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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Friday, July 1, 1859
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2gS3SSS3g!£lS^^ >^:^ : : •.-^ AUKEE MORNING, JULY , OKI, B B ff-ATl OTf . mi wauna Bant •rerjr morning, «zeept Monday «TerwrWtdiie«aay .maafaf. ' ' TERMI or BATLT PAPB&. »au> piper for one roar, payable In advance. . ..$T,Od P: Garliid, jUfber, - ' -•'•" '_"' u - _^ in llrely rtyle, and will alwajra be locked NEWS. .»l,00 Weekly JiBjerfbr.bne year, jajwW* IB mdTance. BATES of ADFEKTisnre JM DA »en Unas, or ^ «* jfeawaQ auk** square. wltfc Intwert. Judging from the nub] of new papers np north, that country Is getting the Jtart-of thesontnern part of the State. Bum at MALTA DOIHO QOOD an Eastern Eschatue we do. j. .... do. -4day> . 5,8ft do. .do. ido. 'do. ... do. Smonthi.. 10.00 1 do. Snontht.. 1S.OO ' .. do. 4 monthi.. do. do. do. . 6 month!.. 18,00 B moDthi... 80.00 lyw... Langdon, ADVCttTISINC AGENTS, K<Mtd4»lpk Street, one auOtorUed to rt- •*<*oer««aMtti for tUi and all On Leading - -• " - XorOacnt, and are On ana and n- tiff TOWN AlfD OPT OP IT. lept or C B. GARDINER * OO., I -treet. TRBRHOMETKa tr. ». 90 a a ABEOAD lMrnd>.t "theSoB« of Malta at Miliraukw hare gijsn to the widow of Lope*, wio was gkwotodln Cuba, a handsome houie i^Buffi!. lo, where »h« resides.-' We think onr F* Sons" mtehthavB notfOedas at home first oMhelr liberality, Instead of allowing a Msssaohtuetts paper to announce It first.— fm Dtmoerat. Onr OTOr-the-rirer friend is in error, aa the B*te»*ent originally appeared in this paper, Md was made about the time of the purchase. LAKOB EATTL«»BAKS.— Bridpanan, the trout Ashing conductor, while out "angling" theater day In Minnesota shot with bit revolver^ very beautiful rattlesnake, seven feet long, with sixteen rallies on his narrative. It was * beauty of *Nserpent, and weighed, with head oft; a trifle or b » nine pounds. Bridgeman thinks the trout fishing on that stream is about nied up tor this season 1 NDEPEN ENCEI! CILBBKAUfi AT . Milwaokee, ^Monday, Jalj 4lh, the Calebratlon, » 8prlo< 5 1.1. T»°a 6 P. .. 8S«a for Telegraph and Conanercial matter! *ee Fourth Pagt. TH« WH«AT CROP.—tn Southern Michigan tbe cutting of wheat will be commenced in two weeks. The yield is represented *s be- iag remarkably fine—the berries being line and jJnmp, and already hardened fa I|. llnois, Southern OUio, Indiana, Kentucky. &c., ontting has been in progress for nearly a week. In all these localities the yield is pronounced good. Fed»r»L8»la»e at aanrlse, by the Milwaukee Artillery, Capt. Bade. General military and civic prooeaalon at 10 o'clock. nte at 12 o'clock, bj Milwaukee Artillery, Oapt Bade. Addresses In Court House Square at 1 1-2 o'clonk. The speakers are Hon. Jonathan E. Arnold, Hon. Lev! HubbeH, ahd, in German, Augustus Krtrar. Beading of the Declaration of independence by J. Q. MoKiniUey. Qrand banquet-it the Hffwhall House »t 4 o'clock. Grand Regatta on the Milwaukee River at 6 o'clock p. m Grand display of Fire Works in front of the Newhall Hoose at 9 1 2 p. m. Performance at Albany Hall by the Peak FISTITAI IT LHT HAt-TTLast night tht pleasant gath- of the friends of temperance at Albany CrTT COHFTBOLUn'S OfTICSJ, , Contract Department, Mflwaakrt, July 1, IS69. f t EAIEO propoia'l wUl be r.ce vexl at ihli office untl l July 8th, at 11 4. M., tor paring the gotten lo front of public •qnare.on Sth >t, Poplar tl., and Cedar •t-, cnargcane to the 2nd and <th Ward Public Squai and also In front of irhool loti 16 and 17, block 1»T, tb« Second Ward. Jyl-<H E. I'B. QARPISCR, Comptroller. NOTTCK. T HE Jnron appointed by the prfcept of Hii ff< Arthur Me Arthur , Judge of the Ctrcu • Court nokee Co., to new certain pranliu In th.j Ward, and decide M to iheneclailty of taking the _< for. the public oie, an nqneited to meet at my of' . fice on faturdar, Milwaukee, ooe 29,1849. 2, 1869, at 10 o'clock i. y. B. B. LTNOH, City Clerk. family, at 11 1.2s, m p -i.. and 8 p. m. ' Dick Sliter, the champion Jig dancer Is dangerously ill at Buffalo, N. T. • Levers* harmonies depend greatly upon the meet-lur.