The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa on July 10, 1903 · Page 1
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The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa · Page 1

Kellogg, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
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I «* J - *·* Mn Helta Coutt*, CM* 4 THE ENTERPRISE. VOL. XXIV KELLOGG, IOWA, FRIDAY. JULY JO, 1903 NO NEWS TOLD IN 5RICP Items of General Interest Selected from a Week's Happenings. NOTES Of CHURCH ftNP SOCIETY J__ -* Events of Kelloaa ana.Vicinity--Per sonal and Social-Births, Deaths/Etc.' Underwear, at Bobzio - 1 -" --Summer Bros'.- ·3" J~ ·" _*"" --Note the new time table in this is sue. --Men's Overalls - Bobziu Bros'. --That Good Breakfast Bobzin Bros'. - and Jackets at Beacon, at * --All kinds of fishing tackle ai" tEe Department Storer s'residence pro- pety is being painted.--Mr. and Mrs.-F. T. Hammer visited - in Newton over Sunday. -' --Mr. Joseph Miller-returned from Des Moines. Wednesday. --Mrs. J. W. Reimer was quite sick during a part of last week: ' --Fancy Soft Bosom Shirts, a Bargain for $1 00, at Bobzin Bros'. t --MissDaysa Burke Is visiting with Miss Anna Moberly in Newtonr- --Ladies and Children's Lisle Lace Hose, Best Values, at Bobzin Bros'. --Mrs. J O. Quaintance and daughter, Vera, are visiting in Des Moines. --Mr. H. S. Morrison of Newton returned from California, a few days ago. --Tailor Made Skirts, Fall and Winter Styles, now.on sale at Bobzin Bros'. --Tats ENTERPRISE -has advertising space to sell. For rates apply- at the office. -raj . Kellogg eVery Thu stiine. --Mre "Clyde Phillips and children nod «)-'ler, Miss Luis. Hinshaw, came i from Des Moines. Saturday "evening for a. two weeks' visit with kindred an friends. --Strength and vigor come of goo food, duly digested- 'FOKCE', a read to-»erve wheat and barley food, add jio buriSen, bat sustains, nourishes, in y igorates. _ , ; Susan Jewell's talk at the ^Congregational church last* Sunday evening on the life aud conversion of i Hindoo lady, was deeply interesttnj and was listened to with marked attention." --Mr. P W. Mqberly -came home from Chicago to spend the 4th with his parents aud friends 1n Newton. He came down here Monday to renew ole acquaiDtnoces. _ W.^C. Vanscuoiack, a well Mitbodist minister, died al Brooklyn, July 4. Rev. D. H. Martin of KiHduir went dawn Monday to at tend the funeral ~ r --George R Hurr.ih of Newton, who lad been in a hospital at Davenport [or sou ·» tin o i eeeivmg treatment, died :as«. Suud.iy. The bwly was brought :o New ton, Monday, tor burial. --Mr. itad Mrs. J ~ B. Burton, Mr. and'Mrg. A. U. Chancy, Mr. and Mrs. Jur. Amkberry, Ben and Roy Burton, were all down from Dee Moles last Saturday" and spent the day at iOak Hill/aim. --Mr. and Mrs Charles Stuart of Sherard, Illinois, came last Filday for a visit at thk old. bouie L Mr, Stuart eturned liotne Monday, but Mrs ituart will prolong her visit sfcouple f weeks. /--Coifs. W. Snyder, an old soldier od highly esteemed citizen of Grinnell led mthat city July 3, 1903, aged 80 ears. He was the father of eleven bildren, eight of whom with the wife nd mother survive. -- PUe'»,T3urn*, Bruises, CuU.Soret, kin Disease^ Insect. Sting*. (Jttyr x · --Mr. and Mrs. Samuel cticchard of Grinnel,. were Kellogg- visitors over Sunday. --Miss Blanche Moxley of Newburg visited with Mrs. H, T. Robinson, the past week. --Miss lone Birchard 'of Davenport is visiting with numerous relatives and friends in : town, _, --Mr. ai.d Mrs. Robert Rtiordatii are the parents of a son, born to them on Monday, July 6,1903. --Mis* Luella B. Fisk of Pella, visited with her friend., Mrs. B. F. Leach, a few days the past week. r--Hon.S B. Powers, wife and "son TJarl, visited^with relatives arid friends in Gririneir.