Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 6, 1897 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1897
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VOL. SO. NO. 18. ?. 'BAlXiWAY TIMB TABLE. STEELING, ILLINOIS THUB8DAY, MAY 6. 1897 • i - , * - .*".• '* *ly V -* * ' * •• I1J0 A YEAH g. AlUurttfl Rxprow............ 18:00 a. m. COfwtandJUinited ..... «4!29».in. a.Onl«»«oBxpress—......... *6:29 &. m. ! PsMenger (leave)- W:65 a. us. , latne F«s........... no:*3 a. m. :olnes Pwuienger t3:82 p. m, n PwBenger...,...--.. |4:M p. ra. « »mmlt..---.—---. ...-.—.» *6:CO p. to. j, fDafly except Btmdsy. JBundayouly I Dayly, except Monday. W. A. HABSH, AAent, BTfcUtfsm * -'orator BT. •Arrived from EMt. erM»eng'r, M Freight..'..8:00 a. m 23 Frelght-..12:90p.m ArrlTe from Went, 48 Faueng'r..9;EOa.m 47 FM8eng'r..fii20p.m 81 Freight...-« i ma«» ow»« connection at Denrock with i tor all station* on Mendota and Clinton eh; alto Havana* and Dabnque. , . W mXes elo« oonoootlong with main 'line -lit QalMUurg, both ewt and west? for iOlty,Omaha,Denver, etc..eto.ialso for !», oonnwjtiag with train No, 4 at Book JOHN 0. HANAHAN, tf«c« la Atalceyei Mw!c B!«*. STBRUNQ, ILLS. IMS dSTCBAl, HWLWAY AT CIZON GOING SOUTH •»ss. ( 4»swiyi«»w»'» oui "»*""""X's;^ ib-PoM., Daiiy,r.w,..,.~.-...... ,,9)8Ts. nfitonPass.. Dally.oTceptBunday 4:W p. freight, dauy,except Sunday .H :*6 a. GOING NOETH., ally, except Bui R^7DaUyffat'BundaV.".'.'.«"«p.m it, Dally,except Sunday.........11:10a. m , ique Pass., Dally, except 8onday,..6:J3 a. m ainFass.. Dally.... • 4tMp.m • feterlnary Surgeons. :.« a, HOOVER, D.y.s. "1 ' Y -OFFICE-, : \l^;.:-•' MEVEP.S ft BSBLGMAlf S DRUG STORE I resldeoce, Cor. Third ATB. and d., Betldenoe, 00; Offloe, 15. . O. B, WBICrHT, Surgeon and Dentist lea, and Veterinaflum at •Wright* Co'a '.and Boarding Cor. W. TBxl*d-3t. ajnd-B AT**, " TSTjiteslde Harrteon Telephone IB. •„ C. A. /siciaa anil Surgeon. [tula, Bootn »• . BMidanc*—808 Fourth ATC, a—4 p.m.; 7—sp.m. fey- ^ f. B. qARpMJS; p. o. '•'"': I of th» Mver, Stomach, BowsU tat f VU&j* tr»atwJ snccewfnlly. «r* i J* 4 P. n.. aait 7 »• » <*• n ; j ' T*tepbM» n«.«. ,-• -' • • <• '. ••• 4fflee a84a«W«aw.«a FlnfrArenw, _- STBRLlNd, ILLINOIS. -RANK ANTHONY, fl. D., SURGEON. ,/id""""" 1 JANE REii> KEEPER, AND SURGEONS. . AT*nue. Both Telephones. ILLINOIS, IVSICIAN AND SURGEON. •ilp&ilff, ,8 B*st TWrOtrwt. MwAe* '.#!««•• Aldrich'B Muelc est Tbkd Street. Instruction ' i Cornet, X*i&no, Mando- r«af Win<|o? Stringed Instrument \ 4, KOKN, tcter K*y»t«ae Reg. Stef Hug Concert: Orcb. 5 Ha,Kdia'^ Music Store. -• - - * W. HBOKW1TH, MBNRY'C. WARD, UWYER. SUITE I, ACADEMY OP MUSIC BLOCK. 5TBRUNQ, ILLS. Aa Judf* of the OonntrOcrart will b« In MorrUou on Mood* ji and FrJdftri encli w*ek. —"''•• - <—, - , - : -- . ........ ..— - . - 1 J. W. ALEXANDER, Attorney at Uw, Notary PubHc, . and Jostle* of the Peace, ATBRLINO, • ILLINOIS. (oawtson; prqinptlT Mte&dedto. B*f«r» to First Ruttonsl B»ni of Bterllrw. IlUnoU. MRVI3 DINSMOOR, LAWYER. Special Atfeaiton to Chancery Matters, KILLED OK A WRECK CONDUCTOR THOMAS SCOTT MEETS A TERRIBLE DEATH, Two North We«t«m Freight* Collide at the Ka«t End of the Clinton Bridge— ^ Enslnes Badly Damaged and Several • Car a—Scot t Lived Thirty Minutes. . Over Drown'* Draf Sttra, cor, Id A Ucnrt, WALTER N. HASSCBLL, LAW AND PATENT ATTORNEY. to L«*a.) Cast Thl'd Street, STERLING, ILL. Heal Estate and Insurance. j. P. HE5SLINQ, Real Estate, and Fire Insurance. Nona bat B«Uablo OompanlM ZUpr*o«ct«d, Ilf AOADBUT MUSIC BLOCK. Boom ft. • S. J. W1CKENS, REAL, ESTATE DEAL.ER. f fJLBM IX>AHB A 8PJCCIAJMTY. Oftlce dver Roteothal'i Clothlnf Store, ' K. W, Oorae'r Flrrt ATfl. and Thlra St. D. L. Real Estate, WALL STREET.^ ' , and JRenting E. M. Ebersole* 0alt House Block. paint ing«nd..; ,.Paper Hanging, Leave orders at reBldence, 805 West Fourth St or drop a.card to ; .