Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on May 7, 1993 · Page 9
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 9

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1993
Page 9
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- FRI..MAY7-SAT., MAY 8, 1993 — 9 FRIDAY EVENING 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 SATURDAY EVENING 10:30 11:001 CD a> CD (X) IX) CD CD CD • • (® • ® Married... News News News News Murphy Cosby Entertain. C. Affair News News News News MacNeil/Lehrer Magnum, P.I. Hunter Cheers Roseanne Cosby Roseanne Star Trek Gen. Cheers Night Ct. Major League Baseball: Dodgers at Giants Cheers [News Secret Service [Movie: "Visions of Murder" (1993) Major League Baseball: Oakland G. Palace Hard Cpy. Jeopardy! Wonder Business H. Patrol All Family Roseanne Dudley Entertain. Fortune Full H'se. Wall St. Emer. Call Design. Cheers Star Trek Gen. News I Golden G. Design. G. Palace Family Family Wash. Athletics at California Advice Dudley Step by Step by N. Calif. Angels. Bodies of Evidence Design. Getting Getting Face-Face Advice Where Where News Hard Cpy. News Bodies of Evidence 20/20 20/20 Great Performances "Nureyev" Movie: "Misunderstood" (1984) Movie: "Two Mules for Sister Sara" Most Wanted Baywatch Sightings [Sightings Untouchables WKRP Wonder News Night Ct. Movie: "Aliens" (1986), Paul Reiser Newhart All Family H. Patrol Cheers News Tonight Justice News News News Beatles Un touch. News Married... Arsenio Hall News IPaid CABLE CHANNELS AaE DISC ESPN FAM LIFE NICK TBS USA WON Investigative Reports Valor [Skybound Caroline's Com. Wonder-World Major League Baseball Cont'd Prince |My Dog |Big Jake At the Improv Wildlife Nature Time Machine Valor [Skybound Investigative Reports Wonder-World Major League Baseball: Teams to Be Announced. jSportsctr. Mansion "Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter" You Do jCrazy |Looney jBullwinkle Movie: "Cheaper by the Dozen" (1950) Thirtysomething Get Smart | Van Dyke Major League Baseball: Atlanta Braves at Colorado Rockies. What's |Dino- (Quantum Leap Major League Baseball Cont'd Murder, She Wrote Unsolved Mysteries Dragnet Lucy 700 Club Mysteries M. Moore Paid M. Moore Movie: "Wise Guys" (1986) Movie: "My Mom's a Werewolf" (1988) News [Comedy Club Caroline's Human Sr. PGA Scare- Paid Hitchcock "Last "Girt Movie: "Weird Science" (1985) PREMIUM CHANNELS DISN HBO MAX SHOW Movie: "The Borrowers" |Pontoffel Movie: "Fire, Ice and Dynamite" (1990) Movie: "The Hunter" (1979) Movie "Desire and Hell" Movie: "The Goonies" (1985) Movie: "Blue Steel" (1990) Movie: "American Dream" Movie: "The Hitman (1991) "A Family Upside Down" Movie: "Road House" (1989) Movie: "Love Crimes" (1991) Karatemania V: Kickboxing "Em- Super D. Suspect CD Mews QD Ent. Tonight CD Mews CD WKRP 2L "CD Mews CD Mama Roseanne Bay News News Van News News Aretha Franklin Deep Space 9 Cops Cops Different World CodeS Emp. Code 3 News Money Comic Mad-You Major League Baseball: Oakland Athletics at California Angels. Medicine Woman New Country Jeopardy! Fortune Big Spin On Scene Mystery!: Casebook Highlander Big Spin Firefight Street Justice Movie I WKRP Served 21 Jump Street Star Trek Gen. Movie: "Gunsmoke: The Long Ride' Sisters News News Siskel WKRP Medicine Woman [Movie: "Qunsmoke: The Long Ride" Movie: "Matlock: The Vacation" (1992) Movie: "Mattock: The Vacation" (1992) Movie: "Charade" (1963), James Coburn Apollo Comedy Hour |Twil. [Twil. Movie: "Teenage Mutant Nlnja Turtles' Cops |Cops [Code 3 [Code 3 Movie: "Sheena" (1984), Donovan Scott CABLE CHANNELS Movie: "F/X" (1986), Diane Venora Untouchables Sommish Commish Roggin's 5at. Night Justice Desp.H News Comedy Movie: "Now, Voyager fwiT Emer. Call Choices News Night Ct. Twil. Firefight. Night Ct. Twil. Whoopi Star Trek 3tar Trek Movie: "Raw Deal" (1986) Comedy on the Road Caroline's Com Movie: "Rumble Fish" (1983) Comedy CD CD - for Ft. Bragg & Mendocino viewers only. 83 69 CD • for TIA only. Frontiers of Flight Challenge: Shark Frontiers of Flighl Stanley Cup Playoffs Cont'd Vindicated: A Mother's Wai Movie: "White Line Fever Movie: "Deliverance" Cont'd Swamp [Beyond Apollo Comedy Houi ["Willy Wonka & Chocolate" ["Wild Orchid 2: Two Shades of Blue Movie: "Her Alibi" (1989) "Cocoon: The Return (1988 SHOW" Movie |Movle: "Late for Dinner" |Movie: "Red Heat" (1988), Peter Boyle JFoxwor- |"Dead On IJ CD • for Ft. Bragg & Mendocino viewer* only. SD FRIDAY EVENING 7:30 P.M. CD Major League Baseball "Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants" From Candlestick Park. (Live) (T) Dudley Fred's parents send him to a therapist after learning he has been running a loan shark operation at school. (S) g (T) Wheel of Fortune g © Full House The entire family pitches in when Jesse accidentally double- books the band, g (T) Wall Street Week "The Luck of the Irish" Guest: Denis Donovan, portfolio management director, Bank of Ireland Asset Management. (S) g (Jo) Emergency Call A 4-year-old boy wRo saved his mother's life by calling 911; a diabetic trapped in quicksand; a father who provided emergency medical treatment to his newborn child. CM) Designing Women Charlene dislikes the techniques she must use as a "Lady June" salesperson. (S) g (40) Cheers Rebecca urges Sam to see afertility specialist; Frasier faces his own mortality, g (in Golden Girls Blanche's date still lives with his mother; Stan wants Dorothy and Sophia to attend therapy with him. (S) g (ES?N) Major League Baseball "Teams to Be Announced^' (Live) (FAMO Maniac Mansion The Edisons, invite anlnn&r-clty child Into thelr"home • * --'"•••--' - -•- ) Bullwlnkle tU i»O Pontoffel Pock An animated story by Dr. Seuss about Pontoffel Pock and the magic piano that takes him anywhere at the touch of a key. (R) (TNT) NBA Basketball Playoffs "Teams to Be Announced" (Live) 8:00 P.M. (D Designing Women Carlene decides to dress like a man when she discovers her new boyfriend is a cross- dresser. (S) g (T) (T) Family Matters Steve worries tnatMyra will learn about his reputation as a nerd when he takes her to the high school prom. (S) g § Washington Week in Review (S) g Movie ** "Misunderstood" (1984) le Hackman, Henry Thomas. After the death of his wife, a shipping magnate's absorption in his work leads to (he neglect of his young sons. (2:00) He) Movie *** "Two Mules for Sister Sara" (1970) Clint Eastwood, Shirley MacLaine. A two-fisted gunslinger and a whiskey-swilling "nun" reluctantly join forces to aid a group of Mexican revolutionaries. (2:00) (40) America's Most Wanted "Unsafe aTHome" A case in which a retired Hollywood madam was robbed of a half- a-million dollars in jewels from a safe at the home of David Niven Jr. (S) g fiT) Baywatch Although still unable to move his legs, Mitch comes to Jason s aid when the hit man Riddick once again attempts to kill him. (Part 2 of 2) (so) Movie ***'/z "Aliens" (1986) STgourney Weaver, Michael Biehn. Intergalactic marines are sent to eradicate the creatures responsible for the destruction of the spacecraft Nostromo. (2:30) fAjT) Evening at the Improv Host: Gil Gerard. Comics: The Mystro; Janice Ungaro; Stephen Kruiser; Ken Rogerson. fXMc) Movie **'/2 "Tom, Dick and Harry" (1941, Comedy) Ginger Rogers, George Murphy. A telephone operator receives marriage proposals from three men she cares for equally. (1:26) fpisc) WHdUfo Chronlclea The water skate, an insect