The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 13, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1923
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JULY 13, 1923 fHE HUTCHINSON NEWS,, PAGE ELEVliN. FOR RENT—APARTME^ 'S (Cont'd) TTDD © Lynaaflonia Seventh nml Main. iNictdy rurnlshail apjtutmenta and aloopina rooms. I'liona S40. 11-28-261. FOR KKNT—Furnlahed a mud moot Btrict- ty modern, ImiU-lu features, ground floor, piiviiio cmLruiHit!; must bu aeen to be RpiyvcluU-d. 1'hono 3fi9. 11 13-6t KURMSIIKD or unfmnlshod, thrco or lotir-roojn, modern Apart ment with slecviiiK uorch and Ku.mge. i'hone llHVd after 0 u clock. 11 ll-Bt VOli HRNT—Strictly modern, furiilshod itunj:alow apartment in IJunsulow Court, 215 East I'Lrvt. l'Uun« 292. J or u 3-m FIVE-room strictly modern apartmonls Ctoso In, lv:n.t ' and wat^r furnlshod; BuraniX -r rate $:t0, winter $3f>; iho big-seat barifnln In iipiirtment rental in citj\ Sea Hon V. Lumborn, 3 North Main, 11 13-it VOK KENT—Modern, furnished apartment, Bleeping; porch, sarugc, on car lino, jan. piiono 400. ii n-u FOR lU-2.NT--Ap.irl merit i. light, clean and cool, In modern home, ntcoiy rurniHlieci, Phono 3S!*i aftor 6 p.m. . 11 10-4t NICELY furnished, • two-room, ground floor apartment, prlvato entrance and bath, 22G West First. 117-0t FOR RI-NT-— Three-room, modern, unfur nlshed apartment. McCurdy Insurance Agency. 11 8-26t FOR SALE— MISCELLANEOUS (ConVfll Siflurduy, July 14, 1:30 p.m., ftt 111 East Truth, tivo rooms of hiffh-oluM furniture: Duofoiil, library table, »xl2 Axminntor rug:, leather uplmletered rockore, buff'-t, dining- table, cha.lra, Hooalor cabinet, cf-.ii header, Princess drt'U»er> brass bed. springs, mattj'efisea. a dandy coal range, oil cook stove, Rnd many other articles. Phono 10iy. AUitln AJidrown, auctioneer. IS 1^-13 (SOLDER WEBY SWEiET CIREAM Golden Weat Creamery, 14 East Fourth. 18 26-251 FOR KALIO—Two cows: one Guernsey, been fresh two inonthn, flv« years old; one Short Horn Durham, fresh one month. One gray mare, 13 yearn, nald ba in foal by imported Kentucky Jack. Also doubts net of harness, and wagon. Second uuut of Monroe on 30th, U-.»o. Cotnbe. U 10 -*t FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS (Cont'd) FOR SAbE—Oood net work nameus, prncilcnlly newj John "Oeero wn*on; new hay rack. Call 1400 North Lor&lno> ISC-Gt Phone 82U, 820 Eaat Fourth. Mrs. W. R, Burton. 18 12-4t FOR KALK—Furniture, 'Btovcis and rum Hold on ca«y payment*. Mitchell Furniture Co., 421' ByUth Main •troci. 18 27 -30t FOR SATdS—Reed baby bmvy, 0x9 Ax- mlnster UIB, good cumHtlo;., ehjap. Call 20.1 l-'HSt Sixteenth, phone 104TW. IS l3-2t FOR KALK or tnid»-^Uic.rou(fIUired Jersey male calf and twD-y-iutl trailer, Fhono S220 or call 40t W«st Fifth. IS 9-4t FOR SALW-ralr of white cloth, ona- atrup pumpH, box he«l, size E»A, nt-.v, 52. Can bo seun at News office. H H-IJ> \VH pell Storm King famous plahtic roof c»ment for leaky rouls. L. J. VVhite Lumber Co., phone tI5. " 18 S-i!5t FOR SAI.K--rUackberrlta, 17Vi<' »t farm. Order by phone 2311-11 or write N. F. „ Wiley. liuVrion, Kan, IS 12-4t FOR aATjis— Men's grood Shoe* for 54.' — 14.50, $4.1)8, J6.AQ, $6.60, |*.76 to-17.7b. * FOR HALE—Small ffroeory and market Mon'a Oxfords for IE. 50, Mon'3 work Shoes J2.&U, $2.08 and 18 .50. Com fir Commerce Co., 1V-19 North Walnut. 18 IS-it FOR SALiIS—H F. Nelson piano, cheap; thr»e doten fruit Jura, 60o a dozen; two tuba and wnshboard, 60c each; Economy f as rarifre, good as new, 176, All ray furnl- ure at reasonable prices. Call after B p.m. at 414 t^wt Twelfth etreot, phone 3247J. 18 10-10 UNFURNISHED three-room apartment. Call 2178R. H 4-1" FOR RENT—iStricuy modern, furnUhed, three-room apartments. *35 and J40. Phone a500. 11 6-36t MODKRN, unfurnished, five-room apartment. Call 21C8W or Ilia. 11 l-26t FOR HUNT—Two-room, modern, furnished apartment. 12:t 1-kiHt A. U 7-0t FOR UK NT—Furnished or unfurnished apartnunt. 