The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 16, 1916 · Page 11
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 11

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 11
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4 '. A O THE CONSTITUTION C o n s t i t u t i o n , p u l ) I i K h . j l b i » ·-· ·· l. s K . W A T K I X V filtered at the Postoflice at C!u!lieotho. THE CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, THURSDAY, NOV. 16, 1916. Including the C h l l l i c o t h The Man an ,, Star a i^emocriit. Owned and M '' s ''- · Ali issouri, as fecond-cl.ibb TKUMS OF ^ V I l M ' n i V ' T I O V. DAILY by Carrier in the C i t y of Chlllicothe, per year 95.00 Per week lOo DAILY by Mail. Postage paid in Livingston County, per year £3.00 DAILY by Mail. Postage paid outside oC L i \ m g s t o n County, per year £.'.00 WEEKLY, postage paid, pe.r year *t.(M C1K-CVI.ATION. Adetniled sworn statement ot circulation will be f u r n N h e d at any time ·when requested by an advertiser. THE O F F I C I A L NK^ SI* \ P K I t OK L I V I N G S T O N COUNTY OFFICIAL TTIE CITY OP C H I l . I . l C O T H E IOWAIANS want a laiv compelling thousands ot men from her larms a n d , j factories to send them to the war and ' t h e expenditures al'eady made l o r j | war purposes have added hundn.d a ot j I m i l l i o n s of dollars to her n a t i o n a l I | debt. But Canada has ?et apart t o r ' I expenditure on rivers and h a r b o r s ! i during the present ye^r iin a m o u n 1 j | equal to $2.10 per capita ot hei poi. uiation. France, \wth less t h a n S O . 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 | people and an area smaller th,in t h a t ! of Texas by nearly 6 0 , 0 0 0 square' miles, has actually spent more monev I than the United States on inland waterways, of which she h a ^ 7.500 mile., in operation. If we had done as we'l in proportion to size of 2 6 , 0 0 0 miles of nominally navigable waterways, WP would have 110,000 that weie dependably navigable and regularly navigated. For moro than two years France has been pouring out blood and treasure w i t h o u t limit, but she has not stopped ' b u i l d i n g -waterways. J u b l j when the battle of Verdun was a t ' its height, the French Minister ot I Public Works presided at the ceremony w h i c h marked the opening ol j the great tunnel on the canal irom I the Rhone to Marseilles. This t t i u nel is wider and higher than any other ever b u i l t for any purpose. Germany, too, is steadily building ' waterways, even in the midst of tho greatest -\\ ar in all history. In April "Gsfs-ff" Never Faff sjfor Corns 2 There's KotMctg on Earth. Like It For Corns and Calluses. ""Whenever you pret corns and calluses, don't experiment -- just u^e 'GETS-IT'' and nothing else. Easiest and simplest thmcc I know to use ---just a lew drops on m a. few tec- orads--"GBTS-IT" does the rest" The OKI way is to bundle up your toes in harnesses and bandages, use calves CANDIDATES TILE EXPENSE ACCOUNT COST F. AV. ASH BV .ti)3 TO BE PROSECUTING ATTY. Children Cry for Fletcher's Greater Part, of Tliit, Amount; Efo\v- erer, Was the Assessment of the County Committee. Two of the successful candidates at the recent election have filed their expense accounts with County Recorder Harry Gilbert They arc Frank W. Ash by, elected prosecuting attorney, and W. E Beat, electe.1 member of the county court from the Eastern district. According to the papers filed with the recorder, is cost Mr. Ashby $95 to be elected prosecuting attorney t h a t m a k e toes raw. cotton rin^s that Of tills amount, however, ?50 was iiakeour corns pop-oycd. knives anil "diffKers" that tear your heart out and leave the corn in No wonder they rr.ako you limp and wince. Forget all those--use "GETS-IT." tho simplest corn romedv in t h p world, easiest to use, nover JaiJs or sticks, painless. Your corn loosons, then you lilt it off. You c-ap. weor finmtier shoes. "GETS-IT" is sold and recommended by r]rui£,rcists everywhere, 25c a bottle, or sent on receipt o± price, by E. Lawrence Co . Chicago. 