that propels itself on the water's surface; other water- walking insects. (R) (FAM) Movie *** ''Cheaper by the Cozen" (1950) Clifton Webb, Jeanne Grain. An industrial engineer and his psychologist wife are the proud parents of a large but close-knit family at the turn of the century. (2:00) (Tire) TWrtysomething Having consulted a divorce arbitrator, Elliot and Nancy embark on new relationships. fijiclT) Get Smart Max goes to a swim meet to obtain a list of KAOS agents. (USA) Murder, She Wrote Jessica encounters murder when car trouble strands her and a fellow writer at a rundown truck stop owned by a disillusioned woman, g (WON) News g _ , ,, fiasffi Movie **V4 "The Goonies (T9B5) Sean Astin, Josh Brolin. A group of adolescent misfits undertake a harrowing mission to recover the booty of a notorious 17th-century pirate. (S) rMb Movie *** "Blue Steel" (1990. Drama) Jamie Lee Curtis, Ron Silver. A rookie New York City policewoman hunts for the psychopath who has implicated herin a series of nocturnal nwwi« ***Vs '"American Dream" . I9 W, Documentary) An Oscar-wnnng ook at a labor union's battle against pay cuts at """- Urarna) Chuck Norris, ..™. T - • T----. An undercover agent is assigned to set up two rival grime organizations for a mutual fall. (S)'R'(1:35] 8:30 P.M. CD Good Advice Susan fears appearing socially without her husband when she is invited to Artie's daughter's Bat Mitzvah. (S) g (T) CD Step by Step Cody and Carol stage a sit-in on a case of dynamite to help a family threatened with eviction. (S)g CD This Week in Northern California Host: Belva Davis. (DISC) Profiles of Nature Profiles of two sea mammals: the killer whale and the manatee. CNICD Dick Van Dyke Nobody really knows what Sally's new boyfriend does for a living. . (WON) Uptown Comedy Club Comics Franz Cassius and Rene Hicks; music by Grand Puba ("360 Degrees"). (R) ( ' 9:00 P.M. (D Bodies of Evidence Without Ben's knowledge, Nora works with a suspended Ryan to disprove Murphy's confession and prove that Grace Devlir is the governor's murderer. (S) (Part 3 of 3f g CD CD Getting By Marcus and Darren try to break up Dolores' new romance , with the high-school football coach. (S) (9) Face to Face GO) Sightings An expedition into the wtlds of Washington state to investigate sightings of Bigfoot. (S) g Cg) Untouchables Mike Malone wakes up after a night of brooding and boozing to learn he is the prime • "- — •*—•-<-, murder ijf the^mobster- ^ iecime'oTthTAmerican Indian of the r ~ Great Plains. (R) foTsc) World of Valor The Federal Bureau of Investigation. (R) (lire") Unsolved Mysteries (mm) Dragnet Friday and Gannon must track down a police sergeant whc has turned to alcohol before fie loses CSs)°Movie ** 1 /2 "Wise Guys" (1986) Danny DeVito, Joe Piscopo. Two goofball gangsters must redeem themselves after they lose a bundle of their boss's cash and use his credit card to party. (2:00) (USA) Movie *Vz "My Mom's a Werewolf" (1988) Susan Blakely, John Schuck. A frustrated suburban housewife suffers an identity crisis after falling under the spell of a handsome werewolf. (2:00) 9:30 P.M. (D CD Where I Live Doug, Reggie and Malcolm learn that having their own apartment does not automatically win them independence. (S) g CD Great Performancee "Nureyev" A portrait of Rudolf Nureyev, featuring interviews with Margot Fonteyn and others, and performance excerpts from "Le Corsaire" and other works associated with the legendary dancer. GO) Sightings Investigation of UFO sightings in New York state's Hudson Valley, believed by some to be secret military aircraft. (R) (S) g (AMC) Movie *** ''Ball of Fire" (1942, Comedy) Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck. An encyclopedist enlists the aid of a flashy nightclub singer to define "slang for his group's new encyclopedia. (1:51) . fBiic) Skybound The annual airplane show in Oshkosh, Wis. (R) ding?) Lucy Show Lucy and Viv enroll in an art class to meet a handsome bachelor. fiSGin Movie ** "Weird Science (1985) Anthony Michael Hall, Kelly LeBrock. Two high-school nerds accidentally create the woman of their dreams when an electrical storm zaps their home computer. (2:00) fSHSw) (:35) Karatemania V "World i.wwi rwM •»»«!