Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 30, 1987 · Page 9
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 9

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1987
Page 9
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THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL" —— ' ' THE UKIAI- CAMP agents say remote raid shows program works STIRLING CITY, Calif. (AP) — ted from the air, although hidden it off the streets and make a denl WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30,1W7- STIRLING CITY, Calif. (AP) — Drug agents drove bumpy logging roads and hiked an hour Tuesday to find a dealer's dream — a marijuana crop with an estimated wholesale value of $1 million. Officers with the multi-agency Campaign Against Marijuana Planting said the remote location of the six-foot plants illustrates the success of their program. Stepped-up efforts to eradicate marijuana farms, CAMP officials said, are putting some growers out of business and forcing others to be sneakier. Jack Beecham, the commander of Tuesday's raid, said that when the attorney general's office started the program five years ago, the plants were easy to find. 'In 1983 we literally flew away tens of thousands of plants we saw on the ground,' Beecham said. The 312 plants his officers chopped down Tuesday were spot- ted from the air, although hidden from casual observers in a hillside glade of pine trees on private logging land near Lassen National Forest. 'Obviously there's much more effort to camouflage, to conceal, to go underground or even indoors," Beecham said of this year's growers. He said the 61,392 plants confiscated this year represent 90 percent of the documented crops. A doubling in wholesale price since CAMP'S inception to about $3,400 a pound for top-quality marijuana suggests that the raids are cutting dramatically into the supply of the drug, Beecham and other officials said. 'I just know the price is going up because there's less of it out there,' said Diana Chavez, CAMP operation commander. 'What I'm'happy we're doing is we're able to get these (plants), take it off the streets and make a dent in the pocketbook of the people who grow these.' Tuesday's raids coincided with the harvest season for the skunky smelling weeds. The plants looked scrawny and bae of leaf, which is of little value to growers. Once piled into a sling to be carried away by helicopter, they measured about the size of two hay bales. But 228 of the plants were sinse- miHa, a top-quality seedless variety, topped with sticky buds up to a foot long. Officers said each plant bore as much as two pounds of bud, which they said has a street value up to $6,000 a pound. Critics say CAMP officials grossly exaggerate the value of the pot they confiscate in order to polish the program's image and help justify the $2.5 million annual cost, which is shared by 104 federal, state and local agencies. State Ground broken on memorial SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. George Deuk- mcjian and comedian Bob Hope broke ground in Capitol Park Tuesday for a memorial to honor the 5,822 Califomians who died or are still missing in Vietnam. "Freedom is not a gift. It is paid for in the lives of those who died in its defense. These men and women (who died in the Vietnam War) were true patriots," Dcukmcjian, who was an Army officer in the 1950s, said before joining Hope in breaking ground for the memorial. "Some thank-you's arc never big enough, never S and enough," added Hope, who described the SO tours he led from World War II through Vietnam as the most precious memories of his entertainment career. THb memorial, featuring a statue of a young soldier silting on his helmet reading a letter from home, is to be built about 250 yards east of the State Capitol beside a rose garden of Capitol Park. The memorial, to contain the names of all of California's dead and missing in Vietnam, was authorized in 1983, but construction has been delayed by slow fund-raising. Presiding over the ground-breaking ceremony, B T. Collins, a former Green Beret who lost an arm and leg in Vietnam, said $720,000 of the estimated SI.5 million needed for the memorial has been raised so far. "A lot of people are asking why we are breaking ground when we don't have the money to complete it. Well, that's the way we did a lot of things in Vietnam. A lot of the time we didn't have the resources to do what we did, but we did it," Collins told about 200 person attending the groundbreaking ceremony. "He stuck with us when nobody else did, and that's the significance of the G.I. and the letter" depicted in the memorial, Collins said. Mountain lion hunt is on SACRAMENTO (AP) — State game commission officials said Tuesday they believe the first mountain lion hunt in nearly 16 years will go ahead virtually as scheduled, despite Monday's court ruling; _. . BobTreanor, assistant secretary to the state Fish and Game Commission, said the commission will meet Oct. 8 in Sacramento in an attempt to comply with the court decision. The 79-day season, in which 190 mountain lion permits would be issued, is set to begin Oct. 10. In Monday's decision, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Lucy Kelly McCabe ordered the state to perform more thorough studies on the environmental effects of the hunt. Treanor said the commission plans to announce its findings on environmental impacts at the coming session and file them with the court. ANN LANDERS Taking teasing too far Dear Ann Landers: I read recently that a person who makes a habit of teasing is expressing, in a mildly camouflaged way, sadism. My husband teases me unceasingly. He starts at breakfast imitating my early morning cough and hand gestures. He then repeats everything I say with the same intonation. The first dozen times he did this I tried to be a good sport and laugh it off. After several thousand hours of frustration, I could no longer pretend it was amusing, and I told him that this mocking was making me angry. He has made no effort to stop; m fact he now leases me when I attempt to have a serious conversation. In fairness to him I must say, Dear Ann, ihat he has been a good husband, is extremely generous and expresses his love for me constantly. Should I overlook his incessant teasing and count my blessings, or have fa right to feel that this is a form of mental cruelly? — Miserable in Maryland Dear Maryland: Kidding on the square is almost always to mask hostility. It sounds to me as if your husband has a mean streak a yard wide and a mile long. Somebody taunted and teased him when he was growing up and now he is getting even. The man will not change unless he gets counseling. Suggest it. If he refuses, resign yourself to a lifetime of mocking, unless, of course, you decide you are better off alone. Dear Ann Landers: As the mother of the bride. I stood by the usher who was to escort me to the designated pew. At that moment, the wedding director leaned over and whispered, "Lord in heaven, your ex-in-laws are sitting in your pew! You may walk down the aisle now." When I reached my pew, I was faced with the awesome challenge of walking over those long, lanky legs so that I could sit by my ex- husband. The usher said, "Pardon us, please," and my stony-faced' in- laws drew up their knees. I rotated my hips like a shimmy dancer in front of the entire congregation. How lucky I was to have been lean enough to make it. Meanwhile I was boiling mad at the wedding director for not asking my ex-in- laws to vacate those seats. Was I wrong? — Churning in Charlotte Dear Churn: The wedding director should have made certain your lace was not taken. But once the Ceremony began, he or she was helpless. To have kicked Ml. them out of the "pew would have been enormously embarrassing to everyone. I'll bet very few people noticed and those who did were undoubtedly impressed by your agility and slimness. Dear Ann Landers: I'm a teenage guy • with heavy eyebrows. Some people tell me thick brows on a man look distinguished, but I' don't like them. Plucking doesn't help much because they grow back more scraggly than ever. Someone suggested electrolysis. I know it is a permanent method of hair removal and I want to make sure I don't jump into it without knowing all the facts. Thanks very much for your informative column. I hope you find my question worthy of your attention. — Bushy Brows in Bethesda Dear Bushy Brows: You are wise not to jump into anything so permanent as electrolysis without getting all the facts. I suggest that you ask your barber to trim your brows with a scissors. In time you should be able to do it yourself 1 . Meanwhile lots of women love bushy brows on men. You'll be glad you took my advice. 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