The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 14, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1914
Page 4
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Pace four THE D E C A T U R R E V I E W Tuesday Evening, July 14, 1914 PUY APPARATUS Spend Day at Fairview-Torrence Instructor. MAKE WOODEN SWINGS For Oakland School First Graders--Show Interest. Oaksnd school boyn took up their work of making playground apparatUB for the school ground unfler the direction of Frank Torrence at Fairview park Monday. Most of the boys were from the sixth and seventh grades o£ the school, though there were some from lower grades. The boys who ·worked yesterday were Howard Crous«, Malcolm Jlclntosh. Robert Dllntush. William Crcuse, Georgu Crouse, Charles Siehr and Horace Pauley. Other boy« of the school expos', to work on the apparatus when they get together the r.«t time. SHOW TRAINING The manual raining which the boys hive hid showed up well In their work yesterday. ' Mr. Torrence was much pleased with their work. He was not the only one who was pleased. however. as the hoys were de- lie-htel with their Instructor. In fact, one remarked: "I'd like to have Mr. Torrenca for my manual trainins teach-r He says everything is Just fine." * EARLY AT WORK. The boys were called together tar the work by Miss May Boland, the principal of the BChoo! They went to the park about 8 o'clock, though some were on hand oarher than that, and they worked all day. They made a. number of wooden swings for the first graders. It is the plan of the achool to ha%e one part of the playground fixed up for the primary pupils only. The 'boys will also make turning p"I?s, wooden rockers, will fix up a f n n l s court, and do other work of that kind. All the apparatus that Is being made It modeled after that In Fairview park. The boys wil meet again to work just as soon as Mr lorrence can give them the time. TO J. M. II Appointed on Faculty by Board of Manager*. At the mietins of th» MlWUln Board of M»j)«fera, h'lfl on Monday tnorntns, Hiss Eugenia. Allin, h«»4 ot the ex'en. sion department of the Illinois library commission In Sprtnsfteia, w«s appoint. TERRA COTTA FOR POWERS BUILDING First to be Taken from Kiln* on An*. 4: Stffl Work Continue*. John -A. Pi-ribbins. managing architect on the Powers building, has been in Chicago for the past few days at the office of Wells Brothers, m a k i n g final arrangements for the tile arch floors for the building. The woik on these will be started about the 20th of this month What -was considered to be the sreat- est delav, that of obtaining the terra ~ottT has been satisfactorily arranged. The first lot will be taken from the k.lns by At;z. !. The. remainder will be !urnea ami d e l i v e r e d as It is needed Woik on the third and fourth floors of the building will be started the last of this week. The Decatur Bridge Om- panv will erf-t a 30-foot boom derrick tomorrow to take care of th- heavier steel work. The Bridge fom- nany now has about thirty-two men working on the building. Dr. W. r. RJ-HB to Bnlld. Dr. W. P. Ryan, who recently p u r chased th" lot on "(Vest Main street opposite the Millikln university and just i ast of the residence of Mrs Delia. P Gushard, is preparing to erect a. modern residence ana office there. The house T\ill have two stories and an eight-foot English basement, and the office will 1)6 located in the basement. It will tie modern in every way It will probably be finished in stucco and will cost about $6,000. MISS EVGESTIA AILIV. ed to succeed Miss Lucle H. Snyder as librarian and professor at llbrars- science at the James MUIlkln university. Miss Allin was nominated by president Fellows and her appointment confirmed by the board. She ie a gra*- uate of the University of Illinois school of library science and was librarian at Milllkin until 1910. NO ACTION' ON COACH. There was some discur^ion on the successor of J. N. Ashmore, but nothing definite was done. The m a t t e r was left j in the hands of a committee consisting: of President Fellows, H. W. McDavId, and L A. Mills. The appointment will | probably be made at the next