—Boston Po»l. And sometimes on the monies. W e cannot k eep track of and rvturn rejected manuscript, unless postage stamp*ao- company the correspondence The Emperor of Austri. is on« of the best linguists in tb« empire, &c -£ xc t tmfft . The Rochester Union thinks he is acquiring « rapid knowledge of French, which will finish him completely There it a yonug womau employed ID tb« Harmony Mills, Cohoes, N. T., who during a period of years that sb« has been « m ployed in that establishment, has saved from her regular wages, and from earnings by do- Ing ornamental needle-work, over twenty-five hundred dollars. Vet she has founj time to study and master Freud, as well as the higher branches of English. She is al-out 22 yean of ag<>, really good looking, and a vivactona companion Marshal of the Day— U^n. E. B. Wolcott Assistant Marshals— J S. Fillmore, a 8 Merrill, .Edward O'Neil, Capt. D. George, and D. Scbnltz. COJCJJITTBi or ABRANOEMEVTS John S. Fill more. S S Daeaett Caleb Wall, SIHOULAR.—The TOrs smashed lately on the Michigan Southern Railroad, had on board the President and a few of the Directors otthe road, but strange to say, they were not injured, though forty or fifty other perrons were. We can't account for it. J®- FOUBTH OP JOLT —The butchers held « meeting last night, and also hold a meeting to night, to perfect their organisation,and will be out in full force The draymen also tarn out in full tore* Saiurday, in the neighborhood of New Bedford, Mass , a good woman of that place showed her pluck and muscle. A man was whipping a boy very severely, when the woman interfered saying that, If she was a man, she would flog him. The man replied that there was not a man in th« neighborhood that could doit, wherropou they clinched, and the woman got the best of it, and finally endnd the battle by throwing her antagonist into the water. THEATRICAL —We notice that JOKES, the comedian, who played here under the management ofllr. McFarland, about a year *gc, with derided success, is in town, and pur poses opening Market Hall Theatre, next week, tor a short season. THE FOURTH.—Prom strange whisperings, an-! preparations going on, we feel confidant that some of the "doings'' of th* day, have not yet been made public. Something of the ludicrous, as well a.« the patriotic, will be done, as weare inform-dthaf tbe "Knights of tbe Golden Cross" are to U, out in uniform, mounted on splendid chargfrs. They will be received l, T tbe Governor, hav,- an oration, march through the principal streets, and draw " large crowd. Soon aa we can gel hold of the particulars, our readers shall have tbetn. T . C. Preusser, John Rosebeck Edward O'Neil, Philip Best OennisCulligan, A. U: Johnston PBOORAMMESTOR TBS DAT. Federal salute— IS guns at sunrise. National salute— 33 guns at noon. Parade at 10 o'clock Military . Fire Department Civic Societies l> ray men. Express. Turners Druids. Good Templars Odd Fellows Masons. Citj Officers State and County OflBoers Clergy. Orator of the Day Revolutionary Soldiers Distinguished Guests Oititens generally, The Procession to form opposite the Newhall Roase In Main street, at 10 o'clock. At 11 1-2 Peak Family (Swiss Bell Ringer.) perform at Albany Hall. Square at 1 I-'. 1 Oration at Court Hous. o'clock. Declaration of Independence. Ae 3 o'clock Swiss Bell Rjngere Urand Dinner at the Newt all House, at 4 o'clock. Swiss Bell Riugers at 8 o'clock at Albany Hall Grand display of Fireworks at the Newhall House, at 9 1-2 o'clock. Dr E B Woloott. Marshal of the day. The several railroads diverging from Milwaukee will I'arry passengers to .ind from the city at half the usual r.'tes of fare temperance- at Albany WM largely attended, by ladies and gen- HeTaen. Tbn Hall was' well fixed up, and looked finely^ A soda fountain In operation— * refreshment stand, and boqnet stand* added to tbe host of good thlngg provided for those attending. The ^American Cornet Band was in attendance, discoursing at intervale, excellent music. At half past 8, Mr. Bnrdlok introduced .T. W. Brofrn, of the Wisconsin Out/, that able and candid champion of temperance, who for nearly an hour held the audience spell-bound with his eloquence and truthful pictures o{ the life of the temperate and «he Intemperate man. I 1 « lateness of the hour prevents onr giving his remarks. After .the address the company partook of a splendid sapper, and after tbe dishes were partly cleared from the table, listened to the reading of the following toasts, which were happily responded to by different persona. 