The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 14, 1914 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1914
Page 3
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Tuesday Evening, July 14, 1914.. MM Pay Honag6 to Mother's Friend T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W , ^ am not surprised to observe tha fiumber of men who come Into the store 'to purchase 'Mother's Friend/ " remarked i» leading druggist. ( The expectant mother If she hasn't j ( heard of this splendid embrocation is [probably not reading the papers to much extent. And If she does It Is a Chappy thought to send hubby to the drug 1 store. i "Mother's Friend" is* applied externally; over the abdominal muscles. It is a gentle, soothing lubricant, pene- · trates to the fine network of nerves i beneath the skin and has a marked tendency to relieve the muscular strain · to which these broad, flat abdominal k muscles arc subjected. The cordu, ten dona and ligaments are thus permitted t '· pt r etch without the corresponding surfac strain so oftrti involved during the pcrio , ' t f fxppctatfon. And particularly to youn mothers is this remedial application o inestimable value since in thus keepin * he muscles firm but pliant It enable th^m to go through the ordeal wlthou laceration of the epidermis often the cas wh«m fblfl pentle attention is neglected. . "Mother's Friend" is highly recom mended by a host of women. Writ ·Bradfipld Regulator Co . 408 Lamar BMg i 'Atlanta, Ga., and we will send you a val V^uable little boob to expectant mothers. Three Caught and Fined at Taylorville. Taylorville. July 14.--Chief of Police Pteven Link t h i n k s he has run down the burglars who have been visiting homes and stores hereabouts latey, although he has been unable to get evidence against them except in one case--the Pulmotor Arrives Too to Restore Life* Late A GOD SEND [R«d Wlat Om Hin Sajt if Wade's Boldii Ntnrlii: Simple Mailed r "I am now thoroughly con\-!nced, tha after many years, and trying many different ones, I have found the righi medicine. I feel like a different man My physical strength is increasing every day. I feel that I owe you more than I will ever be able to repay. Wade' Golden Nervine Is a Godsend." Phil Hargraves, Henderson, Ky. Tie above la a (ample of the many letters we are receiving right along, testifying to th'o merit of Wade's Golden Nervine, the great remedy for Nervous Debility. Insomnia, Weak Heart, and a'l forms of ^erve "Weakness in either men or women. The SI package is now sold by druggists, or mailed direct. N» matter where you live, if you wish to try It first, send six cents in stamps to Gem Medl- ; cine Co., Dept. X, St Louis. Mo., for trial box find full particulars. ^ Wade's Golden Xervine is entirely free from alcohol or narcotics. No other treat- Inent acts so promptly and surely in restoring the weakened vitality and strength of nerve- wrecked men and women. If you are tired, run down, nervous and despondent, a few- closes will make you feel like new. It has no equal as a nerve builder and heart tonic. Its effects are permanent. Each tablet contains the concentrated essence of nerve force and vitality. Try it. KecommenSed ana sold by Il» Dscatur Llruc Co.. Deratiir. 111. Your Eyes Are Obedient Servants They may complain but will toil on in your behalf. They wiH stand more abuse than any organ of the body. But when, through constant neglect and rough usage, their delicate adjustment becomes disturbed, how quickly the servant becomes the master. How utterly helpless you are without your eyes. Give them attention at once if they are ailing. Let us examine them free of charge. 