Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 19, 1936 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1936
Page 4
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THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, DAtt,1r NEWS, Pampa, Teitai PAGE POUR ITS THE SAVING ON EVERY ITEM THAT COUNTS Wholesale 'FOOD MARKET "SELLS FOR LESS" Reteil No. 1—110 So. Cuyler, Phone 342 No. 3—LeFors, Phone No. 1 No. 2—304 So. Cuyler, Phone 727 No. 4—McLean, Phone No. 9 OVEN WARE 8 PIECE SET Baking Kitchen Ware With One Purchase of Merchandise Amounting to $5,00 or More 4124 PURE COCOA Peerless Brand Serve It Iced 16' SUGAR SATURDAY ONLY—LIMIT Fine Granulated in, Kraft Gags MU 5 lc SOAP CHIPS ARMOUR'S BALLOON WHITE MACARONI Spaghetti Or Shells In the Bulk BAG17c GREEN BEANS Tender No. S Size 17c TOMATOES No. 1 Size Can SOLID PACK Richelieu Brand Made From Choice New York Grapes Pint Bottle IX Quart 00 . I I Bottle. Uf« C COUNTRY BUTTER Fresh Churned Every Pound Guaranteed Sold at No. 1 Store Only LB. 26 C CANNED PEACHES Hearts Delight or White Swan In Heavy Synrp Biie m 2 b EVAPORATED MILK DOG FOOD Regular Size Can ACE BRAND 5< Granulated Condensed Large PACKAGE BAKING POWDER K. C. SO Oz. Size Can 31o £UCAN|9C Choln* in the Bulk BAG19c CANNED VEGETABLES KRAUT, SPINACH OR MUSTARD GREEI>Q NO. 2 SIZE fc BLACKEYED PEAS A Shelled and Snapped . 15 Oz. Size ' CORN, TENDER ' SWEET, NO. 2 SIZE J TOMATOES ', NO. 2 SIZE ' VEG-ALL, MIXED | VEGETABLES , REGULAR SIZE PEAS—Early June, not 1 Soaked—No. 2 Size t CANS FOR (CANS i FOR CANS CANS FOR : CANS FOR 1CANS FOR NUCOA The new vegetable Oleomargarine LB. 19° ADMIRATION COFFEE Plain or Drip Grind u. 25 PKG. . .Ml W ti COFFEE ARBUCKLE'S ARIOSA 1 Jil it I PKG. I T^ MUSTARD Prepared Z Lb. Net JAR17c MACKEREL California QuaUty No. 1 Tall 2r s 17c SALMON Selected Pink No. 1 Tall 2™T26c K. C. BAKING POWDER Double testing—Double acting SHORTENING Armour's Vegetole 4 LB. CTN. PORK & BEANS WHITE SWAN With Tomato Sauce—Contents 11 ozT Can PICKS—OXFORDS REGULAR FLAT NOODLES 3 ° Z PUR E CLEANSER BOX BAG CAN CAN BAR PEERLESS IIARDWATEB OR WHITE KINO Handle EACH Lipton's Mix D(^V 114 Ounce MJ\JJ\. Cages IVt Ounce Fly Swatters TEA Black Pepper SODA MATCHES COCOA ARM & HAMMJCH " POUND HERSHEY'S 1-5 LB. YOUR CHOICE- BOX BOX BOX CAN EACH PINEAPPLE Juice No. S Size GRAPEFRUIT Juice No. One CAN14c 2 CANS | P; FOR Nv PINEAPPLE Juice 12H Size Oz. FOR SEVEN DAY COFFEE Vacuum Packed Guaranteed to Your Satisfaction or Your Money Gladly Refunded LB CAN LAYER CAKES ASSORTED FLAVORS REGULAR 15c SELLER EACH 12 Baked for Standard Food Markets By Burrows Bakery Saturday Only CATSUP Large 14-oz. Bottle Packed from Ripe Tomatoes 24c APRICOTS White Swan In Heavy Syrup Size ZYi CAN26c CHERRIES No. | «ed Pitied 'LARGE is-x 36" | CANNON TURKISH TOWEL with 10 wrappers from CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP ASK US FOB DETAILS Palmolive Soap BAR 6c 6 Lrjr. 0 W 24c SUPER SUDS, Ige, pkg. 19c llpBI 1 '' "ssassaaagass=a j|gJEBBBHHiBME3BBE^^3B^M!H^BB^BBIgM|BBiit^g^g!gj;j| '' IB f B i f l |B f ; _MJJJeaBgaaaSSaS" ' I ^•••••MBBBpBHMp^^MHMHpM8BSff L if * ** * jr' NU '•.. i *< 4.1. »• ga WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES OF ALL PURCHASES Thete Prices Are In Ettcct When the Paper Lcavci the Prcit Friday Afternoon. Grocery Price* for One Week NEW— POTATOES Fancy No. I's LB. 5 TOMATOES Firm and Pink u.7 c Green Onions m Radishes or Carrots ^Bunches LARGE ORIGINAL BUNCtlUFor . . 