1'hone !Ki0H. 11 27-2fit FOl'K-roorn, vmfurnished apartment. Call 1827J. -OS Fourth, 11 11-4/ FOR RUNT—-Modern, furniHtied apart* ment; adulta. 212 Weat Seventh. 11 30-18t NO. 3 Stewart Phone 217BR. AparLm^nts for rent. 11 4-lit FOR RENT—MlSCfcLLANEOOS 12 BUSlNKSS room for rent, 110 West First. Suitable for nutomubilo business, tire or battery or any kind of retail buaineas. inquire riupf-Tior Motors, 12 thfa 7-llit NT • FOR Rl and i 'iJif o: ln-lp yunisi-lf yvats' b ::i:--.- L'tiu* .in, Kaii I."uH~~"Rl'JN'f First .ore it>om, modern, t'J in.Mi1. Mtst lixntioti for a 11 H'ITV pi iiro; uii! 1 or more ;• $125 a month. J ox«ph . Kan. 12 i *-*L Office room at 2-i Nt'lsuii bniidlng. M. Welch. Kaat 12 8-25f. IMViNKHS ROOMS I-'olt R1-:N'T Bf*i n-.t! about tne Arcado ro'-ma of Fear', anil .So'i, located at 115 North Main, These u-r*: adiipLed f.->r several ilti"a and tliii hfrathm und coHVc'ii-'ii^fb cannot 1>" excelled. R'-'U V. 1-ainooiii, it-aitur, 3 North Main. l5! _ 10 "" S«B Mc- u -2t >t FOR SAL. hi—Veata atorago batteries; been used lea* than throo mouths. Good parti^for Chalntera six touring car. Wlilr cow ^an'd Airedale pup. Will Bell che.ap. Call two blocku vvcat and two north ol Wetla store, South Hutchinuon. Mm. South. IS 9-4t fIpo location, good Uu^inesH. I'htme 122 for lmrticulars. 18 12-41 RKGISTKRED Jersey cattl. for sale; beat blood lines. Newton, Kan. ; entire herd Ulen Krirter, 18 l5-7:li FOR SALE—NJchois and Shepard 20-H.V. ulnjjle Hteam engine. 11. U. Dirks, Buhler, Kan. IS 7-18 FOR SALW—Tomato pianta. red and yellow plums. 319 North Woodard.* 13 14-251 CALL 4108W for all kliifls of cakes, plcnla lunches and refreshments ordors. 18 1S-7:U Four miles south of Hutchinson, one mile north of Elmer: Horses, cattle, hotfn, ohU-kp.n.i, [iirm miuiements; one -o'clock p.m., Thursday, July IB. U. Jt. Bcofield. 18 12-13 FOR BALK—Children'* play Oxfords, 8U to 11 for $1.60 pair; 12 to 2, 11.75 pair. Cuinw L'omrnurco Co., 17-19 North Walnut. IS 13-41 BBKB FOR 8 ALB Fifty 10-frame, good, painted bei-hives, old lilvcs with honey boxes on, $7 each; the IIPW Bwarins, ?G each. Price IB less than the empty hives COHL W. R, Avwry, C'loviirdalo, Ilntchlnaon, ICan. 18 9-lii made to Beautiful, Bird's Art-Craft roofing, apply over old wood shingles, durable and fireproof. GUARANTEED Sold by I'hone 05. 101 West Sherman , is :ii)-20i fiT- all tn;tkt-is of cars, used tires, radiators, e.-'clrh" equipmr-nt (if all ktjidH. MA US IIS AI "TO SUPFLY CO. 22-24 West Shvrman. I 'hone lfi::2. 18 l3-2fit VERY dcbirable office rooms. Curdy,Insurance Agency. FOR RKNT- buiUimji. In MrCun 12 a-; WANTED TO RENT WA NTKl > to ri*/u~-Fivtj or six-romn m...;|.^:i housD witli garage; must lie reasonabh'. Flmue aiiiMiW f. t«» 8 p.m. 13 UI WANTKI) to i- borliood. Re W.L., CifC Si: •nt—A fa :r.\ In good nelgh- iian^ud. \\i ito 13 c-at ROOM.AND BOARD , liOAKI' served in family ut 221 Wei-t First. UOOAf and buaid, 84.»u per blast *C f .'~ -'" • GOOD board, room and bath. Cult IL")-AV. i-i n-2t FOR SALK--I.adb'«' black kid 1-strap Cotnfitrt Slippers for J2 GO. S2.9S ana SI.50. Corner (.'.Knin^rce Co., 17-11* North AValnut. U; 13-.i1 HA 1'J !MN -- city on account, of 111 li'-.'iHh. Fur .sale: eix-room lunife, slricUy modern, oak floors, double gn- rnge, fiont drive, nic-j lawn, plenty snad->. Ai»'> Fo/d coupe, Chandler touring and two bowling- alleys. 726 Worth I'lum. • 18 7-0t Mrs. lna Kllea, idiuiie Fourth. 728, 817 l''ast 18 2-261 for- cock. Move, heating stove, fireplace and furnace. Vagary Plantation. 18 13-2i»t For your coffee. Rest grades, fine flavor, fiesh ground. Mixed tea for tee tea from all high-grade teas. Parties wishing u;) to call on thorn each week, call ur phone 189, 302 North Main atie-e' Free delivery. . 18 4-25t BOARD and room. £00 Weat Second. - v 14 ll-2bt FOR SALE OR T HADE 15 FOR -WALK or trade--Khfht-r»om. modem residence - north pari city; four- i\)om cottage, on Fast F stre«t; 20-room rooming house; or will lea.