Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 31, 1941 · Page 15
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1941
Page 15
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JVMay. Odnh?r_31. m Daily Gazette STERLING DAILY GAZFTTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS .i»r,<v! ', >*:.v K\c*!0t Sunrts? ::ne IT,T. rin h<~'ld p'j»r*> and po^e prris'o nvntally norms!." Well, ft ml'". rc.isht !o kno* 4 . TV. i* !' Mi" sea"on wh'n m*£*- 7::-."' i-r:.';( beautiful sd.« of the •••y.:' ;••• i' n:;d turiv orftna 1 *^ you'll '•v .•; • ..- to ;vjv n frw months lafr. TODAY'S MENU SUMESTMRS try tfi rf > rr- ; h-.n<- fls'iv'v i^.f-y.- in rr^dfrnte overs (350 dftrers F.> : Piif »pple* In fat. *prir.Kie with mj- <i«. :n wir F-tndsiY m^n'.!. | •.;".".! tender—about 50 mSrrJte.i. R^-iBwr. cover, and rook .«!<wlv until -rr\f ;TV hot ! trader. t' 1 . <*r snd f<v>k urit-.I D W Orftr. -!«:•; A"<>-',^'" _ Entered *t ?;<•:. :r.c P ^'^ftc* a* S-Tnrrt Cls" Mi"*: «EMBER~~ASSOTtA IT.IJ Pim^S ThS A.v=oclfl^d Pr*v i« "*r::i-!\e- ly entitled to UK? •:** tor«- tfon of aL' new. di<: vo>-"< credited to »t or not otn<T*:<* credited In this p*pw *nd a'-<o tha •<*»' n « ws publl.4hedjTer< ¥ in __ ~" ay'i Menu iprot«blr b» hither than nnd i vegetable? are on the ] s'i- ' expensive !:.*• and r>f ge. trirk^hrv griddle <•*!?*«, t!a! in »nv good family diet. Well Dinner: Tomato .''ii''p. *!n?>rt pen* and '"n-.n'o".*. *v*)!sbi<" than . (•*>>"•. >rt'ic»" and onions ffix rib pork chop* -1 1-3 inr! thick i. apple ntufflne. *»it, <"«: 4 {".ip c > 3-4 r';p chopped reirry. I-?. '.: ^ ', r ..^'-\ '^i-o TiO^rl^ '.;,^ n: .ji'.\ to infticr it Tt r ''.>'.; r '.( your bo** teils yo\i •, o.: :-;.'' a-'d rni.'takrs, the other k'.-.d ker;>= r-ts:; and Bt mail m WTvr^d- and so loin-, tef counties - p<v •. r .".r $->oo MX j months $3.75 three mor::;-.s $1 oO one • •Jonth 75 cent,i Cn«h vrith order j By man outbid* \Vh--fx:e n:m sd-^ Joining count leK-rv-r \?nr ?7 (y- ftx nonthJ 15.75.' three montr.s tJ «0.1 ne month 75 cents CnMi ^ith order , "Per werk delivered ar cnrriT in ; '•ttrier StcrHns or Rock Fnl:? 20 Cents pftynble even S«t:irdny morn- ini No papfrs wnt through the ijostofnc* In the city ccrrier district of Sterling or Rock Fmlls. hy ::.r t :«)::_• ;M\, r r>f tc.'t -.'.I'.n' vou !',a\e to se'.l. READ THE CLASSIFIE10 ADS. 8upP r : : PpR'v.'h orrs'irt, nr'I- hfl in^.'t. .«;i.:rrt orsriS' 1 .'. hsnsn- ft.«. «nd milk. now and imottant in thp diet for i!i(*ir A and other vitamin.'. Pork pr than It was time !iwt ye»r AHhouRh frPAh vfjjeuble price* will A Thought for Today Whoso ke*r*'h th * commnndmen •h»n feel no evil thing: nnd n wise man'i heurt dUcerneth both time Judgment.—Ecclesiastes 85 • • * We Judec others aiH-oidins to mulU; how els*?—not knowing the prooCM by which results are arrived •t.—0*orfe El lot. Tomorrow's Birthdays >. M, R**d, W. T. Midd>ton. AJ- bcrt BeUnm. M. C. Brnndlin, Edwin XMk, Charlotte Capp, Katherin« Louise Lambert, 5, Cnrol Jeanne irs, Mrs. R. K. Wucbben, Ster- S. E. Wh^elock. Mrs. Cluus Mohr, H. L. Church, George Whip- Robert Violet. John Schwam- Reck Falls; Kenneth F Wt«v«r, Molinc; Margaret Rose Ann isrdtn, Tamplco; Lloyd Allen, Mll- rflle; Joate UhJcr, Prophcta- m; Robert Edgar Jones. Woor; Duaj-nc Martin. Morrison. Friday—Mri, John Wuebbon. Ster- QuilUn's Quips Quflleo uit M«n an old news u»*ollnl that aeemed strangel> The juy behind us had i might be worae. He might de to pl»ce one man in charge o _ n»t work, and giv« th« job to Iclw*. . U WM »«*fT. We Want It MTMlTM, k«t w* hate U BM Uw wronc moeh «T it. wicked Stalin starved, Rus- whiU collar class. II he had eonfTcsa could have shown how to do it with a tax bill t km of reputation. • A»*TicanUm: Slowing production •f 0t«per«Uey needed tanks for want attel; planning an oil pipe line wilt uw enough me^al to build Unto. hUUnr at "traitors" by the la a warning to