The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 30, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1859
Page 4
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BUSINESS PATENT JMBDICINES. - OOIIKSE1 J. ' ' C oimat. S. Hie amont of anthor!ted CHANDLER & HICKCOX, Attorneys & Cunsellora at Law KNKFI.A^D III.OCK. AiH.VOHNSTOH S. The amount paid op. '. II. j [ Z^*^&*i&'£™ "- iSr'^fef ^ \ ^Itr. '^*v« n (htlfiy- anpiodmotrf I" 5 i , UtrOaih on hand. id. In the hand* of and doe from asenta t otbera 3.1. No real eitat*, 4th. ibondi held by the Co. 7>. . tot. Dock. Benefit DR. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS 1. M. 8. R. B. bondi, 12.I.OU 2. Tolrdo, Norw<lk 118,06 U4,7 113,1ft 108^0 lOTir (8,60 A Cieve bond. 8. N. I. K R. bond., 141,16 389/8 11848 10TM 4. Stock* : n. -. 5, 10,000 worth ......... '0,487 BO D. 8. 6, 5,000 worth ........... 9,15696 8. N. fork oa 6>00 . _dp 6.H.6OO worth ............ 26.11011 76 PICK in TI A iti,<>'.r.i.f;ri . ATTORNEYS & COUNSKU.naj) AT LAW BuMiny, in £.i/rt ir,i;,e ^ y OR. IIOOCI. »\|>'H < OHUI 41.. U1.0} 100,87 69,73 107.8* 91,28 481JK 134,75 1».68 18H31 17287 160.06 IBT^T tVMoflse MlnefoandJl oniakeMagglore the only one of any an'Important military po. hi ned tt consider: ble ext strong place to the Lombard 142 US MS _ Piece of land between Piece of land be.ween •rmyyand the Cterinftii 0»s aw hoBtile attitude r'AI MKIi ,t ST\| Attorneys & Counsellors " " " New Uarn '»» Drhilltr of thr Wrt. B. L'H. GAKP1KBR. Comptroller. The population at theliit a mat n at S4XO26, ac- Ufflce, N .er of Miohigai, cordng,to Man«tfwi±uel route for Italy. Prince Napoleon's corps bad oommeawd . a«ii.a. •< — .. »-,..&. "Ifce Parii Bonne i« depressed. . . , CHICAGO, Ja A .pedal reporter of the do: oommonat El: 100 Total late*. FirklnlO 29. wo children, Chi- nnklrk; MH!. Tis- additional Mrs. Efnmner and o«go; Mary Ann Cnrran 1 /i waloUodfonn • •J' ^••?, •,* Jtf*"-"« *' -<U ' ! « "V"- i>*'"•" ~-v-T«-v- • •"• VCsB •«** not -Wcojginaea^iB rf^en. j^ j^ Kookford, died •inojPtbe aceidenU - * - -. . • • . ij i 7 '**» BailM& Exennlanfata. , __ — -—--•=, June 28. .^irfeiMrs.Wfaa.lJager and 1* Mountain leave this city on Friday, on the great balloon expedition to the Atlantic coast The California orerland mail of the eth, ar- 400 Mexican families of Uberallrt/wonMbi across the Eio Grande, near Port Da- Ties, by the obarc& party. - - i i BeUr In » cramp. NEW TOKK, Jane 29 ^L.v SWB , from As P in "'»", received by Northern Light, brings intelligence of the wl of M. Belly at -Ajpinwig from San Joaa, on his way to France. Financial dif. fionlties are supposed to be the canse of hii eudden rwtnrn. These tidings f»-ttl.> ihi> question of M. Belly's whereabouts, &• d r. fut* the rumor of hia death, which has U-.-H iu oiron- lation. LA8T KVKNINU'S KEPOKT. The new British Ministry- had been officially announced as follow.: Visooat Palmeretor First Lord of the Treasury; Hon. W. E Glad •tone, Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord John Russell, Secretary of State, foreign d-n't Pake of Newcastle, 8ee»y of State for the Col onl<a; Hon. 8. Herbeit, Sec'y of State for the War Dep't; Hon. Chas. Wood, 8«'y o f State to th* India Post Dep't; Dnhe of fiotnenet Lord of the Admiralty; Lord Campbell, the LordI Chancellor; Earl ttranville, President of the Council; Duke of Argyle, Lord Privy oeaj; Barl of Blpin, Post-master General; Hon Richard C.-M.