Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 19, 1936 · Page 5
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 5

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1936
Page 5
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: their ! Lottie Lust and Mrs. despot•}' Tarkij&j Mb.,' . Lenox Thursday en-' » Des Moines.,.,They were ed to Das 'Moines on [by Mrs. W^H; Madden sited at the home of her fer, Mrs. -Karl McCul- [they returned to Lenox afternoon. i Janice Dougari, student yville college, spent the nd with her parents, Mr. H. C .Dougan. and Mrs| Rpbey of near moved Into the Neal in the south part of st week. |md Mrs. Byron Keith of have moved to Lenox baker and family-{petti Sunday £° ck ^ larfc hom e in Hancock last eventafr irt r»rtr«i«vi* • '.Sunday. evening in Cdrnirtjjf. ^Twenty-ftv<f addition^ juro^l videlhe' ch&cl Wflr*» rtr'amti .:f/w fW<n ,4.'x«t_i -ii'j l>-^ • .::?.' r »„,.?*. were drawn for this li.li__ A. . - .. tl j- ] ....••. . . turned 11 Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lockhart ,and family and Mrs. Wm. Bolte and Roy Bolte visited at the E make their home with eith's mother, Mrs. Faith ;. Madden went to Des Sunday, where he was ndance at a stockholders' of the Briardale stores Monday, Tuesday and Iday. |E. R. Pennebaker spent ursday in Sharpsburg at lie of Mr. and Mrs. Har- tebaker. IWm. Bolte, Mrs. John |r and Mrs. Tom Lock- Ire in Creston Monday, nd Mrs. E. R. Penne- Miss Ginger Webb Lafe Paymal of Omaha was' Rev. and Mrs. I. o Randels in Lenox Monday on business. went to Des Moines to attend Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Speck the Monday Iowa Ministerial of Des Moines came Saturday to Institute, which is In session at spend a few days with relatives the - University church Monday and friends. . ,.,• Tuesday and Wednesday of this Attorney Ralph C. Jones went wee?k< ' " ' Mrs L Branch Toland went to for a few daughter, to Washington, Iowa, Saturday - ] ^ rs - Branch Toland v to spend a few days with his Des Molnes Monday for •fnH.il.. HoTTO iri«14- »»t4-U. * i der, formerly Miss Marcia Barber, taught in the school at Mallard and was coach of the girls team that is playing in the state tournament. Claude Carter, Willard Boyer were Stephenson and R. H. Morey; The Tarkio Men's Glee dub , —„„ „u JVJ . (| 'H pay a visit to th Horton Lee and Clyde Whipple Pre sbyterlan church this Wed- helped move R. j. Harden 'R I nesdav evening. The glee club Indian Dawn, ZiainActtih, A May Momlhff:' Denza • - ~ - — • Elizabeth Welch's where he is them for the present. storing £™£ them a home b °y- Victor" The program was as follows; Poem, The Touch of the Master's Hand, Mrs. E. C. Skinner, A Little Gift from . Ireland, kon, soon to r* . *— —*"" i **-vii, .LI/WO.. • A£$ fituun as JVfrs i T^Sl^i,™.*™ **H!^ * able to leave the state | Vegetable and Jane Adams, Mrs. J. D. aBr- , .. Perkins of Bedford, (university in Iowa~C^ty,"she"will and Mrs. Harry Rogers, | be : taken to their new home. We potato games enjoyed very much by all. cocoa rolls, Shower of Gold, Bouillon , . . Boys Quartet At the End of the Cobblestone Road, ppurke * A Song of-..tjtie: #tiad, pfotheroe Baritone Horn Sola, C. L. Lyddon The Wanderer, Harlow " ; •">"' •'• : Band •• - .' : • • :. Indiana Guards (March), Kiefer:' • ' . Atilla : (Overture), Karoly For the sixth time Mrs. Clara S. Ebern, 68, of.] family. days visit with' her Mrs. Wesley Gamble. were into the Armstrong Mr and MVs AH toSSI'Jf"' NeUie Hetz ^t to Des ~~ »«•_• --_, ,,.... '— __ Moines last Monrinv fnf r, f n ,,. on, Mr. and Mrs. tfr. and Mrs. O. L. Copeland,' Mr. and Mrs| Herman Holben, „„ „ srpri Mr. and Mrs. Ben Walter, Mr. . M,., T CIVI/l 