111. boot-legger to support their families! o£ last year Lll ° n , ew ' waterway from Sold in ChilHcothe and recommended as the world's best corn remedy bj Clark's Pharmacy, Wigely Bros. -while they are serving sentences in jail. A petition for such a law is to j be started soon. It would certainly | be a humano law, for these fellows I are not a shining success in support- l ing their families. | O f B SOLDIERS. Company "I", composed almost the Oder to the Vistula vvas opened, and in December the great Rhine- Hanover Canal was completed at a } cost ot more than ? 6 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 . f The policies are about as diti'eront | as they well can he. What about the ; results ? Compared with Germany, the United States has a territory seventeen SAVE $ $ QUICK REPAIRS ONE HOUR hen times as great, a population half as "Why \\cut t t n e e days, I can maku it in ono IffJui .' Why pay two piofits. when you can buy f i o n i the factory? j paid into the treasury ot the demo- I cratic county central committee, that being the amount assessed. The remaining $45 was paid tor official an. nouuceiuents thru the newspaper's and for cards which were distn'but- ed. Mr. Beat, according to his statement, spent only $30, of this amount 125 was paid to the republican eoun- fy central committee and $5 for cardi. The successful candidates have until thirty days after the election to (lie their expense account with the county recorder. The law requires this and if not. d'one the candidate cannot be sworn into oflice on January 1. with the United States. Germany had ( b e f o r e the war) a larger navy, a much larger mercantile marine, a wholly of Chillicothe and Livingston , large ^.^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^.^ county .boys, are a credit to their ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ Home community. They are £rom our , ^^ resourcss B u t best families. They have been on the border ready to defend their country and had they been called upon to defend the colors these fine young men r p would have given to their State ^ | c TMmer7e°vn lc hTa s not'only gr e rter splendid account of themselves. \ V o , b y h u n d r e d s or m i l l l o n s O ' c d o l l a r s are proud of Company 'I.' j eyery ^^ bu( . ^.^ r o r m Q r e ^^ I twenty years had been leaving us far- ADOPT THE BTTDO^T SYSTEM. ther and f a r t h e r b e hmd We are convinced that under the I administration of Governor G a r d n e r ' FYiPT n i l P I IPATF Serld the broken fflass, EAAl/I U U r L I U A I t i e i,aiantce an exact pi escripLion. duplicate without your Fumes lepahed also. compared ONE MILLION KINDS *,.££ o^TSnfm,'- lion kinds of lenses fioni the rouyli glass. Como and sec U A 1 ! flRnPHQ Tack all tho broken ports m K I U UilULllO ]n a stron^ ) )ox j jeturn grlaysQs same day by parcel post C. O. D. Lowest possible changes. G. W. PALM SPECIALIST IN OPTOMETRY 818 Webster bt., Chillicothe, Mo. Phones: Qfflrf. 303. Residence. 1450M Closed Every Tuesday Germany lias been able to devoir her raihvays almost entirely to military uses and, at the same time. the budget system of handling the state finances will be adopted. It ' both to supply tho needs of her own ·was made an issue in the recent cam-] [people and to c a r r y on an active paign and candidates for the State j trade ivitli Switzerland, Deninar'.:, | Legislature generally endorsed and Nor -i Ta y and Sweden through the net- I approved the new plan. It lias been the rule that the sessions of the legislature have not only anticipated all ot the revenues ot the session for tho current biennial period, but a goodly share of the next two years, so that each, incoming session had to make up a deficiency and the last session ; \vork of waterways that reached ever- I part of the Empire. It would be impossible to devote the railways ol the United States en- j tirely to military uses beceause, when entirely deprived of transportation the business and the lives ot all those who were not actively engaged in out did all previous sessions, necessi- m iHtary service or in furnishing mil. tating- the