u», rilkm ar» disloyal to hierarchy of hell. too. r JtoOtevelt won't "force us in" any won. You don't start a sky- Ijp^iptT when you have nothing but |>|fel*prtnt« and sand. ./You cent blame Waslilngton cops Itr ifnorinf law-breakers. They've " iwlad out so much for med- with statesmen. • a|H>tllffhl on the tl»g •f • MMtral ship at night it a VMl Mulii, The rob can aim M •wh easier. A M»w York columnist says "no [OWES IN STAMPS /er Cleveland Rose apidly in Politics ANY foreign countries have issued 'stamps honoring great Sl*n of the United States. . « 1939 stamp above, philatelr y honored Graver Cleveland, and 24th president of the States. It was issued by in commemoration of the York World's Fair. was born in Caldwell. , March 18. 1837. He received academic education, became a in a Buffalo, N, Y., law offict •' ^___^_.. . ..... ^ ...... - . , After being admitted to the bar 1IU. he entered politics. He assistant district attorney IMS to 1863, ihenff of Erie from 1870 to 1873 and in IM was elected mayor of frugality in »dmin-» ing city government drew attention. In 1883 he \vas governor of New York and year later he became presi- t Of the United St«)te>. defeat- J»me.s G. Blame, Republican. nn for re-dei'tion in 18B8 WS* defeated by Benjamin He practiced law u> V«rk City until IgW, wax (or th« presi- this tm.e dcl«at«d HOLD EVERYTHING! €»»». MHI IT M* WrtnCt MC. T M kM U. 1 »*T. «*» "With aM those apples an* HturT the oilier kids K«VC you, I thought you wifthl be able to use some biuirbonnte of SIDE GLANCES "Old Jarvis hiun't spoken to me since we printed the blory that the sun was just a ball of fire and might blow up—I* claims it wrecked his insurance business!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD year, j p*r*p*r. f]o-ir. Wijv* chirrs Tt-'th dump r'-^th Cut i .-: '>;v^d on:on. 1 r-.ip !in'. drv b:' i"ftisv thro*;SEh tT>f*-' *^ b^ti^ 1 ' <" ' '.~* '•' I -4 <"ip ^".'^opp^d 7i".r. • j f f * ''^f n ?s*-* *^*n ' PT^' r^. T ^ 11 h i .^ - •! • • p:' *\ ^ d i "fd 1-2 ( i p hr n 7~^v '.v^* K; ; ;I;'i] rj;5p I^T7"O> P P'. r*,-v>]c r^Vrv. dn: r >u p.r.fl ps.r.* di.*r.. CO'.T. Rs*c | " :r. ',*'. .'or thre* 1'.it r .*• nd co^k-f'i '. psr?»b!fr.. and sea/.on. Swfrl Pntato •S'-y.r.'- 4 to fii O;;r-;;a'' po'.irif] 5^ rr '. «.','.'. 1-2 !'-:>.-:vvir! r:\trT-.f-8. 1-4 r:ip n :;;'<- E:i)'r l ; ; • r B'jii .sir-*; pota'fMv. ;•>"'; f>nrl rr;/i. c -h •^c.i> rin' A'. !r>» !<•> ro-'i. butter and hro^Ti «;it(»r fofethrr. Add well beaten. PfS yolk.*, wit, nntrnri. ms-«i. i -.''d potato und vhlf4 Brsp-^ Jinrff. F*i!d in stiffly beaten 5alfrcl fRB whltr* and turn into but- tf>rrd hsking dish. B*kc !n mod«r- Rtr o\rn (^SO drsrrf* F.> lor 35 ninrjtr.i. Prr'.f with hsrd ,*.»ucr. In oldrn dftv*. tim«" w«<t sivfri mil t • tho-" f,hn hsd no lim^-mp d<-'. irrr hv thf rlntlnr of b*l!«. o:!r word clock romrs frnrn "cloche." meaning Irfll. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE KJO, THEV RLE <5,K/\ ACTT- - TME V IM V.1TTVE CLIQUES, AM OL' B»-,JUU O' TM' WOODS/ MiMSEL.f= HE ni_L TM' KJEXT HUWDKED HAVE HIT UP0NJ A PRiMClPLB T^-^^N! •,jr t POWER T=RC\V TME. VVlMO — HAR.— RufAPuf: PICTURE A^ UP MOT HOOK UP DOORMAT TO ICEBOV , .'/ATOR TH> A' 0U6KTT0 K.EE-P I \VIMDiNi6 A^ WATCH/-"*'A TOUCH OT=THE BOOT WILL SET THE MAT TO IN THE r BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES How Come? BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Coming Events BY MERRILL BLOSSER AMD, BOV, WMM SHE errs T' KNOW M§ sent*, SHE* BEAU* OOIN* Tb MKAN oo >ou UKt PftMPVCTIVF »Ti«*OTWBIl? M.TTIN' *£ OH "R4t A gJT»_UTTUF «*AM?« WASHTUBIS Hello, Wash BY ROY CRANE (9UDMMLV, M A MM* MOM e5iwi MACHiut *UM fn«r RED RYDER Little. Btover Has o Hunch BY FRED HARMAN ALLEY OOf Look Behind You, Ooola! BY V. T. HAMLIN T^SSiW^ 101 * U * E '^ *««. "me CAM USE FOR HOS7AC.ES, TOO* M6tT OP A YWTTH THAT MB*JCHMC*J

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