-<e or rent. See Fulling Really Co., 24 >« North Main, phono 70U ur '.'N2. R> RJ*lt FOR SAT J K or trsde—Faj-m seven miles from Hutthlnsoii; crop goe» with farm; lots of fruit; will fake piece of city prop- f»rtv and give long time on balance. Call 123" North Town street, Orandview.15 2-Gt FOR SALU cheap or tia'ih.' for horses. mules or cows—Helder innlor in good running order."' U. B. Kdige:, Huhi-r, Kan. 15 7-Ct FOR HAIJ' J or trade for row—Six-year- old black mare. Inquire 5 West ShiTr FdU SALK or. trade—1%-ton Republic truck. GUSH Pobrtnskl, Plevna, Kan. 15 3-fit TO TRADE ^© Asr® SarlbBniro bmm Tiraicft 0 W©I to exchange for Hutchinson city property, •or well unproved 100 acre farm, would consider desirable western wheat lands. This 40 aei" tract it; conveniently located to schools. It has a very ntr.u six room (Iwelling, and Jill other Improvements are quite nice. The land Is very fino productive, soil, and will yield any thliij: that will grow hi iho state of K.uii:>as. AVRITI'J LIS F<>R FULL FARTRJULARS. IT JS AN IUIJAL l»l«VCB AND WE L1KK TO THT-L YOU A ROUT IT. KING iiROTHWRS rhone 559. . 1C% North Main. 17 13-lt TO TRADIi; for car—3m .Ui tract, four- room house, good barn, good location. M. R. Tucktr, Nlekerson, Kan. 17 H-ttt FOR KXCHANGG- First class Reno county farm for city property. Phone 412VW or 072. 17 13-R Tit TRAl'F—Vacant lota for Ford car, Conner & Dykt, phone 237S. 17 12-41 RFNO counly '. son property. liiid to trade for Hutchln. Phono 38S2. 17 31-25t FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS 18 When you are seriously ill, whom do you employ? When you ne.ed legal adv'cg you sock the best. When yuu. wish to niaka a «ule of possibly ah you have tarried and accumulated of several years' hard work, whom will you employ to Bell RV (A sal^snntn who know a vahi« and lu In the busluese). Phono 20S1 llutchlnson at Davy's expense. IS 6-251 PHJBUIC SALfiS At tor-harvost «a!ea are now dated. Earlleat sates are best. I '-work with any c«putablo auctioneer and am as olpso to you aa your phonft whtire you con talk to mo without ooat. Heferauo., any past' customer. Ottico phono 86 Bterllns my exponae. E. E. Potter., 18 ITrSSt UACIASSIN13 aubecrlDtloni!. Mrs. Ina Kilos, »>7 Ktat Fourth. It 2-2K Willi No CONTRACTOR AND KEl'AIll WORK.. 627 K UH L i3e\t;nth. Thono a !KM IS 14 -7 :11 I'OH SALK—Tent and grill, box. marc, to trade for cow. Call V'OU SAt.K~-Qouch and a now drop-leaf • kltfhcii lablo. t'hono 21S0W. 18 12-4t FOR SAI.K—I'op corn machine. I>amr>orn Cigar Stora, 3 North Main. IS 10-ltlt 1IO11.SI0, wnjron and harneaa for Bale. 412 North Washington. 13 11-14 FOR yALE-Ploltlhiff cucjinbtrrs and fresh ..sua. I'liunu 3E.71J. IS li!-6t FOR HA1 .I •'— Large n.' clK-ap, lSf'Vi J^RKt Nit: imtjy buecy. IS U-4t FOR SAI.K--I'.\i: vclvut Bl.rIl.B3. Call 12;'.'JJ. FOR'. mil cart. 2119'.k Weal Stcolld. l'hono Hi:i"J, IS 10-41 WANTED—MISCELLANEOUS (Cont'd) 8SWINO maohtne olonninv, ororhaullnr; work irunriaueed, J. F. Bfuiitaan. phon« !470. h S-Sll WANTED TO BUY WANTED to buy- Second-hanO turnitnm ana ruira; hlgheat prlcoa. Johnvon Furalturo Co.. lis Sot! 1 ! Main. Ill 2-25t WAKTICD—A chain brcom corn aeeibn' and baler. S. A. Threlkcld, Nlckerson, Kan. SI a 80-7 .21 HAVE buyerR for t>nlri.U home What havo you? Phon,- 692. IV. R. Selde.n. 21 13-41 HIGHEST p!n,-» paid for mtn'i cnat-off elotlilnt and shoes. Phono 11E8J. 11 2-25* lllOKKST prices paid for men's clothhiir. Phone 777. 21 tj-ildt IIIGilKST prineu paid for mon'a clothing. Phono 777. 21 l-25t AUTOMOBILES KKAOlf STATION MCE EATTEMY STATION B01.1T11 END GAIUOE S24 South Main. Phone 1033. I 11-41 Warf A Cam- for yeur aummer vacaUonV Find Ju»t tile car you are looking for through tho want ada In Tho N,-\va. If you cant find It thera, a little an will find It for you. Call number 4400, News classified roenL 22Zi-25t F®IP Tlb®nnns<BB , y©^ Panyurd ply tun jlugH will soon pay tor themselves in tiavlnff ot oil and gas. Try our repair work. HARRY JIAFKR AUTO SERVICE 115 Last Sueund, phone 7«. 