The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa on July 10, 1903 · Page 4
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The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa · Page 4

Kellogg, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
Page 4
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THE KELLOGG ENTERPRISE PUBLISHED EVERY WEEK AT KELLOGG ». OOtJTTS, Editor and Proprietor. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. One Year $1.60 Six Months 75 Three Mounts .4 "My Old Kentucky Home" of song and story was evidently not located in Breatbitt county, ^^ THK man who is a good citizen is'a safe proposition in any relation of life To be a good citizen' comprehends everything worth being. THE revival of the Sampson-Schley controversy by Richmond Hobson is iulte as wise as a number of other things which that unballasted young man has done. HICKS, the weather prognosticate^ - says the fall weather will bo favorable to the late planted crops and that planting done since the floods will mature and be all right, MR. CLEVELAND denies that he authorized the statement that he is not in a receptive mood with reference to another democratic presidential nomination. All unnecessary. THK "Iowa idea" a rid.the "Ohio idea" are similar in at least one respect Both'-are meant to deceive the voters into further concessions to the trusts by holding out the idea of relief from trcust impositions.--Commoner. WHITI.AW REID has gone to considerable pains to prove- that the Monroe doctrine is dying Mr. Reed was sent to England last ear to represent the United "States;.at., the coronation of -King Edward, and he has never gotten over it; THE Monroe county {republican convention endorsed everybody and everything, ': including xhelt'er and aritir shelter, planks and advocates, only they, .somehow forgot to remember Laoey. Wonder if the Honorable '^ss/SlS] colleague on the republican national committee, Perry Heatb, and other republican friends, just as be strained every nerve to save Hanua'8 friend, Machen." ·· % THE republican papers are now asserting that the action of the recent democratic state convention is an acknowledgement that the party was wrong in 1896 and 1900. Nothing could be more misleading than such a presumption, and yet it is just what we expected to hear. « Nine tenths of the democrats who have consented to drop all direct reference to the last national platform in the interest of what they call harmony, are emphatic m their assertions that they still believe implicitly in the measures advocated in 1896 and 1900. They think other things are uppermost just now and want to keep up with the procession. They may be wrong but most of them ate sincere.--Monroe Co. News. THE democrats of Iowa should put forth every honorable effort for the election of HOD. J. B. Sullivan aa governor. Not in years has tbe party had so,commendable a candidate; not in years have we bad so able a statesman to lead u» on to victory. He is a fluent sperker, a convincing and logical debi- tor. In the language of Sam Wright of Tipton, who placed Mr. Sullivan's name before the couvention: "He is big enough to compel Gov. Cummins and Senator Allison to come out of tbe bushes aud declare to the people what they meant when they declared last year thatHhe tariff afforded shelter for monopoly, was big enough to tell the people why the last republican convention went democratic and would give Gov. Cunnnins .the debase of hisilife.-- Moulto'ri Sun, CULTIVATION OP HUMOR. It has been proposed that a chair of humor be established at tbe Uuniversi- ty of Wisconsin. The ide'a is advanced that not only humorous temperament* may be cultivated, but that funny writ- era ami cartoonists can- be developed. It looks at first glance a* if the man who proposed this scheme must be a ·veil developed humorist himself. It is hard to take him and his idea seriously. But after all, humor may be cultivated as well as can an of the senses. Seeing fun in thine? habit DEMOOBATIO OOTJHTf 001VEITIOI The Demomratd of Jasper County, Iowa, will meet in delegate convention at the Court House, in Newton, Iowa, on Tuesday July 2l*t, 1903. at 11 o'clock, a m. to nominate candidates for tbe following county officers' -Representative, Sheriff, Superintendent of Schools, Treasurer, "Member Board of Supervisor*, Surveyor, " __ Coroner.'" And for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before said .convention. -The basis of representation will be i delegate at large from each precinct and also one delegate for each twenty- five votes or major fraction thereof cast for the Democratic candidate for secretary of state nt'the last general election; and the products will be entitled to tbe fillowiryr number of delegates: - , Clear Creek. ... T. 3 'Poweshiek 4 Washington. 