dependent upon him. r?e hope-that his neighbors and the oitltens of his village will lend a helping hand.— Maw on Star t l»a * flue shower on Saturday light last, 4nd another on Monday, which has jiVfcflsJLklndsoforopsa fresh impetun, and nuuformed the dolefnl figure head* ofwmwof >nr farmers !nto^ blight, smiling, Crok^ajble oontttenAuoea. AaVgene ;rppMn,vnIa section look well, and noir lirfbr an fcbundant-hamst. The severe frost rhfeh ^occurred «few 1 weeks glnce,!-Jre are lii- Ilned t0(believe r jia8 proved abjesalnginstead f» curse, from the fact that -it' killed every iotheiJ« IOB of the thihtr : biQg«; wliloli were omnfltUnganon rayigeflln wheat »nd corn.— ' ' AMERICAN CORNET BAND IB NOW RKADY Tu FURNISH ANY , n amber of Instruments, from one to r twenty-two, for Hall*. Parties, Taradef, Excursions, <•<•., Ac , at reajonahle ! The Franklin The miral Works i >0. 231 NORTH r RANK I.I > STREET. 1'niCAnn - - u. / /.v<'/> W K rw k ' l-o - I-. ann-Mir,.-^ Ui .-jr U4l.-tnf^s, ,o I I" Ike tridtf in nrt»Tkl. tr.*t .lurlt^ tM« •.-a^.in D.. i trarel n«- T P \ U f. SEW AND THK . n rntuaotli: *«t.^cts. A B»rh-[., Life jl (Je Tl.t \.1.l ' -r K . Apply or axldreu AmerlraD CiTDfi HempMrd'i Mtulr Store, ITS, East W at«r Kaod, nr a^ wu. t> ' ol i Irtter with their .iraVrs f Es«('ilC«-<» wl.ich, •• «,Jw»jt, will br f»rt.on. "n».>u*»nJ.i •(- t.r our £»>enr*>f »r> ma<Jr »tr TKntAgr* tvo<] lacililirt ne 1 . Trjf (•: it-ni't- , from gamed bjf . tit r-Mi'.n*. ih dlspalct.r.l fr .m .-ur vork m^rf anil <nh*t« |. 'mvor a for of Liquor*, rtfi-^ilc*] t>' tfn?ir »nlJrr 1* t-<-i»l^ th# pi nn up-.ti » H-h pre«enu th< following ver . rlrrrtl by olh^rt I ttr*c norkt Ar« a>-:u .*for r Hcaithy NOTICE CITT OmmnLLu 1 !. Ornci, ( Contract Dvpftrunen., JQD« 25,19B» f T HB Common Oouocll by rr*ofnUon ndoptiM Jaoei 20, 1SMI, h»vtnf coocarred In the rM^narnend** lion of the 8ire«t Comm:ral.>om t,f U»« SU» Ward, it in Ub«mie»J orrierrf : j«4— .16m TTuU A inrer be corutrucUd ID 5tb -tventjc from rV-.u •treet to WuhlDRton iir.r«t, and to W whin trt on itrwt, °' ri from Sth to 4th sri-noe, Sth Ward, In ace. rdtnc* »1U. the pUo and specifleatioci of th* Otty .uifriDe^r, on file ID the Comptroller** office. Own en of property OD said street* are hereby not. fled lo construct §»Jd sewer within tw»oty-two dars from UiU date, or the Street CommtnloDfTi of the Sth Ward, will cause tbe same to be done and charged to the reapectlre lota, according to law je26-d6t R. L'H. QARDINKR,'Comptroller th*n their* H, The Costs tre iu»ii '. lr»i ttr»f IU««ti<:*« re pat up in [••.--ka^f*, r»wh dDuofch for forty *»iloD« > •.ml r< niprtsina U»* rttja 1 eJ it-jfre-tr^nLi, but <il* > Ui* rr^'.-r AddreM l*ttrn tt>C4Bl. ERLKR. Manag rk», Cdr.ica«o, 111 , P. U Boi, - I Pure— ; c ra m fftr ' <». * i vi n o > i> *, S<JLX PKOMllK.ri)R 1 MANPHi'TCilKH . t f:. « OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, ril oaly •.!! anklin Ani pro. l)r».nJy ha* v >t.«i yt-arj from th* pur if ».'T r<i;ag <\tt>lit>uuaj iQ enterprise aQ>J i u> <- •vruoi'?* ai home i ttion •-ur-.l ' r Oat.ta lln t BUTTER. 1 WOULD callthe attention of Jam,II,, to m, .et lions o OHO1OK BUTTEH. I' am dally receiving by Eiprrai, choice lots of Butter from the beat Dairies In the State, which for quality and flavor !