107 N. Water St. Opposite Millikin Bank. robbery of Mrs. Josephine Hill's ro- I eery store in the southwest part of the city, at 8 o'clock Sunday evening. Five hoys, none over fifteen years old, broke through the screen door into her store, in part of which she lived, while she was a w a y from her home Sunday eve n i n g and stole chewing tobacco, ci- ffars, chewing" gum and ca'ndy. -'.n investigation resulted in the arrest of three. John Klrkham, John Wilson and Everett Stone. They were "sweated" In an e f f o r t ro get them to confess other robberies which have occurred here, hut none of them gave up the desired information 'and it may be that this is t h e i r only offense. The boys were f i n e d $7.90 by Police Magistrate Car mi Betz upon pleas of disorderly conduct and then paroled, pending their f u t u r e behavior. They are to report to the police every Saturday morning, and if t h e y depart from the "straight and narrow," charges of b u r g l a r y and larceny will be filed against them, TROSPER RELEASED. Charles Trosper, the Second alleged Stoning ton bootlegger, who got into t r o u b l e following the Forbes m u r der, was released from .lail Monday, Russell Price of T a y l o r v i l l e and Ed Diller of Harvel signing h i » bond for $1,000 for his appearance at t r i a l at the next term of the county court. ASSUMPTION -MAN FINED. John Bella of Assumption, who several days ago pleaded guilty in the Bounty court to an assault with a deadly weapon and was f i n e d , paid his way out Monday, the a m o u n t necessary being $45. In his place at the county jail s another A s s u m p t i o n man, John O'Brien. He was b r o u g h t over to l a y ! out a fine of $50 and costs for disor- ' i e r l y conduct. K1NCAID BANKER HAS PROBLEM. F. S. Bulpitt's m u n i f i c e n t new bank b u i l d i n g at Kincakl IP nearly completed, but he is in d u u b t how he will l a r t it His i n t e n t i o n was to have a s t a t e hank w i t h a. c a p i t a l of $?0,000. nit u p o n a p p l y i n g for a charter f o u n d hat it would be impossible to get a it-rmit for either a state or n a t i o n a l ank u n t i l Ktncaid was incorporated, t takes 400 i n h a b i t a n t s before a vil- ?e ran be established and it will be year, perhaps longer, before that n.inv people are m a k i n g their home m caid. In the m e a n t i m e it is l i k e l y har the bank will run as a p r i v a t e oncf-rn with Mr. Pea bod v and other ontemplated stockholders as, partners. TRADE. James Berry, f o r m e r l y a t r u c k a r d n e r , who a y e a r ago purchased the eneral store at Clarksdale, Saturday ·aded if to Clarence H u t c h i n g s of Dea t u r , for 200 acres of land near Edge- ood. 111., and will move back to Tay- irville. Mr. Hutchings and his family re m o v i n g to ~*!rtrksdale in the pro- rty vacated by Mr. Berry and lam- A Composite Of: Wise legal foundation Expert Engineering Artif tic Design Successful Business Management The above features are exemplified in THE PERPETUAL CARE CEMETERY Phone for Booklet. Either Phone 1028. SPURLIXG-M'CURDT. The wedding of Miss Berna McCurdy to A u r b a S p u r l i n g took place S a t u r d a y e v e n i n g in the parsonage of the Christian i h u r c h . Rev. George H. Brown, the pastor, o f f i c i a t i n g . The couple were a t t e n d e d by Mr. and Mrs. Barney Schulte. The groom is employed as a switchman foe the Wabash and the ! couple will begin house-keeping at once in the 1 Brook? property at the corner of Clay and Poplar streets. DESERTED BY WIFE. James Fen nee hi of Bulpitt, charges his w i f e . Evansla. w i t h desertion. They were married in I t a l y in 1901 and his w i f e deserted him in 1911 while they were l i v i n g in G r a n v l l l e . 111., r e t u r n i n g to her native home where she continues to live. W. S. Greer is the comp l a i n a n t ' s solicitor. Richard S. Jones, who has been employed at the C h r i s t i a n c o u n t y coal mine for the past several years, Mon- dav sold hi? home on West England street, to Miss Dora Kerns for 11,350. Mr. Jones and f a m i l y w i l l move to La- Sane, where he his aer'tred employment. TO PLAY FOR CHAUTAUQUA. The Taylorvllle band was employed Mondav afternoon by the SharpsWrg- E d i n b u r g c h a u t a u q u a to f u r n i s h daily concert? for this year's rhautauqua. which begins Aug. g and lasts until An ST. 31. APPROACHING MARRIAGE. Announcement was made Thursday at the home of Mrs. W. n. Stevens of near Sicily, of the approaching marriage of Miss Alice Dain, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Paris D a i n . and Frank Alton, Wednesday. J u l y is. Pana, J u l y 14.