Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 19, 1936 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1936
Page 4
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THE LENQX 'PA6L& j^SftfOX, IOWA , T 1 m Thursday, March 19 The Woman's Missionary Society of the United Presbyterian church is meeting today at the home of Mrs. Archie Turner. St. Patrick's Rosary Society win meet at the home of Mrs. Lou Sealy at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Church night supper at the Church of Christ this evening. Come and bring a well filled basket. Rev. Lister of Creston iss to be the speaker. Alta Bath Young, -Mrs. wflilSorton Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Chut. Cowen, Mrs. Mary Leckllter, Knott, Albert Beck and Donald, Mrs. George Ittack, Mrs. Jane.C^Beck and Boy, 1* tad Whitlow, Mrs. Emma I Alf Caven, Mrs. (Miller. Mrs. Frank Porter, Mrs. will meet this afternoon at the chas. Cheese, A. G. Tolly, Mrs. home of Mrs. Donald Dunbar. | WnL Barrans* Miss Winnie Haigler, Mrs. Myron King, Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Recknor Celebrated Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Recknor F. G. Club Met I At Kllby Home The L. F. Q. Club met Friday tagtOn ' Mra ' °' C ' Marylln \ Wsaes Ruth s hostesses. celebratedI theirGolden^^ ***«».««*• O-C. Bawett, Bto. M *<*>****• The following S^»TT»«f«. -r^L w Mary Sweeley, Mr. and Mrs. Joe guests were present: Mrs Flora dine anniversary Tuesday. Mar. l m .j* > ** «_ „ „__ IS. ,^ ... » „«_ »„,, Bernice Kilby The following noon at which their five ren were present and then held i Bush j^. ^ open house from 1:30 until 4:30 -jcheese Mrs Joe JS 086 ,?™* 11 !; £ theTSdIn ° er ' Anna Turner, Mrs. A. besides Mr. and Mrs. Recknor, Robert to ^ M R were: Mr and Mrs. E R. L Dr ^^ wintermute . Recknor of New Rlchland, Minn., r" __ . ,, _. 1 ™-— " —'— — Mrs. Chris Tedford, Frank trude ROSS, Huth juuwn, im:. ana I »uo. »_rc« „ A. Stephenson, NormaMne and Mildred Wilson and Oer- Donaldson, Mr Leslie Kilby, and Mrs. George Trost, Misses Maur- Mrs. Thelma Chapter FW, P. E. O. will meet this evening at the Mrs. Donald Tyler. home of Mrs. Roy Bush and family, Mr. ?™ m nd Mrs. A. L. Buxton and ' Jonnson ' daughter of Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Black and son of Lenox, Mr. and Mrs. George Ferguson and two daughters of Clearfield. i _ _,. Sisters and brothers who were ! Grover Gibson. From Corning—Mr. and Mrs Frank Cramer, Mrs. John Don aldson. From Prescott—Mr. and Mrs. Regular meeting of Tremont Lodge No. 343, A. F. & A. M. at 8 o'clock. Friday, March 20 Ojhe Social Union of the United ' Presbyterian church will meet at the church this afternoon. Hostesses are Mrs. Bertha McFee, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. David Wilson, Mrs. Blanche Bruington, Mrs. K. R. Huff and Mrs. Hester Wilson. present were Mr. and Mrs. Will Recknor, L. F. Recknor, Mrs. Nellie Osburn, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heflen, all of Creston, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Recknor, | Mr. and Mrs. Joe GLssible and (daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Haiiey j Mcllravey and son, Charles, all i of Nevinville. Their oldest daughter, Mrs. Johnson, was present during the day as were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cramer of Corning, also old neighbors. Ida Shreck, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Phillip Shreck, and James P. Recknor, son of Mr From Brooks—Edna Starks. From Nevinville—Mr. and Mrs. Ike Recknor, Mr. and Mrs. Har|ley McHravy, Charley McDravy, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gissible, El va GLssible. From Kent—Mrs. Lura Bush. Mr. and