The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 14, 1974 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1974
Page 4
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MCTS EDITORIAL New direction in coast study Wcda«Ml«y to B«y will have tbe eighth tn « series of public hearings concerning a proposal for "Texas Coastal Zone Management." Land Commissioner POP AnftjRjp&m vf**i input to federal government 1 ! Coastal tom Uanagnnent Act ot itn The act provided money grants «od to states to conduct It's Intended for the Btnpotal, and a number of local organisations tattend to participate. Ajwjogtbeae are the Qty Councils of aB Braiosport's bone rule cities, and the Braxoaport Chamber of Commerce, i local groups are the stadtea with alarm. of fedtrtl^Ute control of land u»«. IA effect, * form of aO-purpcwe Moiog cootnd of tawb to the Uer o( cotmtks (Hdng Ibe Gulf of Mexico, «bd to wne eilent B« second Uer. TWt amount* to » eotmiks. There far* potot of confusJoo. For Mvtral yean Ibere bn be«n a study of tte coastal eovirooment. Most recently Ibe studies ha w be«n under the direction of tbe tolerageiwy Cbuncfl on Natural Resources and •be Environment, and Sen. A. R. Sell wai It Texas Coastal and Uarioc Council. Untfl this year, however, rtudte *od proposals tor tegjbUatioo haw been related to management controls over public lands. Private property was involved only to the extent of controls over mes of adjacent tend that might affect the usefulness of public lands. "Die' : |HC4uit series ol btorim&i are part of a study that retains the same general objectives, bat are approaching it from tbe premise that control of tbe coastal environment may mean restrictions on the use of all land, private and poetic, in tbe coastal counties,. This new direction grows out of (be coastal management studies, Texas applied for and received a grant to conduct such a study, and the hearing* are part of it Gw. Doiph Brtseoe has appointed Ckxnmintoner Armstrong as the state's agent ta cwductlnn tbe •Judy, Bat * state agencies are tovohred. It's a three-year study. and the hearings constitute the ftnt of several phases of program dcvcJoproent. U will he aimed at a management proposal to tbe Texas Legislature In 1997, Armstrong states a bask premise of the study: "tncreaskig demands are now being made on the land, air and water resources of the Texas coastal tone. "Because these natural resource* are finite, and because demands made on them often conffict. a planning process should b* estabttsbed for tbe ectinr cMiiaJ sane to insure tbe maintenance of a balance between environmental quality and economic development," What Ibis really comes down to u a presumption that beyond a point. the environment cannot absorb tbe effects of industrial drvetofxnent and population growth The ccoctuxkinof sachastudy b kxety to be that a Hale-federal management program should have the capability of preventing growth from retMrhing this