• ananrpaned. Prlcei alwayi to eo rres- pond wltb the ••market rates," tod quality warranted Orden aolu-lt«d and aent to all parts of the city free JOHN W. LEDftBD, Grocer ar.d Wine Deader, m»j« 161 But Water street. NOTICE. Qee. K. Purlngton and 1 Atmer E. Bcranton, I In the DlitrleicCourt of tht n. I United Stalta, for U>« Dlatrlct Schr. Oharlej Hlbbard, / of Wlsccmiln. her boats, tacUe^tppar- | In Admlraltj. el and furniture. J 8mlth,A Balomoo, Proclora. B T rlrtae of a Monition lasned out of the laid Court at the Imtance «f th* laid LlbellaaU, for the lam of three hundred ana twenty-three dollars and forty- three cents, claimed by them for lopplies, I hare attached the laid acbooner, her boati, *c , a< tlllwaakee. Notice U therefore hereby given to all penoni claiming tW. »ald Berr. Charier Hibbard, hw boati, tackle, apparel and farnltnre, or knowing or having any thing to lay, why the lam* ihould not be condemned and told ponnant to the prayer of uld Ubd, that they be and appear before the laid Court to be held In and (or the •aid DIIMet of WUconiln, at Milwaukee, on the twenty-eight day of June, 1859, at Eleven o'clock In the forenoon of the nld day, If tie lame shall be a day of joriadhitlon, otherwise on the next day of jurisdiction thereafter, then and there to Internwe'a claim, and to make their allegations- In that behalf. MarihalH Office, Milwaukee, June 1*, 1859. Je2*-d4t H. J. THOMAS, MarahaL T BK Afwoment List for the several Wards, of the U* City of Milwaukee,' will be open for the exam), nation of the taxable Inhabitant* thereof, al the Common Council Boom, M 0 o'clock A. «., on the following awtor the wren! Wardi, rapeetlrely to wit : Jor,the Jjnt Ward, o« the flfth day of Jnly oett. For ttw Second Ward, on the atxth day of July next. For the Third Ward r on theierenth day of Jnl/next. Ww tte' Ponrth. Ward, on the el jftth day of July next. Jorine FJfth^Ward.-on the ninth day of Jnhr next. £or the Sixth Ward, on the elerenlb day of Jaly next. rof Ore-«ereath r 'Ward, on^the twelfth day of July for ^>e KghUiWard, on tUe thirteenth day of July aeit. t ,. .•••.,i. •.(;.,, r . . . the Mlnth Ward, on th» foorteenth day of July a JiMeMOri wjjl make ivtch ne- - IKti .and comet the aame, by ^ir dsierlpMon. IS^,T4 R R. T. _, I MUwmakr.-. j u e 4, i^fv ( N OT.OK it hereby given, that Lh- <ir«U of organna Iron erf this Company, •• in thr office- of the Secretary of this Com piny, ID tht> Ci'j of Milwaukee, ready to W executed by ho Kirn i-f bonds «trurt-il by thr aortir*ffes of ihe LaCrovse A MltvaoJ.e*» R«ilr»a.l Co , under foreclosure of which this Company ts oriranli^d, and peraoos holdlnt; >ach bondi who have not already execateO ihe tame are notified tn i'o to in p*mon or by Attorney duly aathortied. k Nolle i- Is also fir en, that ihe Secretary <>f Utx Company wtfl tasue eertiftcau-s of the iu>«k of this Company to the holders of »ach l>on Is upon turnreoder therr- af, In pursuance o[ the provisions uf tht- dt^,l ..f ,ir gantxattoa. Nolle.- is al«o given, that the bu»rd of Utrecl-;rs .H thU Company has made An assessment C.D the it^r k *i the rate of one per cent, for the i arpose of paying t>t atpenae* of foreclottn* the said n>ort|ragee and o or (tanlzlog this Company, payable oa or before the first day of July next, to the Treasurer of thti Company, Ma o rtce in the City of Mltwaokee. • JeT-dtt DW1«HT W. K EYES, Secretary. the ti- 'n fa l by I ! ,-h« l*'l ty u t tls till/If ol.| under thf Qjinir l Hr tU-1 y , poaaeasiea ail the good <iuaJlti<*B CIAJOJ^I r, imported liquors, ami is »f purft*ct punty * Saror, and a iuveri|rn and su*« r^rofi f '<<r flatolency, Cramp, Co he, Lan^iinr. L»w *\. «) Debility, Ac N'U KAMILY SHOri.D HE WITH Ketail Price, tiy t n T PPF Hot I I r*. ii .an* *h I ir ),,' ii S \ 'II i 1 l ;/ . I .1; - IK A 1 i U il u 1 V P A f ll>l.KY. ROOFING, HARDWARE, &C. n . JI E A C L E & S O I\ SION OK THE i KED KETTLE ORALKR9 IN Stovei Sheet Iron. Tin, Hardware. -AND— A(JUH;tLTIJUiL W OU1J) respectfully Inform their friends and tbe public generally, that they hare opened a Store at 8O6 ..... . . . . WMT WATKH 8TREBT SO6 Tor the nj« al the abort named articles, toireth e with SPADES, SHOVELS, .RAKKS, HOK8, and AfTiealtoral Implements ireneraJly, u veil aa all sorts of SHEET IRON AWD TINNERS* WORK, eto. etc, etc. BtOTCf put up to order. 