Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 8, 1971 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1971
Page 14
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B-2 Alton Evening leJegrapn tritlay, January S, 1971 tHE JACKSON TWtNf By Brooks THAT'S rT/ THAT'S TH6 TEAJN HE HEARD ALL THE TIME, THE OLD 7:42 OUT'A DENVEC?,"THE MOUNTAINEER ITHAP BGHT DPTVE WHEELS ' HEACATBBJN LISTEN ....A STEAM LOCOMOTIVE STARTING UP? I KNEW I 0L)T SOMEONE V#G HE <SUPE TRYING ID WASN'T )W\lrf? HIM THINK HE WAS' THEPE'S A SP^AKPC HIDDEN THIS PB3ISTEC? ' Ml* MOOSE By Bob Weber IT'S NICE THAT "YOU BROUGHT VOOR BOSS, /v\R. BOON DOCKER, FOR. DIMNER/ THEYCERTAINLY^ SEEAA TO LIKE O THE WIZ/4RD OF ID By Parker and Hart LANCELOT By Goker & Penn f TUSKE Af?E SOME PW/S >, NOTHIN6 SEEM5 TO SO PI6HT. I —• ' TIGER By Bad Blake wouip VOL) TWo \ / Hovo PO Voo \ STAMP 7 LIKE MY £T6F?6O- rV \^Pg THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman SHE MOVED TO " "T~ RESARDINS YOUR CITY..LIVED INI ) HER FRIENDS, ...SALLY WAS A WONDERFUL STUDENT, MR. COBB.'...SHE GRADUATED MAGNA CUM LAUDE, YOU KNOW.' GRADUATION'S THAT BUILDING... MRS. BRISKER CAN THE ONE THAT SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal / f P U6M! WHITE MAN'S PRINK RAIN PANCEMAKEN 6OOP CHASER/) WINTHBOP By Dick Cuvalll •I'D LIKE TO SAV 6OMETHING IF THERE WAS ANVIHINO NICE I COOUO QAY ABOUT i THEM.., IF LCtX6 COJLDKILL... T? By Alfred Andriola KERRY DRAKE YES, MISS BEIMONT HE WANTS YOU BOTH TO COME TO HIS OFFICE IMMEDIATELY./ THERE'S ONE MORE THINS 1 WANT YOU TO DO, PRAKE/ MISS WIISON .. LOCATE MY GRANDDAUGHTER AND HER FRIEND, MR. FIORIN.' I'M NOT SURPRISED/ I KNEW THE FELIOW WAS NO GOOD/ A FEW HOURS AFTER LEAVING ROCK CITY. LEFT/ IS IN KANE BEL/WONTS OFFICE... THAT'S THE SCORE ON GREG FLORIN, MR. 8ELMONT/ A MODERN DAY. "AMERICAN TRAGEDY'/ Bv Greig Flessel DAVID CRANE THE TORM/ADO 6OULOER BLUFF WE'RE URSIN6 /ALL SURROUNOING /AREA COME By George Sixta By A. LEOKUM WHAT MAKES FALLS? WATER- Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Mike Murphy, 10, Ft. Worth, Texas. I've GOTTA TALK TO ABOUT THAT STUFFED DOG... ©INNVS LOST 1 HTEREST IN HIM ALR6AW SHFS GOING MM TO THE UTTL6,TWO YEAR OU? GIRL ACROSS THESTReer...yse-£ YOU'/?£ TH£ OWLV 006 IV W GINWS LIFE fcu" YOU'RE FZ.esW AWP SLOOP-YOU THINK YOU PEEL—YOU'RE FAITHFUL AMD LOYAL YOU RETURN LOVE WITH LOVE-YOU — GOOP BULL SESSION CAN B6Au.yseryou S7RAI6HTENEP OtfT-» QUINCY By Ted Shearer A waterfall is any stream of water descending suddenly from a higher to a lower level. If the volume of water is small, it is called a cascade; if large, it is called a cataract. Waterfalls are usually formed when rivers flow from an area where there is hard rock to one that can be more easily eroded by the water. The softer rock downstream is gradually worn down. This creates a ledge or cliff down which the river must flow in order to continue its course. This is what happened in creating Niagara Falls, for example. The falls began when the Niagara River eroded soft rocks that were under beds of strong limestone. In this way it made an overhanging cliff where the river now plunges 167 feet into the lower part of the