-II, Pres't of the Board of Trade Son. J. Edward Cnrrtwen, Commissioner of tte Board of 1'uMir Works- Hon J Milner Oibson, Pres't ol U,, Poor Law board , Hon Sir Geo. Gray, Chanoellor of the Dnchy of Lancaster Hon. Sir A. Cookbara 8 nc4d 6 Hon. Lord Campbell as Lord Chief Justice Parliamen. met on the I7th Instant, when Lord Derby announced the resignation of tbf ministry. Earl Granrille, the President of the Council, said be would rewrr.. his explanation of the policy of the new gova-ument till a f Q . », Mfrdo do 26; o -,-, withaoderate demaad. /O12; roll ISttM. •• *888-iJn good mpply, and euj at J»@18J<. MMS POBK-nnchang«d. U,00ei»,00 Jor Uihtio heary. LAED-flrm at 11^^14, SALT-ln^ood «npplj- at l,Soai,8i. UaUroad ITIatter*. axOMFTB m L» CWH8I t UlLWiDlm . J»K1 S9TH, 1859. -180 bu«h wheat, 340 do otti, SB d corn, 65 do pot*t*<a, C , barreli flour, 21 hog», 12* ton* pig Iroa, T,l«4 tbi r hfde«, 11-63S ft lombfr, ]5,«8« Itu BondrlM. E«onrre BT MO.WADMI Jt JOM 29iB, 1859—80 bbli flour, 8M bn«h wheat, 20 bo» potatoes, 8611)1 bidet, CO Ib. butter, 6,016 Jb« wool, 2, 4 12 bosh BUDdriea, 6 bbla eggm, 10 toni r.on KAIUOID PaooEB«»a.— The Mt. Clnmoi .(lltcb. StanOara «aji tte conttnictlon O f the Grand Trnnk Railroad, between tbat place and Detroit, li bclag vigor. oosly proMcnted, with the confident rxpecOUon that • "* railway eoimeo»So»ara v ave entered Piedmont on two th. Mo.<t Oenla , ml denua. Ballroadi from 8naa «nd from eenoa>wlll enable them, If they ohoote. to concentr.te their forces on Turin to a f. w bonra.— The Oenora road panel through Alenandria, wnl, h. the eommonlcatlon irtl] be completed by the Fourth of Joty: ' MroHiiA»8otrfB.aMKan.»Oiij.—The earning, of the Michigan Southern Bailro.d for the thiid Week In Jane were*2g,674, making ftr three week? ,75,938. The Jnne earing, of thi. company f,.r the past .IT yean rtand aa followj: fU8,M6 19 ISSS;"" 1 1858 *2»V03» 11 1B5T WT«8 48 1W8 1T8.WT4S Trade and A«rrlcul«aral. PBOMCTIOS TO TBI BIRDS — Connecticut hu recently enacted one -good law, tbat li, a Vaw protecting the Irdi; dmllar laws ihould be enacted everywhere. B e old thai the blrdl do more good to the firmer by f»r nddrng out th* bngi and noi.ou» In ecta, than thej (I . harm l\ Uie ,nro»U» they make on th* chrrrlea and o l.rr frulUi «nd then their nongs »od eOllveDlng pre- s<f- » .re all thro ».. us lor nothing. We never saw a n-.T <!^Btr-,)rln(r hu own kloder nature, by stonlnp or brin B »' Hit l>t.U. r warblers, without hirtng our Indlg- nauon roMed aiatut him. Boym, let tbe birds alone, law or no Uw. that, Ifu be thought adliabte, one corp farmte may more directly northward fro thence. There are alii Mjad. from Alexandria and rom Turin to Vercdtll. »Bich would enable thajPrtncH to collect Ihelr troop, there alto. The Brat battle of the preient camnalin wai fought at Montebello, May ttit. The great battle which decided th. fat of M.,,oleon'. Dm SStan cam! palgn, wai 'ought Jane 14,1800, on the plain ofMorea- go within light of the fortrta. of Alenandrla. jeSO AN OBUIN Vf»CE To change and ennaoentit -,»i»b: ih the grade of a part of bird and Weat Water .tret it, and changing the width of the sidewalk, of . he City of Milwaukee. Ihe Hay or and Common Oonnoll of the City of Mil-, do ordain a* follow. : h - BOTION1. Toe grades or elcvatioc. of the sevtral paru of itreeta hemnafurr mentioned, situated In the Second Ward, of the Utty of Milwaukee, l> hereby altered and fixed and permanently (•stabuV-d, as follow. * -. The height or elevation t o be 'lie bast which has been generally adopted In grading.trect-, which baaewas the Milwaukee lurrr, aa it was In f e mouth ol March In the year eighteen hnadred and thirty sir (1886). WBrT WATRR _ _ Cm OoxiraoLua s Omo«, I Contract Drpartment, Milwaukee, Jane 87, TO. f T HE following u a achednle of lot. fronting on the north aide I Cedar .met, from 4th .treat to loth .Itree^ In tbe Sid Ward of the Olty of M.lw.nkee, •how r Wg -the amount which each lot will be ben. fl ted b* grading the north Ji al .aid street, and the . dewylk to the e«'ablnhed grade, planking and curbing the waJks ' !|? *• gotten a. per plan and estimate of tht) 1. H. BURNING, LOUIS A PER, Street Oomml*.loners. '' Block. Lot. Benefit*. Block. 62 OIMOOT.ITI OaAFl O«OF.