3 Bunches | ||C For ... I U LETTUCE California— Large, Firm HEAD 5 c RHUBARB Cherry Red LB. f 2 e APPLES Fancy Winesaps, 163 Size c BANANAS Large, Golden Ripe Saturday only DOZ. 12' CUCUMBERS NONE TOO LARGE GARDEN GREEN 4 1 LB. t2 WATERMELONS ID MEDIUM AVERAGE LJfi 2!' CANTALOUPES JUMBO CALIFORNIAS EACH 14- BREAD i Saturday Only — Limit Fluffy—^16 oz, Loaf EACH FRESH CORN ° E ""1flc Large, Well Filled, Tender Ears Fo1 * l\f GREEN BEANS Fresh and Tender LB. ONIONS Crystal Wax, or Spanish Sweets LB.02 3 C CELERY Well Bleached STALK 14' ORANGES California- Uniform medium size DOZ 23« LEMONS Sunkist 360s Size DOZ. 29° STEWERS None too large, LB. DUCKS Fancy, Full Feathered, LB. HENS OlUfl All Fancy Colored, LB. __ £V2w TURKEYS Ml* Fancy Young Birds, LB. __ £iU2V FRYERS All Fancy Young. LB. Meant and Produce Prices Are for Friday Afternoon, 'Saturday and Monday Cudahy's De Luxe Puritan Beef Club Steks, Lb. 30c Fancy Sirloin, Lb. —. 35c T-Bones, Lb. _ 38c In the Bulk Bring Your. Own ; Container Northern Longhorn Full Cream Fancy'Beef Tenders LB. 45c CURED HAMS Ham Ends, sold as cut & displayed Lb. I7 l / 2 c Armour's, small average, lb. 23 l / 2 c Decker's, half or whole, Lb. 25}/ 2 c Sunray, half or whole, Lb. 26%c First Grade, center slices, Lb. 45c PORK CUTS NECK BONES PORK RIBS LEAN AND MEATY FRESH SHOULDER SHANK, HALF OR WHOLE FRESH HAMS HALF OR WHOLE PORK CHOPS LEAN, End Cuts LB. 9k LB. 15ic LB. 15fc LB. 20!c LB. 20k SLICED BACON PINKNEY'S ECONOMY CUDAHY'S RIVAL TALL KORN DOLD'S STERLING BANQUET, STAR OR SUNRAY LB. 22k LB. 26k LB. 27k LB. 29k LB. 34k BOLOGNA large Sliced as "» You like LB.12k STEAKS FAMILY STYLE CENTER CUT CHUCK CHOICE ARM CENTER CUT SHORT CUTS LOIN OR FANCY ROUND Cut From Dold's and Sunray Baby Beeves LB. 12*c LB.18k LB.20k LB.25ic LB. 30k MINCED HAM Or I** Franks LB. 15c LUNCH LOAVES "A .-large. ' - -Asosrtment B.25k PEANUT BUTTER Fresh Barrel Lots of Oil 2 LF ™23c HEARTS , Fresh Size to Bake LB.ISk SAUSAGE Bulk Pure Pork LB.ISk SLAB BACON SALT SQUARES SALT JOWLS SALT SIDES STREAK-O-LEAN BACON SQUARES CELLO WRAPPED SMOKED BACON JST GRADE SUGAR CURED LB. 9!c LB. 12k LB. 17k LB. 21c LB. 22k 33c HAMBURGER Standard's Better Meats LB.ISk PICNIC HAMS Medium Sugar Cured LB. 21c ROASTS CHOICE BRISKET 1ST CUT CHUCK ROLL NO BONE CENTER CUT CHUCK CHOICE ARM CENTER CUT Cut From Fancy Heavy Beeves LB. 12k LB. 14k LB. 16k LB. 18k LB. 19k LIVER Small Frcsli Pork LB.15C COTTAGE CHEESE LB.12k HADDOCKFli ;*,*• Bones LB.21k SWEET BRE ADS.! T LB.35c SOLD AT NO. 2 MARKET ONLY DELICATESSEN Potato Salad, Lb. :„ __ 15c Bar-B-Q Beef Ribs, Lb. 20c Bar-B-Q Spare Rib*, Lb. 25c Cheese and Ham Spread, Lb. 30c Baked Ham, Home Style, U>, ____65c Monarch Finer Foods CANISc CAH16c CAN 19c CAN23c Golden