The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 15, 1966 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 11
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Tuesday. MarcK 1$. 1966 11 South Raps Plan To End Ant Control WASHINGTON (AP) — Farm and government leaders in the South are up in arms over a Jobnsoa administration proposal to pull tfce federal government out of a program to control the vicious and destructive fire ant. Sif.ce 1956 the federal government has been making funds available to affected states and local areas on a matching basis to battle this pest. But President Johnson's budget for the that no more money be appropriated for it. The federal contribution this year was $3.3 million. Appeals to restore and enlarge federal contributions have come from many agricultural commissioners, state legislators, members of Congress and the Southern lant Board. It is estimated that 39 million acres of land in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas Shelepin Probably Next Russian Leader MOSCOM (AP) — A poll of Kremlin-watchers in Moscow today probably would choose Alexander N. Shelepin as the man most likely to be running the Soviet Union in the 1970s. They will be watching carefully this month for clues to support this judgment. The 23rd Soviet Communist party congress opens March 29, and Shelepin is considered to be the man in charge of organizing this important meeting. The congress will provide an occasion to gauge Shelepin's role. At the moment Shelepin is a member of the party's powerful secretariat and of the Central At 47 he is still young for the top command. Shelepin's public image has varied with his official roles. He has pleaded for consideration for Soviet youth at times, and cracked down on youth at other times. He was mild at times when he was running the secret police, and at other times tough and vindictive. Little things snowing through his public utterances have created apprehension about and South Carolina are^infested Shelepin among some inteUec- "*"'" "* ""* tual and youth groups. One for- bv the ant, a native of South America. This ant is described by the| s hj p Ci Agriculture Department as a!] y serious pest for animals, people and crops. eign expert on the Soviet leader- more dictatorial- Although it resembles native | scribes Yet a Soviet colleague who worked closely with him de- species vicious. of ants, this one is aggressive even creature. their mound is disturbed, the ants attack by sinking skin, their powerful jaws into the then repeatedly thrust poisonous flesh. The stings singers into the cause long-lasting sores which leave scars. People allergic to the stings may require medical care. The ants timid, a hard man to know. Shelepin has seemed to seek anonymity. During infrequent public appearances he stood back and let others of equal or lesser rank win attention. But recently Shelepin was thrust into the spotlight, on assignments like his January visit to North Viet Nam, which involved competition in Hanoi MU ,._ .with Chinese irfluence as well attack and kill young livestock. '• ^ policy toward the United They injure many crops. Instates. " addition they create mounds inj 7^ e lights glisten on an ex- fields, making use of machinery i tended forehead of approaching difficult. . jbaldness and catches the shad- The department says the nre.Q^ of thickening jowls. A small ant is r.ot just a farm problem. scar ^^^ diagonally across a It says highway departments ^de nose. The left eyebrow a^d railroads must contend with rnminds on rights-of-way. Lawns, cemeteries, parks, playgrounds , s-hool yards, golf courses , and other areas often are ruined by the mound. LEGAL NOTICE ORDINANCE NO. 7»5 AN ORDINANCE^ PROVIDING. FOR CERTAIN BOUN- INT BOUNDARY LIMITS OF THE CITY Of BAYTOWN. TEXAS. WHEREAS, o puOBc twartng before the City Council of the dry of Boytown, Tex- cs, where a!i Interested persons were provided vritn en oooorhmity to be heard on the prooos«i annexation of the foilawlnn described territory, to-wlt: ANNEXATION of a two mile strip ex- Northeasterly along the Southeast- enr erly rfQfif-o*-'**ay line of lt»e Southern Pacific Railroad from the point o< inter. section with me existing dry of Bay- limit line on the Southern rtctit-of- line of Route 73 (Interstate Hlan-i "~" ~ " ''" arches higher than the right, giving distinctive character to what otherwise might be an expressionless face. Alexander Nikolayevich Shelepin was born Aug. IS. 1918, almost a year after the Bolshevik revolution. His official biography says he was the son of a railwayman in Voronezh, 300 miies southeast of Moscow. At 18, Shelepin entered the Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Literature , a school for young men marked for future leadership. The Stalin purges were on then, and Shele- pin stepped into purge-created vaneancies in the school's unit of the Communist party Youth League, in the Komsomol. Three years later, in 1933, Shelepin was sent into the army as a political instructor and squad leader in the war against y lint cf Rome /j liniersicie niyn-i—-» ^ -~——~. *.