The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 18, 1973 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1973
Page 2
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Buy American - A New Meaning These Days *y rRKO COLEMAN A*MtUlHl Prw Writer LONDON (AP> - "Buy American" h*$ * new meaning these days. The stakes arc no k>ng«r the sate of U, S. foods. This time European*, and particuUrty the British. *re trying to buy up entire American companies. Some Europeans say that (or most of the p*M 10 ycvrs, the dollar w*» over-valued, allowing Americans to acqulr* European businesses cheaply. .Now, these Europeans believe, the shoe Is on the other foot. Dollar devaluations of 8 M percent in December 1*71 and 10 per cent tut February have THE RRAZOSPORT FACTS , Te»as. Monday. Jane 18. l>73 giwn Kuropean cutrenctr* more buying poww In the United State*, One result has been a recent and sudden wave of foreiKn takeover bids in the United States. British financiers, who have long been playing the takeover game from London, appear to be heading the pack. In one day. last Monday, It was disclosed that -Lloyds Bank of London agreed in principle to acquire W.S per cent of First Western Rank and Trust of California from Work! Airways for Ills miUhm —Brown and Williamson, an American subsidiary of British and American Tobacco, offered more than »m million for Glmbel Brother* Inc.. ib* department store chain -Zapala Corp said It is negotiating (he tale of a SO per cent Interest in (U bulk shipping services (o Peninsula and Oriental Navigation of Britain (or about 1100 million TV American £apata Owp ls engaged mainly in ofhhore itrllling for gas ami oil and In International (hipping Husu**»mpn are qukfc to point out thai a takeover bid b a tanx *ay frum a takeover. A haul a* legal and regulatory roadblock* could thwart ambittom lUnk of Dntalrt, for rumple, wan slBpfwd by th* New Ywrk Si«te (tanking t t*m Ihr Ulaml Trutl Co , American linu» through their own itomtvlte takeover battle* in itw IWO'« and dwtkifwd def en>iv« tkill* they t-an now us* agaimt foreign bid* YH t.totpil* the nil*, and the threat of reiwlf*. fwwgn linn* 4 re clearly k**t»ng a ChM*r «f<e tx\ Itw If S market i« only on* Another to the depressed »Ute of the U S. Heck market. Blue-chip American ct)ntpanfc» are fttiUag at what took like bargain rate* la many To many tnwrim, U H, tlockf are a ptttettli*! path (o tak*ev«r bkb tne «<•**.« few* chtttp tlwy *>*& to tough* with Kv*n « «h« furrwi »**» «< («H««v«r btdi pr«*ts impraetieal, foreign firms may tntJ dwtd« it m*k*s » buitd Ibetf **« on plant* to ifc* l State* Thl» ««* t* alrtmty in Kt*t*«. than*.* who h»*« wwtfte K tri^n » »««*« ewortw to indkKC ftxcig* firm* «* H» Brfscoe proposes zero bose budget AUSTIN < A i PJTW fct^lfsc* pce*fim» &«.•< »l»t« t* llj>ii!«-l:« M-li t'f'..