— The late froit mu.l ham toaehed the Oloctnnati viDryirrt- hut ll(ihtlj. for the QaxeOe of the 10,h « a y, - » e Uc mtormed by an « icnilve grape cultivator near thf city that the pnxpect of an abundant crop wa« never better. Be pi omlied • lew of all fnendi. some yeari ago, to give them a bal whenever he made 5,000 gallon! of wine Irom hit vineyard, and he ha> given them not'c* to prepare their neric/m, of the 25th, -seU al that point np lljrre in al] of l&ct At the middle oTOedar atnet, II (ret. At the middle of Its Int-nection with Third .tree! t ft. THIRD STKKfcT. At Ihe middle of Its Intersection with Weat Water street At the middle ot Tamarae rtreet, 9 feet At the middle of Prairie rrret, 9 fact. At the middle of Cheinnt street, 9 00-100 leei. Sec. 2, So much and inch part, of an ordinance eo- litied 'An Ordinance peim<nrntly to establish ihe [rade of certain atrc.ts In the Second W-rd of the City of Milwaukee," paa>ed July 14, 1863, a/conflict with the prriTlsloDi 01 thi. Ordinance are hereby re- flee. ». It is further provided that tbe abore Ordl- ance .ball not he c.rrled mm effect, or the wo. k tbere n be done before the Brut day of February, 1S< 1 Bee. 4. The change "I wrade herrln pror ded tor and eatabUaned, Is maJe at Uie request of property holder, wnlng or ivpreaentlng a majority of said pfopertr on ih« line of tbe .tereu rel.-rred t.., as will appear b» a written petition now on file with the Olty Clers. Brt. 5. The width of U.e ald» alks on each aide of We.t Water stre ^ from I'edar irrert to Its Intersection wllh Third .treet and Tbl. J .tre. t from IU lnter.e^llon f Weat Wau-r atrert to t ,1-t .ir et, In the id Ward, of the City of MUw.ukee, al.a I be sixteen and ih, pr.rtlege of ualn. a port.oo of ancb sidewalk, b^ apecUTe owner, or occup«n s abore named parta of *tr*-^ta proriued for tu a ordlna .ce, rela Ing u atreetn, 165 1«6 166 168 166 166 18 16ft 14 1M U 166 16 167 11 167 12 167 18 e2»-dSl Lou 16 16 C I 8 i 11 18 Benefit.. 214,33 22S,»6 1J388 99^4 93 gs 140,88 183,64 140J1 122.21 8. Debli doe to the Oo. secured by mortgage on ao- eocambrred real eat tie, worth doable the amount of m^-tn^e '«j>er iche- du'e" bearing 7 per cent. !• tereit . . . 6. DebU otherwise lerured by Block, oiortragei »nd Insurance acnp of thli and other crmpaolta, and lntere.t on iMine ....... 7. 1 ebu for premtunui, coo- ilatlng of bill, reeelrah'e, 8 All other .- cnnr e. KO I clahni doe tbe To., salva • „ f»; . 'M».el«. *e ...... 9. Pefiona! pro ( ertr owneil by the Oo , tneam Tu -, fmnra.ic. ....... 34,913 f4 W.3?4 78 80,644 97 Total Alieti ' 71 484 5*6 6» 111 ttJM 1«7 14 1U2J1 167 16 ftlM 1«T 16 181 M 168 11 16I.1T 1C8 1! Iu6,o4 Ite U 181 2\ 183 14 1(9.88 164 16 17» 91 163 Id 209,21 In George Smith'. Addition. 181 » 314^3 lt>l H 204,66 9864 98.64 n L,>a.aABDlHga, Comptrolle 6. Tlit* am due t ing what > No in. ant ,f I bur k ,r Noi.e SBBT b. rial IMIik cV Lttorneyi and %^A.\ 11% Counsellors fill pra.'tK-e : i .tin cial Otrcan of H lie * J t Virmo. C^urtu .»con»in. »nd » h OITT CottrraoLLia's Orrioa, I Contract Department, June 28, 1»49 f S EALED PBOPOiALB will be received at hi. offic. until Saturday, July 9d, 1859, at 10 A. »., lor abating the nuisance on ihe folli,«lr K described l,,n m the Third W.rdof the Oily of Milwaukee, vn Lot I block 42, lot 1, block 44, lot tf, block 7, lota 4, 4, and 6, block 79. 7. d.i 'I - <»r,,| not due. S. Louts unadjusted Snp po.e<] t" h' m :' . , i ., about.. 9. Loasn In.suspentr. S.m- as No. S 10. All o.ber claim* agmosi the company. Ind i .,lu«i balanc.-a un< lalm dulvi den s, an i r ,.,1. nipt*, n . i Scrip un< .1't •! lor Vf i TTO. | llnr, 1 \ ^. I Attornev UII.WAL Sut I. rrtmrrv.t, -n C-..U.1 .^.' t HlJunH. Ohk . Cirrm, Oiu»%, ) HUM \ Cough. C.1..1. i NA V.\< H . Law Confirmed Cons Total l.i.i. .1. I \ II. insure.! 