* —-^ ,~~*. ubuuu .^ k v NC. io). containing 2.424 acres Finland. He served only brieflv. ieciNNING of a point on the existing -. , ", — - - - - Some sources say Shelepin was a partisan leader behind Nazi lines in World War H, but City limit" line of th« dry of Boyfown said point befnp more fully descrto«c 03 the intersection of tne Soirth rlont-of-wcn line of State HicO*ay No. 73 (tnrerstol No 10) end the Souttjeasterl' line of the Southern Poclflt 7HSNCS, In a Northeasterly (SrecNon clous nw Southeasterly rigfrt-of-way line of trw So-jttiem Pncirtc Ro?!nxxE, o distance of 10,35.34 feet to a point far far THENCE. In a Northwesterly direction perpendicular to me Southeasterly rltW of-«ay line of the Southern Pacific Roll road, o distance of 10 feet to o point for corner; THENCE. In a Southwesterly direction 10 feet from and parallel to the Southeasterly flcht-of-way tine of the Southern Pacific Railroad, o aistancc of 19.S64.ia feet to o point on tt>e exlsttno City limi line of the City of Baytown; THENCE, in a SouThsasterV direction along the exlsttrxj Otv limit line of the City erf Bcytown, a distance of 11.05 nwt to tne POINT OF BEGINNING. WOT hehj art 6:30 o'clock p.m. In the City Council Chom&er of aty Hall of th* Or/ of Soylown, Texas, on the 24th day of Feftr-jcry. 1966, which date Is no more than twenty days nor less than ten days odor to me institution o* onncca tion proce«Ep.3S; and" WHEREAS, notice of such public near Ins was puWished In a newspaper hov ing genera! circulation In tile City o Bo-town, i exas, and In the atoove described territory on the 18th dcy of February, 1W6. which date Is not more then twenty nor less fficn ten days prior to tne dcte of such public hearing; and WHEREAS, fhe total corporate area of the City of Bcytown, Texas, on the first day of January, \Kt,, was 15,149.85 ceres: end WHEREAS, he population of the Ofy of Boytown. Texas, Is 34XZ3 Inhabitants; end WHEREAS, the cJiove described territory iles within the extraterritorial Jurisdiction of tr» aty of Baytown, Texia; end WHEREAS, the above dewfeed terrt tory lies adjacent to and adjoins the City cf Boytov^i, Texas; and WHEREAS, the coove described terrt. tory contains 7.424 acres; now therefore, BE IT ORDAtNED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BAYTOWN TEXAS: Section 1: The followtns described land crxi territory lying adjacent to and od- loMing the aty of Baytown, Texas, Is fc^retoy odded" and annexed to the aty cl Boytov^i, Texas, and the sow territory hereinafter described shall hereafter be Included within the boundary limits of the aty of Baytown, Texas, and the present boundary llmtts of such aty. at the various points contlgovs to the creo hereinafter described, ore ottered and amended so as to Incfude sold area within the corporate limits of the aty of Scyfown. Texas, to-wit: ANNEXATION of o two mfle strip extended Northeasterly along the Southeasterly rlaftt-of-woy line of the Southern Pacific Railroad from tti* point of Intersection ^ifn fne existing aty of Boytown iine on the Southern right-of-way Hue of Route 73 (Interstate Highwcy No. 10), containing 2.424 acres, BEGINNING at a point on the exstlng City Iknlt Ur.e of the Clly of Bayown, said point being more fully described as the Intersection of the South right-of-way lint of State Highway No. 73 (Interstate Highway No. 10) and the Southeasterly right-of-way line of the Southern Pacific Railroad; THENCE, In o Northeasterly direction cfong the Southecsfe?rty right-of-way line of tne Southern Pacific Raifoca 1 , a distance of 10,555.34 feet to o point for cor. THEVCe, In a Northwesterly direction, perpoctfi cuiar to the Southeasterly rtght- of-wcy {£ne of the Southern Pacific Railroad, a distance of 10 feet !x> a point for comer; THENCE, In a Southwesterly direction 10 feet fro.'n and parallel to the Southeasterly right-of-way line of Jne Southern Pacific RaTlrood, o distance of , feet to a point on the exslstlng aty limit line of the aty of Boytown; THENCE, In a Southeasterly direction along the existing aty tknlt I'n* of the City of Baytown, o distance of 11.05 fe«t to the POINT OF BEGINNING. Section 2: The above described tort' tory and the oreo so annexed shall be o part of the aty of Baytown, Texas, and the property so added hereby *hqll beer Its pro rota part of the taxes levied by the Oty of Baytown, Texas, and 1he Inhabitants thereof shoH be entitled to oil of the right!! and privileges cf all the citizens and shall be bound cy the acts. ordinances, resolutions and regulation of the aty of Baytown, Texas. Section 3: This ordinance shal be published and passed In the manner provided In Article I. Section 9 of the Charter of the aty of Baytown, Texas. INTRODUCED. READ and PASSED till* me 10H> day of March, 1W*. Seaborn Crovry, Mayor Edno Oliver, aty aertt APPROVED AS TO FORM; -=7*\v, CJJy _.e official biography