The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 30, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1859
Page 3
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.. _ Wort done to »»ojrtan»nllke manner, at «nortnotl»» 7 ' •• L. OKJSWOJjD » CO., i ', flKNTuannra ASO OHODJUWB BOOTS, RBOES AK» CATTER8, H AS ON &TBEKT, Opposite the WalkeT ! Hon»«. E K , »avri.oT(ixa AID) Muin W HOOTS,«UOEB ATfD WAITERS, NO. 24 SPEINQ STEKKT, Oppoclte AimoricKii Hon«« Boot Ac. Shoe Store, NO. 48 EAST WATJBH SraEET, JOHN PHElxiVN, KEEPS always on hand good 1 ea«tom made Boot* and Shoes. • All kinds of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boot* and Shoei cade to order In the latest «tyl* and 'warranted toplvt ettiitaetion. aprg JOHN HJOE, HUOLERAL.E DBCCtGlST, NO. 88 EAST WATER STREET, Has Jnst received a tail supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, niannfactured at Oleveland, New York. Transpc'wi entirely by ve*sel, it coons in perfect order, and enables me to sell at low fates. I have permanent arrangements to sell this brand of <H«*« hereafter, myffl JOHN RICE. AND ADVENTTJR 8 KIT The Nester of the Prom fact* narrated by blmiell. ' Jnrt reoelved by maylO _ BTStOrlLAMD A Uo. Rehback>8 Lead Pencil*, FOE BALI BY TKKUY & OJLKAVEK, BOOKSELLERS AIVD STAT1O1VEBS, 16T Sott Water Unet, llUmmttt. TTtTEhave Jnst received a full supply of these Oele- •f bratedCenoil* from the maniifaotcry of J. J. Behbach, In Kegensbarg, Bavaria. They IF e ovetnlly assorted, and each grade U distinguished t y a popular brand. Particular attention Is called t* '.be "ijppoal- Uon Pencil," (round black gilt;) and to the'•People's Pencil," (round rrfgilt) also to the "Engineer'* Pen- oil," (hexagon gilt.) Ail of •hloh will be found snperl. or to any other peno 1 in the market. Always on band a complete aiaortment of Kack and colored lead pencil* of all the des(rable grade*. A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of order*. aprxV Harper Brothers, (XttaidMfd in 1818,) aODSK E1GH, SHIP, OABJUAGE AND OKHAMKNTAL Pftliiler*, Glazier* A: P«tpor^Iaiifen>, IMITATORS OF WOOD AMD MABBI.B, NO. 39 ««EII»A STREET, AfXWDOORSXASTOF TBX MABKT1 BO UBS. Insurance Agents JONKS & General Land and NOTARIES OPROt, corner of Reed and Orefroo itreet*, Meyroee'* Block. Pilih Ward. Will attend u> the buying and selling of Real Estate, Insuring Good! and Buildings In responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making >nt of Deods, Mortgagee, Contracts, Lease*, Ac. AQ Collections made on aocount* placed In onr hand wtll be promptly paid over. A. O. JOHIS ........ jyft ...... BOUBT WE1TZHULD. SLUNOil'.KKl. & BKUNUTIO, OMMlSblO.N MKKCHANTS. Seal Estate and Money Broken, NOIABIE8 PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. No. 4 Markrl Square, opposite the Old Post- ALLIBONE'8 DICTIONARY OF AUTHORS. 4 Critical JHeOouarg of SnoUt\ literature and friOekand America* Avlfo t, living and de- ceoMdffrmOuKarUeitA cevnUtothe Middle o/UUninetff^in ctmtvry. Containing IMrty Thousand £tographie» and literary Jtotices; ««A furtf Indeaet i/Su'jectt. PrU-t fa. INDE8PHI8ABLV necessary to all who Bead, all who J. Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lawyer*, Scientific and Ute-ary Men, Merchants and Farmer*, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMFAHIOH. FURNIBHCD BY STRICKLAND & CO., BOOK it STATION UK V JOBBEBS, 186 £a*t Water ttreel, MILWAUKEE, l^RTFORDlWStllAMCJBCQJIIPAHV, I N 0 O B P 0 R AT ID •** 1 »10 Cub Capital *ad 8urplnj,^.i.. .i..-. HOME INSURANCE COMPANY, OaihCapital ar^Sarptai,?^..,.'....$l^Wr»M 40; HOWARD IlVillTRANCE COMPANY, Of New York. IHOORPORATE) IN 18J6. Oaah Capital and Burplo*. .$888,96083 PIUENIX INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Oxmnecaont, Cash Capital and Burplu*,.?. $419,084 66 LAMAB CO., FIRE IlfSURANCE t>r Hew Tork, d to Capital andSnrphuv... IS5°,0€» 83 ESOLVrE IlfSURAJTCE COMPANY, Of New York City, Oath Capital and Surplus, f34&£8» M CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Or Hartford, Ootmecticat, Cash Capital and Surplus, .1308,281 48 I solicit builneu for the above named Oompanlea, ei tlrely upon their own merit* and responsibility, anJ refer to their prompt and liberal aettlement or all Losses heretofore, a* a guarantee for the fajture. Policies Issued without delay. W. HENRY HOLLAND, Agent. JOB* HOLLAXD, A***t. ' Nortfawesft ear. Main and D. P. M ««j»«,j n Surveyor. Wisconsin sta* Milwaukee. •eptfi United State» F. lnti.,C«. Orrto, Office. mar!T A T T O D. COKSON, R N E Y AT LAW HAS removed to Office, No. I. State Bank Building, corner ol k»*t Wiuer and Michigan <ttreek t Muwaukee. mariO-dSm jao. L Doua, uiraa LITT. DOKAN * LKVY, Attorney and Connsellon ' Law, Office—Bmptrt Sloct, 281 Rat Water it., MILWAUKEE ImayM] ...WISCONSIN CAPITALISTS W ILL nnd at my cffict a Register, open to tttetr inspection of bonda and Mortfr&gei and other se- enritlei offered for sale. Persons wtehtnp Ui obtain l^oans or having Bonds, Mortgages or other seonrltles for sale, may ftnd it to their Interest to file with me their applications or statements C. BOBLEY, yl£ Opposite Walker House. GrOOL) (JtlANCK. HOUSK AND LOT FOK SAXE CHEAP » HE