1 m.t. •isk. E, L'H. OABJMSER/Qoinptroller. NOTKJH;. Cirr OonrriOLLis's Ornca, ( Oonliact Drpartment, Jnoe 28, 1S59. | T HK following la a schedule of !ot», parts of lots er parcels of laoj lo Uie fitih Ward of theCit. of Milwaukee, Milwaukee proper, that .III be benefited l« the amount let opposite each, by grading Mineral street and ..dewalka, » d catblng and ptankldg sidewalk. from Ollnton street (o Mon. oe-treet! JO N KOSEBECK, H.aaOEGEi, Street Commlul nera. Sth Ward. Lot. Block. S 40 fl U K February Th* ftretxlesi xiuouot of fire r slit | t/.^ OT.U •hn-1 • nfcp 110 OiiO On WM' >6 ih- uiiikJ, Inc'u i IS. Qron un>unt of |*rem'u n W fooflio for th* ' urrent 3, 1S59. $7>8^a. U. The n.»rk«n v»l u ^ 0 / , t < M0 k Th« Comp»nr DO •u>c»bDlden Ui« » C r.p IUQ«.I ,,n »,^ MI plan bf »u char rr cnr.m tat^i .i* c » p , ,,. t; ,. raJue of -w -p v*«riet icror.lUm t . 1( pr ^rM i».u«. 14. L»lriden<J, 7 j> tfr ce it >D iu ouutantmn .jr D 15. Tb« chin- r .ir &. t ot mcorportlo nj. g«ui berew.Ux. JAM": C rVANrt. Pre*M«n Attoriiie> vi (,' w*u« • - * .,, , MI •• !v l-.l. A ^p lllO! ill J«< &, (oil ty • "i H',i -I j i \ . i'J t 5 ! H. r .it of .«iit Compa- A. D. A J '!r<JIM I I'M % v| Aturneyi tt LAW and .'.,.„•.. ffia'-oaiin itreet, M.lw»ult« A «.IC I II \ -I. STATK 0» UIS40SI obnt. uctioo ItQo, and so much of iai the proTi.lon of this or 'on Paased June 27th, ]R5i MKRM R. B. LT»CH, City Cle.k the « ol lota fronting on the .> .u be one foot more a. -. uUel -An ordinance aldewalkt and to 11 lu Amouot. 25.U K 76 n of 8 46 ft 111, II, lu, II, S» 92 VI ill VI 64,110 48, Z3 l »>«-re, f," paawd AngMt IS, ord n uce aa coufi eta with U hereby L. PAGE, Mayor, j 80-d«l —The Owohso ^S •a.y» more ha? &lret,d> been pur, 1 to this time than waa purct.aji.-d .easoh. I '. In Equity. In the House of Commons, Mr. D'lsraeli annonnoed the resignation of the Ministry and moved aa .adjournment, which was car- rlea. A despatoh from Vienna says th«> French have established a depot on the Albanian coMt, and disembarked large quantities of _gold com. An Austrian corps d' armie which left Ar oen» forTeaaaro, had been directed toward the lower Po, to join the troops in the prov M088. ft fc uncertain yet whether Arcena has been wholly evacuated. 'HadeS. and Brescia are free of Austrian troop*. TlM.allied anny pawed tbe Serio train on tbe 13th marching toward Aglio. The fight between Gen. Durban and Oari baldi took place at Castinadal. Garibaldi had 4000 troops and four cannon but was repulsed. ' ' Austrian correspondence states that the ^ - g»»J«atfon of troops for the defence of the Ty. PAloaa •£• m •.. .• . I _ * MARINE _RECORD. 1859. Pon of niluanke«. Jane 34. AUKIVEU. Prep Hunter, Dlckion, Oolhngirood, 5 bbli eement, 6 bburoa n, S bone., 8 b le. w u ol, -SA .un nrie«, 1i> i .an , is progressing. Several companies hare already been drawn out. ,, A letter from Vienna says the Fourth corps commenced to leave for Italy, and the Third . Il» 18th corps d' annie was being formed, s also destined for Italy. The Swisi oomoil had ordered the ooonpation of bro, between the garrUons and The French fleet on the Adrl- powerful reinforcements, disenibark 800n tbe Valitene; Bchr Toledo, Pareland, Moskegon, o« m lum Pchr Triumph, l^lgh, Manlste*. BchrT- pa; Leslie, Green b»y, 28 m lum Sciir MHwankee Bell, D .rt», Ore n Bay, Sao m lum 8chr Zao-.c Pratt, f^rker, BmTalo, 470 tons coal Stm- 0 ereland, Dongal, Urand Baren. Bchr F oreno , Freeze. Aio.kegon, 5u m, 6« m ihingle*. Pri.pOgonu. Flood,Chicago, 10 bbl« pork, I i u!» hams. 1 pkin .trodrte., StmrOltyof CI-Telaod, Fquler Grand Baven 8S Ions mdl 4S bags ccffee, 11 pkgi suodrie., 6v paaaen- gen. Stmr Irareler, Sweeny, Ohio go. IN ITEM 8TAT.-.-S Morgan Carpenter, TS. Jame- Ooggin, £1 za Goggio, 1. h bod Bmltb, U F .rfnln. Kpl.rU-n MarUer and Jph' J. OrtoL, ex cotor. » ( tbe i_-i wi 1 and teaumein i.f . Atll-ut !.»^f deceased an'l j The *riotH- Bank.. J I S |.ur»aan-e and bj rinue of a decree male by the li..trict t- urt of the l nited State, for the District . f » . n«n , on the silts ,Uj of October. 1S6S, in t'.e i..,tleil i-an-e. al. a lupplemental aerree of f rr.