Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 19, 1936 · Page 6
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 6

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1936
Page 6
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'S ifec 3MMIW JPfNftMf '" '•• "illl^i *«- ;«"«•»• JMcWc. ant ^EtQisg 3SUJW >™fr jwam^ xataeaMl suC UR&-- yd* la* -ugj-e W^'-1fe^Sw V 'ifr W ''i?£'^i; ! *' - ii « 8i * W6£ ' ^*' *au*taf** &**• *&& ses&teZ. iaasJ ]*a«fe3K? ^ «w ''^ JT^f* ^ ' „ ~ !*•"** *»*ss* y&aesr.. ffe* fax& ^ts. *er*e£ ^ -^s •bas&sK* -Jl?^L>~L ^T *TZ. "-*« 5ys *- .^SaOr- -^OTMT. IciSf- pfSttS&SJSBSi 3fe£, l*Sfe- aSBisr, ' _ JgStagg- -,-S^.BlHS Jt Scfee ifsif. ;l£ & . #>c^pi»s£j.*ut.. #tors!£.' >j**s 3*s£ MIJSB?:*' TFIisBt ata£ '^ auB3 * * *£S*£«<i •««.. isnre t£afe... JsKist Timur 222 SOB. "ffioe -it s* «!Jcfic-Mat 'tiifir, .*6j»E .^ttit .SBBBJE JBBSBIC -wert .' •<-.«/{ •w.-yfa&si NAUOXAL wtsz -iff moxasst autfi ZSOXKSZ .^en: ^* -cjut VJEL .Ks.r.t t itte i-'fi t'";'i*;r.tj-i(V~ ttJ'^i'^LUf -Jl r%i'J _ .tszat -anfi cfioa: - &3K per sssz* til 9DZAL CiPSTAI, ACOOCTfT Cossiy cff Tryfer. IEJ tD3W3eSSK SWOTS, to zod jBafacEii3«5 bEfeee t icryea Io4» St. Sssai^p. H W. H. ilADDSS - EL CAifESON - M. TBDJOSD 3HSS DOROTHY SWANSON Dn ScholPs reprefentative from Chicago will be in c., *ito^e on jj, /, V/*JMr' ^K.'^^T'iJi^'.^ ^'X*^ **rfifx. \<t*a, utx. rivt vhttfc, it™ K-l^i^ 9 ^,.^ * M ' jns *> t vs * \Ut*. Mf"'KMM4, m», ^T^'lj^^^jJ***^ 1 *^ »«flM«d; Turner's FBESgYTEElAX CHURCH XOTES , W, A, Bfbie Ec-Jioc!, 10 ll a.m.. 7:30 TAP, leva S6 at the THIa Rio Dance to eomiact DANCING CLASSES fer aD a^es AD Types «rf Dancing Available TOE, R4Ii£T, ACROBATIC, BALUtOOM i i:<//U/- • ' - '*..',* by H'tHW ul Christ Where Will You Take Your Car This Summer? car '(t work wdl do you In f,| M ; fwrw; that it ., • •-•••"•«»»•» .,. f ,.,,*I,T, <(l LIU-, utiinr, n Uwn run aw U nhnuM? When* wJII>,u t «»« H ywir c«r U)!N Nummirf? H 1« «JHy t*i think «f 8 mlf \H H rJi/f<-n*nl clJrna(<t, ''lift fiurnttfi My IM il<^jg m «J to function w«?ll Hiiy wh«r«. You irwy ^ m </r« (X)MFOJ(T- AHI/IO tunnuwtwH* elw hut you won't to more i y"»»- ro- «u>r, AlttN^ «ur« that «tv<try part of your y i w / l(lf< !K ll f dM , ly - m ' riyou wil1 JW5 «w«"iy , ^ l " ?/ wo N^ n<> P ^mfortah!«. (iood illi iri«ik<j« it now«jf)l4j for you to wt- through w«?«U»4?r without Or E R. Penaebaker *f 111 l fit Mm, ^r ii>i lAx?.. after- UP Ix; Cs/rp* ,,- ,- ,- „, -, _- , _ ._, rr^f-m/ cVfr* WJ* im*Sft fb tb* \vmvs of Mr«, O, A. Bryant Ttw K a/id v/lth , A «s»/;k J penl in vte- own fan«j Party Mr, it, ,/. , ««*«, tiU-.iifif, arwl h* paAt y«T8»r« a« liv«?rt in UK After pie, **#*•• «« of Mr, and eot- »t«d Mr, Jtordin with n nt money, Mr, iiardln tu,^.