-bver Sunday." --Mr. C. H. Berggren of Des Moines spent the 4th here with his parents and other relatives and frienda. --Mrs: G: Vance, of Newton and-Miss Florence Lewis of Fayette, Idaho, -. visltcu with friends in Kollogg,. Mon^ ' 'day.-'-·'"'.. ."·;;·:' : ." ,;'';·" "".'.·.".,-:'·. ·' ; '"·..''··--^ ./--Mr. '.Gael' Adair o f , pus. Moines celebrated,' at Laurel; 'and'., helped -Our band boys furnish ihusic, .for .the ocr- ' casion..' -· '-'·' "·'·'.' ..;'.·-- . ' · ' : . - . '; ·' - , ; , · ---Mr.iarid; Mrs. J'. N. Stuart :aro .enjoying .a pleasant , visit from their daughter, /Mrs; Lotto. Gray* of Mont 1 . rose, Colorado. .".--'. .-'·-,:... " ''.".-' . - 7 Four of the "rooms ,in our public ./schools closed, for the-euhiraer on last Friday./; Room No" 5, will .close on '··-Friday, Jill"'17.'- . - . ' ' " , ', ^ " ·· ".." -v; '·";'' --Mr/ Volnoy Breodeh came down from-Den Moines last Friday, to renew old friendships. , He spent the Fourth ·with friends at Laurel." ' ; . . ' ·',','' y. 1 --Mr.,--,-.Frank.' Mason camo down to spend | t h o : fourth 'with his ; little eon, at the 3. A. Simpson home, returning to Dea Moines on Monday.: C --Mr. .Gussie Foil/,, a former, highly esteemed Kejlopg boy, now of Stuart, en mo down Monday for a few days visit t - with relatives and former school mates. - Rev. and Mm. B. B. Burton of Dos Moines spent.laat Sunday as guesU of Mr. and Mrs/G. T. S«um, at the farm southeast of town, returning home Monday. . . - u .. . . · , --Mrs C- Phelpean^ children are vi kingKellogg relating this week.... Quito a serious accident occurred sout of this city last KridHy morning Wh1l? driving to town the team belong ing to F. V. Morn btcamu frightened throwing Mrs. Mono the baby from the-wagon and injurjog Mrs. Morse quite badly though not dangerously The'baby was^not iwured.-Grinnel Herald. --Elsewhere in this I-isue appears the announcement 'of M. B. Moberly o Newton, who is desiioua ot securing the nomination for the office ot sherif of Jasper county at the hands of the democratic conventrdfT^Thi* is a laud ble ambition. MrMobberly is a longtime resident of the county and shoulc lie bo nominated ana'sleeted wouk discharge the duties :'. the office in a manner creditable IjfS^B^plf and entirely satisfactory to tin peopta. --A goodly number of our people celebrated Independence day, last Saturday, at Laurel. Our cornet band urulahed patriotic mime for the occas- on. The oration by Rev. Jesse Cole, of Marshalltown, wa* H gem. Tha at- endance was large. Ample provision tad been ^made for th« "entertainment f all and, altogether, the celebration ra» a success from start to finish. Our band boys speak in biJJi praise of the reatment received at the hand of the good people of Laurel. --One of the sad features of every 'ourtb of July celebration each year is he long list of accident* that inevit- bly occur, which leaves in its path" housands of maimed and. wounded, iftny of whom are left cripples for life, o say nothing of thoae who meet In- tan t death. As a re«uH of last Satur- ay's celebration, 62 residents of the oiled States are reported to have lost heir lives, and 36$5 iaor« are reported o have been Injured, many of them seriously. Many of the dangerous ex- losives now used on th« occasion of eel- bratlons should be prohibited by law. --The Lovilla Trlbuoa has nearly, a wlumn editorial te1lia4hott lt« editor ook an 'Oiljjil guaranteed, G. JSJ Mill harnesriuan, guarantees it/ J -The little 5-y«ar old J son of Mrt. Anna M. Phillips, living near Killduff, got one of bib feet caught between the rope and pully of a bay fork, one day last week, and sustained severe and painful bruises. --Henry G. Richardson, brother of George nnd'Levi Richardson of this c ty and whose daughter Gertrude lives here also, died Saturday, July 4, at Diabol, Texas, where- be had spent several years %· hia health.