undersigned will sell bis House and Lot, i occupied a« s Tav n by him, situated on Main st. Eaclne, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the R. A M. EL R Depot. The house Is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the situs Oon of the Lot, would answer for any branch of busl ness, especially for Store, which branch t> already no* projected at that very locality. Those who tike to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHN BARTH. Racine, January 25, 1S59. Jan2T-dom Lumber Vessels for Sale. Bctwoner Fashion, 224 tuns. Schooner D. NewhalL, 190 tuns. Scow Schooner Rugby, 168 tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very • low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TAYLOB * JBWETT, Buffalo, New York. Enquire of B. B. Jonca, U1I ankee, Wisconsin. feb«6 [From Theophius Parsena, L. L. D., Professor of Law In Harvard University.1 CAMBUDO*, Jan. 6,165*. OIIB 8n :—I have had the first volume of year Dictionary for pome days, and have sat *Ded myaelf that your p an hi excellent, and that yon have carried it ont wtth very great industry and with good judgment.— The (•linen and accuracy of it* Information concerning modern authors and ihelr works, are indeed remarkable. To any one who desire the knowledge your b^ok purpnits to give—and what educated man does not?— It mnst be ol great interest a 'd ralue. Respectfully, Ac , T11COPHILDS PARKEB. a. Austin AJUibdne, Esq. [Prom B. Irensni* Prime, D. D., Editor N. Y. Observer.] NEW You, Feb. 8,1SGS. GnTLCMn :—The flm volume of your great Dictionary of Authors, 1 have Derated with astonishment a d delight. It is just what 1 have long desired to have, and have sought lor In vatn. Thousand* of clergymen, >toder>ta, and all lltera-y and IntellUcnt men, must wise to have juit t' IB work; and they will have it, When they learn that It Is In thi world It deserves the most cordial reception, and 1 trust that the eutbor and the publishers will have the largest reward for their enterprise and labor. Yours truly, : o. 1REN.KC8 PRIMS. Chlldi t Peterson. WOOD A1\I> HAY YAKII. O. H. LAMBKKTQN H AS just opened, for the benefit of all who may become h>« Customer*, a Market (or WOOD and HAY. at the N. E. Corner of Wext Water and Clybourn Streets, (Office with Messrs. Mabbett A Breed.) His Stock or Wood hi large, Dry and Hard, (Cut and Split or noent) His -lock of Hay Is of the BEST QUALITY, and BALED [K O IOD ORDER. Each will be delivered to any part of the City on the SHaBTEdT NOTICE and the LOWEST TERMS. N. B.—Wood Pedlars, and those who sh'p large au>ntltics .if H»v will always find It to their advantage to buy of us. We will sell *o that dealer* may make a handsome profit by selling on the street. mayl» O. H. LAMBERTON. GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISH'O. NEXT DOOIt TO A. R. VAN POTT'S. Q 0 H. K U S S E L L. D KTAfJLT having been made In the condition of a certain promissory note, bearing date December 1st., A D. 1857, executed by W. B. Hlbbard and John 8. Harris, and alsi m the condition of a certain vessel mortgage (if the same date exeanted by said Hlbbard and Harris to secure the payment of «ald note. N otlce to hereby given to all parties interested Ihat we (hall expose for sale and sell on Tuesday, (he Bth day of JULY, A, D , 1859, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of that day, at the Spring street bridge, In the city of Mllwan kee, the Schooner William B. B ephena, her ma*ta, bowsprit*, (alls, boat, anchor, cable*, and all other necessaries thereunto appertaining and belonging, to •atUfy the amount remaining due on said note and mortgage together with the costs and expenses of sale. MOSEH *,. IAMKS, and JOSEPH JAMES, Mortgagee*. By W. W. BBOVI, Agent. Bonn, BtrrTHicr t OOTOSLL, Attorney*. maygMu ^^^^^ U CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE RAIL ROAD. 1 859. gg«gW» 1859. SPKINQ «KBAT If OBTH- WJBMTJbiitK UfflTEft STATES OTAM, * JBXFAE88 AND ONLT ALL RAIL TO LA tJROSSE OsKh* OFP£8 nf 8S1SRIPPI RTTEH. .On and after Monday, June SOth, ' ' Tw« Through Expresi Traiai Daily,. (SmfDA TS SXOEPTED,) LEAVIS^ MILWAUKEE, DEPOT FOOT 07 .. 7:»5 ..• " A8-»OUO«T8J- ' -'"•••'• A. 91. and I:5O P. ITl. Trains »rrireiitMflwaakee»t ' k Olo*econnectlon» are made at LaOroiu. Twice daily cacb way jlviUi the JMin- nesota Packet Company's Wew and t«8 Matt X,ine lDL>wru>, Jan. 8<,18SS. MT DUB 811 .—With better knowUdce of your book from repeated fi*asts upon It, I *m asham d to .have written you EG commonplace an acknowledgment of Its first rre Ipt. Of all the storehouse of Interesting and readable matter the •'Dictionary of Author*" see s t" roe the roost captivating. The good taste, industry, and skill of arrangement therein manlfesttd rotrld not b. aj-p»ased, »Bd it vll make Hjr/ou a reputation very en^*ble. 1 shall try t« make amends In print for mv apparently Inappreciative first acknowledgment of the acquisil-ou. » tth many sincere thanks for the prize I hare ID lite book, 1 remain, my dear Mr, Tours, f* thfnlly, K P WILLU. ft. Aostin AlltboDe, Esq. may 19 KK.W Jl'VENlLN PUBLIKHKD BY CAHTKKH. A UCt A>D DOLPHD8 Aunt Jndy'g Tales. Parablr* from Nature. Mines In the Sun Beam. Fanny, the Flower Girl- Uncle Jack the Fault Killer. Far sale by TKERT ACLEAVF.K, may 16 16T Ka»t Watersu NEW BOOKS —AT— TERRY & CLEAVER*, 167 KAST WATER STRKXT. B ARTH'8 Travel* In Central Airtca, 1 vol., abridged. Livingston's Travel* In Southern Africa, 1 vol. Speergeoos Sermons, 6th series. Higher Ohrtotian Life. maylt SHiPPEKS OF PKODU(Jt; C AN supply themselves with Bills of Ladlnx at TKERT 4 OLE AVER'S, maySO 167 Easl Water rtreet. .OAPTrAL SURPLUS ...... Offlce, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of last Water and Michigan streets, ItlLWAVKXJf. ............ ..WJSOOJfSOf. 1100,00000 S9.«M 00 J. A- Qelfenstein, E. Sandenon, Moses Kneeland, B. 8. Oaggett, Samuel Hale, 8. D. Dousman, H. L. Palmer, Edwtn Townund, Solomon Adler. J. A. HELTEHBTKIH, President. O. D. DO0BMAN, Vice Praiident. W. T. PALMER, Bwneral Agent. B, 0. Wssr,Secretary. yuU 8.8. Dioairr, Treasurer. H. L. PAijm, Attorney. marlO MIL.WAUKKK CITY INSURANCE CO., OFFICE: a miacbell BuildlBff, nirblsraa. at. OUAR1SRSD CAPITAL, • • |20fj,000 Cash Paid in, glO«,OOO. d. L. Fauica, B. Towwaxxp, J. n. &fuj>oa. J.8 HiEsrs OBAB. Onsnaa, DIBKOTOB8 O. D. DAVIS, S. A. Ooxovam, 5. HnxmaT, J. H. OOIDSB, U. COMSTOOT, W. A. Pumas, Joetra F. Urli,, On. Dm. E. TOWN8END, President. A. L. WALRATH, Secretary. ja. L. PAiJtaa, Attorney. ff Fire and Marine Klsks taken at current rate*. le*4 AND riRE T HE underslrned Is prepared to take Marine Risks aod Fire Risk* on rrodoee In More. In the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, Mew York, at a* low rate* a* by other reliable Companies. The reputation ol this well-known, tong established Company entitles I tto public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, novS at nmee of n. A J. F. 11111. im,.lo»elJ; am |n.m.,arrlvlnginllllwank«at 1135b. n __ajTlTtnr»t*Iflwaokeeby the MUwaokw t JU I* C«»« * "U-R- B; and WL AlDkl. y Boat, can proceed to the above place*. . fo£**< m«de « Watertown'wfth stages for Jefferson, Waterloo, HahehetviUe, Son tr, \lf B: Grove and. Madison. Also at Cotujnfinl J«rlmac,At*ego,Fall Klfer.Leed** Ooenei , Iiowrffle, Dekora, Tork, Arlington, Bristol a u for (illpolntt-tothe West tnd North Wert. Passengers arriving At the Auction from the piaces'make connection* h the Milwaukee A Mb*}* «ppl K. R-, for JanesTiDe, Madlaon aad Prairie bi •Omen and at Milwaukee, with road* to the South, Wis and North. . . ' aprt 8. S. HlCltRITJi, Superintendent; 1859. 8UMMJSK —VIA— MICHIGAN OENTRAX. 6. Western (Canada) Rail-way mRAIHB leave the G^eat Centra! Depot, foot of Lake JL itreet Chicago, a* follow! : 4JOO A. M.—DBKTOIT ACCOMMODATION, (Bonday* accepted), arrive at Detroit 4.00 A. n.—oiHonmAn aatatas. (Saod exeepted.) Arrive at IndUnapoU* «;08 p. ».; Cincinnati &8Q r. M. «:OO A. M.—LieHTNIHG KXPRgfJi, (Sundays ex- eepted,) arrive* at Detroit 1m r. n. Suspension Bridge or Buffalo 4:0' A • ; Albany artW.p. ».; Mew York MM r. «.; Boston 11 p. «. 8:00 P. la.-Nll'B-) AOCOMMODATION, except gnnday. 8:00 P. M.—NBW YORK AND BOSTON EXPRfcS, (exceptSaturday.) Arrive at Detrail 7:15 A. * , Suspension Bridge or Buffalo 4^0 r. x.; Albany 4:00 A. n.; New Tork 10:00 i. H4 Boston *M t. «. ' 8;ih> P. BI.-CIWC1MNATI AND LOD1SYILLEBX- PRB88. (Except Satorday.) Arrive at Cincinnati 9WO i. «.; Louisville p. •. One train on Sunday at 8:00 p. K. The 8.-00 a. si. and 8.OO P. «. train* connect at Paris with the Buffalo t Lake Huron Hallway, for Bnfiah and all point* e'«t; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Ballway, to KingsU A, Ogdenstrargf Montreal, Quebec and all points in Canada Rast, Northern Vermont, New Hamushlrr and Maine. t&~ Baggage chec»«J thrwagh. Through ticket* foi isJe at the principal Railroad office* in the- West, and at the general offioa, corner Lake A Dearboiji street*, ooposlte the Tremont House, Ohleago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake itreet. R. V. RICK, Supl. H. J. SriLctio. Gen Pan. Ar^. aprlS Detroit A IWil. Railway. THK Steamer Cleveland will take ___^__ her place In line of the Detroit A Hllwaa- kee Hallwiy, on Monday, the 14th March. Pass-Dgers wishing through ticket* can he (applied on and after Monday next, at tfW Eaat Water street, or at the office on the doe* of the Detroit * Milwauke Railway Co.— One notice of the time of departure will be airen. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quicken route to all point* Bait. mart SUMMRR I #59. ARRANGEMENT. flilwankee RAIL ROAiD. Quaker City Insurance Co., OF PHILADELPHIA. AUTdOMZBD CAPITAL, aiOO,OOfl. PAID UP OAPfTAL AND ABSBTT8, »I7355. Offlrt, FranUin BtMdinf, No. 408 Waln-ut tlrrtt, PhUaddpJtia, T HK sabserib-r bat been apt oiotef* agent fotj tbls Compaor for Milwaukee and vicinity. Risk- taken on as favorable Irnni as other responsible Companies" JAMES? WHITE, Afent. Office, corner of fcut Wklrr snd Huron street*, ap stairs, over the Marine Panr. tnavT? BY STATE AUTHORITY, WIHCONBIN OtNEKAI. INSURANCE AGENCY ( HAUTEH O.IK IIHE IKK. « . Bart-ford, Ooon. OABH ASSETS . .»S41,i46 95 JVORTH AIKEB1CAN FIRE INN. (O^, Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS. a8M,8«0 M TH1> SHORTEST AND KIOftT EXPEPITIOl'M ROI7TEI TO La t'rosse, Winona, fiead'i Landing, Bed Wing, P&E8COTT, BT, PAUL AND 8T. ANTHONY. Chongeof Time, Moodnr, April 4, 1*58. 