- . ... RIQLE. Groceries, Confectionery, Cigars and Tobacco. PRICES THE LOWEST. R. H. DAVIS. Next to Baer & CarterX E. Third St. F08AN1CI8MOKI U81THE HERALDO ...OR. CRESCENT. Tlie finest brands ofhorafriuade , Olgara on the market. ;;' r ; , '••.-. • , Pally Papers wd Tue Latent Periodicals OQ haad at all {times. FKAHK COCHBAN, STERUNQ, IL.I.. HAVE YOU TRIED IT- The BEST CIGAR for your money GATE POST OIOAlt FOR JT, la & J. |%»tWr4|^% Thomas Scott, a conductor on the North Western Kallroad, was killed at East Clinton Tuesday morning at 1:35 o'clock. Mr. Scott was in charge of the second division of freight No. 119 &tid his train Was waiting near the bridge at East Clinton for an east bound freight to paee. Train No. 127, a double header, came up behind No. 119, and the engineer being blinded by the light from the east bound freight, did not see the train ahead of him. Though No. 119 was moving, the engine of No, 127 struck the way oar and threw ft off the track. • Mr. Scott was standing on the platform of his way car and was caught between the head engine and the platform. A gash waa cut In the left knee, extending from the knee to the hip, open to the bone; the right arm and left leg were broken; the pelvis was Jiadlyi crushed, and the_vertebrae-of the splnalcolumn in the circular-region- were ' injured. Otherwise he was uninjured. The* unfortunate man lived but about' thirty minutes and was conscious until the end came. The remains were sent to Clinton in charge of Dr. FalrchlldB, Jr. . At that city Undertaker O.F. Knowlton took the remains in charge.- Coroner Baird, of Morrison, was summoned. ' ' :,,; ;.'•••;-•:• . : •'•."••'. Mr. Scott leaves a wife and three children, living in Chicago. The daughter is thirteen years of age and the two boys are respectively eight and ten. Ho was a member of the Brotherhood of Railway Conductors and a Mason. He owns, -considerable property and his family IB left well provided for. ' Train No. 187. was in charge of Cqn,v ductor F, B. Mills and Engineers Lea-' vltt and WebsterVthe brakesmen were B. Wilson and Charles Sandelius. No. 119 was in charge of Engineer Ed Peas* brakesman, Ed Blgfow, When the collision came Biglow remained at his poat and wne uninjured. Brakeam«n Wilson and Sandelius, and also the fifeman"and~e1nglneer of 1277 jumped. Webster sprained his left ankle and Wilson was badly shaken up, be having rolled down a steep embankment Into a creek. . , ••.]•• ... '••. Both engines of 127 were badly dam*, aged; the Sues of the head engine were broken down, and the head of the second badly smashed." The way car of 119 was nearly split in two, and two ears proceeding it were demolished. James Scott, a brother of the dead man, arrived in Clinton this : afternoon and took .charge of the remains. He returned with them to Chicago on the 2:40 passenger. At Fulton Junction they were to'be met by Coroner Baird, where the inquest was held. . , ' KILLED At PROIPHETSTOWN. Morriton Man I».- Ohospji.'- tTaWJIIdMe • for Circuit Jntit« by Kocfc ISltttirt CflnVhnt'on Meaers* Ramsay, of tvtitesld^; Bige- low.of Henry, and GeaVo^Rock Island county, were nominated Jt«lge« of the Circuit Court by the BB|Qbl!caA Judicial Convention in BeBpfeja; 6t >JRock Island Tuesday. *'i }'-;1 I.' 1 -: .