1st. The temperance reform— The John the: Baptist of Christianity. Heaven has smiled upon its mission, and will guide it to a glorious consummation. 3d. The Good Templar,—The Samaritans who bind np tbe wounds, and minister to those who have fallen among thieves. 3d. Queen City Lodge— The Pool of Beth slda, whose waters are now stirring by the angel of temperance. Let us cast iu the impotent ones, who are Citing to be healed. 4th. Tke Pledye~A»-did our fathers, so let us give It our means and sacred honor, and hope that by ami by Vorktown will follow the gloom o( Valley Forge. 6th. The Pledge— The brazen serpent on which those bitten by the fiery ones, can look and be healed. 6th. The Lirenxe Hytlem— Accursed of Ood, and wept over by humanity. May the peat! leuce be staved, and the people liv- (5th. Tht Drunkard, HT/V-H-r IKWOIH a Oethsamana where she weeps in her agony, and aska that the bitter cirp may pass by — May Wisconsin cease to crucify Christ In the person of his poor. 7th Lieen*,ny llu tale of Rum, and pw,- ithtng Drunkards— Circulating the small poi, and punishing the plaguw-stricken 8th Cold Water at a Beveraye — Ii mv-rr made a criminal or a pauper It never gare a man the gout or delirium trvmens It n^Vor broke thf heart of a wife or made a Nther i murder his child Thank God for cold water 9th. The D,alert in /Yu/x — U would t« wi ' ser and cheaper to support them by public Ui than to support their customers 10th Vhrttt and ihe Good Tmplart —Their mission on earth is tu save men from their vices. Uth. Wonun — With whom paradise lost it \ gained, and without whom paiadise r^aiued ' <•"'••>< is paradise lost ' ' rpHE r.,n . n t ., , •,r.-jui- i ,-,u a- i ,,,-•. Many volunteer toasts were nUo unWed, I itreru'• V m' T'-M'"W',"<'\-^'"i M" .wV"i" ', and responded to, many of tbn -fca. • calling ' i^"^^!^,':'^^':.^^ forth shonu and applause After tbe supper i *" J <=urt,,.,« >ai.i itrert «n i . :i»,;«..%.•• • i" V ... ,j;.~,.»,l -, , _ . ... . ! iperlnVall.,n« .r ib, ClT , K:,,|.. .„, .- <•. • ... I.JHN Ri>r<FBC'.K HERMAN KR.£i>»R. Street I, : : , , ii Honor Mil. In th-, Ninth CITT CoMPTROLi.EaM Orrioi, l COKTUCT DzrimmT, July 1, '59 f S EiLED proposal* will be received at thi, office, until Weilntsday, Ju jr 6th, at 10 o'clock A. «., (or repairing 7th Itrert, from Poplar to Tawaraok itreet also «I1 street from Tamarack 10 Cedar jtrret. In the »nd Ward, of Ihe City of Milwaukee ^rl-d4t t. L'B.O \RDINER, Comptroller. CITT CovrraoLi.aa'a Orrict, i Contract Department, June 13th, 1989. , T HE following ia a ncheduie of loU fronlin,; the alley running Cast and Wes, through block-28 in the Sixth Ward of the Oily of Milwaukee, .huwlnu ihe amount which each lot will he benedted by ailln« laid alley to tbe establuh. d grade. KRNST UEB2ER, CARL BD8ADK, Street Commissioners. Block. Lot Be'.efl.i. ZS i ili.uo " a lo'j.i,* lu •>07.3S ))l_d5l E L'H (JARDINER, Corapin.ller NOT1CK. CllTT CoarrTRoLiJihN urricc I Oontract Department, Milwaukee, July 1. 191U. ( T HE following loU fronting on Sycamore tlrrrl from 8lh to 7th itreet. In the 4th Ward, of the C.t« .f Milwaukee, will be lenedt d to the inioun' «ct odpoilie each by grading the ilrret and ildewilki lo the e«tal.- illhed grade, and pltnliinf and curbing the udewtjk, A U.JOHN TUN J H TKSCH. M«*xr*. Berlinn <t Bnnn Jons >•>. Isflll. one of your Safe, m my office. In To ,„„•, Blo,k, ami , A , „ that DP being opened thi. morning ,fl, r ihe n,e. Th. S '..r ., " books Were found to be uni'jore.1 itul.le of ih- „,.,,. l^nnvtlnl and non-nf the p.i,er! lestrnyed, 4..J m,l, •„ ,', K .' ''»'-»••' them illghtly charred. P ..'ir-'h ..'"•' As the Safe wm .me < I the <m.lllm < i«. »n.l it.. •!, - '" " :; » "try hot one, 1 i|,, n k your Safe .loo.l I,- i,,t -.«,. ,, : '" ,' "' ' " abler well. ' , AMUSEMENT.-,. «jeSS-dl, r ant ynun truly, No 1 u^i-, •en thai , me^iiuu J ^ti Company, * n A F i.T. IKKK MILITARY BALL .rr i u Coolra. t D.