indicates!a Komsomol instructor in Mashe remained^ in civilian party'cow, rising to a secretary's job work. He was enrolled as a full party member in 1940, finished at the institute in 3941 and became in the organization by 1943. Shelepin became first secretary — chief — of the young Communist League in Novem- ber 3952, at a tune when Stalin — believed to be preparing a new purge — wanted reliable men in key spots. If a purge was in the offing. Stalin's death in 1953 interrupted the pocess NASA Trying To Salvage The XB70A EDWARDS AIR FORCE try nuclear city-busters across BASE, Calif. (AP) — The giant oceans at 2,000 miles an hour at XB70A heads into the last phase!altitudes of 70,000 feet — beyond of its useful existence soon with (the reach of pursuit craft then one of the world's most versatile test pilots assigned to salvage what he can from the bypassed billion-dollar bomber. Joseph A. Walker, 45, holder faster and cheaper — and ex- flying. Before it could be built, however, intercontinental missiles proved they could do the job of world speed and altitude records in the X33 rocket plane, has begun training to fly the 500.000-pound XB7QA late this spring or summer. As chief engineering test pilot for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's research center here. Walker will do research aimed solely at aiding design of the upcoming supersonic transport —SST — even though the transport is likely to bear little resemblance to the XB70A. In exclusive interviews, Paul Bikle, director of the NASA center, and Walker said they believe the SST research program,! scheduled to last 18 months with' the Air Force and NASA sharing the 535-million cost, will end the usefulness of the XB7QA. "We once were very hot or the idea of using the XB70A as f launching platform for the X15 which now uses the slower B52," Bikle said. "But we've found it just wouldn't be feasible. I don't see anvthi ng ahead for the XB70A after the SST research program." When conceived more than & decade ago, the lS5-foot XB70A was the prototype of a multibillion-dollar fleet designed to car- tremely fast Ifighters like the YH2A were developed which could shoot it down. The XB70A was scrapped as an operational bomber and only two were built, at a cost of $1-2 billion. Last year NASA put in a bid to share the two XB70A planes with the Air Force. AS soon as the Air Force accepts them from North American Aviation, Inc.. this spring, NASA will start using them for research. "They are the only planes of that size flying at extreme speeds and altitudes," Bikle said. "The 4.000 m.p.h. X15 and the 2,000 m.p.h. YF12A are much smaller." So Walker is taking time out from test-flying a stilt-legged lunar landing research vehicle to leam to fly 1.600 m.pJi. B5S bombers in order to qualify to pilot the XB70A. Of the fact that he will never again fly the X15, in which he set records of 4,104 m.p.h. and stove (more than 600 Fahrenheit). Unless 354,000 feet. Walker says: "Naturally. I regret it. but I can't have a toot in all the cockpits around here. Besides, who wants to get in a rut?" NASA has installed 52 million worth of instruments on the XB70A. With these it will study: 1 Air friction on the plane's skin, which gets hotter than a kitchen degrees controlled by insulation or refrigeration, such neat means discomfort for passengers ant dangerous structural weakening. 2. Noise generated by the swift flow of air along the fuselage and wings. Louder than an automobile horn a few inches away, the noise must be quietec for passenger comfort anc structural safety. 3. High altitude turbulence. This little known phenomenon can buffet a plane the way gusts toss a ship at sea. 4. Sensitivity of hydraulic controls. Wing and tail surfaces are too large to be controlled by human muscle alone; hydraulic pressures, many times greater than those which help a driver brake his car, move tail and wing flaps half a block away from the pilot's cabin. Cigaret Price Up Cent A Pack NEW YORK (AP) — Cigarette manufacturers have raised the price of most popular brands of cigarettes a penny a pack. The American Tobacco Co. started the price rise Monday, and Liggett & Myers and Philip Morris followed within hours. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. also said it was raising the price on some of its brands. American and Reynolds are the nation's largest manufacturers. The wholesale price increase generally was 40 cents per 1,000 cigarettes, but the smoker buy- Ing cigarettes over the counter will pay one cent a pack more. The last major wholesale price increase in cigarettes was in 1963. Try Sun Classified Ads SPECIAL GOOD TRADES DAY ONLY BANANA NUT CAKE Reg. $1.00 This cake Is an aD time favorite in this area. Ifs moist and deUcions. It's made •sv i t h No. i fancy pecans. HURRY while supply lasts. 79 PATTERSON'S HOME BAKERY 1311 N. Alexander 582-7137 BUICK'S 1000000" You may have won $ 2332°° cash! 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