-loiure agiln-t Flora A , Per-oni, made by the said i I'.,urt, on tbe ncbl day ol j^ne, eighteen -hnndre.i and I Bftj nioe. In said rau^, I si, .11 sell at ITibllc Auction at ' the Cn ted States Mariiha.'s <in,re. In the Cltj of «l|. > • anket, lo sa.d dl»tr-ct, on i • u -,daj, the ele.en'h day , o Anguat, 1819, at three o'ol ck In the -ftemoon the follo»in« rteacnbed property t i wit • "The n rtb half ! of U>l nnmber el»ren (11), li, Mock numbered thlrtj- •"en (SI), In the Tnlrd Ward, of tbe City of Milwau- , kee." , Manual's Office, Milwaukee. June 26, 1S69 M J. lilOtfAS, C. 8 Marshal OOD », Baow» A Ocaui, C».mplt'» Solicitors. !»«,•* *n,i« 147,76 Jl 1 .^.) 117 60 T",T5 6.1X1 4.1 nil Satlafactory ende that the mutual Intu frCRKTART'- OF?ie. MioniiM, M»j <1 \-A». 'ee [>«r Ce ,n l>ie J -. -,rt f , of th' « . 4 Late .1 i w r i< I'J , ,.] i'nipany ,f r -,« , -i.te .,/W, 44 "I 58 S3 iS S3 j-29-d«l L'H GARDINER, Cr 5S./.1 Si, On -7.IO 22 60 IS 75 il.UO «.» %'M 5> 17.M li.uo mntreiler. an t Coraparj r r bu3 an ineur nee incorporated l,y ihe'.-ta-.e ,,/ ha ring cr.nip le.' wu. the re.|uir-men( .( .e-t An Act eat.tled • An .ct •. rejalat- I,, u ran< nlra not mco' ported by ih- i 4tl . O f ^ s-..i prore I March 17. IsM, , n ,' nmr nf aljn ^^ u( State Treaju y Uie Sum -,f U, amount l prem'uaid rrce v~i I s^i for -he re .r HiS, I per r Now, therefore, in pursuaore I'arll w. J u ne^, Secreiar, ,t j rvins,-, do her.hy e-,.t,»y ,n» t i «e , t he b- -lulir aatr.ur z ,1 I lake rr«n, re'eire prert-jn. , "f an In-j-ance . <k -,-,, .. , ,..,, o . ~.,,\ u .,,,,'^,',5 I *'»m thif <Ule. .int. h'f,-,t ],, , Jt .\ ,. •,*',' j In .lu.ns .nere,,'. I :,, v= .,erenv'. .,1 ' a , i,,, 1 n ? ••>•! sffl i.J :h. ,,.- atlea. •'.. -,,ie | ' th-Ca. rol . ; W» .son. -h , ,t iai ' M • r . 1 •>.*!/ 1 li Kl '.'.1 f* Jel4-dln^ A., slant -err.l«, r ..I .« t »'te EAGLE STEAM ~FOUWRY7 — «»D - MAC'HIXK W011KS MISCKl.l.AM X K \ »'KK AM ^ •"* w i.vr A I r 1 > }• \ | > I- K \ll< I- I f wiu.u«a \VilliaitiM A Auction and Commission ><». I U VVIM 0\>l > W ill rv ' Jre, [)r r I! I ll ) I , A 1 I PAPER WAREHOUSE , ;)oo, 302 j.; K S >i » > • r » < rr B nd 3n I | |; ]- h Jc.i KSra. Btmr City of Cleveland, Squier, Grand Karen, f^op Banter, D ckson, t hicago. Btmr Traveler, Sweeny, Utaicago.efi hf bbls beer, to.un- orlea. JUKI 29TB. 8 "' cl » n<1 ' Muakegon, 6 bbl. flour, 8 NO TICK. Crrr CoarrraOLLKa'. Orrioa, i Cnntrart Dep»rtm>nt, Mllw&nkee, June 26, 1&59 j ^ BALED pr.>po»al« will be received al this office un- C5 til WedneMay, Jane 29, ISM, at 10 i M., for grading that por Ion of the Fourth Avenue, in the First ~* ard lo Uie eatabl shrd pr»de In S K. K of B W. k of section Ib. hat It, cba'g«able to tbe city. K. L'H.OARDINKB, City Comptroller. NOTICE. ~ CITT Ccntrraoixn's Ornca, l I Contract Department, nil., Jnne «8, laM. ( T ^,5°S2ri Oouoc "> °y reaolutlon adopted June 20th, 1869. having concn-ed In the recommendation of the Street Commlaalonen of the 2d War It Is onder -d. ' MiLwarna, Jen 22. 1S89. Hettrt. Btrlino <t JJrvoo bI " TL *" EI : ~' l »«e pleuore In rtatm« that I had one n- your Safe, In my office. In Yo .rp', B! ,rk. and that on bcln? opened this morning after ihe fire. Tt e nooks were foondto be um-jured Inside <.f the rovers, and n, n- »f the papers destroyed, at.,i few of them .lightly charred. Ai the ?afe was one of Uie smallest s ie. and the fiie a .ery hot one, I think yonr Safe stood ihe teat reason able well. , HRICT «'RA* MIL|J«. f HATI I'NI, HILL 'iKAK |";RJ*IL i r « ;D ,,, I am your* truly, A F and STKAMBOATC IRON OOLDMNg, f or BuiMIn^., and e»-ry .anelj ofJr,bW j beat manner, and wr. the morn uheral :erm. The attention of M:ll-,,.n«r. »o.l owner, of Power, U particularly called to the 'TUTT1.K A. being by far t»., mo.t p.,werfuj. duraole and ec< - nomieal Wheel evtr iDTrni^l— not liable to f^t ja i ,f order. n-,l affr<-te.l hy Ice or l.aok.ater, a n> . u .m/ „., ^ r w. pro " ,7 i ' 10 "> lh ' »"•« pro<i u ^ than an, other Whe.: ..