2'J 6--5t USFli PARTS FOR YOUR CAR AEIS © Wircdkki & §afi 0 C® We s« 11 Mutual Oil. 124 East Third. PHONE 2310 22 7-2. r »t WANT TO STCLL YOUR CAR? Then Hat it with us. We soil them: no storage. bJRVra Motor Kxchango. opposite Convention Hall. It lX-l'-ut FOR RENT—Klwotrio day. Phone 11049. cleaners, SI per is^-2»t PARTS I tear them up ar.d sell the part*; ail makes. A. K. Johneun, 16 South Wr.«h- Ir.ctoa. 22 lg-2at WANTED to buy-Car; or will trade bahy snmd piano, player or uned straight iiltno. U. u. Philips, 100 Nimth "Walnut. Ti. 12-Gi >uil FOit SAl.l:;-MlH.s.';i' brown, patent-trim, fiai beet Oxford; for $ 3 .7r, pair. 'Joiner Lli'inna-rtii Co., 17-lLt North Walnut. is iy-4t Ful rAl.F,--I;ul!do •1 L:iHt Tent).. FOP HALF—Finest toy 510. .,1'hune 0i.lJ. vi>n eo-ni home iliB. IJahnon, Phono 311K!J. Rt *J-13 In city, IS 12-4t fall J011J. is 7-aut .'it SALIC—-New vlcti'ofa. North Ada ma. l'\»R SAIdO-l-'nrd tonrinf,- car in eomlitlu'i at .sacrifice price. Call at station at Fifth and Adanm. 22 ii FOR SALE—CITY PROPERTY <CootM) FOR SAUB—Modern six-room hou» with Karase und other improve men tm. Inquire at 6tfi East Sixth. U l)7-25t FoR &A.I/E or rent—Six-room house cloao to Kchf>ol, newly papered and painted. Phono 1383W, * 2t 13-fit ?100 IX.HVN, baianco $10 monthlv buys 4 room houso and hundred feet ffround, Fhono 400. i;*-7-4t SRLIJ your house. You will find buyer by phoning 2278 after 8:30 any forenoon. 24 n -aot FUR HALF—Flvo-r.'>nm hoiiHe, semi-modern, by owner. 8CW East Seventh. 24 7-11 FOR SAEE—Beautiful buitdiriK sits on car line. 1400 North Monuroe. 24 11-At IfOST- --Pair tortoise rln) Klasaeg. Return to News offir-o. Reward. 80 12-2t FOR BALE—REAL ESTATE A<£T<B M08S(0>ll!firu Fasrum to pxchanRO for Hutchinson city property, between Third avt-nue and Thirteenth avenue, east of Main street. This farm la lucated within E I N miles of Cardan City, Caya county, Mlys.jurl, and I K very well Improved, has 40.. acres or timothy, blue and, clover, 1.,) hi noe be in* farn\ed to corn except a very fine orchard euTudtuinc of apples, peaches, plums and ehi.-rries. KLNG BROTHERS Phone ICVt North Main. 25 13-lt mm Well improved fartiiH in turst farming fllBlrlrt in Oklahoma. All of Iho farms are partly broke; bahuu-y Is p:.uaturo land. Wo have some that are located near i,'uod thriving town will. f?*'od schools. Ooml neiffhborhoods and rloso neighbors. Coud croyia on the places thbi year. Ad- f!rr;.43 A-iii' r euro of NMVB and recolvtj full [•artlcularo. 10-16 '120 acres Barkor county, h^ht irnprovo- nieiiii-, j"0 per acre. liiO aoiv^s Reno euunty, Improved, 120 in cultlvitUon, ?8,t-00. 610 acres, all hot torn land, ffood improvements. K00 acres* In f'ulilvation, ?70 ptr acre. Will ronslder elty property or tu:reugo in any of these. RIUNEY RF.ALTY CO. North Main. 25 IS-2t FOR SALE—Re.llntiuiHhment ip. G40-a^ro, liniM'ovcd liuiueati-ad within thrt-tj mlios ot town, Would con^idt-r Ford tr tic It at cash vaUip. Wi i t« Eet Huiiton, Caddoa, Colo. ndios car or lor W. 2G.7-IR FOR bargains In used cars. «o to Slif-:rs Motor ExchanKu, oppostto ConVv-tit on Hall. 22 l.i-2i,t FOP .SAli!" or tratle--Hodson SP\H M ;i | r »c- lmf • ar. Fi c:i \ ,, ^ll Erut li. 7 -IS FOR .SALC—-F .lollllM^Il, Ki id commerci:;1 body, outh WashlniJton. ; FOR SALE— -Chandler coup- 1 ; good run- nlnj,' condltioii. Phone lOlfi. TZ ll-I-i Inquire .1-1 IS 10-18 j R SAT. E 'hnvrolet coupe in Al FUR 310. SAhl' 1 !--Finest top poodiy Phone • In city, IS U-4t Ft 'R SAI.F—-l»ry %QV<1B boxes, all size.'*. Phone R'UB. IS 1 3 -it EXPERT piano tuning. Jenkins Aluelc Company. 