••••••• • \ t ™,vuxing Championships" Jean-Yves Theriault defends his title against Leo de Snoo in a scheduled 12-round world super middleweight challenge from Montreal. Also featured is a fight between Rick Roufous and Jersey Long. (Taped) SATURDAY MORNING 7:00 A.M. (40) Dog City g id Me , _jster and .— i Flevel's American Tells g CD Pup Named Scootoy Doo g Sesame Street g ) Pirates of Dark Water ! GD (USA) Peid Program l Outdoor Gazette i Biography •) Movie ** "Curse of the Mayan >le" (1:30) 3 Great Outdoors I Augie Doggie ft Friends i Frugal Gourmet J Eureeka's Castle ) (:05) National Geographic nrerg I To Be Announced i Welcome to Pooh Comer g (SHOW) OWL/TV g i the West Was Won 7:30 A.M. CD GD Bobby's World g ft) Candid Kids Club m Little Mermaid g 0 CD Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesag ~i Young Robin Hood (USA) Paid Program .......shlng the World ! Augie Doggie ft Friends ) Frugal Gourmet I Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing i Fraggte Rock 1 Emperor and the. Nightingale 8lOO A*M* (40) Tom and Jerry Kids g , .iewsg l GarfieW and Friends g T) Goof Troop g -hining Time Station g i Captain Planet and the Planeteers CM) What'* Up Network nS) GBD fus/T) Paid Program ^Investigative Reports Movie ** 1 /2 "Silver Lode" (1:20) J Mariner Tournament Trail ) Archie ft Friends ) Moonlighting ) Doug ) Golf Show } My Little Pony Tales ) B0btti* ) Movie **'/2 "Sylvester" (1:42) ) Movie ** "The Bounty Killer" 8:30 A.M. (40) Eekl the Cat g (?) Addams Family g Shining Tim* Station g ) Cartoon Classics ) Real News for Kids ^~) (wain Paid Program . >nn«ction J Sportscenter ) Hey, Vem, It's Eme*U ) Rugrats j Mouse Tracks g ) Plnocchio g -) Henry's Cat i ' ' 9:00. (40) Tiny Toon Adventures g , California This Week J Teenage Mutant Nmja Turtles g CD CD Bugs Bunny ft Tweety g (D Cooking in America (ti) Leave It to Beaver ) Knights ft Warriors (M) (Wl Paid Program an Justice ) Mac ft MutJey J Bowling ) Prostars g ) Jane Pratt ) Muppet Babies 05) Movie *** "WestworW ) Soul Train Bonkers _ . „ ) Movie *** "Bite the Bullet" (MAX) Movie ** "Love Crimes" (1991- Suspense) Sean Young, Patrick Bergin. An assistant district attorney plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with a con man obsessed with erotic photography. (S^Rj jjjS») j) CD News g , JVKRP in Cincinnati ) Wonder Year* g )N*w* ) Night Court -) Investigative Reports D Wonder of Our World 1700 Club ) Unsolved Mysteries 1 Mary Tyler Moore g J Movie *** "A Family Upside n''_( 2: P°>. . ..—., Hou8e ,, (1 . 52 ) ffl ,«S» Movie **Vfe "Late for ,.,„) Tax-Mania g (4) NBA Showtime g I Eating WeH CM) New Leave It to Beaver QSCJg) f"W Program ,. ..we Incredible Animal* I WlshkkJ i )QU "* A «A g M. ) Go) X-Men g HBA Ba*k**rt Playoff* g ) Major League Be*ebaH g l (Stand of the Lo*tg Frugal Gourmet g ) Soul Train ) Movie * "Hercules" (2:00) ) Movie ** "Tarzan Goes to GHD Movie ** 1 /2 "Gun Glory" (2:00) * 10:30 A.M. (jo) Super Dave g CD mDerkwing DUCK g Today's Gourmet (jjnPaid Program [ESPN) Tennis I That's My Dog I Supermarket Sweep l Yogi Bear l Highlander The Series ' Fraggle Rock g 11:OOA.M. CD WWF Superstars m CD New Adventures of Winnie CD Yan