1ST TRAIN 11:00 A M I.F.AVKN TIILWAEKF.F, Arrlrlnjl SI JineiTll'e 2 30 P M. ; Madison 3:35 P M ; Prairie da Ohien 8.-00 P M Oonnrctlnx with Ihr Prairie Ja Chlen »nd 8L Paul Packrts, which frsre Prairie do Chlen on the arrival of the 9:00 P. M. Train. 2D TRAIN LEAVEN HIILWAl KEE Madison 8:08 P. M., ArrfTlDf it Janre<irlllr 8^8 P. M 10:00 P M low aB anj other K"ute WILLIAM JKRVI?, &I-16 Gcu'l Kuperint. ndenu : <)F TIMIi. T, April 4th. trains on the M|] tr A Raral>oo Va4lry R**ulroa.l : at 11.36 A. « , and drpan K R. ft. MERRH L, PupX tiOlRB WEFPT Leave Racine for D»vl»—Freight A A ex., Lemre R»clOe for Helots-Paweoger, fl01BGltA8T, LeaTe Belolt for Rmeloe—PatucD^er, Leave Davi» for Uaelne—freight 1 Ace., 8:30 A. M. Pauenger*T bj taking tl»e 7 A M. train on the Lake Shore Railroad at, connect at Racine wltlt tralivto Davit; arriTlng at Darti *%i S.80 r. v. Stage leattu p*vl» for Freeport on arrival 1 of traJa. 8^0 A. K. tralri from DaTla connect! at Racine with afternoon trairjB on the Lake Shore Railroad North and South, tV freight forwarded with 4Upatch. decS BO0KRT UARRIB, SoperlnUndent. Pittibnrgb, Fort. Wayne & Chicago KAIL. ROAD. flew and direct Root* now open to New York JL lo.ion, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wasn utifcn cltj, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buflalo, Niagara Valla, and Ul eastern cltle*. Olncinoati, Columbus, Day ton, Springfield, Urban*, ZanetrUle, Kteubennlle, New ark and Wheeling, and all Interior towns ol Ohio, Ptan •ylvania, Vlrginlc, Maryland, New Jersey, Ac. Making one (>raii<i Unbroken R. R. Lint •mm* CHUUSO AJU> m aur. fAJJX A* LO W AS AJfT OTUEB KODTX. ff~ Tho«e detlrlng to go by this Route will be par Ucnlar and enquire for Ticket! via fort Wayne, thereby avoiding the annoyance of rechecklng their Baggage. TRAJJfS LSA VX DBPOT OH VAX BURSS H DA1L >', AH t OLLO WS: 6:00 r. M.—Night Exprrss, dally, Saturday! accepted. 6:00 l. M.—Morning UaU and Express, dally, Sundays exeepted. With bat one change of can to Pittsburgh. cnmuia UUO.AOI VBaoaaH To PltUburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York connecting directly with train* on the great Pennsylva- nla Central Railroad, to all eaitern dtlei. Alio, with Cleveland A Columbus Railroad to Cleveland, Dunlurl Buffalo, Niagara Falig via New York Central and Ne» York A Erie RailroaJs to New York and Boston. Penons going eait vrlll &nd thii ronte by tar the moil desirable, both from the advantage in point of distance, variety and beauty of the country through which the road* pas*, a* well u the le» frequent change! of can and the annoyance of rr-checking baggage required by other route*. facilities for the transportation of freight and Live Stock by this route are unsurpassed. Rates as low u any other route, and with eqnal dispatch. Tickets for sale at allt he principal ticket office* in th» West, and at Company'* Office, No. tiO Dearborn street opposite Tremont House, Chicago, and at the office «' the Lake Shore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A.G. Leland JNO. J. UOCHTON, General Freight Agent, Pittaburith, Pi. 0. W. BO88, General Western Agent, Chicago. Chicago, Marih «, 1!*8. mart ttilwaukeetV Chicago R. K, 1859. 1859. 8UMMKH AKKANOKMKNT. Qrtai United State* Mail and Exprett Route. T HK only reliable aod ILL Rotrri TO THB KABT, SOUTH and NOaTH-WcsT, ao<f Uie only Line matin* sure eoDoectionc. Bafrgafe checked ihroagh to prlnctpa. inU. OQ and after IVIONDA V, APtil I. 2.5th, I ^39, eavt Dej^ot, COT nor of Honda and Barclay tt»., as follows 1O:3O A. M-— EXJ-EMS P*&U«O..JI- arrivtng. at Chicago at 2:lu r. M. 311 A H. iTI,— ExraaSM PAfgBnOBJt—arrtvloft at Chi- cazo ai, 6;1& r. M , and mac nn rU>»« coon«rC(tonB with fc»eDJn,t Trains Kadi and Aouih Won. aod with the Racine ana Miaatsaippi ba<lroax j , at Kactn janctlon. Tor bcioit and other statlona on that Line. Freight Train leaves at T8*J A. • , arrlTe* 6:00 P M Freight forwarded »ith deflpatch, and at low rat***. Paaaenger Traifta leave Chicago ( r Miiwaole« anil the North VYt-aiat 9:00 A « , »o*l 8 15 f* M., arriving apr24 JN >. T MoODY. Maau-r Tr .nsportation. La<Jro«i«e W B, the underaifTB for ih< collect in .Tlil. Kailroad. having b^rn 4 p pot .ted agenu n and delivery of freiRht for thi» Company, bef to Infttr^ n,r?rch*nUi md oth*rs that ao ifflce (No. S Wisconsin <trf^l,) opened OD the ItH of April, whtre or'len can be ic(t, an.j will recetv? prompt Iteatlon. i*ar auUiurUrd collectors will receipt gotvi* t the warehouse* of ^iippvrs. Inf rmatioo rcspt-ctiDtt 'relKfat UiauBportatioa <<D this tins can or had by ap- ilcatlon at the office o C nr. A. fujLVV, Atreni.. IL.CNDIUK A co. Milwaukee, March So. 1 -A9 aprl NuTiCK. otric* or uu-iiiop t co Is PoArEz4t*T«B • >r MIL- A ' _ BVHR OmSED tH THIS (JITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOH THK NEXT K1XTY IJAYs. THE STOCK IS HEAVY, AND TIIST BF HOLD 218 and 220 Bast Water Street, WII-WAI'KEE, Wl%« 0^%I^>. spr8-d2mo MISCELLANEOUS. DK. H. U. KFDIIFAO VrTFItlNAHV .Hl'RfiEO.'V, FORMTERLY OFOLJCVKLAND, 0 , r«rpectftiliy Inform* ih«- the cluxen* of BUlwaohee th*t, havtnt( located to thli place, h* tr.tends practicing hi* pro- feuton. All iftseftfleii to the Hone treaitnl In a mo»t scientific *tyle, and general »at faction warranted. 