18 3 -25! NEW oleotric v-ashor STEVENS' plense, Phono IS J;t-4t - Photographs. that IS 2-2t>t FOR .SaVI.E—12xl 40ii West L k 4lh. FOR KARE -Fox terriers. »10 Eiist E. IS 10-13 NOTICE- -MISCELLANEOUS Vulcan izlnif. Let us take care of you*: Retreading, tire troubles. Ruy this new Ilaclno 24-40 separator, in good runnint; order; also 18-H.P. sb-amer, 15-30 Alojjui, all In good running ordt-r, at barsain prices. N. A. Cassidy, Part- ridst-, Kan. 13 wfm 4-14 FOR KALE—Ladies' black kid Oxfords, with miiitH.-y rubbw-lap huels, for »4, 54.Mi, $5.fiU to $0.60, part payment down, '••"'.ance Soo week. Comer Commerce Co., la North Walnut. 18 13-4t —-2?S FOR SALE— 22 -lnch Huber sopaiator with feeder, blower and elevator, in mining order. A. F. Bontratfor. Haven, ^ isa -et Kan. for sale; youii£ Bingers, price |5. Mrs. J. S. Thornum, 8% South Main. 18 9-4t FOH SALE--Ladies' sleeveless silk Sweaters for $3.75. Blouses J8.75, ?4.7i>, $5.75. Comer Cummerco Co., 17-19 Nortn Walnut. IS l3-4t FOR SALE—One 10-30 Twin City tractor in food condition. One new Bethlehem truck; one second-hand Bethlehem truck, nearly new. At bargain prices. Chaa. Fl., Sterling. Kansas. 18 e ^^-8t SECOND-HAND REFRIGERATORS of all kinds at bargain a. Also used furniture, repairing and upholstering- a specialty. Hilyard Furniture Co., 6iu North Main, phono 16&. ' 19 2-Z5t SALE—One MINNEAPOLIS FOR SAL STEAAl . ENGINE, THOMPSON, BOX KAN. 22-II.P. CHEAP. REN 322, STAF'FORD, IS 3-14 HOTEL tn Buhler, Kan., for snle. The OJily eating place In town; good business reason for selling. Mrs. I,. l\. Jones, Buhler, Kan., or inqulra 1011 South Main, HuLchinson. 18 23-lQt KOll SALE—Roys' lon^ Pants $3.fc0 up, part payment down, baUin-jo 50o week. Youths' loiitf pants Suits $1 week. Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 North Walnut. 18 15-4t FOR SALE—Threshing rig In good sTiaps: , in field now. This outfit caai be boutfht on very liberal terms- wUl consider any good security. Tho*. Ray I, U.F.D. No. 1, IluR;hiiison. 18 12-1? GOOD milk cow for sold gllving about five gallons milk per day. Ona block north and ono weat of Carroll's store, South Hutchinson. 18 10-14 Mudl-Sdsafi© Tor© C ®naaipaiiiDy Unitod States and 1'a.ra Hell Tires. Phono 337. 304 South Main. Hutchinson. Kan. iy 2 -;:&t HOTECE GH.? burners raised and adjusted, save 50% on your gas bill. Now Is iho tune to set your furnace repaired. All work guaranteed. Phone 401W. Morris 4fe Morgan, stovo and furnace experts. 10 17-25t WE FIT GLASSES THAT FIT 1CV* East Shurman; over Cales. 19 3<J-25t (SEO D C. DUCE Optometrist. 1914 North Main, ovur Jonei Bhoe Stor«. IS 2-J6t EARN ESTB.A SPENDING! MONEY PY SELLING THE NEWS AFTKIt 4 P. M. BACH EVENING. 10a STARTS TOU. APPLY TO MB, GUAGO, NEWS Ol'-PICK. • 13 l»-26t ViflitiriK curas. proffruma, eomuicrclnl printlnj; 'Tor care." Wotla Frlntiiiff Co. :< \%'eet First. •ocial and thosu wl.o Vhons W£, 19 S-Z5t LAWN mowo^ sharpened; called for and delivered. 1* Wist A. phonu 17117. IS 6:16-Mt STOP! Think! Why tlirow »way your old furniture when wo can make It cood aa now? Kepalrinff and uphQUterlnc a .pe- clalty. Tapeetry ordered. X*>-van Furnl- turo Co.. SOS North Main atifrtit, phuna 578. 19 27-30t ItEJIINGTOrJ Sales and Hervlce— Ilem- lneton Typewriter Co., li Weat First, l.hono 402. U. A. Klutsel, aaleaman. 19 4-25t FOlt y.U.1; or trarlu—11 l-'OIl SALK--Auto trullCTs llii Hoyth Waliii-t. Studc-b.iker 2--i.jt J. L.JVanl, FOK SALE-- Aeto trailers. 116 South Wali.ut. J. L. War.l. 22 2-21-t FOlt SAL1^--Pi,rd coupe; East Sixth. real buv. Eil' 22 10-41 POULTRY Milk fed, nicely dressed. Phono 1 your o/-rter. S*3i C5ty IPir©d !o3 (CtE Co. 18 L UBL Third, jyhono 779, IS 27 RHs'OLl'iT Barred Itocka. Cock£ret2 heading ponw uii ed by grand champion ut Chicago CoiiKeuin, KggB, $5 for la; farm flock, 16.50 per 100. All Hogan teslud. C. A. Boyle, Rurrton, Kan. 1:3 a 2S-iyt FOR SALK--160 acrejs, wi- Vi hrat farm nn a cj,..[) J.J. Six miles frmu eounty wal. i bor 174, M**iuM, Run. MOXKT to loan MeNafirbteni on real t>Htat^ I inipr.'ived • rin-nt L». I'Viescn, -3 1U-1KL ; —fl»k 2S 2-25i WALL PAPER, PAIH7IVO. ETC. 20 I'OR flrsL-ciasa paper hanging and paper, rtasonabb* prices, r^ll J. A Llater phono 1018 Kaat Uluvnnth. 