^ with ft talk that w»« vwy wh appfcciatcd by tt i|, LttoiD u/««<.'nt w«re; Mr, and *,' Claud* Carter,' Mr' and „*, 3m Boyor, Vtlva, Wlllard and Marvin, Mr and Mr*, Byron lutltr »ud HJU^J, Mr, god Mr*, of MJJter, Mr», Otjoua Milter, MtK. V/m. Crow, Mra Hairy \Ail\nt, Mr*, Ralph Knod J*, Mr/s, JUwi* MicF**, M Chadte Morrto, Mr*, i^red Pin* ', Mr«, Will Pre«ton, Mr* *, Mr*. Will Men ravy, Mrs. liarry Krteger, Mr* Warren Bckle*, Mr*, Raymond Mr*, Lcyle Stoak* and Mr*, Cteo gtoak*, Cecil and Hel en Milter, Howard and Heler and thw; gu**t of honor tex Htoak*, brkte recieved many u«e ful gift*. A two-course lunch eon v/a« »f;rved by the rujxteut itr for Mr, and Harold LJlite *, Ray Hayea and Mr«, John uiiin entertained at the home of Mr, and Mra, Jirn LU- on Monday night, March «t a «hov/«r, given in honor ol Mr und Mr*, Harold Lillte, who ire moving noon to a farm near Tha gue«t* were; Mr, and Mr«. ilerb Tultey, Mr, and Mr*. Will ichaake, Mr. and Mr*. Raymond 0ill, Mr, and MM. Hoyt pill, Mr. and Mr*, Fran«j* Wyant, Mr, and Mr*. HarJ«y Oravitt, Mr, and Mr*, ott Hill, Mr. and Mr*. Lonnie Huntw and Ber- nlc«, Mr-, and Mr*. John Lillie nd Oal«, Mr. and Mr*, oiar- j March 22, THE ZVES7 MEM- ?B2B CAJfVASS. Erery member i of tfee church wffl be cali&d op- i ]on wday, Pkase arrange to be ! j h-vr^e arid to <j.o year part in the supysft iA thft wori: c-f the church, i March 29. YOUNG PEOPLE'S;' KIGHT. The young people of j th* cbnrcb are takin gcharge of I the evening aenrices on this! Sabbath night. A full order of I service will be plinted in the) church note* next week. The! whole jserrice promises to he of exceptional merit and it 1* hoped tbat the adult membership of the church will give the young people their loyal support. They deserve ifc* April 6-i2, Pre-Ea*ter Meet- s H •* g H 5 H 8 H Dependable Service AT Moore's ALWAYS Send your laundry to us and see how dependable the service really is! Every bundle washed individually—fine linens given expert handling, Moore's Laundry Monday*, Wednwday* and Friday*. BUI Dey Ermanfl, A«tn MILLS STORE NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS We hare opened o«r store with a complete line of New Merchandise the rery btest styles in dresses, lingerie, childrens 1 clothing, etc. We invite yoo in to inspect our me will find new swagger coats and suits tifol line of printed sflk dresses, dresses. We also hare the new L trial with the light sOk coat effect We have a complete line of WASH DRESSES both in silk and other material. IN.HOSIERY we ha»e the Nobby and Excelwear h« A * and nnfiless. These hose are p^ £??*£ also have silk hose that sell tor „ 1 L°. 9c ' ™ They are ringless but not ful, fashToned ° . u SWAGGER CO 41N ,» tart , PU,,, ,n M5 , h ^^ }?o.98 -»*- We See our De We b»c a alo e stock> m -

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