-, the market. A Je«n-,p t ,,, „„*,„ r ^ , warded npon .ppllcation, free o' charge, " ' -' li • iTl ir, K i > t j N.HANI • t.i > l 1 WATKK WHKK1 W l! be i i«- in Ui,. Prmten and Bc> r , i Bchr Tempeft, LJabon, Oreen Bay rockery, 8 bbl. pork 1 . • 1 »nrnd' wbl " Ie »' ' bbl chr Roreaee, Preeze. AInakegnn. tmr Cleveland, Doogal, Grand Haven. PropOgon'i Flo'.d, Oreen nay, 35 bb.. flour, 6 bbla That Bft .trcet and .idewalk. frnm Wlnneb.go .treet bblt ' ° Vllel • tr « t . In tb- 2nd Ward of the City of M la | kee, be graded to the established grade, aldewi curbed and planked, irntt,T« pive I and .tree! gr T, In accordance with nlao and estimate of the Car B oeer. on 0 e in the Co , ptro ler'i fflce. i Owner, of property on said .treet are hereby notl- Brd to mate the abire imi.roTementa within twenty-two days from r'ne, or the 8'reel Commissioners of the A BIG PILE OF GOODS LA NDS AND VVATEfi POWERS, 190,000 \<KI S OF Choice Farming and Pine Lauds. N< > G- K. Pur niton \n I Aoner f. Scranion. VI ^••1..- Char'er HlbbarU In ' In A d m • i \ \\ For a Small Pile of Money, CAl.J. ANUEXAMINh;- k f»ai»mo , Pr I ~:rtaa nf a M-^nUluu »t the tastanc^ *l the ^irte t-uqdr-,1 in,l i»-.t<l by th He, if, i t,., n -.i •>, 3 Lhtr-f^re f alki tied Kugl. of Tuscany for the Importation of breadstuff* Paris correspondence tion betog manifested by fiiig of Sardinia ^ t o. a steamer to Invest th» Austrian fortresses. PrinoMfapolao» jrfll 1 »rooeed immrtiately to support the right wing of the French army Klappa, the Hungarian pratrol, had issued the soldier, in uw Attstnan-Brmy . A Polish legiou U for mine in Italr and theHnugarianjareatGerda. J ' SovcMiojsrr in rat WIST.— The Hewbnryport^Mass.) Beratt says: le of Kansas never were republican England stamp, and It would not t « a anjority of that Territory to-day were strongly in toret of Douglas — 2nd Ward > , rau.e the >ame to be done, and charred to the re«-iec,lve iota, according to law JeS6-d<il _ E. L'B. OAJPIHER. Oomptr^ler. NOTICE Crrr Cour aoixaa'B Omc». i Uontract Department, Milwaukee, June 26, '&». f *xuns> Uf BcrraiO. 26rB AJTO 27rB._Prop. Mohawk K«att, Chicago; From Milwaukee, 398 bag. wheat, «9 aih<a; 8 bbl. egg.; 8 hf bbli . ntter; 109 bdls hldea; I pkga (undrler, 976 bbl. flour, p. opeller Oriental, Chicago, 1,885 boa wheat; ««» bag. wheat; 4 hr bbls varnlah; propeller Galena, Bteela, Chicago; from MOwankee,«»« bbls flour; aehooner Gamecock, Hallowell, Milwaukee, 9,699 bo. whea^ schooner Morning Light, Hea, Milwaukee, 14/>5« bui wheat. Ci.URan rEo.i BurriLo, MTB im 27™.—Propeller Wenooa, Hu«, Chicago; propeller Chicago, Herick, Chicago. E ' ommo1 ' nnnndl hy retolntlon adopted June 20, 18S8,ha»mi - irurred In the recommendation of reet Come - ionen of the 8th Ward, It I. or- The break In the Erte Canal wat fully repaired laat week. Nlnty team, and two hundred and aeventy. Bvemen were employed from Tueaday till Tbunday noon. TB» BuMiXAna."— A Caasa.— . Jt In tow. arrived to - . -- jre'y run %cro.s the lakei. Ii seem, thai one or both craft, bad keen leiied Canadian., but It was de-lded to "rnn thi i' the dered That Mineral street and sidewalks from l.t to S.I avenoe, Sth Ward, be graded to the established grad- apd sidewalks planked according to the pi •evtena of the C ty Erujtneer, on Ue In the Owners o from a^te' ^ ml P r<>Tl!ment « "i'hin "tweiity'.'tw.'daiyi Ward wlu'cILe^ 8 .^ to^^oo'S.'Tnd'c'barged 8 ^ tbe reipecUra lots, according to law ""-geu «° Jet6-d6t E. L-H. QARDIHEH, Comi.irnller. OITT CoMpnoua*iOrnoa, > Contract Department, June Zs, 18o». f tyin svD new States, and reptiblioana and all otheras,wko Jook Jar the Tots* of >-MfT,»iOTDarthif&«t. »..,. , tAj* LRZK&.—A despatch from fhe Baltimore &(ta, 'The following Is a Hit of Detroit on Sunday: veaaejg which paaaed of ue Lakei. Chleig* .tie, Rulnbow, HarrteT~Ross *Hlb- Teiterday : Schooner C. L. Barton, K ^l?