Bantam Corn No. 2 Size- Sweet Corn, Whole Kernel. No. 2 Size BEAN SPROUTS No. 2 Size SWEET PEAS Extra small, No. 2 size BUTTER Standard Food Market* Supreme Quarter Molds in Cartons, Lf>> 29 Vi SOLID MOLDS IN CARTONS LB. TISSUE Standard Food Brand 3 ROLLS FOR RED ROSE OLEO A BUTTER SUBSTITUTE 2 LBS. 33< •• FOR W RAISINS Thompson's Seedless 4 Lb. Bag 36o 21c MATCHES 6 Box Real Vain* CARTON 23c PINEAPPLE No, I Crashed •• Matched BUM* Z FOR VIC GALLON PRUNES Fresh Italian PEARS Fancy Bartlett APPLES Solid Pack PEACHES Selected Halves Blackberries Northwest Pack CHERRIES Red Sour .Pitted APRICOTS Solid Pack FRUITS GAL 29c GAL 41c GAL 41c GAL 46c GAL. 48c GAL. 48c GAL. 48c Canned Pears "Green Tag Brand" FREE ONE CILD'S TICKET GOOD FOR ADMISSION When Accompanied With One Paid Adult Ticket With Purchase Of Any ,2 Packages of Post cereals LA NORA Theatre,, Sunday, Motidaj/ and Tuesday To See Joe E. Brown Grape Nut Flakes Pkg. lie Post Bran Flakes Pkg. 1 lc Poset Toasties Pkg. lOc Huskies Pkg. 13c Whole Bran Shreds Pkg. 12c Grape Nuts Pkg. 18c Child using ticket must not be over 12 years old. These tickets given away Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. APRICOT JUICE No. 1 Tall Can Fancy Bartlett In Heavy Syrup 2V2 Size CAN 14c ORANGE JUICE No. One Tall CAN14c APPLES Fancy Quartered and Cored Size CAN WHITE SHOE POLISH "WIZARD WILL NOT DUST OFF 80Z. BOTTLE BUTTER Armour's Cloverbloom Country Roll C DOG FOOD ARMOUR'S SANDY BRAND NO. 1 TALL SIZE 9 CANS1 Qc im FOR I v SWEET PEA TALC Size 13 Oz. CAN ll. MARSHMALLOWS BAG19c TEA "Noontime," Orange Pekoe 3 Oz. Package EACH 9 FOLGER'S COFFEE Plain or Drip Grind IB. 29 c CAN ^W CANNED VEGETABLES Dry Lima Beans Or Peas & Carrots No. 2 Size Scott County Brand CANS IFOR SALTED PEANUTS i BAG9c POTTEBMEAT a* 3™ MEAL Great West 5 Regular Kerr Mason—Dozen CANNING NEEDS Jar Rubbers U. S. Red, Dozen in Box Kerr-Mason Lids Regular, Dozen in Box TEXWAX Texaco, Lb. Pkg. Kerr-Mason Caps Regular—Dozen in Box Certo 8 Oz. Size Recipe booklet attached, Bottle PEN-JELL OR Sure-Jell 3 Oz., 2 Pkgs For Vinegar Apple Cider In Your Container Pint Jars • Regular Kerr Mason—Dozen Quart Jars Regular Kerr Mason—Dozen Half Gallon Jars fljj j FLOUR Stocked at No. 2 No. 3 and No. 4 Stores Only. Kanaana Red Star Product Every Sack Guaranteed 24 £ 79« ICE CREAM SALT Will Freeze Your Cream In ; -.'' --- : -• 2 to 5 Minutes DATE PUDDING Morton House, 6 Oz. CAN lOc COCOANDT U. Lb. Cello Loner Shred BAG 13c VIENNA SADSAGE BRIMFUL PEAS .,...„ EXTRA SIFTED NO. 2 SIZE CAN 16 Pint Can FLY-DEB i Insect Spray Kills Flies, Ants, Roaches 1 C Quart Can 19° ar 34' SJLfll MESSIIK A Real Brand PACKED FOR STANDARD FOOD MARKETS QT.JAR 24 HOMINY No. 8H Large Snow WWU 2 CANS Ar FOR- fcWW PINTO BEANS New Crop Beoleaoed 31c MACKEREL 8 oz. Can A-PIus Health Soap Or Spaghetti 6 Ounce SOAP MACARONI TABLE SAL' TOILET s-Bfe SOAP M^M 00 GOLD BORAX STEEL YOUR CHOICE— EACH . . . BAR BOX BOX ROLL BAR BOX BOX BOX CAN BOX BOX GRAPE JAM 4 L«. 49' PRESERVES it, MA BROWN I JAR i W Banner BrandU-Awrted Flavpr, MR

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