Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 18, 1930 · Page 1
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 1
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A 24-HOUR NEWSPAPER fflecatur Herald THE WEATHER: CoM THREE CENTS ng Method 8 .,* ! jioover Moves Jo Srin^ Relief To Nation's Idle president Names Cabinet Committee To Form Plans Find Bloodstained Car Of Peoria Killers fll ltoti i .ppvd r ·" P 'ON. Ocl tf, Pte-fl- Homri, dcilfii'ln« l h a t "a* 'i mil*' p r e i e n i liiin£er ^nrt dlClculilfs." of cHiiil winter ninnlh- 1 - hli DllLll lifdVUIl'* an )iirl»K till' U l l l t l n H U - COLD WAVE SWEEPING EASTWARD KILLING FROSTS IN ITS WAKE 111:/ I Hit,,I I'rril I ( ' H t . ' A i l O . Oi't, IS. An ftlititmnnl trie-firing npparalus. iisimtly stiff!- -ttonn f l i n t s u e p t n'.'fr ('"ftnsdft w l t h i r l c i t t at n i l ttrasnns of HIP year, win m i d w i n t e r Ijilensltv, kilhnfi at learn Inadequate and t r a f f i c of alt kinds f i v e persona and hrlnplnjt ' r a f f l e In was fllnio.4l nt a al fliirtsllll, it " l a n d j l l l l In many wllon". jiprrnd, Snow fliti-Hes «-ero nenci-fli thrmis. S a t u r d a y over a (must Ihe e n t i r e : Snow f l u r r i e s were ft e n e r a 1 , n»irt Ivm of ihr United Stales thrmifihnut Wisconsin, Mlnncsoia,j nnrl exli'nilivl Ita chilling pi-lp fi' P n Michigan and olher norlh centra) Inlo (he iwually sunny aoulhland. alal«s. t'rnti'i'liit: Its furs- In the ttiftk'ar *·»'"' HumHnfi H'lth and I'crditi- c l t h l i l f l u of S'lskiiiclie- At Holland. Mich., Dm fir*.! snow tut bioudtna their sropi- mvitH cl ,n(j elite. TAft^t , thifP-Wd f f f « r ( niul of a , led^n owdi i ' W M ' l .Hall! Id s IS ft'frt liljth, the stoim. t h e wot'Sl for the of the fell. Uoaat I hero reported ht-ftvy nenx on the ci-nt,.,l Jlf. 1, 1 I'(M Partition »nd C'Ufil".-" 1 nt tl n t eji ft nd Michigan, hut, did iol bcllevo tiny w i t h i n the mcnioiv of oldest 1 shlpM wore In dstinjei, '·('·ildenlii (r Central Canada i M ncitver niim, Win., '.'.(WO foot- (iiiu.itiil Intensity jbnll Canst a t t e n d i n g " nlshi ttame be- l n tin. i i f j t l h central t'nlti'il Statct^tween tin 1 stale n n t v e i s l l y "B" team t e n i | i e r u t u i e i weie not ji.i low as imd U l p t m college expf. fie need the lirivc h"cn lei-oidcd In some yeiirOund nf w e a t h e r the t;nvnrnnient me. _ i and the n t i f . v f n l l win .not the eat'llesl ' teomlofcihl'i predicted thoilsntidH of na iccord, h u t nilil-Oelntvr j t o r m s ' o l h c r * would experience S f i f i i r d s y nt nt emulovm*iU "' "'ch I n t n t v d l v luive heen rare a n r l ' v n r l o n x Kan)"* In the central slates. with n.itlonnl Infill,- 'he *iiff.'iln[( wax g r r B I . Snow f e l l IhroUKhom the contest and I , Tti f'litciiso, the dcflfh of Tlviiitfjs's chllltnK wind JWept arrM* the Pirfici fedcrid employment In H a r t f o r d . « lenmMer. who wns M i n e f i e l d , stendlnc the lempernUire below ^ .. . ,',1 m^. ' iv tn I),*, nniit Wind littnsl/leH Chill w l i h e n v r r n n i - "rtt ftij,'»BlK«lfimr« ' I v to (he NEBRASKA STATE TREASURER PUT GROCER IN RACE Norris Opponent Offers To "Bare All" To Nye Committee FURNISHED BOND, CASH 'Mil t H f i ' / ' » n ) LINCOLN, Neb.. Oct. 18-Slnle TJ ettHiirt-r W. M. Sd'bhins r*v(!iil»il Sntiii-duy that he furnlnhetl the $M)l) bond Hurt 1350 tn coah for Ihc, cum- |.»len fund of (,'J-oeec clerk ffcoi't'' W, Nori'l.i. whfitf xhii't*llvM pnlgn tis u Ri'pHbHron K p n n l o r l n l candldiitc wiijt fnvcsUgnl^d hy Senator Goiald P. Nye. Slehblns \vus the iinancc('H!iful opponent nf Sennldr Onoi-RC W. ttov TRACTORS SAVE TOWN THREATENED WITH DESTRUCTION iHu timid! 