Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on June 4, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1898
Page 2
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JOURNAL MELVIN, STEELE JOHNSON. EDITORS AND PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 4, 1898. "THE PEOPLE~PAYTTrrFRE1GHT~ Some of tho amendments offered in the Senate to the war revenue bill are so palpably impracticable t h a t the gi;ivc Senators may be charged with satiiical intentions. H may be piesumecl that Senator Gorman had not forgotten t h e fate of tho income tax feature of tariff act of 1894, when he proposed to exempt from a small tax incomes less than $250,000 per year. The Senators, however, appeared to favor carrying the joke to tho f u l l extent, and searched a r o u n d u n t i l they found a place this special tax saddle fitted. The Sugar Trust and the Standard Oil Company are tho victims, and it is clear that they are a b u n d a n t l y able to contribute the tax demanded of them. But that is not the question. Will they, or should they? A prpcedent, not four years old, will give them encouragement to test the matter, and a sense of inato justice peculiar to our people will not commend the singling- out of a very few among the many rich corporations to pay special taxes. All incomes should be taxed or none. Voluntary contributions to the war fund from scores of "protected" industries, which have enjoyed government bounty for many years, would Jbe tho proper caper about this time. They'll not d o i t , however,-but instead xvill h u n t out fresh opportunities to enrich themselves by the gov ernment's favoritism. And all the while the people will go on "paying the freight," whether in the guise of stamp'act or interest on hundreds of millions of dollars in bonds. AS GOOD AS GOLD. "What is the matter with printing- press money, anyhow? Has not the government's p r i n t i n g presses and those of the American Bank Noto Company turned out hundreds of millions of dollars in paper money as good as the world ever saw? Just to fit the present emergency it is argued by those who favor bonds, that the greenbacks would have nothing back of them but a promise to pay. And what, pray you, have the bonds, more tjian thai? Bonds may be issued on which to borrow money--almost entirely printing- press money, some of which will be the despised greenbacks issued years ago. There may be a shade of difference between the demand note of the government and its promise to pay at twenty year's time, w i t h interest; but the preference should bo for the paper promise that can bo quickest turned into coined money of the country. The most strenuous opponents of the proposed issue of greenbacks are the national banks, with their printing-press, circulation backed with printing-press bonds, which have not a dollar of coined gold reserved to redeem them,"while the greenbacks have more than one- fourth their volume ready to redeem them in gold. There is nothing the matter with the printing-press money . of tlie United States, whether it be ' greenbacks, treasury notes, national bank notes, silver certificates, or gold certificates. They are all alike and all as good as gold. »« ·· EDITORIAL NOTES. At many places Decoration Day was more generally -observed than ever.before. Some three decades ago a few faithful 'and patriotic souls conceived the idea of a day devoted ·- to the decorating of soldiers' graves. The idea struck fire in responsive ' souls, and now it has spread u n t i l it . calls milllions to its aid. Flowers are dedicated to uses in nearly every town and hamlet in the land and eager eyes watch the bursting of bud, lest it be not blow.n in time. Tender hands (lay the blossoms on the silent breasts of the braye, and so the spirit of patriotism marches - on! In sweetest brotherhood, again We have scattered the buds of May; Let the flowers fall over one anil al|, Kor we kiiow- no blue nor gray. Col. Theodore Roosevelt's rough riders, one of the best equipped regiments in the world, will be on - Cuban soil in a day or two, ready ' f or the fray. The troopers are composed of hardy mountaineers and athletes, and the most of them are expert sharp-shooters, and all of them have the dash o£ f r o n t i e r " fighters. They have adopted this "-, "yell:" Rough' tough! We're the stuff! · We're the scrappers; never get enough! k W-h-o-o-e-e! Any Spanish c o l u m n trying to "head off" Roosevelt's men is yoing to have'a lively time of