The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 14, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1914
Page 2
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Page Two T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Tuesday Evening:, July 14, 1911. W. 0. WALLACE Former State Representative Out of Danger. Julv 14 --Former State I t r p r c v r n l i t ^ e ^ I l l l a m O W illacc sub- m i t t e d to a mirgieai operation for ap- tionitfltli at b i n h«m« In t h t f t c i t y on Monday afternoon and rallied from the Bhoe* in fln» »hapo Th« operation w a s r » r f o r m M by Dr Brown i not»d tpe- r l a l t i l of Si L n i l « Pi D r o w n w a s "i hn npinii n n r l H T M'inroP "f t h i s M i \\ i l l i ·* hflp beon ^ ^ i l o u ^ H ill w i t h · p p » n r t t i l l s tor i « f i k but s t a r t rrt tft improvii t h » i « « t of th» week and I t w n e a n n n n n "rt a n o p e r a t i o n w o u l d i ni b* n«c»s»ar\ S u n d a j nl«ht, h o w - c \ * r h^ Fil"Tr1 T p r r i o M S ··fllpP" mi r»n I r r m l t t t f o p e r a t i o n b*rarnj» imp'T- ntt\ r BRIEF NEWSTFEMS FROM NIANTIC x n , , ,,, 1 4 -- M r r M a r v K l t f h w i t n her do i*ht»r» Mr* -aplili K a \ i M l i i j h M r ' M a e e i p R v i n in - P ' l r ;' f I MI«M» r a u l l n * M o r r l * nit 4 X«ll!» ^ "-Ir n«\i rn irnefl to t h f l r homes in t l « « a » n r p l a i n * n l t ^ r m n k l n e n f ^ f IV»»KB \ i ( | t w i t h F·^. unil Mr« E K Crown in r h i a plnc'» W i l ' l u m E r l a m a n IK f r o r t i n * «n «ieht rr.' m r n n i ^ r r i h f t n p p nn hi* f a r m n o r t h - · a « r -^f tow n Mt M i t r b c n - Moon»\" c r t c r t a l n « i l t h » F r r C n l f f h i i v n r n h r o M « r \ cluh at (i ·\*n aO(*ui or h f r o o u n t r v liom* n o r t h of t n n n flflncM«' *i»nini J u l y S l h » f i i K p n v r t J i r ^ n o i - k n w a d t h e rfi6st f t * t"\ne f » a t u r t Th« h o d t e l K f ? r v ^ 1 d c l K i n i t * h r l - k lri rfrim ana csk» r h » ' if w i l l t a \ i I t n a n n u a l picnic Thur«rtJi\ t u l v n »t F n r l » » par': ^T *« A T ^ r l * 1r*»n t p » n t p»^ ^-r-M rtava ' n r f ^ r k iMth r o U t n p n a n a f r l P n ^ c in ^ r r i n g f i ^ M Mlftf ^f1 i r l n ^ Lon r\ of rTimmonfl hji* bri»n th* Eii**t of R P ^ a n d M r s F K ("raw* lure ll»» Ri!n» H l n t ^ n .·[ nt»r r i ' r i t u r ha« been vlaltlng tor th» Past w«ek with her sister Mies Ltttt* Hlnton, and other friends in Niantlc William and Robert Stapleton of IHI- SffolU are l i s i t i n g with their aunt, Mrs Edward Connor, and family In this place fr and Mrs Jamet Manlin of Pawned Malted over Sunday with tha latter » parent* Mr an4 Mr» Patrick Loftus and family her* Mr and Mr» Samuel Dot»6n wers ·hopping In D«catur Saturday Mils CKra. Wabb at Chicafo li the f u a i t of Mr and Mri Frtd Leonard and othtr Mtnt In this vicinity. R u t h Back et H*,rriBt6wn «p«nt S a t u r d a j e\ening w i t h Niantlc friends Mr and Mre John KeUon and sons John and Joe, of Illlapolic spent Sat- urflav ·venlni; with Mri Xalion'i ill- te- Mr" Edward Connor, hera M r e lCttthl«en Dumser and baby o( L i n c o l n are making a, v i s i t -nith the t o i m e r = parents Mr and Mrs Patrick L o f t u p here Mr and Mrs J F Stall and daughter. Doris Mr and Mr. Edward Stall a n d Mrs Honoi'a. B«all motored to Lov- Insion Sunday and vltlted with Mr and M i a Lawrence Belli and family M l t f t Blanche Durtlinfer, Ella. P r l t c h e f t and Helen Batll attended the Christian Endeavor convention In P*- orit imt week Mr. and Mrf A 1 Houiton and con and tv.o daughUri cirn« over iiom Champaign In thalr auto Friday and ipont the day with Rev and Mrs £ K Crews Mr and Mri W R Kli«r entertained tho f o l l o w i n g guests at dlnnar Sunday .11 h o n o r of Mr, Kixtr I evantleth m r t h i;\ The Zu6»t» were Mce R o a e t t a Moor» Rev and Mri fi K Crswe ot X l a n t l c and Mil* M a u r t n c Lowry of Hammond UNION SERVICES HELD AT ATWOOD Atwoocl July 14 -- Union services are beinc; held itch Sunday evening Rsv. K