Bearing down of several itary sllp pijes would 'be jeopardized million dollars of appropriations by Governor Major, for which there was n o available revenues. These overappropriatlons have become a disgrace to the state. The members of the legislature seem to contest with each other in providing some means of spending money. In our opinion, the State could be governed just as well if an over-supplier clerks and expensive commissions or destroyed. In 1907 people starved in one part of the United States while food rotted on the ground in another. Factories were idle while soup houses worke 1 overtime. Confidence was succeed ed by bankruptcy, plenty by privation, abounding prosperity by overwhelming disaster which affected every part of our country and every class of its people. All this came How's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars ne. ward for any case of Ctarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine. Hall's Catarrh Medicine has been taken by catarrh sufferers for the I teturn P a s t thirty-five years, and has be~ come known as the most reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Medicine acts through tho Blood on the Mucous surfaces, expelling the Poison from the Blood and healing the diseased portions. After you have taken Hall's Catarrh Medicine for a short time you will see a great improvement in your general health. Start taking Hall's Catarrh Medicine at once and get rid of catarrh. Send for testimonials, frev« r: J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, O DR. J. M. McKIM DBXT1ST CHILLICOTHB, MISSOURI I'VORHHEA A Sl'ECl.lLTY HIM ]-^ WiiNliliiKton St. c! SO!) l-HONUS-- llCHitlenire ' because we had failed to improve our were lopped off of the State's pay roll. We think a little pruning waterways, traffic had to be carried would do good and help out on the oy r a i l j if j t vas carr i e( i at all -- ana legitimate expenses of the State. Letv | t h e ra iiways were not equal t 0 the cut out all political graft. ' job. The folly and danger of depending solely on one method of transporta- MFFEKJXG WATERWAY POLICIES AXD THEIR RESISTS. The ditference between the policy of the United States and the policies of other nations as to waterways is so great that it is not merely interesting, it is startling. Perhaps it tion was brought forcibly to m i n d a few weeks ago when only the hasty passage of emergency legislation prevented a strike that would have par-\ alyzed the railways from one end of the country to the other. It no\v CHIROPRACTIC is the philosophy, science and art that accounts tor, locates and adjusts the cause of dis. easo Any information will be gladly given at my office free H. H. HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O R Lady Attendant SEISER BLDG. --Opposite Ne-w Post Office-- Phone 315 Sciser Bid jr. OHlIjLlCOTKE, MO. IS STARTING ON LT3XGTHY T R I P would be more accurate to say that '.seems certain that tho conditions, of the United States has had no water- i!907 are about to be repeated in ag- way policy. With a few exceptions E. G AVlllems, special foreign re. proaeutative of Dodge Brothers. ib about to start on a little j a u n t that will carry him to the far east, including Manilla and other island points and eventually to Australia and New Zealand. Mr. Willems is apparently trying to set a traveling record. During the past year he has traveled more than 50,000 male- 1 visiting the Tar eastern region to ·whicli he is now returning, and also Southe Africa and South America. On one portion of his journey ho made a direct j u m p of 10,000 miles. Mr. Willems is enthusiastic over the possihiheies for American cars in distant lands. "Just a few years ago the American cars had no tan ding with the foreign buyers," says Mr. "Willems, "but they have won their way and 1 the cars with good reputations in this country are winning like prestige abroad. "The remarkable reception given Dodge Brothers car when introduced at home has teen duplicated wherever it has been shown, and the deal- i ers appointed on my trip during the past year, all report excellent busi_ ness." I --the most notable being the Fana- gravated form, for the existing car shortage is greater than was ma Canal--privision has never been , known before at this season of made for the completion of adopted I year. ever the Office Phone 283 Residence Phone . . 