meeting. Two new applicants for "Ash'B" Job armed here this week, one from the Uni. '·erstty of Missouri and another from the University of Chicago. Both are looked on favorably for the position. Candidates for the position of director of the Jlilllkin conservatory were also discussed, but no action was taken. This will be deferred u n t i l the next meeting 1 . Other matters of minor im- portan^e were considered. The oppoint- ment of Miss Allin as librarian was the only business of a n v importance transacted at the meeting. In Vrooman'* Withdrawal --Meeting Held Here. Decatur supporters of lAwrenca B. Slring«r (or the Democratic, nomination for United States senator were Interested to hear Tuesday that Carl S. Vrooman ef Bloomlngon h*d withdrawn from the rac-o and that Stringer had become the official anti-SuWvan candidate. It Is reported that Governor Dunne will support Stringer »· the jr.ost available downstate Democrat to oppose Sullivan. MEETING HERE. Democratic supporter* of Stringer In the nineteenth district held a meeting here Monday for the purpose at organizing » "Stringer cjub." Resolutions endorsing Stringer were adopted and county chairmen were selected as fol- COUNTT CHAIRMEN. Shelby county--J. H. RighUr, per- jnanent chairman. Platt county--James Hicks. DoWitt county--L. O. Williams, state's attorney. Champaign county--J. Marlon Pet. ers, Urbana. Douglas county--James XT. Merita, TuacoU. Macon county--James C. Lyons, Moultrie county--George Dausherty, Sullivan, Coles county--O. V. Cook, Charleston, AT MEETING. Present at the meeting were the folIcwlng: Shelby county--Judge J. H. Rlghter, Frank Stone, W. E. Lowe, I. S. Storm, Dr. C. H. Hewitt. Platt county--F V. Dilatush, Ja.mcs Hicks DeWitt county--C. H. Rock, Farmer Cltv. i Champaign county--Charles Webber, C. J. Mulllkin, F, E. Williamson. J. P. aullck. ' Douglas county--James Weatherby. Mjfon county--R. E. Gray, J. w. Fanders C A Smith, Frank Wiley. J. C. Lyons. TV'. H. WhltUker. Judge !son, l» or?e Kpltler, C. N. TVellepp, R. I F int. filoultrle and Coles counties not rep- rcjsented. SANDERS CHAIRMAN. Dr. J. W. Sanders was elected district chairman and F. W. Wiley, district secretary. There were thirty present at the meeting. Tfian Bloomington--More on OtHer Things. Bloomington Pantagraph: The Decatur commissioners have prepared the appropriations for the fiscal year 1914. Compared with the tentative budget of Bloomington, this makes very interest- Ing reading. According to the census of 1910, Bloomington had a population of 25,763, while Decatur had 31,140. It Is probable that In the last four years the ratio of growth has been about the same, and that Decatur now has about 5,400 more people than Bloomington. MORE EXPENDITURES. The appropriation ordinance of Decatur calls for expenditures of $310,048.27, an increase over last year of about $12,000. This, despite the fact that Decatur voted out saloons. The tentative expenditures of Bloomlngton for the coming year are $315,219.40, or about $16,000 more than last year. This also despite the fact that Eloomlngton voted out saloons. SOME FUNDS COMPARED. The following figures show how the two cities regard the various departments calling for the larger expenditures: Bloomington Decatur Library -.-... $12,500 $9,418 Parks 17,000 23,544 Police .' 30,600 26,500 Flr« department ..·· 36,930 38,000 ·Water 35,000 45,000 Salaries, city officers 9,800 20,625 Light ^ 26,000 16,000 Contingent 4,000 3,000 Law _ 10,000 2,000 Health". 13,900 2,000 TALLEST ELK IS NEAR DEATH Judge Slack of Oklahoma Once Defied tba Supreme Court. Tul?a, Ok. July 14.