--Delmar Hlllard, aged nine years, was drowned in the pond on the Lindsey Reese farm west of- Pana Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The lad accompanied by Mrs. Pugsley of Alton and his two eisters, went (o the pond Monday a f t e r n o o n , and stripped for a swim, and a f t e r a time Mrs. Mary Chalfant, who lives near by. heard his cries and rushed to the scene. She was unable to swim and helpless to assist the lad, witnessed him go down for the t h i r d time. She h u r r i e d back and sent in a call for Drs. Miller, who rushed out in a car w i t h a pulmotor, and the youngest brother o£ Dr. Louis Miller went in and helped some other men rescue the body. The pulmotor was used, but tn no avail, as the boy was in the water at least thirty m i n u t e s before he was taken out The body was brought to the city anrt placed in the hands of an undertaker. Coroner Snyder will hold an inquest today. PANA MAN ASKS DIVORCE. W i l l i a m M c K i t t n c k of this city filed suit in the circuit court at Taylorville for a divorce from her husband, Mrs. Mary X M c K i t t r i c k , charging desertion. The p l a i n t i f f states he was married in December, 1SS1, and lived together for more than t h i r t y - o n e years, when in 1912 she absented herself from his home and has not returned since that time. NEW REBEKAH OFFICERS. N e w l y elected officers for Fae Rebekah lodge have installed o f f i c e r s as follows: N. G,--Mrs. Susie Colcman. V, G.--Mrs. Bertha M u r r a y . Recording Secretary--Miss Mma Zinteck. Warden--Mrs. Maude G i l l m a n . Conductress--Mi?s B e r t h a Scheer «. S. to N. G.--Mrs. J. J. Conner. L. s. to N. G.--Patience Higginbotham. R- S. to V. G.-- M i s Ama Wright. L. S. to V. G.--Miss Dora Dorn. O. vS. G.--Mrs. Magg-ie Haines. L S. G.--Mrs. Alice Fellers. Chaplain--Mrs. J u l i a Biggins Mr. and Mrs. C. L. A n t i s d e l received a message Monday i n f o r m i n g t h e m of the death, of Miss H e l e n Xixon. Mrs funeral* 1 W e n ' *° C h i c a s o to attend the d, M iK S ' . Jnhn M r L a r ? n was called to Shelbyville to a t t e n d the oedside nt her b r o t h e r , H. o. W.ilJar-e w h o recently u n d e r w e n t an operation for appendicitis. The firm of Ellis and Ryan, tailors, has been dissolved, the former purchasing the latter's interest., Mr. and Mrs. W i l l i a m Beyers, four miles south of Pana, lost one of t h e i r twin daughters. M a r y Monica, asred five months, whose d e a t h was the result of excessive heat. The i n f a n t was in only a few hours. BOV SWALLOWS TWO BOLTS. The f o u r year old son of Mr and Mrs. D. M. Smith is in a critical condition w i t h t h r e a t e n e d appendicitis. His illness was caused by swallowing two small brass b o l t s which he found while playing around the binder. Mt. Pulaski Has Surprising Number of First Class. Mt. Pulaski, July u -The R e v i ew representative here, happened to be with a party of wom»n the other day when the question of widows was brought up. A v i s i t o r from Illlopolls told of the Methodist preacher in that town, who gave a p a r t y to the widows of Illiopolis and sent out forty-seven invitations. That seemed an u n u s u a l number to the other women and then the q u e s t i o n was raised "How many widows are there In Mr. Pulaskl?" The f i r s t count showed eleven on t h a t one street and t h e n a m i n g of them was continued while The Review man kept t a l l y and at the end seventy- seven had been named. A few may have been overlooked