The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa on July 10, 1903 · Page 2
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The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa · Page 2

Kellogg, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
Page 2
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Platfcrrn;.AdO|)teel{:yyiti) ; Enthusiastic Unanimity"-6ne .v Contest .for Nomination, - / LEADERS APPROVE PLATFORM J. F. Riggs, of Sigpurney, Named for .:; : State' Superintendent. on;the Third i ·.-Ballot^--All -Other Nominations Were Unanimous and by Acclamation. ..; '/For. governor---A. B. Cummins, of Des; M pines.. - " . - . ' - . - . ' · " - - - . · ' ' . . ' . "·' :'.'-' For : ifcutenant governor--·John Herriott, of/Stuart. ; - 1 v i ,;^, "··.,.''·'·': 'for statij superintendent---John ; 'F; Riggs, of Sigourhey.-·-,:',.... ." , : ,... ; ; For judge ;bf supreme court--Chas.' " A- Bishop, of Mpines. "i_'" ,. ; .^pr.- railroad corrimissioner-r-Colonei, .': David-" J.^Palnieiv of Washington. :- , ;-' : i)es .Moiiies, July··2.--In. a;.conTeh-; tipn.the inostiremarkaDie.'for.the ab- eence;of contention. ;.that-'.: has been held in ; :many .yearsl by' tho repubH-- . cans of lowai; Governor 1 ;A B..Cum- ruins, was . yesterday .enthusjasticaiiy nominated for a.:second;terin;and the: ticket as. : here .set forth. .was; fpfmu- ; lated. ;· Lieutenant'Governor ; Herriptt, ;Chief Justicb .Charles. A; Bishop ; and Col. -David ,J. Palmer, all, : rWere;, rev nominated .-by aeclamatipn.' ; The single contest of the day,'that over state superintendent,' a closebut good natured;struggle,.;Bended. in : :the selec- : : tion of John P. Riggs," of Sigourney,as the hpmiriee,.his vote being,693 to 684 for H. C.: Adams, ol West Union; and 5 for .State Superintendent R. C. Barrett, who was-seeking^ a . fourth term. .' - - '·. '·'.-.'-:.'.- - ',..··-. ..' ." ' In spite pf'.all forecasts tp ; ,the con- trary, the convention passed pacifically. Harmony .was'the order of the day," arid the compromise '·· platformj agreed to weeks ago .between Senator Allison, Governor".Cummins:, and Hon. George D. Perkins' and sanctioned by J. W. Blythe, AT B. Funk-and other leaders, was adopted by·; the- unani-' mous vote of-the .delegates. : Here «nd there, it is true,, there were outcroppings of dissent among the more, radical, but; on the whole, the great' mass of the convention, worked earnestly in behalf of a peaceful.adjust- caent ot all differences of'detail over the platform:; . " " ! · - " ' " ...·'"/· $*^ aadress that -was .received withfevery demonstration of approval, "declar^ he stood on the platform", as adopted and approved it'. He sppte'pf.his past utterances .on 'the tariff revision question and related, subjects : and'made it plain .that .he had not spoken in haste and had nothing :to .retract Senator Dolliver, Senator Allison Congressman Cousins and." Congressman. Lacey .-also .spoke. .'-SeEator Dolliver. held..that' through controversy the .truth, was-found.' "Senator Alii- 1 son, In -the 'most .earnest' terms voiced his; approval of the platform and indicated his intention to do what ho could .tofcform. the" national, plattorm' by the trtnmph»t eepnbllctie ot'-tewa, a- citizenship the most Intelligent, tie most patriotic of any' between Cupe CoH bay and .thfe.Golden Gate., between. Minnesota pines ana .the cotton-fields o£ the sunny south. (Applause.) . YrfH have Convened to discharge the most Important of dutius, and we go fbrtli from this convention hall to .enter, .upon huothflr campaign under tbe- stars and stl'lpes of the great republic and the; unsullied banner -.of .'the olil-repablican- party., .We' go with" ."uhwaTci'inlj" oti-.ifKlence^ !n;the righteousness of our cause and unfaltering 1 determination 1 "to'^return: "a majority of; one hundred thousand "for the old'repuli- Hcan .ticket .at tlie. election next November. Gentlemen of the convention, it hi'.s