-|-«r 1m-- t >J!-*iu.. rpHli ••> lr.«inir i % irhedul.- •• . i.< tr fitted to the Binuui.l «.-l ,.p t ,t*,lr -«. n follow ng IIIIpri»rllirliLI. v-i ]', t , bowler itreel »nd ii.l,.*»Jk.i lo '/.^ -xi plank the ilrer! in.l walk, 'rom Jn.l .1- itreet, an.l aliu itn.l,- ,n.l ,-xv-i H.r • i i; i i i ii VI I II I I 1C i t \ - ' A M \ I s i; A T I [ \\ A ! Tlh f , pi i .OHNiT'.^ ,Lot. Bio. It •t 144 1 144 t UI 141 Lot. Blork r :» Bcn«nu 1 ot In Block TV :» ;» 'Jt,\'o 6« (tt, 6A 5J 36 lul id 178, Id 1 In. 60 ti r>(i l'XS.«C S S<! n-J 5 ; K. I.'U UARDINE9. Oomptri»l!-r NOTICJK CrrT C.^rrnnu-11, 1 * Ofricf, I Contrtct Drf>«.rtment, Milwaukee, July ]. ] *$y ( T HR foLlovio^ la t <rhrUute of Intj fronllnv on Sh-r man •ire*t, fr< U»e(«a. W»ra of tl.« (.' «-n->uat which *icti iDff and carb oy [h^ £.'•>. Ml n: ...i i '4 " 1 i". f." SO rr^t to H a t>t.&rii lol will br beoefUtr-J hy f ,ian»- lhi in.l p*T!ntr th- juttcr^, » .N < > 1 I ( t- In 3h«r m BcorQU ] j 11 13 i". 13 :« i < v , ir,.,,. Jyl . ltfi.64J &l 1Q I I.'U OARDINrR.O NO 11(1-.. 80HS OP MALTA —We learn that a delegation of the Sons of Malta are to join In the festivities of tht 4th of July Celebration in this city They are to appear in regalia, with all the working tools of the order and are to be drawn in the procession in an elegant oha- riot . ^ OF MOB.DKR.— Tim Murray. charged with, the murder of Patrick Bowera, had his trial In Juneau Co. last week, and was found guilty of manslaughter in the second degree. John Murray, charged with the same offense, is now receiving his trial- J&~ The latest letters from Pike's Peak give the sad intelligence that Mr Horace Qreeley " has experienced tbi fatigue and soreness of freen equestrians'' The saddle "proved more uncomfortable than the editorial tripod 1 —whatever that is . NKW PAPM AT SFAHTA —R H Copeland, editor, and George BatMsock, publisher, have started a new democratic paper at Sparta' M on roe county Tie first tnjtnber it lefort, us ', and it is a well got np and ably edited jAper^ and we LOT, no ehrabl H wtU <mcoae<^ Ix».l matters are well looked to, and this £aot alone, should ensure it a good- patronage from the wide awake Spartans. Th«y cauno^ave too many, or too well supported papers for tie welfare of th«r handsome and wide awake village. • SONS or MALTA —At the next leeting REPUBLICAN STATE CONVENTION — We understand that the Republican Central Committee have concluded upon the 31st day of Angnst next as the day for holding the State Convention i o make nominations for s State ticket, ftc. SACRILSOE.—The boys in Fo» Lake village »mnse themselves by stealing daguerreotype likenesses from the tomb stones in the cemetery at that place. Such an act should be pnnishod by severe imprisonment. a communication from the Grand Lodge of the State will be laid before the lodge, having reference to the important bearing which the formation of anew British Ministry will have on the future operations of tbe order, in tba Dnited States Two mem ben of the new cabinet, it is well known, hold high offices In the order, in England, Lord Palmerston being the Q. R J A., and Lord John Russell the 0. T. J A , but it Is understood that Cobden and Sir James Graham are bitterly opposed to the objects the order has in view and insilt that tbe Sons should not seek to elevate woman, but labor for the ^ood of man alone.— Cobden and Graham will be expelled from the order, and whatever extra penalty the order in this country s.y., will be exacted from them The dome of the new University build- Ing at MadUon, was struck by lightning on Tuesday night Tbe electricity passed * own through the Ventilator, tool-boxes, boards,and played smashes generally. Damage estimated at $30 COLO AQAIH - yesterday the, warm Weather fell oft considerably, making overcoat*, thick toots, office Ares and hot coffee for dinner very acceptable indeed. The weather changes as fast as a very brisk lamb can wag his tail. e editorial correspondent of the Bt. P*al Mmnekotian t learns that Mr. Josiah A. Noonan. one of th* firm of Noonan & BcNab, paper makers at Milwaukee, has been at 8t'. Anthony, negotiating for water