1*1 p," ) ATTERBRRRV. Oct. lfl,--Thln town Rave praise t o tractors for still being on Hie map (taoplte ft riKinf ft re which Frirluy night burned an Implement jihert, a burn. hoiiffe and ft,MX) bulea of hay *l ft loan of ninny thousands of dollbr*. Firemen /com PeleMburff, near, fought. Ui* fin (mill the wells ran d i y . In Ih* meantime., flames, Tannud by a n trout; wind, re-ttclnid Ihs house «nd hiun Both were burned to the ground. A dozen small building stlood between the (Ire unit reaidnncex (hiiH trfiiitjnK n highly i n f l u m a t o r y pnih to the main building* of the town. Then II was h*l H f l r e m n n IhOiUfht nf tractors. They were procured and I h f gun* II huildlngn draped Jivrny Btid (he fire hitrnod llsftlf out. CEMUN CABINET Gambler's Wife Slain 2SS5S.V As Kidnapers Attempt To Abduct Man At Home REICHSTAG TEST 12 Motions of Misconfi* dence Placed By Deputies DISORDERS CONTINUE -·* Outiide" Gangsters Art BIwnftd For ttlV Itrtrfft t'rr\t BRRMN. Opt. 18,- Tlit life Chnnci-llor H f i n i t c l i Unioninir'ii ( rri»mpni wan plnltcd P a t u r d n y In Fm/f « /ii i / nr,e r ears Old /n Canyon ; GUN BAHLE IN YARD '·!/ I'' TONOi'Aii, .\ev., Oct. in Thiee PKORIA, Oct. I8.~The rich- i years clil ,).«"kle Xulllviin, lOM In « |y fijrrmhrd lirttmjtin* from Convening fiKain a f t e r A week o/ itei-oiate m o u n t a i n icylon sfn" 1 wri j firi ifarf.r, a»ttuM!r» e*e«p«rl In yea,!", t h e Rejch-itaR considet ed 13, | n n canyon .lliout xeven ml'lin f r o m ' H f* f t r Wounding Cfydft GftrriflQrli motion* of mlflcunftdefire fn Ihe c«h-' if,, plm-i. where he w«tid«red from wealthy gnrMf.T, flllH killing hi* Inel or In the nets of individual mln-'i,)* father'* ' (;hl|| rln in the recent Nebraska primary , .^wiiren *t five ealilnet mem- L'Nt In Hliwiirii The m e r c u r y hovered around freeis- r Republican Senatorial nomina- J L TM n a m e d " ^-otitCli the Near HeRlna. Om.da. rive men'l,. B In the rti!,,i K o t e r r i t o r y , but t (tan. aicrnni and eonfef w i t h Bug'-nr, fmile to dcnth when their automo- winds mmle II scent colder. At R a n ] Tils stiilemenl Saturday r !t ver f'ddrnl rc'Mve Imiitrt e h n l i - ' , hile was utr.ind.Mt nil of Thmsday [ C l n l r c . "Win.. It wn* reported Ihe tern- 1 all others) of any connection iifyer, i (1( , ( , nl |j,,.(,,;, n r( . H y d e . ' t i l x h t In n snowdrift Two other m e n i p e n i l u r e diu'iyicd lo 7 above fc«ro Ihe movement (n iltlpll'-ate Ihe num.- ttire 1 Mellon Treasury: 'fJii- 1 w l i h t h e m s u f f e r e d scverelv. In nnd t o n i p p r i t i u i e s of n e a r l y fccrn were 1 of Senntor Norrls on t h e ballot 5I"uhir'l*(iiti.t' t'otuiueiV!-. nnd I t e R l n n , loui f l o r n n h n . 11. W H n d e r c d ^ r e o p r t e d In several rocky motmlaln \\lllhi K Ti Tnlk ' *"""« *"'! W If)fll )T1 t h n w i l o n K w l i e i e t h e sK.ftn struck a t Swbb | ns ^ he W0l|l( , b(l w M l l n K to gli'e nil d c t n t l d of Ihe n f f f t l t 1 t! nndeilahen hv the Piusi-ictime Ini-f at MO^P Jnw. hut «l,io|all of Hie Southwest and In the North [ ^j,,,,^^.,) C H m p a(Kn expenditures dent *l'if 'he u n f i u p l u v m c n i ^ I t u n - i e n c n r j e d -(erloin Injury. n l t h o u R h she A t l a n t i c seaboard xection the out-,'^^ h)m when J ( r p t l t l . n ^ lo jj,;. devHniicd. Alreadv f u v o t a h l e wandered flhfuit the *now piled look wm for "mnrh lower" tempera-. br)!ste(l stehh'lna was not odlled Miiltji me t.elnjt ihtiilrte»l f t d m M.' '.itrectd for n i n n y hours I Urea, As far C f t u l h nn Olclnliomn. 1 llfWivei'N aider I" l i m i t Imnilltrii- At ^asknloon n m i l k (iimlne was I frost was predicted and In parts nf n The tntetloi etloi **»*· from hi.m« «nd wm loai In thr.wdon!. w l i p i r ( o -doftn M r u r i'dm tt,r i h c w i n t e r 1* tin- , l.ltwnrd for 24 lioms, hut wnfl found dny envller t h n n It d i d here. of * -erle* i.[ . C l t e f ^ m l n j n r e d . Mrs. W. f,. Miles. 70, he-; «'o ,lrr «-wlU,- WB , fm-oi^t for city la enclude aliens who hnvr no 1 t h r e a t e n e d hecnttse It wn« i(finitn w o i k [ilipiiilficd them, The 0 (nll ^ f ,|"l(cci-leii. The , Fmdilent'o c o n f e i e n c e u will! flnan- f!