always'- been-a .'favorite theory of. min%- that the 'proyisipns. of the i':itonement- are 'not generojis :eno»gh to-, contemplate the regeneration of .a"' permanent^ chairman, who detains a political'convention with an "extended address.,--1 -'therefore call' for." the report. o£ the ^committee on resolutions. (Applause.) ·-· ~ ; : ' : , ; ' ' · . ; . - . : The report of the: conimittee on resolutions not .being prepares as yet, a : motion .was made to pr^c'eed "to "the nomination . of candidates.",. Governor- Cummins .and :, Lieutenant Gpyerripr- Herriottvwere Tenomiiiated by accla- . ma'tipn.. In .the contest. for - state su ; p'erintendent; thfeo. .ballpts .were "nee-'- essary,; the : . last ballot,Cbeing? 693 ;.for Eiggs, '548 for Adams'and .5 for Barrett^. ;;"-;-: : .;;V;.:-.-/r'^v :: V'' : "'^'^ 1 ''' :r .'.' '; .At this: stage of.;-.the: prpcee'aings; the resolutions, conimittee'-appeared!. It-^yas anhbuhced; the ^committee- was. reajdyj'to report ; "and" ; ;therfes'blutioiis as Vagreed on by 'the? committee' were read: by the chairman-. J:viw. Blythe. The reading was listened 1 to attentive- iy, and "there, was frequent, applause.: lii the briefest ^possible .-manner, the platform -,-was : disposed : _ of ; ahd: was adppted by- a unanimous vote.. ;The : platfprin"foilpws: ; · - · ' " · . ' . ; ; - · The republicans :o£ ibwjijjn conrenttonas-" sembled,:.cpngratnlatc the~pcoplc : ,6f state and nation on-the results of republican administrations which has promoted tlie wel-, fare;of the entire coan'try iu.'-all df ; i"Ks J ma-'- tcrial;; Interests, -and,-has brought, :to - thein- desire their destruction, btit 'insist' ttal they shall', ba so regulate*! and controlled as, prevent monopoly »nd' promote coin- petition, and In the fullest measure sub- serve and adance",~the public cood; Th» patriotic acd resolute course of the, president o£ the United-States in. his- recommendations to .congress-"upon-· this subject nnd. upon the · related · subject of further regulation .of '. interstate .commerce commands 'our,.confidence..and admiration,'and the recent ".'legislation ;.'bf: congress in. har- riiony with:his recommendations-'meets our hearty-. approval.- :",-.-'-: '··;. ,-·-'.': ' · · - : . . " - .We.renew "our allegiance to the principle of' the gold' staadai°d - as" enunciated ; in 'the national platforms 1 o f L the'republican- party in; 1SU6 and' luuOr'.wni'cu. rresulted-la the establishment of.'.the.'parity of all, pur. money .and the stability o£; our currency-on" a gold basis. ' · · ' , ' .- ·;'._.'- ';"-. . --. - .. -. . "·'· Under . republican, tndfflmistratipii O f national, affairs,gratitude to.our soldiers and sailors .has- been.- attested by liberal pension* provided -by.legislation.supported' ahvays-by- the': nearly- unahiniohsj votes of tlie " repnb- 1 leans. In - .congress. ' W e . recommend the .further provision-for- this : purpose as made by-the..-last-"oongresi " -'.. ' .-"-~..'- ' . · " - We.favor the systematic "establishment of good reads in this state,'.and'such-.furttier legislation .-upon'-that, subject* as. investigation-.' :aual .'- experience . may, ,", establish -as requisite to;.the ecohomicarand-effective improvement and'maintenance of our'-country -. We recbtttmeijd.-'to. the'-.seneriil assembly further legislatiofi in.'·"- ai3 ~c£'fcrslemilic drainage, -·'; · · · : ' : : - - - - , ' ' . ; , . - ,Y .-"...;"·'-~ '· : ."We note wifa-^oi-isfuction the gradual. improvements-Co.. coCtndons in our .relations the councils ,-S.'-the 'republfcan" party" a"na ; Its' Influence In the-·shaping."p* ''politics.. We rejoice In -the' material prosperity .of,-the' people of, our-state, safeguarded as ".they have been by the leKislation in the Interests of .the entire body of the people. _ , * ; We, commend entirely arid without-reservation .'