Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 19, 1936 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1936
Page 6
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193(5 THE PAMPA tlAlLY NEWS, Pampa, Te*as Q- D ( AILY CLASSES FOR frlEFEftENT AGES PLANNED Miss Helen Gardner of Dallas ntrlved here today for a week of trainihg;, with young people of the Baptist churches. Beginning Monday evening nt 7 o'clock, she will teach a course based oil the ng.yf. took, Christian Leadership, by Ijft&ry Prances Jjreston. "While the training department pt %«(, Baptist church is presenting' the course, it is open to all who are. Interested tji any phase Q£ Christian work. All Baptist churches of- the city will cooperage. find a week of classes for all ages has been planned. Mrs, John. O. Scott, wife of the pastor- o£ Central Baptist church. will 'lead juniors in a study of the book, Studying for Service, by J. a. Slack. The Rev. C. E. Lancaster wJll'use L. P. Leavell's Training in Christian Service as the text for intermediates. Bible Pictures and Their Stories, by/'Susanna C. Fisher, has been clipseri by Mrs. A. L/ Lee to. entertain and instruct ' the ' primary - ^egjiinpr ' group'. Mrs. H. G. Cbv- logtori will be In charge of the nursery to care for small children. "Basement rooms of First Baptist c^.Urch, always cool, will be arranged for. the classes. The program \yill begin with a surprise period, and students are reminded § be oh time Monday so" they i% . 1 not ntiss It. " 'The schedude follows: Surpi-lse program, T"to. 7,:10; classes, 7:10 tci, 7:55; -general assembly and tyrjef inspirational address by Bap- tifct pastors of Pampa, 7:55 to 8:15; classes, 8:15 to 9. "Miss Gardner is an experienced teacher. She is the sister of Dr. T. C. Gardner, state B. T. U. director and' of- Tex,as Bap- ti£t Centennial Activities. S>ellytown~W.M.S. for SKELLYTOV/N, June 19.— Trie Baptist W.M.,". met in the home of; Mrs. C. L, Gerry at the Cabo(. camp. Sixteen members and two visitors were present. "Mrs, Tiffany was in charge of tl)e lesson bii missions, assisted by Mrs. Bulls, Mrs. Janes, Mrs. Hayes, Mi's. Scliaef. A grab-bag 'himisjied entertainment. After the program, a^iclous refreshments were served. Joseph Calleia is one of the few fl.ctors 'in tovvn who can play a ^axophorie. But he never dbe.s in public. SATURDAY Junior G;. A. of Central Baptist church will met at the church at 3 p. m. ——a*Club and Guests Attend Musical Film at Theater A theater party was enjoyed by several members of Treble Clef club and their husbands last even- Ing, when they attended together a showing of the musical film, Rose of the Ranclio, which stars the opera singer, Gladys Swarthout. After the movie, the group wqnt to ' Cretney drug for refreshments. In the party were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Huling, Mr. and Mrs. John House, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Leech, Mr. and Mrs. Harry 'Lyman, Mines. W. A. Bratton, W. R. Ewlng, Fred Cullum, J, W. Garman, H. O. Roberts and Hattie Tinkler.' CANADIAN NEWS CANADIAN, June ID—The Baptist Missionary union entertained with a garden party at the home of Mrs. W. E. Fite last evening. Husbands of members were included in the guests. Mr. and Mrs. W,. .B. Broddus and Fred Schmidt of Kansas' City were in Canadian yesterday. Miss Lucille Guffy and Keith McLnin were married last Satura- clay evening at the Canadian parsonage by Roy S. Davis, minister. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller le.ft Wednesday for Hpuston to spend a" vacation. The senior Christian Endeavor was entertained with a party In the. Christian church basement last evening. Games and refreshments were., enjoyed. Those who attended, the Panhandle Bankers convention in Amarillo from Canadian Tuesday were Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Addlson, Mr. and Mrs. H. S.' Wiibiir,' Mi-, and Mrs. Kenneth Young', Calvin Isaacs. Aladel West, Mary Owen, and C. W. Allen. YlfflJ! YUM!.,. FRESH Duce's ICE CREAM rick *«» **$$&— Y 0 » r. ypu'IJ liks it! FACTORY^ FILLED QT. Borden's is the only fc«i cream in Pampa W h i c h merit* Good Housekeeping's Seal of Approval Good Housekeepin Heap-0-Cream Store, 21ft M Cuyk Comes Long Way To s Party Jackie Cross was honoree on her fifth birthday Wednesday at her home near McLean. Decorations were in pink and white, and the .pink and white blrthd%v cakes wis lighted with five candles. Cake, ice cream, soda pof>, and lollipops were served after'ari hour of games. Rubber balls were gjven as favors. tfackie received many gifts,'and enjoyed opening a pack- a'ge from her grandmother, Mrs. J. Wilson of New. Jersey. Guesljs w.erq JJimmie. Lee Davis, Mary Ruth and KiiUlred. ttpllqw^ay, Elsie Mae] Hphpway, 'Bprtha Back, Pauline and Marilerie Mastejrsbn, Jane Rippy, Laura Blpp'y,'Barbara Jean Winters, boils' and Jeane.tte ftlgdon, {Catherine a,hd : 'B<*tty ftrpn- nerY'LaJuana' Ffqberts,' Elevation of Count, Galcazzo Ciano to Minister of Foreign, AffiUr,s in Premier. Mussolini's cabinet turns the spotlight again on Ihe youiip; nqbleman's wife, Qouiitcss Eel da, daughter of II Ducc, shown in ijpr newest portrait. Since hjs marriage Ciano'j rise to positions of trust ii} Ita.Iy's Fascist government has been unusually rapid, Plants Taking Profits Out of War, Are Urged WASHINGTON, June 19. (fl 3 )— Senator Bone (D-Wasn), a-member of the senate munitions committee, announced today he" would fight to have the democratic platform Include pjanks advocating hatipnal- Ization 'of ''warship'"' building and some arms manura^tijre and the, enactment of i>ermaheri(; neutrality legislation. He declared, his Action had. the approval of Chairman Nye <1$-ND) and Senator 'Chirk (D-Mp). His munitions plank, tentatively worded, calls 'for "sy$\\, liatipna^r ization as will give the government a 'mpnppoly in fabricating''warj munitions iristrurnehtaliiif>s into the."ir final form for combat purposes." He made clear this would include naval vessels, arms arid ammunition used by the 'army and navy and would apply during peace as well- as war. SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN BY MARY E. DAGUE, NBA Service Staff Writer. On a warrn, sultry day a coolr looking mpld of jellied meat or fish is one bf'the' most pleasing surprises you can bring forth from the refrigerator! If you made it yourself, you'll enjoy it the more beciuise, several hours have elapsed between the. making and serving. These jellied meat loaves and chilled timbales and inousses are particularly delicious lo serve when you are entertaining guests on the porch or in the garden instead of having your luncheon in the usual fashion in the dining room. The molds keep their shapes beautifully en route from the ice-box' to the dining table. In planning menus around jellied meats, don't repeat a jellied dish in the dessert or in the salad. Gelatin Itself is a protein food with distinctive growth-promoting qualities and is beneficial in making other foods more easily assimilable. Because during the summer months we, often must serve a large number of persons, I give you a recipe calculated to serve 20 persons. Flank the mousse on either side .with bowls of salad materials and .serve two or three kinds of salacj (pressings, too. This permits each 'person to choose his own salad com; bination and dressing. Cllilloil Mousse of Ham for 'Twenty Persons. Two quarts of beef broth, 4 tablespoons granulated gelatine, 4 cups thick cream sauce, Hi quarts heavy cream, 2 pounds baked ham, 1 cup sherry wine, 1 teaspoon pepper, few drops tabasco sauce, truffles, halves of ripe olives, strips of green pepper and thin slices of pickled beets. Make a good strong beef broth from a well meated soup bone. Clarify with egg white as for consomme and remove fat. Soften Tomorrow's Menu, BREAKFAST: Berries with cereal a^id sugar anci cream, plain omelet, toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Open sandwiches of cottage cheese-ripe olives and nuts, fresh fruit salad, hot cocoa. DINNER,: Fru^t