Mrs. Recknor received many nice gifts, cards and telephone messages. The Missionary Society of the ! and ,, Mrs - Jesse Recknor of Nev jinville, were married March 17 11886 at high noon with the Rev JJ. C. Jacobs officiating. After living for five years around Nevinville and Cromwell they bought a farm near Prescot where they lived 25 years. In 1918 they moved to Lenox where they have since resided. Juanita Ferguson, 6 year old Presbyterian church will meet tnV-^Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lloyd Davis. The H. S. Club is having its party this evening at Hotel Lenox. The men are to be the guests this evening. Tuesday, March 24 The G. V. Club will meet this afternoon with Mrs. Roy Key. Wednesday, March 25 The M. F. C. Ladies will meet this afternoon Holben. with Mrs. Fred The L. F. C. ladles will; meet this afternoon at the homd of Mrs. J. J. Walter. The Harmony Reading Circle granddaughter, dressed in a yellow and gold, served as flower girl and presented a jonquil to each guest who called during the day. Those who called were: From Lenox — Mrs. Sarah Stoaks, Mrs, Jesse Bpvalrd, Mr and Mrs. Billie Crowe,^Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, Jake Krelger, Mrs. Mae Clayton, Mr. and Mrs. Will McBravey, Mrs. Lulu Killinger, Mrs. Jessie Bassett, Mrs FEET hurt? Her* k your chance to obtain relief with *« proper Dr. Scholl FOOT. COMFORT , Appliance or Remedy . . . there is one for every common foot ailment, perfected by Dr. Wm. M. Scholl, internationally famous Foot Authority. Dr. Scholl's representative from Chicago "III" ~a^ will be m-c^i *£©?e on SATURDAY, MARCH 21st Turner's Salome Chapter O. E. S. Salome Chapter, O. E. S., held its stated meeting in the Masonic hall Tuesday evening. There were about twenty-five officers and members present. Following the business meeting a short program was given. W. C. Lewis sang two numbers, ''Mother Machree" and "I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen,", with Mrs. Claude Dixon accompanying at the piano. Mrs. W. H. Cash gave the reading, "The New Piano." Refreshments were served by the social committee, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Lewis, and Mrs. O. E. Bricker. A few games of bridge were enjoyed. Mrs. Mary Leckliter Pleasantly Surprised Mrs,, Mary Leckliter! was pleasantly surprised Wednesday afternoon, March. 19, when her daughter, Mrs. Mark Sluss, Invited a number of ladles to come and help her celebrate her birthday. Three tables were arranged for the game of bridge. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Lloyd Davis for high score. Mrs. Fred Childs and Mrs, B. H. Clayton drew for the traveling prize, Mrs. Childs receiving the prize. Mrs. Mary Sweeley received the, consolation prize. Those sharing in the pleasant afternoon with the honored guest were Mrs. Geo. 'Cheese Mrs. Lloyd Davis, Mrs. J. H Barber, Mrs. J. W. Walter, Mrs J. Walter, Mrs. W. H. Mad den, Mrs. Fred Childs, Mrs. B Clayton, Mrs. Fred Holben Mrs. Arlo Richard, Mrs. A. L Barker and Mrs. Mary Sweeley Vlrs. Leckliter received a nic< ot of gifts. Dainty refresh ments were served by Mrs ;iuss, assisted by Mrs. Rollie Bender. Since 1868 Corning, Iowa Where Will You Take Your Car This Summer? When your car doesn't work well do you .„ ? to a diffe . r ent climate in the hope that it will then run as it should? Where will you take your car this summer? It is silly to think of taking a car to a different climate to make it run but it is just as bad reasoning to take yourself to.a different climate. The human body is designed to function well anywhere. You may be more COMFORTABLE somewhere else but you won't be more ** healthy.