point, Among local agencies, the fear a that local people wUl have little influence over the decisions on land use, and that Ibe decisions wtD be affected by poHtkal ccmktenQom, rather than environmental and economic factor* JIM BISHOP: REPORTER Italian peasant to American king Sevtrat nwkn have asked if I know anrtfabv <rf RwWpb Vaiariino Tbetr asthnuUc grsadm«rtb«rs, it seems, vfeecze M UK meottai rf Us aune, Pemtt me to nofm U»t 1 *** a poving boy vfaea tbe gnat tover of UM screea died at PotycEok: Hoipital to Mew York. Tbe (tout w»» AofsM 23. »H. VakaUao was an ootettend lufiaa ycuagucr who cane to America to make ha fortune H* tfaM«b( tt coidd be dene watttog en tables Md (feting up dime Up*. He (DOTH) Iran mst to pfctiog up d»m« Wonea kept "tiseomiac" Valentino aod icffisg him thai be weald t* a grot lover to die *UeM movies. Mostly, they •ere lartirt wife tttainood-»to«W«l tjp- sticks and candid bo* abet* it «y«s. In tfaoe. the peajaot bey began to txtievetbepOkwta*. andlv«cai««st to make bis fortune. At tbe line, Ibe bwi HoOywoed toaW «ki to the way tt hot lovers wen l«o ctanrten named Fraacte X, badman and Jack Malb*lL Both were gentlemanly lovers, and sctciw of nilBoM of yeong flappers *ilb nOsddowniloekiaga were tbrowisg up to tbe moviea as Ibe here fciswd lb» beroto* on Uw (orebead and sbcd a tfar. Ho|ty«o«4 hMim«d that Rudolph Valentine bad several tbiagt going for Mm, ftohsda soMMXta Latin fa«. 0* bid wWcb had a stooua habit of rippttog wtM be «w* a kxae «Mte illk sWrt eoea to Ite nav«L He had lw» dMOly giaace*-aoe wtib (be ltd* bsjf down, tae ottxr wide open wHh Oajntog PENT TUm BACKWAJU) wko KMiat«| bin with tbtir ftogtr naib. and ben* (bent backward as bs ito«*d tawn bsrd with Iheir besdf daw to the ' fhor H« wasB't nwid> as an a«i«r, H» but «bo codd hew him to a fffff iMrf frffglr tpfcfclTt andwowtttng t*K Tbw tbry THE MAZOSPOKT FACTS "And Now for the Good News,;, Comment and Opinion No recession for junketeers ft? MTK ff*f, rather Uttn vafttd, Rudy "»» n dead pigeon< Cwfy line be iiippto at «er Ihrwt be «ouW mncmtMr time ttortos, beat* a wjh, *aA wy. "W%a<kto sty «« 90 out and play * Unit bocti'" lie made a <i*i to Ktw York and hU to a tumptuma suite «rf room* *o iknt be «ouidn't haw to walk on dw *0»«« ^togutte corridor ito bad a pato to the abdomen -C**.' he Mid. "Bad gas" His appmdn bunt Wtao Vaiee«iao wu carried into PotycUttc. MOM* kneJt totiieftrwt,prayttg NvnpaptT* toMMtd extra tdrtKW wiih (be Utetf bnfleUn*. He died «bo knows 1 - maybe to sttf- dcf cm*. H* «as ptood to a aoM wlhcr and towu eeffte and bid to Kate at Camp beJI'i Fuarr»! P»rfar. Potk* on benwi trtod to katp tb> **n« bs*k. T»*» wept. They snarled. They fwajbt Tfaty tor* dottm t urn eacbatbcr*«bscks. ftoaBy. ttey poked tbt pete* ibraogh a ptoto ^*s» window gevcniy-five womtn »«r« Ukaa to boMitate, Acrais Ik* antfe*. ofbir women joined Urn to 4**4*. A lady wwto to Ite Daily Ifimr: "May I, a ftpa* •core-and-ton grandmrthtr uflyow