2G 2-2at WALL paper, fic pnr ootmie roil or bolt und up; 2i.c per bolt for hanging. Phono WAIJL paper, Sc pej (muol* ro n or bolt and up; Zoc per bolt for hanging. I'hona 1253J. 26 7-25t PAl'LR hanging and painting. L«t ua ahow you new samplc«. Call jiln-iW HO 10-25t ELLIS ISLAND WORSE THAN SOVIET ..i^^^- ii. PRISON, SAYS REFUGEE BARONESS Uarouomi Mura l.illcr .StciulieiL Now Yorh.— "Ellis l-inml? , Iiai-oncsd .Ma-a I,H|< T St.'lnb.-ii : tilted 111.! tip of lu-r pretty m.-,.- |.. an tittorly ituiii'.inuiL nni.'ie, ^urrov,e.! 1 her hrow au.i ln..k..d ti .-Uoioo a;-:-ert ment of tl;i^>r.-rH. "Terrlhle!" I And the n.i '.rnnr -^H rer.i-:tf-re ( l tlir- \ ntli (le^reo (if rli^::u'H. In ;t limine.-; that wouhl r.i;Li;e a niovio Btar turn emerald with envy. i -'Worse than a llelshevilt prison!"; "Tho 'burone;.. 1 * W;t:. einphatle. Her' emphashi etui' be r'.'aliz.e.l more Cult} : rlifii It Is known •vJh I'l'i-oa i ur'll i:rv\-. |;!;ucile or Willow ..f l'aro'i e ba-one;^; ari';\. an innuiL-;rai;t. i-lli.. ,!.•( -•v.-tT .-.I e! fiitllv that lb,, the i-eadi ilei I was 11 KM •:i h^r nthi'I : 'e<.eiilliH< •re Sl.'lnholl lvll .1 I-i'.llUil .jiiart.•!-;-: nro ions .'-'tualbl i-aja the :>nroiLe I'Um lo eiitain > HU'.iK.rt her.- e;i'. MESSENGER SERVICE 11AKTV Aloaeneer ifl.-al- MeHHeiig..r. phono t;; j.hoiie l".i:> FINANCIAL 2. Msnaisy T© L®aim on city linmea; jonc teiiiid OJI monthly payment plan. Furnl loallfl. TILL' KINKlOi, AL113NCT Phono Sviii. State Llxcuan^e Uanlt Bldg. 20 2-26t FOK SAI.1-:—200 clilcki-iio from seven to three months old, at 224 West Kotirth street. 22 lu-12 FOlt SALE—ThorouBhtarea Da-red Koc* ezga, |1 getting. 1'uouo 30iS, 412 Knot A. U 7-2.t POH ijALli-Fat fries, 2Sc per pound. Phono 10K2. lira. Arthur Dowr.le. 23 eod 10 -4t APtK your chicks dylns;? bava tliem with •TJlarho," Woosuer's Drug. 23 7-2fit FOR SALE— Bahy chickens, 18 cents each. Phono 2505. 23 6:11-Utn POIl SALE —Egirs tor hatching. Phono 2606. 23 2-Sot FOR SALTS—Nice fries. 907 East First. 23 U-4t J^OB SALE—CITY PROPERTY 24 M@db[nsi 3 M@[MI© Owner has «;rlctly niodfin, Htx -toom oottaffe, hardwood floors, built-in features, fltandhiB; oak In every room, pipe- lesa furnace, h.-o. nlco Hhatle and fruit trees, close to school and e!c;so to ear line. Owner U leaving the eity. Tiiis la an Ideal home or rental property. Addresaj T-08, caro News for full particular... 21 -l-lli CnresoBuid Pfjurfe BtaMEai^ SSI® Having purchased a roMhlenee, 1 will offur lor oulo at a real uaerh'iee price, choice , building Bite at 100 Crescent Blvd. Complete- plana oiul siiecltlcatioira for ?1G,00() home op tional with purcliaaer. lir. Q, It. (Jattfi. ItlCI.f.MlJ.K patieriei; at a rfasonahlo lirlee. KarmlilKton,! phono 4DK5. At office Saturday and Momlay. I'hone 21117, Ja.i. 'White, 2Ui 1-Jasl Hlwr- n 'an. 20 13--J6 t FARM loans, C% Interest, low commission. Newlln-Munnlnjf Loan Co. 11 u Noth Main. 2 <j z-'iSl FARM and city loans, lowest. commission; write ur call details. J. N. Bailey & Son. -atcs and for fuil 2U 2-2 »t MONICY to loan on farm and city prop, city; --ask McNatfhtenl a-25t CITY loans. Newlin-Mannlnu- Loan Co., 11^4 North Malu. 29 2-26t LOANS on vacant lots. Phono 3229. LOST, STRAYED Oft STOLEN 30 VALUABLl'l poasesslyns easily and Quickly returned to lo*ers. Lost and found column Is moat efficient medium, (or return of lost preperty. Use News lost and found column. LOST, Juno 30—While SlrtU Eskimo don, two mllea eaul NiekeiH....; answers to name of Jletty; hlaek oyeM. bh-i, i. nose. Liberal reward. Phone. 3727W, 2.H l-ast B. atl 10-13 F. J UNI )—Airedale doc;. Owner cm. have same t.y liaylnir for this ad ami Identifying. 324 Must Third. 30 13 STKAYEl'i—Twelve head yearlhitr altera, branded on left hip. Phono 13U0 or 27 Nlckcrsqn. 30 11-14 LOST—Ono iroItUui brown .Pit hulldofi, female, cara and tall clipped. Howard. Phono £02. 