power for the purpose of establishing a paper mill Wr«— The negotiations, it is said, will be •neceaafol. S«w PAPEX —We have received the fint number of the Ouonto fiouetr, published at<Ocontoio the county of that name. It is republican in politics, and is edited and pub lishedbyGeo. C.OInty. Tha number before na indicates industry and ability and we bid tbe new candidate welcome. —Wear* indent. •dtoJfr.G W. Charon, for aome very fete •Mwtonriei. Mr. Church informs us that he it fonu8hing i *tr»wberrlM for praervw, at 121^-^mta per qntr*. fll» depot U Ho. 18 Wifotmain aim*, where those wishing to top. «• can apply. HOBTICCLTCBAL SOCIETY —Atanad- jonrned meeting of the Milwaukee Horticultural Society, for the election of officers, the following person" were elected for tbe ensaing year : President—Alexander Mitchell. Vice Presidents— Benjamin MoTicar H L. Page. Secretary—Thos. Hislop Treasurer—D. Ferguson. Executive Committee—Ohas Gifford. R N. Messenger and Hans Crocker. •^•A N«AT PIP«.—We saw yesterday one of the neatest fifes, musician ever put to his lips. It was of black ebony, silver lined and allver mounted, costing fifty dollars. On one of the wide silver ferrules was tbe words. ' 'Presented to Fife Major Robinson, by the Milwaukee Light Guard." It is a handsome present, well beatowed on tbe Major, who can inveigle more than fifty tunes a minute oat of it, and have time to spare. The, Major is without ionbt tbe greatest fifer in America, playing nearly aa well with one hand on the "orlfl es" as both. At the battle of Pallo Alto, whan the flag bear, er was HUed, the Major took the staff In Us left band, and marched at the head of the mn- sio, playing with his right hand alone, neither losing note or stop, tUl relieved by ordet of the commanding officer. fHBoLKT FESTIVAL AT ALBAST H A LL. —The festival gotlm up by the cllliens of Mil. wauk»ee, in honor o* '.lie memory ol Baron Alexander Von Humholdt, was attended uu Wednesday eveuiui., at Albany Hall, l,y upwards of twelve buutir»d persons. The -M giug erwt~d across the entire west rnd of the hall was handsomely ornamented with dowers, plant*, shrubbery an.1 p»iuiln K s, nud ooeupied' by the President, memU-rs of the Musical Society, Mayor, Common Council and Secretary. The exercises Were opened by a beautiful aud appropriate air Irom the Musical Society, under t e direction of Prof. Balatka. The President, Wra. Finkler, Esq , then introduced Mr. Solomon, who delivered a handsome eulogy on the illustrious dead. At the conclusion of his remarks, which were loudly applauded, Kreut- reHs touch ng " Quiet is the house of mourn ing," was sung by a male chorus. Mr. Solomon then moved that a committee of five be appointed lo present a resolution expressive of the sense of Ilia meeting. The Chair appointed as such committee Messrs. Solomon, Page, Luning, King and Sohun, who submitted the following : Jtetolved, That as the name of the illustrious Alexander Von Hnmboldt has, for half a century, been a household word.with ail civilized men in both hemispheres, so his death has was disposed of, music wa-« farnuth^d for dancing. 'Al! in all, the fr-stival was a success- conceived and carried forth lo a triumph bv those having the matter in char<7-, who have j by their actions and "xample, glvnn the t-m- ' * W "' ° " *• • ' : peranre cause in Milwauk^ a new Impetos There is still work to do. an.! ,-arnest hearts are buckling on their armor, determined to do all in tbe pow-r of man to banish the •-vil one from our miJ.«t May «ncc«(3 attend them 'is • Bl.,. k I i B-r.r 1 .',a . i .,! I 19v, fit ii '^ r w N 35 of . iji .1 I «S of w ^ N S>4 of t 4u . of I 4X1 of w N 17 ,f i HI If of l SI i, .• . l 1 !<>, *r, I r. S , »nd r. tn.J r. • >*\ . . • M » - ' I • . \ < • I •. •• .N t > I I ( I j N •'<• C 'fi^ t&~Vs*i SKSSIBLB —Richardion .North Iowa 7".r«e«, afl.-r devoting a qaart^r nf •< .-olumn to •pitc-hin ( < In" to us, about the '•pome," it s«ms ha« altered bis nnud, and In * M i postscript says -P S -We r>-lMv. Brick dl'.l all ihi, n , 19 . chief for tbe devilment of it, or for th - t i t -i - » - t T ?o 3 tu -- ~< -», vi ivi iije reasoti fj ^ ' col off hte dogN Uil-juni 10 ! B ^ ^ woald amw tcrjcm tit ' l that Alrii • The Col.has hit the nail on th- bead at laj<t. N iu .,1 8 BO -rf » PRESSED " BaicK."