^ ^y—P'»P«Uer Hercules; brig Wm. Penn SS^ A< ? lngi "''S. 00 "' Oon-tlttttjon, loo, 1, • ' Arab, oneinntoown. Teiterday: Propeflw Jhli BUTTON'S! Clothing Establishment NO 3, WK WHALL IIOtMK. St« Louis Sugar turfd Hams I tS Z"^?'^!**' t,"" >ply "' '"«« fri ""J. ted Hams, ihe beat In the Ur l,ed Htatcs Th ,se who r Land. ,n Ul.t ftau FC> I H i i and hirn.mrc, or luiow n* . t S A .. F BT THB Fox and Wisconsin Improvement Co , At Low Prlcea, on Llb-ral T-rrm. of Crert.t ao i l«rge or nn.ll quatnlen lo iult purrhaaeM T-HK KAKMINtj. l.\M>s ka. and are In lo « v D'1tr-.-t •!»! of T i S rings and never-falling Br<v i ty of giood tnarKeu THK ; ;nr ;,ir-r. .,n o 1 •! cn..n thert-arier i an I t.. nn,e U.' : | Ma ^.^^r. Ofti,... j .-•-'*-. IH i . >*id C"i, »' ' .,n f Jar.-, h- .»,,! fll^r , wh. do well to caJl and lore good tblngi | o my line would eramlne my rtock. JOHN W LKDTARD, Grocer and Wine Dealer, m * ris 1W East Water street. MAP OF THK Hfc;AT OK WAR IMilOK TWKMTV-FIVK CENTS. 1 S* P | 0f r N K 0rt S? rn " d C ">'™> Italy, .bowing • •^ U>e War ' Po «"lo" »' 'he ArJnie. etc attached a .mall Map of Europe-all foVw AUo, A Sue Map of the Theure of tbe European W».,wllh Ponralta of the Rul-r. In Europe, etr .-price Wrenu, at 8TK1OKLAND* CO'8 1M Baat Water Street. choaen with particular reference lo Ihe*r and the, y of ] , n |ng ,tr-am WA'l'KK F(J\V'l-.H The atter.ilonof tajtern Capliali-ti, Ich"* a" '""" <1 dlr «'" | r°«lon« • .le that good, may be rill, ,,eT| byWe.Lho.i"*' t<t an fr0.n the Mills These Powers will as may be .Irslred For further Informalloo, «n. t ulre of ROBTS8T , Ajrent of Trusteea, or DANIII. C JKMNE .1 Agfnt, at the omee of the Land Department ,t Appleton, Wis . or of W. II ROOWAT, Oompiny'i A«rl m ** 19 _. }* Wlaroniln ,-t.. Sin , Wls en N( HE i-'itr , r M i « 1 THu*, i u;t.. ih^ «ev-r»i l r I II f rectl „„„, for . ,„„, , Gene NOTIOK. Cirr c itrnaoLLa's Otrics i Contract Dep*«meni, MU M June 24, . E following I. a schedul of lot. frentta* on »ama- I'IMfTED STATES ITIARflHAI.-H SA I.F. James Buchanan, 1 ra. . i The Propelltr or Steamboat [ Seneca, her engine., machine- f In Admlralltv ry. boatt, tackle, apparel and 1 7 ' furnlwre. J of i B f virtue __ out of and nnder the teal of tae DlauTct Oonr UxDUtedgtateafortheDunrtct of WUconaVn I A bS!"* T "" —d "*" »* PnbMc »»«'on lo the'hlgl b bidder for 1B4 1M 164 1M 46 88,88 84,56 according to plan, of the Olt B,ock. tat. ItoeHb, IS IS U li u e 7 8 10 Engineer." Block. Lot. 166 1 ]J S S 16S 8 Benefit.. 106,02 wrtt_ of Tendttlonl_expona. Issued rt of shall cart, on board of the .aid "propelilr"o^ >r in raid district, on th'"7' tat "**"*' a »y ° r ' 0| T» !**>, at four o'clock In tne afternoon, the propeller or Metmbo<t Seneca, her f^Jr"*' m » < * to "7. l»ata, Uckle, apparel and furn|. Oo"it" '» he n? 01r U " to »"« htrbor of f^Perlor, In Uie uonniy or Uongla., In uld Dinrtet of Wtecon.lo cnn. f S i, f, "" lolt of iuat * Bn<*»naa. HOUSKs E have BVTerfti Brick chckp. TO HKNT. and frame Hoiuen lo rent have for saJe a vast Lou. i^ryreu r arms Ol every .11* tr SU't pnrchaien, School Lards carefully selected' at «n e rly day. Time will re jlven for part of the purchaje money, otear title, and warrantee deeds. OR*GORY t CO. quantity of Real Equate. 'con.HUog "of Bouiea and Improved and Unimproved Farms of every |i M i ' nat on of the taxn'.le mon Cou on a« m. »i F>r f.. F: r « Wanl, * Fir 1 e .-eci.o.l « ar *" ' fl- Third *ar!.ou the<ev-.