it. Dewey's nationality Las been under discussion the past week, various claims being made that he is an Irishman, a Dutchman and a Jew. It is pretty well settled that the hero of Manila, while of English descent, ·Las lost trace of it in the two hundred years his ancestry have lived "' in America. He is an American by , birth and education, and typifies in' Lis fighting qualities the stock from which he sprang. - On Tuesday the Secretary oE Wai- authorized the Governor of Nebraska to raise a regiment of infantry for the service of the government under the President's call for 75,000 additional volunteers. The Governor .. had previously requested authority -. to,do this and the regiment he pro-"' posed to . tender th© government is --being recruited with the expecta- .- tion,that Mr. Bryan will bo its eol- ;" onel. Adam Adameck. of Chicago, died p e a c e f u l l y a short t i m e ago, aged 115 years. From tho n u m b e r of centenarians reported, observes the Rochester Democrat, the term of h u m a n life is being extended. Improved living, sanitation, surgery and knowledge of medicine are giving good vitality and sound constitutions a chance. Lloyd Wilkinson, Esq., who has several times represented his county in the Maryland legislature, is spoken of as a candidate for Congress. Mr. Wilkinson is one of the Eastern Shore's ablest young Democrats. Mi-. Wm. F. Stone, Republican, on Wednesday last succeeded Dr. Shaw, Democrat, as collector of the port of Baltimore. Admiral Sampson's strong fleet has been strengthened by the arrival of the Oregon. Oehm's Acme Ilnll. "When you come to Baltimore on an Excursion, 0% 5H18OH5 Any Excursionist buying jfoods at tin's store to tlic amount of S1O or over, \\ ill hnvctlieir Inre for 75 miles round trip, or less, rclnrn- ed totiicni In G'u*h, on prvacnltition of tlieir licki t and tins coupon nt tlie Cashier's Office OHHM'S ACMK HAM.. We secured a lot of. Sample Hats $3 and $4 Derbys--latest shapes, all the now colors and Black--naturally the pick, being samples--very great bargain at $2. Our liest Derbys, $.). Alpines, newest styles, $1 to $2. Piae Calfs, Blacks and New Taus are here iu the new lasts and toes. Usually more than $1.95, but that's our price. Hoys' fixes, tuaiiisli styles, $1.35 mid SI.75. Soft-bosom N e g l i g e e Shirts of very fine Madras, white necks and wristbands, 4-ply pair oE Link Cuffs, all new patterns-$3.85 the half.dozen; 69 cents each. Of Imported Madras, in sixty patterns, ClioiceatJl.OO. Bon Bon's Extra Quality French Biilbriggan, usually a dollar. Special here for 59c. Derby Ribbed Underwear, fine quality, two grades, 29c. and 50e. Feppcral Jean Drawers, 25c. and SOc. Very Fine Quality Madras, in laundered and unlaundercd, latest colors and patterns, SOc. and 75c. 'e Shirts for Boys, 50b. have a very large line of Boys' and Children's gejnjuino French Milan Sailors in plain, White and colors, usually $1.75. Our price is $1.25. Plain and fancy Combination Sailors, 25c. Regulation styles Soldier Caps, 25c. Golf Caps for 14c. When you're in Baltimore make Oehm's Acme Hall your headquarters. Ladies' Waiting, Retiring' and Writing Booms; Men's Smoking- and Waiting Booms Free, no matter whether you're a customer or not; meet your friends at Oehm's. Parcels checked free, and every accommodation and comfort is cordially extended to you. Oehm's Acme Hall Baltimore Charles Sts,, BALTIMORE, MD, All Car Lines Pass Our Door. New Lots Men's sizes ; we were sold Cheap Suits i° w on our medium price "Suits; we had a chance to close out nearly 150 Suits at spot cash prices. They are all right in style, all sizes and new, this season's cuts and patterns. All wool Suits at $5, $6.50 and $S. Worsted and Pin Checks at $10. Our regular stock of Sack Suits is in good shape; big line of stouts, longs and extra sizes. Full lines Serges and Thin Goods for Summer wear. Big stock odd trousers, all grades, in sizes for men, boys and little boys, Open evenings. JAS, T, MULLIN SONS, Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Sixth and Market, Wilmington School House Lot for Sale, ov TUB SCHOOL BOARD \ DKNTON. MAY 81, 1898. ( The School Bonrd invites .sealed proposals until Juno 28th (marked on outside of envelope "Proposal for purchase of school lot) m a k i n g oiler for sale and purchase of vficnnt school lot neur Thomas Todd's residence. Tho lot contains n half acre of land, more or less, from which was removed the house for colored school. The right of rejecting" any and