1 D con. nectlon with hlfl pra. ttce he wtll Prick »nd fxick. Tails m . the moat approved I'y'e; aod,! to cam the confidence of the public, he refera to the follow- I tiff gentlemen, who hare employ^ Mr. Redhead many times professionally In the coum? of ten yean. We feel j nut! fled in trying 'hat bis practice is tnpw rlor to the general run of Veterinary Pr a*: L oncers. DRY GOODS, &.C i9. X u \% SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! John C. BrocJhead, Wm. Murray, Pryer A Co.. Judge W\Uoo, " Blahop, " Kelly, " And- ew«, M Vilden, James KeJly, CBHO8H1. N. A Brown, ,'amea Ifoley. R A M. L. M. L. Sewn ley, 17s Ea»l L i NO* 8.1 Jno. ttjrklaod. Down**' I Stocti h will !>., The Latest Noveltiee • II W. J. Gains, Qeer * Harrtngl WnlteANewel, C Fl. Seymour •••Bias or THS nuaas BRXKD*«'I ioc 3. K Curtis, Wm. Patts. alias Merchant, Wm. K. ><laou. J0f~ Office. Klrbf'i Livery Htabl<v Halo • ap LA DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Line ! SUMMER PLEASURE SAIL IX. 1 ! bOOD> O N an.l the in N ami after 2<i May 3t-rt, partita ft and rJr|fant ?te»m«*r* < ami ClfDtlnnfl t to Grand H*ven, ih d B»pi'lj no-l baclt At <*beap >-i - affor'lfii 'o ^'ew rv nn thp CJrand R V Hup .Ja, w:th :u ext^n» T *-at-t 'ul BELH. Fare* (.netuii np roomfl T bTlh» ' f ^art <a DTD—to Grand Hafrn *nti back For of Qv« to Itraod Rapi.-g »u,l rtara Meaii can b? had on hoard at fl t y -fnfs -*• TIMK. P.rties e»n lean- Mltwau< •*• i • . - u.i v * cketJi made valid to /n *n-l '-dim »ny tiinr- llourn of Sailing A Trulu>. H u ii \\ I u K O N ind O*! R. R . MKwmikrr. April 5, 1 W9. Apr-.i 9eh. 1S19. «n.l unt.i rutit. ^«T« Milwaukee . 12 Ji) A « .care Grand Haven . ^ 4A f • ar-lv- at tirand Rap id* 1» it P M ^»¥f r.rand j.ipids - C » M -care Grand HAV-TJ . i.*) A. M IrriTe at Ui:vauite*? \l i& P • hf Railway [ifpot »t <j-»n-t Hav-n, »*ir *artt«« (deatrntr t" »p> nd ft frw *i,>un *t i T OD the Bt-ach wtiicti ,4 .-Jie :•• are-Ttfry att^n .on QAi.tuUont, whJ t>* carried >o T»ry ,ow aft r.'v- ^*,J nn «[pl;c»( -MI '•• ',N«- Mitr^-r b t&"~ T '•> *~V can t>.- ha<1 %t Dor,: Offir- W K ML IK. A •,« IN * ( i CLOTH DEPARTMENT i \ ami 1 MM) MI •i .t. ( k N and after 7 *»a*ter, W will arrlre ID *.-«) F M. wrpS-dtf WESTERN JtlASS. FIHE IIVN. CO., Of Plttsfield, Mass. OA.iB AS8BTT8 .................. $205, 6S» 41 COXTTAY FIRE INSI7RAIVOE CO., 1859. KK\V SD FA.VORITE ROUTE EAST OABB ASSETS Of Oonway, Hass. H«,451 4T HAMPDEN FIRE I^SIHANCE CO Springfield, Mass. OASH ASSETS .................... 1826^)00 BOOKS. /-•VUB stock Is the largest In the Wat. We sell eyerr V7 Book M the PobUsher's price. We can fundab to order any book which exists, either In the Bngttih or other languages. We receive ne books a* lamed from the Press. JanSO . 8TRIOKAJjn> * 00. School Books. W E have everv (school Book <o demand, and s them at wholssMe or retalL JAD!» 6TK10KLAND t OO. BIND TJP YOUR MAGAZINES ITETE an prepared In out Bind jry to Bind Magaxbu* TT Periodicals or anything elw In the form of Book, in neat and durable styles, at low rate*. """" 8TRIOKLAKD * 00. Stereoscopic Views. VV * nave retived a fin* lot of Steraeoplc View* f T embracing view* of Interesting localities In RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN KOYPT, NUBIA, GRBXOK, \TUBK.XY, IRXLJJfV, ' <tC., Also a large variety of new American Views. New and very desirable St.les of Stereoscopic Intm 8TB10KLASD * CO., Booksellers and Stationers, 1 W <„, Wmter ltreeu SIXTH TOLTJ1TIE WISCONSIN KEPORTS STRICKLAND * 00, 1S4 East Water street. ForssJe at febl» PIKE'S PEAK. A NEW MAP, showing the Eonte to the Gold Be- gtons la Kama*, Jnst received by febl> 8TSICRI.AKB M 124 Bait Water street. NOTIC& THE INSPECTOR OF FISH, A PPOINTBD bj the Common Oonncll of the City o J\. Milwaukee, In pnrntanee of An Act of the Legislature, approved March IT. IsM, hereby gives notice that be I* now furnished with the proper weights an<l brand for <he doe performance of the duties of his office. By the *ald «Act" U I* made the doty of all oersons dealing In Flih to give notice to the Inipeetor to bar the same duly Inspected and branded before packing M'. Smith WU1 be found, at the New Warehouse o Mean. John Furlong • SOB, South Water rt^Wattef Point, »here all notice* are requested to be left Milwaukee, May 7,18B»- •°aylO JOHN SMITH, In*pector. «.». KTAB JAB.Q.J Ryan ft Jenkin», OOUNSKL.LORS AT BANK BUILDINO, Corner fall Water and JHeMpaA ~ mayfi James A Swain. O? THB LATE FIRM OF. MAQIE & SWA,IN WIU rem»ln M the old Hand where te will b* sleai ed to w»lootaeJh«§patroas of the eitablUtunent. i: •' CHARLES QUENTIN & CO. ARLB8 QDTOTD! * 00^ corner of b(t „_,_ V/ and »uoni«tr««U, Milwaukee, WUconjin, b* j«K •ale Bed *5tt4te,' In the Olty of Milwaokee.ln larieio aniallparoel*: Bonding lot* In every Warden B< «f all toe. and price*, tat bmlneu o^" " on «a*y term*. Alto, nun r«nn» acres, near the Oity, for nrdenlnz GIRARD FIRE I!