of ajy pity ibM OM vbo to aMy st»BU«t to aide at W» *b«»*d be taken from us •» young, to MOO." If you- rurteMther «M a AaAtog Oappnr, skell renmnfarr CXt yes, «h»'fl to***** «k«p<Mto to tft**r Iran <*f*«* «• t***r i *«*» ft Ait, fit* to Hto n*w««t «l A CONSERVATIVE VIEW Right met Left on power issue Ik m»rrwd a «oo»»e MTUCM. J«tu> Aft*r ACTOU the MtMa, (t»t» ttnek tbrtr (Modi in men »M) turD«t so tte (a* lahn ftfam. he «a» on » «(*»* ttaStoe atop a Mod done. Uw cape wUppM* to Uw (kawfl nnew Jk nutfe mi&hxw and nore mO»«» Fan aofxtist* d«ubMI tbeir twruUtt«» by aMwonctog, Ttw Troe Story <K Valentino* As * Lover." Y» undental* it. be »»» xnuUonil Prfraieiv, Rudoipb VilrnUno matft one trig mm*** He karwd to rt*4 to lie trad ttary after ftory abovt , 8yUMim*b» f«ffl*t*4 how Ik*** save' *|*W*»«4 *» **> »***» rwi^ K ** t> wftfefc M « M «t OHM** to if**! *» By JIMK.1I 1 tt H a trawm T** MMtHW tt IM fee) U* fcna««* »•»< out Dhr i*i«w}«r* ***? w«ni EMM** if ta|lMi»tof« Ufc* **«* fW«W* «*« «* *«* *»M«* M *,. T '*!>»•«« <wMfc*« Itfr QftMil!f Wtmitl|pl^ v fWKM^ HIV YW MiMr te»m«**r* «*j« b* O»»w*i >6B & <mp* «MAKf «** tor «*» (tout «fti«r««tMi«» $t » pot WWMMAtft fe* ran f«ta«nvb»T tibtt h«j<t Imm (averu* rm^«Bf trj f(Hlft». ter«»* Ml htf M M *nuw»HOIMi««HU fa* Utcm •» »«»»« a* am*»a*JUr» *t a* em E*t out, (tvft* taafc *ntwl«», «&»* fefiiMr tava ivwrotoit thnt. IJJKDNH cHitdtfKfi, ^f^f ^Mtiftriup MwcrfMi fa>^v *rf» owl to* qua OMB**,. 88* M k*p« dhrir fu*rwi . Uw MMM pnwpiKt Tte TV <kM»«» hM* UhM *tteft M Mwafc? . MM«&*tt "»««. K jwwwwl * l,"flM*«««K*«» 4*1 O«* #«t*fa(«fc*i».« *« «« way Kb*.. f»aw» «r t V*t Out t«WM» t!M»» ftfMrt ItS fcH* « ft* two (or vticnxt my »|Witk * WMK* tM * In* *« M4 M «B»f»H»C» dwU OMr- to KMW« ttlM iM HMMOH Ukb »«k. Uft *sd Rl<W «l*o«J •» one, *od Owrtft l of ( try * t*i*nl*M wnufcl s*t* to t* A* •»««. Sft. •«(% «Mf <!«fcK!!lU* 0* $ t* rf »V i. «» Mkjt«l a* Una m mttffoef pox M> A* Ttur Rdt>«n k«t tam to * *t »aA p»f6ap» bra >' tor ewv Oh** « »»r.tii» *< inn W« HOT** «*. ftdwr arf tlMM* JwfatiWy, IkM afMHaK US. T»» tot* tte MMMnik. Ml t»-|%. . . t» ***»V U < . » Tw , I^Ato tuft**-, O fcut . mtdt « fey ttv VnttwwH** •ft* <a«i«M * tr A wftmtt Tfc* d»a> MHi»(cn wxigM Mp tnm *» Air Fare* cw»|«i«r Ttar? MtiAc^ tto (te t'ttted $Ut« Cc4» *HXMK V MM! tl w«Mtk »« «t Ml Bte- to MX* wonfc •» ~erW»** To Owtr »«w«w«i. DM? dtaawmd Owt CMfrau tod s«OHrtsMl * »»'** fen 1 71* s«wl« 1x0 iMM* * rt» my awn »%w, Iwtwwm U)* ten •ed ttM (on mat* T*« ft V» _ » m*u«r o< k to MMM *7» *»••» A» F. the tUtmtim va« «•*•*** (w n TMit TWs • pmMnl. vtanjewr* bt dndarw a oato of pabfte p*fU or dataater. to iMvpend twfc* ami tahvtoion BUSINESS MIRROR Soviets i «**! B tWMJMK v^f*ilB<ti, (Iftf VI to «feMr*f, nw W!M» M a by Mtflttx *«rf Utattfe mporting Western inflation THE WORRY OJAHC Moral education decline ups crime •{DAVID MAXIM AMwtoMl PVVM WrH«v MOSCOW |AP» - AtaMMt datty Uw bovwf preat »tniiaMy rtwrtto* cliwt toflstion to