Can Cook (jo) QJD CM) p "ld Program fDiscTwHdAbout Wheels (FAM) Adventures of the Black Stallion ) Anything but Love ) You Can't Do That on Television fiff)(:05) Movie **'/2 "Futureworld" w^ l Movie ** "Puppet Master" (2:00) j Movie **'/2 "Ewoks: The Battle indor" (2:00) (SHOW) Chris Cross g 11:30A.M. CD CD Weekend Special g I CTao Italia ) Paid Program Karr's Acne Kit l Perfect Strangers g ois?) Hollywood Stuntmakers (FAM) Zorro g ) Anything but Love ) You Can't Do That on Television i Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (TiBol Sports Illustrated SwimsuK '92 g (SHOW) Ready or Not 11:45 A.M. fMAJD Movie ** "Man and Boy" (1:38) 12:00 P.M. ) American Gladiators ) Scratch ) Ugly Duckling/Thumbelina CDJulia Child and More Company (20) Bonanza ...0 Movie **'/2 "Urge to Kill" (2:00) fio) Movie *** "Coogan's Bluff" (2:60) QT) Movie ** "Summer Rental" (2:00) ) Paid Program 1 Movie *** "Rogue Male" (2:00) ) Movie **'/a "The Shocking Miss m" (1:25) foiscl Nature Watch ) Virginian ) Unsolved Mysteries ) Dennis the Menace ) Movie *** "Hook" (2:24) i ** "A Gunfight" (2:00) 12:30 P.M. ) NBA Basketball Playoffs g ) Get Smart ) Graham Kerr's Kitchen )Pald Program foisc) Earth Journal ) Cheerieading ) Flipper fwaiD Lead-Off Man (HBO) Movie **'/2 "Falling in Love" 1:00 P.M. (D Movie ** "Smash-Up on Interstate S* (2:00) ) American Telecast ) Charlie West's Outdoor Gazette ) de' Medici Kitchen ) WCW Pro Wrestling j Movie **'/2 "The Karate Kid" 30) ) Monster: A Portrait of Stalin in I Moonlighting , Nick News: W/5 (:05) Movie *** "The Last Ihter" (2:00) .Movie ** "Killbots" (2:00) Major League Baseball Little Princes* 1:30 P.M. PGA Golf g Bob Mann's Sports Weekend Travel Update Amlah Cooking From Quilt Country - Reflection* on the Silver Screen: i MacLaine , Crossover Sports Rifleman i Beyond Belief Movie* 1 /: "Ski Patrol" (1:31) 2:00 P.M. Bob Mann'* Sport* Outdoor Magazine Sneak Previews Movie *** "The Phantom _jth" (2:00) Movie *'/2 "Blood Money" (2:00) Movie ** "Loose Cannons (2:00) Movie * 1 /2 "The Heavenly Kid' «»-p) (AiF) Comedy on the Road ^~) Movie **Vz "No Way Out" (1:46) ) What About Tomorrow? Battling at Cancer , Indy 500: A Race for Heroes Big Valley , India Ar**nk> Hall g )H*adUne New* L) Sportwenter ) Paid Program Mary Tyler Moore ) Movie ** "Thief of Paid Program ) Movie **'/s "Fireball Forward" ) Movie** "Slightly Scarlet" jWIng* i inspector Gadget Supermarket Sweep lad" | _____ l Movie **Vj "My Dream Is ifours" (1:41) (NICK SATURDAY EVENING 6:00 P.M. Prime Suspect Entertainment Tonight g (T) News g News .., Yan Can Cook rfo) Highlander: The Series ID Street Justice It) Movie ** "Sheena" (2:00) _ Star Trek: The Next Generation g foiscl Frontiers of Flight Bordertown g TgiST) Family Double Dare Swamp Thing g ) (:05) Walt Disney Presents ......^ Movie **Vz "Cocoon: The teturn" (1:56) (W) Movie ** 1 /2 "The Law and Jake We " (2: ° 0) 6:15 P.M. CHBO) Movie ** "Her Alibi" (1:34) fjRow) (:25) Movie **V2 "Late for Dinner" (1:33) 6:30 P.M. Mama's Family Bay to Breakers Anniversary T) ABC World News Saturday g IB, Mystery! g m New WKRP in Cincinnati g ~~ African Skies NICK) Guts "uJATBeyond Reality 7:00 P.M. (D Aretha Franklin: Duets The "Queen of Soul" performs hits from her 30- year career and is joined by Elton John, Rod Stewart, Smokey Robinson, Bonnie Raitt, George Michael and Gloria Estefan. (S) g (7) Major League Baseball "Oakland Athletics at California Angels" From Anaheim Stadium. (Live) CD Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman After suffering a severe head injury, Dr. Mike is forced to operate on Brian in order to save his life. (S) g CD Jeopardy! g CD dD Big Spin California lottery, (ie)iff Jump