7...^ ^ 2 Colfaz, 1st ward.^.^^. 5 Colfax, 2ndj»ard.~ E . .'...-····· 2 Colfax 3rd wa?d 3 "Prairie City...".?.,, .- *-. 6 Vandalla 2 Independece. ...^ ..... 7 Sherman ^....[ ;t Mound Prairie ~...^ 4 ftlonroe ,\ 8 Fairmonn-,.^ .....7. r... 2 Palo Alto "» 5 Iteasoner. 2 ^Newton township.^. " 5 Newton, 1st wardT?. ,. 4 * Newton, 2nd ward ·Newton, 3rd'ward. Malaka ,- 4 Mariposa f 4 Kellogg.... 7 .... T :T 7 Buena Vista 4 Elk Creek 5 Sully ..T 3 Lynnville. 3 Richland r 2 Rock Creek Hickory Grove.*. 2 THE strike commission estimate that in the recent great anthracite'coa strike the miners, operators aiid trans portation companies lost nearly on billion dollars Strikes are always ex pensivo and the sooner these differ ences are arbitration the better it will be for all parties eon ·carried. A prominent,official of the postoffic department says that the real trbubl with this department and : "all other government departments ia the anxiety of the people'to secure employment a handsome pay and the fact that they will excuse anything in a inember o: congress it he will only get sinecures for the people of his district. THE Dee Moines Capital seems to want to know where Fred White it) Down on his farm in Keokuk county . doing the work that moves and feeds ihe world. Moreover, be is just as . much honored in the seclusion which he has chosen as'if he were living in the garish light of publicity." Fred White is alt right, we do assure, you.- Oskaloosa Times-Journal. SPEAKING of tho situation in Wash ington as it obtains .to:day. a member of congress said: "It is the old story. When a'party . remains in power toe- long there is sure to be wholesale corruption. It is not tho new man who steals from the government, but the old oflico holder who regards.himself safe from .prosecution because of hi* political influence, and who has come to believe that no change of administration, which woii.'d reveal his-pecu- Jationa, is likely to occur. History always repeats itself in this respect, and the abuses finally become so-ger- ious that tho people are compelled to change the administration, if only to turn the rascals out! Take the present situation in the postoffico department. Roosevelt, may be sincere in hl«'desire to prosecute those who have actually stolon from the government, but even he Is loth to expose the rascality of republican appointee; and he is afraid to get rid of Payne, who is a professional politician, and whom, ·very effort Is bent to the saving of his habWol *«£»} them from cotfft 'distinguishing iplace surrounding* and rightly estimating their value a* fun that make* the humorest. For all real humor comes from real life. The humorist does not create; he only ob serves and memories and produces on proper occasions. He snatches % the fleeting gleams of sunshine of life, stores them, transmutes them into gold and brings them forth again to permanently brighten and enrich the world. Some people will walk down the street and sue a do/en things to laugh at, to remember and to repeat, to the amusement of all bearers, while most people gravely go on their way, seeing nothing to excite a smile. The world ia full of humor for those whose senses have been tiamed to see it. The culti vatlon of humor is most laudibie enterprise. There is nothing makes .the world go along so smoothly as a laugh at frequent intervals. Laughter i* better medicine than pills. The man who writes a really funny story or'makes a ;enuinely humorous picture does a jreat.service to humanity.. Whether humor could successfully be taught in a college or not, it can be everybody in everyday life.--Ex. " "A neighbor ran in w i t h a bottle of Chanberlain's Colic, Cholera, and diar- rhoea Remedy when my son was.suffer- 116 ·The Central Committee-recommend that the committeemen. of the various precincts call their respective caucuse* to select delegate* to this conventio at such times and places as will bes " jeof the voter*. Bu ANNOUNCCMCNTS. ED ENTiBRpRiBBt-Pleaae announce that I will be a candidate for the nomination for sheriff before tbe democratic convention. JESSE A: WINGEK. ED ENTERHRISE:-Please announce thatM. B. Mobberly will be» candidate for the office of sheriff subject Jo tbe decision of the county democratic convention. ., - - Bratalljr A case came to light that for persistent and unmerciful torture ha* perhaps never been,equaled. Joe Golobickof Colusa, Calif., writes, "For J5 years I endured insufferable pain from Rheumatism and nothing relieved "me though I tried everything known, 1 came across Electric Bitters and it's the greatert medicine on earth for that trouble. A few bottles