«8. CO.TkPAKV, Of Philadelphia. OABH AB8EIE •f2M,789 T8 J. \V, i'rain, Agent, OFFICE, NO. », HABT1H BLOCK, DP BTAIKB, mariit HOwankee, Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION Bargain)) in Dry THAI IMMKNBE STOCK OF I—AT-J No. 187 Efbl Water Street, MUST BK CLOSED O0T A.O 1 O3>J BV THK AShIONll,K. Great Bargains may be £xpteted. aprll-dW JOSEPH CART, Assignee. UNITED STATES BfAH8HA*>t) SALE The Farmer* Loan A TsnstOom •) P*<"J. I vs. I The Milwaukee A flaperlor Railroad Company, I In the D. B. Dls- Clty of Milwaukee, Vtrlct Ooort for the John Stewart, | District of Wisconsin. Johann 0. A. Allerdlng, j In Equity. Christian Hahm and f Gottfried Wootach. ) I N puriuance and by virtue of a decree made by the District Court of the United States, for the District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March, 180, In the above entUed came, I snail sell at pnblic Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 1SB*, at S o'clock In the afternoon, from the *tepa of the Costom House, in the City of Milwaukee. all and singular, the mortgaged premises mentioned In the bill of complaint In said cause, and described as : "All the following, present and in future to be acquired, real aid personal property and real estate of the said defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Kailroad Company, t M I* to uj. all of the Brit dlvaten of the Railroad of said Railroad Company defendant, from the City of MUw ukce, to the Oltyof Crreen Bay In Mid State of Wlieoniln, a distance of one hundred and twenty mUt*.tneladl&g the right of way, and land occupied byjaKTBrit division of laid road, <*nbject to the right, title or claim, which the said defendants Stewart, Allerdlng, Hand and Wootach, or either of them, may hate had* at the time of making *ald decree, to land opon which said Railroad Oompmny na* located it* way, and for which no compensation has been made to Uwm,) together with the roperstrncture and track jthereon, and all rail* and other material* tued Tera.TenMi, equIpme biulding* thereon, (.any.and tool».inatf •onal property W*road, qolrta by BaUroad' tlon* appe all toll*, rent* bridges, viaducts, en I esiary depot ground* and to 'the laid BaUroad Oom- k, erigine*,. tenders, can, xturea, aod all other per' fc said fini dlviaion of tdfttner to the taja Income to b an«ee and Bupertor the name aad fanc- t dlvlaion of aaldroad. hador Uvted than. , s) of the said BaUroad the game." , Bee, MDwaakee, WU.,* April «, 1869, , M. J THOVA&i ^ L .On1Watate«M»Jsha).rrlstrlct<)fWlseon*l B ;' toman, TAB DTII A JUnn.Tpi,Oomplts Solicitors. aprll-dtl . ' tBurning Fluid, Bpirlt* Turpentine, al- w»yscnhandat| , . *f.«»lin Marqnl*, 5 Arcliitect, BLOCK, ;J13JSrEAtr . b prepared tj fnroUh plan* for an kind* of building*: *oor.,tlme,_ftoin<Ihic»F! tube •ngrtett notice. R0XSXNOBSI Jon xnorm, ' I»Cro*M*r 8tKuiJ, J««U rtonlred for as examination, or- hat art mM'tniottOWjit *t& ittted wheafila batint to teoeHwa." rSi atarim loibahadoraltoontn- ,-»- n --«*.•. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R ^Now opened to T ^ake Michigan./ "City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland," (ThorouKhly refitted for this route.) Pas- O N AMD AFTEB MONDAY, June 6th, 18S9, senger Trains will run as followi : OOINO WEST: Sop. Bridge, depart •Detroit, depart.. . •Oswego* smve. Bi_ Jc.hns, arrive — Grand Rapid*, air. •iirand Haven, arr.. Mil wank re, arrive— Mall r. M. 9-.V1 10:60 r. ». 12:10 L10 Mi led 140 7.-40 8:86 A. •. 2:80 4.80 Noon. 12:00 Night Express a «. CrOiNO KAMT Milwaukee, depart •Grand Haven, dep. Grand Rapids, arr St. Johns, arrive.. Owosso, arrive •Detroit, arrive 8ns. Bridge, arrive,.. Mail i ipr'i r. M. 8.KX) A. •. 8:00 <:40 . 7:46 11:40 dep't i:80 »:M ll.-W C.80 r. M. 8:00 1S40 8.-08 Noon. IS.-Ou Nlgnt Kxpr-s. Noon r. a 9:SO 10:3u A. •. 1:13 8:20 6:20 A. » 4^0 •Befreahments—Hotel In Depot at Grand Baven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Satordajf at 8 r, «.— for Saturday Nlffbt's Kjrpreas passengers we«t, but 3 A M. ira-n will t.n leave on Hnndavs. Train* leave termini dally, Sundays exeeptad. THE TELEGRAPH LINE Is now open for PUBUO Bc- OOSNECT1ON8. AT DETROIT-GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY for all points East—M1UHIDAN OKMTKAL and MICHIGAN SOUTH KRN RAILROADS, and CLEVELAND Line of Bteamer*. AT UHA*D HAVEN—With " HTJEOR • Steamer for CHICAGO, Ac., to. AT niLiWACKBE— With the MriSUaiFPI LA CROSSK, CHICAGO, WATERTOWN and HOBJ COM RAILROADS, for au Important point* West and Northwesi and on Mississippi Hirer, and with Steamer* for Pan* in Lake Michigan. . Fasten. *r» for Great Western Railway go on the Railway FBUT Bnaiua, at D. A M. B. Dook, leaving Dock at EbuO A • , 11:0" Noon and TA) r. «. NIGHT TRAINS nave SLBSPINS OARS attached. The Company's TUne-Tabie* can be had at any of the Station*. W. K. lUlIR, Gen18t>p*t- WBTTIIA* A Foaiis, Ticket Agent*, S80 East Water st Wu.QaiBAJf, Freight Agent at Oomoany'i Dock. B. 0 Wruoi, General Western Agent. D. A M. R. Office*. June, IBM ,'e» HOUSES TO RKNT. VL/1C bare several Brick and Frame Honses to rent If on very-reasonable terms. We hare also for sale a vast quantity of real e*tate, co slstlng of Boosts, I.6V, Improved and unimproved Fame, School Land*, Ac, We havs 80 acre* pear the City, with House, Barn, Ac., for the *mall rent of |,30 and taxes. GREGORY A CO., majl gj tort Watef street. 