The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 14
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PAGE TWO. THE HUTtHIH SUN JNEWSi '$,>.«> ^> • ^K.IDAY, JUL,* 13, l'^J Bearcats and Umpire Spell Downfall of New Slabman Waringmcn Even Up Scries by Winning Awful Mess. FINAL SCORE WAS 12 TO 8 Sam Lemcn Drive* in Five Shockers With Circuit Clouts. of J5 Tod War o;i.l hit A«'k»rt hiiii-i". 11,'!*'! tii: t.snUy\« ..xUl.S'i H :.n.I 'I'- !-••!.) i Vr : - :;. ri, i. ftlM.i:.::ri'ii linfipi.'i'lL" leeiil r.artlcsvllle RnnrcatH e.iii. now Hutchinson 'iM;ii.i'Ji, winning >>'»i:i (Inno park 11 to i lii;:; 1 ; tile count for Bartlcsvlllo Butler 2b 5 Willis If 5 Frankcnhoff rf 0 Cashlon 1b 6 Moving cf 4 King 3b 2 Hank ss 4 Fisher c 5 R *t|!ff p .1 AB, R 2 3 2 1 1 1 1 0 1 PO 0 3 0 10 2 START PLAY TODAY FOR NATIONAL OPEN TITLE Best Known Professionals and Amateurs to Tee Off at the In wood Course. MORE THAN 100,000 PAID TO SEE BIG KANSAN TAKE COUNT On Heels of Shelby Debacle the Willard-Eirpo Battle Was Hugo Financial Success—South American Shows Himself Complete Master. A Hard Looking .44 Caused Kearnsto Change His Mind f'-atur"u by \liililtlon of JIM it I" .l;n en s r IN •••.ft! tho TllOSt ; C.hlldlllS tl T »H«n k Wilidn- ••ii ''11 !l ith! .'ill iill.l hSu .i it.'- :Uld i Cod i! \vi:ose con- to tin." national hoiiV disjtuet ing to ..n and i'hii.1 In tlio ; re nnliiiurily ho Is l>!:i;. »r» to up h .ir -4 .1 lo bo spelling nt of delay iiml minutes of playing rag with the grouting Jurjjjoicnt. Totals ... Hutchinson Shoots GS . Foster 3b . . Lemcn 2b . Solomon rf Pick If Goode cf . , Banks 1b . Wales c . . Ackwright r .40 15 27 11 2 AB R . 4 2 Ills own turner, and before ho hail voar at Skokie Willi a score of! arisen the fatal count of ten had been given. "One," counted the referee. Jess, lib; eyes bleared, gazed straight downward at the rosined eanvus. "Two plenty fir:. to :U:I^ ' - •mill! l .ft-1 on the : In i- ill le:< '.I uisoti tin- till, SSiHW ilr cl.doii strike a play ido. :t ree> nt ac :::i dvirim; llio ; liir- Seoek'-rs tltno. It was :i.i>ry Kiii '-e breali- Il'o weakened lant Innings, bat ;,.-!!,ly charKMibW wluit Wilkinson lieniviil*>iff«r- o Slioc-i.ers hov.-- j-uve vein to his crowd by handing liny ''ill of every a n d Totals 37 8 1 1 27 15 4 Score by innings: Eartljivllle 050 003 031—12 Hutchinson . 101 000 411— 3 Summary: Earned runs. 'Hutchinson 8, Birticsvillc, 3. 2-bdSe hits, Lcmen, Pick, Solomon, Ackwright, RatlifT. Home runs, Lemcn 2, Cashion. Sncrif'ce hits, Lemull, King. Stolen buses. Wiilils 2, Casl-.ion. Left on bases, Baitles-cvillc 11, Hutchinson 0. Passed balls, Fisher, Wales. Bases on balls, off Oatliff 3, off Ackwright 9. '•'s-| Strike outs, Rntliff 3, Ackwright 1. ; Time of game 2.1:7. Umpire, Wilkinson. ^ti over' i i li.-aif. 'Fr.'uikeiiilofi' lived on a .boot by j i: orir,;:. Cushion walked ; oubkd, scoring Willi? i Kinn gi ounded to ; only earn- lui ; (Ity The Associated Pres.-*) Inworxl, N. Y„ July 1«. —SoTOnly BOvon Kolfers, aurrlvors of a flold of 340 over tho woll-tra-pped Inwood Country club oourao In four day;) of qualifying rounds, will start today on fho first .half of tho 72-5iolc iday for the national open champloiiAhlp, won iitHt 288 by Clcno .Saraaen, black headed, stocky Italian pro. Included In the 77 survivors arr the nation's leading ainateurs and the "bU five" of the i >roi!es'Sioiial ranks, lloobart T. Jones of Atlanta, who finished within n stroke of winnlni; at Skoklo la.-H year, Jesa Sweol.-or of New York, Francis Online!., 1 piston, once winner of the oi>en channpionshiv and "Chiek" Kvans of Chicago, loll Oio siiuon-pure tepre&c-nUi- tloll. Gone l-'arzen. Walt.-r Ilagon. Jock Ilutebinson. Jim Harnea, Joe Klrk- wood and Mm.'Honaid Siuith are the stars of tho professionals, Younp; John Farreil d tho ijualter Kiditu club at Mainaioio'ck. X. Y., whosw brilliant i :olf yi'.sterday brought hiiu a card of lf>0 for hi>b's, tyinir ,11m Barnes In tho lead o\ or the fi.ld is considered one nf tho dark horses. Tiio first pair called to the toe today for Iho chainplonship round were Ahi' r.s?pi!una of tiiikland. fNalif., and Uiih rru'.k.