1Sf~ ttooflng. KKPAlftlNO of all kinds, and every sort of wort la OUT line punctoaJlj attended to. |3r^ Orden left vlll be attended to without delay. aoclD MCAOLK t SOB. T resolution of the Common Connell, adopt.d June otb, 18W, the reoomm;ndatlon of the Street Oom- jonen to grade North alley to the established grade lng through block 153, in the Second Ward, I Ii That laid alley be graded to the e tabllshed grade, adcordlng to the eitlmate of the Olty Engineer on Me In this office. . Owner* ol property In laid alley are hereby notified ojmake inch ImproTemenla wlth'n 20 day i from thla date, or the Steeet Commiiiionen of the Second Ward wfA came the tune to be done and charged to •pfeeUTe loti according to law. |BU-d6t K. L'H. e A ODIN BH, Comptroller. BOUNDS & General Advertising Agents, ; J'IBB RANDOLPH STBX£3 t . are auttorlied to receive Advertitemenu for toll aijWtO u aO or tbe moat InflotnUU and target, circu- Wag paper* throoghout ttocattra Nortb-W««t, 01 the Cnited Stales. Q.8immonds has appointed J 141 Kast Water itrfrt, *>1 K i,;eni.« f>.r i;— consln, wrttrr tlealer^ anil 'ustcm^r* w ward their orders. By calling on the agents, the puhllc wih pie irratnloualy THIS WAY WITH YOUR MONEY JOHNW. LKDYARD, Cash Grocer and Wine UeaUr, NO, 161 EAST » ATER ST. T IHB BEST PLACE TO BUY FINK t-JRKKN tNi. BLACK TBAH , The brat place to bay OLD JAVA AD.I MIX HA < t PEES, Trie beat place to buy nice SYRCPS . The beat place to ba; all kinds of MOLASSK^ 1 The beat place to bay all kinds af SCO 4 US The beat place to buy all kinds if SALT FI.1H The > eat place to bay Cross t Black»ell'i PICK I F •< Tbe best place to buy all kind? FOREIUN SAL ''K.- Tbe best place to buy all <lnds PI K PRUIT3 The ties; place to boy 8UOAR CL'REO H AM.- The beat place to. buy SUOKJiD BKEP , The beat place to boy CHOICE BLTTKK The Deal place to buy PALS AJU£ . The best place to boy FOREIGN ALE ind PORTr^ B The boat p ace to boy TOlLa'TSOAPS . The beat p'ace to buy all kinds WASHING SOAPS The be>t place lo bny best STARCH ; The be.,1 place lo bay K16S, RAU1NS, PBINHS The bat place to bay all kinds N U IV The best place to bay part LIQCOR8 far family u»e The best place to buy Native and foreign WIN C< The beat place to bay a good bojt lire A «S ' The beat place W buy Meerahaum 8MOSI.NO rOBAC ' 00: The best place to buy high and low coal OHEWINO TOBACCO. •• Th« beat place to buy Weldham Pine Apple CHEESE ! The beat place to buy Kngl ah anil American The best place to bay good GOODS . < The best place to bay GOODS CtlKAP . The boat place to bay all kloda Q tic CKRI KB We aak trie oil Hens of Milwaukee to try oj—ri.-h au.l poor. ]e«4 _ JOHNW. LKDYARC CUAHLES 1C. AI <STI\, »» i La a ia Domestic Exchange and Specie • T ' HE highest rates paid for ail kinds uf Oolif and 311 TIT Coin, and Bullion. Exchange canitantly (or sale at the lowest prices. As I make dealing In Specie and Exchange my entire and eidusive business, 1 am able to live my. customers an advantage over current figures. List of prices will be fomlihed at my office, NO, 68 WISCONSIN STREET, Under tbe Baptist Oharch, nearly opposite the tlaitoi* Boose. ' DurMrdCm A INIS" ( . \1 ' \ I M \ oo:.:. 1 : 1 .:;. Mr i; i i \ M I I M.I < ! .1 I I J Jtl UT JE i, R Y ! Ii * 4 ... <» •«*i) Ladies' a ad Wlift OiovciDcnU %t the Am*ric»n ^uht. : 11 y 't.ruier ftuok, 1 n r s nateru ^J*rReU I*:»tie run, iiacmrttO linco Lh« ark-rt ttoek at Gentlemen's (Uuwle.iga-,1 ».- Da i Watches. 500 apriH MCTS ,uat r«i iveU al HCNN M CttOBTS.

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