.the administration - ot President Roosevelt. Called as he was to the office of- chief executive under the -most trvine- circumstances, IBs fidelity to the public wef fare- the^wisdpm -and-moderation bf^hlslut-' terances^and .'counsel,', and .the performance of all nls "duties command our respect and admiration. .- · ·· . - . : - . . ' · . ·-. \ Iowa republicans, in common with the republicans-of : the entire nations expect and desire his unanimous nomination as his own sncces'sor. 1 - '..:".: ·':·· . , - · · . · : .-....-- '-. We congratulate tjie people of thn-state that in his cabinet nnd among- b5s advisers Iowa: has-,such wise, aple and Juaicioug statesmen as Secretaries Sbaw -and^ .Wilson We also congratulate the people of. the state that In the senate of the 'United States .our representatives, hold positions ; of. th« · highest , character and Influence; ifgl£ miin.ary povfer., autl we .ead'v'prosrress'-mncle'-'ln". tfle prepariition.'of, the -VliliiDSino.iSSopl.e forthe fullest' practical de.^rPe of-'salf-goyeriimeci:' "-^·'Tbe esseuce'-Of lv^-govtrni:ieHt is : govei'a-. ment by law. Jjaifti^-musf. be./enforced hy the -'gOTernineat Fand "-Ehdii/d --b'e - chee'rf iiITy. obeyed-by ; tiie people. Ihe'sjMrit.'of-lawless- ness .-'wherever ·ihet'nilist ibe-i'iTjuUed and'.v.-e ·commend - the":, fidelity aud;z;i! of"-the : .-j}»- tional and state officials wherever exerciKd for ·Hi'! vindication'!'of-this ..principle'.."!-.-'- - ··" Iliatw*-tare^earnestly ..opposed to "all legislation ·designe* ; -to- ; .acco'inplish the disfranchisement.'bf .citizens upon lines, of-race, color,'- or ;statloa: in life, ahd.-condemu the .measures,.a'dopt«(r by-' the -.democratic- party in'certain-state's oJE:-the-union-to accomplish "chat-end.";·:··.-::."-·-"'·!·-;·.'.. --.:·.= :..'-.·.'-· - · ' - . ' · - - Be'lievihg with'.'iJtE^late President AIcKiri- ley i n . his . last, peblic..iitterahce'.that:"es- positlons! ate'-'the' timekeepers" of progress,"we take,pride in endorsing the exposition to be hel'd In-St.-;Lpuis. in .1904, celebrating 'the., Louisiana 'purchase,, -and approved of liberal, approprlat!«E; therefor: We . com- .mend to. the.:careful. .consideration of- the -general'assembly..of the state the needs of Iowa In making d'croditable;cihibit . The committee .sent to escort Gpv- ernbr ; Cummins to the" hail then came on the stafee with 'Governor Cummins. There'was ·; a ^..remarkable outburst from the convention as he appeared. He;sppke,.in part; as follows: .: " For myself, jl have diirlng -the last two rears expressed, my views 'lipori- many of the phases o f , the tariff and' of reciprocity. These views whervec expressed have not been hastily reached, nor hastily or carelessly 'expressed,-and I want you to know, because, you taow:me well; enough to know, that I reserve no, part-of mji opinion from you; I want you to know tha't I hold tucsc opinions.still, and I shall In tue future as I have in the past maintato them simply be- . 1 ' --'-.»-» I LJtu,\.i.\Jl 111. _ similar lines. . Congressman .Cousins .-voiced his"adherence -to : th'e Drngley law, 'and' Congressman''Lacey had, no hesitation'in expressing him-:Self-as against .tariff revision.'.",-'--":, ',. 1-,/t was-11 o'clock when ,the · conven-, tion ' was.; called t o - o r d e r - b y State Chairman R. H. Spence. Dr. "A. V. Storms,- pastor,of the-First Methodist church of this city," pronounced the. invocation. · ' ' " " . ' ' . ' Chairman. Spence read the official call of the convention, and after music by the band, presented Hon. George D., Perkins, of Sioux City, as temporary chairman of the convention. He was warmly'greeted-as be stepned forward to deliver .his' address, .and his utterances throughout wero. approved with -frequent ..out-, bursts of applause. Intense attention was.paid to his remarks on the tariff, and his sentiments evidently struck responsive.chords in. the hearts of his listeners. Mr. ' Perkins spoke for two hours, and -at the close of his address committees were announcer!., after which ' djournmont was taken-, until · 2. o'clock. The committee oa resolutions follows: "First district--J. W. Blythe, Des Moines. county. Second--Joe R. Lane, Scott Third--Captain .1. P., Merry, ]~)u- buque. Fourth--C. D. Ellis, Floyd. Fifth--T.. H. Trewin, Linn. · .. Sixth--H. W. 