-...;. ,. The convention was, called ]&' order by Mr. Parmenter, of Rook'.' lB.lind,»B member of the Judicial QommifteV. Judge Hand, of Henicy f County^ was made Chairman of the convention and Mr. Rudolph, Secretary'." ; Judge Hand briefly thanked the convention for the honor. -; i; ;,' : ,' -y-- ,, ..,.;' • , The Chairmen of the delegation from the several counties,. presented the credentials .6f their delegates, and the convefation^waa orgaiaized. . : Upon call of the opniltie : 8 the following names were presented to the convention: Henrjr, r 'fege}jj^f/Mercer, Connell; ANDREWS PASSED AWAY IN CHICAGO SATURDAY. flnccnmb* to the j)re*d X>l«ea«e, Consnmp- tlon, After * tong and Patient IlllneM —Denver'* Climate tailed to Benefit Her—Her Death Mourned by Many. -iifL' Ramsay. Geat were; A-motlon sent another Sbryer, of; Bo take infor jected to vailed. Henry votes county that they had been ", Mrs. E. S. Andrews, of Chicago, died at her home in that city Saturday af- ;t^r'noou at 4 o'clock, of consumption. SBe Has been* an invalid for years, though she has been seriously ill since the holidays. Her death, though not unexpected, is a shock to a wide circle of friends in Sterling, where Mr. and Mrs. Andrews formerly resided. About a year ago Mr. Andrews was appointed passenger agent for the North Western Railroad at Denver and he moved to that city in the hope that a change of climate would benefit Mrs. Andrews' health. The change, however, did not prove beneficial and Mrs. Andrews returned to Chicago. Mrs. Andrews waa a patient sufferer, possessed of a bright, lovable disposition, antf/despite the intense suffering, was bright and cheerful during her entire illness. She was a loving, helpful •wife, a true friend and neighbor and a cKaymjng-.womanT^-Her-loBS-iB-keenly- feli^>y a wlde;clrclejof friends, and to ! Mr. Andrews la .extended the heartfelt sympathies of his manySterUng friends. SCI^ERlNfENDENT ALEXANDER THE NEW BAR DOCKET. a, the.Mercer; cia'imin'g ' treated,' and a spirited diBCuspioir followed. The' roll baiji cpntinned, Mercer giving sixteen to Gonnell; Bock Island; twenty to Batteay, and seventeen to Connell and 'Whiteside, twenty-eight to RamBay. TBls made a total of 112 votea, flf ty-ae^en of which were, necea-. eary for a choice.' ~N Mr, Ramsay, having received seventy-nine; waa declared nominated by Chairman Hand. Con- nell;recelved.thirty-three votes. _ ..Upon roll-call of counties for mem. .hers of the Judicial Commi«ee,the following names were presented: Henry, T. H. Chesley; Mercer, J. H. Connell; Bock Island, J. B. Oakley; Whlteside, Hi C. Ward. City Attorney Haas, of Rock Island, introduced a resolution empowering the present delegates to this Judicial Convention, to act at all judicial conventions that may be called if the present ^apportionment does npt^naintain. On motion the convention adjourned. thei- v ^y^lre'i ' fero'ther In Charge of '' '• -^' tlie'jr Were J« (o «d to th« Sterling Attorney* Wednenday Morning. The Bar Docket for the May term of Whiteside county Circuit Court is ont and copies of it were issued to tb^etw- ling attorneys Wednesday, On the docket there are three People's caaes, 114 in Common Law and 128 in Chancery, Thirty-seven of the Common Law and forty of the Chancery case* are new. The following is a list of the Petit Jurors: FIRST WEEK. Jordan—George CroBe.Nelson Jacob. Sterling—Q. A. Over, William Adair, W. D. Abbott, J. E. Maynard, Samuel Eller, Amos Burkholder, Frank Galti Lewis A. BaHlett, Fred Boehm, Coloma —Jacob Hoffman, John Adair. Tampico—Jerry fi. Busk. :, Hopkins—John Shultz, Gerd Eden, D. J. Barry. Genesee—James L. Peugb.J.C.Crotn, James Taylor, David C. Overholser.' Lyndon—F. E. Fitch, G. B.Fiak. Prophetatown—Albert Field. Erie—Frank J. Neer. ' Fulton—Henry Burt, John Walters, Dan Monneke. Ustick—Melvin D. Crouch. O. A. Anderaon Meets Death on the ... • • '" ... ' ' road, • .' • " '' . • Aboutl2:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, O. A. Anderson, of Prophetetpwu was instantly killed on the railway three miles east of that city. Mr. Anderson was a member of the section gang, and at the t{me of the accident waa engaged {a unloading cinders. In'._jspm6- unknown manner he elipped and fell between the cars and was killed instantly. Mr. Anderson was widely'known in Prophetstown and vicinity where he baa resided for BO many yean, Ho leaves a wife and one, child. ' THOMAS GETS IT