^ tut t««' to -J.<?e* W 'Ut* ' M««S S»EET RIPE PEACHES BOLD student named to offkt at Giih State *<W^r j f&xZWy ? ve^uettft*... % ?t3£j$V&? 4*C|Ja4J?'i*:Vf •*|f*e«;£r*(|' IRS names acting district director L3. Stvt* iJPflUi , ROYAL BANQUET PORK MfAKSTONi ly in Sh«p«" YOGURT ALL FLAVORS CONCENTRATE PRELL REC. SI.15 50Z., SIZEf RICKTS RUEHVEO] TO IWJT caoo LUNf PURE 3L8S. OR MORE L8. Watermelons 99.*, HUM It citrines LS. nim mrr CtMttlt Citrsj •• the Ctb 5 •OTAL SAA^OtT Ctnt« Cut Ptrk Chtps LO« U.IMI Ptrh Site* 1 MMIT MOC mi* PAMPERS NKWBORN '*« •!«• 0» M I DIAPERS i»\\Ttvir. .. o* w Titt)Oi>:H '.e 0» U V *l as. libs sfifoaokC ••!! IMS! 93' BWCASOT MCttlA* S«« •a »« tot. 4*1 4 J B4. cnoKt TZiots AS«s *tAVf stir n^rr Slit«Mtr EMsl' wm9to ;i99 ( Ctk Slsm .*»»'I ItAvlA* S*t«fcctti , CKOKI Tfiwfi iiiott»n.tij»iArt iMlifll Ul iMSt L . IM. %*C Mi. JJ* SUHFARM U.&.O.A. EGGS CRAOE A LARGE DOZ. U.i, CWJk.1 SOMU t} NUVY Stlf •••eh Stylt Stetk ts.f4t j. W. Ctlftt «J. CHO*CC ii«ot\AMi> MUVY sitr »ausw»i i*t!'•».* o« i •hf iisaiits •••tltss Sttw Mett^P* (XTSA UAl IW* Wit irtnael lee I LS. 1" i.otoee T£»ct« ASI;O TEEZI-OIPS . | r AIMS Sio«i Chips SASIUI IMlish M»ffie» SKi *0* SSABC MLAASTMC HAT II itUK CtltMt Cbttst | UWIICH oi notiftnof Ntsirtb Fresh JUMO NsMsilNirf tr lusts I Murr •ARftMNl ^ 1** Diet _^ TSCUTCIT 59* OrsMft Jvict 6ATUWO ^OTAIC4I :»^ 49' Fresich Frits TO* rs<m cri 39* Slktel Sej««sh CKOCOLAIC 0*^ S'i 45* OrMft Twirls '^39* Applt Slmrftl M« '31' 0««i>h Rtlls £*< 33* Ctlftt Cthe rtMvrsiinii "•• M^t MS 43 not. ^AC t vS. • % f SA4 f J* VASB.INE INTENSIVE CARE LOTIPiL e<u. i« HA. f| E J' IS OZ na S)ze CUM! SUE UU SALAD OIL »1TM COUPOH 44 OZ, BTL. *HO HATCH* >D CLUB egetable wttt n».i MlJlt MO. )'» VIVt* HANUFACIURtRS PRICE Of Fi»ECUL 'WKIs PAN LIKITEO SHEER HADNEi | ALL NUDE. 1 tiUEEM SIZE OR MESH PAMTr HOSE CLIP THESE VALUABLE COUPONS AND SAVE! YAlUABU CCHJfOH WITH THtS COUPON 04AKT sue VALUABU COUPON SALAD OIL WITH THIS COUPON 4*02. FOLGEK'S WITH THIS COUPON IS9 VAIUABU COUPON MSTANT TEA KITH THIS COUPON court* y«Lvt COVKHt VAUIt *< cxnact (•?»;> *iTnovt couran H. COMMK VALVC »< rare* TRASH BAGS WITH THIS COUPON nrwout COuron VALUI IK txnatt »•;*.» •'.'IK ami »8« 5>v 5S» ia.4 (fttl at (ftK iljtt i* fe«t* Dour yeh meet TV I)w* Vr**r4(w «•&* ro**« lottiOM »! * » JI tfe* Ffr*^».<t I">JCSB> Hate* SMtt» (mm t«4sj» I'w'.nj Sia'.r* wvU U i in «r« vT W tWf»6ul. iwf! tKnaattiat{ at (if <IHHS«J«». I" j Your. "* !j!t : Hoarin* 7 ^ jiitii i ; -S> S.v^'v4S A.A Xfe» « I »»« »•< w t«U> *» liM IK* • mwtol * <* < : MH4H '« ijtMOr »««»(, to*<Ht ; unit V* wto.i Ua<t b*»» *K Tlw wlvtn Jifduh fff«l ftft a [sitfiol m*6 tn 1770 iM; OII.VA TIIK HR,\M*S YOU'LL FIM> .TIIKM ALL AT HQIY GHOST BIBLE REVIVAL C'M>llnaj«g ho Thi RM. I Mrs. Wm. 0. Uwi The Gfiipd Amroblj Hd

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