Street The cops set up an undercover investigation of a college chemistry lab reported to be making designer drugs. (S) g (D Star Trek: The Next Generation On a secret mission to a troubled planet, Riker questions his mental stability after experiencing a series of confusing vignettes. (S) g CM) Cheers Carla's low estimation of Eddie's estate leads her to agree to a 50-50 split with his other widow, g (Ajg) Comedy on the Road From the Comedy Castle in Detroit. Comics include Eliott Threatt, Bill Thomas, Matt Burke and Alan Watt. (R) CBiicl Justice Files Fighting "conspiracies of silence" and uncovering secret crimes. (R) (FAM) Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop Ron and MTcki adopt a baby girl, only to have her kidnapped by the natural mother. (NICKJ Doug (jjsAjQuantum Leap Sam realizes a leap- long wish and becomes himself in 1969, tempted to change the course of his family's future. (S) (Part 1 of 2) g (WON) News g fgjlf) Movie **'/2 "Willy Wonka and theChocolate Factory" (1971) Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson. A world-famous confectioner offers a lifetime supply of candy to the five winners of a treasure hunt, g (2:00) ffis) (:20) Movie ** 1 /i "White Line Fever (1975) Jan-Michael Vincent, Kay Lenz. A lone trucker is harassed by fellow drivers when he takes a stand against corruption in the Arizona trucking business. (2:0m CD Wheel of Fortune g CD On Scene: Emergency Response The Los Angeles County Sheriff s Air Rescue team aids a stranded Boy Scout troop, helps a woman with a compound fracture, resuscitates a burn victim, and responds to the scene of a Shootout, g CD Are You Being Served? Grace Brothers' employees hold a trial to determine whether Capt. Peacock soent the night with a staff secretary. dp Firefighters (S) CSD Big Spin California lottery. fAMc") Reflections on the Silver Screen: SfilrTey MacLaine Shirley MacLaine discusses her career with Professor Richard Brown. (R) (!§PN) Speedweek (FAM) Zorro Zorro's investigation into two mysterious deaths lead him to a possible environmental problem. (R) (S) Hidden Room Movie ***w "Hello, Dolly!" CD (T) Senior PGA QoMg ) Travel* in Europ* ) Legend* of the Brickyard j RoundhouM „ I MOV)* *** "Curly Sue"J1:42) ) Movie *** "Drive-In" (2:00) Movie "Visions of Murder" (2:00) Why Didn't I Think of That? ) CaWomla'* Gold g ) Caroline'* Comedy Hour (M) CD (:55) Sungr Lotto (T) dD Cops From Phoenix, Ariz., a call DV a civilian patrol group; a motel robbery; shooting of a 16-year-old. (S) CD Movie "Gunsmoke: The Long Ride" (T993) James Arness, James Brolin. Premiere. Retired Marshal Matt Dillon, mistakenly arrested for murder, escapes to find the real killer. (S) g (2:00) ©CD Movie **V» "Matlock: The Vacation" (1992) Andy Griffith, Brynn Thayer. Ben Matlock is drawn into a murder investigation while vacationing with his daughter at an exclusive seaside resort. (S) g (2:00) CD Movie ***V2 "Charade" (1963) Gary Grant, Audrey Hepburn. A woman is targeted for murder by her dead husband's cronies who believe she knows where a vast fortune is hidden. (1:54) (20) Apollo Comedy Hour (S) CM) Movie **Vi "Teenage Mutant Rfnia Turtles" (1990) Judith Hoag, Ellas Koteas. Four wisecracking super-turtles battle a clan of martial artists terrorizing the streets of New York. Based on the comic book characters. (2-00) © Movie *** "F/X" (1986) Brvan Brown, Brian Dennehy. A special effects whiz becomes involved in espionage and murder when the government hires him to fake a mob Informant's death. (2:00) © Star Trek: Deep Space Nine OTBrien plays a pivotal role In the survival of a Bajoran village; a 15-year- old faction leader gets advice from Nog on settling a