(ir« atid Vnnlnrn* learierfl i ontlmli'. mil M i , Hoover liM kept tn |oni11 iillh ipivfunnfn rt'ifMi'illnu the Mlua- tliini In t t i e l r (tl» t'j--l!n- A All'itilirl the borlic.t o[ Solomon Kriinki'l ns they Iny In e p( tin- t ' h n r c l i StoryN ·i*.tcci. fur t h c i p hurd^ 'intni'Si! fnr tliirty-lhrM liodict wore crunmtodi \\'lit»,nt piiWU'llv. M t . H Jittipen pfilltHK ...... " W h t l i - wlnr f h r reeetil -week" m'tl win- or flltnnrMl I t l l H I ' It Centralia Has $560,066 Fire Early Saturday Mlnmurl and anKinJi It was below PROHIBTION BUREAU TO KEEP RESULTS OF PAPER POLL SECRET Inry in" Mother r in i n K |tpirtrnit ft '«* · ili-lle rii(rlic, wife rt * . ciit[\ KIIVC b i r i h to * |n:;liicr. She wn^ former- Hi"** Anne. I n i H il«").'"' "tin- I'm- tie (Juno, pi'n* Vaccinated Ac- it in till, isi tahinff pi*c* ?mic, followlnp dlwovwj fering from light «»· «· I Atlantic Pfcotof, to^) [EWSPAPERRROHI »lwn hn culled hu«lne«* lenne lh» Whltr Hitt."e hml yTMr, they A\ cnme t r i K e l h r t ; now erifi".* In rtuKl** f'""' Til " n 1|11! were Kl^n wide pnt.llclty: now tnnferiwrn m e n n peixmml iTM»i* n-lth prlvair dltinem and l (| !in tal^-' (vcr ttie rliriirs n f t e t w i n d s , "DiuliPi: ttie pfiH (rw weeks" nan- ttlf I'l*'"id*riri H I H I O I I I K ' T f l c f l l , ' 1 havi. been In c o m m u n i c a t i o n «"'! K,tnf nf (tie M'vedHiM In develop- 1 monl of method* 1y w h l ' h the fed- *r»l ( n v d i m i P B t can f u r t h e r sup- tilfmerit H H J | « t n n e e w i t h t h e i r 01- \^ All To Aid "The 1'iiWnet cctnuilttt-e will (tit- nuc the"p c o n d l l l n n M l u i t h e t w i t h Bin-crniir" mid i l m e piKoncles uiul V* will leek ttie C(i-(i|i"t(llon Of Mir hitslneud t e t i d e i x nnd M» n i l - Hoanl t n d n i t t l e u wtiidi we have hsrt nn (n (,-fiii'in'M a jc-ile d n t l n i J the l»«l \ M I I We -luill til-io review the leder;il *|liiaMnti of pnblu 1 , imrk* flrtd i h e 4 } J u ^ ' | f . t i lo c n i m t t u c - tlnr iininnu ihr n . i t K i n u l Ind nil it"" liKdlVr w i t h oih'i methods hv vtilch ivr run c o n ' m u e to he »f » » · ' ASK HOOVER AID -Pi (slil.'tit Hoover SMurd.ty wiu filled tijxiii hy tlni Sfi Scrlpps How- iM N'ewifi, j ip*'t H n- present nt Ivea, fta j wiiiWeil lit their Idennlal etHtorlnl ffltlferfine here lu I n t e i v e i i e In the Klndncv 1'UUiiKM cu^e t*htiiii-ti*r^.l(i^ us l jiti|i-lal lynch- lf«'' llif cfiiii'(e of California ctnlilK thin fin In c i i n n e r l l o t i w u h Ih* cute ttif tdltoM wired l he r i - s l d e n t a ^mlult(}ti f?t;lni; l l m t t t i c 1 M" he )iliicrj bi-fm'e (lie ·tiiM crime ln^e::Ht!atlnn cutntiilnsloii fii reu/«-unit i m . - l t t l e | n t U c ' n c t l o n Th* fdlioM d r c l n i i - d * r -encnilr df pie "(Inn pi cm psrnrv hut n-jil n n t l o n n l crlriU coin- to The I hud exploded de'tioyed two sliop.t nnd n motion p i c l u i e t h e a t e r h e f o t n U WHS L'roiinht under '(intiol. The loss wnt eslliuiiled nl tr.Wp.OtH), The explosion occuircd Bboul 5' o'clock S f U i u d a v ( n n i n l n i / Einl f a n n e d )j,v h l n h w l n d n I lie flame," .i|)reai! raj Idly t o N hat ilio'i next dooi. The ( I n n ihcBter In lhi j m t h of Ihe fliuoei wim dettroyed and for a time fire t h r e a l e n p ' ( l Ihe N n t l o n n l tiank tpuildtnx. JJcvernl times I h e roof of t h e bun.Ic liidldint' eniiRht f l i e hul f i r e m e n siicreetleil In quenching the lltli^e. Pi re deptii i m p n l s front K.ilem end I (.'nrlyle iisHlsted the ' e n i r a l l t t tire-| men In f i i i h t i n n the f i r e Thi Mt. Ver: non fire d e j j u i l m e n t wni pi evented | f i o m l e n c h l n p t h n seene n y m e c h n n - j leal triul!i. Tvf ftrcuii'ii were ln- Jiui'd In rklilint; t h e H i e , r Ip 1 ,/ f ntlrtt f l p T · ^ * L l W A S H I N G T O N . OeI. 18 Thf htblllon huremi hnn decided not to miike public Ihe rc.'iutii. of the pi'tihl- h l t l o n ([iie-dlonnidrc r e c e n t l y aent to lJHit"clnr Wddttcfick onnounced t o d a y upon lil.