valley. In .some cases waterfalls are created where streams flow over hard rocks that cut across their channels. The hard material then becomes like a dam, so that the water has to fall over it into the valley below. This is how the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, in Wyoming, were formed. The highest falls in the world are the Angel Falls in Venezuela, which are 3,212 feet high. They also have the longest uninterrupted drop, 2,648 feet. The largest volume of water of any waterfall is in the Guaira Falls on the Brazil-Paraguay border. They discharge over 470,000 cubic feet of water per second. In the past, many waterfalls were used to turn millwheels. Today many of them have been harnessed to generate hydroelectric power. IF I POM'T, SOMEONE ELSE WILL... OkrStay* True Life Adventures FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollen HOPe TME \ DWV PICKS J OP SOQIO -^—^ c« W rHi»ei»7i «i IS MOT UNUSUAL- TO SEE A wjUDisncyrmj^.o,,, BEAR ANt? A PRONGHORN w^R^ac^a ^«^..,^. ^LUETi.v-roaeYHER. Beautification Aniv«r fo Previous Puitl* FUN TIME The Riddle Box I. What can run but can't walk? 2. What is a goat after it's three days old? 3. What docs everyone do at the same time? ANSWERS 1. Water. 2. Four days old. 3. Grow older. THE PUZZLE BOX CROW AStt? A L-AMB 39 Controversy 41 Month (ab.)' 42 Pub order 43 Make-up item 47 Sailors' greeting , 49 Top performer 51 Jurisprudence 52 Crucial point 53 Possessive pronoun 54 Remove (print.) 55 Existing facts Distributed by K.nj Kmlurri Sjntlic«l«, LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE MARCUS BORN MAY 1 2O B.C. DIEPMAV1 20 Here is an imaginary tombstone of an ancient Homan. How old was he when he died? See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Answer to yesterday's llow Many? Hose, petal, stem, pistil, stalk, leaf, plant, ovule, stamen. Want Ads Get Results! ACROSS 1 up 5 paint g looks 12 Arab chieftain 13 Feminine appellation 14 dixit 15 Bristle 16 Letter of alphabet ' 17 Permits 18 Pismire 19 Drone bee 20 Italian seaport 56 Follower 21 Etching needle (suffix) 23 Equal (comb. 57 Mohammedan form) name 25 Reply (ab.) 58 Danube 27 Hemp- tributary yielding plants 59 Lixivium 29 Make lace • edgings 30 Candlenut 1 Western landmarks 2 Catkin 3 Domestic pet 4 Epoch 5 City in Texas 60 Go by DOWN trees 33 Frog gcnviB 34 Native of (suffix) 35 Voracious fish 36 Notch 37 Expand 38 Verb suffix 6 Decorative flower (2 words) 7 Cereal grass 8 Venomous lizard 9 Switchboard worker 10 Melodic phrase (music) 11 Moines, Iowa 19 Starter (coll.) 20 nova (dance) 22 Vegas, Nevada 24 Seasonal visitor 26 Meat-vegetable dish 28 Prospero's servant 30 Exchange 12 15 b 13 16 6 7 premium 31 Cosmetic preparations 32 Genus of bog orchids 36 June 6,1944 37 Earth (comb, form) 40 Town (Cornish prefix) 44 Moslem council 45 Festivals 46 Pitchers 48 Strong hedge with a wide ditch 50 Algpnquian Indian 52 201 (Roman) 53 Lubricate 54 Diamond- cutter's cup 14 17 10 11 '8 'ISOHO > 'xDiisan -e 'aaAvaa 'JIIVHD 133HM -i— UM °a '3)1 vn 'Oi 'asvNaru '6 'oiava Y 'iAVD '9 '1MO '$ '3D31HO > '31008 •£—«o«y : S*3MSNV (i

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