nil bids is reserved. Conveyance papers ut the expense of purchaser. Terms cash. By order, M. B. STEPHENS, Secretary. WANAMAKER»S. Pun Ann I'HiA. A\MiIay, May 30,1SSS. The Humter-Contii A WHEEL NOTICE EXTRAORDINARY It is the purpose and d u t y of the Waiinrruker stores to serve the public. The public d e m a n d s -- w e comply. There is a popular demand for an economical ana satisfactory system of purchasing \vlvje!;- on easy payments. Our relations to the wheel m a n u f a c t u r e r s have enabled us to take this step in the interest of our public. Our conferences with the manufacturers whose wheels we handle in our stores have resulted in their consenting to allow us to distribute A LIMITED N U M B E R of their wheels on the system that has proven so satisfactory in the Wanamaker Century and History Clubs. We are accordingly prepared to deliver to members of the Wanamaker Wheel Club these wheels, on the following terms-1100 HUMBERS, 1898 MODEL, AT $f3 ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF $10 2200 CONTINENTALS, 1898 MODEL, AT $40 ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF $5 300 MONARCHS, 1898 MODEL, AT $50 ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF $8.33 The extra charges heretofore established for brake and mudguards will be continued in effect. An initial fee of 85 will be required to cover book-keeping and other expenses of the club. On payment of this amount, and on the furnishing of satisfactory references as conditions of membership, the wheel will be immediately delivered, the monthly payments to begin thirty days after enrolling in club. The number of wheels is definitely and irrevocably fixed as above and cannot be increased. The wheels are not prepared especially for this Club, but are the regular S100 Humbers, $50 Continentals and 860 Monarchs heretofore on sale by us, and are covered by our strong guarantee in addition to that given by the manufacturer. JOHN WANAMAKER FOR SIXTY-SEVEN YEARS HA VE BEEN MANUFACTURED. Year "by Year they have teen Improved. They are better now than ever before, Indeed, they are as near perfection as a machine can be made. Hence the great demand. Call on the agsnt, Jonathan Evitts, DEHTQIT, MAIT2Ti.fl.XTI3. R. B.BON D. """ """' ' O GROCERIES, DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, QUEENSWARE, HA TS, SHOES, GRAPHOPHONES. PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN BICYCLES, liEWEW BEWE W llnve the be*L Carriages, Spindle Buggies, Dnyloiif, nnd n l u l l lino of Machinery and Farm Implements. Lowest Price* an Everything I Good Second-Hand Cnrringcs nnd Busies from $1000 no. SZXTCE OSI5ORNE COLUMBIA BINDERS AND M O W E R S nre nt the front, and have outbnttlud all competitors, having proved to be thu lightest draft, the best work, simplest in construction, the strongest and best-braced binder ever made. Hence tlie victory! Columbia All-StecI Hay Rakes and Tedders are constructed in n way that you have two now rakes for. tho price of ono. Osborno Columbia Spring-Tooth find Disc Hnrrows are the only ones made with double levers. Don't forget thnt I am headquarters for nil lines of Machinery, Carriages, etc., at lowest prices. TONS OF B I N D E R T W I N E . Also have three second-hand Deering Binders for sale cheap. Will guarantee thorn in every way to do lirst-class work or no snle. Give me a cull. H. M. THOMPSON, HILLSBORO, MD. T. W. SMITH, Headache Caused by Eye-Strain, Many persons whose eyes and head arc constantly aching have no idea w h a t relief soion- tilicnlly-tittcd sclns=ps will give. Clumsily adjusted glnsses will nlinost invariably increase the trouble for which they are worn, and in some ciues may lend to irrecoverable blindness. Our ability to adjust glasses safely and correctly is beyond question. Byes Examined Free of Charge. T. W. SMITH, Ridgely, Md. H. C. JjEGO, A T T O R N E Y - A T - L A W , CENTKEVILIiB, MD. ASSIG-tilEiEL'3 SAkE --OF-THE VALUABLE FARM PUBLIC SALE -- OF 111E-- REAL ESTATE OF THE LATE DAY, SECOND ELECTION DISTRICT OF CAROLINE COUNTY, MARYLAND. 