-.'iank. Dnimet. and I.eo Diesel were piirtners. tl-oie bNiriwO'ii had i :va;ts lN-r a companion. Jones and llhseu were paii 'ed ami John IMaek and ll'.itchiii'ain were drawn to- fiethor. Kirkwood and Smith also were comrade--. (liy The As.ioetated lYoss) New York, July 13—Luis Flrpo from Argentina hist night knocked out'"Jess Wllhird of Kansas hetoro the greatest crowd over massed at a ringside and today was shaking Ms fist In the face of Champion Jack Demi>soy and challenging his right to tho heavyweight crown of tho world. Tho knockout camo lu tho eighth round, one nilnuti; and ftfty-fi\e seconds after the round 'began. The 'South American rushed his heavier opponent to the ropos with an attack as furious as ever has beon seen In the ring. A right cross 'to the jaw sent the giant Kansan to his knees in 3> <?> • .» ' THE FIGHT IN DETAIL * <?• * Uound ^ ^' \S' <' i.- .*> <J> <J. <$• <a ^> -Firpo came from Ids eornoi wlt.l ' -*>'' i le-'i-rlutli' rush. Wtllard blocked his llK;e i..:..: jabbed with a left. Flrpo iaiidi-d a rltht l,i„,'.- to the body. II* drovn ;•:.•< ii{iht uyain to Wlllard's ribs. Flrpo fu.-ced Joss to tile ropes and cuffed Iho his tellow about the he*ul at clouo Quar' tt -'IS. 111. It coines out now, all tho funny b\\al- noss botoro, during and nftor tho rlBO and fall of Shelby, Mont. Jack Koarna' Btuldeii oliaiiKB of heart, his auddeu wll'llngnoss to (tumble with tho gate (or Dompsey 's last hundred srah' 1 B explained. •' It seems that Mr. Kearus—who really should have, beon hired by the French to collect Clennan ronarnllons —was somewhat untarfiUlar with the parliamentary rules which govern conferences lu Montana, KoariiB, at first, when ho was calling o-f tho fight with reckless abandon didn't realize that hip pocket bulges sometimes wera caused by something olso besides handkerchiefs and hooch bottles. Tho change of heart on tho part of though brotherly love and assistance might bo Quite tho thing lu Philadelphia It would be better for his general health if ho forgot his friendship for Dompsey. temporarily. In fact it was Intimated, according to those In on tho know, that, ho was Informed that failuro to heed tho warning might make It necessary for him to return. to.Ph.llly in'rolher unconventional manner—toes up and Jfoet first in a rough wooden khnoua. The Fourth of July kittle settled, oneo and for all, tho much discussed question of Gibbons' sportsmanship and gainenos3. Olhbons took everything Dompsey had to offer and some that he nevor ... should have received. There doesn 't 1 trkkled from a cut on Wlllard's ; Kearns came, It Is reliably reported,, seam to bo any question as to whether after ouo of tho coat tails of ono of Gibbons was fouled. Ihe conferees had been pushed back 'Rlohard T. Ilurko. member of tho —unconaciotisly of course—revealing Louisiana state boxing commission to the startled eyos of Mr. eKurns and timer at tho Shelby fight, bus that the source of the bulge was not gono on record as saying that Gibbons a bag of gold as he might havo be- bears tho marks of several foul blows.- lieved, but the black rubber • handle lie declares that the only words of o,very businesslike looking Colt .41. balls and Lemcn Dri ins In First. •»imio,i first. lug in Iho a walk to tvti the to 1-: loeah the , Ti, twib seen; Til" rlflce ceiun r,l wl f!::-! on Fid' nil tvue- taken •e'cond on i-. (b uiraln in e.lcl ;,nd t: dou'!,e? from tlio cbiion at f..r A- when ', ru'.l rifn -ed hi: on Sliool.' oul I,;. 1'" have l.e-'I dOllMed, lcr's MHRl the book of catno in the he \l:-ilnrs hatted '.vaikel alii IKing r-nc- end. Haul: was safe id Fisher wa.s throw n a bounder \\h b.e.'.d. F]-anke: SileOl.s, ltllller and iievin^'' , and Krank.ei.Wf. Fortor. Lemcn's Bat Again. The honiolliics ;-„• m yialiuff in the fjLtal rc'.enlll for a quartet of runs. Willi two ,hvvu Ackwright buinpe,.! a .