-Half th in the State bav« had their fl|ti s at Drick for not writing a poem L-t him alon« How I A L V ri "°' could he be expT, P .i to wri". ith having four weeks rheumatism, lookine after log stvalers, looking afUr country edi tors in town, looking after Richmond goint to excursions, playing billiards, running a dal ly newspaper, and whipping tbe .levil generally, cvuld he do t Let hinf slide, h..ys He makes more music for us than any thr« other editors in the 8tat*.—/.<, tVo.« Democrat (tiled every heart w'ith deep mourning, from hi« native country to the remotest outskirts of civilization ; and that the people of Milwaukee having paid him during his life time the trib' ut« of their admiration and gratitude,.for the immeasureable benefits he oonfeired upon humanity, by his boundless scientific researches and his profound philosophy, feel in duti' bound to join thejnillions of people who stand around his tomb, paying their tribute of grief to this departed king in tbe Empire of Science. The resolution was unanimously adopted, after which the President introduced Qov. Randall, who excused himself from lengthy remarks, and introduced to the audience ex- Oorv Spymonr, of New York, who look the stand, and briefly addressed the audience — His ranarks were beautiful, appropriate and received with rapturous applause. The Chair, at the conclusion of Qov. Seymour's remarks, stated that Judge Smith was unavoidably d^ talned, and oonld not be present, wh«n tbe meeting adjourned. _ TUB LAIE ROUTI.—All the Wisconsin editors »ho passed orer in the Milwaukee steamers, and visited Grand Rapids, are lavish in their praises of that roaU.. Could the fraternity have extended their visit to Detroit, they would have been still farther satisfied of the superiority of that route, in time and comfort, over any other to the east. Much credit Is due Mr. H. 0. Wilson, for hjg sagacity in planning and currying out the objects of the excursion.— La Crone f>,,,,otrat ik P * EAK or LIOHTHISO.—During on. of the thunder showers last week, a post nearth- residence of Mr. Isaac Cronk, four miles west of this city, was struck by lightning The post was shivered into splinters, and nearly thrown out of the ground , heads of wheat near the vicinity were cut off , » pile of hem- look boards som- distance off wa» Scattered and the lightning rod upon the dwelling oj Mr Cronk was with an agne fit or «ome nervous disease, and shook so violently as to be perceptible to the inmates of the house.— Janetvillt Gauttr i.. ., CEOP »-"Aooonnts are more favor, able all the time. Wheat is coming out of the threatened damage a month ago-^orn is look- ng bravely—farmers are looking comparatively happy-debts are likely to be paid with tht oommg crop. —Monroe paper. correspondent that Jales £. f9»HoKioon.— Yesterday we took a ride by oars to Horioon, and were surprised to see the improvement* going on there thb summer. On tbe burnt district a caw mill if befog baDt, i larger and better than tbe one destroyed, to be I finished brOotober. 11 will be on* of theme* complete mills In the State, folly the equal to the celebrated Pinery ^ eMabfiBhmenta, and !• btttlfwlth an *ye to.afetlr «• well*, doing an extensile basinets. A large •tone building ii aboander waj, ,tpjbeBsed «• a,»ak«maiin- llM.tory,*niUng;mh4 ^bliwt OOp, while another rtone bnllditig i of larger dimenitoni is K«WAOHS« CODNTT.— Where is K«. wannee county T This question is oft«, aaked by strangers In the State, and not nnfrequentlv by residents no iarther off than Milwaukee Pond du Lac and other central countlet To clear up some of the darknesl and „,«<-,„ ,° which we poor heathens are enveloped we nro- pose to give from time to time soch Informal tion and statistics of the location, bnstoesT resouroes and Inducements of our county ai will Induce farmers, mechanics and businaM b-fow Purchasing NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. P«»HT-orru:E, JINE 3O, 1S69. ON and alltr MdaJ, Jalj l.t, maili for Prairie da Ohlen «Qd all iDtermedlate pnlnti cloiei dalljr except Mall, for Waukwba, Whllewa er. Jaoe»Tlll e , Madiion aod Prairie da Chlen, cloiti dally except Saodari at 12 Sli « JTl J. B. DDNLAP, for P. M. GRAND INDEPENDENT FESTIVAL f On the Fourth July, 1859, —AT- VLIET'S QROVK, NINTH WARD. BY ENGINE COM'Y NO. 8. 