'Robinson, Jasper. Seventh--Judge Edmund r,. * Nich- .ols. Dallas. " Eighth--H. M. Towner, Adams. Ninth--Walter T. Smith, Pottawattamie. · . Tenth--Joseph Allen. Pocahontas. Eleventh--E. D. Chasscll,Plymouth. When the convention reassembled at 2:30 o'clock the committee on permanent organization recommended N. ,E. Kendall, of Monroe county,-fot chairman and E. W. Weeks, of Guth- ·ie county, for secretary. Upon taking tho chair, Mr. Kendall Ipokc as follows: Mr. Chairman nnd Gentlemen of th» Contention : For the distinguished honor »hlch yon have cbnftfred upon me, I nia Srofoundly grmtcfnl. K alwnya Is a pleas- IW Md an Inspiration to xtand confront*! : Making · Country Home : Ot«r««ti *v»ryone. ; Ttoi M., K. * T.l toesn't claim a clear' recipe, but/iU tyblicatlons treat of .. iha- enormous; irowth of fruit culture in :Ea'st- Texas;' hs 'inonay-makinf possibilities in ihoL jas; : oh; lead knd zinc. reglons : 'of Mis-! tourl and' Kansas,' and itha aelightful.j ilimate of Texas- and "Old Mexico.' .Askj-! Or; -them; Address,-;/: "KATYi^ f A514 Wainwright Bldgl, St.' Louis, 'Mo.' :"Margaret, I; .think , yoii--. cheapen going so ; mucti .tqfithe ther 'Iter with Miv: Jones." . 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His administration merits and deserves an unqualified linn-oval. , We commend his courage, discretion and scrupulous fidelity to duty.'and Ills, devotion to the progressive policies ol the republican- party inspires our corlldonce In his political leadership. We reiterate o u r - f a i t h I n ' H i e historic policy ot protection. Under Its Influence' our country, lorciiiost in the bounties o£ intiire, has become foremost In. production. · It has enabled labor to secure, good wngi-.j and has induced capital t:o engage in pro- duction'with a reasonable-hope o£ f.-itr reward. Its vindication Is-found In the history .ol Us successes and the rapidity with which our national resources have been developed and our industrial independence RC- cured, and we heartily renew our pledge to maintain It. · Tariff rates enacted to carry this policy ato e'Tect .should be "just, fair and Inipar'-. tial. e q u a l l y opposed .to foreign control and domestic monopoly, to sectional dlscrlmlna- ion nnd Individual favoritism," nnd must from time to lime he changed to meet the varying conditions Incident to the progress | o£ our Industries and their chnnfrlnj; rcla- ·|ons to our foreign and domestic commerce. Duties that are too low should bft Increased, ind dnlies tli::t arc too high shculd be reduced. . · We endorse the p o l i c y ' o f reciprocity as :he natural complement-of protection. Itcc- 'procty between natons s trade for mu- .ual ndvantngc and both sides miidt cive and take. I'rotccl.lon builds up domestic Industry and trade and secures our own markets for ourselves.; reciprocity builds iip foreign trade and finds au outlet for .iurplu«. Wo approve the.treaty wjth Cuba recently ratified as conferring 'xubslanUiil 'benefits upon both countries, and urge t h a t the remaining steps -necessary to Mai?o It effective be promptly taken. We believe that tlio large corporations commonly called "trusts" should 'be FO feiTiilatcd nnd supervised b'oth in their or- Caiilzntlon nnd operation that their «vll tendencies may be checked nnd their c.»ll Ir.icticca prevented. In ninny Iflilanccs they are efficient Industrial Instruments and tht natural outcome of tin Inevitable of ·coQOVlc troIutlSh, W* d.a cot Hie .bis' thai Money end fcrperienea cia pradaca. -.At nil etoreg, or 1)7 jnnil for tha J " HALL RUCKEL NEW YORt, cause-1 believe them to be true. I believa fundamentally and profoundly in the policy of protection. It was bred in my bone. ..I cnme from a .state in., which a belief-in this policy is drawn in with the first brcafir nnd Mind in tho platform you have adopted a most bcai-tiful aud-complcre tribute to the efficiency and the vVsdom of this policy. .