00 ACRES OF LAND, Bv v i i l u e of a power of sale contained n a "mortgage from William M. Day and Uobeee.i A. Day, his wife, to James T. Wood, bearing date the 28th day of Mtiv, 1S78. ni-d i-eccinled in Liber J. W. T., No. 10, folinh IS'2, 18:5, etc., a land iccoid bjolc Tor Caiolini! county, Maryland, and by ncnse assignments assigned to John II. C. Legg on the Aril day of March, 1808, which assignments are d u l y recorded at :bo foot of the snid mortgage, in Liber J. W. T , No. -10, I'olio 185,'onc of the land it-cord books for Caroline county, Mary and, the '·mil John II. C. Lugg, :u assigneo of the moilgago nl(iro t nid, w i l l sell at public auction to thr- highest bidder, in front of the court hiiiixe duor, in Uenton, Caroline county, Maryland, on TUESDAY, JUNE 28ft, 1898, between the hours ol' 2 and 1 o'clock p. in , All those tracts, parts of tracts, or parcels of land, situate, lying and being in the Second Hieulion District of Caroline county, Maryland, called "Mason's flazzard," "Abner's Park," "Dobson's Westmoreland," or by whatsoever name or names the same may be known or cftllccl, containing more nr lcs=. and is also better k n n w n MS the fa nn or" tho lato W i l l i a m 31. Day, of Caroline county, M a r y l a n d , mid is im- pro\ cct by it ijoi)d comfortable BRICKDWELLINGHOUSE noud Hani, Carriage House and Corn House 1 , :uul i'Hn'r Outbuilding, and lins a .\oung 1'o'ich Orchard on it, in good condition, of 1.000 trees, and is only about 2 miles from Bridgetown, 4 milcj from thp town of Ooldsb ro, about 5 miles from Greensboiongh, and about 7 miles from Ridgcly, PO ilnit it is. convcnint to railroads, lore's a»d churches, anil there is a st'lund w i t h h i lialf a niilo of the farm, and the land i.- of good soil, fencing is in ftiii condition, ami there is a growing wheat crop on t.iid f n i m . Ternrjs of Sale. One-half of the purchase money in casl on the day of sale, and the balance in twelve' months from the day of sale; oral cash, nt.the option of the purchaser or purchasers; tlie credit payments, is any, to be secured by notes or bonds of the purchaser o ' piirclnisprs, bearing interest from tho day of sale, payable in bank, and securot to llic satisfaction of tho undersigned assignee. Title papers at the expense of the purchaser. JOHN II. C. LBGG, T. P R A N K SKWARD, AssinxKi, Audio icer. N. B.--Arrangements can be made will: the undersigned by which tlie sum o; Sl,000.00 of the puiclme money can re main on morlgugc, if the purchaser so de siies. J. II. C. LTSGG. Altprney-at-law, Ccntrcvillc, Md. TRUSTEE'S SALE Jndcr and by virtue of power and an thority contained in a deed of trust from Martin -f. Cohco to Ilcnry R. Lewis an Willard K West, bearing diitc the 17tl day of J a n u a r y , 1898, nnd of record among the land records for Caroline comitv, ii Libor K. C. F , No. G3, folio 542, the un dcrstgnc'l, :is trusloL'S named in s.iid deed will sell at public snle, in front of Court House door in the town of Denton .Maryland, on , tlis 7l!i tf Jim. 1898 between the hours of '2 ,\nd -1 o'clock, p in., of that day, thn following describee real estate, to wit: All that LOT, PIECE OR PARCEL ofland and premises situated on the ens side of .Sixt'n street, in tlic town of Don Ion, iidjoining the lot and property of Joseph E. Untli-r on the nort Ii, and more par ticuhirly dntcrilicd sis Jollowt: Beginning for the outlines thereof at tlic south-wcsf corner of llio said Joseph E Bi:Uur's loi and thence runs in a souiliptly directim along Ihc cast line of said SiMli street 6 foet,thence in nn easterly direction 111 feet, theiuc in n northerly direction IIIK parallel with the lirst liii" aforesaid GO fee t l h said Joseph H. Butler's let, s h u n c i in a weslcrlv direction with the south line of the said Butler's lot 110 feet to tho place of beginning, containing 6600 Square Feet of Land, more or le^s. It bc-ing the the same land mentioned in n deed from W. W. Lowe und \«'ife to the said Min-lin J. Cohoc 1 , bearing dixto tho 21st day of September, 1897 nnd iccorded in Liber E. C. E 1 ., No. 63 folio 318. The above properties improved by a new two-story · Frame Dwelling, with back building, and single-story STORE-ROOM. This property is very eligibly located both for a residence and business stand being on Si\th street and near the dnpol on tlic Queen Anne's Kailroad. This properly w i l l bo sold subject to a moitgagi" ol'S'ijO, due on the 27tli day ol tSuptcmbci, 1901, and payable «t any time prior to that date, in sums not, less than 5100 ut the option of tho mortgagor or his assignees. TEUMS OF SALK--Cash on day of Sale Title papers :.t expense of tho purchaser. H E N H Y K LEWIS, W1LLAKD K WEST. J.'.MBS W. THOMAS, Trustees, Auctioneer. Chester River Steamboat Comp'y Change of Schedule. Beginning June 1st, 1897, the steamer Emnm A. Ford, will leave Chcstertown at 7.00 a. in., daily, except Sunday, stop- pine; nt Rolph's, Booker's, Quaker Neck, and Queonstown. Leave Qunonstown nt 8.