-ni f-ir rf,.. ,• , UT t^ \4 trli , ln [h( , ^ ^.. . f-- '• Fifth W lr d, on the n ni For u t :<uth War.1, on the sieve.M For ue rerenth «»ij, . n the next. Fir i' I- ..,,,. H , , . . ,,. r next. For • .Ninth V\»r-l .n ir,.. • An.l i '--'•ary ,»«-.! I ut i.l War! t< . t«y . > f3 Kast v, -iirr.t. NOTICE. „ . OTT ConmtoLLii's Orrici, Contract Department, ML, Jane 84,18*9. IHE Oonv-ion Council by resolution, adopted S CIROL'IT OOt'RT, i Milwaukee County, Wis. f Magdalena Blegl. I aialnat J. Jacob H.B. ) State of Wisconjir, to Jacob UaJT: Y °.2 »'"? ereD T «t.mmoned and required to anawe ttte complaint In this action, which hu this d< and to .em a copy of your'answer to the saTd'com plaint, on the subscriber, «t their office, lu .aid c ty wtthln twenty day. after the service of this .nmmoi on yon. neelmire of to. day of jnch .enrlce ; arJfl i you fatttoan.wer Ihe .aid complaint within the- tun 1, the plaintiff m tola a. tion will apply to tl r 'n« rellefdemanded In the complaint. May lo, 18S9. ... ' BODB i PAJN1, maySS-Uw6w Plaintiff 1 . Attorney., Mil. "*• • m n Hit,.I • -I »n , NOTICE. CITT Coipraoun>8 Orrioa, l Contract Department, Milwaukee, June 25, '69 f ^Hl Conjrri"n Concll, by .resolution, adopted Jnne * *^ l ^» *K°, having approved of the recommendation of the Street Oommlnloaen of the Eight i Tard, It "•flared pnbllo nolMncei, to eotue. . notified day. from tbJ. to Uar 1 ""* ^ ob "« B ' 1 •" «•» respecUre lota aocordtog Je26^d«t ;. «. L'H. OASDINra. Oomp'troller Oirr Oo»rrmoLLaa'»Ornoa, t Contract Department, Juru, »,i»w7 f K re » oh " lon . «popted Jane . , hawing concurred in the recommendation ofthe Street OommlMlooert of the Second Ward, it u ordered t - h ,- „, ,.,„.. TJXEORAPH. oniaM »»'«ra. abore Darned tomake uld IrmJrovemenU wllhln E. L'B. O ARDIKBE^OomptroBeT. " »«ti according to Uw H.QAROIMra. Oomplrolle of tt « Btockholdert ta « ^ th1 J*? ed « 1] S n Oompaoy, will be he d at Iti o flee lathe City of Milwaukee, on T«e«Uy, tbe leoonri dayo*Aagirt n ext,«2o'cock r. M^tS .£ f^fflS.JSEBSn?^**' Of ^MtlngDlrector. for the rn.alng year, in pnr«o H. OOWLES. Secretary. ' Milwaukee, June 28,1859. JlATjliEBJIftS 11 .*•... ." , Jisi?tTf ft t3:t-7 1 ?'Ti'&i JOHN M6i5HUra. F : .'*» *H>H Wim^m^S^. vU'L '-, wr^rrp—^^i^....^. .. W»*»o;» OoDunmiif sio no rs. Block. Bencflte. 33 110800 L H. OARDDflR. Oomptroller £°J« Si>Mttv MaryqTDart., Froderlek D. " itreet and udeTralta, from Third lot*, part of lot* Detroit sidewalks cnrbtd and planked, cntten • * ," 1 »«*.»«•«? iff SS on NOT TCP;. Cj rr CUHPTHLI , C intract Department, j i '^ffK Common Counr 1 hy re ., lm.,, . '-'II H4». having appr.,'vnl jf ih . ^i the Slreet Conim^sioner? .1 t - u.i, dered Trial Teu OQI.I jtreat frorn <,i u -h l!n•. ran.-t 'll ea^t. to tne nor-h line .-( ,. »ui W.r,', be BtaveleJ an.l the .1,1-,, [)l.uiked. D*neri ,,f property on <ai.| «tr-el >r- 'o make ihe above improvements wit Ward, will cauie the ume to b« .lone »nj"c'h'!ir,'e"i't ' 0!*?""" l0 "- ««ordin« t., U. i.n»r,»e,i t E L H. (iAKlii.Nr R, Corufitr-iiler WAREHOUSE. ot ^claimed Freight and »F Irlli.. A I-.tCKOSSIs H. H. YYlLLoe.old at Hood". Auction Booms. No 4 '<prfh« TT »t., »o Th.irsrlay mornlnir the 30th l. , * tbe-foUowlo,^, g re Ut Zut&S?^'.^-, for and charge, paid previou, to diy of sale. ir._i.^ 1 Black Traveling Bag, 1 Carpet, 5 Black Bags, 1 Carpet Bag, 2 Black Bag,, 1 Carpet Bag, 1 Black Bag, 2 Carpet Bag, 1 Leather Ha*. 1 Uarpel Bag, 1 Bundle Clothing 1 Band Box, 1 Bnnett Trunk ,4 1 Black 9'Black 1 Cheat, 3 Black 1 Bnraett •• 1 Chest, IBox, IRotKtt « 1 Black 1 Feather Bed. < Black gatcfcal., SS3T 1 * 4 Rat BOTCJ and Hat. 19 Bundle. Clothing, Per, SMITH CO. Ml IU Pr n ,r ,, I- l.t \ I J H i\ , . U I i M , HIM si Fred. Rm No mark. . for ,hipmeat to 'I^H WAI.I. J. 2! i <»., ' Paper fred. Rnraell C. M. Ferris. J. A, Blanchard No mark. H. a. Oreen No taark. over, and will be nld Milwaukee, June 10,1869. Depot ir al J. HOOD, Auctioneer. A .Sab?. S?". ^tleB^ana^iS 1111 f^***"* '• mpetent »orimen t. Country for D ecof , llnil branohe.,all .or. »»rr» Window " HM » ,„, IAI Attorney, m Office in Tuiinit \ 4lV «. I 'I K\CIT3 .1 ,• n e I r y asid U'lstcuon. Silver War K.\ N(l V (K )< 11 >x Sver bronchi to Milwaukee ,tm ih« ihlng for Boll 'l»y prasenui. Just rwelve,! very 'h»ap furoaah MAFMON * U)OM18, «olS 101 K«t «r»tnr ttr^et, ttllwaukee, W\t. MIL.WAUKKK 0, DELORME& OtlENTIH 18» Sat Water v NKTDOOBTO MESSRS. BttADTORD B8O-H cnoanaB '

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