b u t seventy-seven is a p r e t t y fair count of the" n u m - ber of widows in t h i s city, balanced against about eight widowers. TO DECATIJR. C i t y Marshal S. F. Fryer and wife went to Decatur Monday, tne former to be e x a m i n e d by a p h y s i c i a n . John and D o n a l d BcirlliT arrived from Chicago S u n d a y a f t e r n o o n to spend t h e i r vacation w i t h t h e i r m o t h e r M r s Prudence A. Beldler. ' Mrs. Paul BiMdler a n d Mrs. Virgil W n d . who were r e c e n t l y operated on in Lincoln were brought, home the lat ter part of last week. STOP SPRINKLING. Notices were sent out Monday t all consumers of city water asking them to refrain from using a hose fo sprinkling purposes as the supply a. the water works has grown short anc. it Is becoming a serious proposition-to keep enough water on hand for the regular domestic service and would be a still more serious proposition should a fire break out while the supply Is low. Mrs. Harry Downing and son Ralph and Mrs. C. C. W a s h h u r n were visitors n Springfield last week. Nels Gasaway of Winslow, Arkansas, s visiting here with his mother. Mrs. J, M. Gasaway. Mrs Alfred Deitrich and two children of Leavenworth, Kansas, arrived here last week to make an extended visit w i t h her sister, Mrs. William Hagel and b r o t h e r Earnest Hoist, and amily. Mrs. W. J McCarthy has been on he sick list. The s k a t i n g r i n k that has been dong business here for the past two innths moved to Illiopolis Monday. Allen's merry-go-round that has been ere since the F o u r t h left Monday. Ellis Brf-denstiner was a Lincoln vis- tor Sunday. Tlie Mt. Pulaski horse show and corn a r n i v a ] will be held here this year on entember 15, 16 anrt 17. The Logan c o u n t y Old Settlers re- nion w i l l be held at Lincoln some time n A u g u s t . Miss Lucy Bowers, daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. Leander Bowers, living south- ·est of this city l e f t last week for Voodward, Iowa, to visit a month with :r brother, C l a u d e and Clarence B o w - j ·s. l Miss Minnie Tsntrell of Springfield j arrived here last week to visit south ' Page Three of the city with Mr. and Mrs. Rober Buckles. A son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward An derson of Decatur, who has been visit ing here at the home of Dr. and Mrs Fred Relnders returned to his horn Sunday night. 103 in the shade here Sunday. ILLIOPOLIS. Will Bradley and daughter. Miss Alic of Mechanicsburg were Jlllopolia visitor Saturday. ' Mrs. Jim Bradley was a Decatur visito Friday. Oscar Rice and .'children of Decatur are the guests of relatives in Illlopolls About forty pupils of the junior department of the eMthodist Sunday school held ^picnic on the banks of the Eanramon Fri- FREE MOVIES. The first evening of the free moving plc- -ures in the park were given Saturday even- ng In connection with the weekly band concert. These free movies will continu throughout the summer. A large crowd from the surrounding count s - a t t e n d e d the band concert Saturday Mrs Ida Gorman left Wednesday for an ·xtended visit with relatives in Chicago i f.1*' Frank Williams and children are ·Isltlng t h i s week In Willlamsvllle. %. r - , R - D Duggan made a business trip 0 Springfield Wednesday ·r II rhursdav M " er " W3E * K P r l n S"e' «h°P- Mrs. Henry Munson and little daughter laude are guests of relatives In Wililams- ille this week Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckles of Wllllams- ille, are the guests of the latter's parents, fr. and Mrs. Samuel Guyton Harry Wagoner of St. Louie, was a week nd visitor in Itllnpollr The Misses Xatille and Leah Fullinwider 1 Mechanlcsburg pnssed Saturday evening i Illiopolis. * Mrs. C. Martin Wood and children of De- atur. are the guests of the former's father. C. Loose w . T. Fossett and family of Auburn, rere Illinpoiis visitors over Sunday Miss Nora snivel)- In In Illiopolls this week he guest