-I believe, that the mighty transt'ormiuTons ot the last six years -liave made a change in some of .the tai-iir schedules necessary, and I /md in this platform a recognition of. that' necessity.. . .j . '··I believe t h a t here are some of tlie tariH lates too high and t'jat they should lie re- cciceil, and j linn in vnis piuUorm warrant for the poKiLion I occupy. I believe that industrial monopolies are intolerable and 'that jill the just ])own-.s of government should be exerted to pros-out and to overcome tbciri. And I find In this platform t h e ' s t a t e m e n t that taria 1 schedules must be as well opposed to domestic monopoly as to foreign control. I believe In,that rueiwocity which expands the prdut-tlon of our farms and workshops nnd gives to our people greater labor than they now have and I tliid In Uil« p l a i f o n n the ser.liment that i-ccoproc- .Ity belwei'ii nations is trade for mutual advantage and that both sides must give and take. These are .suggestion!! I must have made In j'iiirnoss to you. They are the mere detail of Ihe-grcafrcpubllcan doctrine, and Uiough there, are - these differences ol opinion, honestly held, they concern not thd enemy. We will march side by side, not .only in a m i t y , but in enthusiasm, and I believe us I believe my existence that In the ·i.-'.mj-ialgns'now to come the (lag ot republicanism will be planted upon loftier heights (ban ever before In the bright and glorjous career of our beloved party. I thonk you. At the close of the governor's remarks there was another outburst, of cheering, .and then the convcnlion completed its business by the nornina tion by acclamation o£ Cliief Justice Charles A. Eishcip, of Des .Moines, to succeed liimsolf as judge of the supreme court, and the ro-nomlnation of,Colonel D.'.T. Palmer, of Wasl* ington,' as railroad commissioner. Allison, Dolliver, Couninn and L* cey each spoke briefly. FREE TO WOMEN! . To prove the healing and cleansing power of. JL'Hxtlne Toilet Antliup'tld wo -will -mail ·» largo lrio.1 package With book . of : instructions libsolutbly free. This is hot a tiny-sample, but.a larga package, · enough'^ to -convince anyone of -. its 'value. 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Cuticura Ointment possesses, at tho same time, the charm of satisfying th» simple wantsof tho toilet, incaring fol tlis akin, scalp, hair, hands and feet, from infancy to ago, far more effectually,,agreeably and economically than the most" expensive'of toilet emollients. Its "Instant relief for skin-tortured bnbles,"or " Sanativc.aritlseptic cleans- ling," or " One-night treatment of th« bunds 'or feet," or " Single treatment lot the h»lr," or "TJso after athletics," cycling, golf, tennis,. riding, sparring, or any sport,, each in connection with - tbeusoof Cutlcnra Soap,.Is aufflclcnl 'evldenc* of this. Millkmi(h««llk«««iW. C.tftOTllw.rtT.nM'io.a* ·m et CtuleMtu Cotttt nib,»«. per T»l »f «T). Oil* »MOe., *»p, Ue. !'!*· tmitMi. n Ckirtorkm , ,I.»K» B"« ·· PMli BwtM. 1.17 CMlBMM AW Cloudburst at Qr«en*burg, P ' Disastrous. Greensburg, Pa.. July_6.- cpout of immense proportii Ing in the vicinity of OaW yesterday atternoou at created a flood that caused ofHfe and property. It is k at least twenty persons lives, and Tumors jlace the dead at more than 100, bu a late hour only three or f . had ' been recovered, hav washed to the banks of the 1 that runs parallel with the The waters in the lake not ford park began to swell, am James McGrath, believing ' was danger of a final bre great walls of the dam,"hurr the crowds of pleasure see had. gathered under the rpi different "stands, pavilions, :Warhed«them- tor^rumto ; the? On" both sides of the grounds there are high hills hemglocated in a ravine abo Of a mile wide and a mile 1 The people, being protei the ram, were loath to leavi places, and not until Mr. Me his assistant, Chase Thoma each building in turn and sin the; crowds : out -into" the.