-15 n. m., arriving in Baltimore about 11.15. Returning, Icnve Daltimorc'nt 3.15 p. m., arriving nt Queonstown at 5.45, and Chestcrlown at 7.30. Steamer B. S. Ford will lenvc Ccntrn- ville daily, except Sunday, at 7.00 n. in., stopping nt landings on Corsica river, Bogle's, Jnckson Creek, nnd Kent Island, Sind arriving in Bnltiniorc nt 11.00 n. in. Returning, leave Baltimore nt 3.30 p. m., arriving at Ccntrevillc at 7.30 p. in. Stonmer Gratitude will lenvo Rock Hull daily, except Sunday, at 8.00 a. m., arriving in Baltimore at 10.15. Returning, leave Baltimore nt 4.00 p. m., arriving nt Rock Hall at U.15. GEO. "WAIIPIKLB, President, J. E. TAYLOII, General Agent. JGHfo COLLINS, DECEASED. By v i r t u e of the authority in mo vested I will boll nt public unction, lo the highest bidder, in front of the Davis Block in ,he town of FederaUburg. Mnryl.ind, nn Saturday, 25th of June, 1898, jiginning :it 2 o'clock, p. m., the follow- "ng real n^tato, to wit: NO. 1. All that lot c :tiiat'.' on the cast =iflo of Main street, in Uio town of Fcdcrnlslnirg, "mprovcd b n Single-Story Dwelling, ind is iho property Convoyed to snid John 3ollins by .(nines J5. W light by deed l.itcd A p r i l iith, 1888, nnd recorded in Liber L. 11. (i.. No. -V2, folios 517, Inc., one of the land records for Caroline county. NO. -2. All thnt lot situated on the west Mde of 31am street in =uid lown of Kcdornlsburg, conveyed to snid John Collins by Rul'usC. Harris and wife, by deed dated October 10th, 1887, and iccorded in Liber L. JI. 3 , No. 51, folio 5153, c., and is improved jy n one and n-hnlf stury now tenanted by Frank Jones. NO. 3. All that lot situate on the west side of snid Slain street, in Federnlsburg. near tho M. "K. Church. Tho improvements arc a TWO-STOR 7 D W ELLIN G, now occupied ly .lames T. Frampton. " NO. 4. All thnt lot situate in snid town of Fed- ernlsburg, near tin- M. E. Church Pnrson- ngc, conveyed to the snid John Collins nnd wife by Jnmcs II. Towers nnd wife by deed dated J u n o 12lb, 1874, and recorded in Liber F. J. II.. No. 0, folio439, c.. ono of the land records for Dorchester county, and containsono-lliird of nn aero of land, more or les?. Tliis property is improved by a two-story DWELLING, and n small building suitable for an office or shop, and is tenanted by Sir. Perlitc. NO. 5. All that lot situate in said town of Fed- cralsburg conveyed to said John Collins by John II. Williams and wife by deed dnted February 3rd. 1883, nnd recorded in Liber L. H. G., No. 46, folios 3G, c , n land record for Caroline county, and contains 4 Acres of Land, more or less The improvements arc n one and n-hnlf story dwelling, and tcn- n nt oil by Mr, Eddhigton. NO. C. A timber tract on the south side of public road lending from Faulkner's Hill to Thomns AV. "White's, adjoining James Gnmbrill's land, nnd others, and containing ubout 11 Acres, more or less. NO 7. Also n small tract of hind on the opposite side'of the county road from No. 0. containing about 1O Acres,, more or less. No improvements on N". G and 7. TERMS OF SALE Onc-thiid cash on day of sale, bil.-inci; i u G n r . d 12 months; dct'eried pnymiMis tj bear interest and to. bo satisfactorily secured. Title papers nt expense of purchaser. J A M E S C. COLLINS. F. P. COVKY, Auct. T! PLINY FJSIIKU, Attorney. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE --OF-Personal Fropt'y. By virtue of authority from the Orphans' Court of Caroline county, tho undersigned, administrator of John Collins, deceased, will soil at public auction, to the highest bidder, in frontof the Davis Block, in the town of Federalsburg, Md., on Saturday, m of June, 1898, commencing at 2 o'clock, p. m., the following property: One Sofa, Rocking Chairs, Clock, Bureau, Marble Top Stand,lot of-Carpet, Stoves, Bedstead, Feather Bed, Pillows, Jot of Bed Clothing, and other small household articles. TERMS OF SALE. All sums of and under S10 cash; over that amount a credit of six months will_be given, purchasers giving notes bearing interest from day of'salc, secured to the satisfaction of the undersigned and payable nt Dcnton National Bank. JAMES C. COLLINS, Adm'r of John Collins, deceased. F. r. COVEY, Auct. -- oi 1 -A VALUABLE FARM, IN CAROLINE COUNTY. "Under and bj-virtue of power and authority contained in a mortgage from It hod n A. Blades nnd Owen C. IJkules, her husband, to Chnrles "W. Single, hearing dntc the ICth day ol* December, A. D , 1887, and d