- Have your body checked up by your Chiropractor. Make sure that every part of your i body is doing its duty. The nyou will be healthy u T il1 ? lso ^ more comfortable. Good makes it possible for you to get through weather without suffering extremely. X-ray and Neurocalometer Service Dr E. R. Penncbakcr *J CHIROPRACTOB « Office 8 Block. Weat of Telephone Office—Phone new members, Bethke, Mrs. E. R. Pennebaker. w£L5 JinswcrGci t)y various Irish jokes. Mrs Pete Bolte gave the poem, "America For Me." Five tables of bridge were played with Mae Kllby receiving high score. Lunch was served by the hostesses. Meeting of G. C. W. Club Mrs. Lulu Bfotherton was hostess to the y. C. W. club Thursday, March 12. Eight members were present. Each member of the club will make a friendship quilt block to be given Mrs. Cresswell and Verda Riley. Refreshments v/ere served by the hostess. Visitors were Mrs. Helen Moeller, Mrs. Lizzie Anderson, Mrs. Abbey Brother ton and Wilma Miller. Abbey Brotherton will be a new member. j The next meeting will be at j Mrs. Amelia Basler's, March 26 with Freida Davis as hostess, for and afternoon meeting. erice Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Hawley Mahaffey and Martha, Mr and Mrs. Ray Hayes, Kenneth Bobby and Lois Jean, Emma ant Jane Nixon, Mary Maloney and Shorty Davis, Mr. and Mint. Jim I.fille, Karl and Jo and the honored guests, Mr. and Mrs. Barold Lillie. The evening was spent playing cards and vislt- ng. Many beautiful and useful gifts were received. Lunch was served by the hostesses. Church of Christ Aid Meeting Mrs. John Keith, assisted by Miss Emma Grimm, entertained the Aid Society at the home of Mrs. Keith, last Friday afternoon. Rev. Randels was the Devo- iional leader. Following the business meeting, the tune was spent In visiting and with their I own work. Invted guests present were Mrs. Lou Sealy, Mrs. Clark Barteau and Janice; Mrs. Wm. Severn, Mrs. Faith Reed, Mrs. Byron Keith, and Mrs. Clarence Haynes. Refreshments were served by tegs. .Y0ti wffl &D& a notice of „»„ these meetings on another pag£ ItarS of this paper, :' ' There were tweaty-ave , „ people present at otir st, pat- rick's iiarty last Tuesday night at the home of Mrs, Kennedy. Everybody had a good lime and Kenneth McFee Is still looking for the boys who let the air out of his tires. ' March 20. The 8<$dal Union will meet In the church this ?Wday and the hostesses are: Mrs. Bertha McFee, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. David Wilson, Mrs. Blanche Bruington, Mrs. Irba Huff, Mrs. Hester Wilson. Mardh 19. The Woman's Mis- ionary Society will meet at the lome of Mrs. Archie Turner this Thunrsday afternoon. THE PREACHER SAYS: We must understand the damaging Charter No. 14040 OF words of .**«,. «** war, act of Congress ^n^P^TK half cents. THURSDAY, the hostesses. FIRST NATION^ BANK in the State of Iowa, at the^cloffS^usiness on March ^ 1. Loans and discounts ASSETS 3. United States Government' obligations', $ 4 ™* a £ d -°I fujly guaranteed .... J:SU°^A c &n* nd i-ecurities .;:::::::::::::• ^ 9. Cash, balances with other banks, and 'cash in no », ^ ms ln P roces s of collection . 13 Other Sn ° t m Pr °° e ^ ° f collecti °n TOTAL ASSETS Meeting of the Priscilla Circle Mrs. John Haigler, Miss Winnie Haigler and Mrs. Blanche Crouch entertained the Priscilla lircle at Hotel Lenox last Thursday afternoon with thir- ;y-six members and two guests, Urs. Etta Back and Mrs. Clara Creswell, present. Devotional leader was Miss Vinnie Haigler, who gave anin- terplretation of the picture, 'Light of th World." Contests and games were conducted by Mrs. Rollie Bender, Mrs. Robert Reynolds and Mrs. were served by Eddie Qirinru Refreshments the hostesses., Meeting of the Thursday