-.raii realize that the park's inana In earnest, that earnestness jpicted in jtheir pale -faces knew after careful study dl that the flood meant pro breaking of ttie wall that acres of water. A half hour after the but] been cleared of the people, t mounted^the wall of the dam iiLflve minutes .water, to Ithe five feet was flowing over length of 400 fe'et of the wa The rain- continued to fal torrents and ."about. 4 .o'clock : of "the wall of "the dam to' the way with an awful crash. beat down the ravine with^a was heard for two miles^. .At 2': o'clock this: ...morhii creek was still rushing thn lord park like a ; Niagara. , r It lutely impossible for the Jar of rescuers to approach the ' yprid a :pbint about an eightl from the "entrance, .thorefoi tempt; to estimate, the. .Me caused by the cloudburst at lapse of. the, dam Of the'lake degree of accuracy, would folly. , .It is .the; consensus ·Jn'.Jeanette that fully 100'pe istied in the flood, while ma vatlve persons maintain official d*eath list -will , contaii '.names. . Many persons who- the'calaniity'claimithat from .;. lives : were lost,-; . .while i; : tl others ; in" the ;. hill s.:;6veflo . death ivalley' .who -ihsist'-that "·, th an. ,d'-,scpre of por sons : · -we away :. : by the .waters;.-.; This' -xloes-'not'.take '.in'.'the .possil . life . at "all 1 ' the-'sinalleY' tow TC-^f/.the-'jflood."-;-:^--!^.'-:; , ' '-' JTeiuiette, .' Pal,' July,/ T^~ Ai the .-..breaking -6f the- Qai '. dam. 'twenty. persons ; are :kn .- dead., and 'sixteen . are, 'mis'E ' property loss iii'-.the-valley ,?i,50Q,OQO, a.n.a.the distress J . 'that'.' outsid'e" .-'relief.'.: will · h ' asked for." . i ·, ...'·' ".'.. . ; . ' " From ' a .happy, : prosperoi "this section' in a single day ^transformed into a .great ho ' hjournlng: , Pretty ·. homes . 1 ' .wrecked '-and. . great.^workslK v into ' idleness; ·. Hnindredo ; oi be oiit'of , ,. cmployrceiit;' ·.-'£ ' wu.eks.~-". . '·.. ... -- .' .·..' ." : ·Tcrrfble R e s u l t - of'.'.'CplIisioi '. . ' · . - w a y in, Virginia. ·Charlottesvills.T .Va.,-- July. · ern '^railway ..paserig'er : . Ira ., ... sou til botmtl, yesterday afte - iiito an open' switch at Rod; · '- twenty milcs'south of this p. ing into. a. local,. freight on ;Tlie' passenger engine; anc · -.coaches : were demolished an _ . gage coach telescoped tlirouj " v e n d class passenget in.-the r latter 'was a party .0° immi - -of whom, were killed , .or.. in ji dead number twenty-four .an pusly .'injured number 'tliirtc The. freight train was- in Conductor Brubeck and Eng and at the time of the'ae on tlie return · from -Lync ·'Cliarlottesville. . Itockfish J i midway. between these two ', tlie track there is a single gineer Hale had orders to . \way of the fast passenger tra some reason which has noi ; explained, he had overstaye and had failed to take a sidl the passenger train could ; trains crune together .with .crash and a fearful saeno, ol .sued when the occupants o realized what had occurred; RUSSIA'S" TART "ANSI St. ^Petersburg, July C.- lioosevclt'a tlecison to forw Russian- government the i behalf of ihe Russian Jews ; lished her. The foreign · - made the following stat.cmc "The czar alone can dock , the petition, will be rcccivl.1 under III would never hav such o. petition. Tin petitio Guild hall meeting, called by Msiyor of London in l£9t, v ed .-through the forcgn;offic inconvenient. The foreign c the Americans will not inv slight. They would resen lynching petition. The tor lin.s no special interest in thi except a desire that Intern lailons remain u-nharmed. matter is purely domestic ai :to another mlni*t$rR) depar EWSPAPER NEWSPAPER!

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