u l y of record in Liber L. II. G., No. 52, folio 105, one of the land record books of Carolina county, which said mortgage hns been duly assigned to the undersigned, I will offer nt public sale in front of the Court House cU-or, in the town of Denton, on TUESDAY, 21st DAY OF JUNE, 1898, between tho hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. in. of thnt clny, the following real estate: All and singular that farm or trnct of land situate, lying and being in tho Fourth Election District of Caroline county, on the road lending from Preston to Choptank, whereon said Owen C. Blndes now resides, adjoining the property of Jehu Uladcs and ctheis, nnd containing 190 ACRES of land, more or less. This farm is centrally located, convenient to railroad station and steamboat landing, and is in n high state of cultivation. Said farm more particularly described in a deed from said Owen C. Blades to said Rhodn A. Blades, duly of record in Liber L. H. G., No. 61, folio 531, one of the land record books of Carolina county. TERMS OF SALE. Tho terms of sale lire: One-third cash on day of sale, and the balance in two equal instalments of six and twelvemonths respectively, the deferred payments to be secured by note or notes endorsed to the satisfaction of tho assignee, and to bear interest; or all cash on the day of sale, nt ihe option of the purchaser. CHARLES W. SLAGLE, JR., Assignee. GEO. "W. WILSON, Attorney, Enston, Mil. Executor's Sale OK V A I . U A U L K HEAL ESTATE, AT RIDGELY, MD. By v i r t u e of the authority vested in me by the last will nnd tettamcnt of Sylvester Smith, deceased, and by virtue of nn order of the Orphans' Court for Caroline County, T w i l l sell nt public auction, in front of tho hotel of "Win. D. Lucn«, in the town of Ridgdy, Md.. on THURSDAY,-JUNE 16th, 1898, beginning nt '2 o'clock, p. in., the follow ing real estate: FIRST--The old Homestead, situate in the Seventh Election district, of Cnrolinc county, on the rond lending from llillsboro to Ridgely nnd the rond lending from Downes Station to llidgcly, nnd now tenanted by Win. F. Jackson, and containing 266 AGRKS. This land is rich and feililu, in a high state of cultivation, well drained, and is the wator-sncd between the Choptank and Turknhoo rivers. The locution is the lincsL in the county, the northern extremity being w i t h i n the corporate limits of the town of Ridgely, and only about half- n-milc from railroad =tnlion, while the southern boundary is less than Imlf-n-mile from Pownes Station, located on the new Queen Anne's Railroad. Thu Gr-'nt Choptank river is about "2 miles east, and the Tucknhoe river about 3 miles west, and Dunton the comity seai, is w i t h i n 6 miles drive, or about 10 minutes nway by tiain. This farm is bounded on the west nnd north by n county rond over n mile in length, lending directly from Ridgcly by Downes Station. Th's hind will divide nicely into 4 fruit farms ol' nbout 06 acres each, all with good public road fronts, and will be so oil's?red on day of sale, after having been olfurcd as a whole, and xvill be sold in that way which biingo the greater amount, except a small strip of land in front of the farm, on west side of aforesaid county rond, nnd adjoining lands ofJ. K. Snulsbury nnd the Long fnrm, which will be sold :ih n separate lot. While the most of said farm is under cultivation, three of these divisions will ench have sufficient woodland for it' flip- port, while the other has none, but on which are located all tlio buildings of the entire farm. Tlic crops on the entire lands being either under cultivation or provided for, will be reserved to the estate and possession to this farm property will be given January 1st, 18'J!», except thnt for the purpose of preparing and seeding proper grounds to wheat; this privilege is hereby guaranteed to the purchaser or purchasers for the proper time and regular custom incident to such work. · SECOND--The other hinds consist of about 60 CHOICE BUILDING LOTS, Mostly 50 feet front by 180 feet deep, pleasantly located in the thriving town of Ridgely, each furnishing a fine building site fronting on nn 80 foot avenue,* with back entrance of 20 foot alley. Jinny ol these lots nre corner lots, the avenue being crossed at right angles at regular intervals by streets CO feet wide, as shown on the piat of the town of Ktdgcly, now ol record in the office of the dork of the Circuit Court for Caroline county, copy of which will be exhibited on tho day of sale, nr can be