of L G. Metcalf and family. Mrs. Lester Pease of Decatur. Is visiting her sister Mrs. Charles Morgan and family. Lltile Francis Moore of Decatur, is the guest of Mr and Mrs. Jim Brad' Mrs. John Latham and son of Springfield, are visitors In Illlopolis for a few davi Mist Mary Smith of Dawson. was a 'S»U urday visitor in Illiopolls Mr. and Mrs. Lee Metcalf and Mr« C A. Morgan weie guests of Mr and Mrs. 3 R Pletz in Lincoln last week' The Misses Miriam and Rachton Rosenstein returned to their home In Decatur Sunday after a visit here with Miss Nira £ aith. The young women In Mrs. J. D Shouse'l Sunday school class passed Thursday la the Correll timber on the banks of th« S«n- Eamon The funeral servlca of Miss Lena Klrbv was held at the Catholic church Sunday morning. Interment was made In Calvary cemetery at Decatur. R. C. AUGUSTINE, JR., HAS CLOSE CALL Swallowed · Screw; Removed by Xnnc .Iiint In Tine. R. C. A u g u s t i n e Jr., the nlne-months- old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. A u g u f - ine, 133(5 North Water street, nearly inded his young life Mondiy by swal- owing a nnn inch screw. His mother iscovered him choking", and p u t in a lurry call for a doctor. Pho then ushed across to a neighliorlp.K physi- ian's house but he was out on a. call. W. Miller, a next-door neighbor took lie child to the Wabash hospital Just ack of the Augustine residence, where le house physician tried to remove the bject with his instruments, but taller!. s the i n s t r u m e n t s were too large. As he turned to f i n d another instru- lent, the child relaxed and one of »ho urses as a last resort, ran her finger own the child's throat and succeeded removing the screw just In time to ave the child's life. The child speared none the worst for the accident uesday morning. DEIAND. . Jn? W , acob . rc " le his motorcycle to Ew- for a few days' Mjit w i t h hi= parent^ -Joone and Joe- RudislJ] -were called to Toaanda by the death of their brother John « e *y m ' ""* P ' ace ln l h c MontlcVilo c°m: ilv E n^m b fo ! ^A and Otto Lubbers and tam- LubSer"! who^n. S a t u r d a ' " ·« George rton'lf J h ?' E"'"'' 3 '* "Pent Sundav In We'- don with j, 5!c Miles a n d 1 f a m i l y Clara Lleucrs or Defiance. O . IB cnn,!,,.. .,, live with Mr. and Mn. John West ? H. Pough lost a !_'n bill on? day Hst ur-pk ver Co" 1 "'" 1 "" ' a m l l v h " e B " n ' "o »'£ mmiiifiS ^ r °Vv n a J a tam "y " ! Kentucky. Is moving Into the H. Pwarlz t e n a n t house ' rh;?i!^n C0 ^ a / d W " !la Bosl " r "tt'ended' the Christian Endeavor eonvennon at peorla Janette and AuBiista Grethe w e r e called home by the Mr iou» ,llnes s of thefr mother an^^JnTYro^'ch'o^o 1 Ms TM-»-°^ Mill Morrow is bulldfng a store In Clinton The children of ,T r K n r h formerly of Deland. but now of Farmer city, have been Placed In homes at L'rbana and Bloomlns- D'r. Barton of Malta, has come to take the practice of Dr. L Stelner Fred Dresback had the opening of his new store Saturday. He served hot blsrulm. candies and ice cream. An orchestra furnished the music. Evangelist Little to Give His Lectures. Evangelist G. K. Little will give his lustrated lectures at the Methodist hureh in Harrlstown Thursday, Friday nd Saturday nights this week. Next unday night he will be at a u n i o n serv- 06 of the Methodist and Christian lurches of Illiopolis in the park there he last Sunday night in the month e will be at Cerro Gordo at a meeting the park under the auspices of the rotherhood of the Methodist church. It 111 be a union meeting, however. Mr. ittle will give the "Life of Bunyan" r.d "Pilgrim's Progress" at that time. Mr. Little has been at Mt. Zion for evera] days. He will close t h e r e on 'ednesday night. Last night he gave he Prodigal Son." Cheerful. Widowed servant (who has received wreath from her mistress)--"r dcn't now 'ow to th--th--thank yu, mum. I --o--ope to do the same for you some ay." In Rash First, Could Not Sleep or