E O«r« pa«t«r of th« Baptist church preached at the Methodist church Sun- das e v e n i n g The Ladlei Aid or the First Chrie- t l i n church (av« an lc« cream supper Saturday cvenlnf on tne Uwn between Hamilton and Sipa a grocery atore anl Dr C XV Marahl office Carl Hatilf has been In St Marie, the pant W6ck tllliii* 1 vacancy TJ 5 Jones returned hom« last Thuridav from a \ l s l t with relatives at Mis« H, len K a l = e r Msltod a few l a = t w e e k in Ml Pulaskl, with Miss Merle r-irlow \T ho accompanied her horn* on Thuriday for a little visit here. Milt Carrie Steven* of Cliamnaltn 11 th« guest of Miss Maurlns Stevenion \ E Drew and familv. vvho have been vtilting friends here for the past vvoek returned to their homo in Indianapolis Sundav They made the trip in their Reo and were accompanied home by Elmer Roblnion who will spend a part of hie vacation there and part w i t h re'atlves In Lebanon, O Mi and Mrs a. W Vermllllon returned to theii home in Decatur Sunday evenlnjr after a. ihort vlelt here with Mr and Mr*. O. M. Moore. Mill Mollie Qrotg who teachet In Brown'* Dullness College li home on her vacation She entertained the fol- l o w i n g v o u n g r ladles from Decatur S u n - tla} Mlsaes R u t h and Mary Leach, Hazel Wood, Cora, Strough, Grace Crlpe Editn Fnlzer and Edna Peck Mrs C E Clayton of Decatur is the guest of her parents, Mr and "Mrs "\T J Biggs Frank Lawrence, J r , is home from Danville on hit vacation Mil Addle Pleteon wai the gueit of relatives heie laat week She left Saturday for California, where the will make her f u t u r e home Mr and Mrs C W Ehrhardt and children were cuecte of Rev and Mri A Heinlein in Mt Pulaski a few d a j J lilt week Mies Edith Qoodtpeed of Tuicola wai the guest of MUc Helen Kalcer T h m s d a v evening Mr and Mis, Fred ttrhardt and children of neai Pierson spent th« day with Charles Erliardt and f a m i l y Sunday. ALLENVILLE. Mr «na Mr( tnnoaora Snjdtr and a t u g h t o r E U a and L a w l i Hawkins w e r e in Manoon Thnuaay Born to Mr and Mri J 6 Martin, a da lUite "«i = Frank Eutton Of MittOCn, vlllted Mr« Mar\ b n \ e i ^ ednelilay MI« hions Burcham wa« in Sullivan Thursc^ A ·*! M o n t o n 6 J Q Adami and A W But on \ e i e in M^tloon Thursday Mrfl £rneftt Olcner of Mattool), vlfllted her mnthftr, Mrs Mflrgafat Mftrtin m«t week Tht E»*t NfiUon I6wnihlp Sunday «c';oM C6nv«tition v x i l l be hold at teh Coiai Sapti^t churan Hunaay aft«rft6on Clirk b i t t o n has bfien b r o u g h t home f om the hoMil il at Mattooft where he had a tfle a m p u t a t e d He is getting filong niceH Mrs Jarr#B Bpaufcft viilted hsr m o t h e r Mrt M a r t Kiiott Sunilny Mr lntl ^ rs G P Martin »p«nt Friday and Saturdtr in Dtcatur Mrs J w Hasklns Mrt O Q Suxton Mrs PT!^ H'-l! and Mise Fai e Mann were? in B U l l l i i n ^ T i u r d a s Theodore ^ n v d e r and fnrfillj J B Tnhnr «na f a m i i v sheirnan Pretion ana f a m i l y Mr and lrs J R KoikinB ana Lfi^ls Kraw- kins ftgcnt ftUnaay at Llthia LOBT TO SULLIVAN Th# A316nv Ills buiebll team \m defeated Sunday tiv ^ u i i l \ a n Rev Ira Stflut 6f Bffmetiam will preach «t the C h r l H U n ch»rJh Sun4»5 Misejs Rut)', and Qiad» Mitchell of Ef- (Insham v i t l u d Mr and Mrs J T Snarrilet Municipal Utilities Favored Over Public Service Co. Tuscola July 14--Mayor C U McMasters, Dr "VT B Rice and a party of others left Tutcola, early on Monday morning in automobllea on a tour of inspection of the lighting plants tnd arrangements af some of the surrounding towns They expected to go to Taylor- villa a,nd take In several other places *n route A trip o{ this kind was bv tome of the aldermen and a. committee of huilneic men one dav la»t week to. towns north and weit ot Tuscola- and it looks as If the city authorities were going i n t o the investigation of the lighting question t h o r o u g h l y w i t h a v i e w to p u t t i n g In a municipal plant If the Central Illinois Public Service Com- panv does not decide to make tome concessions to the deminda of the council, r