-t return h e t c f i o m an In- tpeclion t o u r of the Middle West. It hud been planned originally lo publish the d i y litw views rf vnrloiifl tie\vf(pa|er edll01 s In a pnmphlcl. WfiodcricU det lined to Rivi, L any 1 ea- ·jon foi i h e biirciiu'H change of a t - IILllde. FLYER, SEEKING NEW M CRASHES IN EAST INDIE : Plane Wrecked, Pilot Unhurt--Kin gfoi'd- Smith Nearing Port Darwin lirevloiwly nnd \v»ii out of tile the Init t i m e the committee wns here. Study fleyittour (^nne!l^n Evidence (riven by ·wHne.isBs to the eommllteo la^t nmnlh bron((ht out nlle.jtatlont (.hat Victor Seymour, who refi'tilly rei)j[nrd ft' vk-e-ehnlr- miin of lh» weaiern Republlunn .senatnrlal rommltt*e. K ovt. the tiiOO- , )anlcl , J;irl ,,,, lr liond tn Ihe priicer for uiimpalKii ex-1 b()lk Outle pendltui'pg. While the ttlfttement of J1 '°" Stcublns said Lli« »t«te tnrfinurnr furnished the bond, it, did not Indl- cnlfl whether Sdymour, who allBgfid- ); w«» Intei'fsted In 1 prt"motlnir / Steb- w n s ' t h f one who to complete the Three Are Killed As College Car Sideswipes Truck Ifli; limit it I'rf ,* 1 KR1SDKBICKSBURG, Vu., Out. 18 Three tintwi.ilty sliujpnls tvcif killed early tinUiritay, in un antnnin- litlu arutdent while on their iv«y to Ihc Navy-Duke football gvmr. at An- Md, ..ilomftlnlc. v,,|iy firm ,,),.., Bided hy liultnn i w if e , O»r», w«» found ' The brown, shlrteii I.'MSCI.IIi, ihe N fi t Ion nl l«i d nntt Communist); nn- miunced motlonji of mlscotifidence jn the snltre, cabinet Oilier mollom 1 of mldconfideni'd w c i e pm forwurd by the vitrloiio parlies, three belnjr n i m ed ni KoieUn M l n l M d i Dr Julli)-- two dr. I n t e r i o r M l n f N t e r I)r W l t l h nnd two al Wllhelm fjroener, nilnlfter of dcfdn^e. Others w e t e directed fi^alnMl Mtiiifltcr of A g - r i c u l t u r e M d i L l n Vehicle nnd Clou- fried Trevii ntiu.i, m m i n i e r wllhouv )wrt folio. The Kovernmenl ho)fd io drfpii: all of His motion* nt one Mrukc liv mo'. Intt to |»IHH on to t h e nvx\. hiisl- di-iid were t'red (ngmni, l-tiKhl nf , sit [j ia t h e ou i,, omt , W , 1S dnnbifnl In the nesirch over ihr round mount a i n I'nutitry. »bun i "'t tulles from . Albeit "H.i]i|iy" Scllfl'ii-k, pkk ii) i hi- hoy'.i l i n i l and fdll'iWi-d ' Point, N, C,, a student ut North Car ollnn State, Kul*igh; Jo men Johnson, Trenton, K. J,, and [ferny Chttpnum, HuRcrHtuwn, Md, Johnson and Chnp- mun were studenta al Duke n n l v v t - TnoluaH are It wax believed the tftbinel. If |i de- fu^lB (he nioiinn«, would nnk un nl- j ^ u i n m e n l of «!x wpch* t o permit un fettered K u v c m m c n l n l nciion on, I lie f l n a n c l u ) reform pmniion NOTRE DAME SENIOR KILLED IN ACCIDENT litu J . i i ' i i J ' / ' i f .'» 1 KOUTK BKND, Ind., Oet, 18,- rtohnrl P, llnc'll. Ithncw, N. "¥,. a .tenlor nt N o l t c l"Mme university, was killed nnd three olher studenls were l*)urerl Friday nlfibt when their aulomobite i'ollid»cl with a n o t h e r driven bv Frank Justus of Grand MUNICIPAL LEAGUE TO MEET IN WAUKEGAN Sl'f! Wil"'l IJI.D, fji"i. IS. The I l l l - iiiils M u n i c i p a l l(-ngin was. on lecord] Siituiday In f n v o r fjf equal distribution of HIP slnli'N t h t i ' c cent ftMPo- line t a x mnnnst e l t v , county and s l n t e nf n tesmlt of t h e adopt Inn at (he leiiKiir convention here P'i Idny of iv M'»ohitlo1i d e n i f l n d i n K le^lslatiutl to Ililji effpt i. Wuiike^'ivn wus selci-terl a,. the city for t h e l(*M r o n i t ' i i t l o n « n d t h e Tol- (owlnj; u f f f c t ' i H were clucted; I're.ililenl M » M I John I ' u l e m a n i , j /'P,J i AtiitlrntlB, Oct IR ; l-'llglil r . t c u l . C'. W. Hill, who Is a t - ' tempting lo hrenl( f ,eM I I j n k l e r ' s K i i K l n n d - t n - A i n t t n l i n tll^ht i ecord of \ft days 12 honr^, crushed hfl\veen Jveepfl nj^ r atid Ala mhoeri on t}ic 1'dnnd of T i m n r , Rittch TCast Inrllea, afcordini,' lo wurd received here Hat- urdnr The f l i e r wad u n l n j i i i e d . but his pin tie wa? dama^i"d Hill waa flylnj.1 f i o m rfoiu nbays on the Island of Java, to Port Darwin, A i i s l i u t l n , n n d expected t n break lllntiler's recoid liy several dnvy. Nn d e t a i n df the cuu^e o( Ihe Cr$tsh M'ere received hetc, McJinwhlle. l( \vai ii'pnttrd t h n t |C'limmilnder C h u t l e f K I n B s to r d · who I n f l I'niydcti several diiya vehicles left tin; toad and piled up In n shallow unity Thinking the high- C h a i l f H M u r r a y , Richmond, driver at the van, und Chandler HcConib, also of Richmond, dtlver of the t h i r d r-.