30 13-it STRAYED—Three mulo colto. horse. J20 rewaid. c. L>. phono S1P31. ono bay Mai-klm, 30 9-14 will be -The News telephone number after July 11. Just call 4400 and «»k for the classified advertising department If you have anythlnt to sell, want to be anything, want help or want a position. Want ads not results. 19 10-25t FOR SALT;--Coucreta mlxor, "wheelbar- barrowi., lap feet of hose, shovels, f^rtn- boanls and water b*ri-ela. J. F, Kauslier, 92S Llaat PHfth, IS 10-13 Grain bmly and oab: ready to rtin: priced rlirht tor q.ui «k telo. O. W. Oamb«l. Nlckerson. Kan, lg la-iy FOlt 6 ALB — Seven-foot McCorinlck binder. Also *ane slow. Ei Annadown, Klinor Station, jiaoue J12 Darlow. IS 27-16 WANTED—Ladioe to see th» black kid, patent-trim, military heel, one-fltran Pumps for 54 pair. Comer Oemnww Co., n-U Korth Walnut. 4 l3 -4j FOlt SAUii—Cornot and cauts in flrnt- ol»is condition, |15. Call »t 414 Eaat l'welfth after 6 p.m. Phono 8847J. U 12-14 ITOB SAXaSr-l2»S0, Twin City tractor, . irood ehaSe; wilp tako horsoa ots mule*. Ihm. Kayl, E .FOJ. No. L Hutchinson. u m-i? V>11. HUI*!-., a foot specialist Is with Dr. Nichols at 223 East Sacond. Broken arciiea treated successfully. Phono 2013 for appointment. 19 4 -23t for rk'klea. Phono 380911. Falrvlqw Gardens, South Hutchinson. 18 6-25t BYKSIGHT; conserve 1L Oet the facta about your «yes. Ur. Darland, 24ta North Main. 19 18-2it J. H. BHOWERB, chiropodlat, SI1 Kant A. Phon. 2026. 10 J-3St WANTED—ITarntture to repair, reflnloh or upholater. Call 1410. 10 u -SOt FOR real ttarbafo servlc*. phone Sanitary •arbago Company. 1010. li 25-2tt HIOHKST jrloea paid tor men's clothlne Phono T77. 19 2-25 BEWINd machlns repair work; guaranteed! country or city; «amlnatlon free', r»pntr all makes. Family mnnu- (aoturlnif hem«tltcher« a upcclalty. Phono «64». J. O. Lynch. ISO 4-J»t We call-for .poultry anyvrMn!' paj- inarkst prio* Aiu 2611, TU Sontli FOR BAI.K or trade—Hutchinson residence, eleven room*;, on West Twelfth, etrletly modern, up-to-date, wdll trade for amallcr residence. Addrea.4 V. J Ross, 618 East Eighth, streirt. Lamed, Kan. 24 14-2it DO YOU WISH TO SKLLJ Llat your property with us. 42AKEY REAL B3TATI3 I NY. CO. «1S N. Main, Phone 9 72. 24 21-2St FOR 8AW3 by owner—Property at 710 Noi-th Monroe, If uteiilr.ton ; price J2,t.00 J1.000 cash; thrco to five years' time on balanco. Writo V. Si. James, Uui;.'. Okla. l 21 10-14 FOK SALK—A six-room, Rood home witii earuuo and ohlcken IIOUMO, well located, at- extremely low price. Phono 4121W or 972. «4 n -4t FOR: SALTS—Stx-room house, seml-nioil- ern, 124 East F, $1,700, $100 down, terms at T%. Call noon, morning or night. 24 6-0t FOlt SAI J B —Blz-room bungalow on F,aet Fourth, $B00 cash and term* to cult. Imjulre 405 East B. phone 1211. 24^-6t FOUR vacant lots on ]5ajtt ITourth street tor sale cheap by owner, inquire at Qullck's, S07 West Second. 24 11-12 PROPERTY to ».Jll or will trade (or Ford car and part cash, balance on monthly payments. Call in evening, Jil fce.iit V. 24 iuw u-li VOR SALK —Six rooms, modern atcept heat, between I0!m and Plum on Eajt Fifth, $3,500. Uncoln S. Davis 24 12-3. FOB BALK, to settts eatato—Qooii homo on North Plum street priced low, easy taroiB. Phono 4121 W or b12. 54 Xi-fit FOR SALT-:— Five -room bun£iiiow and vacant lot, Phone 2it-7. £4 2B-Iut I.tiST—Small tan collie pup, ihre. months old, white riiiy- around ueelt ('-all 400. ;;u ll-lt LOHT—IJuneh of keys, leath.-r key liolrl Reward. O. S. Itluipert, 907 itast Sherman. 30 12-10 LOST- whito ward. GETS LOAN ON ER New Skin Came Worked Lately on Railroad Men—Worker Got About $30. Owing to tho activities of a Rmo'Hli a-pppiirlug iiiy.n, tlir *'0 local raiiroa.l mia have. G or S y;ir(i»<)f silk on luui-,1 awl iiro minuH t'-n apK j «-.