e l a t i v e to rates. It is v e r y likely that they will be compelled to reUriQUllh t h o l r franchise for lighting The tame company has or has had a contract to f u r n i s h the cit w i t h w a ter During the protracted arouth of last v ear their supply ran low and for weeks there wae no presiure on the m a i n s and those who depended on the cuv water «upplv for use In building 1 ; and were c o m p p l l e d to mike other ar- l a n g e m e n t s or do w i t h o u t w a t e r The « M e r supply was shut off again last Saturday and since that time there has been no prcaeure except for a short t i m e at IntervaU d u r l n j the day Tlve claim of the Service Company la that It has been unable to secure an adequate supplv that w i l l hold out during hot d r j w e a t h e r euch aa tve had last year and are at present experiencing: SOT SCOUTS HAVE GREAT TIME. A number of people from the city drove out to the camp of the Tuicola Boy Scout* on Sunday evening Thev are nicely located in a. fine piece of woods south of Camargo The- camp site il on a high piece of river bank on the east tide of the river The bovs have constructed a, foot bridge across the r i v e r vvhii-h Is not deep at that point, but Is too deep to jet over with shoae and stockingi on, where people con-Ing to the camp can get over nice- lv Just up the river a few h u n d r e d v arfls th»v m\e a place where the river is deep enough for good swimming tor soma distance and a number of tbe boys have quilllied as first class scout* by swimming: fifty yards, some of whom could hardly swim at all before they went into camp Scout Master J3r HIne, and R J. N. Johnson, who are In charge of the camp, are deserving of a ereat deal of credit for the work they are doing with the boi SHORT SESSION OP COURT There wai a short senlon of the Douglas countv court before Judge Walter J. Dolson on Monday for the hearing of a motion for a new trial in the cais of Mahoney vi. Branham The motion was overruled and the amount of the original verdict was reduced, leaving the judgment for $45 instead of $51 MOTOR TRIP TO INDIANA, Mr. and Mra. C C Kagev, accompan-' led by their son. P.udolph, left hera early Monday morning for a motoi trip to Columbus Ind They went via Ind- lananoiis and expected if they had no accident to reach that city about 10 a m , take d i n n e r -here with f r i e n d s and proceed to Columbus in the afternoon Ray D. Weaver and children, who spent the week end In Decatur, returned to Tuscola. on Sunday evening Mrs W C Lewis of Champaign, was a Monday visitor at ths home of her daughter. Mrs. Brown Linton, in this cltv N 0 Mood} and wife, of Gibson City, were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs J W. Moody on Sunday C XV Deirduff of the Farmers and Traders Bank spent Sunday w i t h friends in Olney and reports passing through a good shower of rain at Newton while l e t u r m n g to Tuscola on Monday morning BEATEN B7 CHAMPAIGN The Tuscola base ball n i n e Sunday a f t e r n o o n met a club from Champaign in a hird foment Kame n h l c h resulted In a score of S to 2 In favor of the visitors A game will ba played on the local ground* with a team from Oakland on'neit Sunday afternoon BRIEFS P, P. Dawson, formerly of this city but now of Champaign, was calling on .friends here Monday. E. V. Buchanan of tha Star Btore, expects to leave her* the latter part of this week for New York where he will meet the buyer* from the otber ttares of their chain on a purchaaing expedition. Jamas Enlow, who ha* bean vlaltlng relatives here for several das returned on Monday to hi* home at Klcbwood, O Frank Basset, J r , who spent Sunday with hi* parents In thl* city, returned to Clinton I n d , on Monday. Among the Tutcola people who were In Decatur on Monday were, f. M Chadwlclt Adam Meister, Jen* Jonei, J M Merica and O. B McFarland Mrs 'U illlim Huston went to Springfield on Monday Mrs Belle Eaton of Overly, N Dak, is a K u e s t at the home of her sister, Mrs W H Shreve In this