-it 1 . ate helnn; held pending an In- I quest, Mmr.iy s u f f e r e d ». dlsloctitcd , hnee, NORTHWEST STATES BLOCK RAIL MERGER :ler wns f r R c t u r e d . i The. rilhi-r stiidenltt, all nf whom siif-| [ntCl'Stale Commerce mission Agrees To Re- Open Hearings Miller, Baltimore, Bid Thomiisvllle, N, C., rnw, were Injurod In n condition at Prederlukbui'K hospital, The i-osd.iUr In will eh Lhe five ntu- (lonlR wure t rave ling collided with »] vuncod thicittcnlngly townrd him moving van near Thdi'BSbul'e. U f u l d nbouted BnlOKontztn|; remarks mlleji mnith of here. When the l i g h t ] TlKinins EBK^I, vice npenltet 1 , ex- ruudster slde^wliped the van, which w«» towinir iiiiotlinr car. alt three Thu dlsordtrd of th* List few dnyf In the Ketch si at were renewed when F;iftc}2ttjj Interrupted the Mpe/*ch nt ihe Munich Hluto'x attorney l.lepmj Wilhulm Noe|{iici, a Hocialisi. Kdmund Heines, a Fauci nt, Bit- on Jackie' pinned driwn under 1 he limb of a 1i eo. "1 w a n t my molher." wni" Hie fit*' l i t t l e Jtii-UIr said Kf Seurloclf h l rom|i/inIons' lifted the It'-e limb off h!* body. "lie wn» wenh fioni l»cl( of food tinxlirii*! f i lends In Tinoi)«h. ""' WIIM eryinif for hie molhet but on I lif whole bore up exee « Brazil Troops Capture Four Battle Towns Jllood on Ihe veloui ·flour I-IIK reversed th»l" »i !emt, on* nf the mKHMiinit w*is wounded vhen fJairiiion f f r n j «i t h e m , A box of m»* ehlne itun ' » i i I'l'lu^s, * niwchlne gun clip iind B mBn'f kid Rlnve fnr th« left llflilld W e i l ' frjllll'l tl» l h « bile. The ItmouHinii nlro r;on'iiln*d 1 'loic leuthcn, R roll of lhfee|ncri hetdve lapc unit three, new with k»yt Jt1lftrh"d. Al) it (till men(, It. %)in pointed Oi|i, coulii he lined by hldmiperii to prevent. t h » l r fej'pit jninr*! 1 Injtn tcs, H r cp n e W. M u n a y , Btitovla. TJ. T.. Thomna V. Dunne. Pittsbiir(;h, tind W l l l i n m V. Wnlsh, Montf'ldir, N, J. Allow Duck Shooting In Mississippi River Oct IK powesflnir Tlllnolst Ml. funnel: v Ice-t'iTM! 11 *'!!!.. W, J l a rtV,"r- l f · i n i l w l I Spmil.IlHK. r t p i l i i K f l i - i i t ; dud *ei-u'. i r W cker- i n i y - l i e i i m i n - r . A I'. M r L u r t v . L'l'- himti, I f o r d - K m l l h l e f t Sonr.itiaya ,, Kht n[| . (lhl , 1( , Stiulhe ' menl effected Snlurdny helwi'en t h e Missouri n a m e and Klsh pe|iarimnnt find Lhe Illinois Department of Con, ·servallnn. tJnde.r the H K r e e n i e n l , [llliudti tumteis inuy h u n t tilottft the river so limK un t h e v do nnt land npun harp uonneetci! lo i h e Mi»Houil mainland .. ni Inlands taxed by M IP.tonrl, nike- Hill' 1 * deptii-tiue wtn reporled' wise .Missouri hunter* will hnve the ipproni'htnj; 1'tiM linrwhi. the f i r s t ' Miime p i l v l l e ^ e on the rIVer a« lonif ·topping jjulttt In Ait.-drntl'i K l l n j M - ] a * (bey do not I'ind upon nriy har^i iHu I .Pil.rf J'nii t HT. PAlIk, Minn.. Oct. IH The N'nrtltwest states Saturday claimed a vlctoty In i heir lint tie airainsi I merger of Ihe Grent Northern snd - DncK 1 Norlhern Pacific lallroads, i n n t f n K i The J n t e r s t n l e rommcrce Commlfl- llcenien. will he p e r m i t t e d to h u t i l or aion In Wa.shtnRton l a t e Ktlday ite- sliool m l ^ i a l d r y h l i d s on the Missis-i elded lo reopen the Nnrlhe.rn mer- nver. its n rcsitll nf nn apree- per caa^ a f t e r 11 States hud proiest- ed ojtaiiiHl the plan npproved hy ihe eommttBloners The announce mem was t a k e n IHR/ would he h Washington and nnd tliEit a new »; P'jliPi-it ftru I WO rK JAN13IRO, 0«t. IS Fed- eui oocupntlon of four lownn in, Ntnafi Geraes Ktfttc will reported Sut- pelted Belms from I h e Hekhstait tivdny. tn n i;ommunt'tue isimtd bj p for (lie sexton- The Kjisolc(»i sllout- etl their proteflx. \Vhtn Uelnes left Ihe Helrhiftn^. a .focliillfi, C u t ) Stfwiin;*.. ."iicprl-icd Ihe chamber by striding ulnni' be- h i n d , panning definitely by the J.enclie.1 of t h e K;isfist?, llttllli- Averted The Inown s h i r t s ro«e mennclnlt'y a." he pnxiii'd, rising in tt body nnd followlnpt the two men oulsfdc Tlie Soeiaii^t deputies then io«e an-t n:ilk*d out folliwlii|[ ihe Kawlsis, The hout'e wax In an upiotir ni B pitched h K t i l e between t h e uvo .."',!.."V..".i._ .,..