•"•ii.iiio Iniu c-nler and Fhools sin?.b d oil' I'willilfs jilevo. Foster ono basv.d to cenler. si-jriie-' Aotwright and I.oinen toisheil on;. n\er''tii.e fence. Siilnmon popped to Fisher. The visitors came back In tlie eighth with thre.i. more. Wiib one down FrankenLolf sinahid and scored on I t'a:ii,i::n'ii iliive over the v. ail. ili'V- I inj.; 1'lied to ,1'ick but Kln^ and Hank ( wi'.lio'd aii'.i the former S'-orcd when Pick mui'iVd Fisher's liy. 1 tail Iff ; i'ure-.'i.l llaui; at 1'ainl. I Robbed cf One. i Another S'iiockor run came In this slari/a wacn. Willi l\vo ^ov.-: 1 . Hanks ' v. ai'ned and \ nor an infield hit. Ar.kwrtF.lU shot a Uug double to loft i center, si.salui: Wales -vas \ culled OIK , a' tho plate. Po'.h teams | scjo'etl one in Iho ninth, when Willis ' t-tolc home alter swiping s< ci>i',d. tie i and C'a.'hien worked tlie double steal. OTHER GAMES IN THE SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE Salina 3, Coffeyvlllo 1. SalliKt, Kan., July 13.—C-offnyvillo was tho victim of SaKna 's fifth K t mi 11 v Ii.:ti >vy y estenlay, 3 to 1. Tho 'locals ,'Uy<*l their fourth error- ( loss g;i:ni' alt-<j. TIai;iton %vaH master] of Co:royviH.« after the firnt, a ilou- j bit? with two on, stopping the clutm- pioi:.t ilu.'n. The- scor«: Cofff^viil.- I Salina ab h po K;ih(l..f. 3b ;").ant, c 8 1 4 0 IV,r]:i!i'l. Mniv., If AmiKtl, i' IjRt'ntfrow, 2b r.:'."hrgbi-o. lb &M1tl»r. rf 4U"{r^ii: , .Ka.n, 3?> 2{.I. M'tiiwws, cf JUoulion, p i\h h po tj 2 I) 5 2 1 3 o 10 3 1 2 4 1 1 \ 3 1 3 1 \i Totals ' .Scot i.'. bv c<»rrt*yvm.i KiUlu.i . . . Suiuin,i!' \V3, Hmiri 30 5 24[ 33 li -2-\j:^n iiiti; ^Itcrifi-:-; Stolon )<HV ] Hi nn. . . .KfO W» Ci'.'- 1 . . liKi Olx—3 Mt» i-f., hits, ii. Aiutli- Hj;ne; O-.-rakl to . on l»;t .;Irt, eff ; Struck out, by ( ii ihirtl"t'or whtit uhotild \ <>S'iton was throv.-n out at third tn'- ihh-d th- tiiir.l 1 ML :-(- il •firrl. fi '.oin 'l ^'i ' Tlvi >ivih v :t ;>i't!tin'\ V.'i'.h { uut. lUtMiff then '<:n;.f; b-dh ru:njer«. Huf- j'..'iM Uatiift' to ildrd and hn W ;li i.i' blow ovtT second • kiiochrd di>wn but !'! Will!:; went, vlou'ti to '.••I 'h h'- riTiil Ihith-r Kcnr« bi'M'r? ttlz /nnji sin ^b'' ti'.iw ('u:-iiion v:Jio was wiiciu'd l>;ilUi in *he i v;r-:;l:iy to Banhi;. • ;t< si.tiiM 'tlilu^ i ^i' a : ; .v>) down iiu'fi'.-r v/:i'k- .^iiir. 1 oti to ikht. It v.aS lug to pilfer that hag. Tlifc Shocker tally camo on Lemon's hoinor with two gone. Solomon followed with a <l.)iibln but "Wilkinson .called Pick on: on strikes. , on): : Mtiih-'WH tu 01as« tt i Kr'HUroW lo OiHKbrf ! Uouiluii L', off Arnti | 1 Ion!ton H, l..y Arm 'bl 4. IA'H on U'offVYvnk'. i, Salina It. Run.-s, Kiihdot I Itt'titfriiw, \V«;ntCMiliavfr. J. M;Uhcw--5 | h;iTt»r, Timu of tame, l:5ii. Umpire, guiKley. ;I! DATES ARE FIXED FOR SPORT WEE AT K. U.!,~ Independence 4, Sapulpa 3. Independeiue, Kan,, July 13.—Independence defeated Sapulpa, 4 to 3, here, in a well played game. Shaney had SapuUia well In hand and only one 11111 was earned. Score: IiidepcmK'nce ah h po fERN LEAGUE. I,. I Mason, BM Kl»ln*r, lb l '.vown, c ] Mcfiro, c i Kvniis, rf Cat on, cf 1 Mitchell, 2b Schoen" t, , Siiancy, ' Sapulpa I l-nwrence, Kan., July 13,—-State I Sport week will be Decoinbnr 3rd to ! SMi. it. was amiotinrpfl bv Dr. P. C. Alle:i. athletic director at the Vnl- \er.-;ity of Kansas. Tho object of tho week is to render service to the coach-1 Totals OH of the. state, and all ihe hish school L Rr 'T" l,y ;>Y hOri , 0f Kan * r * H ^ i» vU <* t( > ^^^^nco''::::::"::: I'lilversity at tnat time. Tho varMty Summary— 2-base HiHw. whiriR r.tai'f will be uned lo give in-; Heutt wmiB, ib Kelly. 2b -St'Ott. ct Vlippin, *= R Icievelaiid, 31 'Funk, <: Brown, c -, Perratt, If 3 :*f?ters..