city. Mrs Jeicie Swartz, of Chicago, who has been a guest at the home of her parents, Rev and Mrs W s~ Calhoun, returned to Chicago Monday. Frank Melov of the G M D L,egg p o u l t r y companv In this cltv, l e f t here Monday v i a the C E I, for a trip to Seattle, Wish Mr Luttrell and f a m i l y of Sullivan « e r e S u n d a y suests at the home of Ag»nt G V G l a l U l l e of the C E I Mr and Mrs Enos vTucherpfi-nnig and Mr and Mrs Frank Kirkpatrick of Oakland, spent Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs George Hurst Miss Catnerlne Smith, who is a professional nurse In the Cltv Louis city hospital, spent Sunday In this city with r e l a t i v e s Bachman Building- North Main and Prairie Avenue. Store Closes Every Thursday Afternoon In July and August. NOTION WEEK SMALL WARE ODDS AND ENDS AT ATTRACTIVE CLEARANCE PRICES Pins and Buttons, Tapes and Thread, Thimbles and Needles, Shears and Braids; all these we have in profusion and all are most attractively priced. An interesting fart which you had not perhaps before thought of, is that ever}* civilized nation on the face of the globe contributes to this notion sale. We scour the world for these stocks--center them in the one department--and offer them to you at prices which--when you consider the history of their manufacture, and their collection m this store ready for your hand--are surprisingly insignificant. Look over the list below; then, buy them while they are cheap. Little Princess Curling Iron -- a splendid good sized Curling Iron at each Best Cube Pine in black and white, at cube ^. 4c 4c Kohinoor Dress Fasteners lock fast and have round edges which will not cut threads. They are guaranteed rust proof and come in black or ·vyhite, in all -| A^, sizes, at card AUC Highland Pins, a high grade brass pin inallsiaea, at paper. 4e 25c Skirt Markers for 9c. A splendid Skirt Guage which is not readily turned over and can be easily adjusted. A regular 25c value for each 9c Roberts Razor Brand Scissors are made from the best steel, and we have all sizes and kinds, at pair 50c to Colored Rickrack and scalloped edge Braids, in all colors, reduced according to size and quality, a 10-cent bolt 1 O _ for 7c: 15c bolt for lie, 25c bolt for JLoC Bias Fold Seam Tapes made from extra fine lawn in white* and black, all widths, 12 yards in a piece, at bolt lOc to , Omo Dress Shields, the perfect dress shield, absolutely odorless and hygienic--a style for every Cf\ garment, at pair 20c to OUC Aurora Ruche Supports are silk covered, rust proof, pliable and easily shrped. There's a yard ~ OK on ·· card at card ^uOC "Hubtip" Shoe Laces. There's no metal on the .tips of these laces, consequently they remain a permanent black and wear twic as long as ordinary laces, f» at pair , OC Shinola Shoe Polish in black or tan, gives a quick, brilliant and waterproof shine. Box vr 9c Whittemore's 25c Shoe Dressing for 20c. This is the "Gilt Edge" dressing for fine shoes which sells regularly at 25c. Our price is bottle 2Qc Whittemore's "Nubuck" Dressing for white shoes, cleans and whitens all buck and suede shoes. \Vesella25cbottlefor Warren's Girdeline for making girdles, is made of fine per- cahne with best quality stays in 2i/ 2 , 1 {* ,, 3 and 3i/2-inch widths, at yard JLtJC Cushion Astra Collar Supports, the best silk-covered 1 Ax» spiral support made. All sizes at card AUC Lady Dainty Lingerie Tape. A neat, mercerized tape, 10 yarda to the bolt, in blue, pink or white, a bodkin with every bolt, at bolt 8c The Linn and Scruggs "special" Alarm Clock, a splendid time keeper with a good alarm and a £Q/» special value at each .. ; Ut/C Carmen Hair Nets. A high-grade silk Hair Net of large size which we have in all colors. We offer it this week at two for Climax Toilet Paper, a fine toilet tissueJn large rolls, which sells regularly at 5c the roll. This week we will sell you 7 rolls for. 25c The ideal fuel for all purposes. Absolutely clean. No dust. No dirt. No aoot. Is made in Decatur at our new gas works, and