1011] SflEttlfF'S SALE. (New flTATB OF WISCONSIN, I Olrcnll Court, Milwaukee County, f Meyer Sboyer, ,1 against f Judgment of| Foreclosure and Sarah B. Weld and (sale. Colin M- Farmer. J I K virtue of aud pursuant to a Judgment rendered In laid Court, In the above entitled action, dated the twenty-eight day of. May, 1849, 1 shall expose for sale and lell at Public AnoUon, at the Post-ufflce, In the Oily of Milwaukee, on Katarday. Uu>- lotli of Sepieillber, flSCJ, at the boor of r. at", of that day,,the folrimSof described mortgaged premise*, or «0 mooi (hereof a* may be necessary to ralat the amcmnVofJwld jodgnunt, Int-rest and costs, toieiberwlth the ejcpemes of sale, to "wit: "The looth twenty (SOJ feet of tot number nine [SI, In W»ck number sixty-four iMj, In th* SiV«nthlIJWard ( of theOltyol UtUaokec, In thefiounty of MUwaukea and Bui* of Wl*e*n- rMr^QBeo.'Mninakee, Jme «, 18W. Cl JTj. tANQWORTHI, S*ftr» J r , * etfa,liu. Oo^wu. or C' ntract for roaiT*.,* fro Hal.road vUhmit i wr- rd. Bills will N- p*Ki m-. .ont^nued »ilh ai.v -<,i. monthtj bit « f B HALI , (t apr!6 J T M.-oDT. l,>r tf>^ M I w \.,l. n*n rt--r ra' •Ihly 4n.l \c> <>u:i f'oach and -A. n. ID -A. "FL ES. II.!,, I'M I 1 I •». || X'H >K I . BAKNKSJJiiOTHEKS OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT Nl ». '> A 1 .KAN K I .< M K . TRANSPORTATION COMPAHY! SADDLLKY First known aad ^ [ial*r L - - '. DHY UOOD3 AND 1 i 1. A -A-.D- THIMMINCIS I h (,O, i AND THr | Forming a 8eH*l-Wc«klj m< tw-t w»-«fc rtg ir-nj ur." a.n-1 Osweiro, and ChlcAfo, M-iwau-tfr tut i ou-rtnc iatr : I ort*. connertlnit at Ocdent^>^^J^^ »,th irtc I OGDCNSBUB6H A TCB«ONT CK.\Tft\I RAM ftnAl. i ROC IE, | Between Otcdensburfch. Burlmirr. L. i'. .rurl. M»Q- i cheater, Nashua, Lawrfoce, Lowfu, W rr • ai^r and Boitno, and at Otwrgo wUh th« Nrw Oiwvico Line of | Thirty Flrvt Claat Canal BoaU "t, the* triUrired t*n«J, : between ' oaweyo^Troy, Jilbany A New York, j t Connecting- al*o at Dunkirk wi-n .v^ir ro^i" ^.v/) ERIE RA:I.RVAI>,\ And forming a TH-W««kly Railroad Line between Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago 0F" Property forwsrltd by lhl« UD< »ill b« subject to but One Transhipment. E*T~ Merchants- marked ">. T. < O. EX. PKEStS," wllj b« forvariled from N,* Tork bj fretgU Train otrr Uu Jim Tart <t Bi-tt * h p., U ;•,!., ' \-*\ il 11 II. K I < K II I • QOO s f >. ) \11 •( oin | •1 N 1 I >M I > . wn ch w- w; Mi.-h'e»n BAHN.IC? BROTHKR.-, 'ppin"p NW^IM! tt ion* »tly forwmrded from DunklrkJ i.PPL'j. TO And J Mr us, Agent N. f Co .^ 177 Broadway, N«w York J L. H^usa, Aftnt U. T. Co., 8 C<zntlea Slip, New Tork. CRA*. 8. Timx, corner 6th and Ohesnat it., HOIST t Ca*wroao, Oftgo X, Y. 8. 0. CAUJWHX, AgroL, Dunkirk, N. T. CHOSUIUI, Oaawroao i Co , CieTdand, 0., Join HOCIIIO. Afrent N T Oo., K Sute it., Bosuin. A. CCTBBAS. Agent V. C. Line, li» 8tate St., Boston. J. ?. Cnuacm, tgent. Boose's Fame, N. T. Qca. P ist is. Agent. Ogdensburgh, N. Y. L. J. H1OBT, Ullwankee, Wi*., office LaOrosae A M H. R. Depot. 5: ?:,?P 4 . AE T F<mD ' f Office near M. A M. B, R. Depot. 19. B. — Shippers are r«qaest«xl u> see one of the above Agents before making cooLTmets, as they are prepared to offer very low rates, and their connections with the Oldenstmrtrh aod Oswego roawi, and especially wtth the New York A Krte Baltroad give them nnsarpassed facilities for eheap and speedy transportation. '1 HK GKNUINE AKTIOI.K MANOrAOTURED BT JOHN PHALEN, K only one authorized to maoofactare the abv named Bnou, at 72 EAST WATEB STREET. Tb« Pbftlen Boot (• one of the mo*t aoiqae and e e- gant ^oTtrinp for the fret that ha* erer been In rented. They are mad a of the best of nock and mn«t flolahe-1 workmanship, and are warranted to cure Com*, Ban- Jona, Bwciled FeeV, Swelled Head, Rhumatlia, ftoot, to. Remembei Lhat the Soi* Agent for the«e fa-rf InTented Boot* In this City, la to be found at 73 East Water iu, vhere f also, may be foand a a^neraJ aaiortment of BOOTS <t HHOtM, GAITERS, *tC., For Gentleman and Ladle« that there IB In Ihli market* all nuurafActorvd under the lapenrtaion of the sabsorl- bcr, [maj25] JOHN PSALEN. Pie Nic & Pleasure Excursions. LI\E s. —OF— OMNIBUHSKS AND HAC5K8. P A&Xi£8 wUhlng to engage Hacks or Omnibuses for the ptirpo*e of vUltlng the G .rdeoa or for Pic Nlc Partle*, can belappned with nrst class vehicles oo ih- *horte*t notice and mo-t reasonable urms. A lint of Omlboxe* will commence running on the 1st of Jane for yorert Borne, leaving Van Ootl'i corner at * A. •. and 8 p.«. The Omnibus for Wauwatosa leave* V.n Ooti's at 12 «. and 6 r. «. ^.T.B ROCKWAY, maySO-dlm Foot of Mason street. 8IOHT AN HKAKINO DR. F. A. CADWEI.L, formerly of Toronto, 0. W n now of Chicago, HI., the eminent and skillful operator on the v EYE AMD EAR At No. 18 Randolph, corner of Dearborn itrett, M workleg miracles In the way of restoring . ! LOST SIGHT AND BBARSlQ. | Upward* of TWO HUNDRED have been reeernd by Dt 0. within the U*t four weeks, many .of whom hav* been blind for month* aod year*, nave had their «Ighl Wired Inatantly by dMeotta+a -"——"— 1T ^^ "berii *>H have The be* proof u to how Dr. U.'»