>n, rf 0 Adair, p ftb ' Totals" ' 24 Inn intra: :no 000 Ml—?. .011 <M2 000—1 AVron, Cat on, Sacrifice hits, Moore, Mitchell 2, t„ 4 1 i t i . * • ICclly Errors, Wren, Mason, Mitchell 2, in tho administration of I on l>aB ^ f sapul4>a 4. Independence major j !j. Struck" out, by Shancy 4, by Adair 2. ll-ieeH on baliB, off Adair S. Runf*, \\ren, Brown, Mw^re, ZE VRTIM , Willis, Scott. Jliown. Time, of same, 1:30. Umpire, fjodson. W. Hnln -, <J 111"! i'l !-;s:',.: 6 6 Te'.; ',.':! 1 Jlai-t ii f ff .. \ !!,. , S Mioi . '•>: 3 Ill'le e 3 NATIONAL LEAQUE. W. Keiv Y ,.-k b2 t'llle ..; I « rut.' I"., -': 1 tr. ill' i' il D'.-o, l.'H 20 Kt l.'H ; , to st rue! iona atbli.oica, officlaiin;,', oouehin games., and care of athletes. Tl-bi will be tho third yea- for State : ! ['i"l ^V^:-ek at the Univerniiy. Some cuinaiiiiing atl'lotc in always present; lie.' l'levious meals havo had Allen lai..ia"e. heiiYYweiKht cban.pion wrestler of Kansa*. Toinniy Murphy, light* weight amateur champion boser of tho woi'lil. and Hi rancher LewU, heavyweight champion wrestler of tho world. Some equally famouH athlete will be featured this year, Seed-Oyster Supply. Tlio largest aeodoy^ter Bupply in the world. In tho James Elver, Viral .Wi \ i;lnla, 1« threatened with destruction rot. .76(1 .r,rr. .C2f. .taa> .316 ret. .699 .613 .3<y> ill:: •U'liU AMERICAN LEAClUE. \\. Ncv: York ... *! Ciev>0..nd *2 Ht. Louis IMrolt I 'lii.a.l.'liiida », I'hleata V.'a-shlnfton l.i^)at"n .82 • U .520 .till Pet. .eo; .t'U AS; .457 .487 .478 .43? .J'j-t AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. gt. Paul re.a.H I W. .to .it .41 Kan-.:,: Cehiniims j. WUv.aVd.,:.! « illnio uleiila J> Toledo 29 WESTERN Wichita Tulaa Qklfdioma Ciiy Oinaba Diia T\I.oblCK Bt. Josajl'h .... Sleux City Uuuver '• LF.AQUE. W. 48 M> 44 44 42 M S2 Pot. it? .DM .m .400 .37H Pol il8 .63S .f.157 .404 .427 .410 because of tho effects of pollution of the wat-pr. I^a«t Doceinbor and an April 10, of l'.CS, wild dlicit H woro plokott uj> holploaa ou the New Jersey coast at Capo May. Tito oll -e^at- od waters gummed tho feathers of tho birds arid prevutod them from flylnff. Inland watorn are alijo polluted by factory waste, caualax tho death of tbou «andH of fish. ProfoGttor Kohert DoO. Ward, o£ Harvard Unlvernity, i\rlti3H: "No poa- ul.blo tejapornry advantage to be gained by the importation of choap alien labor c.oyhi In. uny -ft-ay ottoot thp .Incalculable hunn which BUCII an Influx would inevitably do to our country and our race. Tho fiuoatkm of profittt lu not for a niomont to bo conaldorod tit moro important than poatority." Topeka 2, Muskogee 1. Topeka, July 13.— "Wild Bill" -Mitchell had a Blight edge ou Andrew Jack- BOU Hunter in a pitchers' battle and tile Kawg made it two straight by defeating tho Mftts, 2 to 1. Each hurlcr allowed but three hits, four out of tho aix blnglea going for ortra 'bases. Haloy, first man up for tho Mota in tho first Inning, hit ono^ toward Mitchell. It was too hot for him to handle and wont for a hit, That wan tho only feign of u hit until tho eighth. Then tho 'Meta' lanky liurlor led off with a double to right coutor. Ha lay and Olson pop-ped out but'Cor- Kan canto through with a long double to left oeutor and Hunter crosuod the pan. Score: Muiikocea I Topeka ab h py[ ab h po ihree—four—five." Je«a tliook tho sweat from his eyes aa n Groat Dane coming Out of water. "Six." Couldn't Get Up. For a moment It looked as if the former' rliampion, attempting the greatest eoinf-bark in pugilistic history, might yet rise. Tho sameness ^as there, but the terrific blows of the ambitious youngster had done their deadly work. I Asain the fallen giant shook the sweat from his eyes. "Seven- eipht-~nino." Jess raised a trembling hand for tho rope in a final attempt to pull liimseK to his feet. The hand wavered and missed Us mark. "Ton." Jesa was through—his hotnebaek had t'uiled—he left the ring for good. Not a word did he utter, when revived in -hia corner. He turn- d. elimbi'd down the steps and disappeared in the darKuesH toward his dressing room. Agrees to Meet Dempsey. And so, today the sporting world foeussed its attention on tho dark browt.