of it completely cured mi." Just as gooa for Liver and Kidney troubles and general debll ity. On'y SOo. teed by^W. W. Druggists. Satisfaction guaran- HolHngswoetb Co., ·H*a»M^^^»^^»TM^^»TM_^" · ·' i" 1 i" _ · ·_ i TM-,^J"TM A VALUABLE ·EDIO1K£ LOW RATES TO BOSTON. Via Rook Island System. On account of the annual meeting of tbe National, Educational Association, to be held at Boston July" 6-10, the Rock Island System will sell round trip rates to Boston at one fare, plus 2 00. Selling dates: June 30 to July 4 Long return limit. a If'desired, yon can return via another route than tbat used for the going trip by paying a somewhat higher rate. This is the only opportunity of going east at small cost this'summer. Boston is within a few hour* by rail or water of tbe principal eastern resorts and for that reason the strong probability is that-thousands will take ad vantage of the N. E. A. rates. Berths should be reserved as early as possible "See nearest "Rock Island ticket agent or write to J G Farmer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. such a call is norrmade, then the c« n tral Committee hereby call such pre cinct caucus to meet at tbe usual poll ing place in sue 1 ) precincts, at 8 o'clock p. m. on Saturday July 18tb, at which time and place such (irecinct delegate* will be selected it ia requested and recommended that at such caucuse each precinct, will choose a precinc eommitteeman to represent said pre cinct on tbe County Central Committee for the ensuing year The new County Central Committee will be organized immediately afte the adjournment of ..said convention, and each member thereof is especially urged to attend on tbat day. B. J; ENGLErW. A:,LIVINGSTON, Secretary Chairman ng with severe cramps and was given up as beyond hope by my regular physi- ian, who stands high in bis profession. Vfter.administering three dpecs, my son regained consciousness :and re overcd entirely within twenty-four tours," says Mrs. Mary Haiier, of Mt. Crawford, Va. This Remedy is for sale jy W. W..Hollingsworth Co. SCOTT'S EMULSION t "*WS« «o tarry the wMktncd rtjrvtd (yiUm along until it un firm tupport in ordinary food. , ; Send tat Ine Mmpl*. . SCOTT A BOWNlv, ChtmUta. ° u a ME, SULLIVAN-OtlE OABDIDATE. Hon. Jeremiah; Sullivan is the mo*j interesting perBpnality and will make the most interesting campaign for ·gov- ernor of any candidate nominated by the democracy of Iowa' since the days of Horace Boies. .He is ui»ivers*lly called "Jerry";Sullivan, not because he is in any degree undignified: in appearance or.manner or character, but because; he if an unusually popular yoliug mn. : '·":"·,,'· He is a fine lawyer, wideiy known and highly esteemed for,'hi* : legal attain ments. He is married .and devotedly attached to. his family. He is a clean, sober, hard-working and industrious citizen of Creston, where he has lived for many years and iB''tibiversaily liked. There is no truth in the rumor of his removal to Des Molbet. Mr. Sullivan Jis an orator in the true sence of the word--logical and intensely earnest.' His voice is clear as a bell and his manner upon, the stump greatly increases his popularity. This year for the first time in many years, every congressional district of Iowa will see a vigorous speaking campaign -by the democracy and for" democratic principles. Wherever Mr. Sullivan goe*. he will find audiences to win votes. The people will like him and his canvas will b« original, interesting and forcible. He will appeal with eloquence and themost engaging manner^to tbe ·olid, conservative voter* of the state and be the most popular candidate among tbe young men of Iowa that we have*een fora generation.--Burlington Gazette. : . . Night W«w Her Terrer. · "I would cough nearly all night long" write* Mrs. Chae. Applegaite, of Alexandria, Ind., "and could hardly get any sleep. I bad consumption so bad that s I walked "a block 1 would cough righfully and spit blood, but, when all other medicine* failed, three 11.00 bottles of Dr. King'* New Discovery whcl- ly cured me and I gained 51 pounds." It's absolutely . guaranteed to cure Coughs, coldn, La e^tipeT^KfontUHhr and air Throat and Lung Troubles Priea SOcand $1.00. TrUl bottle free w,~ Holllug«»,orth Go's drug "I have not the slight out hesitancy in recommending Chamberlain'* Cough Remedy to all *ho are suffering from coughs or colds,'* says Mr. Chas. M. Cramer, Esq , a well known watch maker, of Colombo, Ceylon. "It has bean- some two years since'the City Dispensary first called my attention to thi* valuable medicine aud I have repeatedly used It and it has always been benift- cial. It has cured me quickly of all chest colds. It is especially effective for child ren and seldom takes more than one bottle to cure them of hoarseness.