Girls . Mrs. Raymond Miller, assisted by Mrs. Dick Hufnagel, entertained the; Thursday Girls a|t Ihurch of Christ hurch Supper The congregation of the church of Christ will have a ihurch supper in the basemen of the church this evening. Rev Lister, pastor of the Creston church will be the speaker •Ian to be present and bring a well filled basket and your own able service. Woman's Relief lorps Meeting The Woman's Relief Corps met last Thursday afternoon al he home of Mrs. G. A, Bryant 'hirteen members were present. The afternoon was spent in vis- ting and with then: own fancy work. A sack lunch was served 'arewell 'arty As Mr. R. J. Hardin Is leaving he Blue Grove neighborhood, where he has lived for the past 2 years, friends and neighbors went to his home Wednesday evening, March 11, and had a surprise party for him. The evening was spent in visiting and reminiscing over the past years that Mr. Hardin has lived in the community. After pie, sandwiches and coffee were served, Clyde Whipple, in behalf of those present, presented Mr. Hardin with a purse of money. Mr. Hardin responded with a talk that was very much appreciated by all Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Whipple, Mr, and Mrs. Claude Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Boyer, Vet*a, WUlard an4 Marvto, Mr. and Mrs. Syxm and &ut&, Mr. and Mrs. the home of Mrs. Miller last Thursday afternoon. Eighteen members were present. Invited guests were: Mrs. Lou Sealy, Mrs. R. E. Poindexter, Mrs. Dorothy Hurley, Mrs. Lester Hufnagel, Mrs. Ted Bruington, Mrs. John Keith, Mrs. Pat Connor and Mrs. H. J. Day. Rev. I. G. Randels conducted the devotional service. A program, as follows, was given: A poem, "Home" was read by Mrs. Dick Hufnagel; an article, "Spring Miracle," was read by Mrs. Floyd Boltinghouse; Mrs. Harry Haynes read a number of jokes. Refreshments were served b the hostesses. M. E. CHURCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor I Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. ! Morning Worship, 11:00 ajn i Epworth League, 6:30 p.m. j Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. j At the morning worship ser- I vice the pastor wiD preach on "The Forward Way". At the evening service the sermon subject will be, "Keeping Christianity Useable." A Christian home should be' more than a place in which the individual sleeps and eats. It should be a training school to instruct and develop social citizens.—T. K. BIBLE READING. Join us in this project of reading the Bible, it will do you no harm and MAY do you good. READ AT LEAST ONE CHAPTER A DAY IN THE BIBLE. Looking Forward April 5th. Palm Sunday will be a decision'day In our church. If you have not made a decision for Christ this would be a splendid time for you to do it;- -,$ •• April-12thi Easter Sunday. If you wish the baptism of the church, either to yourself or to your children, get in touch with coroa , 15. Time deposits of individuals,' partnership^ .......... $198 ' 83! 1 ,o r,* iand corporations ... ^' ' 16. State, county, and municipal' denosits 18. Deposit of other banks, in PC ludin P g 05 certified and cashier's checks outstanding T ° ^" 13 14 to 18 - inclusive? 30. Capital account: Preferred stock, 100 shares par $100.00 per share 50 - 000 - 00 •profits^net ':.':.•.•. .......... 10> 5834 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Preferred stock retirement 'fund TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNT ......|6W^77" « "ABILITIES , v ; ; ;...,7i5jj , County of Taylor, ss: sale, Car • -"•-r,f"»v <n»wu i/hat the my knowledge and belief. j * r *'* *t*J*WAj OO f )••• ^•^S^!S^SS^^SSS£^ your cmiaren, get in touch with . '• Notarv Piihn*. the pastor. He will be glad to fSBAfc)'-'/" 1 '• " ol&Ty PubUc serve you. On Easter Sunday night our church wiU present a religious drama entitled, "The Dawn", i This drama was written by the' pastor and presents his views' as to what he thinks happened; in the garden of Joseph of Ari- | mathaea on the first Easter morning. ** • **• •—•—••»•*«*yy*i J. M. TEDFORD Directors, Post Nuptial Shower Mrs. Fred Stoaks entertaine at a shower for Mrs. Rex Stoaks at her home Wednesday after noon, March 11. Guests of the afternoon wen Mrs. Kate Miller, Mrs. Home: Miller, Mrs. Wm. Crow, Mrs Harry Miller, Mrs. Ralph Knod le, Mrs. Lewis McFee, Mrs Charlie Morris, Mrs. Fred Pine Mrs. Geo. Swartz, Mrs. Leo Caskey, Mrs. Will Preston, Mrs Dewey 'Evans, Mrs. WiU McH- ravy, Mrs. Harry Krieger, Mrs Warren Eckles, Mrs. Raymond Stoaks, Mrs. Lyle Stoaks and Mrs. Cleo Stoaks, Cecil and Helen Miller, Howard and Helen Stoaks and the guest of honor Mrs. .Rex Stoaks. The bride recieved many useful gifts. A two-course luncheon was served by the hostess. Shower for Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lillie Mrs. Ray Hayes and Mrs. John Lillie entertained at the lome of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lilie on Monday night, March 18, at a shower, given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lillie, who are moving soon to a farm near "ton way. The guests were: Mr. and Mrs lerb Tulley, Mr. and Mrs. Will Schaake, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dill, Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt DIM, iir. and Mrs/ Francis Wyant, Mr. and Mrs. Har.ley Gravltt, Mr. and Mrs. Ott Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Hunter and Bernice, Mr. and Mrs. John Lillie and Gale, Mr. and Mrs. UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOTES Rev. W. A. Thompson Bible School, 10 a.m. Preachin, 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m. Y.F.C.U., 6:30 p.m. March 22. THE EVERY MEMBER CANVASS. Every member of the church will be called up- { on today. Please arrange to be I home and to do your part in the ' support of the work of the church. March 29. YOUNG PEOPLE'S NIGHT. The young people of the church are takln gcharge of the evening services on this Sabbath night. A full order of service will be plinted in the church notes next week. The whole service promises to be of exceptional merit and it is hoped that the adult membership of the church will give the young people their loyal support. They MISS DOROTHY SWANSON of Creston, Iowa will be in Lenox March 26 at the Villa Rio Dance Hall to conduct DANCING CLASSES for all ages All Types of Dancing Available TAP, TOE, BALLET, ACROBATIC, BALLROOM deserve it.. April 6-12. Pre-Easter Meet- Dependable Service AT Moore's ALWAYS Send your laundry to us and see how dependable the service really is! Every bundle washed individually — fine linens given expert handling. Moore's Laundry Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. MILLS STORE NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS! We have opened our store with a complete line of New Merchandise including the very fatest stjfles in dresses, coats, bib lingerie, childrens' clothing, etc. tiful line of dresses. ° Ur ™«*andise. Here C ° atS ' " dresses and We have a complete line of WASH DRESSES both in s u k and other and rimless 6 also have s IN HOSIERY I"* Excelwea ' > brands, full fashioned ° a " Pricetl at 59c - 79c and * L as 39c and C ° ATS , brand new stock, priced at $5.98 HERE IS A DRESS SPECIAL YOU Silk WILL LIKE S'lk crape, brand new sto ck, $3.98 •,,•&*.&' Si.ftaL \ .^^^y_^^^*fl^sfeA''*la !.£ Bffl »«y Ermana, Telephone W *o ves and othr knifed silk

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