--Newton Daily News. --Kellogg did not indulge In a formal observance of Independence day this year Spme of our citizens betook themselves to neighboring towns, whllo others remained at home and onjoyed a quiet day The day dawned bright and clear, the atmosphere being eimply delightfuK --At the regular meeting of the Kellogg Rebokah Lodge on July 17, 1!K)3, the following; officers will .be-installed: Bertha Craven, N. G ; Anna Reimer, V.G.; Hugh Thorpe, Treas.; Etta Miller^Seo. ":Ail-members are be'prcserit.--NETTiE GRAV-' JCN.vN.G.; FANNIE'IBISHV Sec... .v:i ."'·' ' -.--Mrs.^ JolinMyere^southwebt^of.'New- ton; was'torribly burned aboutithe face and .arms with' gasoline, Monday. ,She. bad. lighted a gasoline stoyo; and stepped outside. · On hjor; return the saw' that t ,e fire had gone'out. SBo'st'fuck" a -mil ten", which ignited the gas from the above resultr- ,-7.\Irij. Mary McLennan and daughter, Miss Florence and Miss Mary Park, ail.;of'pes Mdlnos, spent-the 4tb :with Mrs. G, T. Sauih and 'daughter, Miss Etta Elliott^ Misai'McLennoniiK a fine muHician, ; b«ing a graduate of Enna consorvatory "of music,'while Miss Park bas charge of the outsido subucrlption 11st of the Regititor and Leader. : --Through}-.the', kindness of Mrs Abbie.Nowell .who, with her husband, is now sojourning in , Colorado, '-We learn that Juditon Bennett, son of p. El. Bonnott'formerly of .Kellogg, graduated Iron) the Colorado Springs High School ori June 11, 1003, with high* tionors; and has been granted, a scholarship In the University of Chicago.. Judnon began bis education in the Kellofg public schools. IRISH DEAD. Between three and four o'clock yes terdnt^Thureday) morning, the spir; of Elga, beloved daughter of Mr. an Mrs. C. J. Irish, passed to the Fathe above. _ Her young life had been hang ing in the balance, as it were, for set- eraUdaysand the end was moraentaril ·zpuctad. Far parents brought he home from Nebraska on Thursday o last week, where they took her in the hope of prolonging her days, but with out avail. - ' The funeral will be held at the home to-morrow-(Saturday) morning at 9:80 Obituary next week. PINE RIOQE INDIAN AGENCY. la. EDITOR:--Having recently viaJ)t ed Pine Ridge Agency, and the Government Indian Schools at that place, thought a few items in connection ith thoae places might be of interest to the public. Pine Rid go is situated near th^sonthwest corner of South Da- cota and receives it's name from a arge number of small pinea that oc cupy the bluff in that vicinity. There s on the reservation Indians, all told, 000. Of'this number there are 1700 hildren of school age, of which about MOO are In the various schools on the reservation. There are thirty «day schools on the reservation^ that is, school* where the children go and orae as they do in our country schools, n these there are 750 children enrol- ed. There is In^the Catholic mission, ear there, 300 children. In the board- ng school, where Mr. Nellis la Supt.. here are 215 that stay right there uring the school year; are fed^and aught by Uncle Sam There aie25 mployet at this school. There are 18 uildlngs on the plant. They have leir own electric plant, a pumping ation and stand pipe, by which the hole plant is supplied with water. The buildings are nearly all of brick nd vary substantial. They have in connection with the school 480 acres of land. Ther? aie 60 overnment employes in those outside a« they are called, day schools, filled for about 20 par cent t vtlia merchants. So far aa ty goes, is all right; but why don't the Lovilla merchants advertise to'thit effect 9 You can't oeanure a cataloguu house for advertising-and selling i an urticla for $1.00 if the · merchants; who have the same articles for 80o. don't U t tha* people know it. Most people would rather buy at home, but all catalogue houses advertise continually