dispute. (S) g (A&D Caroline'* Comedy Hour Comics: Steve & Leo; Lizz Winstead; Bill Scheft. Host: Colin Quinn. (R) (AMC) Movie ** 1 /2 "No Way Out" (T550, Drama) Richard Widmark, Linda Darnell. A psychotic racist, holding a black intern responsible for his brother's death, Incites a group of hoodlums to riot. (1:46) rmscl Challenge "Quest for the Basking Shark The largest fish of the North Atlantic, the basking shark, is found off the west coast of Ireland. (H) (IsgD Baseball Tonight fFAMTYounq Riders The boys attempt to save Wild Bill Htekok from an unnecessary gunfight. (S) g (UFE) Loveleughs Host Ten Garr introduces Madeline Kahn, Judy Tenuta, Carol Leifer, Karen Haber and • Rhonda Hansome. (R) fiiicID Clarissa Explains It All The family decides to visit the Grand Canyon, g GJ|Q Movie ** "The Lightning Incident" (1991) Nancy McKeon, Polly Bergen. A pregnant artist uses latent psychokinetic powers to ward off cultists who plan to sacrifice her unborn child to an ancient deity. (S) g (2-00) (wSNl Jeffersons Helen and Tom get caught in a tight spot - George's fBibl C Movle "Daybreak" (1993, Drama) Cuba Gooding Jr., Moira Kelly. In the near future, rebels fight government quarantine centers where victims of a deadly epidemic are left to die. (S) R (MA*) Movie ** "Flashback" (1990, Comedy) Dennis Hopper, Kiefer Sutherland. An FBI man's task to bring in a '60s radical is complicated by a sheriff and the aging hippie's own skewed outlook. (S) 'R' j^ =*?,). <oaa (SHOW) Movie **V2 "Red Heat" (1988, Drama) Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Belushl. A Soviet policeman and an American cop tear up the streets of Chicago in pursuit of a Russian drug smuggler. (S)'R' 1:46) (W) Movie *** ''Return of the Gunfighter" (1967) Robert Taylor. Chad Everett. An ex-gunslinger allies himself with an accused killer to avenge the deaths of a Mexican woman's parents. < 2:00) 6:30 P.M. © dD Cops Fort Worth, Texas, officers investigate a break-in and discover a shooting victim; a domestic disturbance. (R)(SJg Sportscenter ,Roundhouse "Cash Day" --the lives a year In one episode. (R) i Movie ** "Messenger of Death" i) Charles Bronson, Trish Van u«,v«,re. A veteran newspaper reporter comes under fire while investigating the ritual slaying of a clan of Colorado Mormons. (2:C~ g)C«) Code 3 A sky diver's para- bungee cord snaps; two fishing ships collide; a teen-ager trapped in a raging river. (S) g ~) Twilight ,-.o,.a Zone A piano given as a _ day present has a strange power over those who listen to it. CM) Untouchables Mike Malone wakes up after a night of brooding and boozing to learn he is the prime suspect in the murder of the mobster he blames for his wife's death. (S) g CM) Movie **'/2 "Rumble Fish" (T5B3) Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke. A young tough looks up to his older brother, an aging biker, while struggling to find his own place in the world. (2:00) (sip Frontier* of Flight The development of rockels by the United States and Germany during World War II (R) (JiPN) Auto Racing "USAC Racing" From Ventura, Calif. (Live) CRAM) Movie **Vi "Vindicated: A Mother's War" (1989) Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Denise Nicholas. As her teenage son faces the death penalty for murder, a desperate woman goes under cover to expose the real killer. Based on a true story. (2:00) dire) China Beach In 1970, Frankie returns to Chicago to become a comic; McMurphy work* to help Montagnard tribesmen in a remote village in Vietnam. (NICK) Ren ft Sumpy (D GO) Cod* 3 A driver trapped in her car by a flood; a woman pinned under a construction crane; a jet crashes. (R)

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