«. information o-'utuliuMl front oiif of tho victims tho HtranKor who <aK- od Jilmsolf J. 11. Joyco roprt;s--niiiu; tho Intornallonn -l Silk i'o., of x •Broadway, Now York, put up a wry pluu.iible story of hia cxponsi! arnniui. not arriving on tiuic and I IIH ii''-- .1 of temporary lun, 1 B. l)f oourso li. wur- to 'be .only a loan and to prov? hi.-; i?,*vy-\ faith he would put up four huW* of silk .'iB i.oeurUy fur it. llo (jonvoaitiut- ly curried tho a ilk with him ar,d h .t tho prospective loanerd look-it owr. Th.> silk consisteil of lour boll!, and appearoil to contain at IC.IHI. ton yards to a bolt iJiaklni; forty yard ft of Kllk for'ton (ioliars. Tln?r*a could be no doubt of this pafoty of a loan ha;-kod by .such security, KO tho straugor *.'as !ly prtx"urt;d hlH mon«y. / IIut Lho sad tndliiR, and thciv !M usually a ^ad eadlfiK to tlu« typo <u' doal oucnrod vvhrn^tlio victim \vi .-;it to oxumino his ooIbiU.-ral idoisoly for In; found that. inah;;ni of wilk, with th'; exception of the onlsido covering, lie had s4mply loaned U;n doliara on a lot. of wrapping paper. To dato the \,\.\anji- er has novor appoac-d to rod'.-i.-m hiii wares. One of tho local dealers ha-idl!n;; International Silks was calkvd and In' said that d. H. Royeo waa a hYma-iid*- i-'inan of that ronr ivni^t-r jo'oba lily • * nielli to UKO bl.-i •vn. fl ')',vovr «r ( tiiond ii very Mine, )Y1NG LIEUTENANT BLAMES SHOOTING ON HIS WAR BRIDE I.ieut. Jomts C. "«'nt.-li that «•!>:<!«» •I'd.., ra.-iia-d an !I!M li Kir .I.iniit. Jamos u I'. H. inlanlry, I'm liiaton, Aia., la said Vi 'Ji 1 " wii'-., a war him. f,h.. la lioin.: IcUnor. ' With fha «v .- . l.iioil av?ay t nor ,.r iho Kiglnl !> .Mi 'fliilln-n, An i have a.-.;ns<!d hli(. ,,r Hhootlnt •Id in Vi.O'H) hull. 1'olnter l.lrd do«; blown and sools. It found, iihono lilt. Ito- 30 13-it LOST— lirown and widto siiotlea tlo^. Call Zl'6 L'ast F, afternoon, for reward! ilCJ 7 -14 LOST—News carrier's route book, l-'lnder pieaso notify K«wy office. liu .1 r>. 4 1 BUSINESS PHOPERTY 31 IIOTE1.S—110 rooms, $80,000; 60 1001ns, $13,000; 86 roonp*. $3,500; 22 rooma, 15.000; t'O rooms, $ li. Coltrano liot.-i Brokeratro Co., 22r-i North Main, n 13-Jt BUiLlilKOM, lots, commercial and long term loa3es; —ask UcKaghton; 1'lrst Natlonul hulldlna;. Z3 2-251 Every day you will find a big claa-siried want ft'V list, and theao Uoitis ar« ot absorbing Interest. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITV PKOPEKTJr piruiU biiairiesu In fahly large town. Doing good business. Thr!vIn ts town, 8mall ca.plULI wlH handle. Good rtsx*c a for Bellini,'. For information, uddreaij TIKE SALE See Page 4 Get In Line for tho "JAZZ-a WEEK' STARTING MONfJAY LEAPED TO DEATH. i'o:ing Woman Drowned Man Tried to Ssve Her. .•'.-vv Y'.|-U, .iaiy li',. -A '.nr.'\i tia.t Hi'.-or r.'taliihm- wa'.l ui -'riiltr;- i'ark 1'i.lav. ar.d \sh.'. :: . ;a u d.iv<- t'i U.;r v.'s U", lo. V. . arm-, ichtait ih.-lr nocks, puiiia.. '.V al. ,!':ha lanni, i! >wn (.. u-,i 1 •; '.or. 'I 'll-- iaidi.M ani h.'.'Ilov.-ii i.i Who tv o. ih.i Carl two lr:r i»t av.ay the curi.-ut. or ith lavu TOOK OWN LIPE. BUSINERG OPPORTUNITY Woulifyou Ul (p to hav-i iL* wv r >i i Of fi3lttlrllfhlr:k a L'.iRllif'fcS th;;.t L >1 I\ A y.'jj «xoi*eu profttH? Wo h«.v« uu oi.p.jj'iun.!-. for tho r I if hi party to .-oiablish fc K«'"d" pa.yhiir bwt'it*^:! hi a K.-ovvln.j to^..i; CrtUont opjo.-M sinky fur k hunt )m'; m--1 huve tiTuyi! niipstai nu-l t>o u r">..t bir-.i :• c.•., man. For fiui ua.;ticuiri,i-a, uduifba J-ci euro Kows. It y VI 6- OAF £>doliiH' 8<*A tariini'-tw iKour-chafr barhftr ei;op, chair sV/... iiUI'.'d Man Was Despondent Because of His Recent III Health. AVichita. Kan., Jul> l:? IT. H .M -riti. of far-sons, ; h.jt ; hirnself wit!; a r.-volv. ;• of 1 hi-j f;isu-.r, Mrs. I'. ' lh\'i morning:. Worry ;i lll!K-:-!i r Kjfl-a»at«'(l I*;.* heat, was «aid to <• ; Ur .lltm. Hi* MV.A '•:><] \- U: u; ilefddo .i }\\« wl'lt'V.*, H •: is od by a mm 21 \ ... \>\ 1 THE DAILY KECOilD liavi-l KJ asl l .a.; .:

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