located on the record as Mocks Nos. 13, 11, 18, 19, and the pnrts of Blocks 15 nnd 20 lying between Fourth Avenue West and the Chicken's Bridge road, except those lots, Nos. u nnd 0, ol Block No. 13, which were recently sold lo "Tlio Brethren," win have erected a nent church ihcreon. Lots Nos. 1, 2 nnd 3 of Block No. 3 nre nlso to be sold. Lot No 3 has a from of 61) feet, with nn alley t'roiit- ngc of 70 fcoi, and upon which is erected n'h'r-t-i'biis combination burn, grnnnry and bibles., with commodious sheds attached n Hording large storage fncilities. Lots of unbroken sections will be sold separately, with the privilege of taking entire section, or ns many as desired thereof by purchaser at snmc price. Possession to town lots will be given not later than November 1st, and ns much sooner as crops can be properly hnrvcstcd and removed therefrom All parties desiring to see the shape and locfilion of parcels ottered can do so at any time by examining pints in my office. 1 will be glad to go upon the tracts will pnrtics so desiring, upon such request being mnde to me. Plats will nlso be in hnnds of Auctioneer on day_of sale.'TERMS OF SALE: One-third of purchase money cash, and tho balance in 12 and 24 montn.s, notes for the deferred payments to bo given by the purchaser, bear! ng interest from clny of sale, with security to be approved by the Executor. Titlo pnpers at expense of purchaser. THOMAS A. SMITH, Executor of Sylvester Smith, deceased. JOHN W. CLARK, JR., Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE --OF-- By virtue of the power of sale contained in three mortgages given by William J Clark and wife, one dated Decenjber 4, 1693, to Howard Bryant, Trustee, and recorded in Liber E. C. F., No. 60, folios 24, c., one of the land records for Caroline county; one dated January 21, 1895, to James L. Course}' and recorded in- Liber E. C. 1?., No. 61, folios 260, c., one of the land records aforesaid, nnd one dated December 8, 1895, and recorded in Liber E. C. F., No. G2, folios 207, c., one of the land records aforesaid, the undersigned as assignee of tho first and second mortgages above recited nnd mortgagee of the third, will sell nt public auction to the highest bidder, in front of the Court House door, in the town of Denton, !Md., on TUESDAY, JUNE 14th, 1898, between the hours of 2 nnd 4 o'clock p. m., all that raluable tract and parcel of land situate in the Seventh district of Caroline county, on tlio public road leading from Ridgcly to Jllason's Branch, and being all of the land convcj'd to tho said "William J. Clark by James T. Clark by deed dated December 2, 1868, and recorded in Liber L. H. G., No. 4G, folios 463, c., (saving and excepting that conveyed by said William J. Clark and wife to James E. Dukes by deed recorded in Liber E. C. F., No. (11, folios 140 c., one of tho land records for Caroline county aforesaid,) the part remaining being divided into two tructs, aiul will bo sold as follows: TRACT NO. 1. This is one of the most valuable tracts of land in Caroline county, and adjoins the land of James E. Dukes", "The Plains" and the farm belonging to tlio children of the said William J. Clark nnd contains about 9O Acres of Land, more or less. It is without buildings. TRACT NO. 2 is principally woodland and adjoins the lands of said James E. Dukes and others, [the said James E. Dukes' land lies between tracts Nos. 1 and 2) and contains about 23 Acres of Land, more or less. There is a small house on iis lot. TERMS OF SALE-CASH. Title papers at the purchaser's expense. THOMAS B. SPARKLIN, Assignee and Mortgagee. A purchaser can obtain a loan of $1200 on bqith of the above tracts, if desired, by applying to T. PLINY FISHER, Atty. EXECUTOR'S SALE 01' V A 1 . U A M L K PERSONAL PROPERTY By virtnr of authority from the Orphan's Court ol 1 Caroline county, the undersigned, executor of Svlvc^cr' Smith, deceased, will oiler al pii'blic tnle :it the late rcsi- .lence of tho said deceased, in tlic town of Ridgely, Md..on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 1898,. commencing nt 10 o'Hojk a. m., tho following property: OJVK T5T-A.CK COT^T, 5 years old; 1 Black Iloise; 1 Pencil Culler; 1 Grain Van;l Sand Pump; Wood Attachment for Dropping Harvester; 1 Engine Pump and "Whistle; I Corn Shcl- ler; 1 Cross-Out Saw; I Unix-Seed Sower; 1 Top-Buggy; 1 two-wheel Buggy; 1 Car- ringe Pole a'nd Yoke- 1 Dearborn; 1 Pair Timber Wheels; 1 Wagon Kaek; 1 Holler; 1 Stum]) Pullor; 1 Steam Engine and Thresher? with