capluAH «w»trt« Tbe twnM* out of pact** nook* *«» t*»fr<a> rv CASE Me brtlf X . a«Ml *. •*• aMi»H a ncmi crto»t. "Dt CrM*. tto Mrtd. 1 »•« a Nw btotk* frMi Pwr*M U«t««r«iy *«•» at VM. IMW < *t«»l "Ctouda on Ibt aconomte bertmo." read » big ktn^to* fwtmlr '« <«« CamoHBMt party nrgM Pr»»ada In* iUlMav o**mpto>mcnt, nn»e» and Uw rat <4 th» West's Konnmic •«•• w«n deta^M to ttw «t«ry To a great «st«nt ttmcnifiytt toftotton oanw t «a« to Ibis pknaid and ll«bUy cootraltod coaxmy But toftoUon t* meakteg to «• ibf ttovtou raatfl «* to U* W«t tor capital tovcsUMMs, uwhnntogy and (toisbad prokKU. W«M«ni ityh*. vnuid bt km. Prmmmt pm* toga f* on anyUMg thai vBMfgM Wto Ik* brtafy ciaas «f conwnwr gMdj| r «*•» pmdBcml kwrt , brought to from nwrt bbjMy *i-nii^d Knatarn iiitiflila coaxtunttto* tt Ibt Wwt Ea*t Cwnmw ntomit* **fl ctcato btotk long pafte* Mntntltrt IMM at a d«partoMnl store wbicft afv I **» IWM «ttft Uto »V I to b» tuttog bnMi tfc* tt«a« IK MR)f nMFuV flWtf fWMH "And I taw t*» MM osrryisg a tarfi ««tor Wir»«M«w wi «a( «f ike Urn itoar •TitoT **«"< took kU aajy «f ttw toMatttonr! "Nor was Btoir mdt a rtfriar Mavtog van, an I grow nMtathms «*4 nstmi *<rt ikrwaJkMi* wwtk •« OM wwid, 4 it bM IBMMif 4tof«hM)|)T *•» to dKltoc «* MOT»J ntoaittoo *«» •««%- pvrtog «f Obi (DwrtiK* ««• MM* «tlWMf cs«nAh«a, r«r «ai«i»if. a ctttag« ifrtinnot at T*rt* )(•**, Ind . **» ncMtly tvfcnvd •f Mi alWtw {MM bttwM b» rt»4 atowl 8**» to M» >»>«M«a4 aatbty mpMoK ttw Uw BMtf aato iesmi n>i«a»r. sign flto««tof Mctt I vwat to the «ib»*y tar fit'*' koncfts. Ibe rale for >«ui At curtont ewbasge rato» Ite f ««• mat* Ibt «9>Mfs* J only »H cento Mitt baa cost tM ceat« for a ka* Mtv tor -terai m« bUAcaJ a«d (art and tdtwattaa ai» fr»» lor at much at fiat on Uto Mack market ant many a teurirt kw btM ojwM »« pmt» (« bkw tosns. White prints (or onfewry njwMy I m MI* f/*ivtf d» renMM oncniangoil, the UAMttcnu «Wl «Wto toWtw»tn*Bil» gat abjghsr prtwta* TbcnHgjaaJ Hcmtan w |ooa>tr auractivt or are pbHnd ti4 Uto irnwfl, Wnstara ««?s«t» M, probably croatoiwbstsaMMNM* to a rani war-in toftotton rat* of ate* i or » par tan* MMMafry. »U8 far bttow that to Ibt Watt A» ihe> *n-w I'okn nachaa out lor Vot h> {MM have r**i frant Kari Man •r «ttMr .«H4rrarwv« M«M* »«h totaf pate*, tofitog Ibaw wy and Uto daacnpUM «f DM fwdw US «Bnr«M Owrt rtjfaw Ml CW AM'fejMtl ^Hidte AlMllMsf anartmwt bulMto|. vter* Uw tw* ««n »«*• abw bnaUM tot* i -AJttawek te^abar» ran, i , Otot towctan cwidni CKMff^l. pu»iU to (MM* « tomiwHIttatod jw*j*t ! tdwMairaion *t>ni(Mrtnl tmt bMHlty dwtpand Utw ItH uwy «wsWt "Tko ante* tbialad OM my amd> to Umn tMtog ttnja to a»toiatotog law and "8K «MN UMreaftor. I rwotvsd a far |U» to Uto inaA "At ftrst, i ibougbt tt va* (ran ibn I tot* iMp I (bdnl prayw. Mtti of *kM> b) «U0 parfaetiy ingal to puMtt «dMMt! T*adw» MNM nnltot uui UM a«pf<HH Coon cannM ICttt&UTK, but 1N7KHHUCTS UM to* •fQmgm*? toftaUlm

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