153Q-J DR. J. E. CALLAWAY projects. Appropriations are always irregular, never adequate and some- A permanent policy OE -waterwa-v SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN improvement gave Germany cheap TREATMENT OF DISEASES 30 a. m. The contrary policy followed by the United States has produced its natural results With superior resources, we hold an inferior position I in the trade of the world. O u r o n e - j sided transportation system, which can not meet the needs of peace, could not endure the strain of war. With the improvement and use of our waterways, not to injure or sup, plant, out to supplement our rail-1 ways, all our manifold resourcss | to 11: 5:30 p. m. Office: Second Floor Peoples Trus Company Building ST. PKO7-TES--Olflce 916; Re.s. 15O7-W DR. J. L. JOHANSEN Dentist Chiropodiist (Foot Specialist) Corns 50o Club Nail . . . 7 5 c Callouses. . 500 to 75c. Hammer Too .500 TO OF times entirely lacking, so no one can , transportation; cheap transportation NervOUS System, Digestive Or tell when an improvement will be fin- ! created industrial development; an.) galls -- All ClironiC Ailments ished at all. Lake and ocean har. industrial development produced m- and Diseases of Eye, Ear, NOS9 floors make a somewhat better show- creasing commerce in time of peace and Throat. Ing, but the inland waterways which and lasting military strength in time ODice Hours-have completed and dependable Chan- ol war. I 1.00 to nels can be counted on the fingers-- ·with several fingers left over for oth_ er purposes. During recent filibusters in tlie Senate it was stated that water transportation is absolete and of no benefit to the people and that iUs criminal folly to spend any money on waterways when so much is needed for the army and navy. From their actions however, it is evident that the statesmen of other countries hold radically different views. The great Trolhattan Canal, in Sweden has just finished and oene.l to traffic by King Gustave. In connection with Lakes Wener and Vetter and the Gota Ganal, this makes an inland waterway from the North Sea to the Baltic which shortens the distance by nearly one.half. .The United States is not at war, but is being enriched almost beyond comprehension by the sale of its products to nations which are at war; yet, during the la«t session ot Congress, hundreds of pages of the Record -were filled with denunciations of a bill which appropriates for rivers and harbors an amount equal to about 40 cents per capita of our population. Canada has taken hundreds ol NO DOUBT ABOUT TIITS Foley Csthartic Tablets are just a plain, honest, old-fashioned physic. They act promptly and effectively on the bowels witaout pain, griping or nauses_ Thev keep the stomach sweet,' the live** active, anu the bowels regular They banish biriou*- ness, side headac^s, sour stomach, ] indigestion. Sold everywhere. Ingrown Toe- could be developed to the f u l l : and I Bunions. . . 50o nail 75c when that has been done the U n i t e d ) Nalls trlrame d properly oOc States will be alike beyond the reach of competition and the danger of aggression. BABY HAD WHOOPIXG COTJGH Mrs. Sam C_ Small, Clayton, N. M . writes: "My grandson had "whooping; couga when he was three montus old. W© used Foley's Honey and Tar and I believe it saved his life. Foley's · to havp the house for whooping cough, coughs, colds. Sold every- He is now big and fat." Honey and Tar is a fine thin; Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S O A S T O R 3 A C nstitution Want Ads are winners Massage of Foot Special attention and care . . . . 5 0 c given in all cases. Calls answered promptly in all parts of the city. HOURS 9 a. m to 5 p. m DR. W. R. SIMPSON Practice Devotad to General Medicine 25 Tears Experience IB Disease ol the BYE, EAR and GUA.SS FITTING CaTLi Answered Oa.j and Xight TELMPHOJfB 35 Office ft Residence--415 B. Webster CHILLICOTHE. MO. Use the Constitution Want column f you have something to dispose of It gets quick results. 