-d young giant with the biack yellow and purple bath robe, who eoi.i tug north from the Pampas about fi:' teen months ajiu, battered his way to the fu:e ranks of heavyweights with' the tremendous sledgehammer blow-» ot his right fist. - ^ Kirpo this morning looked fondly at the eontraet which he had td.nuod with I'ronioto:- Tex Rlckard, agreeing to fight the champion, llempi-ey. victor over T'jiii Gibbons by dei'i^iou >.oily Tifter his opponent had gone the full la rounds at Shelby, was not at the ringside last night, But his manager, .lack Kearns, was present and he told newspaper men his protege wad ready for Firpo anytime. ".Labor day?" some one cried. . "Anytime." Favor Champion. Critica who havo seen both Pemp- soy and Kirpo in action indicated today thai, should a match be arranged this summer, their choice would be the champion. 3-Jumpsey, -with hia years in the ring, IK a master of fisticuffs. He has an arsenal of blows, as varied as they are powerful. He is still lu hid prime. Firpo, on the other hand, la attll green. His mont powerful blow Is still his right swing. His much touted left, said to have been developed •by his veteran trainer, Jimmy Deforest, hardly whipped out once last night, and then it had no sting. Ho sliil rushes to the attack leaving vulnerable ^pots unguarded. Ho is Natural Fighter. WUlard did more than any of his previous opponents in holding his wicked right In cheek, but even the , former champion weakened when 3 onco it got through his defense. Had* ,! | tho Kansas giant fought anything but i J a defensive battle, a different tale 3 I might be told. J But despite tho of his <M form, Flrpo Is a natural fighter. He j haH develop'd rapidly and has stamina and grit. Youth is on Ids side, Whether ho could tako without, wincing the tcrriYic blows which sent WU­ lard spinning BOY en timon to the mat whon the latter faced Pempaey at Toledo, remains yet to he seen. But Willard has something to say on this subject. Willard, who has taken blows from both men, declared in hia looker room last night that Firpo wa3 "a good, tough hitter," and woud make "<i great match for the champion." k-fi u>r J UPS drove homo R right to the sUb of the head RH th« boll goundod. Hound 2—Ji.-sa carried tho fight to FI; po but iiiisned a rffirht iipitor-cul, Klipi.i landed oiic in tho ribs but was abort with it :-:«ht. Thu l>lp Kansaji bioeliud l'1/pu'y atuinptH to attack his bwdy. Wil- l .« 11i'ti lofr sbio H I IOWCH I nplotehfs or red >m his epponcnt's punches. Flrpo shot ... hard right to tlv. Jaw but Wizard stc-i>i'e<l out of the way of another wallop ahiK'd at tho »am<> bpot as tho tfo..g Humuled. Uound 3—-Wir.-ud jalfbwl Plrpo about the iioiid :>t C 1 OE j ; tiuacters. Firpo forced Wil- l:ini back lulu a earner with body nt- i.ii-ks. WlUtiiiTrt lonj,' left stopped I'lrpu phiM 'i UP he tried to horo In. WUlard aotmi- ed coiite-nt tir employ defensive tactics, bluokini? Firpo's powerful right. They WIMP sparrlnK «a the round ended. Keund 4—AVillard jarred Flrpo with a Ifl't to the lead. Flrpo t.-wunff botli flstji ;.H "luy went Into clinch, but inflleted no ilamaKc. WI Hani caught Flrpo with an upiJ'.'ivu! cominK' la. Flrpo hounded from lb.' Y- I \<: a. laiKbng n right to the stomach. IK- l.iiin.neUcd *.Vlltard al»out tho head at ctiiHOt <iuar:erB, but Jess only smiled. W ilia I 'd waH wild wiih a rltrht and ab- < pori'ed punisUmont nl^out the head. Flrpo I rushi-u in with both fists landing heavily. { J -y-u ralliotl and drove Firpo to a corner, (lit- bell rans. Uound ti - Wii'Mrd pfnt Firpo's h(-ad back with a stiaiKht I-'ft. llo took a hard right to the jnw as they clinched. Firpo i short wi'h his right. They clinched •.:it'!il!y as Firpo was blocked hi his ait', mpi to i r-ach Wlllard's body. The ciowd, whns.- hympaiides obviously were with il)!?- hit: AmcricifM,-chorused: "ilur- rali .less." ay tht* i'f'd rang:. Uound 6--F!ipo shot hU rlffht to the neck and Wllh.rd oovcred up as he wiui -stini! his Wtt. They jabbed lltrhtiy at I UIIR ran en as Firpo circled his opponent in si-iO'i-h of an op.