is the pure carbon, which means the REAL HEATING VALUE IN COAL. One tone of coke will go twice as far as a ton of soft coal. One ton of coke will go as far as a ton of hard coal. Only $4.50 per ton delivered. Try a load and be convinced. Telephone your order. Bell No. 1; Auto 1167. Decatur Railway and Light Co. United Doctors HAVE INSTITUTES IN MANY CITIES Decatur Institute, 217 N. Water Have cured more deep-seated Chronic Diseases of the Nerves, Blood, Skin, Kidneys, Liver, Stomach and Bowls than any medical institute in the United States, as affidavits and testimonials from cured patients will prove. Open Wednesday only this month. POLISHES/^ PRAIRIE HOME. Hiram Johnson and wife John W 8*nnM ana Jacob Eannar of Decatur, attended ta« funeral or Mri D a Banner hera Wedn«e« day. Burial wa* la th« Bathany e*m«am Mrs John Paslty and §on viiltM In DaU*B City Thursday ana Friday F, P SneKI«r .pent Erlday at H. D. Un-i tere In Flndlay with hl« alater, lira, Ell« abeth Thompson, wbo la sick J H Baird ton DeForest and Claud Bait* called to see Vrl Elllibcth Thompun at Flndlay Saturday afteruon SanCord Moan and family apcat tanday at the home at Clarence Bird Word was received hart laat w«k of tb» death of Mri-. Mary Ltn3«, widow of tha late Re\ Clark Landon a formar paacar of this place at h«r borne In Mlnneapolta. Minn J R Moon and wife and ion Carl epetit Sunday at the home of Charles Hall Mrs Howard Thompson spent the first of last \veok with her mother, Mra, Jack Carlyl* near Bethany who !· itek John E Oarman of Decatnr. Tinted hla brother Jatnei and Jamliy Sunday Th«r« will ba no itrvlcai here nart TWO NERVOUS WOMEN ! Made Weil By Lydia ELPink- ham's Vegetable Compound. , Philadelphia, Pa. --"I had a severe case of nervous prostration, with palpitation of the heart, constipation, headaches, d i z z i n e s s , noise in my ears, timid, nervous, reit- lesa feeling! and sleenlesmess. TV. ~ / , ; , ' ! " I read to the pa- ·41 t*~sW«to J per where , you ng woman had been cured of the same troubles by taking Lydia E. Pinkham'i Vegetable Compound so I threw away the medicines the doctor left me and began taking the Compound. Before I had taken half a bottle I was able to sit up and in a short time I was able to do oil my work. Your medicine has proved itself able to do all you say it will and I have recommended it in every household I have visited."-Mrs.MARY JOHNSTON, 210 Siegel Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Another Bad Case. Ephrata, Pa.--"About a year ago I was down with nervous prostration. I was pale and weak and would hava hysteric spells, sick headaches and a bad pain under my shoulder-blade. I was under the care of different doctors but did not improve. I was so weak I could hardly stand long enough todo mydishes.^ ·' Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has made me well and happy and I have begun to gain in weight and my. face looks healthy now."-Mrs. J. Wj HORNBEBGER, R. No. 3, Ephrata, Pa. If yon want special advice write to Lydia £. Pintham Hedictee Co. (confidential) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will be opened, read and answered by a woman ana held IB strict confidence. B ROKEN ring, broken heart, broken watch, broken engagement; broken eyeglass, untold annoyance, Indented sliver, Injured pride All these fractures and dents pass out of exiatence when they pass through our repairing department--the Injured articles returning ai good as new. And the price Is eo small it seems utterly absurd Joy cornea Into her heart, a* ri\ ers come to the aea. A trinket In filled gold carrlei the gladsome message--sometimes a ring, a. locket or a pin of dainty make ig the medium E. E. BARBER JEWELER 105 .V Water Strnrt. Don't rub your clothes and hands to pieces over a washboard? SOAP gets the dirt and spares the clothes-- no hard rubbing- no boiling -- just a little , light rubbing. Peosta^ Buds soak the d out. A 5c cake does a big washing. Try it,

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