'STOO SrUOH WHEN H13 PAWTfS GLASS EYT3 TO BUV r WHISKY Kansas City, 'Mo., Nov. 16.--Mrs Elsie May Boling stood it uncom. plainingly when her husband, Roy H , came home intoxicated, she stated in a petition for divorce today, and she didn't even complain when he occasionally broke up tho furniture, but when he pawned his glass eye to buy whisky, that was the last straw, she charges. And not only that, but he forced her to take in washinging to buy a new glass eye, the petition recites. TOO THE HUKT OUT OF HER BACK Mrs. Anna Byrd, Tuscumbia, Ala., writes: "I was down with my bacK so I could not stand up more this half the time. Foley Kidney Pills took all of the hurt out. "Rheu matic pSms. swollen ankles, backache, stiff joints and sleep disturbing bladder ailment's indicate disordered kidneys and bladder trouble Sold everywhere. The name--Doan'r, inspires confidence--Doan's Kidney Pills for kidney ills. Doan's Ointment for skin itching. Doan's Regulets for a mild laxative. Sold at all drug stores. LOST--Advertisements in the Constitution Want column helps find your missing property. Tbe Kmd You Have Always Bought, and which has been in use lor over SO years, has borne the signature of and has been made under his «er- sonal supervision since its infancy. , . - - - · . . Allow n o o n e t o deceive -you. in this. All Counterfeits, Imitations and ".Jnst-as-good " are but txpcrimpnts that triMe with and endanger the health of Iniants and Cbildreu-Experlence against Experiment) What Ss CASTORIA Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare* goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Peverishness. For more than thirty,, years it haS been in constant use for the relief of Constipation. Flatulency, Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles and Diarrhoea. It- regulates the Stomach and Bowels. assimilates the Food, giving- healthy and natural sleen. The Children's Panacea--The Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA pBears the Signature ALWAYS of In Use For Over 30 Years The Kind You Have Always Bought DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR CAR This business has rounded put twenty-lwo months of existence by distributing to owners more than one hundred thousand cars. Price-concessions on this ear are rarely asked and never given with Dodge Brothers consent or to their know I edge. You can therefore figure accurately the amount invested by the public in D o d g e Bi-ofcheri-- cars, by niultiplyiuar the output ny the rcail selling price. One hundred thousand cars at $785 per car means a sales-total in loss than two years' time of $78,500,000-or, with freight-cost a d d e d , considerably more than $80,000,000 There have been no buvts of speed in the np-building of this groat business. At no time has there been even an attempt at stimulation of sales or of production. Never for a single days has production been speeded np for the sake of attaining a total. On the contrary, it has been held dovrn every day within the limits of close, careful conscientious niaiinfactur- ing. B o t h production a n d sales have been stable stcadj- and' spontaneous--'Scrupulous care in the one. producing huge volume in the other. " by their policy of keeping production vrithiu the bounds of continuous betterment. In thai, sense they have doubtless stiff e re J. a great loss in the past and will endure a great loss in the jutnre. But over against this great loss is an infinite Jy greater gain. The people of the United States have impiieiii faith in the integrity of Dodge Brothers manufacturing m e t h ods. One hundred thousand owners^--or rather one hundred thousand families--are of one mim'i concerning the car and the men who make it. This business and its product are blessed \vith a friendship p r o b a b l y without parallel in tho history of American manufacturing. Fresh from the faetory or sold at second hand from one end of the