-ninK. Firpo drove rights ar.d iffta to ib.* J'-iw, but failed to thake bl« .l's«. Wllkini'H left:i utopped Flrpo :diort. Th« Ar«onitnian '3 aim was bad wiili his Itft. but hi' shot in a right to the body as the Ktrng t-ndfvA the round. Unulid 7—Willard si-nt Firpo back to lit'' ropea In a t-'m.-li"; W'illard's right nhot home twice t-j Uo> jaw. Flrpo allowed a phg'Lit cut unfivr tie- cyo. WUlard took •-ral blows to the head as the round M. Jeems Dougherty, tho eminent referee, had a similar experience. Reports were current in and around Sholby that Mr, Dougherty was a bosom friend of Mr. Dempsey and his favorite re.'cree. Shelby happened to be a friend of Mr. Gibbons. So 'tis related, a Boltf -appointed com-! Gibbons besought me spolton during the fight were from Gibbons: "Keep 'em up, .luck," after ho had beon struck in the groin four or five times. "I saw Gibbons before I loft Shelby," Burko aatd, "und Tommy showed mo bhe black and blue mark* on his groin, 'Why, Tom/ I miid, 'the papoi'B ought to-know about this,' whereupon not to tell tho mittee called on the Baron of helper- j newspapermen. 'I don't have to make vHle almost before hit* train-had come! any apologies forj.hat fight/ Gibbons to a «top Rnd informed him that Raid." P.o'jnd with his rllm-hod HE FAMNING1 BEE MMj UlieeH fruiu a ilr S--Firiu) elinched after mlHHiug left. WUlard JatAod. but Flrpo ar.aln. she.Ii:i« In hia rifcht tu went down to hl.s to tho head. lar^e bulk of tlic Gt-ats, selling ni if! and J2. about 30,000, JOHNSON SENDS FOE TO DREAMLAND QUICKLY. i.Hy The AH^x -lutfd Press) New York City, July 13—Floyd Jolvn- Ron. heavyweight hailing frotn lies Moinea, la., pj.oiled tho plana of I'romotcr Tex Richard for diluting the homeward stream of fight fatiB as- sem,bl («l on Doyle 'B Thirty Acres for the Willard-Flrpo match. The .program as orlgiinally arranged, called for Johnson to meet Jack Mc- Ajiliffo of Detroit Just before the main bout. But this was switched at tho •last minute eo (hat it formc-d an epilogue to the chief attraction, tho idea 'iieing that iiart of the 100,000 would depart after the Wlllurd-Flrpo go and the rust would linger for the leaser show. This would have been all very well tf Johnson had not knocked q»it Mc- Auliffo very dramatically, one minute and four seconds after''they began fighting. This upset all tho dope, for McAullffe had lantc-d three rounds against FiriK> ait the milk fund bouts held recently In tic Yankeo Stadium. If the Johnson-Oilo^uliffe bout had not been an anti-climax, it would have attracted coniddcrable more attontilon for it was a brief but startling opisodo of the ring. 'Johnson Jumped into the fight at tho very start and began haltering his opponent around tho rinjr. In a few seconds ho had him fiat on his back. Tils head hit tho canvas) like a piledriver. He got up, 'but.the fight was all knocked out of him and lu another instant Johnson had driven him half way through the ropes and left him in a sitting posture on the edge of tho ring. The Detroit 'boxer crawled back int-i the ring, but neyor rose from his kne^j; until after Joo Jeanette, negro pugilist, who was rerereelng the match, had counted ten. No moro on tho homo lot for , about a week. The Shockers open a 3-game series at Topeka tomorrow and go from there to Independence for a 3-game scries starting Tuesday, They return here a week from today. —x— Fans In passing Judgment on Shoots must remember the fleet one is a fly chaser first and a short stop secondly. There's no use to yoll for f'urtell. He probably couldn't do as well becaune ot his lame hand. Dear President Moll: Won't you please send us an umpire with a small degree nf self control and ability. Wo thought onco Wilkinson was a Good umpire but President Moil, good umpires never pay heed to a few raspberries- from the stand. At least they do not *waste time talking back, piuirling and raging