while the advertising of too many local merchants is spasmodic and; half-hearted. --Monroe Mirror. , --A lot of money has been put up for attractions and entertainment for our coming 'JASPER COUNTY FAIR There will be something you never saw at our County Fair before. It will be there EVERY DAY of September 8, 9 and 10. This is not racing Ac but a · NEW .rEATUKE I D Avortiott to: races and usual··· attractions. '; WATCH,FOR BIG, POSTKKS- IN WINDOWS in · a,few weeks. These attractions are for ALL, big and little, old or young, either sex, ALL, ^COLORS RESPECTED.: ~ /We are offering special premiums this year for SCHOOLS: ANY ; IN CODNTRT. All have an equal {chance. All children can come to the Fair FREE, who are under. 12 years/ No cards sent out this year but gatekeeper will PASH all in.--C. -W. CAMPBELL, Secretary. ~ :r A Most Liberal Offr; " : All our farmer readers should take advantage of the -unprecedented' clubbing offer we this year make,-which includeswith this paper. The Iowa Homestead,·'ite.SpecIal Farmers' Institute Editions and the Poultry Farmer. These three publications are the. best of their class and should bo in every farm home. To them we add, for local county and general news, our. own., pa- peiyahd make the price of the four one year only 91.50. · Never before was so much superior reading matter .offered for so small amount of money.- The three paper named, which we club with our own; aro well known throughout the west, and commend themselves to the readers favorable attention upon mere mention. ·· The Iowa HomeMead Is the great agricultural and live stock paper of the West. The Special Farmers' Institute Editions are the most practical publication! 'for. the promotion of gowd farming ever published. Take ad vantage of tkis great offer, as it will hold good for a short time enly. Sample* of these paper* may be examined by calling at this of- Bee.'-,- - ·--'- ' ' . ' ,, · , : - . ' ·· . : · .- THIS AND THAT. Short Pungent Paragraphs of In. terest to Everyone. There is more coal in Montana and Wyomicg than in Pennsylvania. The number of opium smokers in theT * "",, United State* Is estimated at 1,000,000. A New York woman says society demands 16,000 to $7,000 a year to furnish dressos for one lady. You, must beware of the first signs of laziness. The artist who says "it will ' ·' do'_M«on the downward path. Becoleot, you have no more disagreeable things to put up with than hare other folk«~so don't worry aloud. One who knows law enough to know when be needs an attorney, knows enough law for all practical purposes. Money is not the root of all evil. If you'll hold your ear alow to the paper now we will tell you what it is; it's Ja- iness. £- It will cost St. Louis more to celebrate the Louisiana purchase than was" paid for the entire original territory it mbraces. The mid-way at St. Louis exposition rill be called "The Pike". The things bat come down it will be a oaution to nakes. he new King of Serviais a widower. 3e ig likely to have more or less troub* e in finding a lady who is willing to hare his glory-and risks. A good deal of modern charity-is giv- ng money that you grudge, to 'people n whom you have little faith, for flur- 0868 of which you do not at all ap- rove. Never set yourself up for a musician utt because you have a drum in your ar; nor believe you are cut out for a chool teacher merely because you are a puple in your eye. Anything that strengthens the tie /' ' etween the young folks and tha farm f j, ·' helps ed at 1160,000 and they are building a ·45,000 barn this summer. laaustries taught at this school for girls are Cooking, laundry, sewing, darylog. poultry raising and general housekeeping and for boys: Carpentry, farming, baking, harness making, printing and engineering'. The whole plant is kept scrupulously clean and in perfect ordei at the agency, which Is about one-half mile from the ^school. 