qftte Kook Island Poitofflne^ljtUt Uettlod In T. H. Thomas, the Book Island druggist, who, with Walter Johnson, editor of the Union, as hiajstrongest opponent, has been a candidate for the appointment of Postmaster of Book Island, received word fromiCongreeaman Prince Moaday to the effect that he had filed theoblms of the different candidates for the office wlthitbe President, with hit own endorsement of Mr. Thomas oaadldaey.aThlB probably nettles the contest for this office. • —Harry Washbura is exhibiting Home unique specimens of the paper :urreocy used Ja Urazll. The notes are he product of a New York printing offlce.and a,re very fair specimeas of bank note work. 0«a bi!}, about tha size ol our bank eatea, bas a valw§ «* SALOONS STILL CLOSED TUe Owners Say They Will Not Roojien • Till Ucenaa ig Bedooed. T,he aption of the City Council Monday nl^ht has done nothing to alleviate the thirst of the suffering humanity of Sterling. The saloon keepers continue to.swear they will stand by their original idea to keep their doors shut entil the City Dada "Cpme off the perch'" and out down the price of a license, There is a rumor that a man from Dixon has announced that he will come to Sterling and open a saloon in case the war holda out, but there is no substantial foundation to the report. - , PICNIC IN JUNE.,' a. brother of our '^qu^e^MB been Superintendent of the Lincola ^ark, Chicago, for some tj^6. , -Tb.e;.5ph|^gp , /papers, in epeaking pf J^Alexjtodw, 8$y;- / 4l Supertateade*nV^6i(iiider-.-bf Lincoln [.Pafkj'wlll be re-appointed, if the influence of a number of prominent north side Bepublicans will avail againot the- "pull" that Sheriff Pease is believed tp haye with Gov, Tanner. An order haa,gone'f or th that •• a tendent shall not be appointed at present to flll vacancy made by Mr. Alexander's resignation. After May 1, Assistant Superintendent McKay will have charge of the Park. It is believed that the "holding out" of the appointment of the Superintendent is in response to instructions, from SprlnQeld, occasioned by the efforts of Mr. Alexander's friends. "Mr. Alexander denies that he is interested in any effort to secure his reappointment, and professes that be has no expectation whatever of such an event. Those who have watched Mr. Alexander's work in the Park . claim," however, that by virtue of his excellent service, he is entitled to a re-appointment. They claim that he has accomplished more for" the park than any of his predecessors, and has succeeded in making the Park service efficient and economical. _ • THE HIGH SCHOOL ELECTION, Modem Woodmen of America Will Take t>t were we? is r A eister «f s**- * V - " ' • » Day Off ana Go to Delegates representing 670 Camps of the Modern Woodmen of America in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, with a total membership of about 60,900, met at DeKalband elected June Id as the date of their annual picnic, which is to be held in that pity. Kockford was chosen IBS the place for holding the picnic next year. Officers of the Picnic Association were elected as follows: President, Dr. Buntroe, Rock ford; Secretary, E, Bennett, Rock, ford. / • .-••"•.• .• . RE-ELECT THE TEACHERS. The People Vote to. Issue the Proposed $40,000 Bouda. Tbe election tor the issuing of.' $40,000 bonds for the purpose of purchasing ground and building a Township High School was held Saturday. The voting in all of the precincts was light. The result waa In favor of the issuance of the bonds by a majority of 169. Tbe following table gives the result in each precinct: v • For Against Firat Precinct 210 40 Second Precinct 270 23 Third Precinct 161 35 Fourth Precinct 158 63 Rook Falls 14 493 Boice. • , Portland—Adin F. Brown. THIftDWKEK. Jordan—I. S: Breasler. Sterling-Christ Burt,' William P. Brate, J. V. Emmett,James Barrle, Ahson Brauer, Mike Ebersole, Charles A. Clark, W. H. Modler, Samuel Martin, Amos Carr, Coloma—Walter Murray. Montmorency —• Fred Scott, John Golder. - • . • ;..