up and down and gt)lng off and hiding where no one can ee-o them. They do not iieuailK'i homo • because of heckling of fans. The fan Is a funny animal. He pays hi* six-bits for fun and bo will have it ono way or another. It's always open season on umpiring and as a rule if an umps is guessing '«m throe- fourths right he gets no concerted attack. Honest proxy, this guy has been awful for three days. If he has sun stroke which we strongly suspect, •hector get him out of tho Kansas sun. He'll be raving 'mad in a little while if you don't. Yours truly. One who CAN'T got up and leave. Exhibitions such as yesterday's do moro to keep dawn gate receipts than anything. The Shockers need tho money, ,to.>. With crowds averaging about 200, excepting yesterday, when there, was really a decent bunch on hand, the team has ibeofi going into the hole a gtiod $100 a day. The visiting team gets $100 every day and the total running expenses of the team will exceed ,?100 a day. Qrltton Bouts Walker. • Bartlesvlllo, Olda,, July lfl.—©illy IMttou of Columbus, KannaB, donated Hugh. Wglkor of Kansas City to 191 rounds heriS 1 last nlffbt- Ilaloy, 2b Olflon, en Cortan,8b Olaybrook, lb lUbbltt, cf Hrauohla, If Weteoi, rf I'orreaS, o IfunUr, j> 11 ii Totid* M 81* Sooro by innlnspt! 8 1 8 Napier', of 8 1 8 0 0 Strohra. !b St I I j » 0 10 i o 1 loo I jj Total* S« "SS7 3 er'. of OlStrohm, !b ' Dick, 8b rtoykwlcojif, lb Olnbauirn, rf 0', If Pierce, If iCneiivcs, m Utnn, o MltchoU, p MASONS AND FAMILIES TO HAVE PICNIC JULY 25 Muv &Offoe. MO 000 010— 1 ropoka 000 001 Olx—5 Summit ry~J?ai not} . runs, Sluakoaiao 1, Topoka 1. i-btvii) hlft, Coritttn, Uuntor, Btrohm, Dlok. So.crlfio» bUn, Olnoii, Claybrook, Btrohm, Bookekovf. Haorlfioo fly. Booktiko&f. Biuiotf oo balla, oft Mitchell i, oft Huintw a. struck out, by Mltoholl 1, by Uuntor i. Hit by pltohcr, by illtohell OI»loy), Dqublo pl»y, Btrohro. una (>Bl »ted,' on baitsx, Munlcogoe 7, Topeka. Tlruu of iriune, 1:41. umpire, Goes. (By The Associair-d rrc-ns) Now York. July 13. —Tho "second battlo of the century" passed Into prize ring hlBtory today and with it a new record for tight crowds anywhere In tho world. More than 100,000, according to promoters' estimates thronged to overflowing tho great bowl ot Boyle's Thirty Acres and around 25,000 more were turned away in the last hours' rush for the gates. Btandlng out in striking contrast to that vast spectacle of promotion to ring followers was the financial debacle ot the Doiapsey-Gibbons title match at Bholby, Mont., a falluro fresh In the minds of hundreds -who woro atj the ringside, last night. In that contrast tboy saw tho lesson of tha futility of solectlng boom townB for thai staging of .Important fights. Noarly all ot the 100,000 who paid, K was estimated, around $400,000 to see the Wlllurtllftrpo battle were within coni- liarativOly easy reaoh of tlio arena. With, a following of such proportion from whioh to draw tho rlBk of financial loss, such as that at Shelby is rs- rhicod to a minimum , Price* Were Lower, Figured on tho $100,000 estimate, Wlllard's share will bu about $120,000. and Flrpo'o $80,000, The sculo oj priceB was among the lowest on'record for an attraction of the show's calibre. It ranged from $1 to $16 50 wtth « Blue Lodge and .Eastern .Star Members and Families Are Invited. Frankenhbff .always was a jinx to tho Shockers. He is a good, coffsist- ont hitter at tho outset and ho was always more effective ou tho local lot It seems. It was so in 192!i..wheu ho was with Independence. —x— Ackwright evidently profiled by Hwnry 'H experience of tho previous day, for ho certainly had fashion's number on his first threo trips up. A-Sier that things got to a stage where it Is vlpubtful whether the fllngL -r tried very hard to keep 'em out ot tho groove. Ted Waring Is still weak in the catching department, being forced to dopeud on tho youngster, Fisher for all tho backstop-ping chores. Fisher tries hard enough but ho hasn't shown