-' I have persuaded many to try this valuable medicine, and they are all as well pleased as myself over tbe results." For sale by W. W. Hollingsworth Co. This paper might be filled withitems like the following', .a'nd every one be the absolute truth. I had rheumatism. for years aud tried almost everything, but got no permanent relief until I tsed Chamberlain's Pain Balm, three bottles of which have cured me." It is tbe best medicine I ever, used.--PHILIP E. RHODES, Pennville, Mo. Pain Balm" For sale by W. W. Holtingsworth Co. HALF-PARE TO DENVER RETURN Extraordinarily low rates to Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo will be in effect during the first ten days of July. The round-trip rate from Kellogg-Is half-fare and tickets will be good to return until August 31. This rate !s'made on account of the annual meeting of the Society of Christian Endeavor but it is open to everybody. " - ^ ^ - - - The Rock Island has issued a special folder giving ,full information about the Christian Endeavor Convention. A copy willbe furnish.3d.onapplication to any Bock bland ticket agent or by ad- drebsing J. G. Farmer, Cedar Rapids, towa _ at W. store. ROCK ISLAND SYSTEM Low Rate Bulletin. No need to stay at home THIS summer. All sort* of low rate* are offered fay tbe Bock Island--and they apply to all sorts ef places. Note these. To California, in June, July and August. To Colorado In June, July and August To Detroit "and Boston, in July. Particularly low are the rates to Colorado which will be in force earlj in July. t Detailed information as to through car service, coat of tickets, etc., will be -furnished'by nearest Hock Island lionet agent, or by writing J. F; Farmer, D. P. A., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. ; 43«M»d for Hheuninlliiin. · I*st fall I was taken with a very severe j»Uack.. of muscular, rheumatism which caused me great pain and annoy- inco. After trying several perscrip- ibns and rheumatic cures, I decided » use Chamberlain's Pain Balm, which I had seen advertised in the South Her- seyman. After two applications of this Remedy 1 was much, better; and after using one bottle, was completely cured. -SALLFE HARRIS, Saiim;N.j. for sale by W: W 1 . Holliogeworth: Co.' 1 BUB-OUT'S DI8EA8E _ The largest sum ever paid for a prescription, changed hands in San Francisco, Aug 30, IWJi. The transfer Involved in coin and stock $112,500.00 and waspafaby a party of business men for a specific for Bright's Disease and Diabetes^ hitherto incurable dis- eases. They commenced the serious investigations of tbe specific Nov. 15, 1900; The y interviewed scores of the cured and tried it out on it* merits by putting ou^over.tbree dozen cases of the treat- , menfitr-'watculug them. They also---' got physicians to name chronic, Incurable cases, and administered it with the physicians for judges, Up to August 26, eighty-seven per cent of -the test cases.were either well or progressing favorably. There being but thirteen per cent of failures, the parties were satisfied and closed the transaction. The proceedings of tbe investigating committee and tbe clinical reports of the test cases;were published and will be mailed free on application.. Address JOHN t. FtJLTON COMPANY, 420 Montgomery St. San FrancthcoCaj. 22:40 - Bird'* Nttt In LMMr · At the rillace of Weald, Neots, England, tbe public 1 contain* a bird's nest with f Tbe postman whose duty It I away the letters time after tl pieces of moss in the box a them out, but the bird alw them back, so at length be nest materials alone. The opened three times a day, but ·Its on quite unconcerned. Cultivate a Calm T«m| When the worries and *ari day fret you and begin to wes and you chafe under .the frli calm. Stop, rest for a mom let calmness and peace asse selves. If you let these Irnta Bide influences get the bettei jou are confessing your Intel them by permitting them to d Little Incident Cause* 0 Five little girls residing ai near Bangor, Fa ,^ bile out £ dttudeJlon.recently were frigh a gray squirrel barking and si run down a.hill one ot the Mary F Capone, 9 years old the point of a, knife she car the blade pierced her heait, instant death. - : WA8 TOO BACK. SLBBPY EVE and COLD MEDAL. J. S. Allum I* agent in Kellogg.