fixtures; 1 Kuril Roll; 1 Anvil; 1 New Ground Plow ami various other kinds of Plow?, Harrows, Cultivators, Forks, Shovels. Lloes, Rakes; Lot ol Peach Baskets; Phosphate mid Cotton Bags; Harness of dill'erent kinds; Cant-Hooks, Scythes, L-ulders, 1 Grindstone; 1 Horse Cart; 1 Lawn Roller; 1 Drilling Machine and Bits; Lot of Carpenter's Tools; Lot of Blade and Top Fodder, Timothy Hay; about 250 Bushels of Corn; Lot of Lumber; 1 Double- Barrel Gun and Fixtures; 1 Grass Slower and Knives; 1 Revolving Hake; Weighing Beams and Weights; Wheels and Axle-Tree'; 1 Fur Robe, and many oilier articles too mnnerous'to mention. TERMS Or SALE: On all =111115 of S10 and under, tlie cash wil! he required on day of sale; on sums over that amount a credit of 12 months will bo given, purchasers giving notes, bearing interest fiom day ot sale, secured to the satisfaction of the undersigned, and payable at Denton National Bank. No property to be removed, until tlio terms are complied with. THOMAS A.SMITH, Executor of Syl-cstcr Smith, late of Caroline county, deceased. JOHN W. CLAKK, .In, Auctioneer. Notice to Creditors. This is to give notice that the subscribers, of Caroline County, have" obtained from the Orphans' Court of Caroline county, in Maryland, letters of administration on the personal estate of WILLIAM H. SMITH, late of Caroline county, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are warnod to exhibit the same, w i l d the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, to the subscriber on or before the 30th day of December, 1898, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under our hands this 26th day of April 1898. SALLIE E. SMITH, WESLEY ROE, Adm'r of William H. Smith, dec'd. Notice to House Painters, OFFICK o*- THE SCHOOL HOARD, i I.'KM-OX, MAY 31, 1898. J Sealed proposal*, marked on outside of envelope "1'ropi snls for painting school IIOUSP,' are invited until June 28th for fairishing mntn-ials and painting in first- class manner thf outside of the school house in Fcderalsburg, including steps, steeple, shutter? and outside doors, with two good coats Lewis' pure white load in wooden hoop kci;»; second coat half zinc and pure boiled linseed oil for the body of tho building, and Imperial French greou upon lead priming tor the shutters;,doors in colors and colored steps. Bidders are requested to make a separate oft'er for an ' additional coat throughout, provided tho third coat may be deemed necessary. The work must^be completed by the middle of August, for which payment will, be made in September. The right£of rejection of anv and nil bids is reserved. By order, M. JJ. STEPHENS, Secretary. Order Nisi, " "VVm. F. Leonard, Mortgagee, vs. Adam M. "Washington, and wife, In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. Ordered, this 24th day of May, 1894 that tho sale of the property, mentioneCf in these proceedings, made and reported by "VVm. F. Leonard, Mortgagee, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to tlio contrary thereof be shown on or before the 30th day of July next,--Provided a copy of this order be" inserted in soino newspaper printed and published in Caroline · county, once in cuch of three successive weeks, before the 20th day of June next, The Report states the amount of sales to be SI 80.00. CHAELES W. IIOBBS, Clerk. True Copy--Test CHARLES "\V. HOBBS, Clerk. Order Nisi. George "W. Davis and Samuel N. Horney vs. Richnrd J. Snulsbury Sftrab E. Saulsbury, iiis wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. Ordered, this 18th day of, May, 1898, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made nnd reported by Oscar Clark nnd Harvey L. Cooper, Trustees, bo ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 22nd day of July noxt,--Provided a copv of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in. Caroline county, once in each of three successive weeks, before the 14th day of June next. The report states the amount of sales to bo §345. CHARLES AV. HOBBS, Clerk. True Copy--Test: CHARLES W. HOBBS. Clerk. If all men were built alike tailors inigli concede a point to the clothier. But as no two men are exactly similar Clothing made to order is the only way to obtain n perfect fit. It is our aim to make Clothing that is snti»factory, in quality, lit, and workmanship. By giving strict attention. to the measuring nnd cutting vo obtain results ,hat arc pleasing to our patrons EASTON, MARYLAND, INEWSPAPERif

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