Rest. Hard Crust Covered Neck, Awful Disfigurement. Cuticura Soap and Ointment Healed. B. P. D. No. 4, Box ,55, Holland, Mich -- '·My child's trouble began by getting red and sore around her neck, and her face, behind her ears, under her arms, and different parts of her body were affected. The eczema appeared in a rash first.. It was wet and looked as If It was sweaty. It seemed to itch and burn so that she could not sleep or rest It got so bad at last that l»- hind her ears was one crust or sore so that I had to cub her hair. There was a hard crust covering- her neck. ' She could not have her clothes buttoned at all. I could hardly change her clothes. It caused an awful disfigurement for the time. She would cry when I had to wash her. "We had her treated for some time but without success. The trouble had lasted about four weeks when wo began to use Cutictira Soap and Ointment. I had not used them more than three days when I could see she was getting better. I got one cato of Cuticura Soap and one bo* of Cuticura Ointment and I had not used more than half of what I bought when she was all cured." (Signed) Mrs. G. C. Eiemersma; Mar. 21,1914. ^^ Samples Free by Mall Although Cuticura Soap (2Sc.) and Cutt- cura Ointment (SOc.) are sold by druggist* and dealers throughout the world, a samnte of each with 32-p. skin Book will be sent free upon request.. Address post-card* cara White Hats 1-2 Price Choice of Any of Our White Trimmed Millinery A LL of our newest mid-Summer millinery is included in this pre inventory sacrifice. Our collection is quite extensive--perhaps the most exclusive styles ever shown in Decatur. Every hat is marked in plain figures. Any Colored Hat $1. Any Untrimmed Leghorns$2.49 The Store With the Electric Fans. 4- Floors of July Clearance Bargains. Sale On Boys' Wash Suits f BIG DISCOUNT FOR WEDNESDAY ONLY B OYS' Wash Suits in sizes 2 to 6 years. Wei! tailored suits made of fine gingham, good percale, suitings and repp. Many pretty mannish models in nifty styles for small boys. White and colors; all to sell as follows: Values up to $4.00 for . . $2.50 Values up to $3.00 for , , $1.98 Values up to $2.50 for , . $1.69 Values up to $2.00 for . $1.39 Clearance Of Misses 9 Dresses Dresses for the Small Woman and the Young Miss. Beautifully made garments in English percale cambric and fine gingham. Fancy collars and cuffs of white^ embroidery edged and many clever touches make these most attractive dresses. Values up to $2.50 for. $1.25 Values up to $3.50 for.-.-, $1.98 DRESSES UP TO $6.50 FOE $3.98 $3.98 Others in same sizes, made of linen, crepe and fancy swiss and lawns; verv daintily trimmed, in values tip to $6.50 for '. .". Wednesday Our Third Floor Will Feature Low Prices On Beds, Rugs and Mattresses^ Y OUR household should profit richly by the July Clearance on our big, new third floor. You can j save dollars and many of them, on the most dependable merchandise now. while we are reducing / srnf-V /· Japanese Matting Rugs 39c 36x72 inches, with ends securely tied, large variety of beautiful patterns in brown, green, blue and red, sold former- Q A n ly at 50c. Special O*/C Crex Grass Rugs 69c Size 27x54, in-wide range of colors and patterns, both plain and sten- /JQ ciled designs. Special O«/C $6.50 Metal Beds $4.75 With heavy 114 post with steel side rails, ball bearing rollers; can be had in full or % sizes, in white, Vernis Martin or oxidized. Special Wednesday at King Comfort Mattresses $7.75 Full 45-lbs. in weight, built from vacuum cleaned layer felt, covered with best quality of cretonne ticking; can be had in full or % size. For iC'T 7 PC one day only «P 4 · I O $12.50 Wool Fiber Rugs 9x12 fiber, wool fiber rugs, especially good for bed rooms, dining rooms. Can be had in Oriental and Persian designs; als6 two-tone effects in blues, green, tan, lavender and grey. Special, d»O fTfJ $12.50 rug for tDO. I D 'SPAPERf

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