* for ho above brands of famous flour. r H« keeps a supply at his residence and will deliver it to all parts of town on application. If you want the best try Sleepy Eye or Gold Medal. Working ligit And-Day. The bu»iest|and mightiest|HttIc thing hatover was made is Dr. King's New Life Pills. These'pills change weak- e** into strength, listlossneas into cii- rgy, brain-fag into, mental power, 'hoy're wonderful In building up the ealth. i; Only 25c per box. Sold by W. Hollingsworth Co/ :. One Occasion When Dr. Hall'* Memory Wa* at Fault Dr. John Hall, the late pastor of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian church, ·was ·very proud pf r bis memory for. names and faces. Stranfers wondered .at.hit readlness.ln calling' by name the : nunierou8 members \. of -;the: Sunday School connected with the church. Bat one of the,elder* of *lj church telit at one occasion when the doctor" showed no evidence of his remarkable Blft. "While Dr. Hall was taking his cu«. ; toraary walk down Fifth avenue one' morning," he ;sald, "a ^ young man stopped him, aaylng: ..-''.'--,''. "'Good morning, Dr. Hall. I'm very glad to see yon. Don't you remember me? 1 .. . :.·: :'·_.· ",/·; ' ...;;;.,-: .... . ;-·;; · "The.-doctor, after scrutinizing him for gome seconds, replied: 'I must confess that I have no recollection of erer having *een you. Are you sure that you Ttnow me? 1 . - .; .' " , . ' - · " . ; . . ..." 'Positive,' answered .'"th* : youth,, 'and It'* itrang* you don't recall in*,, for you x officiated -at «n occasion of great importance to me. Why, you bap- thed me In. Dublin. twenty-one year* ago.'"--New York Time*. For a, lazy lirer try Chamberlain'* Stomach and Llrer tablet*. They In- vlproraUi«;»liTer, aid th« difettlon, and prevent bilious attacks*. Fnr sale by W. W. Hollinf sworth Co. Languages In G»rm«hy. Of Oermany'R flfty-sls and one-fourth million* people', Just under fifty-two millions speak German only; three rrillllonn speak. Polish, 140,000 Danish only; 200,000 French, 100,000 Dutch, 63,000 .Czech and Russian. Wendish, Masurian, Kassublan, Moravian and other languages each have adherent*. '·.'·- Cable Ha* Long Lift. '. A section of cable In the Caribbean ·ea wair recently ralaed from 1,MO fathom* of water, wh«r« It had lain for thirty year*. Teat* ihowed It* cor»~to be la perfect electrical condition and the rubber Inralator inln- jur*i. A f*ar taat sulphur from the rubber mlgat laiure th« topper wlr» bad no fonidatlbii. ·^ To_A|je London.- . Two orangoutangs and a «ee, we learn from a cable, pa an eight-course dinner In t Jfork zoo last week. We presj .Is another of the series of J by millionaires, of w,hich we etantly reading. But -why take these quaint'names?--Pi He'* a Grant. : proung Ulysses S". Grant i shown tbat good stuff Re has graduated third in h which is -several times as I thq class in which his famou father graduated t twenty-first."; the son of G^n. Fred "D. Grai waukee Free Press * ! Austrian Navy Put to Good The Austrian navy Is being an aid*to commerce One of : ~«els is visiting the ports of Afi South America, In order to stu trade conditions. " Reports .1 made to the government, with Ject of Increasing Austrian eij Rigid Etiquette for Wom tn northern India It is still ered not genteel for a woma ; ^rhen veiled from head to foot, on a railway platform to get 1 cars. She has to be carried In-; palanquin right up to the wii - Far* for Hlght Until lately children under 1 used to pay half fare on the. tramway** : but the ; rule has I tered ; *o ,. -that any child r^abov feet arid one and one-half in bight -·will 'in; future -have -to. j full fare. Show Value of N«w Meth .TheVDe Forest· Wireless : Te company; has automobile ml**l In; five cities -which: go about a demonstrations of the efficlenci system to railroad, steamship c corporationa; that may be Iriteri Bicyclist* Remember B«n*fa J. K Starley, the Inventor safety bicycle, Is to be immo: by a memoriar In England, for ,|2,500 ;has already-been *ubi . The stibscrlptibris "are coming I 'liberally':'at-' present.,-"-. V; " ·.; ; See* It* ^Flrtt Railway Tr ; An Interesting .event, occurred Ching;cho-fu (Shantung) on a Sunday,; w,heh the first railwa; In the. history of .the 'place, w ·I'4,000' years old, arrived from-Tsl Queen Alexandra's Eplgrai '· it- is^a pity,," said Queen Ale to the late Bishop; of London; 01 ; ;':hat women are not as devoted birds "iii the, air as they are birds in;their, hats.".; .,:\.,\.-. .Germany's Toy Soldier.Indui In NiircmberK.'Oernian'y, 800 men:-arc employed 'making lej '(liers and- load 'toys: They tui ab'but 100,000 lead .soldiers a da; Grow Flowers for British, ', Flower growers;'in , the so« France, and other favored cllm It profitable to send the produ their slciil to British:markets'. Increaw in British Exporti Last year British exports - (' -)4G tons) were over,a million quarter tons more than those 01 .. · New Time Gauge. Knocker--How long have yo yo'tir new auto?;. Bock'er--About arrests.--.Hew York.gun. Money In B*ard*r*. Tho State of N«w Hampahln more than $5,000,000 each *«anoi lummer hoarder*. iNEWSPAPERl

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