«' t i v a l factions necmed untiVold+iMe. Pan) I.oehe. the Socialist spenlter. p-nsltdd to i h e scene, however, .ilid a f t e r i l i p n i r d conlioversv halted the distnibnnce wUlvmt violence I'olkr b"lle,ved (hr men who »hoi lite Bsmblcr Uplft hit" *((» werft Oht- Alfred J. Unxle, Cliletttto Tilhunit re- potter, W A N choi by \fft.-nnnr\nl Itlller and pointed out ( h u t \ht alove fininil in Hi* automobile might h»ve he«n dljf»rJet by the man who ftrcd on Onrrlrion, no he mlahi netier m»- nlpulkte Ihr rnnchtilr gun. M'»* Ktiilrll fnr The ouUnioblle )Icrn«r p)J»lei. wet* uuced nnd it wu» rilioov)i«d Hi* cut wmt piioten four tnon'ttK aco from Aunt In D, M i M f n e r fit Chi''*GA. HJ* ll«hi }fx Kh»tlel'd by lour HUb in*;lifne itun bullets, Gnrii.ion. trow * them. OcKamonal rulJpt or minor e.haiJle (IT nre liclnpf timdc by rehHif In Ih' the Hlate nf Ki-plil'o Smite., wlt'-tt Intervention has 1een lie. ct'iml, the communique added, but "* onv oitianiKcd nitempls of the rrvo-l*'." 1 lui'lotilfls hai'; Ijeen repulsed. At nnd thnt n\ on* ot lea "xpretined belief 111 ill* llieoly nnd eltrd flu pronf n kidnnplnc rf o t h e r «« . . . J i L - n e e m l n l - t t y ^ o f f l e l n l ;fnliy of simem'nl siitd. "pel feet calm" valln In Ihe H a t r , Mtitc hy n icbel hati»llon known Ihe A i t h n r H.iin«iden "llbertilor r. WHS reported checked 1y f, he WUN prliwmer In th* vi- o for five d«y* he- Illrv k n r w »" 1 " t ' 1 p^Uce Tevealed i h a t a dash between CummunlstiJ tint! K;i-ct-!ts In tlie -.lieets of North Berlin Frliliiv nielli hud hecti n»'H"' ·serlnnt t h a n f u s t reported, Kl^ht the! f o m m n n t - i s w c t e wounded tiv pistol ' n d ' s - t i o l s nnd "-evrnl nlher-" l i u i t . It wer* ex per [*rfc C*r «1 H"mi Hi*. tiMrrlNon met her neur hl« downtown was lepoilcd lliilt s, foree, COrl. the Wlndoor, Inle of Juviil »«o Patiln niHHJomen h,-»f)!)oil* borne towether occupied Aieliur K o and Ol'iicol, I n ' B ' i r d O e »l the rt-nr if ihe i-i.iii' tit Minos }i"i-in», hm t h l i i 1 Fiom »n amomohll i f j m r i «·«« not v e i l f l c r l In Ihe justice; mlnl-iry'' communique, , r»- Thry nnd Into the ^ hiu»e, pnikod n rtlmitnee nwny nnd dtrrelly In lttnt of the home of Sheriff Or»ht n of Nervy Treasurer Foils National Dairy Champs Plot To Steal Payroll mean t h a t new hear-' he in the proposal would in ml c to tlie rnlltnuds. The o f f e r of t h * Interstate merc-i.' Commission t h a t the i could lie effected If the Ts'oi olvorccd thlr holding* tn Hie Bin had hcen found unsattsfai-- .» tdt f ' . r - - P ST. 1,OIJIR. Ocl IS W l i h the selection of I'luimplons compleie^ ni n a t i o n a l d i i h v ihcw In pri(ires- here, minor afli-acltons held the In- lereNtf of visitor* to ihe Minor, n m»n e»li»d (o them: 1 1 ' t »' ^ frf fl *' K ' *" 1111 to )df Wife 'ward their *"M'Mt tn nnd A r l t n j l ' df (d n i l ' » i l l ««« l-lil.ii rd ttlin i.-c t ii;n I'Ki'-l-iii i.| a i h r p i t e i wiii-klni; iveel-.j iciiitji'i ·nil Wf,jl,hi; iltiv iini) «r Ihe fnndti-'j'J» u n l ; f nii'ntiil net i- -Itv of lir-inhiK (o wiijie '·i'ii" c o t i i i i m i t v nl emt'li'VUieiit. l'' 1 " 1 ^?/ September Employment [nearly five hours n f i e r Hill d e p a r t e d . j 1a)ie«. "' urn Show Decline S(orm Deicat ; Flyer n|u | Illy C-Hl'il 1'Ffl- 1 \etii SPlitNCil-'lKLn. Oct IS In l i l a l employment 1hnUi;hout. Ihr" tltl , t ,.,,,,, f * ^ . . ^ , " l u t e ii'fil.-'tcicd a sllifht i l i o p iliulitf: SPfilNKl-'lKfiD. Oct. )fl -]-|iw an thn iicrlod frinii Annual ]Tj to SB[- itltplaiii; race with denlh wan lost i-atiaya In hi-. 