1 There- are 60 employes there,, also: several stores, a hotel and three churches with regular services in each Th« cost of manap- lug the agency and ite connections ie about 1135,000 per annum A very large bill, but perhaps cheaper than lighting them. The notorious battle ground of Wounded Knee Is near here, :where 180 Sioux braves,' -womoir'and children He burled in one larger grave, and where^he Indians have recently erected a nice monument Thirty-four of .Uncle-'Sam's boys, killed In this battle; He "jburied in the 'cemetery, at the: agency, -each marced .with a neat stone. Now, Mr.-Edltor, I/have just jotted down these few' iiems and if you think them worth printing, use them, U not chuck them in the waste basket. . " - ; ; - . T. W. BlRCHAKD. ' Iowa State Epwbrth League Asscm- - My, Colfax, July 29-August IO: For this occasion the .Book:'Island System ageritB in Iowa will soil tickets to Colfax and return at, one fare.for the round trip, tickets on said July 29th to August 10th with Hnal return limit of August llth.. No man or woman will hositato to speak well of -Chamberlain's. Stomach and Liver Tablets 'after trying them They always produce a plsasant; movement of the bowels, improve the appeltb and strengthen the digeotion. For sale by W. W. Hollingsworth Co. . . ; . : HALF FARE TO CALIFORNIA ANDRBTURN. July 1 to 10--via Rocic Island System --good to return until! August 31., Summer is the time to visit California. Never hot la northern . part of state. ResorU not crowded as ID winter. Dfllghful trip acroM the continent. ' Ask nearest Rook Island agent for further Information. and its quiet ways tends to lengthen : life and make it happier. Not to be outdone by his American cousins, King Ed ward, has joined the army of striken and wants his salary raised to the extent of *160,000 a year. His present pay for looking pleasant is *2,350,000ayear. Patti sang for charity in Rome net long ago, and the concert brought $20,000. "Home, Sweet Home" was gtveh'at the request of the Americans in the audlance, and at the close she was recalled nine, times. v .One hundred and sixty thousand women in Chicago every morning marching to work in shop and mill and: store and factory is the army ; of the city's employed In petticoats. There are 8,113 women stenographers and 7,810 salesladies; -While the mud race for money is going on, it is worth while occasionally to stop and consider what wealth may bring. Money can purchase a great many of the comforts of life, but before we can enjoy such comforts we must have peace of mind. Unless we have ao untroubled conscience riches are of no avail. It.then resolves, itself into a question of how'money is obtained| Wealth secured by honest, upright means can be a source of. nuch pleasure. Money secured in any other, way IH bound .o b e a curse. . - . . " . " , One of the bugbears of old time pea- plo is night air, and there is little exaggeration in saying that the superstition against night air has killed more people than the free circulation of it, has over injured. There is abundance' of proof that night air is injurious to no one. On the contrary, people who sleep outdoors under the mere protection of a tent are the healthiest of all people,* and the practice ihas largely : gained in popularity of late years, under wider Knowledge of hygiene; .for people in delicate health to go In camping parties and. breathe the balsam of the night air. Ho Pity Shown.. "For years fate was after mo contln- uously" writes F. A. Gulledge, Verbena Ala. "I had a terrible case of Piles causing 24 tumors. When all failed Bucklln's Arnica Salve cured me. Equally good for Burn* and all ache* and pains. Only 2So at W. W. HolHngf worto Co.'s Drug Store. 1 EWSPAPERf

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