*trv1ae*.ar* appr*. ill ted It, Oat bfl I* atttr Twseirta*; n«w ptUent* froBV I ' r —~- - tMeoaBirjianddlaolrtnir, W- cared, hi* m a y W H A 1.1. > >r «. F4>|{f.K III KK .V i O., 1 3ti KANT UATF.H STUEET, MJLWACKSS, . WlSCii^Hl.i Jtta-nufactwtri antt WKolMfil* intt Rttftil D*til*r* m s ^ n> i^ijEJifsr i VITOCLD retpectfuily announce to iheir old cusum- \T en, thai they itill continue '-o if^p the .arifraii and b«*t ••*irct4-tt dtock or Goodi ;n thetr line '-" r>»- ; (•land, in th« St*x«, and w\U conduct their huaincsm, u &eretofor«, with the Intention of fiTing iauafiw:ti<iQ.— To aa many new customer! u may Cert nclm*d '-<> «:'v» uj K uail, we would say one of our Arm resulen D New York, and we ha»« facilltic* for th« purchjuin an>! ma-i- i ufacture of jfoodi that can not be exoeiletf. We arr »i ail titnea ready to tak* adranta^e of Eatftern Mart^u, and have been enabled to reduce th* price iif many Kinds of good*, whicfa we *^ail conuuuti 10 *et «t '.he lowest pncea m Western V rteet*. He an: constantly rvc«irin*( »d>l tionc to our ttoclc. and wilt kevp u to eompleu* a*t to tie *>r>ir> at tit '.lme» to fill -)r*i»*r'* r->r any kind of :*addlerV, I ^'arr1a»(« Trlm- u . • ...u^n In reap«ct to quality and pncec. We aJ»o *teep *va aoaorimeni of Bent .^uiiT, Poles, dhafta, felloes, ?poke>, Uab«, Ac., Ac., and have fnniLJtnuy »o SOUTHWELL, .IK.. JOSIUT tiii«j ' K f K i I'K R rrr*»«-u»*n it VV AH S £-;s n*mi, or will ma-c i_ t rdu na^je, W&g»o or Team Uarne*M. Call and tee Tor younelTe*. «iou >f oa^fi, Car .1. REMOVAL W B A V L K V And Liai remored to hi* old itaod, 196 tAS»T WATER iSTHEET .V. £crn49t4«Ft Dry trOtuls £ttrr« t ) made men addition* to bli^raoiiltlea Cm ejtecuUnx K i N t: IP o H i H A i i s : AJ to enab e him to §ay to the public with nonildeni-) ihat he l» no" prepared ui lurtiiah Uiem w\th «v«rj *le atraole *tyle of Picture known to the community, *m at inch Astounding Low Prices M to defy oompetttioo for example, Daguerrolypes lor I ty * l! »- » I LI <*IXt PHOTO4, tar unly $1,00 the Srst one, ami Me for Uie Duplicates .TIFLAIMiOTYPES, ATIBHOORAFHS Ai d In faot every other style of Picture, at uorrus- pondlng low prices. IVIPEniAL PHOTOCHAPHJi, Oolored in either Oil or Water Colors, and Anlshnt in the highest ityle of the Art | A new aud popular style of Picture, ColoreJ m uii which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty o Dnlah,any other Picture ever offered to the Public.— The*e Ptctaie* Have only to be seen to be admired. All who are desirous of saving money an respectful!] solicited to call and examine Specimen* at the Old Stand, Jfo. 18« Salt Water strut, JOlwavJu*, Wieet marU-dom w. ?. BAYLKY. Ai Stetun tQ the Prmctpal Towns lu EHOLAliD AHB 8COTLABD FOB *30 The powerful Iron Steamships CITY 0? BALT1HORB, OTTT O» WASHT1JSTOW, KANGAROO, Will sail from New fork tor Cor* direct and thence toUverpool, ^rxrxs r ALTMBHA TS SA TVJU>A r.^t Th. CITY 0» MASOUI8T» anj V1QO wlil *aU from BaXfABT and OO»K to Hwr torlt onc« * Month. Bate, of Pastas* from Hew York To Cork, Liverpool and Ihe principal town* In IgwvjLND, DTOl^HD A" gOOTLAlTD: •na Third ct»a».... WO. .. Paownger* forwarded to Havre, Antwerp, Bre- -lnand Hamburg for t & In Cabin, 138 Third Ola**. TO FAB1S (In Mhoon from Uteipool,) Oabin |8fl; i Perrtn* wishing to send for their friend* can. obtain fhttuiaate* of passage from OOfUt- or BkLTAAZ to HKW YOSK for ISt, from UVIEPOOL |4th ForpasaageappljtoB, J.OorU»40o^ ITT Broad- dtfaydf efJUBf U tbtt flat.* AT T? ( ap> VVHI.LESALK A>U KhTAIL. N"o. 13J3 i- w.\r h; K KILWACKEIC, ,„,*„ 1 1C K I 1 IV 181'ON-. . ATLAMle tABLK FA 1.1. U 'NCLK B Hau. ,l for l«xi, JD SA 1 I lil>\ rsr b a H t \ aug!4 tip Lo Uie Uinea, < A I Ifr . 1 C I r r J II \ IX 1 MIX l r «• r B fHKr"> . .\ou-Explosivt- T UB public n an fA I r»»,.re.i with '(,r UK8T. -iA/»^s nd most ECONOMICAL 1.1QHT r«~r : ,r-.iu,-^.i If Dot fupertnr to tne beat Coal ttaaji. it . *tl»pt«d to OhunahbA, tlutels, dtorv«. rteAilin* ftoorrw Private Oweilinc*. Sallroad Cam. Jc , Ir. ATA, *., prove Its tuperlonty a»«r »il P'.irtatii« Lixhta now os«. U l« anllke all tftb«r Laoip*. r>**'nir ^adily -nanv^^.i brilliant, economical, frt*e rrom unoKr at «n>cil. «n what '.« mon, entirely «afe (roin »H I«UK,., ,i .»„,,, slop ApulT >1 JOHN tiOODMAN'S, « Wlsrem.m 4tr,«i,-,. B. w K\ SM'M, *<»nl for of Wlsconaln. J o u a t It a u Crouch, U NUK U 1 AKKK ••prtusj Ht.. Op.\>»»lto Vnit-viraii H»u»«> SMIPB CO58TAWTLT JQ tiaoj \ »rij^ u«»ruii«u jf Mahogany, jilaok WMnut ami nt'ier W^.l ''offlns, 10- rether with 'UK's Alutallo Uurlal C\ses. The olBoe of the forest dome (.!«u»ierv '.impanv i 41 m J place, where 1 liavu the plau ->f ifir ^rounila I n always reau r •..> .tccom^iany patrnn^ 10 U>«<Vmo- irey u> telect NIUI jr placid fur Durial, *u,l aan *»« 'fuu.l nniny place of traitress Jay ->r iiKtit Coffin rrim- .ngs.if all kin l» for «ln. <«p)M JS™*' I T^RRt * 00.. 1 ^ 1 ^' in fast Waasr «. M A a,- o K rnHK Jl Ball* and Cues at a very low price. je.u-dAwtr TABLES C H K A I' . four BlUarrf Tables with all in food order nut quite new, V. BLATZ, Oltf Brewery. -t f\f\ a*u>a MSM an*,, in store, forun. lUV aoflB UATTOB APLAUMTOa.

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