1 connected with Ihe Illinois m a i n l a n d j t( "' io th(! radronrtP!. at for Ihe e i n ficiHs. ,Ir.,'or Istnndi upon w h i c h Illinois kviepi l i l " 1 ^' K K- The mill! maid m u r a l lion, buller chnrnlnfi eonlests and n lutby show ,were the hIttliltjililM of evcnipj .iched- j uled for Pijliirilfiy. f'Atlle jud^infi: wfin cotnpletcd 1-VI- clnc when w f n n e t i of fur ( l lii»j«** were clm.ien. wnlkitm Mpll^ f trt k f mi"t )'·'· ' ' w«rd their hrtiiKf. Two men, i«irp. ']. O., vi, IS Two )((t fw , M tvihlrtd worn" bu-ihr*. On" men w.'ie c n p l n t e d / h e r e Sdlurday. ,, Hir ij,,i n ^ n |, nnehlrir «»n. Th«y n f t e r iiHempttttit lo hold Up ,,,,)),,,) ,, ni)lt t),e eouple 1i holt, · At Intruder* drew it revolver, rii-.' wai« of the Mills and »ml , In Race Against Death K I D N A P CI.KRK l/i. tu'tmiilns lo figures an- 1 Saturday, by thti Ullnolsi In- .tlurai wai tutd commission It! it.i monthly Sintlti, foriiKM THE WEATHER 1«i| of tict · tn .'.*. f l ' r Ihe |..;;|i.n of ilu- I d e m .Nk,^., mo,(Fl\' f n j i find r a l h ^ i "M (It-it h a l f of u-eek preceded ' 'new f l i u t i e u ; ximt-wTinl '»rmer tnwui'.li end of week rohdhlv f(,[|ft W (.,i by rnln, I'ORKC'Asf'FOK IM.INOIS linljrht nnd fr.inl tuitl K ht. ' I*, yesleiil;iy todny to worrit w. . M . an . 12 .fi:H I.", 1 (en of ( h e state's Indu-iti l u l s l t i K i - liipii, The tuns W:IM cillinHtBil nl a m u l e Hum one pet cent finii » part of It 1« i i t t i l t m t c d tn the fnct that n n i p t n b f t fif j d n n t s vvei e f r i t ^ d Ki ciir- ni|[ i l i c l r w o r k hi'cansc of lite end of tlie siitiuiier UNI.-inn McRae's Body Lies In State In His Home Town liKTROtT, Oct. I B - - T i m body of Milton A. Me Rue, one of the nn- tliin's hem Itnuwn ne-wsiwiper men Vt ho dlc(,l u weeU n^o (ti IM Jottfi Itiy In sttite heie tlue in dctLiy, cuitseil by tin 1'Le.ntilcol slurai wn-i (uld Saturday hy Karl u v i a t o i , who liLiKcU here F i ( d n y niplit, on the ret u r n t] lp t u t hi* i : a^,t Smith said UK flti;ln v/i\» from IVfiMmttfrtdn, D. (.'., tn linlit, Olt, rind thitt hitt pus^i-nT('r wim Mrs. fluoric T u f t , wife of ti w n n l t h y oil mun tif Kllitl. who wa.i ;ihit (Ilii'lns ft holdup Wednesday nljiht. (p said he had hren cdlled frnm hl« rejtnlat m n i l run Thursday 10 cam* Mrs. T u f t , who aoiifhl 1r «ee her huatianrl h c f o i r lie died. 'Mrs, Tuft w n n nccompnnled by her daughter. i/lij I'nilrd ririi p PAXTON. Oct. 18.--Henry R w n n - fon, ponlofflce clerk, aided auUiorl- tlos in a senrcli Sulurdny for thre.e men who Frldny nltht forced him to iitfompani' Iliem to Ihe poulattIce where they stole tlOO in stamptt and STARS INFANT; KII,I,S SKI,r i/tir IPiltli-d ;"r(S- I 7ANFSfVn.F.K, H.. Oei. IS- Mrs R u t h Ttirnet 1 . 3ft, Kl.nhhed her B yeavt; old dauKhlev, R u t h Evelyn, to demh early Hnturdiiy nnd then .tla.ilicd )ict nwn throat. She was not expected Lit iccovet. Police siitd Mit. Turner ^ P Hear Oral Arguments ' In Colegrovc Appeal P/III r ,1,1.4 f , . i- , | SPRINOI'lEl.U, Ocl. tfi O i n l a t - jjumentrf were h*"nrd by the supreme court .Sfilurday, fn tlw appeal of John Itei'lauiam company. -jri.'JOd pnyiotl. Though merttiecd ly :i ieVidvci in the h a n J f of tll bcri 1 , ^epcrlln nt*ppcd un n u l i i i m iui'1 Kitmmonc'l police, Thr h-indlts. liecomlnit frtuhlened. nbftn doncd Ibeti pinjri-f nnrl fled. One of , t h e m sill) r n i i y i n i r n *ho(Bun. waf ; r n p l u i e d 'tn i h e plxlr lermlnnl hutld- 1 (UK a blftctt away. The other w»* c.ipuned In ihe btillilfnit hoitfiin^ ihe , MIHf officer. »nd emplled thr, n\m hefor* hr the Mturn fir« Mr*. OKI-- ()l( , n , wnuse nu.iHfinu ^-ns H W H V *n i in- ,«-. -- , - , ' -- lime, apimrcnlly became suddenly In- fund John W. HUNT FOU oiiu. WMIS I illji I a.lfit Cicn P i CHICAGO, Oct. 1S-A ti'lephone cult f 10111 Mivdlston, Mo,, Saturday i solved t h p mystery of where IB The irnln which bore tliti tfn\y of (years" old Jean Mav-hnl) went whon Mi-Kite nnd DUMiiljers of hl.i fnmlly and olosi filcmlx, hnck lo Detroit. hi! hlrlhptHce, nnlved I'r1(ltiy night. At fhe still ton n troop of eatcle Hcouli foi mert n jtuatil (if honor a|piiit i h e flower-cnveisd cnwkel Mc Hae ^ncp wn^ sjueftldcnt of the na* llcnnl acout organization. sho dl';apietired from htr home at the stitne time n» did her mother's' ^tar hoarder, Wlllinm Klapp, "This h Mi's. Rill Klapp, your diitishler Jean." in Id a feminine voice, "We were married Frldfi'r si Pmlfl T i l , and we're slaying with Bill'* parents."