nation to the other, the ear has special value and a special repula tion, because of the name it bears. Because of the name it bears, you may be smv. that the principle behind the care wil 1 never be changed a mair's breadth. D o d g e Brothers have only one idea in the upbuilding of their business. At this moment, as at That idea is to build so every other period, al- soundly and ' so well though producing a large volume everyday, Dodge Brothers are "losing business" that the good will which they have won will grow and endure forever. Jt will pay you to visit us and examine tills car. Tho gasoline cnnsijm pUon ib u n u s u a l l y low. Tho tire milnasre is u n u s u a l l y hiffh. The price of the T o u r i n g Car or Roadster, complete. lb ?7S5 (f. o. b. Detroit) The price of the Winter Touring Car or Roadster complete including regular mohair lop is, $0r() (f. o. b. Detroit.) ADAMS AUTO SUPPLY CO. Chillicothe, Missouri Classified W a n t Ads ,i\*. usaiijara PICK. LiftK «-oa r*UB l"-IH.S'I IN »," iK J'1V)J» AKO TWO AHE iif*K H»i.»- :E;VTS? PKR i,?x» Bi.»'» jJ-.urriORAv. Uk!tJCflT«Oft. SliT-Il. If VI* · *-*" *'- WANTED \VANTED~TO FEED FOR WINTER --Plenty of grass, good wind-mill water and good stalk pasture. Phone L'OF'12 or see Jas. Barnes or Mrs. Blue. 2 6-t' WANTED--A girl [or general house work. Apply to Mrs. W. W". Edg- crton, cor. Locust and Polk Sts., or phone 303. 24-tt WANTED STRAW--Will pay ?4.50 a ton, stack r u n , in car. Will receive it at Wheeling, Croam Ridge Sampsel, Lock Springs, Bedford Fountain Grove, Utica and Chilli- eothe_ Will also buy your hay. oldOwl T. S. Bishop. FOR K-riNT--FurnUned room, strict. ly modern, 615 Vine. Phone C O O . FOR RENT -- -My shop on S Locust St 31 rs Henry T. .Miller. Phone 96. FOll RENT -- New 4 room cottage. Inquire 1006 Normal Ave., or phone 119G-U. 13-p FOli 11JBNT--Store room witli f u ' S sized basement at corner of Elm and Webster, fine location for grocer, ies or Joed. Chas. K Grace. FOR RENT--7 room residence, 3 lots and barn on north side of Jackson street and west of Dickenson St. 30-U J. E. Watkins. FOR RENT--S room modern house. Baih; full basement, furnace, paved street, S lots, garage. Rent by year. Address Marlow Bros., Chula, Mo. 25.M FOR RENT--Storage space. Hender. son Son. 10_tl FOR RENT--Six room house, thoroughly modern, every convenience, close in. Desirable. Will rent either furnished or unfurnished. William H. Hamby, 119 E. Clay. Phone 73. | ^ 15tt j ·''.· m SAJL.JB. I LOTS FOR SALE--Paving in; apply I to Mrs. G. W. Dennis Phone 915. FOR SALE--A good carriage wita tongue and shatt, cheap. Phone 015. 10-6* FOR SALE--Kitchen cabinet, 6 d i n - ing chains, one rocker. Phone 1578-M. 1330 Webster St. 15-6 '·"OR SALE--Overland Touring car; good as new, only 1 mouths old. Phone 2J. 2_tf FOR SALE--Team, harness and delivery wagon. A bargain it take.i at once. F A. Brotzer, Grocer_ FOR~SAJ.E--My residence property, consisting ot a ten room modern ho-ase, good barn and chicken hous3 and plot of ground 195 by 290 ft, on I West Polk St., near First Ward 'school house. Phone No. 915. Mrs. C. W. Dennis. 10-6* FOR SALE OR RENT--5 room bungalow, uevr. cheap if taken at once. Inquire 4J3 E. Jackson, or telephone 732. 28-tf .j.ii _K RENT---Modern suburban property, 10 room houM with E acres of ground. For particulars phone 1454-J. 10-tf FOR SAL.E--2~~hbuses and lots, five blocks from square. Call at thia oilice for f u r t h e r information. 3-tf l-'OR SALE--^Encyclopedia Brittanica", 25 volumes, fino Dindlng, good as new, $ 2 0 ; 1 set McCauley's Histor." of England, 5 volumes, $3; 1 vacuum sweeper, Ai-gyle, almost new, $5; 1 green velvet Davenport-bed, S20; 1 leather covered office or library chair. Telephone 2 4 6 . TAKK Y'OTJU Optical Question --TO--. MACDONALD FOR OVER 20 YEARS A KNOWN QUANTITY, in the successful correction of DEFECTIVE VISION and Eye Strain. Modern methods. Reliable S e r v i c e . Reasonable Price. A. B. MACDONALD Chlllicothe Lodge xd. »i, r. o. o. F MEETS EVERY SKXVDAY' 3VIGHT j NEWSPAPER! lEWSPAPERf

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