any marked ahllity here. I.rfim,b, the exporiouced receiver obtained by Waring from Kansas City has ruined himself for this year by going into tho game and throwing hard with a cold In tho wing. He was finally sent home. Jlmmle Foster had his best day yet. Ho handled eleven chances There Is to be a big Masonic picnic at Carey lake on tho afternoon and evening of Wednesday, July 26* from 2:30 on. All of the members of the Blue lodge and of the Eastern Star, and their famllloa, especially tho children, will go there either by" street car or by automobile. Those who drive their own cars will be given froe tickets to tho grounds and thoao who go by street oar will bo given free street car transportation to.the lake. Mvory family la to bring a basket ot food and It will he a basket supper, sorved at 6.80. There will be a film for the folks who are there In the evening. Thoro lfl boating fqr all and plenty of shade and entertainment- AH members of the Masonio Blue lodga or tho Eastern Star, here or from other places, are asked to come, bring their baiikota anil spend a pleasant aftornoon and evening. without a hobble and for tho first time really covered territory. Ho 1 " looked as good as he did In preseason practice and continuance of such play should laud him somewhere. Waring began to get a trifle, wor- N riod in the seventh, remembering periiaps the seventh Inning rally in the first game when the Shockers scored seven. He kept Tommy Meeks warming up on th side lines from then until the end of the game. This afternoon's game will not ' reach five innings If Wilkinson doesn't show moiaj hustle than he did yesterday. It is to be called at 4:3d to penult the Bearcats to catch a train for home. The Salina Millers today sta.ud as undisputed leaders of tho Southwestern league with six wins and two losses this season. The Millers have taken Hartles- ville and Coffeyville for five , straight games after dropping the opening series to Sapulpa. —x— Tod Waring says there Is no vast Improvement in tho Millers and that he looks for the samo kind ot a slump when tho team goes on tho road. The Millers fared well in home games during the firBt season, always falling wbilo ou tho road. % —x— The Wheat Shockers must win tilts afternoon to cop the Bartlesvillo series. A victory for the Shockers will make tho team even for tho season in gam 03 won and lost. —x— Hutchinson hasn't been such a good team on tho road either, though somewhat hotter than Salina. Tho Shockers will bO pitted against two strengthened northern teams starting tomorrow. Hob Goodo probably will open tho Topeka series and Ixitty Pierce will, likely oppose him. —x— Dunn, the 17-year-old Oklahoma high school boy who broke into tho league for Gear with such a splash has been lil but is reported to be recovering and will soon bo ready to try his fortunes again. _ x _ Wlld Bill Mitcheli ot the Kaws seems to havo definitely arrived. He pitched his fourth straight vistory against tho Mots yesterday. ' .Muskogee is clamoring loudly for ro-instalcment of Roy Corgnn as manager. They would rather see Barbour managing his theatrical enterprises. <!organ is very popular at Muskogee and tlio big attendance slump there iu said to havo been due largely to falluro of Barbour to recall, the 1922 skipper. Get In Line for the "JAZZ-a WEEK" STARTING MONDAY Oralsdarrobh, the homo of lAnnie Laurie, la tor salo. It was at Crmle- darroch that the real Annie Laurie Hyed attar she wai married to Alexander FergTisaon, the prosperous laird she chose In preference to DOU *1» IJ ot Flngland, who nrrote the song that made her famous. .. Wideweave mm r& CARTERS No metal can touch you Wideweave PAWS is your best introduction to long wear and great comfort. Tailored tofit tho leg—to hold your, hose secure and trim.' Ask lor the genuine PARIS by name. "M00 Hounhf SolidComfort" OSTEIN & COMPANY ^'iMlfttlMmitlltlUlUltllMliDimw Z\ % mm 35c and up

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