8, 4. block ;:, W.Ae i P.,,i,lj J ,:,J J I,.. Pulnt, unfln;«t,«-.l paru "f bio^ifc '. «n.l •* lot 7, blork IS l.,u I. 6«n,l :, bn, . -JT lot T. blnrk r: I .1 t. bl,><-l 1 I 'm. : 1 IOH, in WiJkrrt Point, lo i| bl"-« ' block 8 |.,tl 4 «nd 5, blo.k 1. loti 1. 1 . all ;n ililwtaker [.roper, 1.^1 3, Ujck. 1.1 and ii. block 1|>*, l<-.t 10. Work 27 |,,t, 1: block 8i. loti « tod 13. block T..IOU 4,5Jin.l «. M... K -< Walkirn Point, Ml* 12 »o,i if. blork' 6. uit« i an. I i Utfck i, Milwaultrr proper, souln ^ i t ,t U. bl...-* r t 1'. block 24. WaJkert Pjlnt. ire h e rrb r n,n.a^,l t. '.,„,. for»arJ w thin fl»e Jajl ,fr.>m thi. dale. «nj cname ,; ' •aid work »[,.! annh the s*me with all res,, D 4 i,i e | , jutcii. of wlj oh lh< undersigned * ai*. r I i • ia •. ,1 i »„ | * . , ", !..ts • , •: ' .l 4. i,|. , . ; .,! - ( ;.-, , : , , ]'• c.,u,i.,cnteJ the work will - :f r, ji ,. aram |,t y th , B,)ir I 8ROIOKB. JuHN ROSKBKCK. . LouDcllon »ni Si Comml-« e ri J-.tiWirl l ] NO~TK:K. ' CITT Coxmoi_i.a» '* L'rnci, i Contract Department, ilil., July !, 1^6^ t' lollovlax de*crlb*d lou In t^e ;a,l W , r j. .r the Cltj of Milwaukee, by ruolulion .,f tl,« Com n Coancll, adopted June2T. liS», declare.) pub ' lie nalnnrn by region of 81th lud itannant wnter I ereon, aad laid naliancM or ler^.l to be >t>«led w rh Ju dart from thu date, rli Lot ». bl.ick 182; lou J. 1, I", 14, Ii ,nj \( i,| 1)C , ]6J leu 4 and 5, block 45. lol 14, block 4-2; l.,i 4 tMork 3' ' ' rpl A tnon . , loU 4. S. 7. 9 n i, lu and 18, ST. , , . ,, and 18, block 44, lot 10, bloc< 4S, l«i I. • ;j ft .if .- i" t and E 31 ft of W 64 It uf 13 and 16. l.u,ck 46 lot 8 and lot 8 block M, lou 2 8 K 10 and U, block III. W 190 ft of lot .' V I.T and N 10 ft of lot 14, In block 38. .< 'u it ,r ,-f n ''a ,,f / -' j. ' ' ' i N IT En «. r i The Pr peli.r ,,r TKS Owner. »nd .f Ihe abo. ar. notified lo ab.t. ,a,d Urn. nan.,,1 ah,,, or ,„. 8lr «, OommiMioo ,|,lc.u,elh...a« to u r,,prr v ,,h, u ln , iooer, ~f u , '.I and oh.r«d u, the mpectlre lou according to law J'l o»« K L'H OARD1NKR. Complrull.. TO CONTRACTORS. . I Kewannee county is located on the western shore of L»ke Michigan, eighty-five Imn*. northeast of Milwankfl, knd!rom fl twe)v a e U U thirty miles east of Green Bay, and contains over 230,400 acres of land, witha r^puUtlw of abont 8 000 Its settlement oommTced in mHBnnd errt g ne<1| Oommntee, respectfoUy announe* J. to the Public In general, that Engine Co. Ho. B hare °J«d< .all neewaary arrangement to celebrata th. day of Independence In the moil attractive manner at ° r ° " h Ward - *" Cofl 'P«'"« ««l 8ocletl«, CITT t-OMPTBOu-ka'^ OFFI^- Contract Department. June »0, I1S9 A LL proposal! for city work mutt he directed to ihe unde signed, and particular rare l»k-n to «tate upon the envelope the Ward In which nuch work .1 i,.. eated, knd the nature of the work In be let je.TO-dlut K L'H QARDt.NES, Comptroller NO TICK. CITT'4 Orr JK i Contrjrt Depsrtment, till , June .a, 1^89 ' } T HE fbllowlng li a schedule of lou fronting in Tam« rack street, from 5th itreet to Ith itreel, in the jd Ward of the City of Milwaukee, >od ihowln. ,b« amount which each lot will be benefited by grading sa.d itreet to the rtlabll.bed grade, grarelinK laid itreet, planking an f curbm« walks and parmy rutieri according to plans of the City Engineer. Block. Lot 'ac«,- ippure ,. lym^ M * • ii. ..r J.. i-. *"»>"«•. '"*• I lurj, .J .he DO Count, of D., U l^mnrU nt th, , u n Uanl>ar< ulB.v, I • .(I'll.- r .,,!,, !,,.,, l,n .„ the ,,., h ., r , ,„ ,.,,.! [>,„,. ,., k,,. «• . 164 11 Benefit!. ««l 8ocletl«, * "nvlled W . ArtlU,ry Oon- present and flre a lalate. Grand Concert In the AHernoon. Grand Ball in Ibe Evening. * iplendld Hall, SOX80 hai been built for the 164 164 164 1M <5 44 46 44 4fi 13 14 16 16 6 r 8 16 14 85,8V 84 ,M ou.uv 9S.U-J 112/V IrU.oSI »8 W Block 166 loS uc 166 166 166 166 1M 46 Lot 1 •1 106.IK 1U.36 126,68 11T,8U 96.86 »-J,(tt VI,IU 7»,3« S8.36 104, W N< > 1 CITT C.mtrsct Deptr-ment, M I*. T HK r..llowini? is « in ih* TMrd w tr.l * S.cfi Imve been Jrclnred v ^cence if its^i.afU «\ler i Amount let .ppoaiie '*CN :u • h..