--Judsre John J. Slack, said to b« the tallest Elk in the world, standing six feet eisht Inchps, IK dying In a local hospital He IB wventy-Elx years old. Judga Slack has been a justice of the peace since statehood and la one of the unique characters o* Oklahoma He once defied a ruling of the state supremo court and stood pat until threatened Mth Imprisonment for contempt Judge Slack IB a native Mlssourlan and was a Confederate soldier, $T\ ing under General .Top Wheeler There is More to Glasses Than Just the Lenses Fits-II Eyeglasse ~ _ r "See far Yourself-Thea. Ara Scafce/y. Noticeably Lenses may fit your eyes but if the mounting or bridge does not fit your nose you cannot have the greatest efficiency. We specialize in* fitting, which is a real art. If your glasses are not comfortable let us tell you where the trouble is. East William St. DECATCB, ILL. -»- BLOOMINGTON TO HAVE PULMOTOR B'oomlnEton Pantagraph : Bloomlngton * POOH to b« the owner of a pulmotor. a life "avlng device which hat been advocated by many for the last two years The pulmotor, as Is well known. Is an apparatus lor the pu'-- posc of restoring respiration when one has been subjpcted to the dangers of death cither [rom drowning, pas asphyxiation or electro- lzini? The Instrument costs 'but $125 and ill be fcect at Miller park for the bathing nA boating season and the remainder of - When You Want FISHING TACKLE That's Fit For FISHING Buy Your Tackle of Us. THE FISHIXG SEASON IS NOW AT ITS HEIGHT. Kellington Dieckhoff 34S N. Main St. 'The Road of Goo4 Service.' All trains leava terminal, corner Wood and Water ·treet*. (Subject to dunce withont notice.) West Bound. 8:20....t-m, I-11:10....«.ro. I* 5:25....JJ.m. e:i5....a.m. 12:01....p.m. I 8:10....p.m. 8:00....a.m. · 1:25....p.m. I I:Z8x...p.m. aO:10....a.m. j · 8:25....p.m. I »:85....p.m. 10:oo....a.m. ( 4:00....p.m. I 11:16....p.m · Limited, r Parlor car. (a) Connecta «t Springfield with parlor cai for St Louli. ··» Umlted for Springfield onlr. St. LouU deeper leaven Sprlnitfleia al 2:25 *.m. Open for occupancy at 9:00 p.m. East Bound. 5:00....a.m. 8:90.... a. m. 8:03....a. m. 8:30....a. m. ·Umlted. xParlor or. ·10:3W...a.m. I 4:30....p.m ·12:30....j) m. I a:4Bx...p.m · 2:DO....P.m. I 8:«....p.m !:»....p.m. I 11:15....p.m North Bound. 5:M....*.m. I 1:20....p.m. 7:35....a.m. ]« S:10....p.m. 9:20....a.m. I 8:30....p.m. ·10:10....a.m. |* 4:10....p.m. · 6:10....p.m 1:20....p.m. 0:05....p.m. 11:13....p.m. '12:10....p.m. i 5:20."'.,,~.v m. *Peorl Tjlmtted. Q. W. QtJACKENBDSH, VauOSf Manager, SBrinctleld I, H. BATMAKER. Gemrml Acut C«»t»r. REMNANTS On Sale Wednesday At Gebhart's 9c REMNANT SALE AT 9 A M. Goods Worth 25c to 50c A Yard 500 remnants of high-grade wash goods will be put on sale Wednesday morning. In this lot you will find 27-in. striped poplins, 40-inch rice cloth, 24-in. silk and cotton brocaded crepe, serpentine crepe, printed pongee, batiste, 32-inch aephyr ginghams, yarn dyed suit- ings, 36-in. crepe, ratine crepe, tissue ginghams, silk Tussah nub crepe, 40-in, printed voile, silk eponge, silk stripe voile and many other materials that are lengths from 2 to 8 yards. This sale opens at 9 a. m. A yard.... : ............. ; .-.i . ·......... ·... · ·-· · - · ·--- ·) Remnants Of White Goods On Sale Wednesday At 1-2 Price Starting Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock, we place on sale, 300 remnants of new, ex- 4 - quisite white fabrics comprising all the new weaves in crepes, voiles, ratines, rice cloths | __ ^ I/* A and all the staple fabrics such as poplins, piques/India linons, Persian lawns, organdies, ----· UI 1 v madras cloths, dimities a^d other fabrics too numerous to mention. All placed on one ^| ········ large display counter and will be sold at y z off the already marked down, price THE S T O R E T H A T M A K E S T H E P R I C E ESjGEBHARTCo GRCATER DECATUR'S GRE.ATST STORE Young Ladies' Baby Doll Pumps, Special Saturday TREMENDOUS Shoe Purchase MADE BY The BIG D.R, 2nd and 3rd floor Bargain Depts. And For This Week Another Lot of Ladies' Black Velvet 2-Straps We Offer You a Most Wonderful Selection of All the Newest Styles of Summer Low Shoes at Large selection newest Colonials, $2.50 and $3.00 values Unheard of Prices Tangos, Colonials, 2-Straps and Mary Janes Ladies' Tango Pumps, Patents and Satins, $3.50 values HERE IS WHERE YOU SAVE A DOLLAR OR MORE Ladies' white canvas 2-straps and Mary Janes Children's patent and dull 2-straps 98c Ladies' black satin pumps $1.19 CHILDREN'S WHITE CANVAS 2 Straps 75c Ladies' gun metal 2-straps Children's Baby Doll pumps EWSPAPERl EWSPAPERl

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