^ Beer Runner's Job As Inconvenient As a Milkman's, Prisoner Confesses I/I), Uailnl J'Kvi i CHICAGO. Oct. IS Running hci'i'l Ihe Captme lu-ewerlftii weris be.(:ini.-,( fnr "Scarface Al" Captme Involve; Iriicli drivers were etutnperi three gcltllip up nt a a, m., hut f r a n k times between warehouse and I.awler WF»I tihle |o ileep l h r m i K h [ speakeasy, to avoid embarrastillip t h a t hour S n l n r d f t y he wits ievelatio;it in event nt nn arrest. In Jail. ! On his delivery rounds w i t h Ihe Lawlcr ttesoiitaftl Ills jot after tie tnit:k lJtwl*r toie behind in a se VMS nrrealed by slatt'tt dttorticy't" detectives who found that, though ho had i\z7.\cd out ox an a u t o m o b i l e methnnie itnd cliatiFrcur, he hild rinen hlKh In the service of Cupotie HP hnd an suite In n loop Itolel, much retmly cash and R f)B*diy display tf (ilamonda. His tiny started three hour's after walchlns for officers, "If the 'G' (Federal agents* dp t try to warn the IntKlt driver tt go bunk," explained Laiwler. "If e.op- per Mtops nt. We carry n roll of hill-* lor IhiH." It s 0 happened, he went on. t h a t no [lOllcfitifii had ever SHU, an account of "expenses" made midnight. Frnnlt snld, He went by tip by Lawler vnvfialcd that several l a y i to n northslde ([Hra^e where h e ' donations hnd been made ,to officers "contracted" a I n i K P Illicit : In Ih- 1 1 on nl IcjiiJi one -"«-|nn when in Ihe truck, under n I n i p a u l l n . VHV n loud i dellveiy of ISfi ' "t" nf beet worth r' beer. Liwler said he liud no Idea whore l r , . i B , ColeRrOVe, president of the. de ' . . . . . . rf j, m((i u nn i( i df Tit)'!orvllle, fruui 11 verdict ot (hr Christian ilounly Circuit cuim flnd- Ini; him u t i l i t y of ;i rhiirito of em. liexulcnieni IK coiwccllon w l i l i the bank':? fatlunt fi year H^O. 1,000 Gallon Alky Plant Near Freeport Raided ll.'jj I :nfol I ' l l - ' FHREPOIVT, Oct. IS Fedeni) pio- hlhltlon ncents Sanirdny ralrterl nn ntrolinl plant with a oanitHty of l.WW cnllonn dally n t Kfirrestnn, » villaRe near her*. Two BncUford men were arrested nl the mill and a I urge qimntily of H)coho1 WHS arl^ed. C. Kdatin Smith, d e p u t y prohibition eommlsslonnr fif ChletiKO, who led I lie raid, cgtlmrited Ihe vtilile ( Hie fitlll ut S2S.OOO. GRID SCORES wild ontof thr rn Veil, hul I h n l lie was able ran ti ihejr »ntnmnb(l». H w n y Iwpfore ftlieflft Minor r*Mild (Set out of Il1«* llrtiii**. Try to Miiw'ii" In Toiice liild they leitrned lhal hnth ilarriitOB snd hln JiftHnrr, Bobut hn1 hern (Iirr.itrned bP At Friiicelort, fit*! quarter, Princelmi 0; Cornell 6, At Co I um bun, half, Ohio Slate 0; Michtgiu) 7, At Cum.bridge, hfllf, Army 6 i Hnrvsrd 0. v Hnv«n, fi«t, Yulft 6; |[iimb)e»-* In It0)e ot In" on wm« ot tn« hi(t« ptoflts lliey had heard were (win* renp«d from UiimWIlIK hoiJ9C» h t l ^ p two month* *RO William owner of llu* «t«plr« eafo. lrt*!'!* fin 1 ft l»Wb»1l pnnl. kldnwd. held iori»«»er tw five «nt reknsej fifter At ! Rrown 0. Second 7 ' St. Uoti Suburban Bank Robbed o l M O O Cish PritlMtol) 0; Fi«t, , Dart- At South Bend fint, Notre DHme 0; Cnrnntpe Tech., 0, At Cl»«mpai(jn firnl, Illinois 0; NorlhwcMcrn 7, | se.STfi Iho "e*in'i)scs" amounted lo| here. Saturday, I'elfT^hS. , i« K.IT9 pai" 1 "! 1 KS'.AI'»; WITH PAVK(H,I (Up/ r'Htd'il l"rpii.i j CINCINNATI, O.. Oct, 18 -Two bandits hldnapttl Diivls Levy, prcH- dint and trrnsurer of I h e C,, A S, Mfff. Co, as he left « fluhiiirmn h t n k l , , --. ,. n . -, and rohhed him of »| A t I" w « Cily, fliM. Ptirdue 7i lowo 0. t)in(^4 Prrn 1 . , Mff., On. 17 men, drciw* tn ih« whiiA flv«mlli of brkkl»y«v«, i-obbrt inn Uif«ntw*«4 hank, » »urijrh»n in*ltuitlon o( II*,- They «i',co»loj llin waller, Hor«c« Coun, sn l)« «i't1v*d lo opon tbt bunk, forced him lo let them tn and thvn otxlered hi ni to )ttil at) »v»l)ible cMh In K ItrRo «Mctt, Afler blndlnc O*on, ih«y nicftpod. T)ie bank )od Iwon robbcJ once hefoie, vwo men rnlci'ln^ it on N»w Yrsr'n eve, Ifllifl, toeklnff ()ur p*r- i WIM ,ln th« vnuU mid p(c»plnjf wtrh *7,00o. I

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