-|. ..a.-l l..ta w.ll ler^el.v oid D'man.e JOHN M, DRATH f M. I'DKMK-K Bl... <H ;*Ri)i\cii 114.69 K. L'H: QARD1NEB, Comptroller occadon. ad. April tbe town of Pierce was organized making Bine towns. In 1867 there waa but one Post 25l?i,- to th 4, c .? n ? t y» T°W there are «evan; Bed B.wr, Walhain, Oagoo, Ooryrllle, Ke- wannes. Ahnepee and Sand Bay In J8M there was not ten mile* of wagon Bnadflnhthe country. Since that time there ha» been orer fifteen thouBani e on the ground ff. e on te ground tfl tteOwvt 0> m P»»l" are free of admltunce of NOTICE. CITT COHPTROLLJJI'I Of nr.«, i Oontract Department, Ullnukee, June J5 '59 f JL?"?S? 1 °o ncl1 . b ? reflation, ad,. v ted June . SOth, 18S9, haTlng approved of the recomraem'a Uon of (lit Street Commljjlonen or the Elghti Ward i If orderetl: ' That a tewtr be cotutrncttd through Mineral itreet from Flrtt to Second Arenne, In the IBthth Ward in accordanc* with tbe plan and •permeation. ,,f the Lit, Knglneer on-Ale IB tbe Ully Oomptroller'i office Ovnen of property on said ftreet are herebr'notifltd U> maka uld fewer within twentjr-two -da/i from thi. date or > he Street Oommlnlonen will came the Mm. to bedone and charged to Ihe rrapectlTe lota according 0 )e2»ld4t 1. L'H. GARPINIR. Comptroller. comcrcm J. J. LaubrobeJinar, fj, Oh. Wlehelliiui-. N BariT , . • u»rt) F. Banmbaeh, F. Pan, ronvai. comuTra. l-I»""»«d.' Cirr i oMFTMu^B'iiOrrioa. I Contract Department, Jnne 28, 1*49 f K , apopted June h *« Tln « """"""d In th. reoommeBd" Oomml " 1< >«™o' th. Second w7r3, » nd Third to Diddler, who ; in that by to make and Improve • hereby notlOed "* 1 ' w or «* oa«na»h.n«n f Ward will caoje the same to be done and THKbOUBITTK. *arj«d to Un respective lota according to lav •* ; iTjV&c^y 1 *.'} via 1 ' 1 ? . ' ••••',:,_;Ci''.- ••'-'*£ -. -•::-.- irtBOICIttnoked Haulbatat ..^i »«** HDSNACBOSBrS. CITT CoMpTk>ii., KM * t'nntr»cl I>rp»r!m,u 1 J,,,- _'i rl'HS followioK in » x-hnlulr .f ,...». . t frontlnit on Jetr^ jcr^! ,„., I(rlr Wird, wh'ch will be benetlllr.1 by «r» I n< l I 'tied itrade ur.el «n.l Hldewalkl, sn.l »K. m front .flat 1, .n, jrd ». r ,|, Llt> ,„ «.,»,„», JOHN Moo SAT ii. KRANCl!" McCOK.MICK Street C.»ninu»*i,io^r» ihi- l.i.l. Hl.i.'k 4 V'. 3 46 9 ' 48 ir 45 1 37 s. L'H. QARUINKR, , i l.l.i.75 i' St. Louis] Sugar (/uri-d Hams I AM constantly receiving a supply of thae celebrated Ham», the I teat In the United Slate.. Th 0 « whl , ova toed tbtngi la my line would do well i.. rail »od ~amln« my stock JOHN W. LSDYA RJ>, ; Grocer and Wioe Dealer, gf^ 88 | WIKast Water itreet. r r N « ' l' t 1 A BIG PILK OF GOODS For a Small Pile O f UAM- ANI> KXAMINK Q-oods And 3E*x-loos DUT TON'S! Clotliing Establishment j wo a, [\KWHAI.L HOI M: f***sar y. »ntl ..r , .. '.,r ii'll' IU 111 I. , ' i . t ,• JV~l:tt K i i M r i it si 111 >i''lre» J J>>nn Heii^nn^v It I>TI a-ll. Hiram ^ rnuiil-^ I i % K Ml II -s I I MAVOFltUK SEAT OF WAU PRICE TWEHTV-flVK CENT*. VT Hap ot » ortharn and Central Ital. ...„_, - the Beat of tie War, Poilllon of th. A™I . * ' B T .irtae ,f , .r i . .„., .. . ( , . . »r ami uixlcr Mo ,,M ,, „.. ,,„,,,., , , Lniletl iutlrs tl.,. L)l.sii , t ,| A ., poso f,,r .ule tn.l ,rll tl |.,.,i (,.. "' "'. ami b«tbd.|,r. .„ , ..„,,. ,„>,..„.,, ,„ '...„,„- .f July, !•««. ,i .., ,-.,.„., ,...,., "f lhe .'cliuunvr Charley ll.l,l., lr ,| ,.„„ u j,, M,l» »ee ly er . .Huulh j. 'be U.,-,,l., ,. r ,. rl i.rul«r, Jl II.- ,. "' Oneida «rr-t, - n ih- Clly it< M,l»»..He«. •« ibe IJUtrict, th« 9a i i dchuoiifr Ch«rl<jy llil>l>*r.l. Her t>.,» Ucklv, ipparnl and lurn.ture. u ««•• '!"» 'i. v .leaine^l at ihe sait of Andr«w John««.n »o-l .ih..r*. MarahjU'l Om.-e, Mllw ukee, June IV. ;.V.u. jeSU-d*t M J TJOMA.l, I « Uanha Great Wood <t Hay Efflpurium ! TH« BIOKST MAaXKT IN WISCONSIN TONS * x "* Balcd ll »^. 3 -"°° O"^ 1 ««aaoue.l W«oil. >aoh Jellvered u. onler in .iuanUtl« 10 lult , cheap, at corner West Wat«r and. Olyoourn itreeu. Offlca with UabDatt * Breed. U U LA.UBBSTON

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