•'.. Hahnaman—George Burton. Genesee—Isaac Hurless. Clyde—Edwin Janvrin Mt. Pleasant'-G. W. Dilllnbeck, Charles Bent, E. J.'Congar, R. A, Carl-. '-",, A. C. GosBman, Jr. ' - m—G. R. Cady. ^ ley' M. Fuller, Myat '' W. X>anphere. °. • Fulton—Fred Lindmier, John WH-". son,' John Monneke, Jr, Gardenplain—Edward Snyder. Newton—John B. Wood. Erie—Francis M. Crandall. , Albany—Roy Lnsk. L_: WEATHER CROP BULLETIN. Totals 813 644 Lincoln School Bostra Vhoo«ef, the Oia Corpa to Serve Another Tear, , The Board of Directors of the Lincola school held a meeting Monday iivenlitg for the purpose of electing a corns of teachers for the ensuing year. This resulted ia the re-election of the " eorps, which f&dadea Prof. H. V. " ipsjiittfeaadeat; Miff, ijeott, »ad Miaa liaaaetl. The mm m I'sasaa fiw Majority 169. A meeting of the Board will probably be called thla evening for the purpose of canvassing the election returns and attending to other bualneea. GUS GREQORIOUS MARRIED. Heitud JJl^lM ajAppeuzeller (Were United at VUatou Laat Week, Gus Gregorius, one of the genial em- ployes at Seely'a lunch , counter, has been po8lng.i*s a single man for the past, week with as much grace as though the thought of marrying had never entered his head. Dame Rumor has it, however, and the authority is both direct aud emmeutJy reliable that he.was married to Mies Dorothy Ap- penzeiler, of this city, ia Clintpn, la., Tuesday, April E7, by the Eev. H. H. Morrii, of the Episcopa! church. The lioenae was Iusue4 gad the knot tied on the same day,. sad the happy couple r^uraed tp St*iilagj without tije eugjiioiya of «*f ctf Both at* the Cobdlllon of Things* for;the Week End—. Ing May 3. The.temperatiure of the week 'averaged from normal in south counties to • about 5° below in central and north;, rainfall much scattered, but sllghtly- belownormal The*first of the week, was very favorable, last half cold, wet and cloudy^withjsharp.frost-in. north _ and central section and light in south-, ern; little harm islthought to have been, done. Oats are mostly sown and "coming up flnely, also spring wheat, early- gardens, early potatoes, grasses and;., meadows, stock being turned out. Gar« dening, potato planting, and plowing for corn continue, with corn planting well along in south and beginning to the central and northern sections. Rye • continues fair and is heading; in' extreme south; winter wheat unimproved . and little will remain to mature; fruits • are blooming aa far as the Jnorth section, ail but peaches in profusion; for-- ests are leafing rapidly;roads improved,. Northern Section. The temperature averaged about 4° daily below the normal; and rainfall slightly below, being above in north, counties between the Fox and Rock •Rivers. The firet of the week wai warm and favorable, last cold and wet, With sharp frost on Saturday morning. Oats .sowing is practically done and much above ground / growing finely; pastures and meadowa are good.etock* generally turned out; early potatoes planted and gardens made, with- earliest gardens up. Fruits are blooming along the south tier, ^oherrjes^lum, apples, pears and strawberries heavily, peaches sparcely. MORRISON GQNE DRY TOO. Ov*JP Sftloon Keeper* to • Tei»lWe . the TBHgh laceuae. Sterling is not the only to wa in which there is wailing and gnajhiBg 0| teeth among the saloon ketpera, There are others. Morrison baa gone dteyj the classic Hub of Whiteside knowefcfe not where boo^e may be obtaiQedl, Toft saloon keepers hava eatejred a vigoro«s kick on the iWli^ase, »»d BW««* all they hold *i*er*4 tn»t take oat a Mcecse aor eeli b^sr wlm the eouae« f rp» its toftf ^8|e^ t&s ^ •uat «f fao^ Oift tfeS&SV ' r i32&i3*&<3'$it

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