cup. supr^eine, ham m.o.vifse, shadow potatoes, guttered new. peas in timbale shells, mixed vegetab|e salad', fpzen pudding, macaroons and sponge drops, coffee. gelatine in cold water and stiy into ' boiling broth. Stir "until dis- 3p]vpd Hfld, le.t s.tftnq: until cpql an.fl beginning to set. Make the cream sauce as usual using 4 tablespoons flour to one ciu:> of rich milk and 4 tablespoons butter. Line a three quart mold with a th(n coating .of the beef jelly and decorate with the truffles and vegetables cut in attractive shapes. The decorations will become f;rm in .thf) jelly arid stay put whei} you fill the mold. Let Jell for Four Hours. Ch,9p hajn very fine and ri\b through U fine seive. Put into an aluminum mixing bowl and place in a larger pan of ice. Add cream .sauce find stir well and then af|d .half the cream, a few tablespoontuls ,at'a time, stirring cp«tantly. \yhlp. rem, cream until firm and fold Into, mixture. Add Jelly, cherry, pepper,' t;aba,scp and, it the ham wag nqt ,sajty, a little salt. Hpwever, if y'p'u ^fto^lhe. crearft sjjuce well and also the .beef stock you'd better tagtg. it b'efpre you add salt. -. Baw the w'fissmMaii into lite prepared mold and put in the refrigerator for four hours or over night. Serve very cold. Mother and Two Children Slain; Murder Charged PITTSBURGH, June 19 M 3 )—The discovery of the bodies of a uni- versjt-y of Pittsburgh instructor's wife and their two small children in thejr east end home led to conflicting' theories today by authorities regarding their deaths. Martin J. Feely, the husband and assistant professor of physicial education at Pitt, was away, at a summer cainp for undernourished children in Pottersville, N. J. The children, Robert 5, and Janice, 3, had been stabbed in the head and strangled. Mrs. Eleanor had been stabbed in the heart, ap- p'aiently after a rope was tightly drawn around her neck. Police Lieut. George * Schmotzer, said he believed tb,e, mpther kiljed her children'and her self. But' investigator John Artz and Cljie.f Deputy Corpngr Jarnes, L. p^viij- Tjie|i and Now CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH John O.' Scott, pastor. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. B. T. S. classes for all ages meets at 7 p. m. Evening service, 8 o'clock. You are most cordially invited to join us In these services. FULL GOSPEL TEMPLE 500 South Cuyler. II. E. Comgtock, minister. Sunday school; 9:45 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. m. Sunday. C. A. S. meets at 0:45 p. m. Week-day services on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45 p. m. Women's Missionary council, 1:30 p. m. Wednesday. A welcome is extended to all. The alert curiosity of infant Peggy Ann Landon foreshadows the young woman who 19 years later was to captivate republican convention throngs. She is pictured above as she looks today, University, of Kansas co-ed and potential White House "princess." HOLY SOULS CATHOLIC Joseph Wonderly, pastor. Sunday masses, 8 a. in. to 10 a. m. Children's Instructions, 4 p. in. Benediction, 4:45 p. m. Week-day, masses. 7:30 a. in. The public is always invited lo attend services here. son said they are following a triple theory. Charles F. Young, owner of the spacious colonial home and occupant of the second floor, discovered the bodies about 11:30 p. m., last night. His wife said she last had seen Mrs. Feely about 1 a. m., Tuesday. Police, who got into the apartment by cutting a hole in a screen door, said they • found one window screen in the home was open. .m. THAT'S ALL HE DID KINSTON, N. C. (/P)—Recorder Joseph Dawson would not give the woman's name but gave her reasons for a divorce suit. She said her husband: Poured salt on her bed. Threw liquor in her face. Burned her legs with a cigarette. Beat her with a suit of padded pajamas. -rtt James Melton serves spaghetti suppers, prepared by himself, to 2jj tq/50 guests at a t}m,ei. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST .101 North Frosl Strqct. "Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?" is the subject of the lesson-sermon which will be read in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, June 21. The Golden Text is: "The Lord by wisdom hath fpunded the earth; by understanding hath he estab- Ush.e.cJ tb,fi heavens" (P,rov,erbs 3:19). Among the citations whlph com- prls^ the lesson-sermon is the fbl- low^ing from the Bible: "He that sat upofl'the throne said, Behold; I make all't'h,|V»gs Hpws I'". 1 . And"he said VJnto me.' It is done, I ^m Alpha qn$, the. beginning "and the end!''(Revelation 21:5, 6).' "the., 'lessqii-sermon Includes also th,e P.a&sag^ from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "God is infinite, therefore ever present, and there is no other power nor presence. Hence the spirituality of the universe is the only fact of creation" (page (471). Sunday, 11 a. m. Sunday school, 9:30. Wednesday, 8 p. m. Reading room in church edifice open Tuesday and Friday 2 to 4 p. m. The public is cordially invited to attend our services and use the reading room. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH John S. Mullen, minister. E. Kingsmill at N. Starkweather. Sunday night the vacation church school will put on a program showing some of the work done in the past two weeks. The school has been very successful. Abut 70 children were enrolled. Hours for services Sunday are as follows: 9:45 n. in. Sunday school. 11 a. m. Morning church worship. The Lord's supper is always the center of our Sunday, morning worship. Sermon subject, "A Chrlstlike God." :30 p. m. Christian Endeavorers will meet to go to Kingsmill for meeting in the home of Miss Maudine Woodworth. 8 p. m. Vapation church school closing program. Gay Cotton Prig Frock Leads a Double Life—You'll Wear, It for Active or fpt Sp a ctator Sports. By ELLEN WORTH This captivating cotton shun- tupg print frock that buttons up to; the ne,ck at front will give, lo^ds of to, ypuf suiflpier wardrobe. "It tubs, like a ha'nd- kej-chief I It is sych an. e.a,§y frocl$ to make, too. The yoke and sleeves cii(; in one-piece are easily handled, even,, by one who hasn't action. The panel front is certain to make you look taller and slim' swjss will be grand for this model for a person who goes to town as welj as for warm afternoons in the country. Cqttpn, chilis is fashion's pet ailfl is, very effective, and spiart »°r <Wf)KS Of. for' SpectafQr t spofts. Y °H Wflaiso Qhoos^ rrqtn the pastel tub silks, lii,ei}s, etc. ' Style No, 179.1, is designed for si?es 14, 10, 18. years, 36, 38 and 40 T mches bust. Size 16 requires 35| yards of 39-inch material wi|h H yard of 39-inch cqntrast- '»g%. 'W. «K«1 b,e,lt, Our Illustrated* Hpme. Dress- ma,kwg Bp'pk contains the, latest fo^'RUS Aether .with' dressmaking lessons and tji'e fundamental principles of sewjng. Whether you are an experienced, sewer or just a beginner, you \y,i|l find this book helpful indeed in making your summer .clothes, ty is jusi full of ide?i to eut)jyice your, own looks. You sjmply can't afford to miss it !' geqd for. yjP.Hf 1791 New York F*tt«rn Bvurean, Sllll FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Kiiifr&mill and West. Sunday school by departments at 9:45 a. m. Worship 11 a. m. and 8 p. m., the pastor preaching. B. T. U. meeting by departments at 6:45. Miss Helen Gardner of the state B. T. U. department will be in the services arid on Monday evening will begin a class in Christian leadership to last through, the weqk. EVERY MAN'S BIBLE CLASS City Hall Auditorium, 9:45 a. in. Lesson from twenty-fourth chapter of Luke. Gqpd Fellqwshlp and a cordial welcome to men. CHURCH. OK CHRIST 500 North Some,r.vl||e. Will M. Thompson, minister. Rafljp service,. 8:30 a, m. Bible, study, 9:45 a. m. Preaching, 11 a. m. Subject "The Spirit of Christ." Communion, 11:50 a. m. Young people's meeting, 7:30 p. m. Freshing, 8:30 p. m. Subject, "Sin."" Ladies' Bible study, Monday, 2:30 p. m. Song practice, Tuesday 8:30 p. in. Mid-week Bible study, Wednesday 8:30 p. m. You are cordially invited to attend these services. You will always find a welcome. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday services—Sunday school at 9:45, preaching at 11 a. m. and 8:30 p. m., training service at 7:30 p. m. Mid-week prayer rnee.ting Wednes.- day a L t (\;3.Q p. m, Young people's meeting Tuesday, evening at 8 p'ciock. A hearty invitation is extended for these services. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Will C. House, pastor. Outdoor evening services will stajt Sunday evening, Vfhen the 8 o'clgpk meeting will be on the lawn east of the church. Plenty of comfortable, se.a,ts will b,e arranged on the copj lawn. The pastor's s,ermon will be on the subject, "Incurables." Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Morning worship at 11. Sermon subject, "Painless Religionn." Epworth Leagues meet at 7 p. m. Our all-church picnic is being planned for Jiirie 24. Every church member and ftiengg are Invited. Eleven Brazlliau states are actively enefj,mj v 'jji .production of, natural sUk."' "' Summer Outfit BE EEGITES PICNIC AT RANCH IS PLANNED BY CLUB FOR FAMILIES Flared tunics and floral prints with while backgrounds arc high fashion nonius, Margaret Lindsay's outfit has a flaring tunic, trimmed wiili a soft organdy bow and whilp patent belt. Tim material shows tiny flowers in red, green, blue, and yellow on white. Committee Will Name Recreation Program Helper The committee from llio Council of Women's clubs which Is lo choose a second assistant for the recreation program of this summer will meet tomorrow afternoon 111. 5 o'clock in the home of Mrs. .;. M. Dodson and consider the applications received before nuon tomorrow. On the committee are Mines. Fran|c Ciilberson, Arthur Teed, S. A. Huwt, Glen Pool, tincl Doclson. The woman they will select for Hie position will assist Ben Guill, .supervisor, and Mrs. Delmer Ashworth, In directing the city recreation program sponsored by the council and the Board of City Development. Applications must be sent in writing to Mrs. Dodson. Two delegates, Mrs. Joe Lewis and Miss Donnie Lee Stroope, were elected from Priscilla Home Demonstration club to the state farm short course next month, at a collect meeting recently in Mrs. Lewis' home. Other business included discussion of the federal farm electrification project, and of a club picnic to be given nt the Gething ranch Sunday lor members and their families. Members present wore Mines. C. A. Ti°nor. Roy Tinsley. R. A. Kennedy, Norman Wnlberg, Albert Lockhart. W. D. Benlon, Ira Spearman, E. A. Shacklflon, Guy Far- riniiton, Frank McAfee, J. M. Dougherty, Lewis, and Miss Stroope. Guests were Mrs. John Lawler, Mrs. Taylor. Miss Beryl Tignor, Miss Marie Farrington. .KTU» READY FOR ACTION LAWTON, Okla. (/P)—Four boys, aged 11 to 14, were held for investigation after officers surprised them on a vacant lot in possession of six- rifles, two pistols, eight dirks, 23 pocket knives, 20 full boxes of ammunition and four flashlights. WHAT! NO BONUS? SAGINAW, Mich. (ff>)— The first words of John Martyn, 95, after he was admitted to citizenship were: "When do I get my check?" He was the eldest person ever naturalized in Saginaw county. Starlinir JUNE 22 Big-g-er and Betier Than Ever Auspices American Legion 13 Piece Orchestra 40 Prapie—All New This Year $25. . .FREE. . .$25 Name Our Opening Play—Be At The Tent Monday Night Anil be eligible for the prize. , . . Special numbered .seats on sale Pampa Drug No. 1 Children 35c Adults SSc Tax Included Phone 635 for Reservations LADIES FREE Monday and Tuesday Night with One Paid Adult Admission DON'T MISS "The Siege of the Alamo" Wednesday and Thursday Night Tent Located 1 Block East of Post Office FRIDAY & SATURDAY ^ACADEMY AWARD ER BRENT HUGHES ON THE STAGE Tommy Gewe Fairey 5 Year Old Child Actor Now Under Contract with Our Gang- Comedys FRIDAY & SATURDAY Saturday Morning , Kiddie Show 5c cash under 12 " Contest Free Case of Pr, Pepper FRIDAY & SATUHPAY Big Hopalong Ca^idy"

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