1VA\*r* T~._l_ t-rr tl , 1VA1 is . J. for a few her daughter, employed there with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hayes wish them a11 the success' in SS, h . ments of cocoa rolls, as their guests, were in Des trelr new home, whipped cream and coffee were Moines Tuesday attenSng^ Mr. and Mrs. Miller Owens Sis 5^ < S3?2ffi "" convention of Zenith Radioed ^ve moved to their new home aqJrSJ-and f » Sans Lennnrrt Pa4Vin-«..r,t n « J--, neth Kent, whpro t.how ™ni v,o mtT. „_-,,_.. •• Dttl •""">• Leonard Refrigerator dealers" I neth Kent > where they will be Prizes were given to the deal- near nel £hbors to Mr. and ers and Mrs. Hayes won a beau- ' Beatty. tiful manicure set. ere . Budd, 70. It was served by the committee, Mes- Mr - Budd's second marriage daines skinn er, Andy Nelson, R. i In the same house in which he hs of the Unt 1l A report received from state hygienic laboratories atlwYth^'her^moWierr^Mrs! was born, at Coldwater, Leve Haynes, 85, died - and Mrs. and Mrs. The Louie Walter. L. N. Walter. P. Recknor and Mrs. George Ferguson were called to annual congregational oTf^eSrf^^^*^ meeting W ill be held at the &^ h ™£%™ ' They ass Stringtown church, Monday ev Dl - and Mrs - W. H. ening, March 23. ' A "pot"luck Jf'- T ? rs ' W " H ' Cash supper will be served. ^l 1 ^? resto . n Wednesday ev- Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pantry of Iowa City were called here last Wednesday by the very serious condition of his mother, Mrs. Fired Pantry. They re- "•"•" *» ^"Anjouct v t V"" ening, where the doctor attend- called on i r there March 9, was found to be Verl Johnson and family have entirely satisfactory. Samples moved ' to tne E d Lourie farm are sent in each month for test- I?' 0 mile , s ^ of town - from the ing. Diagonal vicinity. L. M. Hadden of Exira, Iowa r"l^~ f u n „ was a visitor in Clearfield last Clearfield Events Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bladon Mr. and Mrs. Roland Brunei- are at the home of Mrs. Cather- and daughter of Des Moines ine Sherwood, taking care of $1.00 Worth of OLD RELIABLE ACME Isow's Milk and Pasture (no corn) feeds each pig all ROME he will eat until—3—months of age, weans all Iwith the sow at—8—weeks, retains the BABY PIG (prevents the RUNTS and SET-BACKS. Pigs fed ACME *• 65 to 90 Ibs. at—3—months. |he BEST and CHEAPEST Ration You Ever Fed —To Raise Good Chicks— PEED ACME CHICK STARTER; IT'S BEST [ACME FEEDS, Pay When Your Hogs Go to Market For sale by :B i ELL- HAWK "'•'.. '.. : ; ;Kl.f: i.-i.;? :;*.; IOWA '.. : ' . ''"''"''"' Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Porter and Julia Frances spent a short time Sunday afternoon with Mrs. E. L. Wells at the Greater Community hospital in Creston. Mrs. Faith Reed Crouch exchanged and Jim properties GIVE THEMfHE BEST JKHMIT E A Health Tonic & Vitality Builder ,vv •:;,.;;,;>. - r , FOR POULTRY/ •• ••. spent Friday with his parents' „„ Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Burner. On E. L. Welk at the Great- Saturday they went to Creston where they visited his sister' Mrs. John Wiley. Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Witter of Ames came Friday to spend a few days with his mother Mrs. Stella Witter. Eldred Witter of Barttlesville, Okla., is visiting his mother Mrs. Stella Witter. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brand and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Brand went to St. Joseph, Mo., Saturday to visit on Sunday with their brother and uncle. Mrs. Lester Levi is taking care of the switchboard in their absence. Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson and grandson of Clarinda spent Friday at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Pete Horton. The Harry Lyddon family moved frpm a farm south of Benton, Friday, to the property owned by Sadie Bender in east y SPRAY j relief and control of A disinfectant and Anticeptic WURMITE To be used against certain worms. An intestinal cleanser last week. The move was made the last of the week. What Your Darling Child Really Thinks of You. An illuminating article by the well- known psychologist, Dr. Donald Laird in The American Weekly, the,; magazine distributed with next Sunday's Chicago Herald and Examiner. The Dorcas Society of the Presbyterian church will hold a food sale at the, United Store, Saturday, March 21. """" Dlxon Motor Co. reports „.... l« of new Ford V-8 cars to George Krohmer and Dale Reirher/ arid a new pick-up to Merle Johnson. ' ('Milt .Johnson left Tuesday for California, whdre he has employment. His family will follow when school closes. Hearfleld. Mr. and Mrs Ralph Jarvis of . Maryville, Mo., spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Jarvis. 'Mr.' and Mrs. Frank Goodman spent -Sunday with his father, Albert Goodman, Clearneld. southeast of her. Mrs. Sherwood fell some time ago and broke her hip. Taken to Hospital On last Monday M. Z. Bailey was taken to the University hospital at Iowa City for a kidney disorder. His son, Rolley, and Will Huss took him in the car. Latest reports are that he is not getting along so very well. The family were called to Iowa City Friday night. Library Election The library board had a meeting and an election of officers. President, Mrs. Hazel Conaway; vice president, Mrs. Viola Nickle; Secretary, Mrs. Alice Clark; treasurer, Mrs. Iva Parslow. Mrs: Dennis Died Mrs. Barbara Dennis, aged 89, died at her home in Blockton after a short illness. The funeral was held in Blockton Wednesday afternoon). She .Leaves, to mourn her going, one daughter, Mrs. Lou Stamper of Clearfield : three sons, Glen at home, Gary of St. Joseuh, Mo., and, Virgil of Colorado. A number of grandchildren and a host of other-relatives and friends also survive:^ ' • ' School Election Last Monday was annual Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Duey and family have moved to the SPECIAL TRIAL OFFER Jh^ 1 °4£ I !i R1V £P' BI ^ C V SPRAY and WURMITE frugh for Thirty-Five Chicks Three Bottles Regular 75c Value |ith this Ad O While They Last __, — - —*•* — ---~ 4,*M*> IAIAJVGU uubu me lurmer nji- Bivens house across the street vira Hartman property, east of from the .park, which he pur- "-'- ^ J chased a few weeks ago. Mrs. Main street. Helen Lou Horton of near 7 ~ " »»^\****j ctgis, 1VUO. »*w»\*^*. j^wu J.J.UJ. LU1J. UA Hcclf Goodwin died March 1 and fun- Bedf ord is visiting at the home eral services were held at the of ner Dr °ther, Pete Horton and T^ A* _j__»_ ». _ . TO TYI i ITT Baptist church in Corning. Wendell Fleming, who has THREE WAY PROTECTION s the above under our guarantee. Test each product, Quart 75c Gallon $2.50 For Sale By |Icr Pharmacy, Lenox Tim Lake Products. Inc., Des Moines, Iowa (INISTRATOR'S SALE ' F A Brokaw at his late residence located 5 miles east — ••"••••••»" *»«* *««0 a<*w A«^»UCIII>C im fcnter ° f Comln £ on S^veled road; n TUESDAY, MARCH 24 commencing at 11:30 8—HEAD OF HORSES—8 mile north of been working in the United Store at Leon, has been transferred to the United Store a Auduhon. Wendell spent Wednesday in Lenox and will begin work today at Audubon. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hurley visited from Saturday to Wednesday at Winterset at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hurley. As their car gave them some trouble Mrs. Ralph Hurley brought them home and then went on to Clearneld to visit at the L. H. Andrews home. Mrs. Rollie Bender left today for Des Moines where she will attend the girls state bas-. family. Mrs. Jennie Jamison will soon be back in her own home. She has spent the greater part ol the winter with her son, Tom, in Redding. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Elaine are moving into her house and will care for Mrs. Jamison. Fred Fosmire held a closing out sale at his residence Saturday, of household goods. He expects to return to Edinburgh, Texas, as soon as convenient to make his home with his son Frank, and family. Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Steward Edgar and Melba, spent Sunday afternoon with relatives in Ml Ayr and Benton. Grant Carson and daughter of Diagonal spent the weekenc vith his parents, Mr. and Mrs O. L. Carson. Z* A ?J??»"l Sl ' 10 y 63 " old ' Bay ™*m, wt. 1750, 8 yrs. -j-, *t. 1350, 5 yrs. old, in foal, service fee paid, sound; Inn,, 'I 8 ** d » S,ff ood work mare; Coming yearling mule, I none better; Fine saddle mare, 9 yrs. old; Suckling: sad- old °* Humbert>s saddle horse; Grey horse, wt. 103—HEAD OF FALL PIGS—103 jajj Piffs, cholera immune, weight average 140 Ibs; and ignt average 60 Ibs. . 15—HEAD OF CATTLE—15 •yrs. old, been fresh about a month; White face cow, O, ear °. w . Boan heifer, giving milk now; 2 year old neifer, giving milk; White face yearling heifer; Heifer i7.To2 ld x Shorthorn heifers; 2-year-old Holstein heif- T > * aoorthorn steer calves. 23—HEAD OF SHEEP—23 MACHINERY and MISCELLANEOUS »rauek-Deering- tractor; McCormick-Deering threshing ' in. cylinder; McCormick-Deering clover seed reclean- Jipod stacker; McCormick-Deering 8 roll shred- John Deere tractqr plow; John Deere manure Dump rake; Tower surface cultivator; ISH. —•" nmmm jr » •*•»»* f j»- »* »» **» t?««* *.M>&/U> vu*V4 v**vl ixer; 1926 Buick sedan; 1926 Buick pick-up; -.-—» Good single harness; 8 seed corn racks, hold storm window, 26x27 inches; 2 coal brooder stoves, --jlers; 30 bu. hog feeder; galvanized hog feed- to and hoff oiler; three 15-gal. drums; one 30- iv ?„ b - ar ' riel » W«.<? 5-gaJ, measuring cans and oth- >y found at a closing out sale. FJ5ED and GRAIN some fodder; sack of seed corn. Lunch by Mercer Center Ladies Aid LEE BROKAW, Admrs. C. £ BOGEftS, Public Sale of Household Goods I will sell at my home in the Will Shaw property one block north of the Lenox school house, SATURDAY MARCH 21 beginning at 1:30 Iron bed, mattress and spring; dresser; comode; 61-2x7 1-2 rug; dining table and 6 dining chairs; buffet; enamel top kitchen table just like new; library table; center table; Hotblast heating stove; kitchen table; some dishes; 7 1-2 doz. fruit jars; garden plow; wire stretcher; rakes; scoops; forks, and other tools; 1 25-gal stone jar; set of work harness; and many other articles not above mentioned. Anyone having property to sell may do so at this sale TERMS CASH Irs. (leorge Henry i* # XNI&K!^!^ CJ<Jrk school election, the result being that the two sitting members were reeletced by a large margin. The result was as follows: Eugene Baxter, 163; Allie Cowell, 153; Mrs. Hazel Conaway, 1044 Mrs. Belle Anderson, 3 and Ed Vogel, 1. For treasurer, the incumbent, L. E. Hartman, 202; McKelvey, 5; and L. H. Andrews, 1. Mrs. Herman Brown returned home from Des Moines Sunday, after an extended visit with her children in Des Moines. Her son, Elmo, and son-in-law, John Shoemaker, accompanied her home. The Annual Musical Concert will be held in the gymnasium Monday evening. The numbers to be used in the state contest will be given Monday night. Mrs. Myrtia Young was a Mt. Ayr visitor Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Sage and daughter Mildred were Mount Ayr visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lane, Marion, Dorothy and Leo of Benton, Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Lane, Naomi, I up. Mr. and Mrs. Addie Routh are the proud parents of a daughter, born Sunday morning, March 15. This is the first daughter, although they have four boys. Clarence Miller is quite ill at his home in east Clearneld. Annual Music Contest The annual music contest will be held in the Clearfield gymnasium, Monday, March 16, 8 p. m. The program follows Orchestra Waltz in A, Brahms Turkish March, Beethoven Country Gardens. Gainger Boys Glee Club The Cossacks, Norman Indian Camp Fires, Turner Trumpet Solo—Morton Crew Bride of the Waves, Clarke Girls Quartet Little Bluebird of My Heart, Grey Brass Group Roses of Picardy, Wood Soprano Solo—Doris Baxter Were My Song With Wings Provided, Hohn The Harp of Delight, Harris String Group ., Intermezzo, Mascagni Where My Caravan Has Rested, Lohr Girls Sextet Love's a Merchant, Carew. Little Papoose on the Wind- Swung Bough, Cadman The Star, Rogers Tuba Solo—Jack Palmer Springs Awakening, Bach Girls Glee Club WHAT DO YOUMEAN- WAY FOR ME TO GST THE RIGHT RSFK.IGE3ZATOR9 IMSANJUST WHA ISAY/-BSSUKE IT MEETS ALL 5 ISFR1GERATOR BUYING! IOWA DT1LIHESCO. Beulah and Donovan, and Mr. and Mrs. Clem Ruby were Sunday dinner guests of Misses Ol and Sylvia Lane. The Mount Ayr debaters wil here at the high school auditorium Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Emma Fulton and Mr and Mrs. L. H. Flowers of Des Moines came Saturday evening and spent Sunday with Mrs Alton's sister-in-law, and Mrs Flowers' mother, Mrs. Laura Rood and family. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rood and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rood spent Sunday afternoon at the Laura Rood home. Mrs. Fulton is a sister of Roy Rood. Word was received that M. Z. Bailey, better known as Uncle Teen, had passed away at the State University hospital in Iowa City, Monday morning, af- r er a brief illness. Mr. Bailey had not been well for some time but his condition was not considered serious until a few days ago. The sympathy of the entire community is extended to the widow and children. The Democrats had their county convention in Bedford, Saturday, March 14. Those attending from here were, Marion Palmer, Mrs. Andy Nelson, Mrs Frank Bye, Leo Millin and J. D Barrans. The Ladies Auxiliary of the Chrsitian church met at the home of Mrs. E. O. Nickel, Thursday afternoon, Majch ia Business session was in charge of the president, Mrs. John Hepperly. It was decided tg di- Standard Service There will soon be plenty of activity on the farms and everyone will want gasoline, tractor fuel and oil at once. Don't wait until the very last minute before you .let us know what your requirements will be. We want to have oii hand everything you will need when you begin work. Standard Oil Ser vice, is just as close;to you as your telephone. Call us up and tell us what you want and when you want it and you'll get it/at that time. Phone 131 (Nelson Produce) during the day Residence Phone 140R Complete Service You can now drive your car into our garage and get complete service. We have just installed a new air hoist for use in greasing cars (the only one in town). Now you, too, can see what the under side of your car looks like while we are greasing it. WASHING GREASING REPAIRING GENUINE FORD PARTS BATTERY CHARGING ACCESSORIES Have you ridden in the new 1936 Ford V-8? Just ask for a demonstration. We'll be glad to show you the snappiest car on the road today! DIXON MOTOR COMPANY Your Us

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